i never want to make a flashing gif again

His brown orbs, filled with so much pain, regret, loss, and sorrow gazed into her own. She saw flashes of death, blood, tears, and love in his eyes.

All he wanted to do was make sure she was okay. He didn’t want to lose sight of her in fear of never being able to see her again. To feel her touch. To hear her voice. He was terrified of her seeing him the way he saw himself.

But all she wanted to do, as she held his face in her hand, was show him that it’s okay to not be okay.

She wanted to show him love. She wanted to hold his hand and help him find himself again. She wanted to prove to him that he can be forgiven. She wanted him to feel worthy enough of anything.

Because he deserved it. Oh he deserved so much more.

It brought tears to her eyes knowing that deep inside was just a guy who grew up way too fast. That all his life he’s had to be the one to make the hard decisions alone. That he’s felt alone for so long.

She never wanted to let him go. And in that moment, as his warm hands grasped around her for dear life, as his breathing became quivered, his eyes clenched shut, she witnessed his breaking point.

She held him tight as each sob wracked through his body. After each cry that was buried in her neck, she let him unleash the dam of sorrow he’s been holding onto for ages. She whispered in his ear letting him know that it’s okay to be this way. That it’s okay to not be perfect. That he was forgiven.

And he let her know that he loved her.


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