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Male Mc Mystic Messenger: ZEN Route Day 5: {Hour: 18:17}

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It takes a lot of guts to live alone in a place completely out of your element. But it helps to realize that everyone is the same, we all go through problems, we all fight, laugh, smile, make opinions, and et cetera. Still, “Geez” there was something about talking to ZEN, or to any of the RFA members, that made them feel different. Intimidating even. Maybe it was because he had never talked to them face to face or maybe it was because he was so confident in the chatroom that talking to them in real life would just be


Zack held the phone in his left hand loosely as he stared out the window of Rika’s apartment. It was starting to rain again and the water was lightly hitting the window pane. He had his headphones on listening to some calming music on repeat and thinking back to the past four days. He looked down at his phone to check the time. No wonder he was starting to get hunger pangs, it was nearly 6. He didn’t want to change out of his sweats so ordering takeout seemed nice. Oh, but could he? 

{Zack} Can I order takeout? 

[707]: Pfft why are you asking me? 

{Zack} Just wanted to get the OK 

[707]: Very good young one! Yes the master says you may order take out. 
[707]: Ah but make sure they only deliver it to the front desk and they contact you only on your phone. 

{Zack} Alright. Thanks for being so kind master 

[707]: ❤~❤

He unlocked his phone and order Thai food before going back to listening to his music. He leaned a pillow against the window near his bed and grabbed a book. He wasn’t too much of a reader but the weather, the music he had, and he atmosphere was perfect. He turned on his favorite lamp that let off a soft orange glow, almost like a flame, and opened the book when. 

Bzzt Bzzt 

RFA chat. He couldn’t ignore it even if he tried, he had to know what these interesting social links had to say. 

ZEN: Zack, you’re here ^^

     <: Hey, how was your coffee? 

ZEN>: Not as bitter today. 
ZEN>: You were right, the last chat did annoy me. 

      <: Yeah, figured. 

ZEN>: But I’m not too mad. I’m still in a good mood from today’s events. 

Jaehee Kang>: ???
Jaehee Kang>: What happened today? Is it your rehearsals? 

ZEN>: Well there is that. 
ZEN>: But~ 
ZEN>: I met the newest RFA member. 

Jaehee Kang>: What? 

ZEN>: He works at a coffee shop in the city near Sun Uni, I think that’s nearby. 

       <: Yes. 

ZEN>: Well anyways, I’m happy. 

Jaehee Kang>: And was he suspicious? 

ZEN>: Not at all ^_^

Jaehee Kang>: Good, I feel like I can finally rest easy. 

     <: Ya. 

ZEN>: Heh heh I feel special~❤ 
ZEN>: But… that commercial. 
ZEN>: Is Trust Fund crazy? I’m ALLERGIC to cats. 

Jaehee Kang>: I’m sure it was meant as a joke. 

     <: Mmngh 

Jaehee Kang>: What does that mean? 

     <: It means I’m not too sure. 

Jaehee Kang>: Let’s just pretend he’s not serious. 
Jaehee Kang>: Please.
Jaehee Kang>: I cannot take another cat project. 

     <: You got it rough. 

ZEN>: He’s just wasting money. 

     <: Wasteful or not it’s really up to you if you want to do that. But since you’re so allergic that even the mention of the forbidden word nearly throws you into an episode I take it that’s a no. 

ZEN>: Lol “forbidden word”
ZEN>: But yes, that’d be a definite N. O .

Jaehee Kang>: This is almost as ridiculous as the “find the world’s largest cat” event we had last year. 

     <: Please don’t tell me that was an RFA event… 

ZEN>: God no. 

     <: Wait, now that you mention it, I was rooming with a guy near your company. I heard about that. 
     <: I went just out of curiosity. 
     <: It was… interesting. 

Jaehee Kang>: The companies stocks went down for weeks ;;; 
Jaehee Kang>: As they always do when he wants to host those events. 

      <: Maybe he should just buy a DS and play Nintendo Catz and just play with virtual ones. 

Jaehee Kang>: DELETE!!!! 

     <: What? 

Jaehee Kang>: Don’t say that;;; 
Jaehee Kang>: I don’t even want to think about that 
Jaehee Kang>: He’d never leave his house….;;;;;; 

     <: Oh, haha!, sorry;

ZEN>: Bet that’s what Seven does. 
ZEN>: Takes care of a virtual Elizabeth. 

      <: Probably has his own cat simulator. 

ZEN>: Geez. 

Jaehee Kang>: Let’s not give Mr. Han any more ideas okay? ^^ 

     <: Yeah good idea. 

ZEN>: Do either of you like cats? 

Jaehee Kang>: Not really. I like animals but I don’t like them as pets. 

     <: I’m allergic and I like dogs. 

ZEN>: Oh that’s right! You said so before Zack. Heh we’re the same. 

    <: Except I won’t die if I see one. 

ZEN>: I won’t die, I’ll just sneeze all day. 

Jaehee Kang>: Enough about cats… 

ZEN>: Yeah lolol 
ZEN>: Instead let’s talk about my new role! lololololololol

     <: Ah hold on, my food is here.

Zack got up and stretched before putting a shirt on. He yawned and walked down the steps of the stairs. “Hmm?” He looked over his shoulder and felt a shudder go up his spine. Was someone watching him? He slowly looked forward and jogged down the steps. 

In the front lobby he paid for his food and felt another alarming shudder. He looked back and shook his head. Weird. 

“Sir?” The delivery girl looked at him. 

“Ah, sorry, here’s the bill.” He glanced behind him but saw nothing out of the ordinary. 

“Oh I don’t carry change, let’s just say it was just this amount.” She chuckled and gave him back some bills. “Enjoy your meal.” 

Zack nodded and took the elevator back up to the room. He was happy to be alone in it, hopefully it was safer. When the doors opened he cautiously peaked out before swiftly getting back into the apartment. 

     <: Um, sorry about that. Oh Jaehee left. 

ZEN>: yeah, I wanted to wait up for you. 
ZEN>: Food smell good? 

     <: Yeah I’m really hungry. 

Best to not talk about that strange feeling of being watched. He didn’t want to worry them. 

     <: Um, I’m too lazy to go back and read what ya’ll were talking about but, congratulations again for your new role. 

ZEN>: Heh, you really know what to say don’t you. 

     <: What? I dunno, I’m just saying what’s on my mind. 

ZEN>: Yeah. I like that thanks ^^ 
ZEN>: Let’s meet up soon, okay? 

     <: Sure. 

ZEN>: My schedule is hectic but I really, like seriously, want to sit down and talk with you. 

     <: You’re hyping me up too much. 

ZEN>: I’m not. I know it’ll be something I really need. 
ZEN>: Well, I gotta go. 
ZEN>: Have a good dinner! 

     <: Right. You have a good night. 

ZEN>: Bye bye

        ZEN has left the chatroom 

Something he really needs huh? Heh, silly. Don’t get…my hopes up like that… He leaned back with his food in his lap and read while listening to the soft rain falling against the window. 

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But why delete discontinued/abandoned fics? I mean many fics never ended but are still good, and even if they aren't finished they can be used as inspiration for readers and other writers. So it's kinda sad i know they get deleted

I’ll personally have to disagree with you on that one.

If authors want to leave their discontinued/abandoned fics on AO3 & other sites, that’s entirely up to them. They just won’t be archived on this blog.

Plus, do you know how many people complained when we didn’t delete them? Literally hundreds. We can’t win. People will complain either way, so we’re just gonna run the blog how we prefer.


In our bedroom (after the war)

A marriage is a private thing.

When Éponine gets out of the darkroom, there’s a message on her phone. She listens to it, spots of color dancing in front of her eyes as they adjust to the daylight: Combeferre’s voice washes over her, warm and steady, the bustling noise of a police station in the background. She grips it tighter, presses it against her ear, knuckles bone-white.

She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t been — what, expecting it?

There’s a stash of money locked away in the top drawer of his desk, meant for emergencies, and she counts the bills, counts them twice, and counts them again, just to be sure. It’s not because she’s shaking. It’s not. She grabs her bag, and a jacket, the nearest one without looking, before rushing out the door.

The streets are jammed as they always are at this hour, and the cab driver cranks up the radio for the news, when the car in front of them lurches to a sudden stop. What follows is a cacophony of angry honks, but it’s not loud enough to drown out the prattling voice of the anchor man, or the upbeat pop song that follows.

“Everything all right, Miss?” the driver asks. He’s staring at her through the rear view mirror. ”You’re not gonna be sick, are you?”

Her hands are not shaking, she is not shaking.

She isn’t.

“It’s green,” she says.

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Ask me about my favourite artist!

There are so many questionnaires out there for specific bands or just bands but never single artists, so I thought I’d make one. You can either replace the title with an artist you want questions about or let your followers pick when they message you. Hope you enjoy and feel free to delete this top part and/or add more questions!

  1. How long have you been a fan?
  2. Do you remember the first song of theirs you heard?
  3. What’s your favourite album(s)?
  4. What’s your favourite song(s)?
  5. Have you ever seen them live? (How often?)
  6. Have you ever met them?
  7. Do you have a favourite era of their career?
  8. Do you have their autograph or a photo with them?
  9. Is there a song or album of theirs you dislike?
  10. Do you own a lot of merch (like t-shirts, posters, ect.)?
  11. Are you a member of any forum about them or run a fansite?
  12. Do you own their music on CD/vinyl/ect?
  13. What do they or their music mean to you?
  14. Do you ship them with anyone?
  15. Have you got a crush on them?
  16. Are you interested in every aspect of their life and person or only the music?
  17. Would you pay 200$ for a front row ticket?
  18. Have you ever gone to another country to see them live?
  19. Do you get annoyed when other people don’t like them?
  20. Which artist do you want them to collaborate with?
  21. Are they underappreciated/unknown?
  22. Is there a song of them that everybody likes but you dislike?
  23. Do people think you are too obsessed with the artist?
  24. Do you preorder their new albums without having heard any music from it?
  25. How did you get into them?

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I really want to start writing a gafou fic but I'm scared cause I've actually never wrote one before and english isn't my first language and idk why but I'm kinda scared?

Hello! I don’t know if you mean your first gafou fic or your first fic ever, but either way, I absolutely feel you. We all start somewhere! :) If you feel you have a story to tell, and you want to put it into words, then you should. afterwards you can decide whether or not you want to publish it (if you have friends into the ship, you can always share it with them first to get their opinion and support, even while you’re working on it!) 

now, publishing it, that’s the scariest part. I’m not an english native speaker either, so I get it. for very small works I sometimes post without editing, but otherwise, it’s all about getting a beta. find one (maybe you have a native speaker friend who would be up to do it, or you can make a post asking for someone’s help) and you won’t have to worry about it anymore. it’s a bit intimidating at first, but trust me, particularly if you mention it, your beta will understand. if anything, most native speakers are admirative of people writing in english despite it’s not their first language! I’ve had a few betas over my two years of fanfiction writing, and most of them always said that to me when I expressed I was sorry for my ‘stupid’ mistakes. 

then I guess publishing it in itself is scary. what if people don’t like it? what if no one wants to read it? the thing is, there are always people who won’t like it, because we all have different tastes. but the other thing to really focus on, is that there will also always be people who will love it, and be it in Kudos and/or comment form, they will let you know! 

then, the more you’ll write, the better you’ll get at it! 

(if I have one advice to give about posting a fic, it’s that many people decide whether or not they’re going to read it from a quick look at how it looks. as in, if they see one big block of text or lots and lots of big paragraphs, they’re more likely to nope out of it and not even try reading it, even if the writing is alright. so, the advice is to let your text breathe. you can always take looks at other fics (one of mine if you want xD) as examples!) 

I hope this was at least a bit helpful? ;w; either way, good luck!! :D

I've completely revamped my idea for a Pokemon Coordinator game

The game starts out like a regular pokemon game: Young coordinator gets a chance at obtaining a rare starter pokemon. You would do the usual traveling of the land, catching and training pokemon, and battling. But instead of winning gym badges and facing the E4, you would win contest ribbons and participate in the Grand Festival.

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DiP: When will (list of Jewish, trans, intersex, and PoC users) just deactivate/stop/die off? They’re such an embarrassment. Let’s throw a party when they finally do!

Aphobes: Haha yeah!

Jewish, trans, intersex, and tumblr users of color: Wow most of those are Jewish/trans/intersex/PoC and it’s a real shit move to call for a party for us deactivating or shutting up.

Aphobes: OMG She’s trans, Jewish, afro-latinx and intersex like OMG THESE REACHES *while also calling the people on the list anti-semitic, racist, intersexist, and transphobic with no awareness*

A few intersex bloggers: Hm… wait… something doesn’t seem possible from the info she gave us… though I don’t feel comfortable bringing it up…

Aphobes, somehow finding their post: You know it’s really SHITTY to suspect somebody isn’t something when-

DiP: *turns out to be some perisex, white, non-Jewish (wasn’t she Christian? I can’t remember) AFAB person (again, I don’t know if she was a woman or NB though I wouldn’t be surprised if she called herself NB as a lie, but that’s one thing I don’t feel like disproving and either way, she wouldn’t get to talk about transmisogyny) and deletes*

People she harassed: Wow… I feel safer. And I knew something sounded off. I’m so glad she’s not gonna be harassing anyone anymore

Aphobes: Look at these cishet aces partying… it’s definitely because they don’t wanna be held accountable for their racism or believe Jewish people are Jewish… It shows they’ve never been vulnerable enough in a community to be hurt by this manipulation…

(Okay a bit exaggerated and paraphrased but they specifically joked about wanting people to deactivate or in some cases even DIE and then when one harasser deactivates and we’re happy it definitely means… we hate Jewish people. Of course.)

Deleted Lines- LLR

Sabrina: You know, your family tree should not be a straight line.


Jughead: So, when I get really upset I burst into flame. I can’t even do it on command. It’s the least useful superpower ever.


Katrina meets Jughead and Adam:

“Ooh! I want the brown haired one.”

“He’s taken, Kitty.”

“How about this one? He’s yummy, too.”

“You can’t have that one either.”

“Well, you can’t have both, Sabby. That’s just selfish.”


Jughead: I never stopped loving you, Betts. I just got very lost along the way.

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The url is fine or if you want you can shorten it to 13ryconfess to make it shorter I would be glad to walk you through how it works. It is normal to get rude ones I always delete them. I never accept confess who bash on actor or actress appearance or acting that is rude and don't let them rewrite over a confession either . I know all the things people might try to do. Just have to put rules up .

Hey! Thanks for the tips, please keep helping me with this project (is so yours how is mine)

The blog is active now: 13confessionswhy

Lucky Part 22

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing…I think that’s it

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10,
Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21

Here you go guys, 22. I’m sorry it took so long, but it’s here, as promised! Love you guys!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

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Going Away

So, now that finals are over, it’s time for me to reveal my plans. Hardly those of an evil mastermind, as some will tell you, but, hopefully something to help me find a bit of solace after all that’s gone on in these past couple of years.

It’s probably no secret that things have been a little rough for me; I was never one to suffer in silence. I’ve been going through a bit of spring cleaning time, trying to weed out what may be the problem. And while maybe this won’t exactly help, I’ve decided I need a fresh start on the internet as well.

I’m not leaving completely, just moving blogs. This one won’t be deleted either, because, really, apart of me will always stick with the whole ‘onebecamenone’ nonsense, but I think starting over would be best for me. I wanted to do it during summer, when things are calmer, and I’m less stressed. My last two finals were today, and overall, I think I ended this semester with a bang. 

It hasn’t been an easy semester, or past couple of years really, but I’m ready to try and move on. If anyone wants to search me out, you’re more than welcome to try, or to ask. I won’t keep my new blog a secret, but I’m not going to publicly advertise either.

I won’t say it’s been fun, or even remotely memorable, but it’s time to leave this behind and find something new.

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Päivitä blogiasi tai poista se.

“Update your blog or delete it”

Unfortunately I don’t have time to update my blog anymore. But I really don’t want to delete it either because there are posts that are still being visited, read and reblogged.

So it stays.

Thank you all for these years. It has been a blast and I’ve learned so much from my own home country.

Finland isn’t depressing. It never was. Despite that one week in April when I set up this blog.

My feelings after watching Frozen fever (for the 5th time) (longer than originally planned) (MAJOR SPOILERS! Or, more like “I wrote whole plot down there”)


And sorry, because elsanna is strong with this

Conjuring ice statues: this one is actually quite interesting, because it shows that Elsa’s powers doesn’t work like “hey, let’s make this particular thing”. It’s more like her powers work themselves, and she just tries to control them what, naturally, leaves room for her subconsciousness to slip, like portraying Anna’s sacrifice (honestly, I have no Idea why she would do it otherwise)

Elsa keeps wiping her nose with sleeve: I just wait until Kristoff makes a statement about “everyone does it”, and Anna is disgusted. And Elsa is 

Olaf eating cace: wait, he’s eating? how does he even digest it?

Kristoff: showing old truth that men are just big kids

Elsa appears in Anna’s bedroom: thank god it’s not a fanfic. Or “too bad”, maybe?
Also can we notice that she makes exackly the same entrance little Anna did in the firs movie?

Elsa:“Happy birthday” Anna (still sleeping, sings):”…to you…”: ok, at first it sounds cute and adorabe. Now, think about the fact that singing “Happy birthday” on their own was how both sisters used to spend their birthday.

Elsa sings: I know this melody. It’s life’s too short. IT’S LIFE’S TOO SHORT.

Elsa is totally not peeking while her sister changes clothes

“I don’t have cold. Besides…”: I couldn’t decide which one fits best, so i put them both:

“Cold never bothered me anyway”: yeah, cool, reference, but isn’t it ironical that the one of the few thing’s Elsa liked about her just failed her when needed most?

Elsa upgrades dresses: wait, are you sure all that was made of ice? Because, honestly, I see flowers there.

Elsa bought jevelery for her girlfr… i mean, sister of coure

“If someone want’s to hold me back, I’d like to see them try” <bacterias giggling in the background>

Rope elevator, Paintings room, riding bike: These references are pure joy and happiness.

Boat: Ok, could someone explain it to me? “Hey, i thougth that it would be cool to take you to that place you met Hans, isn’t it?”

Naked Oaken: Why.

Child choir: Is this the same choir that was going to sing “Spring Pageant”?  Considering deleted songs, creators couldn’t LET IT GO

Kristoff, the brave snowman hunter

Clock tower house: so, Elsa is either very sick… or Oaken’s medicine was heavily in use.

On top: So, Hans apparently would have an easy job staging an accident for her. And they say a little party never killed anyone

“Ok… I have a cold”: no Elsa, you are NOT allowed to make this face, you are killing us with cuteness.

“I Just wanted to give you one perfect birthday… but I ruined it.”: Elsa, stop. You are killing fandom with feelings now.

“Again”: Aaaaand that’s it. That’s the one word creators needed to show her character, attitude and way she feels right now.

Little snowmen: they instantly join celebration, probably because all Elsa wanted the moment she created them was to make this day special for Anna

Elsa sneezes: “Ow, that’s where they came from”

“I LOVE YOU BABE”: Anna:“Did he say it?” Kristoff:“Did I say it?”

There goes a cake: And Anna’s attention. Sorry, Kristoff.

Swen cuts cake with horns:Try cutting cake into such perfect pieces. He did it WITH HIS HORNS. This reindeer frightens me.

Hans: not-so-liked-by-horses-anymore of the Southern Isles

Ice castle: Kristoff and Marshmallow are my new BROTP. And, Kristoff is like “don’t judge me, I’m not even a father”

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So Candice liked a tweet to the two writers (where she was not even tagged) with screenshots of them wanting her killed off and one fan saying screenshots are forever nice try deleting the tweets. I'm so sad. I never wanted her to see that kind of hate towards her, but I don't think she wants to bait these kinds of sites either so she did want to know. Tweet CP some love and also tell your followers if they could.

Yes, everyone tweet her love! <3 

Originally posted by supagirl

And unfortunately, Candice is all too well aware of the bias against her. She could probably already tell with denofgeek from the way the reporter phrased the WA question. Just the difference in how they approach shipping with Danielle (”everyone asks about you hooking up with Barry!”) and Candice (”everyone wonders if you and Barry are siblings!”) gives them away. That’s why we need more diversity in the voices that report on our entertainment, just like we need diversity on and offscreen.

Countdown to Mockingjay: Day 46/100

Banner was made by the talented trish86!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the countdown and finding it useful. I hope you found some new stories/authors to read.

If you’d like to follow my countdown you can track the tags #mjcountdown and #mjcountdownffauthors. You can also find the list on my blog here: http://jhutchmyanchor.tumblr.com/countdowntomj.  HAPPY READING!

Author 179: everlarkcheesebuns

Story: Something’s Gotta Give

  • Status: In Progress
  • Type: Multi-Chapter
  • Rating: E
  • Canon/AU: AU
  • Warning/Trigger: None provided by author
  • Summary: This has to be a joke, right? Is this really my partner? I glance at my seat number to make sure it matches the one on the paper.  When I see it does, I look back at her.  I said I wasn’t going to fall for anyone here.  I have to stay focused. When I make the mistake of looking back into her eyes, I know that’s not going to happen. Damn, I’m fucked.
  • Why I chose this fic: Because if Peeta was my partner, I wouldn’t be able to focus on my work.

*Author has deleted works.


    Author 180: jenns_fiction

    Story: Aural Sex

    • Status: Complete
    • Type: One-Shot
    • Rating: E
    • Canon/AU: AU
    • Warning/Trigger: None provided by author
    • Summary: Katniss wants to give Peeta an earful that he’ll never forget. Turns out she’ll never forget it, either.
    • Why I chose this fic: If I was Katniss in this story I would be utterly mortified.


    Author 181: lilcogs

    Story: Fuck You, Peeta Mellark

    • Status: Complete
    • Type: One-Shot
    • Rating: T
    • Canon/AU: AU
    • Warning/Trigger: None provided by author
    • Why I chose this fic: I love how douchebag Peeta tries to redeem himself.


    Author 182: keeptheearthbelow

    Story: Local Flavor

    • Status: Complete
    • Type: One-Shot
    • Rating: G
    • Canon/AU: AU
    • Warning/Trigger: N/A
    • Summary: It’s a love song you sing with your mouth full.
    • Why I chose this fic: A fluffy Everlark one-shot filled with yummy pastries.

    anonymous asked:

    Sorry if I'm bothering you but I want some mikayuu cannon verse fluff where mika is like"bro I'm not human anymore" and then yu is like "ye but I'm not either so don't beat yourself up about stuff that you can't control" also Lowkey I apologize about the use of bro and ye in this

    Sweetheart you are never bothering me! I’m gonna try to make this one really fluffy.

    Sidenote: this is set sort of post series or just a time where it’s calm and Mika and Yuu can be cute with one another. Also my writing/spelling may not be good because my computer keeps randomly deleting words.

    Something was bother Mika. Yuu could feel his bed partner move and wiggle beside him seemingly trying to find a comfortable spot. He knew something had been bother the youth for a while. The way the blond withdrew from physical contact and almost out right avoided him made it obvious.

    “Mika.” The teen’s movements stopped.

    “Ah, sorry Yuu-chan. Did I wake you?”

    Yuu shook his head. “No, I’ve been up this whole time no thanks to you.”

    “My bad, Yuu-chan…”

    The dark haired teen turned on his side to face Mika’s back. “Enough about that.” He muttered. “What’s been bothering you lately?”

    Mika hummed. “Nothing for you to worry about.”

    Yuu poked his back. “Yes, it is. We’re family, Mika. Don’t forget that.”

    The blond sighed before turning over to face the teen. “Yuu-chan is so stubborn.”

    He rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever. So spill.”

    The vampire bit his lip looking nervous. “Yuu-chan…. I’m-I’m not human anymore. You get that right? I don’t fit into human society or vampire for that matter. Do… do you really want to be with a monster like me?”

    There was the rustling of sheets before a fist hit Mika on the head. “Stupid! Like that matters! I don’t care what you are! You’re still Mika! The one who read to the smaller children at night and helped Akane cook for! You’re still that Mika!”


    “And-And,” Yuu felt his cheeks flush, “you’re my Mika. And always will be.” He sat practically on top of Mika after his little speech. The blond beneath him stared in bewilderment. “Also I’m not entirely human my self or something like that. Asuramaru wasn’t that clear. So… don’t worry, okay? We can be freaks together.”

    Yuu felt strong arms pull him down flat against the other’s chest. “Yuu-chan is just to kind.”

    He snorted, wrapping his arms around the other’s neck and nuzzling his face into his neck. “Whatever you say.”

    For a moment all was silent till Mika spoke up. “But… that doesn’t mean I won’t repay you for that punch.”

    The teen felt hands on his sides and knew what was coming. “Wait, Mika sto-ahaha!”

    “Punishment time, Yuu-chan!”

    “Hahaha y-you bastard!”

    anonymous asked:

    Wait so people are mad that light skin/white passing biracial people are submitting?! How fucking dare we share our problems and stories on a blog that includes our type of people!! Why the fuck are we being scolded in a place that's supposed to be safe and comfortable for us? I get that darker mixed people have problems but we all do!! Don't shun us for speaking up JFC!

    No one was “scolding” you jfc how far is your head up your ass?

    People who ALSO belong here don’t feel like this is a place for them.

    Not everything is about your feelings.

    Here I am, a light skin person, telling you that this message is entirely unnecessary.

    If you are uncomfortable with how unheard voices(darker skin people) are getting a say in how a blog is run so it better suits them TOO, then you need to get out and examine your light skin or white passing privilege and don’t say a word until you realize how ridiculous you’re acting.

    As you clearly did not read, we get tons of messages that are basically the same “I’m white passing or light skin and am I mixed?” “No one accepts me because of my white or light skin am I mixed?” “ I really hate my white or light skin” (that last one is the worst) who the hell wants to read that over and over again but never read anything that relates to them? When something is repeated and something else is never said it seems like one exists and is truth and the other just isn’t there. No one wants to feel like that.

    THIS is me scolding you. You are whining because something is not about you. We’re not making you the priority. I don’t want to hear it and I’m sure others don’t either.

    Don’t send us messages like this. You will not be coddled and honestly I’m sick of this shit so I’ll probably delete it.

    Seriously unfollow or stick around and listen to the other mixed people with darker skin and learn from them. Try to problem solve instead of crying about something we never said.

    – Jay