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What I Love About - Okumura Rin

So the new anime and rereading the manga has reminded me how much I love this precious half-demon. Now I’m sharing it with you.

  • From the very first chapter, it establishes how nice Rin is.
    • Seriously, throughout the entire series we see that Rin is nicer than most of the humans he comes across.
    • Makes you wonder who the real monsters are. (Always a good theme to explore.)
  • He likes helping people.
  • Most of the times he gets in trouble it’s because he’s trying to help someone.
    • It’s unfortunate that his dad and brother never took the time to explore why he was getting into fights.
  • Anyway, his greatest desire is to help others, whether human, animal, or, nowadays, even demon.
    • I seriously love this which is why I’ve mentioned it like three times.
  • His kindness is his most attractive feature.
  • I love his stubbornness and his determination.
    • Trying to get him to change his mind is like trying to move a brick wall when you don’t have super strength.
    • How many times have we seen him say he’ll do something, people say he can’t do it, and then he does it anyway and it freaking works?
    • When he says something he freaking does it.
  • Rin keeps his promises.
    • Even with the situation with Shima, technically everything worked out like he said it would.
    • Promises are important to him.
  • He doesn’t really seem to hate other people. I mean, he clearly dislikes several people *cough* Amaimon *cough*, but truly hate? I think Satan’s the closest recipient of that.
  • Rin loves with everything he has.
    • It’s amazing to see how much he loves.
    • He loves his dad Shiro, his brother Yukio, his friends, Shiemi, Shura.
    • He gives these people everything he has and more.
  • Rin cares for people and wants to protect them all.
  • I love his relationship with Kuro. They’re a good match for friends and training partners.
  • I also love his relationship with Shura. She’s like the big sister he never had.
  • Though it’s complicated, and definitely needs improvement, I also like how he acts with Yukio.
    • He clearly admires Yukio without feeling jealous.
    • I’m jealous of how he doesn’t get jealous.
  • I love his optimism. Given what he’s been through, he has every right to be down, but he generally doesn’t let it.
  • Rin does get thoughtful and down though. Remember when he was imprisoned in the Kyoto Arc?
    • Actually it’s times like that where I worry about his mental state. He’s been through a lot of crap, and no one is really paying attention to protecting him emotionally/mentally.
    • Give him more hugs.
  • Actually, his self-sacrificing nature is a double-edge sword.
    • How many times has he straight up told people that he’s fine with them attacking or killing him if it made them feel better?
    • Get a self-preservation instinct, Rin.
  • I love how he still remembers to try to have fun.
  • I like how Rin takes pride in his cooking and is so awesome at it.
  • Rin also doesn’t seem to mind when he had to dress like a girl.
    • Seriously, he was pretty chill about the whole thing.
  • He’s seriously cute. Always.
  • He’s actually the mature one of the Okumura Twins.
  • Considering everything, he’s handled stuff pretty well.
  • Rin is really good at handling emotions. Both his own and others.
    • He can connect with people by equating his experiences with others’.
    • He’s also good at accepting how others feel. I made a post already about how he just accepted it when he thought his friends hated him and he also accepted Shiemi’s rejection and handled it really well.
    • He made it clear that he was fine with just being friends.
  • He tries hard not to let others’ make the same mistakes he did. That’s one of the things that pisses him off.
  • He’s strong physically and mentally.
  • He believes in the best of people.
  • Rin is one of the biggest sweethearts ever.

I love him. There’s probably more, but I cannot articulate it fully right now. Just give my precious half-demon hugs and don’t kill him.

mark’s vlog was powerful.

in the way he spoke to us you could tell that he feels really strongly about this topic. he justified his points and gave us some really important reminders of things that i think we’re often forgetting in the grand scheme of things today. the moral of the vlog - you can disagree with or hate someone as much as you like, but you own every right to respect them. 

that really stuck with me and it’s made me reconsider a lot of things. mark was right in saying that every human has a right to be respected, regardless of opinion, race, age, religion, etc., because it’s true - respect is one of the most vital things needed in today’s society and unfortunately, it seems to be lacking, especially in light of recent events (eg. felix)

i’m happy to be following influential sources such as mark. he gives the right messages because he knows that people will follow and take his word for things, so he uses it for good. 

thank you for bringing this to light, mark. 

tbh….jason totally made the first move on piper. he was so the one to ask her out first. like. say she wasn’t feeling up to getting her emotions rattled again over someone she maybe couldn’t have, and was happy to just have jason as a friend if he was happy to have her as a friend. she was busy fitting in with her new sibs and preparing for this big, terrifying new quest on the horizon anyway–and he was probably nervous as fuck because oh god, what if i’ve missed my chance? what if she doesn’t care about me in that way anymore? but hey. when you’ve literally jumped off a cliff to save a girl before knowing you can fly, it’s maybe kind of the same risk to ask her if she still feels the same about you as when you first met? and jason has no idea what to say if piper says no, but really, they’re going to be friends despite the outcome. that much he knows. that much he trusts. 


In fact, I see him as his own person. He’s better than me in almost every way. It put me off at first, but once I got over that I learned and experienced a lot of new things since meeting him. 

It was something that crept up on me over time despite me believing we wouldn’t get along. I guess you could say it caught me by surprise since he turned out to be someone I really enjoy spending time with! It could have ended there, I would have been fine with that, you know? But lately I can’t seem to stop thinking about him…heh. Sometimes I have to hold back when I want to show him something that reminds me of him, otherwise I’d always be buggin’ him. Nobody wants that.

I mean, not to say I think about it constantly, but I always imagined going to a metal concert with him. Or a drive-in theater! He could pick the movie, I’m okay with anything–ALSO we could go to an aquarium or zoo, that’d be fun. You know what’d be awesome too? Paintballing! He’d probably kick my ass, but that’s cool. We could get fancy too and go to an art museum or a planetarium. Or an opera, heh. We don’t gotta spend money either, we could go stargazing, watch the sunset, walk on the beach, I’m game for those too. We could even stay home, play cards, board games, cook dinner together, marathon a favorite show–

Those people looked at the cover, but never bothered reading the book. As much as it confuses me, I can’t help what other people think. They’redumbanyway.

I ain’t worried about him being mad. Just disinterested.. I guess.

Alone // John Laurens

Era - Hamiltime

Plot - Y/N and John are best friends. He has to go off to war after he confesses his feelings for her, he gets shot and she goes to visit him, and to be continued . .
Prompts -

“i hate you. you’re everywhere, and i can’t escape you. I can’t go anywhere without being reminded of you.“

“Someone once told me that we fall in love with beauty.”

Warnings: A n g s t

Word Count: 2477


Your fingers trembled as you twiddled with your thumbs, failing to even do that while your fingers slipped past each other, the shaking becoming too uncontrollable.
Setting your heads steadily in your lap, you stared forward into what you called New York.

Ladies in fancy dresses, holding up their small parcels as they walked by their spouse or child.
Most of them were smiling as they passed all of the shoppes, the old dangly signs dripping with the aftermath of the heavy rain only about an hour before, it now turning into a light sprinkle.
A lot of the New Yorkers looked happy, like they forgot it was 1782.

Whereas you were a nervous wreck, sitting in one of the deserted, damp, benches on the sidelines, waiting for your best friend since first steps, John Laurens.
Silly you thought Yorktown was going to be his last stop, but it only got worse as he was assigned to go off to Combahee River.
You felt sudden tears prick your eyes at the thought of even letting his life slip through your fingers, but you quickly blinked them back as you felt a sudden weight on the other side of the bench.

You thought about moving to another destination, until you looked up to be face to face with a familiar , smiley , freckled someone. Trying to hide the fact that you were extremely nervous, a big smile was easily etched into your features.
And before you knew it, your arms were wrapped around John in a strong embrace. You were attached like a leech, but he didn’t get mad, and he didn’t flinch. You felt comforting arms wrap around your small frame a few seconds later, a chuckle following after. You felt the vibration of his chest, and you smiled even wider, knowing that as of now he was fine.
John knew what you were going through, and he always told you that it’s okay to be nervous, okay to cry, okay to be angry.

“Come on now , Y/N. There’s no need to worry, I’m right here.”
You felt his hand rub small circles on your back as he spoke, and almost immediately you felt your heartbeat steady, and your leg finally stopped shaking.

He pulled away from your tight embrace a couple of minutes after, holding both of your hands in his.

“Thank you, John. Listen, I know you’re going to be fine and I- I really believe in you. If you can survive Yorktown you can kick this wars ass!”
He let out a wholeheartedly laugh and pulled you up out of the rickety bench, “Let’s get the hell out of here. I can smell rich perfume from 20 miles away.”

You smiled at his humor and stumbled with a small squeak as you felt him pull at you when he started to run, dragging you along the streets of New York.
You giggled and quickly lifted up the bottom of your dress so it wouldn’t drag in the puddles leftover from the rain earlier.
For once in a couple of weeks you felt joyful, giggling as John dragged you along. You blinked away the raindrops that pulled at your eyelashes from the sprinkling rain and pushed a few strands of hair behind your ear.

“John! Slow down will you! You know I can’t run in this!” You motioned to your heels and dress that reached almost the bottom of your ankles.

“What?” He stopped dead in his tracks and turned over to look at you, of course causing you to crash into him, sending you both to the ground as you still held a powerful amount of momentum from where he was dragging you around.
Not only a few seconds later did you feel yourself come in contact with John, as he was your cushion since he fell first, but you also felt the mushy, wet, feeling of dark brown mud splatter over the both of you.

Your mouth hung agape as you looked down to examine yourself. There were specks and splashes of mud all over your dress and even some in your hair. On the bright side, Johns whole back was covered in it.

Damn rain.

You wanted to be mad at him, but then you made a note to self that he was going off to war tomorrow. And you didn’t want your last words to him to be something out of anger before he took a path towards danger.

Johns eyes widened as he waited for you to express your anger, but only a laugh came out of you which lightened his mood by a billion. You were usually angry at things like this but you weren’t going to let that ruin your mood today.

He grunted as you pushed down on his chest, practically doing a push-up on him just so you could get up and out of the mud.
“John, I don’t plan on staying in this mess forever. Let’s go clean up at my place,” you pulled on his arm as an attempt to pull him up, but instead your foot slipped out from under you and you nearly fell. Again.

John tried to suppress his laugh with a hand over his mouth; and his face as red as a cherry.
Only after about two minutes of you impatiently waiting for him to finish his laughing session, he finally pushed himself up and gripped onto your waist for comfort.
The mud splotched on you finally started to dry, and brown crackly dirt was starting to form, which made you grimace.

“As I said, my place?”


You brought the back of your hand across your semi-sweaty forehead as you finally scrubbed off the last bit of mud on your leg.

Of course a bath was optional, but you wanted to spend every second you had to spare with John while he was still there, you did this every time you went off to war so it was a natural occurrence.
The sun was already setting and you dreaded having to wake up with no one there but yourself.
On the other hand, you and John were best friends, so it would be okay to sleep in the same bed? Right?

A sudden knock on the old, wooden, washroom door snapped you out of your thoughts.
“You done in there, I could have sworn 20 years of my life just passed by while waiting for you!”
Even over all the playful yelling you could still hear the tiredness laced in his words.

You rolled your eyes playfully and snatched your neatly folded nightgown you set off to the side. Putting it on, you opened the door to find John stumbling over his feet, about to fall again when he finally gripped into the doorframe to regain his balance.

“This is why you don’t lean on doors, dumbass.”

He blew a few stray strands of hair out of his face with a grin, “That’s not very ladylike of you Y/N.”

“Yeah whatever,” you chuckled and slipped past him towards your smallish bed, slipping under the covers and patiently waiting for him to join you.
Eventually he did, well, more like pounced on the bed rather than just getting in.
He was always your favorite when it came to being playful, even in a serious situation.

You grunted, feeling the cushion bounce up and down from the sudden impact, and an arm slip around your waist a few seconds after.

Scooting down so you were finally laying, you turned over to look at Johns freckles face one more tie before it was goodbye for a couple of weeks.
He must have also blown out the candle before you could get to it, because now all you seen were the darkness of his features, only illuminated by the moonlight.

“This day has gone by quick, hasn’t it? They always seem to.” You chuckled once more as you spoke, but all you got in response was a nod.
You suppressed a sad smile, not even sure if you were trying to comfort yourself or John.

Only a few minutes passed and you felt your eyelids droop in exhaust. But that’s when he decided to speak.

“Hey, Y/N? Can I tell you something?”

“Uh huh,” you mumbled shortly after.

“I love you, a lot. I just want to let you know that. This is a bad time but, you mean the world to me and I- I think I should finally just let it out.”

Even though you were half asleep, your heart fluttered and you felt something you’ve never felt before.
“I love you too. .”
And with that, you were asleep.


About a week had past. A week since that dreadful morning when you woke up and he was gone, just like you predicted.

You sat at the table, picking at the small bits of chipped wood. Silence filled up the whole house, the only sounds coming from the crackling fire in the fireplace.
You wanted to desperately send John a letter. To see if he was doing well, when he would be back, etc. But you highly doubted that it would send through, even if it did it would probably be tossed.
The ‘I love you’s the both of you exchanged played in your mind as you wish you could live that night in repeat.

A rapid knock at your door interrupted your thoughts as you jumped from the sudden noise.
“Who would be knocking at my door at this time?” You grumbled and stood up, the chair scuffing across the floorboards as you pushed it back to stand up.
You dusted your old dress as you sauntered over to the door, nervous as to what awaited you.
Standing on the other side were a couple of military officers, a bit of shock mixed with panic filled their expressions.

“You’re Miss L/N? Correct?”
You nodded after a few seconds of processing what was happening, “Yeah, that’s me. What’s going on?”

“I’m sorry to announce, but John Laurens has been shot. We’re not sure he has much more time to live.”

That’s the sentence you were always dreading to hear. Stinging tears immediately pricked your eyes, already threatening to fall. Your heartbeat sped up as every second passed.

“Take me there. Now.” You managed to choke out rather demandingly. Without a fight, the two men nodded and made their way back down the steps without another word, you following quickly behind.

You knew he shouldn’t have went, you knew you should have tried to stop him.
As the men lead the way towards the place where John was currently being held, you had nothing on your mind except how this would affect you, that he might die in any second. The rest of your mind fogged and you couldn’t get the panicking thoughts out of your head.

“Ma'am? Ma'am?” You snapped your head up to find yourself in an unfamiliar room. Dim lighting was the only thing illuminating the room as nurses were standing off to the side, discussing matters. Your heart practically shattered when you decided to stare straight ahead.

There he laid, John Laurens, your best friend since first steps. This time he didn’t have a smile on his face, all that filled his was pain. His hand was held at his side, covering a bullet wound. The crimson blood seeped through his fingers as they trembled. He was weak. You knew it.
He turned to look at you, a small smile etched in his features, he was trying his best to stay awake and smiling. For you.

You took a few shaky steps towards him, stopping beside the small bed they had sat him on. Crouching down and meeting eye level with him, you took in his features.
Messy hair tied up as it always was, face dotted with the most beautiful freckles, what’s not to love?
You felt a silent tear slowly roll down your cheek, “I’m so sorry John, this never should have happened,” you choked out through the couple of years now streaming down.

You jumped slightly at the contact of his hand on your face, wiping away the tear, the hand that wasn’t pressing on his wound.
He was so cold, you were going to lose him.

“Please, don’t cry. . I-” he took a moment to cough, which still broke your heart, “I’m sorry, I told you I’d never leave you alone. And you’re never going to be alone.”

You stared down at the cold concrete ground, a few more tears slipping out as your lip trembled, you couldn’t find the courage to let any words fall out.
You felt his cold hand come in contact with your cheek again. You slowly looked up, and he was smiling.
His breathing was getting slower by the second, it was almost unbearable to stand still.

“Someone once told me . . that we fall in love with beauty. .” It was almost a whisper when he said it. You were about to shush him, tell him to stop talking, and that everything would be fine. But he beat you to it.
His hand went limp and slowly descended from your cheek, and his breathing slowed enough to finally stop.

You felt something like you’ve never felt before. Panic, hurt, shock, etc.
He was gone. And all you could do was scream and cry, begging for him to come back as the nurses pulled you away.


6 months. That’s how long it had been since everything happened. Since ‘it’ happened.
Your long, flowing , yellow dress fluttering sightly in the breeze as you stood in front of a gravestone you haven’t visited since then.

’. John Laurens
Loving son and dear friend
1754 - 1782 ’

You promised that you wouldn’t let yourself cry, but of course promises were made to be broken.

“I hate you. you’re everywhere, and I can’t escape you. I can’t go anywhere without being reminded of you.” You choked out, crouching down in front of the headstone as you placed a variety of flowers on the damp dirt, which reminded you of the night you and John had together before he left.
But of course, you didn’t hate John. You could never. You were so lonely, but you were glad that he finally had peace, glad that you could stop worrying so much.

You leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on the cold headstone, not caring how many of germs were on there. Because it was Johns. Your John.

His words flooded back in your head the night of his death,
“I’m sorry, I told you I’d never leave you alone. And you’re never going to be alone.”

You soon felt a presence behind you, something you could never forget feeling.
Swiftly turning around, you observed the field behind you. But there was no one there.

Hello everybody it’s your friendly daily reminder that T’Challa supported the Accords that the leader of his country, his king, and his father had a hand in creating and is not acting as a sugar daddy for Steve Rogers.

Have a good one.


Someone has joined a new fandom <3 #YuriOnIce

✿ Yuuri the piglet <3 (name is misspelled in the picture, sorry)
✿ Yurio is very cute and reminds me a lot of Mello
✿ Victor is awesome and somewhat mysterious. I cannot say what he really wants (apart from the obvious ^^) but I really hope the series has a good ending or else =3 Also I think Victor is the one singing the intro song <3
✿ also Yuuri with his hair gelled back looks a lot like Phoenix Wright, and Victor even more like Miles Edgeworth *w* I don’t have any objections to that whatsoever xD

Vics and Yuuris shipping name sounds amazing as far as pronounciation goes, but spelling wise they win the award for the most ambiguous and misleading one in the world xD It can be spelled Victuuri, Viktuuri, Vikturi and Victuri, not counting all the typos. And to top it, the two last ones work for Yurio as well! Welcome to tag chaos, me XDD

My 10 favorites (related to Shamy) quotes from season 10 (so far):

10) AMY: “-Look, I know this experiment is a big step outside of your comfort zone. So why don’t we take being physical off the table and maybe later on, once we’re more settled in, we can revisit it.

SHELDON: -You’re really okay with that?

A: -I’ve never lived with someone, either. This is a lot for me, too.

S: -This is such a relief. Honestly, if it didn’t get you all worked up, I’d kiss you right now.” (10x04)

+  I like when the writers remind us that all this changes are new for Amy as well, and something I take is that Sheldon, although he had obviously thought of the “coital expectations”, had not said anything until Amy brought the subject. He might have been willing to go further, but she knew that wasn’t the time.

9) SHELDON: “-I have the feeling that she’s hiding something.


-Well, whatever it is, it’s troubling me. And I can’t eat, I can’t sleep… And don’t even ask about the consistency of my bowel movements.” (10x07)

+ Leaving aside the “bowel movements” thing, I find touching how much Sheldon worried about what happened to Amy. Maybe he even felt a little scared, given previous events. Poor thing.

8) SHELDON: “-Despite recent events, I do consider our experiment in cohabitation to have been positive.

AMY: -Are you saying you’d like to live with me?

S: -I’m open to the possibility.” (10x07)

+ Sheldon didn’t use the recent conflict to end the experiment there and then. He could do it, but he WANTS to live with Amy. He already knows that it will not be always a bed of roses, but also that Amy is worth it.

7) SHELDON: -“Yeah, we need to stop for magnets on the way home; this is going right on the fridge.”/ (To Bernadette) -“I have to say, it is nice to share this experience with someone who’s on the same journey.” (10x08)

+  I put these two sentences together because they both refer to Sheldon’s comparison of their experiment with making a baby, and how he feels so excited about it. Also, they show how attached to Amy he is. Considering the apartment their HOME, combining their genes, decorating the refrigerator with their “baby"’s pic… they are already starting a family.

6) SHELDON: “-I’m just contemplating Buridan’s donkey. 

AMY: -I understand. I’ll leave you be.” (10x07)

+ The entire scene justifies itself a longer analysis than this whole post, but I will summarize it in three points: 

. Amy understanding his refence, as the intellectual equal she always was.

. She supporting him with her words and actions. With a single gesture, she reaffirmed her feelings, but gave him the space to make his own decision. 

. Sheldon almost unconsciously following Amy. He already understood that changes aren’t always bad, and it is not worth risking losing Amy out of fear or comfort. She has flaws, there’s no sense in deny it, but she give him something that he can’t find nowhere else. They can live without each other, but they don’t want to do it anymore.

5) HOWARD: “-Do you love Amy?


RAJ:-Do you like living with her? 

S: -Yes!” (10x07)

+ We know Sheldon loves Amy, and he is enjoying living with her. I just loved the way he answered, without hesitation. He even raised his voice, like saying: “What are you asking me? Isn’t it obvious?”

4) SHELDON: “-Amy, you should know I was never really interested in seeing other women.” (10x05)

 + Again: I already knew that. Penny already knew that. I believe even Amy didn´t doubt about that. But, after all the things that Sheldon said and understood, about his past, about his feelings and his fears, he saw necessary to reaffirm this fact to Amy. And the tone he used… I melted. But he did not leave it there, he wanted to show her that he was speaking from his heart, and he did it.

3) SHELDON: “-Well, if you are so protective of the scientific method, perhaps we should use the next five weeks to finish what we started.

AMY: -Well, for science, maybe I will!

S: -For science, maybe you should!” (10x04)

+ Do I need to say more?? #ForScience!

2) AMY: “-Listen, you and I are gonna be sharing a bed. You know, this is uncharted territory for both of us. How are you feeling about that?

SHELDON: - Oh, excited, concerned, a little scared…” (10x04)

+ In addition to everything I wrote before, I liked Sheldon’s honesty voicing his feelings. I was waiting for him to say that he was scared or concerned, but, even though he said it, none of those were his first responses. It was “excited”. Several times, I felt that the writers intended to make us forget about the ring and Sheldon’s wishes to marry Amy, in order to hold over the engagement and stretch the story, all of that at expenses of a true progress in the relationship (I don’t know if I’m being clear). So I’m glad that this time Sheldon was not forced, nor pressured; that he is participating in this experiment willingly and admits to enjoy it.

1) SHELDON: “-You’ve lived with your significant other for some time; I would like this experiment to go well. Are there any insights you can share?” (10x04)

I just can’t help coming back to this quote. Even being a introduction to the “real scene,” it was this sentence that caught my attention and made me think: “He really wants to do this.” Even now I keep thinking about it. From the beginning, he decided not to try to sabotage the experiment, but to do everything he could to succeed, even if that included asking for advice. That’s why later was willing to forgive Amy, because he wants to make this cohabitation work. =)


SHELDON: “-I need to prepare her now to save her from pain down the road.


PENNY: -Honey, instead of worrying about pain you might cause in the future, how about trying to fix the pain you’re causing her right now?” (10x05)

+ I couldn’t leave it out of this. Even if this (honestly) wasn’t my favourite episode, and I did not agree with Sheldon’s way of thinking, I believe Penny’s sentence hit the spot; in fact, she was the voice of my thoughts. It was also this scene what led to Shamy’s talk and hug and everything (item 4), so I think it was important question and a deep moment.

Good Girl CH 8: One on One

“How was your first day of school?” His question seems innocent, and the longer I stare at him the more I believe that is actually is. I think back to what Suho told me in the office about how I can talk to them as a friend and give Luhan a small smile.

“It was weird being at a new school,” I pause for a second as I try to find the right words so I don’t come across as a bitch. “Meeting all these new people has reminded me how different I look.”

He frowns, “Did someone make fun of how you look?”

I shake my head, “No one said anything and even if they did Jihyo would have kicked their ass.”

“Watch your mouth young lady,” He says firmly.

“Sorry,” I mumble.

“I don’t like such dirty language coming from that pretty mouth of yours’. You are too beautiful for such words. Only sailors and gangsters say stuff like that.” It takes all of my will power not to point out that I’m pretty sure him and the rest of his friends are gangsters. “But other than that are the teachers good, do you like the classes you’re taking? None of them are too hard right?”

I laugh at his worries, “It’s only my first day, things are still kind of rocky but that’s what happens when you switch schools. I like the teachers, well as much as you can like a teacher, but the classes aren’t that bad.”

“If you have any trouble you let one of know, alright?” He strokes my head again.

“Yes, Oppa, thank you.” I nibble on my lips as I debate on if I should ask him anything. “Oppa, I won’t get in trouble if I ask you any questions will I?”

“Why would you get in trouble?”

“It’s just that I don’t know what questions are okay to ask and I just don’t want you guys to get mad at me for asking the wrong question,” I answer honestly.

“You can ask me anything you want,” He gives me a reassuring smile.

With a deep breath I ask, “What do you do?”

He laughs, like full on dying of laughter, “Is that all?”

I nod.

“Oh goodness little lamb, that is a very harmless question. I’m the head of the finical department of our companies.”

“What kind of companies do you guys have?”

He rests his arm on the back of the couch and begins playing with my curls, “We have all sorts of companies, from restaurants to clubs to big businesses that deal with consulting and distribution.”

“If you guys have so many successful businesses why are you guys in involved with…” I let my sentence trail off and I find myself looking out the window, unable to meet his eyes.

“The things we do outside of our companies are a family business. Most things we do don’t involve what you saw Friday night but some times we have to get our hands dirty and that isn’t something we struggle doing. All we usually do is supply and distribute what is asked for.” I find his openness with me comforting, despite what telling me about.

“Can I ask what happened the night in the club?”

He takes a deep breath as he thinks it over, “In the best way I can describe it is that someone shared something with someone else when it was not their business to do so. We had to confront that person but they weren’t alone and you know how the rest went.”

I nod, “Thank you for telling me Deer oppa.”

He smiles, “Call me Lulu oppa.”

I smile back and nod.

“Oh sweetheart!” Kris calls from the other room.

“I guess our time is up,” Lulu sighs, “I’m happy I was able to finally talk to you.”

“Me too!”

“You are so cute,” He coos as he leans in and kisses the top of my head before going back into the living room. I wait patiently for Kris. He comes into the room and grins like an idiot when he sees me waiting.

“How was talking with hyung?” He plops down where Lulu had been moments before with his legs stretched out in front of him and his arms laying across the back of the couch. He has already taken off his jacket and button up now only in a white t-shirt and dress pants.

“It was fun, I hadn’t really talk to him before hand. I haven’t talk to really any of you. But somehow…” My sentence trails off when he pulls me in close, snuggling me into his side.

“Somehow you wrapped us all around your pretty little fingers.” He picks up one of my hands and begins to play with my fingers. “You are just so small and cute and sweet and absolutely perfect.” I blush at his words.

“Lulu oppa told me you guys own a bunch of companies, what do you do there?” I look up at him; with my head resting on his shoulder I’m able to study his handsome face up close.

“I’m the production head.”

Kris and I continue our casual conversation, his warmth radiates off him , making me snuggle in closer, something he welcomes without question. He tells me more about his job and all the things he does, things I would never picture him doing. He seemed like the rich play boy type with dozens of different girls every night and partying constantly but the more I talk to him the more wrong I realize my idea of him was. Dimple peeks his head in when our time is up. Kris whines as he is forced to untangle himself from me, something I’m not to fond of either but don’t complain since Dimple comes in to take his place as my heater.

“Oh my, you are cold,” Dimple worries as he basically wraps himself around me, pulling me on to his lap. He cocoons the blanket around us, making feel warm and safe. “I’m sorry, this is our first time officially meeting and I trap you in a cocoon,” He mumbles awkwardly and he tries to move us back but I stop him and pull his arms back around me. I curl into a ball and rest my head against his chest.

“This is one of the best first meetings I’ve ever had,” I smile up at him.

The boy blushes, “I’m Lay, or you can call me Dimple if you still want to.”

“Lay,” I echo back, “I’m Jooyoung, and you can call me whatever, everyone seems to be coming up with nicknames.”

“Nice to meet you, Kitten,” He chuckles as he offers me one of his hands.

I laugh and shake his hand, “Same to you. Lay oppa, how old are you?”

“I’m 21, I’m still in university.”

“What are you studying?” I stare up at him.

“Hospitality, I’m planning on becoming head of the human resources department when I graduate.”

I nod, tracing little circles on his chest, “You seem like you’d be good at that.”

He chuckles, “Why is that?”

“Because you are a very warm person. You all are surprisingly warm once someone gets you too show your true selves but unless that happens the rest of them can look cold or mean. But you just look warm.”

Our time passes quickly after some conversations about school, Lay does what I thought was impossible and looked kind of scary when he had to literally hand me over to Puppy. The over excited boy sits down on the soft rug with me, curled around me like Lay was.

“We finally meet,” He beams at me.

“Yes we do Puppy oppa.”

He snickers, “Why a puppy?”

“Sorry, I came up with it when I was drunk so it just kind of made sense at the time, and now I don’t bother to question it.”

“Baekhyun, my name is Baekhyun, little girl.” He pronounces it slowly, as if I was a child.

“Well Baekhyun oppa, what do you want to talk about? Are you in school too?” I ask.

He nods, “I go to the same school as Lay hyung and Chen.”

“Chen?” I cock my head at him, making him laugh cutely.

“I think you call him Dino.”

I clap my hands together in realization, “Oh! Yea, that one, okay! What are you studying? Are you going to join the company as well?”

“Wow they sure told you a lot.”

“Do I already know too much?” I ask nervously. But Baekhyun is quick to calm my nerves, he starts rubbing my back soothingly.

“I didn’t mean to get you worried, I was just thinking out loud. My hyungs just aren’t the open book type. I can admit I have a big mouth, which is why I’m going to be in relations, I can talk a person’s ear off if they let me. I’m just surprised that they told you anything about themselves, here I thought they were just man handling you over here.” He continues to ramble on cutely, I sit back and watch him talk about his hyungs and dongseangs with affection. I don’t say much, just small things that encourage him to keep on talking but I don’t mind at all. His voice is beautiful. “Our time can’t be up yet!” Baekhyun whines as Chen comes into the room dressed in jeans and a t-shirt he some how looks as good as if he were in a hand made suit. “I didn’t get a chance to learn anything about our Joo!”

“Maybe if you would learn to keep your mouth shut, you wouldn’t have that problem, now scram, it’s my turn with the little lamb,” Chen shoos the boy out the door. He looks down at me, still huddled on the floor. “Hi,” He smiles down at me.

“Hi,” I echo back.

“You must be getting bored of all these repetitive conversations.”

I shake my head, “Everyone is so different, it keeps things interesting.” I pat the spot in front of me, “Sit down, tell me about yourself.”

“I would much rather hear about you, and you must be tired of listening to Baekhyun hyung talk for forever,” He says as he sits down in front of me with only a inch in between us, the most space I’ve gotten since this started.

“What would you like to know?”

“Everyone was talking about you and your friend, Jihyo I think, and how you become a completely different person with her. Tell me how you met and what you two do together.”

I find myself laughing at the thought of Jihyo, “We met in the 3rd grade, she had transferred from Seoul and she was the biggest brat I had ever met. She was bossy and mean and snobby. Ugh, I hated her.”

Now it’s his turn to laugh, “That was not what I was expecting, I thought you were best friends?”

“Oh we are, it just took us awhile. She was the stereotypical mean girl, still kind of is. But as time passed she wouldn’t be mean to me, if fact if any of the other kids were mean to me she would bully them right back. I was a really soft spoken child because of the way I was raised so having that person who would defend me was something I really needed. We grew up and got closer, even though we are on two very different levels.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Jihyo is the ideal rich Korean girl while I’m a mixed blood who couldn’t even afford to get lunch everyday. In fact Jihyo started having her maids pack extra food so she could share with me,” I smile at the memory. Chen is giving me a small encouraging smile, urging me to continue. “When we got older Jihyo had to transfer to your guys’ school so we weren’t able to spend as much time together but when we would we could raise some hell. She is a party animal, the crazy girl they write songs about, the heartbreaker, the trail blazer, she is awesome. And she is probably my only real friend.”

“Is that why you get so defensive when Kai makes jokes about her?”

I nod, “I know Jihyo has done a lot of things you wouldn’t want to share with your parents but it’s part of who she is. I don’t enjoy when slutty Jihyo comes out but she does what she wants, dates who she wants.”

He chuckles, “Do I hear a little bitterness?” I hang my head, “Let me guess, she stole a boyfriend or a crush.”

I nod.

“Aw, those are interesting friends to have.”

“She hit on Kitty today and he denied her, is it bad that I kind of enjoyed it?”

He shakes his head, “People like that need to be put in their place every now and then to keep them grounded.”

“You are so wise.”

“Thank you little lamb.” He places a hesitant hand on my knee.

“You are the only one who is afraid to touch me, you and Owl actually.”

He takes his hand away, a blush spreads across his cheeks, “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize, I’m just already use to those boys out there who will pick me up without a question.”

“We talked about how we should get your permission to touch you.”

I scoff, “When it comes to casual touching, you don’t have to ask me Oppa.”

He smiles down at his lap and nods.

“Joo-ya!” Elf calls out as he runs up the stairs.

“I guess my time is up,” Chen pouts cutely. I smile at his cuteness and find myself leaning in and placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you for listening.” He grins like an idiot before scrambling out of the room. I look up to find Elf staring down at me.

“Why are you so cute for everyone else?” He pouts as he flops on to the ground on his back. I scoot closer to him, placing his head in my lap and give him one of my best smiles.

“Am I being cute enough?” I coo down at him. His face flushes and he quickly rolls on to his side. I don’t hesitate when I start playing with his hair, I figured it would be relaxing for the both of us. “How was school today?”

“I should be asking you that since you just started, your day was probably more interesting then mine,” His deep voice rumbles.

“I asked first.”

He smiles up at me, “It was pretty fun actually with you there, though I wasn’t able to see you much. I have to get Suho hyung to switch my lunch so we can at least see each other there, I can’t believe he put you in a different lunch than all of us.”

“I think he did it so I could see my friends without someone starting a fight.”

“Do you really think we would start a fight?”

I raise my brow at him, “Are you saying you wouldn’t?”

“Well maybe if those guys weren’t so clingy there wouldn’t be a problem,” He huffs crossing his arms over his chest.

“Those guys are your friends, remember?”


“I’m sorry I made things complicated with them, they say good things about you guys,” I kind of lie.

He cocks and eyebrow at me this time, “Really?”

I shrug, “In between warning me of how dangerous you guys are.”

“Do you think we’re dangerous?”

I pause as I consider his question, “You might be dangerous but I don’t feel like I’m in danger if that makes sense.”

He nods.

He tells me his name, Chanyeol, and a few other things about him. I feel like it’s a lie when Chen yells that time is up, I could talk to Channie for hours about nothing really. I sigh when he gets up from the floor, he kisses the top of my head on his way out. The wait for the next one seems longer than the others, mostly because all the others would bust in the moment they could. I curiously get on all fours and crawl over to the doorway, but just as I’m about to peek through Owl comes tumbling in barely landing on his feet. He looks down at me with those wide eyes, surprised to find me in such a position. I lean back on my heels and stare back up at him, waiting for him to say something.

“Hi Owl oppa,” I try after a minute of nothing. I shuffle closer to him, still on my knees and pull him down to the floor by his sleeve. For some reason I don’t feel any need to be hesitant with this boy, it’s as if I know he would let me do anything and get away with it. “Say something,” I poke him in the stomach, earning nothing but a small groan. “We don’t have that much time, you should say something,” I grab a hold of his hand and wiggle it around in front of him, “Anyone home?” I tease.

When he still does nothing I plop back on my butt and decide to wait for the time to be up. But I the more I stare at him the more I want to hear him say more than that one sentence he said to me earlier. His sweet honey voice echoes threw my head. “How much time do we have left?” I yell out to the waiting boys.

“Tired of him already?” Kris teases.

“One more minute Kitten!” Lay answers me.

“One more minute,” I repeat to Owl boy. But still nothing, I lean forward so our faces are only inches a part, my hands rest on his thighs, “At least tell me your name.” He blinks those big eyes at me. With a deep breath I decide to use the secret weapon Kitty gave to me, “Please tell me your name, Daddy.” It’s as if I flipped a switch, his eyes suddenly appear less innocent more lustful, and he isn’t an owl anymore he’s a…daddy.

“What was that baby girl?” His honey sweet voice asks, leaning closer. I watch his hands slowly take over mine, holding me in place.

I gulp under his hot gaze, “I asked your name.”

He chuckles, “But baby girl, you already know it. I’m daddy.”

“But I can’t call you that in front of other people,” I mumble, sitting back on my heels but he follows holding my hands tightly in his.

“Why not? Don’t you want to let them know whose baby you are?”

“Times up!” Panda yells.

“Kyungsoo,” Owl boy says quickly before he leans back to a normal sitting position when Panda comes in.

“Kyungsoo oppa,” I say making the now cute man smile, all traces of that sexy man gone. He is gone a moment later, I shift my attention to the new man.

“Panda oppa!” I automatically coo at the sight of him, my hand flies to my mouth, surprised by my reaction to him. He busts out in goofy grin. “I’m sorry that was weird. I don’t know where that came from.”

“That’s okay baby girl, I’m happy you’re excited to see me,” He plops down in front of me. His long legs rest on either side of me as he pulls me closer, he holds my head to his chest as his other arm wraps around my shoulders. I sigh, resting my weight against him as his hand begins stroking my hair. “I’m not use to such a warm welcome,” He comments.

“What do you mean?” I ask curiously.

“Most people tend to think I’m scary, or even frighteningly attractive but are still too freaked out to talk to me let alone smile when I come near them.”

“You are definitely not one of the scarier ones in the group, you are very cute to me. Maybe it’s because when we first met, you played that game with me.”

“Oh yea,” He chuckles, “You were very bad at it.”

“Ya! It’s was because I was drunk, I doubt you could do any better if you were drunk.”

“We will never know.”

“Do you not drink?” I wonder.

He shakes his head, “I drink but I don’t ever want to be around you drunk, I doubt I could control myself around you, especially when you’re dressed like this,” He leans back to give me a once over. He seems in a daze as his eyes scan me, he shakes whatever he’s thinking about out of his head before pulling me back to his chest. “Yea lets avoid that situation as much as possible, with any of the hyungs, especially Xiumin hyung. That man wants nothing more than to eat you up whenever he sees you.” I find myself nibbling on my lip at the thought of Kitty and our little incident from before, and my blood starts to boil again.

“Such a naughty Kitty,” I accidently say out loud.

“I never would have pegged you for dirty talk,” He teases.

“I don’t think I could do it,” I say honestly. “I’m pretty sure I would giggle or blush or something if I had to do actual dirty talk.”

“What does a little girl like you have to worry about talking dirty? That little mouth of yours’ shouldn’t say anything but sweet words.”

“Yes Panda oppa.”

“Good girl,” He kisses the top of my head. “But call my Tao or Taotao, okay?”

I nod. Tao tells me about his studies and how he is in the top 3% at school and he is the martial arts champion at our school, and how Sehun and Kai are our basketball all stars. I feel bad as he tries to explain all sort of things about the sports the other boys enjoy but sports are not something I’m good at so most of it goes over my head.

“I can’t wait for you to watch us play sometime, we can go to the gym since it’s going to be awhile before it gets warm.”

“I don’t really like watching sports, do you think I could try playing with you guys? I’m not very good but I figure if I have a couple of experts in my corner I could figure it out,” I smile.

“Oh god no, you could get hurt or something.”

I pout, “Than be gentle with me.” I don’t get the chance to hear his response when Kai barges in.

“Hyung out,” Kai demands, pulling me off the floor and back to the couch. Tao gives me one more smirk before leaving the room. Kai sits down on the couch with me like I was with Luhan, face to face.

“So bossy,” I tease.

“What did you talk about Kyungsoo hyung?” Kai asks curiously.

I shrug, “Nothing really, I barely got his name from him.”

“Kyungsoo Hyung is really weird when it comes to girls,” Kai explains for the older boy.

“You all seem to be. I heard you aren’t touchy people but I beg to differ.”

“We aren’t, not one bit, we can’t stand when people touch us.” I cock an eye brow at him as I watch his hand that is resting on the back of the couch play with my curls.

“How does sex work than?” I find myself wondering out loud. As soon as the words are out of my mouth my face begins to burn with embarrassment, Kai has never looked so amused.

“I could show you but you are different, I would want you to touch me,” He smirks at me.

“You know what I mean, stop teasing,” I swat at him.

“But it’s just so fun, but fine,” He has to stop for a second to get all the laughs out. “We usually end up using restraints or just holding their hands with ours, depends on what we have handy.” I nod, my hands move on their own as I start rubbing my wrist, not liking the idea of being tied up. Kai notices and places his hands over mine, stopping the movement. “Like is said though, you are different, we want to touch you as much as we want you touch us. Understand?”

Again I nod.

“Now if you have any questions about sex, feel free to come to me for answers or demonstrations,” He winks at me.

“Sorry Kai but you are probably the last person I would come to,” I answer honestly.

“Why? Who would ask then?”

“Probably Kitty or Luhan or maybe Suho or Lay.”

Kai scoffs, “What makes them so special?”

“They are the type of people who would take it slow, and be able to control their urges.”

Kai grumbles something under his breath but doesn’t say anything else. The rest of our time is spent with me trying to convince him I don’t hate him and that he is just as attractive as Kitty and Luhan.

Sehun comes rushing in, grinning like a child, he drops to his knees in front of me and buries his face in my stomach, and his arms go around my waist. I laugh as he nuzzles my tummy, tickling me slightly.

“Sehun-ya that tickles, stop it!” I scold the younger boy who just does it more.

“You guys have fun,” Kai grumble as he leaves the room,  a deep frown on his face. I can’t focus on him for long with Sehun wiggling his way under my sweater and button up. His nose finds my bare stomach, he takes a deep breath, breathing me in.

“Sehun, what are you doing? Don’t smell me like that, I haven’t taken a shower today.”

“But Noona,” He whines looking up at me, “You smell so good. Like strawberries and vanilla.”

“Stop saying stuff like that.”

“I can’t help it, I just want burry myself in you right now.” I don’t know if he meant that the way I took it but a blush spreads across my cheeks and I quickly pull my shirt back down making Sehun whine.

“You can’t just say stuff like that.”

He huffs, “But you smell so good and you are just so warm!” He tries to sneak up my shirt again.

Oh boy.

Okay since I gone and went triggered people guess I have to go and explain my message to the foggy, close-minded people that are yelling at me (I even got a death threat! I feel so special ❤️). I am not supporting child molesters and their actions. I am not supporting the pedophiles that go and harm children. I am supporting that untouched group of pedophiles who are not in your watch lists and new stories. I am supporting that struggling group of people feared that if they tell someone about what they were born with, everyone will hate them and be ridiculed for existing. I am supporting the group whom your hatful words are aimed against sounding just like those soccer moms that told you all gay’s will burn in hell. What if I told you, you remind me a lot of those white supremacists you so despise that say “He’s black so he’ll steal something eventually. It’s what they do.”

I support a group of little kids that grow up finding out that the age of who the crush on does not change and no matter how hard they try, it’ll never change. And if you say “They should burn in hell.” Or “There is therapy for that.” Would you be taken aback if I told you sound a lot like those anti-gay white men that thought they knew how minds and desires work with you’re born.

I support a group that when I was little I thought actually meant child molester and if my mother didn’t bless me with a kind and open heart and a laptop to look up the real definition of pedophile, I would’ve had the wrong definition my entire life. A person struggling to keep their urges in knowing if he lets anyone know of, if he falls out of line, he would be ruined.

Would you be surprised if I told you a child molester and a pedophile are two different things and have different definitions. What if I told you that teen who’s struggling with his “cursed desire” that you just told to “kill himself”, took your advice and his family and friends who loved him for his own will never get to see him again. What if I told you that that shoe is on the other foot, that you are the closed-minded bully who believes so much in what they were raised with that you stick to it true and make it your passion. What if I told you, dear reader, you are the villain in a story that ends just like that news story of that gay kid that committed suicide because someone told him what we was born with makes him worthy to die and burn in hell.

I don’t want to have to repeat himself to anyone getting mad because of what I believe, if you want to say something to me refer back to this message, that’s all I have to say to you. Send me all the hate mail you want, this post is all I have to say to you. Good day.

riverdale drinking game: take a shot every time

  • token gay character says or does something that serves no purpose other than to remind the audience that he is gay
  • queerbaiting 
  • someone fawns over archie 
  • a minor character is cast with an ethnic minority actor so the show can claim diversity without compromising its ragtag group of upper-middle class white kids (disclaimer: i know veronica isn’t technically white but i think it’s even worse that she still ‘passes’ as white because it’s like they didn’t want to fully commit to a non-white veronica…… if that makes sense)
  • a female character acts like a bitch because the writers can’t differentiate between writing a bitch and writing a strong female character
  • archie is half naked because abs 
  • jughead is weird and broody because source canon doesn’t matter, tropes must be filled at all costs 
  • a scene or character is a less well executed carbon copy of a scene or character from mtv’s scream 

I should have posted this weeks ago but i always forgot about it until i found the screenshots in my folder again lol

ok but anyway. i was watching Voltron’s new season and at this moment i was like “…..??? this reminds me of something or someone”

then i realised

he looks like the pretty korean guy from yuuri on ice

Okay, this isn’t really a sports anime crossover, but it’s still technically a crossover so I decided to post this here. 

So I was watching this new hip show Sakamoto desu ga?

And then there’s the glorious male lead SAKAMOTO.

Through out the first episode I was having this nagging feeling of familiarity on the back of my head. He totally reminds me of someone. But who?




And that’s when I remembered…



Sakamoto is actually Midorima and Takao’s love child

please tell me I’m not the only who thought of this

Mothership thinks I’m involved in some shady business deals, because last time I got drunk when I went to Nagoya I wrote myself a letter in which I told myself to “try to not overdose on the new pills”. Signed Kotori.

“I found this letter in your room while cleaning.. I’m worried.. Who is Kotori and what pills did he give you?”

Someone I made up out of boredom, some alter-ego, reminding me I was about to go on stronger medication.

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I just want to take a moment to thank you for the MLT universe. I've always been a fan of Boba Fett and your rendering of him as a man, husband, and father is masterful.

(2) I am lucky enough to be married to an active duty Marine and Boba reminds me of him SO much. I have heart twinges every time I read about him. Well done. Well done indeed. You have an enthusiastic new fan

Aww, thank you! He’s such a fascinating character to me, and if Disney screws up his spin-off movie I will light myself on fire. 

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I love – so much – that Stannis quote on the post I reblogged earlier, where he says “the High Septon would prattle at me of how all justice and goodness flowed from the Seven, but all I ever saw of either was made by men.” I’m not saying anything new here, but I guess I just want to remind everyone how that is so… powerful… that he affirms that only mankind can be just and good. He only believes in men, not gods. And justice is one thing, but goodness is a virtue Stannis hardly ever talks about. You wonder what acts he may have seen in the past that he judged to be good. And if he believes in it so much, surely someone must have shown him goodness, at least once, that he recognized and didn’t dismiss as something lesser. Anyway, I love & cherish the absolutely ginormous idealist streak running through Stannis which is sometimes so at odds with his square, pragmatic side.

I don’t get why you admire something as regular as the night sky,“ He states. 

I look at him, furrowing my eyebrows.

“What?” He asks.

“There’s nothing regular about the night,” I tell, “there’s always something different, because each time the sun sets, it’s at a different angle, making different sets of stars appear.”

“Is there a reason why you find that so fascinating?”

“It reminds me of someone,” I say, “Someone who wakes up differently everyday, and there’s always something new I get to learn about them.”

“Who?” He asks, actually confused.

“It’s you, silly, it’s always been you.

—  E. Grin // written.in.pen on instagram

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((ooh, well as long as youre askin for questions, i thought id share something i thought of while browsing yt! there's this youtuber/comedian i recently subscribed to named drew lynch and he has a stutter (that of course made me think of your space's dialogue), and he has a cute service dog named stella an that just made me think: what if space had an adorable little robot service dog? or just a regular ol robo doggo bc he deserves doggos uwu ))

            ask time. 

            hello !! yo, i love drew !! he’s an amazing comedian and his stutter, which is super cute, has always reminded me of space but i’m so ?? happy ?? that someone else thought of my space bab when they heard drew ?? ahhhHHH ?? and aww that would be !! adorable !! space doesn’t know much about any animals besides some photos so he’d be scared at first bc it’s new n unsual but !! he’d love it !! that’d be his little pal !! i’m crying !! he’d probably name it star or smth which is so cute i’m in love w/ this idea, bless u tbh !! <33