i no need to lose weight

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Just a quick check-in: 

Did you take your medication? 

Are you hungry? (And shh, “i’m trying to lose weight” is not an answer!)

Do you need a nap or to go to bed early tonight? 

And drink some liquid, my dear (Water is best but if juice or soda is easier for you, that’s okay!). 

Remember that taking care of your body is an act of self-love - and a lgbt+ person loving themselves is rebellious and revolutionary, in a society that wants us to hate ourselves. You’re a hero, my darling. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom  

I’ve inexplicably been getting reeeally excited about my costume for King Richard’s Faire this fall (D&D’s raven queen, entirely brought on by wanting a practical use for my feather mantle). So here’s a really quick first draft reference for the costume idea.

The dress, boots, and feather mantle are no problem. I found a dress on Ebay from a lot of sellers with that cut (and really cheap) so I’ll snag it when I know what size I’m going to be by that point (since I’m losing weight pretty quickly).

The cloak will be a challenge. No time like the present to learn some basic sewing. Will be buying a cloak of the base color and layering the white part over it.

The bracers kind of make or break the project. I have ideas for how to make them, I just need the proper materials. Same with the crown, though i I can find one to buy that looks similar I may go the lazy route.

White face paint instead of a mask because glasses and masks don’t mix.


anonymous asked:

I was having like one and a half months of so much self control and lost around 10lbs.. But it's all gone now, I keep binging and eating and I can't get back on track anymore and keep panicking because I need to reach my goal.. I feel like it's tearing me apart

hey, so the thing is is that weight loss is really hard to maintain and it’s 100% normal for it to fluctuate throughout your life. you’re not always going to be at your lowest weight and that’s okay, there is more to you and to life than losing weight. if you put so much pressure on always sticking to a regime and strict diet, you’re bound to break it. so maybe it’s better for you to start small, like cutting out snacks or passing up offers of fast food. don’t let this one setback keep you down, you can get back on track if you really want to. just make it a slow and gradual process, slowly start incorporating healthier foods into your diet, rather than trying to do it all at once bc you’ll just end up binging. try not to stress so much about it love. i know it’s hard and it feels like life or death but i promise it’s not. hope you’re okay angel, have a nice day :)

anonymous asked:

I'm 5'3" and 200 lbs. I need to get back on track with losing weight. What do you think I could do to lose weight and what goal weight should I shoot for?

The lowest weight you can go without veing in the underweight category is 105. But i think you should start of with more simple goals to make yourself feel better. Gw1: 195 Gw2:180 Gw3:165 Gw4:155 Gw5:135 Gw6:120 & so on. I like to fluctuat my goal weights instead of keeping them at a steady pattern. Makes me feel more accomplished. Make sure to drink tons of water and give up those sugary drinks! That should help you lose 5 pounds in no time. Try giving up some carbs (not all carbs) and try for lower sodium foods! Stay safe hun ♡ (this is personal experience, not certified)

anonymous asked:

so basically im cursed to remain fat forever? jesus christ i did not need to hear that today.

There is no permanent and safe way to intentionally lose weight. This is true.  

And that means that if you want to truly live a fulfilling and meaningful life, you will need to let go of the fantasy of being thin. You will need to do the difficult self-work needed to unlearn your internalized fat phobia. You may also need to learn how to eat normally without restriction and shame. All of this is difficult. But a lifetime of self-hate, restriction, repeated cycles of weight gains and weight losses, and declining health from the damage caused by under-nourishing your body is far far worse. 

And I know you are in pain right now, so I am being gentle with you, but I need you to think about what you said in your ask, and think about who you said it to. I am fat and my life is not a cursed existence. It is never okay to say such hateful things about fat people, including yourself. Don’t do it anymore.

Things that are 100% normal while losing weight!
  • Small weight fluctuations, especially if you are a woman or do a lot of exercising. If your weight jumps up and down this is completely normal and nothing to work up a worry over. Your weight can fluctuate because of a number of reasons. Intake of exceptionally salty food, the menstrual cycle, and frequent exercise can cause water retention. One morning, you may simply just have a lot of waste that needs to be evacuated (I know, TMI, lol).
  • Weight loss slowing down as you lose more and more weight. The losses you see in the first few weeks, or even months, will level off to a more steady pace. 1-2lbs a week is nothing to scoff at. Seriously, congratulations! Progress is progress. .5 lbs is progress. This is not a race. You have all the time life can offer, there is absolutely no hurry. 

This is just a friendly reminder to use multiple metrics to track progress. Always use tape measurements and progress pictures in combination with any scale measurements. Feel free to reblog add more to this list, fitfam! 

It’s amazing what a 20 pound difference can make both physically and mentally. I’ve found that the key to losing weight and keeping it off is to just take my time. I would always pack back on the weight after crash diets…but these past couple of years have been so different. There’s no need for those diets anymore, I’m simply working on finding a balance.

anonymous asked:

can you safely and permanently lose INCHES? i don't care abt the number on the scale but i do care that i look fat. like it doesn't make sense that just some people are fat and some aren't.

So I’m going to let one of my fat-liberation heroes, Virgie Tovar, say what needs to be said here:

Though I believe it is ultimately your choice to do what you feel is right with your body, asking a fat activist for “pro-weight-loss choices” is callous at best. That you are asking me — a fat woman – for weight loss tips is an example of your inability to see me as fully human because if you could see me as fully human you could understand that you are asking me for tips on how to be someone who looks less like I do…

I am a fat woman who has undertaken starvation and years of self-loathing in the name of weight loss. This question really set me off. [This] is a platform that centers fat people and offers support to people with questions about navigating and surviving fat shame and stigma, not promoting it.

read-play-sing  asked:

Yesterday, you reblogged a post from bigfatscience that said, "There is no permanent and safe way to intentionally lose weight." This is false and dangerous advice that could keep people from losing weight who want to do it and need to it for health reasons. (I wrote a longer reply to that on my tumblr.) I agree that being overweight is not a curse, but that is precisely why you can change that. It's simply neither as easy nor as difficult as some people would have you believe.

Let’s add a word: “universal.”

There is no universal, permanent, safe way to intentionally lose weight.  There are ways to improve personal fitness, many of which will have weight loss as a functional side effect–most people, upon undertaking a seriously-practiced new athletic endeavor, will lose weight.  Many people, upon leaving an overly stressful or dangerous situation, will lose weight.  Some people, upon starting to take regular naps, will lose weight.

Some people can do Weight Watchers forever, lose weight, and keep it off without hurting themselves.  Others, not so much.  Some people will get (dangerous, terrifying, it’s fun watching relatives push the process without the mortality figures oh wait no it is not) their stomachs stapled and lose weight and keep it off, while others will regain it all and have a permanently truncated digestive system.

There is no universal, permanent, safe way to intentionally lose weight.