i never wanted any celebrities to ever actually follow me

whoa whoa whoa 105 followers

WHAT?! You guys are the BEST I tell you thank you so much💋 I literally never thought I would get that many so just wow, it truly means so much‼️

I’ll be doing Drabbles as a little celebration thing!! There really aren’t any rules other than you have to be following me, nooooo smut, and send me an ask of what you want your Drabble about:)

Not gonna lie I’ve never ever done these before, and I have a very loose understanding of what a Drabble actually is so bear with me❕

Okay so I’m just going to say thank you so much one more time and that I love you guys so much💟 if you ever need to talk or rant or literally just send funky emojis back and forth to cheer up, I’m always here!!!❤️

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