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Lifeguard!AU that doesn’t go how Lance expected

“Pidge, Pidge, listen to me. I need you to pretend to drown.”

Pidge spat out her mouthful of lemonade in a spray that only barely missed Lance’s face.

“What the fuck?” she spluttered.

Lance pulled his sunglasses off the top of his head to check them for lemonade splatter before replacing them and tousling his hair over them.

“I need you to pretend to drown.”

Hunk looked 110% skeptical of Lance’s ingenuity and Lance would be insulted but he’s still too busy ogling the hot lifeguard across the pool from the corner of his eye.

“Lance, I really don’t think that’s a safe–”

“Trust me, big guy, this plan is perfect. Pidge will go in and pretend to drown and shit, then I’m gonna jump in like a fucking hero and drag her out. Then I’ll put her on the deck and be all “everyone clear out! Give her some space!” and hot lifeguard dude will be so impressed with the speed of my response and he will definitely fall in love with me.”

“You want my sister to risk her life to be your inanimate wing-person?” Matt said incredulously.

“Well, I mean, she’s gonna be totally safe. I’m the–”

“–closest that Cuba’s ever gotten to a Michael Phelps, yeah, we’ve heard this before, McClain-the-almost-Olympian.” Lance pouted as Matt cut him off to finish his statement. “Okay, so it’s not like my sister’s life is in real jeopardy, fish man, but I still don’t like even the possibility of getting her in harm’s way, so I’ll be your wing–er, fin-person.”

Lance’s eyebrows flew up into his hairline.

“Oh my God, man, you’d do that for me?!”

“Well, no. I’d do it for Pidge, because I know you’d somehow guilt or challenge her into actually going along with your crap.”

Lance dragged Matt into the best rendition of a bone-crushing Hunk-hug he possibly could. The elder Holt let out a breathless “oof!”.

“Just so we’re clear, I’m not a fish man–no gills, just skills!”

Matt laughed and cuffed Lance in the shoulder.

“Sure, buddy.“

Yeah, that totally did not go according to plan. Instead of the heroic rescue Lance was envisioning (which would have been a million times easier if it had been Pidge’s tiny frame rather than Matt’s much taller and considerably bulkier one), somehow Matt’s overly-convincing flailing limbs (didn’t he know that drowning people were usually a lot more… still?) managed to catch Lance across the face, stunning him long enough to send him under. Normally Lance could shake it off and get back up for air, but in the panic Matt’s scene was causing, there were a bunch of pool patrons rapidly trying to flee the scene. Lance ended up getting buffeted by legs and arms of all shapes and sizes, and started to get seriously concerned he wasn’t gonna be able to come up for air. Finally, his vision started to blur as his lungs burned for oxygen and an arm curled around his chest, this time guiding him toward the air rather than further underwater.

As soon as his head broke the surface Lance coughed and choked on a massive gulp of air, his air-starved brain too addled to prioritize between clearing out the water or sucking in the precious, precious oxygen. He ended up inhaling about two-thirds water with that breath and couldn’t seem to cough it back out.

Next thing he knew, he was being lain out on the rough concrete of the pool deck and there were hands poised over his breastbone–


The hands paused and Lance blinked rapidly, trying to clear the dark spots from his vision. He looked up at his savior, and holy fucking shit, hot lifeguard dude was fucking gorgeous. And wet. And currently touching Lance’s bare chest over his hammering heart.

“The guy’s breathing, I think he’s just shocked. He’s got a pulse, he’s gonna be okay.”

Whoa, hot lifeguard dude’s friend, buff lifeguard dude, was also pretty hot. And super buff.

“Oh God, Shiro, he started choking once I got him out of the water, then went limp and unresponsive–”

“Hey, hey, I know, it’s okay.” Buff lifeguard dude’s hands closed over hot lifeguard dude’s wrists to help him stop his hands from shaking. Lance decided breathing would be a good thing to get the hang of right at that moment.

He coughed and hacked violently for a bit until he finally took in his surroundings. Matt was sitting not far from him, also dripping wet and looking mildly horrified but otherwise fine. Pidge was at her brother’s side, white as a ghost. Hunk was hovering behind them, wide, terrified eyes on Lance.

Both hot lifeguard dude and buff lifeguard dude were staring at him too.

Lance realized he should say something smooth and intelligent.

“Wow, dickwad, you didn’t even do a pulse check before attempting to break my fucking ribs?”

Ah, yes. Lance was the epitome of suave and charming.

Hot lifeguard dude went red–from rage or embarrassment, Lance had no idea.

“I just saved your life!” he exclaimed, gesticulating wildly. Buff lifeguard dude had to back off a few inches to avoid getting socked in the face. “I mean, you were unresponsive for thirty seconds, I figured you needed chest compressions just like any other unconscious choking person!”

Oh, right, he was technically choking on water.

“Yeah, well maybe I just wanted some mouth-to-mouth, okay?” he retorted.

Wait. Shit.

Hot lifeguard dude was red before, but now he was… really red.

Lance fumbled to sit up properly as they guy finally said, “But… that’s not… how CPR works? We start with chest compress–”

“I’m a paramedic, I know how fucking CPR works,” Lance interrupted. Hot lifeguard dude’s mouth clicked shut. He was really fucking cute, dammit. “I also know your ass looks amazing in those red trunks and I’d love for you to show me how that works.”

If Lance didn’t know better about human physiology, he would’ve assumed hot lifeguard dude was a few seconds away from spontaneously bursting into flames. The guy scrambled back a few inches, seemingly desperate to put a bit of space between them.

Okay, ouch, he didn’t mean to cause that much anxiety or anything.

“Hey, hey, no need to be a flustered mess. We can try this again.” He scooted forward a bit, watching hot lifeguard dude’s reactions very carefully. Dark indigo ink eyes tracked his advance warily, but he didn’t move any further back.

“Hi, I’m Lance. Wanna grab dinner with me and then watch Netflix in our jammies?”

“I’m Keith,” hot lifeguard dude said gruffly, thrusting out his hand. Lance shook it. They were both still wet from the whole nearly-dying-in-the-pool thing.

“Also… uh, that sounds… nice?”

Lance just laughed and let hot lifeg–Keith help him to his feet.

“I cannot believe that actually ended up fucking working,” Pidge said in awe.

Hunk shrugged, “Well, that’s Lance for you. Paramedic by day, and sometimes night, or whatever comes in between, and future Olympian in his spare time.”

Matt rolled his eyes from where he was sitting on one of the pool benches, toweling his hair dry-ish. “Yeah, so no one cares that I almost drowned?”

Just then, buff lifeguard dude (because seriously, this guy was fucking ripped) put a hand on Matt’s shoulder and Matt jumped nearly three feet into the air with a squeaky shriek.

“Don’t sneak up on me like that!” he yelled.

Buff lifeguard dude somehow looked bashful despite his buffness.

“Sorry, I just… I figured you need to get checked out properly, after all that.“

Matt’s eyes narrowed and he waggled his eyebrows in a weirdly Lance-like fashion that scared the shit out of Pidge. “So you’re saying you’re coming over here to check me out?”

Buff lifeguard dude looked stricken before he honest-to-God blushed.

“I’m Shiro,” he said, endearingly awkward as he extended his hand for Matt to shake.


“What the fuck,” Pidge said.

I couldn’t resist throwing in the Shatt… hahahaha

Happy Lance Month! Working another 26h shift tomorrow so probably won’t be posting anything. Hopefully I’ll have another little ficlet written on Sunday. Feel free to send me prompts, feedback, suggestions, or comments! :)

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BTS reaction if they get shipped with they Idol s/o even when People don't Know they actually Date in real life (they also got a Cute couple Name) ?

Im bad at couple/ship names, but I tried X3

Kim Seokjin/Jin:

“Mario bros” Jin would find this hilarious, his whispered laugh would roam through the room and the other members would wonder what was wrong with him. Jin would be very happy though that his fans would might accept you and him as a lovers, since you both know how difficult it is as an idol to date or even have some sort of private life. He would be very honored that they thought you two would be the prettiest couple of all time and of course he would use this for his advantage, he is the third good looking guy from the left.

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster:

“Dimple masters” He was doing his normal “Namjoon Daily” with you as his photografer, you giggled every time he posed “what?” he would ask “nothing” you would say as you began to giggle even more. After he had posted the pictures you`ve taken he would notice that in the some of the comments they would mention your name, after he read them he would laugh a little, you came closer “look, it seems like destiny is in our favor, which means we were truly meant to be” you scuffed at his cheesiness and kissed his cheek.

Min Yoongi/Suga:

“Sugar babies” he was working on his music when he suddenly noticed a change of atmosphere, he knew it was you and how you always managed to either break something or stumble on something. He took off his headphones and turned around to see you with the happiest grin ever “what is it?” you grinned even more “well, it seems that we have gotten a special blessing on our relationship “what do you mean?” you showed him the fan post with him and you “they want us to be together” Yoongi smiled and hugged you “That`s amazing”.

Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

“Hobis angel” As he was scrolling through his phone, he suddenly stumbled across a picture of you and him, separate of course, he then noticed the headline “Fans going crazy over these two idols” he would jump of joy and start screaming. You would be worried thinking “oh god, what`s wrong now?!” you walked into the living room only to see Hobi sitting on the floor hugging a pillow, staring at you with big eyes and a big smile “THEY LOVE US Y/N!!!!” He would scream before attack hugging you ALMOST to death.

Park Jimin/Jimin:

“Eye smileys” He would randomly check all the notes from fans in the fan cafe when he saw a note with your name on it, as curious as he was he read the note that read “how cute wouldn’t JImin and y/n be together! I ship it to the stars”.  He would call you and ask if you wanted to meet him at the cafe, you would say yes and the first thing that would meet your sight was Jimin standing there with fans surrounding him, he reached his hand to you “everyone, this is my love, please treat them well” your smile was big when he hugged you.

Kim Taehyung/V :

“Bubbles” Oh Tae would be a blushing mess. He would be so exited  to show you to the world as he now had the permission to date you by his fans (not that anyone needs permission). He would hug you tight and act silly with you “y/n I have good news” you turned to look him in the eyes and smiled “what is it Tae?” he jumped up and down “OUR FANS ARE SHIPPING US LIKE CRAZY!!! They want us to be together for ever and ever and ever”. You giggled at his silliness before kissing him gently on the lips, he responded by blushing and kissing you back.

Jeon Jeong Guk/Jungkook:

“Golden maknaes” He was always a little tense when it came to dating you, he was nervous that you two might be caught and some “fans” would hurt you. He tried not to think about it and decided to watch some tv for relaxation, he went through all the channels until something familiar caught his eye. He saw a picture of himself and you holding hands, the only thing was that it was photoshopped by an immense fan who loved shipping the two of you. He would be so relieved, he was sure now that his fans would still support Bangtan and of course your love for one another.

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To the people calling you out for not posting that much lately: don't listen to them and don't let this affect your happiness Mak!! ;o; This is awful and toxic and every sane person knows that you also have a life beside your blog, in which you don't have time to draw - this is totally normal! Other things might get in the way, art blocks hit you like everyone else or just a busy schedule, this is perfectly alright and normal. I think it's uncalled for that people give you shit for that

“ I also think that you post pretty regularly, when I take myself in comparision, you really put out one piece after another out there and that’s amazing! You do so fine with your work, people shouldn’t get their pants in a twist when you happen to not upload something in 2 weeks because school and test and exams are happening and you have friends and family that probably also want attention and you just doing other things.

It annoys me that people don’t give you the respect you deserve for all your hard work, let me tell you that you’re a bright sunshine on my dashboard whenever I see your art and I’m so proud of you how far you came already! Don’t let this drag you down, block these people who says mean things that puts you into a terrible place feeling-wise, it usually don’t get better from here on out, that’s my experience at least. :( Love you and your hard work! ♥

Also please take care of yourself and don’t rush head first into a bunch of work, do it all in your own pace and never forget to have fun. ♥ It’s something you do in your free time after all and when it all feels like a chore, you will be discouraged and what’s left then anymore? :c”

((i dont know how you look like recently?? but i saw a few of your posts of your face a while back so i based it off of that?))

a huuuuge chunk of replies for @eisschirmchen in the keep reading, but basically:  I will definitely come back with arts, but not too regularly, of course. 

And guys. Follow Eis​. She’s the purest being. Love her art and her posts. I hope you guys take care!!!

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Why I Don't Like Nagito Komaeda

WARNING: PLEASE don’t read this if you like Nagito Komaeda and do not want to see him being talked badly about, I do not want to hurt anyone with this. I’m trying to be considerate, so please, don’t get mad at me. I do not like Nagito Komaeda. At all. Why do I not like him you ask? Well, I’ve been hated a lot for saying I don’t like him, so I might as well go all out on it. Honestly, to me he’s annoying, yes, I understand he’s a well written character, but I’ve seen characters like him before, so it’s not like I was like “holy fuck it’s a batshit insane character I’ve never seen one like him.” I admit, he’s quite different in some ways, as in tricking the others with his false sense of security, but that just gives me even more ‘evidence’ to protect myself against the haters with my reasoning. Those are some of the reason I absolutely despise him. He’s manipulative, repulsive, and generally a dick to all good characters. I’ve met a bunch of people who tell me “I only like him for his looks” and honestly that kinda gets on my nerves as well- I know you can’t pick your favorite characters obviously, and he just happens to be the fan favorite, but it just bothers me that there’s so many fantastic characters, and some people brush them off because they’re not ‘attractive’ enough. I’m not one to judge though, so please have your opinions, just as I am stating mine. Another argument of mine is, what would you do if you met someone like this in real life? Would you really bow down to kiss their feet and praise them as an amazing figure? Manipulative people DEFINITELY exist in the world, and they’re some of the people I cannot stand the most. I’ve been manipulated more than I can remember, which just add me on edge when it comes to Nagito- one of the most manipulative characters I’ve ever seen. Still, it’s your opinion, I’m not trying to force any beliefs onto anyone. Still, that’s not all that I can find to hate about him. He’s indirectly caused three deaths of his comrades throughout there highschool killing trip, and gladly would have caused more, if we refer to his death, where he set up the trap of the poison so whoever threw it wouldn’t know they were the true killer. Basically leading them all to an unruly demise AND letting only the traitor survive,, since he just can’t stand letting the remnants of despair survive. Back to him killing 3 characters- Ultimate Impostor, Teruteru, and Chiaki. All were his fault if you think about it. Byakuya sacrificed himself for Komaeda because he knew Teruteru was going to stab up on him, so he pushed him out of the way so he’d die instead. If Komaeda wouldn’t have been planning a murder in the first place for no reason, he wouldn’t have had to die. Then there’s Teruteru, who got his motive from Komaeda, he states he wanted to rid of Nagito because of the threat he posed to everyone else. Which was half true, but also because of his mother, but we don’t know if that crime would have even been committed in the first place if Nagito wouldn’t have interrogated him like that. Then, last but not least, we have Chiaki, the adorable gamer girl that everyone loves, but thanks to Komaeda, she had to die. True, she mostly likely would have been discovered as the traitor either way, but she still could have survived, if Komaeda hadn’t set the trap, she wouldn’t have killed him. So it’s his fault there. You may think I’m finished, but nah, I have many more things to say about this guy. Let’s start off on Chapter 4 shall we? Here’s where I began to hate him even more than I already did. I would’ve thought playing as him during the investigation would have justified some things, but it just made me even more annoyed with him. Plus, when he found out Hajime was a Reserve Course Student, he wouldn’t stop bleating about how he was so average, and wasn’t good enough to be among to Ultimates, and would call him things like “useless, and normal.” He was being a real dick in that chapter, especially in the trial. His snarky attitude in the fourth trial really pissed me off, and he continued with the “wow Hajime, I didn’t think you’d know that since you’re a reserve course student.” Speaking of trials… I’m going to talk about his view on executions for a second. It annoyed me to no end, when a character would die in front of their very own eyes and he’d just say something like “Oh, how disappointing this is, truly an act of despair.” As I’m trying to take in the fact that a character was just executed and will never come back, he just nonchalantly comments something like that and how we should “move on already” and “forget about it” because it’s just one small step of despair to lead us to an even grander hope. That’s real cute, calling someone’s death a “small” issue. I just can’t even with him. That’s about all I have to say now, if I had to I would definitely speak more, I have a lot more reasons, but the reason I posted this is because I was really fed up with being called “slow in the brain” and “stupid” for not understanding the ‘complexity’ of Nagito’s character. I’ve literally been ratted out so many damn times for having an opinion. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to state “I do no like Nagito Komaeda” and got flamed for it, yes I did actually get called mentally retarded and stupid. I’ve been told to “kill myself” because I don’t like him. I completely understand his character, I understand he’s ill, and I understand how he thinks with hope coming from despair. I just don’t think it justifies what he’s done, and I have chosen, as my own individual- to NOT like Nagito Komaeda. Thank you for understanding, and if you would please, not flame me for my opinion.

Don't You Think He Looks Tired?

Arty’s Definitive Guide to Her Moffat Hate

Okay, so I’m pretty sure most of you know I’ve made my opinions on Steven Moffat running Doctor Who very clear. Basically, I have a plethora of issues with it.

My rant shall be below the cut to save you guys the agony of having to scroll through all of it.

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almurz  asked:

Hello!Can you define your ship "izamika"? What does this ship mean for you, how do you see them?(for me it's some kind of friendship or more like partnership, 'cause they respect and use each other but not as close as 'friends'. I'm asking, because there are many peole who ship 'izamika' in romantic sense) (If you already answered this kind of question, I don't mind to be linked to that post)


IZMK is an intense, confusing, and intriguing relationship. You can’t really call them “friends”, but…I think that putting a label on their relationship like that is constricting and something they wouldn’t exactly agree with. All we can do is look at everything that happens in canon Dura, and try to make sense of it, which is a whole different post in itself (and maybe one day I will make it). But here are some major points that I can think of at the moment (I know I’m missing like 308248023 jsyk):

• Izaya was fascinated when he found out who the true leader of the Dollars was; Celty says that she had never seen him so happy, but then states that Mikado was even happier

• Mikado asked Izaya to please be “on his side” if at all possible for Izaya

• Izaya says that he gave up trying to use Mikado and that Mikado can just use him however he wants (because it’s interesting)

• Others point out that Mikado is a person Izaya ‘cares about’

• They also make a comment that he literally never shuts up about Mikado lol

• He actually never shuts up about Mikado okay

• Kururi & Mairu tell Celty that Izaya is “friends” with Mikado IRL

• Mikado basically sides with Izaya against Kida multiple times throughout the series and refuses to heed any of his warnings about Izaya, meaning he wants to have his own opinion on Izaya separate from what Kida experienced with him

• Mikado self-discloses more to Izaya than anyone in the entire series and finds comfort in doing so

• THEY’RE JUST REALLY FLIPPIN’ CUTE IN OFFICIAL ART they literally are always like matching or doing something adorable bye

• All the chats; especially during the Saika/Yellow Scarves arc. They work together to figure out what’s going on in Ikebukuro and it’s pure chemistry

• A lot of their interactions are most likely cut out of canon. Mikado mentions that he & Izaya “haven’t talked on the phone for awhile”, which means Izaya has called Mikado on previous occasions not shown in canon

• Their interaction pre-canon was cut out, but is implied through the chatroom

• They never hate each other, or are annoyed at each other, or get mad at each other, throughout the entire series

• Mikado literally, actually, truly, consistently sees good in ALL that Izaya does (Narita even repeats this theme in Minidura and other media, which leads me to believe this trait is a big part of Mikado’s character)

Ok so my favorite thing is post-DRRR domestic fluff. Mikado can get out of the ‘extraordinary life’ as he so wishes, yet still have Izaya by his side, who can make anything ordinary, extraordinary. That goes both ways, too, because Mikado never ceases to amaze Izaya, and continually pushes his expectations of humanity (even when Mikado is being totally normal).

In this sense, to me, they seem like they’d make the perfect pair…basically I like to take everything that piled up in Durarara!! and apply it to this kind of setting.

I’d like to think that, since the two stayed on consistently good terms throughout the entire series, Mikado would be happiest with Izaya in the end. He wasn’t too crazily obsessed with Izaya like he was with Anri or Masaomi (which I consider to be the most toxic part of Mikado), yet Izaya still played an important role in his life during that time and they have a sort of mutual respect for each other.

Their whole relationship is give-and-take. I often go back and forth to myself thinking, “Mikado’s affection for Izaya is sorta onesided” but then I think, “wait no, Izaya’s affection for Mikado totally outweighs Mikado’s!” and then I’m like, “But wait!”. So yeah. I can’t really think of another of Mikado’s relationships that’s so equal in that regard.


Clexa Fic Rec

So, I told @username9799 that I would recommend a few fics to read and then I thought, maybe others would like it too, so here they are : (they are not ordered by preference, its random)

IN Canon:

A Choice Made Differently by dreaming_wide_awake

Summary:  This is my take on what would’ve happened if Clarke hadn’t left Camp Jaha at the end of Season 2. I’ll warn you now, it is going to be a slow burn, no immediate jumping in with the Clexa relationship as it’s obviously going to take time to rebuild that trust.

Comments: This fic is amazing. It’s angsty in the beginning but the build up for Clexa is amazing AND the story line outside shipping is really well written as well. Lexa not only tries to mend her relationship with Clarke but with other characters as well which is something I really loved about this fic.

Shattering the Skies Above by halfalie

Summary: It was never supposed to be like this. Clarke was never supposed to stand in front of her, face battered, hands trembling, and eyes wide with anger and fear.Clarke was never supposed to make Lexa feel as though the girl was standing on cracked ice, so close to being submerged and drowned in freezing water.Clarke was never supposed to come back, but she had.And Clarke was certainly never supposed to announce her marriage to the Ice Queen.

Comments: ANGST. BIG FUCKING ANGST!!! Get ready. This one hurts my soul but it sooooo good.

Rise Into Ruin by Crazywisdom

Summary:  Post-2x16. She is tired, vengeful and she wants answers: that’s all that draws Clarke to Polis. But a new enemy on the horizon, cracks within the grounder hierarchy that threaten Lexa’s freshly-acquired charade of peace, and the reluctant desire to trust once more, makes her stay.

It Makes Thunder by pleasenthell

Summary:  “A unity ceremony is a marriage,” Octavia interrupted. She had been silent, standing next to Lincoln like a smaller, stoic compliment to her boyfriend.
Marcus blinked, “A marriage between who?”
“The Commander and someone of equal rank from this clan,” Lincoln stated. “She has to agree to it.”
“A diplomatic marriage?” Abby asked, looking at Marcus. She shook her head.
Raven piped up from her seat at the table, “That’s insane.”
“We don’t have anyone that could do that,” Marcus added.
“We do,” Bellamy nodded. His eyes fell on Clarke. “We have a princess.”

Alliances by Area_Monarch

Summary: Her mother just didn’t understand that things were different now. It wasn’t like the Ark, where a person’s life could be planned out safely. Where you had some idea of where you would end up the next day.Things change too rapidly here, for that.Clarke finds the only way to have peace is through a Union.

Alternate Universe:

I’ll Be Right Behind You/Take Me With You by K17L53

Summary: Lincoln is crashing with a ridiculously hot friend (Lexa) and Clarke is very single. Raven has an idea Clarke probably won’t approve of and for some reason, Lincoln goes along with it.or"My friends are dumb and wanna set us up and I AM SO SORRY"

Comments: This one starts out pretty cute and funny but don’t be fulled. Angst will happen and it hits hard for a while there.

Take Me to Church by scamp23

Summary: Clarke proposes to an almost stranger to piss of the homophobic church protesters, but she didnt expect the news to pick up the story, and she didnt expect to fall for the stranger.or
Life is pretty unexpected, sometimes all you need is a fake fiance, 2 ridiculous best friends and a really really pushy news reporter, and all your dreams will come true.

Comments: This one is still in the early stages but the writing is a great and it is setting out to be a really amazing fic.

A Soccer Love Story by onebigroughdraft

Summary: Meet Lexa Woods: star of the U.S. Women’s National Team, trying to lead her team to another Olympic gold medal. Meet Clarke Griffin: new team doctor, and the only one capable of turning the world-class athlete into a stuttering, clumsy fool.It’s a soccer love story, ya’ll.

The Heart is the Strongest Muscle by Danistalley12

Summary:  Clarke’s promise to improve her life after a break up leads her to a nearby gym and a very beautiful brunette stranger.

Comments: One of  the first Clexa AU’s I have ever read and the reason why I am currently obsessed with Clexa AU’s.

Lover in Low Light by Chrmdpoet

Summary: "You’re never going to love anyone the way you loved her. That kind of love, it only happens once in a lifetime, so if you’re waiting to feel that way again, I think you’re always going to be waiting.“orFive years after their relationship’s end, college sweethearts Lexa and Clarke find themselves in the same city again. Now, they are different people with different lovers and different lives, but neither ever fully let the other go. Will what they once had still be all they are looking for, or is it finally time to truly let go and move on?

Comments: Chrmdpoet wrote this, that should be reason enough.

The Three Truths by transientpermanence

Summary: There were three truths to Clarke Griffin, Lexa knew:     Meeting her their sophomore year of college was a stroke of mere chance.     Becoming her friend by the end of their junior year was an active choice.     Falling in love with her by the time graduation rolled around…falling in love with her was an inevitability.

Comments: AHHHHHHHHHHHH that’s all I have to say about this one.

A Business of the Heart by Tanagariel

Summary: Lexa Woods inherited her family company after her parents passed away, however, in order for Lexa to have total control of her company she has to be married.The solution?Her best friend Clarke proposes to be her wife so Lexa can have the control back. Clarke and Lexa will fullfill the terms of the contract stipulated by the board and everything will be back to normal, or at least that was the initial plan, that is, until they start to develop romantic feelings for each other.

Comments: This one will make your heart tingle with feels.

Everything You Are by awriteofthings

Summary:  Doctor au. Lexa is new to Ark Hospital and quickly becomes attracted to fellow doctor, Clarke Griffin, but unfortunately for her the trauma surgeon is not interested in a relationship. (A Grey’s Anatomy-esque fic because why not?)

You’re Fired (So Yeah, You win) by LaFlashdrive

Summary:  The one where Clarke draws Lexa’s name for the office Secret Santa, not knowing Lexa is the President of the company she works for. The gag gift she gets her is a bit… unconventional. A dildo. It’s a dildo.

Comments: I need to re-read this one. It’s so fucking good!!! It’s not a Christmas fic so don't’ think it is.

When Love Becomes The Reason by Clarkesquad

Summary: Clexa Fake Dating AUThe one where it’s not a love story, it’s a story of a girl who needs a plus one for her brother’s wedding (and a girl who needs to be at that wedding).Spoilers: It’s a love story. It’s always a love story.

Comments: You just NEED to read this one.

She’s Got Me Up All Night (All I’m Singin’ Is Love Songs) by mostlyunstablefangirl

Summary:  tumblr prompt – "so we’ve never met but our showers are on opposite sides of the same apartment wall so sometimes we’re showering at the same time and we sing duets”

Comments: This is like the CUTEST fic I have ever ready. I was smiling all through out this one.

She’s Got Herself a Girl (and I wanna make her mine) by billet_doux

Summary:  Lexa Woods is known to men and women alike in the New York area as the go-to woman when relationships go downhill. Successful businesswoman by day, Lexa takes on a new persona at night; one of an amoral, lecherous woman who will take you on the date from hell and send you running back to the arms of your ex.

Comments: This one is still in the beginning, Clarke and Lexa only even had one brief encounter but oh the set up for this is amazing This is gonna be one of those rip your heart out kind of fics. I can feel it.

Sacrifice by ArshuSyed

Summary:  Peace through political marriage. Will the marriage last when one has already given her heart away?

Comments: This one kinda happens in canon world but not with what happened in canon. Its really great as well. So worth the read.

And now, completely unrelated to Clexa. If anyone here likes the idea of Racen and Lexa, please go read

Potential by CorvusCorvidae

Summary:  Octavia finds a new client for Raven; while Lexa is looking for someone to show off to her family.

Comments: I have just been completely obsessed with this fic. I kinda ship Ravexa as a side ship but this fics UGH SO GOOD. I am just here crossing my fingers for people to start liking Raven and Lexa ore so I can getmore fics as good as this one.

Teaching the older generation

I rarely post really personal stories (aside from whenever my brothers say random awesome shit, but since I only see them on the weekends now that doesn’t happen very often anymore) but I really want to share this.

Yesterday I had a really long and really amazing chat with my dad over the phone, because we keep missing each other and meet even less frequently than me and my brothers do. So we were just catching up, and somehow our conversation steered into genders and sexualities.

And let me just give you some basic facts: my dad was raised by a very homophobic father. Very old school, and by that I also mean sexist. When my grandma died, he didn’t know first thing about cooking because he’d simply never had to do it. He’d cringe whenever he saw gay people on TV, and would probably have thrown a fit if anyone ever told him about his beloved Elton John. So we never did.

(His daughter, my aunt, also didn’t come out until after he passed 2 yrs ago.)

My point is: my dad could’ve easily become one of the many assholes of his generation who kept believing in what their old man taught them growing up. The kind that use homophobic slurs without a second thought. But he didn’t. But he also didn’t break down all his prejudices at once.

While he was never as homophobic as my grandpa, he’s still made quite a few offhanded comments and pulled a few jokes that made me upset once I got old enough to understand and stand up for the LGBT community. He wasn’t very perceptive at first, but I kept at it. Till this day. I made it very clear to both him and my brothers that I would not accept their homophobic slurs and jokes – even if they meant no offense – and took every opportunity at teaching them terms and definitions and what they all actually meant.

It’s been a long time now since anyone poked this specific topic over a family dinner, so when we finally stumbled on it over the phone yesterday, I found out where my father now stands on this.

Which turns out to be right under the fucking rainbow.

Because at his own initiative, he told me how he thinks the gender spectrum is stupid, and that sexualities are silly. He said it’s sad that people are so narrow minded that they only look for love in one specific gender, when it can very well pop up in any shape and form. He said why don’t people just fall in love with people, and worry less about what the person you’re feeling a connection with got between their legs?

And as I told him about me being biromantic (which I never would’ve had the guts to tell him two years ago) he said “I’m sorry for being a white old man, but could you please tell me what that is exactly?”

So after this long and incredible conversation of total agreement, I asked him what had made him feel this way about it all, and his simple answer was: you.

Because apparently, me constantly talking about LGBT stuff and insisting that it’s just as normal as anything else, was what made my dad realize I was right. He was raised by a homophobic father, but as a grown man he learned from his queer daughter. Maybe this doesn’t seem like much to everyone reading this, but this is seriously amazing.

We don’t only have the power to teach the next generation to be more open-minded than our ancestors were, but there are also people in the older generation who are willing to learn. Even someone like my dad, who currently seems excited for me to get a girlfriend now. And possibly get a boyfriend himself, it sounds like.

That’s the story. Congratz on my old man.

Why Don't They Like Me

a/n: Hey loves. Tell me what you think!

He’d growninto someone self assured, with a style all his own, who moved to the beat of his own drums. He had come a long way from the boy he was four years ago, and grown into his own person that you adored. However there were the moments when the negative comments and naysayers got under his cool demeanour. There were the times when he reverted back to the 16 year old boy who just wanted to be liked and accepted. There were the days when he’d open up Twitter and deliberately search for the degrading comments again. You hated when he got like that. You knew he was strong, but a person could only be strong for so long. You couldn’t imagine what it was like to have thousands of reasons why you shouldn’t exist being thrown at you daily. So in the moments when he succumbed to the hate and it put him in a mood you felt it was your duty to remind him about the millions of reasons why he should be here.

“Stop that,” you told him firmly as you walked up to him and removed the phone from his grasp.

He’d been uncharacteristically quiet all day and you knew when he retired to your shared bedroom to do just this. Dig himself deeper into the hole of questioning his self worth.

“Why don’t they like me?” he murmured with his head low, hair covering his face.

“Because they don’t know you,” you tried to reassure him.

At his silence you decided to come down to his level. He’d posted himself on the floor at the foot of the bed. You knelt before him, gently raked his hair back and lifted his chin so he was looking at you.

It killed you to see him so disconsolate and insecure.

“Listen to me, you are amazing. You deserve to be here. You deserve all the things you worked your ass off for. But no matter how amazing you are or how hard you work there will be people out there who will never be satisfied. You can’t please everyone and that is okay.”

“But…” he tried to disagree.

“No buts. You are a great person. Don’t let these faceless people tell you otherwise. Why should their words have any effect on you? You don’t know them and they don’t know you. They’re toxic and they just want to see you fall. Don’t give them the satisfaction.”

He looked away from you and it was then you’d noticed that his eyes were slightly pink and it occurred to you that he’d been crying.


“Why are you with me?” he asked still not looking at you.

“Because I love you,” you didn’t hesitate, “Because you make me laugh until I cry, because you support me and love me despite my flaws and you make me happy. Why are you even questioning that? I love you Harry. I will always love you, whether you want me to or not.”

“I just…I just don’t understand why they would say all those things…”

You’d had enough.

“Get up,” you rose to your feet and tugged him with you, “C’mon.”

Now that you were both standing you were no longer eye level and had to look up, “ You know what, maybe they’re right, maybe I am bad for you,” you shrugged.

“What?” his face scrunched up in anger, “Don’t you ever say that. That’s not true. You know that’s not true, Y/N!”

“You can do better than me, I’m ugly and fat and I can’t possibly make you happy,” you kept on going.

“Stop saying that! You’re perfect and you make me the happiest I’ve ever been,” his hands grasped your shoulder and he ducked his head to search your face, “Where is even coming from, love?”

“The same place your doubt comes from. From people who don’t matter, who don’t know anything,” you hoped he understood what you were trying to get across.

Your hands came around his middle as you spoke, “You’re an international star with a fan base of over 22 million people who support and love you. You spend your free time in hospitals with sick children giving them hope that they never thought they’d have. You’re the kindest and most selfless person I know Harry. You’d give someone the shirt off your back if they were cold. You make people feel special and loved and take time to appreciate your fans when you can. You’re insanely intelligent and humble and virtuous. You’re the kind of person that people strive to be. You deserve to be here just as much as everyone else, don’t doubt that.”

His arms hugged you to him and you two stood in that embrace for a few minutes, silently finding comfort in each other’s presence.

“Where would I be without you, YN?”

You leaned up to give him a kiss, “Probably still on the floor.”

“Thanks,” he murmured as he pulled you into another kiss.

“Think I’m feeling for some ice cream, yeah?” he said after he let you go.

You grinned and nodded, just happy that you had your boyfriend back to normal once more.

Special Review - Koichi's Point of View

Spoiler free above the cut.

  • Koichi’s view of the world is so utterly warped–and if you had a hard time understanding that before, seeing it through his eyes might help enlighten you. It’s not just his views on marriage that are “different,” it’s his entire worldview that is so horribly skewed. 
  • As usual, the pacing isn’t the best–some parts feel a little rushed, especially since his main route is the longest (of the PoVs that have been released) and yet his point of view for it is crammed into 6 chapters. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing.
  • I recommend this to people who are Koichi fans already, or who want to try to understand him better. If you really don’t like this character, you probably won’t like this route.

Imagine being raised as the only child in a household where your father openly cheats on your mother. At first you feel angry and betrayed because you’re forced to idly watch one of the people you love the most suffering at the hands of one of the people that is supposed to love them the most. What’s worse is that no one ever talks about it, it’s the elephant in the room that no one will acknowledge.

Eventually you bottle up those feelings because after years, you have come to accept that this is normal. Marriage is just a social contract of convenience. It’s a partnership for mutual benefit, but it doesn’t have anything to do with love. After all, you’ve never seen a marriage with love in it because the only one you have been exposed to is your parents’ marriage.

“She must have been raised in a caring environment.” This is one of the first things Koichi comments on when he meets MC and subsequently decides to marry her. It’s almost spoken like a monotone observation, and yet it’s the fundamental basis for the misunderstandings between them.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

are you gonna post your opinion on that post that your friend found on twitter

yes okay omfg i totally forgot okay i’ll post it now

original / aka what we’re talking about / 

thanks for all your opinions by the way, i read through them all and yeah i was really proud of you guys for not blowing it out of proportion like some normally do, i just wanted you to comment on the post and not make a big thing about it, and you did that and i was v happy so thank you!

ok opinion time.

the way i look at it, is this. if i posted a photo with my guy-friend on tumblr, no one would /really/ care. but since girls are posting photos with luke, calum, michael or/and ashton, people instantly care and have to know what’s going on/how they know each other/are they hooking up/ stupid stuff. i don’t think 5sos have ever said that they would go for a natural no make up girl, let’s be real here, 90% of teenage girls wear make up. they aren’t going to like you because you’re not wearing make up, same with  they’re not going to like you if you’re wearing make up. they go for all girls, believe me. if you have boobs, you’re half way there. 5sos have always said, be yourself, and don’t ever let anyone change you. they’re not going to pull a Nash Grier and say ontop of that, ‘but don’t be a cake-face snobby bitch blah blah whatever' 

'the fucked up fanfics’ part was stupid. i personally don’t read fanfics / one shots or whatever you want to call them because they do give you a false impression of what the people are really like. you should have your own imagination and make up your own mind on what you think they’re like. just because a fanfic says that ashton is the sweetest person on the earth and he’s going to run infront of a bus to save your life, doesn’t mean he actually would. it’s just someone’s impression of them, which everyone is entitled to, but they give you false hope and sometimes it is a let down when you meet someone that is talked up about how amazing they are, to realise they’re not everything that oneshot once said. 

Some fans do act like herds of sheep tbh. once something happens, everyone jumps to it and tries to find out so much information, kinda like a bandwagon. like if 5sos said they liked a band, fans would obviously follow  through with it, and try and look into the band as well, just so they have 'some what’ of a connection with 5sos because you both like the same band and 5sos helped introduce you to such an amazing band and probably a new music genre which is perfectly fine and amazing and i think it’s wonderful how music brings people together, but it can be see as bandwagon or 'herd of sheep’, it’s whatever way you want to look at it.

some fans have this false hope that 5sos are going to see them in the distance at an airport and think omfg i want to get to know that girl, which brings me back to the fanfics thing, it gives you a false hope that you’re going to be THAT girl that the boys fall inlove with. which 9999.99999% of the time wont be true. and it’s a harsh reality and im not trying to crush anyone’s dreams of dating a band member but the chances slight to nill and the sooner people come to realise that, the better tbh. you’re not wasting your time drooling over these boys with your false hope, like who knows, maybe you could be that lucky girl but it’s really not that big of a chance these days. 

i think people forget that 5sos are teenage boys. they go for whatever girl that catches their eye. just because they’re in the spotlight and have a little more recognition doesn’t mean they’re set their 'standards higher’ and only go for famous girls now. you don’t have to compete with these 'famous & perfect looking girls’ because we’re all the same. some might have a flatter stomach or whiter teeth or straighter her but at the end of the day, we’re all human. we’re all the same. 

all people are seeing right now is 5sos hanging out with 'youtube’ girls or 'famous girls’ when in reality. those girls were nothing 3 years ago. they were teenage girls who had dreams of being on youtube, making videos to make people happy. they were nobodies. and now they’re 'youtube famous’ i dont think people realise that they work so damn hard to be where they are today. and since they hung out with your idols they’re being called sluts and whores and slut shaming them and wow they are literally people just like you and me, just a few more people know about them. and it’s the same with 5sos, they’re teenage boys.  and you see, people are always looking to blame someone, if it were the other way round and you were hanging out with them, and being called a whore just for inviting them to a party because they were in town and they’re your friends, it’d hurt you. wouldn’t it? then why are you doing it to other people. it would be different if it was you, you’d be happy as, but since it’s someone else. yeah nah.

you are good enough for 5sos. but it’s the false belief of fan fictions that drive people to think that they’re going to be 'the lucky one’ that gets noticed and then when it finally gets to the reality, they realise they’re just another fan and it breaks their heart and crushes their dreams. girls need to realise that you’re here to support the band, not date or fuck the boys. and if that’s all you’re here for.. to get noticed by them and hopefully get their number, then please..  leave. we’re here for the music, not to invade their personal lives and try and get with our idols. 

ok i think i rest my case xx

Thoughts after the Speak Your Language Day

I wondered for a while whether this post should be written in English or in Spanish but, for reasons that will be disclosed later, I decided to switch back to English, now that the day is over.

So, I jumped into this wagon of the Speak Your Language Day after I saw the post being reblogged by Nana. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but it sounded like a great idea at the time and I have to say the results surpassed my expectations entirely. I said, when it was still the 7th, that I was going to post my thoughts later because I felt like my dashboard was a ‘caldo antropológico’, meaning 'anthropological broth’: a lot of things were brewing and being discovered, a lot of attitudes and thoughts were being disclosed and it was fantastic to see them happen. 

First, let’s talk about my experience here on Tumblr. Yesterday, I discovered that the vast majority of the almost 900 blogs I follow and of the 2k+ followers I have are not native English speakers. I knew we were many but I didn’t know to what extent. I also discovered I have more followers that speak my language than I originally knew, which is insane but, let’s face it, most of the times we don’t even know each other’s names unless stated in an about link or sidebar, so it happens. I saw people talking in Russian, Greek, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, you name it. And Spanish, a lot of Spanish, and here I was, thinking I only had like 5 followers who knew my language. Anita talked to me in Russian and I answered in Spanish, and I learned that some Russian words seem super long but their translation isn’t so and now I want to know how they’re pronounced. I asked for quotes and I got them in many languages, Bulgarian and Greek were two of my personal favorites. We ended up discussing the differences between languages that weren’t our own but others studied, and I learned a lot. All in all, it was like a new world and I ended up wondering why the hell we haven’t done this before. There’s all these people with all these amazing cultures and I’m here with my mate (as in the beverage) and my pastelitos (as in these) watching the world go by in front of me. We should exchange recipes, songs, poetry, folk tales, tv shows, plays, everything. Why aren’t we doing it? I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna end up in your ask boxes very soon asking for recommendations, I’m invested in this cultural exchange now. 

On another note, let’s talk about the native English speakers I’ve seen in my dash today. I encountered two extremes: the ones feeling somewhat personally offended (?) for this and the ones who were super invested. I didn’t have an exchange with the first kind but I saw, for example, an Anon addressing this and the responses were not only amazingly interesting and led to a great debate, but were also IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. How fantastic is that? There were some comments regarding how English has been imposed to us not only by media and products but also because it’s a requirement for different stages of education as well as for job applications, disregards the actual need of the use of English in the work you’d be doing. I, for example, was required to have a certain level of the Cambridge ESOL Exams for college, I wouldn’t be able graduate without it. It was very interesting to see how different people take this issue and what they think about it, especially in different languages. On the other side, talking about the invested English speakers, I had an interesting day exchanging places with Emily: I normally talk to her in her native language and yesterday, she decided to talk in mine. That was even more than what I was expecting, I would have been ok with someone talking in English for me to respond in Spanish, but she went the extra mile and I thank her for it. 

Outside Tumblr, I decided to publish a fic in Spanish. I never do that, I tried it only once and never again but I thought it would be an interesting experiment (later I realized it was like closing the cycle, because Serena, who started this wild ride, writes Les Mis fics and that’s exactly what I decided to publish, but that’s another story). Anyway, you know what I’m talking about, we hardly ever write fics in our own language if we’re not English speakers and I’ve seen a post with over 30.000 notes to prove it. So, I did it, I wrote a little fic in Spanish and posted it on AO3 as the day begun. I discovered a lot of things of my own writing but, the most surprising thing was that someone left me a comment saying something along the lines of 'someone else who writes in Spanish! I wish I could write in English as well but all my fics are in Spanish’ among other things. And then I felt terrible. Because there’s people who not only can’t read in English but also can’t write in it and maybe have fantastic fanfiction that people wouldn’t read even if they could because we got used to not reading fanfiction unless it’s in English, hence the 30k+ post I linked before. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the canon of the material because there are USA high school AUs of things that are originally Japanese, French, happening in mythical AUs, etc. and we read it normally but we wouldn’t see it the same way if it was in our native language. I would barely flinch if I saw a character from a non-American nationality saying 'dude’ in a fic but if they say 'pibe’ it would feel weird. And it makes no sense. So, all in all, I decided to continue writing fics in Spanish once in a while and reading them too, no matter how much time of getting used to it takes. 

As a final note, I want to say that the reason why my blog is mainly in English is because, when it begun (almost 4 years ago) the fandoms I was in had here a majority of people who were not Spanish speakers. Most of the people I met in my first 6 months here were from all over the world and we used English as a bridge language because, sadly, I don’t speak their languages either. Even if it’s rather arguable and has many implications that are too complicated to narrate in this post, having learned English allowed us to communicate somehow and now I’m able to spend this day marveling at their amazing languages. If we hadn’t been speaking in the same language, we wouldn’t have talked in the first place, so I’m not resenting my choice of keeping this blog mainly en English, even if it’s an arguable choice in many ways. I love my language but it has its limitations and learning from others about things we lack of is an amazing way to expand it (for example, did you know that in Spanish we have 2 genders available in every case except for 3 demonstratives, one pronoun and one article, and adjectives agree in gender and number, so if a person chooses a non-binary gender and you want to say that they’re beautiful you have to say 'hermoso’ as in male or 'hermosa’ as in female? yeah, not good). If I didn’t use English, I wouldn’t have been able to talk to so many fantastic people who teach me things about their own languages and cultures, so I don’t resent it, but I also want to keep using my own language more than I normally do, especially while writing fanfiction, and, all in all, I think this day was a tremendous success. Thank you, Serena!

ardenkai  asked:

Have I told you how awesome you are today? No? Ok, you are awesome! I'm so happy that you are continuing Remember Me. 🙊 And I just wanted to let you know that I miss Free to be me.🙊🙊🙊🙊(no pressure).

The parts are here: Part I - Part II 

Gail stirs in her sleep, finding her normally soft bed quite hard and stiff. It takes her a moment to realize she’s not actually in bed, when she catches the sounds of cheering from below.

What the?

Gail wakes up only to find she actually fell asleep at the top of the bleachers, and a moment longer to realize why. She was supposed to be flunking that math test, by not writing it. And the bleachers had become her favorite place to haunt ever since she spotted Holly here the other day.

She would have continued with her sleep, if it weren’t for the damn cheering.  Gail tries to sneak a peek at the grounds, where there was some match of some sort. It takes you a while to realize it’s a soccer match, the girls team. Not really caring about the match, Gail lies down again, to squeeze in a snooze before she had to get back home. Trying to shut out all the cheering of the audience members below, Gail tries to go sleep. Except that they’re squealing like a bunch of madcaps. Deciding that that was the end of the nap, Gail gets up and walks down the bleachers to the few rows where there were a handful of people cheering for the team.

‘What a bunch of lo-’

She’s about to finish that comment when she spots Holly on the field, the long-limbed, warrior faced goal keeper who was keenly watching every movement of the ball.

Nerd’s a Jock?

Gail’s groans out loud at that thought, and some of the students there actually turned back to give her weird looks, all of which she ignores. Besides, she knows she stands out of from the normal jock crowd, with her black leather jacket and short blonde hair, unlike all these guys standing with the school teams bright red blazers.

Terrific, Peck. Fall for the know-it-all all-rounder. How apt of you.

She sees Holly in those tight soccer shorts and a part of her just really wants to walk onto the field and make out with her in the middle of the field.  Besides, it’s not like the goalie does much in the game, and she was sure Holly could spare some time. She sees Holly pounce at a foul ball and she’s salivating.

Those shorts should be illegal.

At that moment, the opposing team’s striker knocks a curve ball right towards the goal. It almost defies the laws of physics, the angle, the absolute lack of space to actually get the ball in, it was insane. By logic, the ball should have flown way above the crossbar, but by some feat, it managed to curve right into the goal. You can see Holly lunge at it, but by the tiniest of margins, she misses it and the ball hits the back of the net. There are all-round groans at that, but all the jocks around Gail where all amazed by the sheer awesomeness of the goal.

Gail asks about and finds out that the scores were 1-0 and apparently both teams were evenly matched. It’s about 4 minutes till full-time - and the home team didn’t have much time to equalize. Sure enough, the game ended in 4 minutes, and both the teams sauntered off the field into the locker rooms. Except Holly, who was lying flat infront of the goal post, staring at the cross bar. A few team-mates call out to her, but she waves them off. They leave her out there, alone and a part of you feels a little bad for her. Surely she wasn’t beating herself up over that goal? No one could have saved that.

Soon, all the jocks around you leave the bleachers, and you’re alone as well, waiting for the nerd to pack up and come sit at the benches as she always did. Except she’s still on the field, now clutching the crossbar of the post and hanging from it. She did look pretty frustrated, and Gail assumed she wouldn’t be joining her this evening.


Gail walks down to the locker rooms for the teams, finding that empty as well.

Everyone’s left Nerd, come on.

She finally spots the brunette trudging off the pitch, and walking towards the rooms.

'Didn’t know you were a Jock, Nerd.’ Gail starts, giving Holly the fright of her life.

'Geez! I thought there was no one here!’

Gail shrugs off that, continuing with her pestering.

'If you told me you’re a Jock, I wouldn’t have started calling you Nerd.’

Holly sighs at that, clearly not in the mood for Gail’s annoying questions.

'Not now Gail’ she mutters, heading towards her locker, pulling out her clothes.

'You can’t possibly be feeling down because you didn’t save that.’

'I should have. I’m the Goalie.’ she huffs, sitting dejected at one of the benches in the room.

'That was an impossible goal! I don’t think anyone could have saved that!’ Gail tries to appease the brunette, who was clearly beating herself about it.

'I should have.’

'Come on, Holly. You can’t possibly expect to do everything!’ Gail reasons with the ambitious brunette, who looks back at her with a scowl.

'Are you serious?’ Gail replies. Here she was failing math, and there’s Holly, who wanted to make wonder saves and save the world from cancer.

'I don’t see why I can’t do everything.’ Holly replies, standing up and going to change into her normal clothes.

Gail was having the hardest time not going into the changing rooms and running her tongue all over the brunette and her hot body. In a few minutes, Holly does reappear, in a clean shirt but in the same soccer shorts, and Gail was almost digging a hole with her hands in the pockets of her leather jackets as she eyed the brunette’s long tan legs.

Holly completely ignores Gail’s ogling, and walks about the changing room, stuffing her clothes into her bag.

'What can I not do?’ she turns back to ask Gail, who immediately snaps her attention back to the brunette and her brooding.

'You can’t fail a Math test like me.’ Gail starts, and Holly immediately shoves her shoulder for that.


'I thought I told you not to fail anything.’

'Not my fault, I overslept.’ Gail explains. Damn the brunette was powerful.

And such a freaking turn- on.

'Well, all I’m saying is you can’t win every championship in the world.’ Gail hurriedly continues, not wanting to seem that utterly desperate infront of Holly.

'This was a friendly. Tomorrow’s the match.’ Holly replies, walking out of the locker room.

Gail’s jaw drops at that, and it takes her a moment to actually process what Holly said.

'Are you kidding me!’ Gail yells, stomping out of the room.


Later that evening Gail came to realize that the Principal had called her mother and told her about the exam-skipping.

That, however wasn’t the problem ‘coz Gail wasn’t failing math in anyway - as she did actually have enough marks to pass.

Turns out, Gail was flunking gym.