i never want to hear a screaming girl again

so i’ve become the girl who cries wolf and then finds a home inside of the wolf’s belly / i told everyone i hated you but every time, i was lying / i told everyone to unfriend you on all social media and deemed them bad friends if they didn’t / i told everyone at parties that you are a mean, vindictive person / the thing is, though, i really believed it at the time / i really thought when i punched you in the face and blocked your number, i could walk away from you and be alright / but in the morning, i texted you and apologized because i felt so bad / and in the end, i forgive you for the pain you’ve shed / i hate you / i love you / get away from me / come closer / i can’t stand the way you make me feel / i’ve never felt anything better / i told everyone i’d never go back to you but here i am again / it’s like every day is a screaming match with myself and i’m a sucker for dramatics / i can’t help it when you’re the only person who has ever made me feel wanted / i mean, sure, you’re doing it with three other girls but when you say you miss me, i still believe it / so yeah, people are so sick of hearing me cry about you and then hearing about me waking up in your bed / if i don’t even want the best for myself why should they want it for me instead / i don’t know, i just want to see the day where i stop screaming / i don’t know, i just want to see the day where i stop feeling
—  wolf girl
Benefits and Complications

Quick Info - Reader seizes an opportunity she never thought she’d have
Word Count - 1794
Warning - Smut, language, I realize this is probably not what would happen on the show but this isn’t the show, it’s my story. It could be continued. Maybe. I haven’t decided yet.

Benefits and Complications

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Sorry. He’s Busy Right Now.

Norman Reedus x Reader | 18+ Only | NSFW |

Summary: Reader meets Norman at a con and things get heated. I just, I had to. ;)


Your lips beamed the brightest smile you had worn in quite a while as you watched the man in front of you usher you down the hall, his hand in yours, as his eyes darted around the empty hallway. You stared up and giggled at him as his eyes shifted nervously around in the elevator as you rode together, side by side, to the 18th floor. You stared at the button as it lit up and your eyes darted over to the heavy metal doors as they opened. Your heart starts to race as you nervously think about what is to come next, your body was wildly on board for what was about to come next.

Norman pulled you down the 18th floor’s hallway, winding around a time or two, before finally reaching his room, number 1890. You rub your hands together and self-consciously look down, trying to calm your racing heart. It was like the first time you’d kissed someone, your heart was pounding and your breathing became heavy. It was the first time in a long time you had been with anyone, not to mention Norman Fucking Reedus!

You stare up into the dark doorway and you see his amazing silhouette in the shadows beyond the threshold, beckoning you with his arms open, to cross over into his heaven. You bite your lip, take a deep breath, and nearly run into the room. You instantly wrap your arms around him, now that you know it is just the two of you, and lean your body against his.

Norman catches you with a huff and a smile as you lay your head on his shoulder and look up into his eyes in complete loving wonder. Norman nudged his nose down to yours before walking you both backwards into the door, he used his right hand to lock the deadbolt and the chain, while his left arm wrapped firmly around your body, holding it to his. 

He didn’t stop there, he walked further and further back until your back pressed harshly against the wooden surface behind you as he pressed his body into yours, pinning you to the door with his hips. He removed the arm that was wrapped around you and put both his arms domineeringly up over your head as he pressed his core into yours and stared darkly into your eyes.

You stare up at him with innocent, yet wild eyes, as your breathing becomes heavier and you feel yourself getting the urge to put even more pressure onto your core because of his actions, you press your hips up into his harder, needing to find some relief to the way he was making you feel.

He grunts and rocks his core and clothed cock into your body a few times, causing your eyes to close and your mouth to moan out in praise, “Oh yeah…” You moaned quietly, as if only to yourself.

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Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Words Count: 1126

Warnings: Angst, Smut

A/N: Lately I write more Derek’s one-shot
I love him so.. lol
This is my first very smut, and I hope you like it.
So.. enjoy it!

If you want be tagged in my fics, just ask me!
Feedback is always appreciated **

“So you’ll help us?”
Scott is behind me, and continues to beg me to help him and his pack against the new Alpha.
Derek Hale.
Every time I hear his name, my mind is invaded by thousands of memories of him and me, when we were dating. We were young and naive; we had already organized our future together. We would have went to college, then we would have bought a house for living together, and maybe one day start a family. All this, before the fire at home Hale. After that tragedy Derek left Beacon Hills, without even saying goodbye. No call, no message. Not even a letter.
And then after all these years without being heard, he is returned. And everything changed. Now we know the existence of werewolves, hunters, and my brother Scott.. he’s a werewolf. And Derek is the Alpha now. And Scott needs help with him, so that he doesn’t something wrong with his pack.
“Scott, I don’t want to get into this mess. And I want nothing to do with Derek.”
“Y/n, I know. And I don’t ask you if the situation were not so serious. There’s something.. strange in the city. A new creature, and it’s not a werewolf.”
I snort. Beacon Hills is no longer the quiet town and normal that I knew. Now the problems haunt us.
I get up from my desk, placed in one of the school’s classrooms; after college, I felt too far from home, so I decided to teach in my school. I take my bag and jacket, and I head into the hallway, toward the parking lot.
I promise to myself to have nothing to do neither with the werewolves, nor with Derek. And I know that Scott is my brother, and I should help him, but.. I don’t want to suffer again.
Because I suffered, when Derek has forsaken me; I cried, day and night, I sought him, but it did not help. And after all this time I have started to live again, accepting the surrender. I never want to feel this way.
Scott and I head out into the parking lot, to retrieve my car and go home, when we both hear a female voice screaming the name of my brother.
“Hey Scott!”
Scott turns to see who is calling him, and so I do. All that I can see, however, is the black Camaro slowly stops not far from us, and the guy that’s driving. Derek.
At his side there is a girl, blond hair that glides softly on the shoulders, and lips covered with a dark lipstick.
She’s Erica, the girl that Derek has bitten, and that is now his Beta.
I feel something forming in my stomach, like a deep hole.
I try to remain unmoved at the scene in front of me when I see Derek turn his eyes towards me and Scoot. Although I can’t see his eyes because he wears sunglasses, I feel Derek’s gaze fixed on me. I know he can hear my heartbeat accelerated, but I also know that he can hear how much I’m mad at him. I look away from Derek and his Beta, and I look back Scott.
“I’m going home.”
“Yes.. I’m going to Stiles. And y/n, please. Think about what I told you.”

After stopping the car in the driveway, I wait in the car. Thoughts are too many, and I can not delete them from my mind. After his return, he sought me Derek; he wanted to apologize for leaving, and leaving me alone. I told him that he could leave again, and that I did not want to see.
I did well, I keep telling myself that day. I no longer fall for it in his games.
Nevertheless, all I do is think about Derek, since he returned to Beacon Hills.
Even if I try, he’s always in my head. He did not go away ever.
I take a deep breath, and I get off the machine. Entering the house, I notice there is no one; surely my brother is still with Stiles, while my mother is doing duty at the hospital.
Tired, I go up the stairs, until arriving at the door of my room. When I enter, I took a stroke, seeing a shadow move quickly into the room. Suddenly, I see a shadow step forward and coming toward me; as soon as I see him, the memories go up again to the surface.
“Derek.. what are you doing here?”
He tries to get close to me, but I raise a hand to him, which touches his stomach. His hand touches my face, but I run it right away from me.
“You have to go.”
“Don’t do it.. Please. Derek, go away.”
I turn around and try to open the door of my room, but Derek is behind me, and closes the door with a hand. His body touches mine, while I am stuck between the door and Derek. I feel his face closer and closer, and his lips brush my ear.
“I went away once already. I will not leave you alone.”
I breathe slowly; how can I believe his words, after what he did?
“You should’ve thought of that before.”
Suddenly I hear Derek’s hands travelling over my body, and stop on the button of my jeans. I know I should stop him, I know he shouldn’t even be here, in my room, so close to me, but if my mind wants Derek to go away, my body wants nothing more than to get closer to him, to hear his naked skin touching mine.
I can’t think of anything but Derek’s hand, which slowly comes into my panties, and touch my clit. A feeling of pleasure suddenly invades my body, while I feel the Derek’s erection rubbing on my ass.
“Damn y/n.. You’re so wet.”
He rubs his body with mine, and I hear him while he moans; I hate him, but god.. I love this moment so much. I missed Derek so much..
I start to cry, while I think of the hurt that he made me, while I moan with pleasure. One of his fingers enters inside of me, and then two. I cry, telling his name, and I feel my orgasm approaching.
“Derek, please..”
I don’t even know if my request to stop or continue. I just feel my head, and my body, exploding with pleasure, anger, remorse..
I come, echoing the Derek’s name.
I feel the Derek’s hand running on my body, while he leaves wet kisses on my neck.
“I still haven’t forgiven you.” I say breathlessly.
“I know. But this is a good way to begin to redeem myself, don’t you think?”

You miss me? (Redemption Series : part 2)

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She Knows -J.M. Part lll

Summary: With all the boys ignoring your calls and messages, you decide to go over to their house to figure out what Zach meant.  

Requested: Yes! Thank you to everyone who did!

Almost everything. 

What did he mean by almost everything? What was he keeping from you?

You: What do you mean ‘almost everything’?
You: Zach?
You:What didn’t you tell me Zach!

You kept sending Zach messages, seeing that he was reading them but decided not to respond. You thought about it before calling him, receiving no answer. 

You tried your hardest to reach any of the boys, but it seemed as if they all came to an agreement that not one of them would answer you. They probably did. 

Angry and in need for an answer, you walked towards your front door determined to get the answers you needed. 

After a 20 minute drive, you arrived at their house. You sat in your car, not ready to face them all just yet. 

If I leave now, I’ll never know what he meant. I have to know everything, I can’t go on like this. 

But… what if it breaks you? What if whatever Zach didn’t tell you was for the best?

“No. I have to know, I have to know the truth.” You opened the car door, taking in a deep breath of air and walked to the front door. 

Before you could open the door, it swung open. 

“I can’t fucking believe you! You keep saying you want her to forgive you but then you go and bring her over. I’m fucking sick of your bullshit Jonah! She hates us -” You heard Zach scream inside, your eyes when someone almost walked into you. 


You stare at Jonah, your heart breaking even more at the sight in front of you. 

“Jonah?” You whimpered, glancing at the girl behind him and then at their hands. You closed your eyes, refusing to cry in front of him. Everything was finally coming together, everything was making sense. 

“Wow.” That was the only thing that stood out to you, everything else would go as soon as it came. A million questions running through your mind and all you could say was, “Wow, this is fucking fantastic.” 

“(Y/N)-” You walk away, towards your car. You didn’t want to hear what he had to say, you just wanted to leave and never see him again.

“(Y/N)! Please, wait I ca-” Jonah ran after you, leaving behind a girl who was just as confused as you when you first saw them together. 

“Explain what, Jonah? That you’ve been lying to me this whole time?” Your voice was so calm, it scared him. He really wish you would just scream at him instead. 

“You don’t need to explain that, I already know that this was just a joke to you. I already know that you and jack had a bet going on this entire time.” You glanced behind Jonah, making eye contact with Jack. Seeing him standing there hurt you beyond explanation, he was like a brother to you.

“I thought I could trust you, I thought you cared about me!” You cried out, walking towards him. “I trusted you, I trusted all of you!” You yelled out, the pain evident in your voice. 

You looked behind Jack, Daniel and Corbyn standing in the middle of the hallway. Zach was trying to convince the mystery girl to leave, but she refused to leave without an answer. 

You stared at her, suddenly recognizing her from picture that Jonah showed you once. 

“Who’s that?” You asked as you saw a random girl on Jonah’s screen. 

“Huh?” Jonah looked worried for a second, but it soon faded. “Oh that’s my best friend from home, Cassie.”

“She’s very pretty, I’d love to meet her one day. Maybe we can be best friends too! Wouldn’t that be great, your best friend and girlfriend becoming best friends?” You smiled up at him, excited to meet someone from his hometown. 

“Uh, yeah. That’d be great.” He smiled down at you as you continued to talk about how cool it would be if he met your best friend. 

You didn’t notice the look of guilt on his face. 

“Oh god.” That’s it. That’s what broke you. You felt your knees give in, a sob racking through your body. 

“How could you be so stupid!” You cried out, scolding yourself for being so gullible. 

“He-” Zach tried to pull Cassie back inside, failing to do so. 

“Jonah… what’s going on?” You could hear her voice waver, she was putting everything together.

“Nothing, babe.” You stopped breathing, every noise that was once coming from you stopped. That was it, there was no going back now. No one could say you were taking everything out of proportion. 

“(Y/N)? Oh my god, (Y/N)! Breathe, (Y/N), breathe!” Daniel rushed to you, holding you up. You looked into his eyes and tried to control your breathing but you just couldn’t. Everything was spinning and you couldn’t control your breathing properly. 

“I can’t, I can’t breathe. Dan-” You couldn’t talk, it felt as if all the oxygen left your body. 

Suddenly, you felt someone’s lips on yours. You held your breath out of surprise, your eyes widening. 

“Get the fuck away from her!” You heard Jonah scream and suddenly Daniel was pushed away from you. 

You closed your eyes, finally being able to breath properly. 

“Don’t you eve-” Jonah’s hands balled into fist by his side, ready to fight the boy who tried to help you. 

“Leave him alone.” You whispered, crawling over to Daniel. “Leave… leave him alone.” You whimpered, cuddling into Daniel’s chest. You knew that you should be angry with him, but at the moment you just needed someone to hold you. 

Everyone just stared at you and Daniel, Daniel too focus on making sure you were okay to care. 

“Jonah?” You heard Cassie whisper as she stepped towards you. 

“How long?” You both whispered at the same time. 

Jonah stayed silent, afraid of telling you the truth but knowing that it’s what you deserved. “Our entire relationship…” 

Your heart broke. You didn’t know if he was talking to you, or her, but a part of you broke. Knowing he was capable of this hurt you. 

You slowly looked up, making eye contact with him. You quickly turned back into Daniel’s chest, sobbing. 18 months. His been in a relationship with both of you for 18 months. 

“Ho- how long is that? Jonah!” You heard her voice crack, knowing it was hurting her just as much as you hurt more. 

“A year and a half.” You whispered, burring your head deeper into Daniel’s chest. 

“Oh my… half of our relationship!” She yelled out, walking away from everybody. 

Tears continued to run down your face, Daniel stroking your hair. Something in you snapped, you felt empty. 

“Daniel, take me home.” You mumble as you stood up. You wiped your face, walking towards the car. 

“Baby-” Jonah reached for you but you stepped away.

“Don’t. Touch. Me.” You stared at him, wondering how can the devil be pulling you toward someone who looks so much like an angel when he smiles at you? 

“I never want to see you again, you ruined me in the worst way possible. You ruined love for me. I’ll never be able to feel the same way I felt with you because I’ll be to scared to fall in love again. I don’t know who I am anymore for crying out loud!” You felt yourself starting to break down again but you didn’t care, let him see how bad he hurt me. 

“I thought you were in it for the long run, but I guess it was all in my head. Even though you hurt me, I still love you! Can you see how fucked up that is! YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT ME BUT ALL I CAN DO IS LOVE YOU. Don’t touch me!” You slapped his hand away from you refusing to give in to the need of his touch. 

“The worst part is, I didn’t lose you because I never had you.” 

“I lost myself.” 

I love torturing myself while writing 

also if you couldn’t tell, that last bit was inspired from taylor swift’s intro/outro of the i knew you were trouble music video and I actually quoted a part of it  

Part II  Part I 

catphistopheles  asked:

Hey Ms. Bree, I kept hearing through wicca family members that things can come through mirrors and they need to be sealed to prevent this. I didn't believe it until the other day when my baby woke up screaming like never before, and when I went into the room there was a very tall shadow figure standing by the mirror in her room. Safe to say that scared the hell outta both of us! Do you have a way to seal a mirror? I don't want my baby girl to be scared again. D:

Hello again! Long time to see!

Mirrors are a pain in the ass for me too. Both of the mirrors in my room are sealed with a sigil.

It’s a letter glyph, formed from the most powerful magic words I know of.

Because Gandalf knew what the fuck he was on about when it came to bothersome nasties. The glyphs are reinforced with breath, will, spit, salt lines, and rosewater.

My post about sigilmaking can be found here, if you’re interested.

When you seal the mirror and cleanse the room, let the thing in there know that it’s dealing with an angry mother who is VERY unhappy about her baby being disturbed. Darling, if there is any creature or entity in all of creation that is universally feared, it is a royally pissed-off mother protecting her child. Show those claws. Flash those teeth. Let it know you’re not to be fooled with.

I also suggest hanging an herbal charm in Baby’s room for extra protection (just by the door is fine). A mix of caraway seed, cloves, basil, and peppermint should do the trick.

Why I Believe Rey is a Solo.

The reason I am mainly seeing to why people don’t believe she is a Solo is because they don’t understand why Han and Leia didn’t recognize Rey when they met her, so at the moment that’s the only point I’m directing.

My reply to this is always, they did.

They did recognize her.

This is the point where people go “No they didn’t??? And if they did, why didn’t they say something or act like it???”

But they did. You can see it in the way Han is amazed by how much she knows about the Millennium Falcon, or how he and Leia look at her when she isn’t paying attention. They look at her with unsure glances. How you would look at a high school friend that you hadn’t seen 10 years.

Or, how you would look at someone who you thought died years ago.

Yes, the reason they don’t recognize Rey or bring it up at all, is because they think she is dead.

Think about it, Han and Leia have two kids, and as we can see, they both have the force. It would only be logical for them to send both of them off to train with Luke, especially if the reason why they’re sending Ben off to train with Luke is because they’re scared that he has Vader in him. If Ben does, what if Rey does too? Might as well send her off as well just to be sure.

This theory also explains why Luke went into hiding.

Yes, sure. You could say that he went into hiding because he failed at training Ben. But. Get this.

Imagine, you’re Luke. Your sister sends to you her son, and her younger daughter. Most likely explaining that they were worried for Ben. So he trains them and the new ‘batch’ of Jedi, up until the point of the massacre.

Now, I believe that Kylo is just as strong and skilled as a lot of people do, but to kill all the training Jedi knights and younglings, is a bit of a stretch to me.

We’ve already been informed of this ‘Knights of Ren’ thing, but not what it is.

My theory is that he did the logical thing, and got a bunch of the Jedi to join him. Rightfully naming them, the Knights of Ren. Even if that is wrong, and they were just a bunch of people under Snoke, my theory still stands.

Anyways. Ben (now known as Kylo) kills all the Jedi. All but one. Rey. Because of course, how could he kill his sister? It’s even seen in her vision. She is lying there (as old her, but we can assume that it was really young her in the flashback) and one of the Knights of Ren, swings to kill her. When he is stabbed and she is saved, by a red lightsaber. Kylo’s lightsaber. Kylo.

He can’t kill her. She is his little sister. At this point, he isn’t strong enough in his hate or ‘darkness’. With roughly 10 years of training to be ‘evil’, he still killed his father with regret, how the heck could he kill his own little sister?

So he doesn’t. He convinces the other KoR either not to tell, or that he will kill her, and he goes off and secretly sets her on Jakku. He erases her memory and possibly gives her fake memories of her ‘parents’ leaving her on Jakku. That way he is assured that 1) She will ever be harmed. and 2) She will never be a problem.

No one knows of this but him. Luke, Leia, Han, even Snoke, all think that she is dead. And that is what pushes Luke over the edge.

Because of him, his sister lost two of the most, if not the most, important people in her life. Because he could not help Ben, his sisters kids are both gone. It makes more sense to me that he would run away because he is ashamed that he let this happen. That Leia will never be okay again. It is shame that drives him to be a hermit, not pain. We’ve seen Luke look straight into the eyes of pain. It’s not always an easy fight, but it would be easier than fighting off shame.

So when Han and Leia see Rey, it only makes sense why Han is so quick to take her under his wing. He see’s her, and he see’s the daughter he could of had if he hadn’t lost her. It explains why he looks at her with that “I know you. I swear, you are just like my daughter… But my daughter is dead.”

Not only that, but why they never bring her up. If your own daughter was murdered at the hand of your son, would you ever want to remember that? It also explains why they only talk about Ben oh so much (then again, killing a bunch of jedi usually does that)

It explains why Kylo screams “what girl?” when he hears that BB-8 escaped with a girl from Jakku, and why he is softer around her.

Another thing that came to mind when I was thinking of this, is what other people have been saying about how the lightsaber called to her. And it made me think of what Kylo says when they are about to fight. What starts the battle between Kylo and Finn.

He sees the lightsaber, and he screams “that lightsaber belongs to me”. After thinking about it, I realized something. That lightsaber is Anakin’s. Not Darth Vader. Anakin’s.

As J.J. Abrams says.

Kylo Ren idolizes Darth Vader, not Anakin Skywalker. He idolizes what Vader represents and what Vader was trying to do.

If he idolizes Darth Vader, and not Anakin, why the heck would he care so much for Anakin’s lightsaber?

Yes, you could say that it was because Darth Vader’s was destroyed or missing or whatever generally happened to it, so Anakin’s was the next best thing. But that just doesn’t make sense to me.

What does make sense, is that when they were training, Rey was given Luke’s (Anakin) lightsaber, because Luke decided that it was fit for her.

Now if you look at it through Ben’s point of view, he already feels angry and unloved from his parents, but now he isn’t even given the family lightsaber? He was the first born, shouldn’t that be his?

That theory also explains why when Rey touches it, she get’s her vision of that fateful night. (And why Kylo decided to make his own lightsaber.)

So when he is screaming “that lightsaber belongs to me!” he means it because he actually believes that it should be his.

In conclusion, I’m pretty dead set on Rey being a Solo.

Confident (Part 7)

Summary: Your best friend growing up was Sam Wilson but with his busy life as an Avenger and your life in the Air Force, you two never really got to spend much time together. That was until you applied to become the new War Machine after Col. James Rhodes retired. Now Sam won’t let you be and a new protective streak has started but will it end your friendship or only make things stronger? Bucky X Reader

A/N: Have fun? IDK.

Warnings: Swearing/Mention of rape and torture/Fluff at the end. I’m a wordy bitch.

Part 6

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

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AN: // I cried whilst writing this, and as I’m sure y’all are aware I very rarely write fanfiction and I never ever ever thought I’d be writing something like this, but I guess it just kinda wrote itself? I’m sad now. I tried to write this as a kinda “Hayley’s life flashes before her eyes as she lays dying” kinda thing because I kinda hope that’s what we’ll get? That we’ll get mini flashbacks of everything that we’ve seen happen

So what we know? Hayley is burned to death, Klaus tries to rescue her but is unable to because someone (we don’t know, though speculation is either Elijah or the new Margot character?)

shout out to @andromedatonks for proof reading this for me because writing fic doesn’t come naturally to me at all.

TW: fire, burning, death by fire?

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Part 6

“I think I’m going to throw up” you mumble under your breath. You quickly stood up and rushed out the door. You manage to make your way down the hallway before feeling the need to grab hold onto something for support. Pressing your body against the locker, you inhale bringing the phone to your ears.

“Baby please calm down and listen to me” his voice ringed through the phone. You weren’t sure if this was some sick dream or reality.  All you knew was that he still sounded the same as he did a year ago. You shut your eyes tightly and started crying. “Y/N, let me explain. Baby… Baby”

Maybe this was a dream?

You couldn’t wrap your mind around how calm he sounded. How could he be this calm after nearly a year of not speaking to you? After nearly a year of making you believe he was dead?

“Please calm down Y/N. Everything is okay, I promise. I’m okay baby.” he spoke again, softly. You nearly lost it. Everything is Okay? Was he fucking bluffing right now?

“Are you serious?” Your voice came out raspier than you expected “HOW!? How do I call down!? I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD JOON!” you screamed unable to contain your anger. You knew you’re action took him by surprise. You never yelled at Joon before. Or spoke to him in such a tone. Never. You were always the young innocent girl who was in love with him, and willing to behave just to get his approval and attention.

He paused for a second before taking a deep breath. His breathing was shaky but nowhere near compared to yours “Y/N-”

“You know what Joon? I don’t want to hear it- whatever you have to say… just don’t call me again” You knew you didn’t mean any of the words.

As you were about to hang up you heard a low sighs, which sounded like crying. You were unsure of what to do. You thought he never cried a day in his life. Not because he was heartless, but because he always gave off this strong, fearless aura.

You were taken back. “Please Y/N, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m a bad person, I should have called and told you I was fine. But I had my reasons. I’m sorry I left you thinking I was dead. It’s just- everything is really complicated.” He struggled to speak without his voice cracking. More tears ran down your cheeks “I swear baby, I did it thinking I was protecting you. I didn’t think it would hurt you this much. Forgive me” You stood there silent listening to him.

After what seemed like forever he spoke again “Y/N,If I don’t get your forgiveness, then life is worthless to me. That’s how much you mean to me” he whispers. You stood there frozen in the hallway. You were falling for every single word coming out of his mouth. “I-I …. Uh I can’t right now Joon. I’m sorry, this is too much. I need time to think” you struggled to say before hanging up on him. This was just too painful. You knew if you stayed on the phone another second you would forgive him with a snap of a finger. And that’s not what you want to do. You had to remind yourself no matter how much you loved him, you are still mad, and there is nothing he can say or do to earn your forgiveness that quick. You tighten your grip on your phone hoping it would prevent you from breaking out into tears.

It wasn’t long before you heard a deep husky voice call you from behind “Y/N”.

You knew it belonged to Yoongi.

But you felt weak to even turn your head. “Hey” he said getting closer.  As you turned around you felt your knees give out and you collapse into his arms “What happened? Is everything alright?” he asked, concern written across his face. You were crying so much that it was hard for you to breathe properly “Hey you need to stop crying. Take a deep breath.” he says in a soothing voice which only caused you to shake harder in his arms “I can’t!” you cried feeling like the world was closing in on you “I Can’t Yoongi-ah, make it stop” your voice was filled with pain. You squeeze his biceps tightly in need to release some pain away.

He held you close in his arms letting you do whatever to him. You pulled onto his sleeve nearly ripping it “Yoongi! He-He’s a- he’s….he’s a- alive!” More tears fell down your cheeks once those words escaped your mouth. “My-” you tried to speak but you couldn’t seem to get it out. He stared at you and for a second you wondered if that glister in his eyes were sadness or pity. You’ve seen this look before.

This wasn’t the first time you broke down in front of him. He’s seen this many times before during the summer, more than anyone who knew you for years. It was probably humiliating but you felt comfortable around Yoongi. During the summer you used to call him in the middle of the night drunk and in tears. You used to drag him out of bed and make him come get you from wherever you ended up that night. You used to give him the hardest times, yelling drunk out of your mind in the middle of the street, throwing up everywhere, refusing to tell him your address resulting in him having to book a hotel room for the both of you. Of course the next morning he would give you hell, yell at you and tell you how annoying and a mess you are. But what surprised you was that he never used it to his advantage. I guess that’s why you feel something for him. He’s been there for you when no else has. And he didn’t have to. You never promised him sex in return, he was doing it for another reason. It may have been for only a short time period. But in that time he’s done a lot to make you feel comfortable on your lowest days. More than anyone has in your whole lifetime.

You couldn’t stop crying the more you looked at him. How pathetic were you? To break down in front of a man who wants nothing else to do with you other than sex. He had to feel sorry for you. Why else would he be here? You were about to walk away to head to the bathroom or wherever to cry alone when all of a sudden he stops you by pressing his hands on your cheeks and leaning in to place his lips on yours. The kiss felt gentle and caring, yet so possessive. You needed this, even if you knew it meant nothing to him. You shut your eyes feeling his thumb firmly caress your cheeks as he interlocks his lips over yours “Breath. You’re going to pass out” he mumbles into the kiss

Your breathing slows down as he sucks on your lips. You feel strange butterflies in your stomach. After another peck he pulls away. The look in his eyes… it  was different than any look he’s ever given you. Much serious and threatening. As if he knew he had something to lose now. After a couple of minutes you spoke “Yoongi… he’s alive” you whisper trying to take in the words yourself. “Who?” he clears his throat.

“My boyfriend- my ex-boyfriend…he’s alive…”

His eyes on you.

“He just spoke with me…And apologized for not letting me know that he was alive this whole time” You tried to hold your tears in. “He said he did it to protect me.”

He remained silent listening to you. But this time he was staring at the floor instead of your eyes, unlike a couple of minutes ago.

“But you know what? I don’t care what his intentions were he still lied to me. He had no right to lie to me.” You spat out “If there is anything I hate, it’s liars. I prefer an honest guy who is may be an ass as opposed to one who can’t even be honest and fess up to his mistakes… He had me believing that he was dead for a year”

You noticed that he was avoiding your gaze. He diverted his eyes before clearing his throat “I’m pretty sure he has his reasons”.

“I don’t care.” You mumble.

It was silent for a good minute. You tried to collect yourself in that time. But it was just impossible. The man you loved, who you believed died was in fact alive this whole time. This whole time that you were hurting inside because of the loss. It was for no reason. For fucking sake, his death was the reason you started changing into the person you hate so much.  “I really don’t feel well.” you suddenly whispered trying to hold in your tears.  “Want to go to the nurse?”

You shake your head feeling helpless “She can’t heal my heart” You allowed your head to lean on his chest for support. His cologne brought you to a comforting place. Just you and him. Something that was probably all in your head. Since Yoongi already made it clear how uninterested he was of you.

You could feel his heart pounding. “Are you ok?” you ask wondering why his heart was beating so fast. “Let’s go to class” he said ignoring your question while stepping away.

“I’m not going. You go ahead” you say attempting to walk away. But his grip prevents you from doing that. “You’re going to class, you understand?” he says demandingly. “Excuses me?” you try to yank your arms out of his grip but fail.

“You need to take your classes seriously. Do you know how competitive this school is?” he says tugging your arm roughly “ Why are you taking that lightly? Do you know how lucky you are?” You shrugged your shoulders in annoyance wondering why he cares.

“Why do you even care? One second you tell me to fuck off and the next you’re playing the father role? Like I stopped caring about school a long time ago. I just don’t care about life anymore. I’m tired of everything. All I want is to run away from all my responsibilities and have fun.” You say annoyed at him.

“You can’t be serious right now“ he looks at you with disbelief.

“I am! Gosh, just stop acting like you care. You wanted me to fuck off earlier, right? Ok now I’m asking you to do the same” you yell. You knew it was unfair taking your anger out on him but you didn’t care.

You waited for him to say something but he didn’t.

“I wish I never changed” you mumbled to yourself but he heard and frowed his eyebrow in confusion. “I let others change me and get the best of me.” you said shaking your head in disappointment.


“Why did I change? I don’t know…”  You mumble turning your head away to hide your tears. “I didn’t take his death lightly…you know when I said I felt my world end with his I wasn’t joking. When he disappeared out of my life, my life went back to being hell. I had a perfect life back then but I was never happy. Meeting Joon made me forget the part I hated so much about my life. When he disappeared I was hurt, betrayed, lonely- I felt every bad emotion …and then I began rebelling and fell into the wrong crowd” You admitted

“That’s your excuse?” he scoffed. He looked at you in disbelief “Do you hear yourself. Do you know how spoiled you are? You have everything! Some people can’t even walk around in these scarfs you toss around your neck. Some people worry about their next meals or surviving a disease. But you’re worrying about some fucking guy who fucked you over?” you could sense the judgement in his tone.

“I never said I don’t have everything. And just because you have everything doesn’t mean you’re happy or living a fulfilling life.” You stated “And honestly are you in any position to talk? Your life is good too. You already have your career set, your in a band, you never have to worry about being in love because that’s not the life you guys probably want, especially not when you can have any fucking girl you want. And you wear designer clothes too. But do any of those things account for your worthiness or happiness?” You asked heated “I don’t think so, so quit judging me” you scoffed.

“Yes I am judging you! Because you need to hear yourself right now. You’re saying ‘oh i have a perfect life…but it’s just not perfect enough because my Oppa is not here with me’” he said mocking your voice.

“That’s not what I’m saying at all. Thanks for missing the point” you rolled your eyes.

“You’r having a fucking panic attack because some fucking dumbass who’s probably a dropout, left everything behind, including you, yet you still-“

“He’s not some guy. I don’t cry over any guy let’s make that clear. And don’t talk about him that way” You interrupted not understanding why he was getting so heated up for.

Did he just called him a dropout? When he in fact already graduated high school and enrolled into the military? You rolled your eyes at how rude he was being.

“oh please Y/N, you’re really gonna defend him. You’re behavior is just… ” his tone sounded patronizing as if he found all this hysterical like you were telling a joke.

“He’s my lover how do you expect me to react?” you ask scrunching your eyebrows. He was really pissing you off. He knew nothing about you or Joon. Why is he running his mouth and jumping to assumptions.

You notice his face turn expressionless.

Suddenly he grabs your chin and lifts it so that you’re eyes lock “Don’t speak about-“ he stops talking once he realizes what he’s saying. His eyes diverts away from yours. Suddenly at loss for words “I mean, I don’t like hearing complaining.. just stop” he quickly says letting go of your chin. You scrunch your eyebrows at the sudden change in his tone. But he is already walking away seeming done with this whole conversation.

Wtf was that?

He doesn’t bother to hold the door for you and enters allowing the door to slam on your face.

Once you walked into the noisy room you notice people coordinated by different Varsity Jackets. “Lily-Music department” the teacher hands her the White and red jacket and a slip of paper for her schedule. “Y/N- Triple Threat department. Good job!” she says handing you your schedule and the white and rose gold jacket. You felt everyone’s eyes on you and saw their surprised expressions.

“Wow!” Sara hugs you “You must have really impressed them yesterday”. You weakly nod not even listening to her “Are you ok Y/N? What happened?” she asks with concern. “I’ll tell you everything afterschool” You sit on the chair and enter a deep faze.

“Ok everyone gather around! So I can explain how this year will go!” the teacher said once everyone had received their jacket.

Bangtan had also received their white and rose gold varsity jackets. Apparently they already had it with them from last year.

Usually the way this school works is that students have to audition each year of high school to see if they remain in their previous department or if they change.

“So students, as you may already know I’m Ms. Chae. I take this school very seriously and I expect others to as well. Make sure to wear your Varsity jackets every day. This is your senior year. If you mess around this will be the worst year, but if you work hard and show your true colors then we should have a good year. This period is where you will split off into your department and receive homework to work on. For example, for theater students it will be memorizing scripts, and so on. 5th period will be where every student is required to explore another department as an elective, so Music students that would mean dance department, Theater students that would mean music department, and Triple Threat students that would mean the theater department. And 6th period is where performances will happen. Students are required to perform either every 2-3 week depending on how the pace is going. Failure to do so will result in grades.” She says and students raise their hand for questions.

“Yes, Lucy?” she calls on a girl

“So what are TT students required to do?”.

“4th period will be homework block for all students to practice what they will perform for 6th period. And for TT students it will consist of taking on different projects. Students must perform for all three of the fields somehow throughout the year. Sing/rap, act, and dance. Failure to do so will disqualify them from their title.” She says

The girl nods slowly “But the good thing about 5th period is that since TT students are required to take theater as an elective, that class will counts for acting so they shouldn’t worry on that part more on the singing/rapping and dancing part” she says and the girl smiles looking pleased by that answer.

The students finished asking questions and everyone seemed excited.

Except you.

You just weren’t there mentally. You didn’t pay attention, you were too concentrated on Joon. Your mind wandered to where he was, what he was doing, and if he had found another girl. You were deep in thought that you hadn’t noticed Yoongi whispering your name “Y/N” he says impatiently, you finally snap out of your day dream “Yeah?” you say looking his way weakly

“Fix your scarf” he groans irritated and your eyes widens. You quickly adjust the scarf. Jin must have saw because he was looking at your neck long after you had wrapped the scarf. You didn’t care what he thought at the moment. You were out of it to even give a fuck.

“Ok students for the last 15 minutes in class, we will get up and introduce ourselves to one another” Ms.Chae said. “Up!”.

Everyone got up and went around to say hi and start a conversation. You remain in your seat. You are surprised when you see Jin walking your way “Hello” he says. “I just came to speak with you. Y/N right?” he says and you nod unsure where he is heading with this conversation. “I don’t know who you are or what business you have with Yoongi but you need to stay away from a man who h-“

“Hyung!” Yoongi suddenly interrupts him placing his hands on his shoulder “I think Rap monster needs you” he says giving him a look. Jin turns around and walks away. Leaving you and Yoongi alone. Ms. Chae passed by so Yoongi had to play along. “Hi, I’m Yoongi. You can call me Suga” he says playing along. The teacher smiled at him before walking away. You scrunch your brows “Yoongi, I think he heard us yesterday” you say looking at Jin’s direction “Shhh. Don’t speak about stuff like that in public. And don’t worry about it, I’ll speak with him” he says.

“Did I get you in trouble?” you ask concerned. “Don’t worry, it’s nothing new. He’s practically use to it by now”

Strangely, he was actually acting considerate by dropping the case from earlier and trying not to upset you since he notices how down you feel. You gave him a small smile “thanks” you utter in a whisper. He looks at you.

“I’m thinking of so many things right now. Thank you for not making it worse.” you admit, breathing out. “Like what he was thinking when doing this, and if he was lonely and scared. Or if he still….loves me” you voice went to a whisper towards the end.

You bit your lips to prevent tears from falling down.

“You’re still in love with him?” he asks looking deep into your eyes.

You paused because of his question.

You weren’t sure anymore. You were confused between Joon and Yoongi.

You remain silent and he nods. “Whoever you love, make sure he’s able to put you first and make you his main priority rather than prevent you from living your life because of his. You shouldn’t let go of him then. Keep fighting for him. I wish you the best” he says in a monotone before walking away. You couldn’t believe he was giving you motivational words. Is he bipolar, wasn’t he just talking shit about him earlier?

For the rest of the day you wondered if he was purposefully ignoring you and avoiding your gaze Or if he was just tired and ready to go home.

When the bell rang you quickly grabbed your purse and walked out of the class wanting to get home as soon as possible.

As you started walking towards the exit you were approached by Jin. “Hey, I need to speak to you” he says. You stop walking but he walks ahead of you “Follow me” he says. What does he want now?

“Where do you know Yoongi from?” he pulls you to a corner away from people’s view “I think that you should ask him that” you say in a tone that clearly stated that you wanted to leave. “Stay away from him and stop trying to tempt him” he says in a serious tone. “He’s been through a lot because of you. Stop bringing drama into his life” You scrunch your eyebrows not understanding “How do you know me? How do you know anything about me to make such judgements?” you tried not to sound offended. “Oh please, you may have fooled the other members but I can see right through your games and it’s under that scarf you’re wearing. To be honest I don’t mind what your doing so long as it does not involve Yoongi. So if fun is what you’re looking for, find another guy. Now if you don’t mind I have to leave. Have a good day” He says walking away. Your mouth open and closed in shock. What has Yoongi told him?  

You must have been standing there speechless for a long time because you notice people looking at you as they walk past. “Y/N?” Yoongi says and you blink a couple of times before walking away from him. You didn’t care if that was rude or not. “Hey what’s wrong with you? I’m talking to you” he says. He turns you to face him and that’s when your tears fall “What the fuck is his problem?” you ask. You want to ask him why is Jin treating you this way, but you held it in. The expression on Yoongi’s face looked like he was trying to read you and see if anything was wrong. If you had found out anything just know. If Jin had told you anything that he didn’t want you to know.

“Just leave me alone” you mumbled

He remained silent for a second before walking away from you.

You enter your house without saying a word to your parents “Hey honey” your mom greeted you from the living room. She got off of your father’s lap and sat down beside him. You ignored her and walked up the stairs to your room. “Rough day I guess” you heard her mumble to your dad.

You threw your scarf across the room before jumping in bed. Not even care to take off your shoes.

It didn’t take you long to fall asleep.


You were dreaming about the night he told you that he was no longer going to run away from them.


You were deep in the dream when suddenly you heard your ringtone. You scrambled around the bed to find it. You picked it up without looking at the caller ID “Mh hello?” you said sounding sleepy. “Y/N can we talk now?” You were suddenly fully awake at the sound of his voice. “I want to explain myself better” he said sounding nervous.

You were on the phone for nearly 3 hours. You listened to what he had to say and you let him explain himself. “There is a lot you don’t know about me Y/N. My life is messy. I want to protect you from it.  I wish I could just leave you alone. But you know I love you. I’m selfish.” He said. You smiled hearing that.

“Tell me what are you hiding from?” You asked wanting answers. “I can’t tell you too much over this phone, who knows if they’re tracking it”

“But you said they think you’re dead?” you asked confused.

“You can never be sure Y/N. You have to be one step ahead remember that” he said.

“So what now? People were after you, you faked your death, they believe that you died. But yet you’re still hiding? Joon just dye your hair a different color and stop running away” You said knowing all too well he wouldn’t give in that easily.

“I wish it was that simple gorgeous. If only we all had pure and innocent lives like yours” he said. You frowned hearing those words. Little did he know how much you’ve changed in a year. “You’re so precious. You know that? I swear I will make you my wife one day” he sweet talked you and you felt guilty suddenly remembering Yoongi. And the feelings you’ve grown to have for him.

“I really want to see you” You said changing the subject.  “Maybe I’ll book you a flight to Japan for a week to spend with me” he says and you smile. “Don’t worry, I know how you are about these stuff, I’ll make sure to book you a separate room” he added reminding you so much of the girl you no longer are. You look down wondering what he’d think of you if he knew. “ I don’t mind” you quietly said “No, No baby I’m still the same man as before. Even though you are so damn gorgeous and perfect in every way… I have control” he says laughing. You used to feel shy and blush like a little girl having these sort of conversations with him. But now you don’t, instead you just feel guilty.

You talked for a couple of more minutes before hanging up. You felt much better after talking to him. But now you were replaced with different concerns.

You looked at your phone realizing that you received messages from Yoongi.

~Yoongi: We need to talk. |5:01 pm|

~Yoongi: ?? |5:40pm|

~Yoongi: Cool. I guess I wasted my time. |6:30pm|

You frowned reading his messages. You looked at the time and it was now 8 pm. SHIT.

You quickly called his phone. It took you to voicemail three times. You knew he was mad. Jumping out of bed you ran downstairs. Your parents were in their room since the living room was empty.

You slowly unlocked the door and walked out heading to bangtan’s house.

After 15 minutes you were standing in front of the house. You didn’t want to knock or ring the bell especially not at this time so you dialed Yoongi’s number again.

“What do you want? I’m eating” he sharply sneered. “Yoongi-ah I’m outside. It’s dark and scary, come down” you say in that sweet voice you usually used to cheer him up whenever he was pissed at you. “Why are you here? I don’t want to see you. Go back to ignoring my texts” he says hanging up. You jaw dropped for a moment. Did he just hang up on your face? So rude.  

~Y/N: I fell asleep early. I didn’t ignore you |8:24 pm|

After waiting 15 more minutes. You tried calling him again but it just went to voicemail. You gave up and decided to just leave him alone. You walked away from the building. “Heartless jerk!” You screamed to yourself. You suddenly felt hands behind you “HEY!!” it screamed as it grabbed your body “AHHHHHH!!!” You struggled to get out of his grip. You tried to kick him, but it had no effect on him. You felt your heart stop. Was this the day you were going to die?  You thought as you struggled to fight its grip. You knew it was a man, there was no way that could be a female.  You were usually strong but this guy’s strength was no defeat. He pressed your arms together tightly with one grip as he lifted your chin up “Who’s heartless?” he suddenly lets go of you and starts laughing. It took you a good second to recognize his voice. “Are you fucking serious!?” you screamed hitting his chest. You continued to hit him  “Are you for real!? Wtf is your problem? You lunatic” You yell pushing him away from you. He was laughing as if this was the funniest thing to him “You’re ugh…I’m going home” You yelled walking away.

“Chill, I needed a laugh especially with all of today’s drama” he said causing you to shooting him a look. But the darkness made it difficult to see. “I’m sorry that was fucked up” he apologized trying to contain his laughter. “When tf did you get this strong?” you mumble more to yourself with wide eyes. You’ve never thought he was the Dom type. His grip was honestly no joke. “I’ve always been… And I know what you’re thinking” You nearly choked on air. “I’m not thinking anything” you lied. Good thing it was dark or else he would have been able to tell by your red cheeks.

You guys stood there in awkwardness for a good minute before Yoongi broke the silence. “So, I’m guessing you haven’t eaten anything since you fell asleep early” he said.

Next thing, you end up in his car driving to this burger and shake place nearly 30 minutes away.

“Let’s go so you can order something” he says turning off his car. You suddenly gasped seeing the familiarity of the place. You didn’t know this place was renovated and still running. “Yoongi!! This is my favorite place, oh my god” you squealed shaking his arm playfully. The dining café was lively and gave off a club feel with its glowing lights. Only they played calm music and had beautiful decorations. “You know this place?” he asks surprised and you nodded “Me and my family and sister used to always come-“ you suddenly stopped talking once you realized you had to choose your words wisely to not rat yourself out “We just love ordering from here whenever we’re hungry” you said and he slowly nods “I didn’t know you have a sister” he says “Yeah she’s 2 years older and she’s studying abroad in America. You know? I told her about you” you said giggling. “ohh. What did you tell her?” he asks “Things” you say trying to be vague and tease him. “I hope it’s nothing absurd” he says and your eyes widens “No, of course not. But trust me nothing is absurd to her… if you think negatively about me you haven’t seen her yet. I’m angel compared” You say laughing,  trying to not directly call your own sister a whore.

“I don’t know if you would like her though? She’s very hot but not so conservative” you say laughing “Mhhh” he says sounding like he was thinking before getting out the car. You suddenly wonder what is his type because you weren’t conservative either. Yet he still hangs out with you.

You both entered the burger place. “I love going out with you. Because even though your boring af, you know all the interesting places in Daegu. Who figures” you teased him. The waitress passing by must have heard because she busted out laughing. Yoongi shot you a look as you were laughing. You turned your attention to the menu when suddenly you remembered the menu is in Daegu Satoori. Worded in a way that only Daegu speakers could understand.

Fuck. You had two options, you could just go ahead and order and have Yoongi realize you lied to him about being from Seoul, or you could play dumb. You suddenly regretted telling him you were from Seoul. “Hey, can you understand the menu?” he asks and you really wanted to tell him the truth but you knew he would be mad if he found out “I’m familiar with the menu by now but just in case, translate for me please” you said cutely wrapping your arm around his so that your chest was hugging his upper arm. He translated the menu for you and you nodded listening to his cute satori as he switched back and forth. “Ooo this sounds good” You said pointing to the menu “Wow this burger seems to hold itself together better than me” You said to him.

“Your girlfriend is really funny” the same waitress from earlier said. “Oh no I’m not his girlfriend” you say. Her eyes lands on your neck as she blushes “My apologies, I mean wife” she corrects herself before disappearing into the kitchen.

“I’m not his wife” you protested. But she was already gone.

“Are you ready to order?” he asks. “Order for me” you say not wanting to speak in satori in front of him.  You tell him what you want, which is practically everything. A tasty looking burger, fries, and a shake. “Are you getting anything?” You ask him once he tells the person what you want. He only orders a burger. “Get a shake” you tell him “No, I’m not really hungry” he says. “No, you have to. They’re yummy” you say ordering him one. The waiter just smiled listening to you. “I love you’re hair.” she says in satori and you thank her. “Have you ever thought about modeling?” she asks you and you look at Yoongi unsure what to do. “She’s too ugly” he says and you hit him. She laughs.  

When she finally rings everything up you reached for your purse but Yoongi quickly swiped his card. You just shoot him an annoyed look before grabbing the order card and walking towards the outdoor seating area.

“You shouldn’t have paid. You always pay” You said pouting at him. You felt bad, he paid nearly $40 for this overpriced place. “Just drop it” he says taking a seat. “So…you can order a shake in satori? And you understand compliments and insults” he asks amused with a hint of suspicion. You nod hoping he wouldn’t look too much into it. Turning your head to the side you looked at the night scenery and lights. There were people passing by and some seated at the other tables.

You noticed some were giving you dirty looks. You wondered why when you suddenly remember that you took off your scarf. Damn. You forgot. You didn’t mind their rude looks, but you noticed Yoongi and wondered if this was causing an embarrassment to him. You look down feeling bad when he suddenly stands up and comes to your side. Unwrapping his scarf from his neck, he gently wraps it around yours. You look up confused at him. Why was he suddenly acting so nice to you? “I’m fine, you wear it” you say but he ignores you and goes to sit down. “Why did you come out without your scarf?” he asks giving you a judging look. “I forgot” you look at his neck. It wasn’t as bad as yours but still noticeable. “You don’t mind their stares?” you ask and he looks towards them. They turn away. “Who fucking cares. How do they  think they came to this world?” he says. You couldn’t help but smile.

This is the Yoongi I found myself falling in love with during the summer.

When your number is called you run to grab the food. You hand him his burger and shake. Before stuffing your face with yours. You were starving. “Mhh oh my god” you moaned tasting the deliciousness. The taste always made up for the price. “This is my favorite burger place” he says eating his burger. “Its honestly so good. Taste mine” you say bringing your burger to his mouth. He refuses, continuing to bite his. “Just one bite” you insist and he gives in. It may have been very ‘highschool’ of you but you noticed how he didn’t bother to bite an untouched area. Instead he bit right where you bit off a couple of seconds ago. “It’s good” he says nodding in approval.

You guys eat in silence. “You want fries?” you ask handing him yours “No, trust me I was eating when you called. I’m full Y/N” he says. But you still feed him fries “Just a little”

You smile as he chews them. Your heart felt so fluffy.

“Why are so strange?” he asks looking away. It is moments like these where he was able to make you forget about all your worries and just be happy. He is so cute. “I don’t think you notice that when you talk or chew you do this pouting thing with your lips” You don’t think he knows how much effect it has on you.

“What about it?” he asks raising his brows. “That’s why I’m smiling at you.” you say.

He just continues to eat.

You continue looking at him “Do you prefer my hair long or short?” You suddenly ask and he looks at you.

“I don’t care to be honest” he says

“You must have a preference”

“I tend to like short hair on girls but I don’t care really” he says

“Ew. Never. I don’t even know why I asked but i can never cut my beautiful locks” you say making him grin a little

“Not everyone can rock certain hair lengths. But I don’t think it matters for you. You’re gorgeous so anything looks good” he mumbles

“What?” you ask unable to hear him

“I said stick to what you’re used to, not everyone can look good with short hair” he says and you roll your eyes playfully

“Oh please is that an insult? I can look good in anything” you say unpinning your hair from its bun. You began combing it with your fingers before bring it over your shoulders. You’re hair is really long, it come up to your waist.

You finished eating and both stood up to leave with your shakes. He headed towards his car but you stop him “Let’s walk on the bridge” you suggest.

The night seemed beautiful with the stars shining bright, glowing lights, and cool air. It felt good to be besides him. At that moment you couldn’t help but push Joon and all your problems away. You walked side by side in deep thoughts, looking at the water beneath you. You stopped walking and turned to look at Yoongi. You wish you could stay like this forever. His dreamy eyes fell on your lips and your eyes fell on his  before meeting each other’s eyes again. You felt his hand on your bare arm. You looked at him with hungry eyes “I missed this” you whispered. Without hesitating Yoongi leaned in and kissed you. Pressing your body against his you allow him to tangle his hands in your soft hair. Gently caressing your hair with his fingers you shut your eyes feeling his touch. He gathers your strands together and pulls them away from your face.  His tongue explores yours, and you feel  butterflies. His pecks are soft yet hungry. As he slowly pulls away you’re eyes lingers on his hand which still continues to caress your bare arm “Should we?” he whispers. As if those words don’t drive you over the edge, the way he looks you in the eyes makes you want to strip for him right then and there. “Y-yes” you whispered in his ears.

You knew this was a bad idea. Getting into this mess with him again was not smart. But your heart wasn’t listening to your mind.

“But promise me something first” he says looking into you’re eyes “No feelings attached, just pleasure”

You were listening.

“Im telling you this now because last time when you called me pathetic and a liar for leading you on, I have to be honest I wasn’t very clear and strict with the rules. So I want to make it as clear as possible. No kissing unless it’s during sex, no cuddling, no sleeping over, and in public we have to act like strangers. I know nothing about you and you know nothing about me if others asked. Please don’t fuck it up by bringing feelings into to this” he was speaking so gentle.

You slowly nodded still trying to process everything.

“Where’s the fun in it if everything is forbidden?” you frown “Can we at least sleepover?” you asked looking at him with puppy eyes

“No, just listen to me. No feelings, no expectations, just pleasure” he repeats as if you’re heart didn’t hear it loud and clear already.

“Ok fine. But promise me something too. You won’t be mad at me if one day I tell you I no longer can do this with you. Right?” you asked

In case one day it becomes too painful for my heart to just have sex with you without being able to love you..you have to be understanding.

“I won’t stop you from falling in love with another man. No feelings attaching remember. I will understand don’t worry.” he says.

That’s not what I meant but ok.


Summary: Bucky writes you a letter years after he leaves you. 

Words: 400ish

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst?

A/N: Not a Bucky gif… but you get the idea. This is from Bucky’s POV about you in the 1940′s. 

Originally posted by stanxstan

You know when they found me, through my searing pain, blurred vision; I saw you. I saw that smile, you know which one, that little, shy smile that makes my heart skip a beat.

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Hug me.

Hold me close and tell me I am what you wanted this entire time.
Tell me there were circumstances and if you could’ve changed it you would have.

Kiss me.

Kiss me so hard, like you’ve been waiting the past four months to kiss me again.
I want to feel how much you craved me and I promise I’ll reciprocate the feeling.

Tell me you love me.

I’ve been waiting forever to hear you say it, and I understand that I wasn’t ready to hear it before, but I am now.
Because I am your forever girl and I’m so excited for that.

Forever starts now.

—  // @lizz-khalifaa .



Pt 3: Percy/Annabeth Swap

(Part 1 can be found here, Part 2 here

  • Percy spends the year at Camp, like usual, but this time it’s different
  • There’s no Luke, and Percy trains harder than usual, much harder
  • He becomes a lot better with Riptide, and changes his style from fighting with a dagger to fighting with a sword
  • He’s actually pretty good naturally. He was always good with a dagger, but Chiron thinks he might be even better with Riptide
  • Percy keeps in contact with Annabeth, but she’s going to school in New York, and is pretty busy herself
  • It turns out she’s made a new friend. His name’s Tyson, and he’s bullied. Annabeth takes sympathy on him
  • Soon enough, bad things start happening at Camp
  • Thalia’s tree starts dying. Percy’s the first one who notices, because he likes to spend time by the tree
  • They soon discover she’s been poisoned, and that’s when Percy becomes desperate
  • To make things even worse, he’s been having dreams about Grover, dreams that involve a cyclops
  • Percy hates cyclopses
  • It comes from his encounter with a cyclops when he, Thalia and Luke were on the run, and were captured by a cyclops in a cave. They almost died
  • Ever since then, Percy’s had a dislike for cyclopses, and so he’s worried for Grover
  • He needs Annabeth if they’re going to go on a quest, so after thinking over it for a while, he finally decides to leave Camp and go get her
  • He turns up just as Annabeth is attacked by giants, but they get out of it
  • They soon reach Camp, but Annabeth’s friend Tyson tags along
  • They reach back just as Chiron is leaving, having been replaced by Tantalus
  • Percy is distraught
  • He doesn’t acknowledge this is goodbye, because he knows he’s going to get Chiron back
  • It’s only then they realise that Tyson is a cyclops
  • Percy immediately scrambles away from him, leaving Annabeth confused
  • Unfortunately, when Tyson is claimed by Poseidon that evening, Percy gets a new brother… one he most certainly does not want

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First Day, New Day

Request: Hello Lovelies! Could you possibly make a one shot where the reader is seriously injured and Dean is telling her how their lives will be together if she just doesn’t die? Sorry if that’s confusing! Thanks!! (anon)

A/N: Fluff ending. One day I’ll get the guts to kill my characters and become a better writer. But today is not that day.

Songs: “Breathe” by Ryan Star and “Overjoyed” by Matchbox Twenty

Words: 2336

Author: Castielle

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Your name: submit What is this?

“So what are we dealing with?” Dean asked over the breakfast table.

“A rugaru,” Sam responded.

“Wait - you mean those things that that get superhuman strength from eating human flesh?” you asked, looking up from your cereal. You had never hunted one of those before and the idea of a challenge excited you.

“Dude, I’m eating,” Dean protested.

You rolled your eyes at him. “How does a hunter even get a weak stomach?” you asked Dean with a sarcastic smirk.  

Inside, however, you couldn’t help feeling a little sad. There was something about Dean that had drawn you to him from the very beginning when you had met the Winchester brothers on a vampire case. Something? Pshaw. You knew exactly what it was. It was Dean Winchester’s vibrant green eyes that sparkled when he found something amusing and went soft when he looked at you. It was the freckles that were scattered across his face; you wanted to kiss each and every one. It was the way that he cared for his brother and the people that he put his life on the line for every single day. It was the way he joked around with you, the way your hands seemed to somehow brush against each other when you passed each other in the kitchen. It was the way he had pulled you onto the dance floor at that bar a month ago when you wanted to get rid of the sleezy guy who had been trying to make advances on you.

“We’ll make all of them jealous, not just him,” Dean had whispered in your ear, his breath tickling.

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Backstage - Jensen Ackles x Reader (Singing at a Supernatural Con - Part 5)

Title: Backstage

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word count: 3,622

Warnings: Just some embarrassing moments I guess

Summary: After Jensen’s interview and his rather embarrassing moment, thanks to Jared, Reader has some teasing to do. But what their conversation leads to is certainly something she never expected.

Read Part 1 here! l See Jensen’s tweet of you and your conversation with him here! l Read Part 2 here! l Read Part 3 here! l Read Part 4 here!

A/N: Just one part left and this will be over so that I can work on Spice a little more! The imagine/story with Brendon/Jensen was supposed to be up yesterday but I got tired and didn’t have much energy so I hope I have it up tomorrow!

You stood in your place even after the interview was long ago over. Your food was not touched as you stared blankly at the TV screen in front of you. All sorts of thoughts running through your mind, the blush on your cheeks clearly evident.

“Alright-” (Y/f/n) spoke up “-I know I said I’m never going to tease you about him again but uhm…” she trailed off for a while as you slowly turned your head to look at her “HE SO FREAKING WANTS YOU!” she all-but-screamed. She jumped up and down on your bed, squealing from happiness.

“(Y/f/n)” you groaned, looking down at your hands as she took the plate with your food away from you “It’s not like that” you mumbled fidgeting with your hands.

“Sheesh girl! Are you deaf or blind?” she rolled her eyes “Did you just hear all of the things Jared said? Did you just not see Jensen laugh like a school-girl in front of her crush there? Did you just not see that he was freaking blushing?! Jensen Ackles was blushing, (Y/n)! For something that had to do with you, might I point out!” she exclaimed with hand motions.

“I saw it (Y/f/n) but… it’s just nothing. It’s probably just because Jared was teasing him.” you mumbled and she groaned loudly.

“You girl are unbelievable! Jared said it himself and Jensen did not deny it! What more do you want?!” she said with a grumble.

“I…” you bit your lip, staying silent for a while before a big smile spread on your lips.

“You think?” you whispered, looking at her with a look of hope in your eyes.

“Finally! So you admit you saw it as well!” she said with a victorious grin and you nodded shyly “Of course I think he wants you (Y/n)! Now all you have to do is make him say it” she took hold of your phone an waved it in font of your face.

“No, no (Y/f/n) you know I can’t do it. I have never been so forward with a guy before much less now that it comes to Jensen.” you shook your head, knowing fully well that she meant you calling Jensen to talk with him.

“Aw come on, I was thinking of you teasing him a little bit. I know you’ll get something out of him sooner or later” she said with a sweet smile.

“I know, I thought about it as well. But it’s easier said than done, (Y/f/n) and I- What are you doing?!” you stopped yourself and then asked her once you saw her press the call button and move the phone towards you.

“What you are so afraid of” she said with a sly grin, shoving the phone towards your side.

You took a look at the screen and saw that she had called just the person you were afraid she would. Jensen. Whose of course you had gotten the number long ago.

“(Y/f/n) no! I told you-” before you could say anything more or even cancel the call a different voice was heard. It sounded far more distant and surely more manly than any of yours.

“Hello? (Y/n)?” Jensen’s voice was heard through the speakers of your phone.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and brought the phone to your ear “H-Hey” you croaked out.

“Hi. Are you ok?” he sounded kind of worried.

“Yeah yeah, sorry I didn’t reply immediately. Just- Just (Y/f/n) being a bitch” you said and glared at your friend.

Jensen laughed on the other line “I can imagine. Jared’s a total bitch today as well” he said and you could imagine him glaring at Jared that should be nearby.

“Yeah I uh- I saw that” you said with a small smirk.

“Oh no. Please just please don’t tell me you watched the interview” he sounded desperate and at imagining the look on his face you couldn’t help the smile from appearing.

“(Y/n)? (Y/n) you there?” he asked after a rather long silence.

“Yeah yeah” you said.
“Then why are you not saying anything?” he asked again.

“Well, you told me not to tell you if I watched the interview” you said slyly and you heard him groaned lightly.

“Fuck.” he cursed and you giggled “Sorry for a moment while I go kill a moose and I’ll be back soon, ok?” he said and you laughed more.

You could faintly hear Jared shouting at him to stay away and Jensen cursing at him and threatening to cut his hair in his sleep.

“Jensen? Hey Jensen, no need to threaten him now.” you told him on the phone “Don’t worry, I didn’t take any of the things he said seriously”

“Oh, you didn’t? Can I- can I ask why?” he sounded a little bit sad and you could hardly keep the smirk from your face.

“Well, because obviously we’re just friends right?” you said and heard him clear his throat.

“Yeah, yeah friends. We’re just friends” he let out a sigh and you could hear Jared clearly shout frustrated ‘Oh come on now!’

“Uh sorry for a second” he told you and you could hear some murmuring, obviously Jared telling him something. You heard at some point him saying to 'Ask her’ which you thought was about you.

“Hey uh sorry about that” he said and you quickly replied with a 'No problem’.

“So uhm I was wondering if you uhm, if you would like to hang out sometime?” it came out as hesitant and awkward.

You bit your lip at the thought of actually getting to spend some time so close with Jensen “I uh- I don’t know. You- you have shooting these days, don’t you? It’s- you don’t have much free time” you ended up mumbling and biting your lip.

In all honesty you didn’t want to say no to him, under no circumstances, but you were also kind of scared of spending time with him like that. You had just made a fool of yourself in front of him through camera- ok (Y/f/n) had a lot to do with that - but the chances while you were actually with him were much higher.

“Well, then how about you come over by the set? We- we could get to spend some time there. You know just hang out and-and I could even show you around, right? How does that sound?” he said, hope lacing his voice, and if you were having a hard time saying no before to him then you were having ten times the difficulty to say no now.

Getting to spend time with Jensen Ackles was a really sweet deal but having to spend time with him while on the set of your favorite show was really a deal you could not dare of even thinking to say no.

“Yeah, yeah I would love that” you spoke your mind.

“Really?!” he sounded really happy “Great! That’s great!” he said excitedly.

“I mean, yeah that’s…” he laughed nervously “That’s nice. Cool.” he said awkwardly and you caught yourself giggling at finally managing to have Jensen in your shoes.

“So uhm I’ll come and pick you tomorrow, ok? Around 11:30. I have only a few scenes at the evening so we’ll get to spend some time together” he said and you bit your lip to hide the huge smile from your face.

“Yeah, yeah sounds good” you murmured.

“Alright, so see you tomorrow?” he asked one last time.

“See you tomorrow”


The night went by agonizingly slow and you found yourself not getting much of a shut eye. Your mind would not stop thinking. All kinds of bad case scenarios run through your mind and you could not help but panic ever so slightly. You were really scared of making a fool of yourself in front of Jensen. You clearly remember how you were the first time you had him in front of you at that Con, how you could hardly utter a word and how you felt your cheeks burn hot. Maybe Misha and his comments had to do something with it but this time was no difference.

You were going to be at the set of Supernatural and Misha was definitely going to be there. Sure you had somehow gotten used to him after you had talked a few times on twitter but the situation was not likely to change now that you were going to be with them on set. It was much obvious how they guys treated you as if you were one of them  and you could not deny how you were happy about that. But the pranks they played on each other was something quite known among the Supernatural fandom and that was what scared you.

Despite that, though, you could not help but be really happy as well. Who would not be? Getting to be on the set of your favorite TV show, watch your favorite actors act live in front of your eyes, while your ultimate celebrity crush showed you around and got to spend time with you was certainly a dream coming true. You were nervous, of course, but at the same time you looked forward to it. Well, you mostly looked forward to spending time with Jensen. That was something you could not deny.

That thought alone had you turning on your bed, unable to sleep, for most of the night. You could not help the smile that spread on your lips as you thought of how your day would be with him. Sure you were only friends and despite everything that Jared had said in front of the camera you still found yourself blushing like a little girl when you thought of being so close with him. Well, scratch that, being near him in the first place made you blush not to mention in any other way. You could not deny at least to yourself that you had a crush on him but you definitely were not going to make a move on him- even if he was single and even if (Y/f/n) or Jared insisted on your doing something, there was no chance you would.

You bit your lip for what seemed like the millionth time that night as you tried the smile from spreading on your lips. You were lucky that (Y/f/n) was asleep on her bed next to yours and she couldn’t see the smile or else she would not stop teasing you- or well, bugging you to do something because she had promised to not tease you ever again. Yeah right. The moment you got back later today then she would surely start teasing you again.

You turned on your bed once again as you glanced at the clock next to yours. It was almost 5 in the morning. You had not gotten any sleep till now but you actually did not care. It was different for (Y/f/n), though.

“Will you just stop and go to fucking sleep?!” you heard her groan irritated next to you and you blinked several times.

“You’re not asleep?” you asked slowly.

“What do you think?! How can I freaking sleep with you huffing and moving all the time. You even giggled at some point! I know you are thinking about Jensen and although I would love to freaking tease you about it I am too fucking tired to do so- So please, just please shut your eyes and go to sleep! I have work in the morning!” she exclaimed and you moved further inside your covers.

“Ok” you almost-squeaked and you heard grumble something that sounded like 'Good’ and then silence.

You bit your lip as you thought if you had really giggled but you were sure after a while that you probably had, without just realizing it. The thought of Jensen alone managed to make you blush and as you thought to all those funny or cute moments that were about to come you did not doubt you’d be able to keep yourself from giggling.

Before you could realize it you felt your eyelids get heavy and soon sleep enveloped you. You did not feel that much tired and the thought of spending the day with Jensen had you really excited, so much that even if you did not get any sleep you’d still be full of energy to do anything. Your body seemed to have a mind of its own, though, as you obviously were quite tired and you needed the sleep.

A smile was still on your lips, though, as even your dreams were surrounded by him.


“(Y/n)?” you heard your name and felt yourself being shaken by the shoulder just slightly “(Y/n) come on wake up” you heard (Y/f/n)’s voice being heard again as the shaking continued.

You let out a small groan as you were successfully pulled out of your sleep, and moved the blankets higher to cover your head “Five more minutes” you mumbled sleepily.

“Sure, five more minutes. But you better tell that to Jensen… He’s waiting” she singed the last part and your eyes snapped open.


“Shit” you mumbled as you threw the covers over your head and before (Y/f/n) could say something - she had just opened her mouth to do so - you got off your bed and started running around like a mad, searching for your clothes. In your panic forgetting for a second where you had left your clothes- the clothes that you had chosen from last night because there was no way you’d leave that for the morning. Who knew what could happen?

Just like now that you had overslept and were searching for them like crazy.

“Fuck, (Y/f/n) where the hell did I put my clothes? Have you seen them?” you asked your friend, not even glancing at her, as you searched frantically around you for them.

From every desk, or table, or chair. You searched through a pile of clothes in case you had thrown them there but no chance. You even decided to take a look at your closet but they were not there either. Well, basically the 'Always Keep Fighting’ shirt you wanted, the green jacket that reminded you a lot of one Dean had worn on one episode and the specific blue jeans you meant to wear.

“Fuck where the hell are they?!” you groaned as you started searching more frantically around you. Throwing blankets here and there and even some clothes that were in your way. You run a hand through your hair and bit your lip.

“Shit shit shit I am so going to be late” you said nervously. An idea immediately popped in your mind as you bent down to look under the bed, just in case you had thrown them there in your hurry. Your shirt lifted just slightly as you bent down and exposed your black female boxers that had batman signs on them.

“Uh (Y/n)” you heard your friend say.

“Yeah?” you asked as you still looked under the bed and the couple things you had thrown under it.

“(Y/n)” she repeated.

“Yeah?” you asked again.

“Uhm (Y/n)…” she once again said and this time you’ve had enough and your head snapped in her direction.

“What?!” you asked exasperated looking at her but then started searching again, still glancing at her occasionally. She averted her eyes to look from you at something behind you and before you could question her, when you caught her gaze, you frowned. You opened your mouth but stopped and froze in your spot when you heard a chuckle.

A rather rough and deep chuckle. A chuckle that soon turned into laughter.

A laugh that could only belong to…

“Jensen” you breathed out before you could even turn your head to look at him.

“Goodmorning to you too (Y/n). Mine certainly is” he said laughing some more.

You slowly got up and turned to face him. He was leaning against the door-frame, a big smile on his face as he tried to recover from his laughter. You immediately tucked your shirt down as you realized how his eyes were roaming your form and bit at your lip when you felt a huge blush spread on your cheeks.

“Nice shirt by the way. You gotta tell me where you get those” he pointed to your shirt and you frowned just slightly.

Until of course you remembered what it was saying.

Save an Impala, Ride a Winchester

“Shit” you cursed under your breath and bit your lip harder as he laughed some more.

(Y/f/n) laughed and spoke up “We didn’t find them at the store. She actually made it herself”

You felt your heart stop beating and your eyes widen as soon as the words left her mouth. You saw Jensen’s smirk only get bigger as he raised an eyebrow at you “Or really? So the logo is your idea huh? Sounds good to me” he said with a chuckle as he winked at you and if you were blushing before bow you were sure you looked like a tomato.

He chuckled some more and you heard your friend giggle next to you. He cleared his throat after a while and spoke up.

“Well, anyway, (Y/f/n) said you hadn’t woken up yet and I said I would not have a problem to wait for you to do so. This was certainly more than I bargained for and I can’t say that I’m not glad” he laughed out loudly and you turned your head to glare at (Y/f/n) for not having warned you ever since the beginning and just let you make a complete fool of yourself in front of him.

“Five months” you growled at her and her own giggling was cut short.

“What? Oh come on! You eat pie more often than Dean does, I won’t be able to afford it for five months!” she exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air.

“Well, you should have known better” you hissed at her and then turned to look at Jensen who was just chuckling softly, his eyes not leaving you form and when you noticed the way he was looking at you, you just could not help but feel the blush get darker on your cheeks.

“Uh Jensen, mind if you wait outside till I change? Swear, I won’t take long” you told him a little bit shyly and he nodded.

“Sure sure. I’ll just wait outside in my car. Take as much time as you need- Or basically not. If you are late I’m going to come upstairs anyway and I’m warning you, I’m not used to knocking” he chuckled and winked at you.

You felt your eyes slightly widen and immediately averted them so that you were looking at the floor as you fidgeted with your hands.

“Ok then” he cleared his throat, the smile still on his face “I’ll be outside. Bye (Y/f/n) hope I see you sometime soon and you, lady, better come out soon or else I’m barging in and going to take you as that. Not that it is a problem for me, be sure” he said turning to look at you, pointing a finger and smirking at you.

“Bye Jensen!” (Y/f/n) said rather cheerfully, waving her hand at him and he did the same.

He waved back at her and exited your apartment as you heard him walk down the stairs till you could not hear anymore.

You immediately turned to look at your friend with a glare and her eyes visibly widen. As soon as you were about to make a move towards her she raised her hands in front of her to stop you “Hey, you heard what he said. If you are late, he’s going to barge in and take you as that” and she pointed at your clothes.

You narrowed your eyes at her and pointed a finger at her “You are not off the hook yet” you grumbled and immediately set off to search for your clothes.

You were lucky to find them soon laying on a chair that, in between being nervous and in a hurry to not be late, you had not noticed. You got dressed just as quickly, brushed your teeth and hair. You put on just the slightest of make up and grabbing the essentials, bag with phone and keys along with a couple bucks, you rushed out of the door.

You saw him lean against the side of his car, arms folded over his chest as he looked up at the sky. A small smile was on his face as you noticed his eyes were actually closed, clearly enjoying the warmth of the sun. You stood in your place for a while, just looking at him with a soft smile. He looked so peaceful at that moment, as the rays of the sun bathed over his form and above all his face features. If only you could stand as that forever then you’d willingly do so. Just looked at him and the smile that graced his lips. It was a smile you had never seen on him, whether on photos, movies, videos or the few times you’d been face to face with him. You could never say you did not like it.

You hated that you had to break this moment but you did so, nonetheless. You cleared your throat and walked a few steps closer to him. He realized you were there and immediately moved his head so that he was looking at you now, a small smile on his lips when he saw you.

“Ready?” he asked, smiling brightly at you.

“Ready” you breathed out as the butterflies started dancing like crazy in your stomach.

I don’t share - Nate Maloley

[Requested: Can you write one with Nate where he and the reader are fwb, but then she starts seeing someone who is okay with an open relationship but Nate gets really jealous and wants her for onlyhimself]

A/N: I’m sorry I’ve been so busy with exams and I haven’t had time to write and I wanted it to be a good imagine, I tried. Hope you like it, remember you can request! I’m working on all the requests I have but you can still request!


“You’re so cute” he mumbled against my skin. “Look, I’m having like a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with a friend and I don’t want to get involved with you and hurt you” I said.

“Wouldn’t you leave that guy for me?”

“Not now, maybe I can reconsider it if you make me –“ I didn’t have to say anything else, his lips attacked mine and I was perfectly fine with it. I wrapped my arms around his neck and the next thing I knew was that I woke up next to him the next morning.

“Hey beautiful”

“Hey” I smiled, placing my head on his neck. “You’re so gorgeous, did you know that?” he asked. I blushed at his words, he was so sweet. Blue eyes, brown haired. Tall, a perfect smile. Well, who wouldn’t have noticed him at that club? And the best thing was he noticed me.

I wasn’t looking for a hookup, it just happened. And well, all I can say is that it was worth it.

“Trevor, I’m going to make some breakfast. You ok with that?”

“Wait, I’ll help you.”

And believe it or not, this was the beginning of a really healthy relationship. I knew he trusted me, and he knew as well I was also hooking up with Nate and even though Trevor was great I kind of had feelings for Nate. That’s why I hadn’t dumped him after all. But I couldn’t trust him to have a relationship because he wasn’t the type of guy to commit to a relationship.

And thinking about that asshole was everything I needed for him to call me and ask to meet me.

“Hey, I haven’t seen you in a really long time.”

“You haven’t seen me in two weeks. Not that long” I had been dating Trevor for almost two months then, and Nate didn’t know a lot about it but I really didn’t want him to know. “Have you dumped that guy?” he asked, he clearly didn’t care a lot but since he didn’t I thought it wasn’t a bad idea.

“No, we’re together.”

“But you still fuck me, are you cheating?”

“No, he knows about you. He said I would end up leaving you, so I guess he’s right. We’ve been hooking up while I’ve been with him but I can’t anymore. I don’t know how you do it, but I can’t. I feel like a cheater the whole time and it’s not fair to him. He’s nothing but loyal and lovely, something you’re not.”

“We’ve never been in a relationship, you cannot compare.”

“Well, I am. Because even though we haven’t had that talk you know we kind of were dating, but you would always screw other girls. I never said a thing because I wasn’t your girlfriend, but you should have known I was more than just a fucking hookup. I’ve been your friend for a really long time Nate, I’m just tired. I don’t deserve this.”

He just looked at me trying to say something and getting frustrated because he couldn’t. “I wasn’t with other girls when we were hooking up.”

“You were” I said, raising my voice. “I don’t care, I like Trevor a lot so it’s fine. Screw whoever the fuck you want, it’s not my business anyways.”

“Y/N” he called my name so calmly that it almost scared me, I turned around to face him. “Did you like me? We said we were friends who fucked, but you know I always would have chosen you over anyone else, but you haven’t. You’re the one who hasn’t have respect towards me when you started a fucking other relationship with another guy, like Tristan, while we were together.”

“First, it’s Trevor.” I said a bit annoyed, he was acting like a fucking child. “Second, we were not together. You said that Nate.”

He looked at me and sighed. “This is what I don’t like about relationship, it’s all about arguing. I don’t like that.”

“Have we ever had an argument while we…?”

“WE weren’t together, that’s the reason.”

“Or maybe the reason was we were so comfortable with each other that we needn’t feel the need to argue. But we’ll never know now, so it’s fine. Bye, Nate. I’ll see you around.”

I left then, and he didn’t try to stop me. I went to my apartment and sat there, my dog was playing around and I started to play with her. It was about to be her first birthday and I was so happy about it.

“Alright, we’re done Dots” I giggled while she started to lick me. “Alright. What?” She was like smelling me and then left, went to my bedroom and came back with a Nate’s shirt.

The thing was Nate and I got her together, it was my dog but he used to spend lots of days and nights at my house and it was almost our dog and not only mine.

“He’s not here” I said and as if she had understood me and started to smell me again. And maybe she could smell Nate’s fragrance because I had been with him. Fucking dog. She was so smart.

The days passed by, and I knew sometimes Nate came around when I wasn’t at the apartment. Probably to play with Dottie, and sometimes I would find my mess cleaned up and it made me smile because he knew how much I hated to clean everything.

I knew I had to cut that off if I wanted to move on, specially now that things with Trevor were getting serious. My phone started to ring and I picked it up not even looking at the phone. “Baby” he said. “GILINSKY YOOOO, you got out from the cave that kept you. Where the fuck have you been?”

“Good” he chuckled. “We’re throwing a party, before the party we’re having dinner. Wanna come?”

“Yeah, alright. I’ll be there.”

“Bring your boyfriend” he giggled before hanging up. I knew Trevor wouldn’t get along with them, but I had to try. What worried me the most was that Nate would be there, and the thing was that I really wanted to see him.

Trevor and I made our way to Gilinsky’s, our fingers were intertwined and I froze when I saw all of my friends. I knew how they used to act, they all were pretty chill but then I knew they were going to say something about Trevor. I could see it in their looks.

What surprised me the most was that they didn’t say to him but they kept looking at me, until Swazz opened his big mouth. “I thought you were looking for someone different Y/N”

“Well, surprise” I chuckled and glanced at him. Nate giggled looking at me. “Alright I’m going to get more wine.”

“And I’m going to get more chips” Nate said.

“Nate, there are chips here” Jack said but he didn’t listen to him and followed me. “Baby girl, how are you?”

“I’m good, just really tired. Nate, don’t call me baby girl.”

“Sorry” he chuckled. “He really is nothing compared to me.”

I turned around annoyed. “Nate, are you trying to convince me or are you trying to convince yourself? Honestly, you look pretty jealous. And please, don’t comeback to my apartment anymore.”

“Has he asked you to say that?”

“Why would he?”

“Oh, he doesn’t know who I am. Does he?”

“No, but if you really want to tell him, go. He won’t care because he’s the one who can call me at night and tell me that he misses me while you have never done that because you were too afraid or too ashamed to cuff someone. Your chance has gone away.” And once I said that, I grabbed the wine with my hands and went back to the table. They all were silent, Trevor looked at me and kissed me.

And I couldn’t help but look at Nate.

“We’re having dinner, behave” he said, glancing at my boyfriend.

I giggled. “Sorry, daddy.” I smirked and Gilinsky burst into laugh. He was the only one in the table besides me and Nate who knew everything. Nate didn’t know that Gilisnky knew, but it was funny.

“Don’t call me daddy, that’s disgusting.”

“Okay, papi” I laughed and Gilinsky almost fell on the floor. Then everyone started to talk again and we prepared everything for the party.

“I know they don’t like me. Especially Nate, that guy feels something for you Y/N. I could see it.”

“He doesn’t,” I said trying to act like it didn’t bother me but it did.

“He does, but the real question here is: do you like him back? Because I’m falling for you and I wouldn’t like to be wasting my time.”

I sighed. “Think about it, right? I’ll go home now, I’m sure you’ll end up staying here with your friends.”

“No, I rather go with you.”

“Stay” he said and left.

“He already realized that I’m much better and he’s not even going to fight for you. He did something wrong here: he shared you. How stupid could he be? If I had you, I would never share you.”

I turned around, not believing his words. He had had me, he could have if he had wanted to. That asshole was messing with my life and I didn’t want to hear anything else. “I’m a generous person, but I would have never shared you. I don’t share when it comes about you, baby girl.”

“What the fuck you talking about now?”

“I mean, we were nothing. I couldn’t tell you not to date that boy, but you decided he was better than me. That’s why we stopped seeing each oth-“

“Forget me, Nate! If you don’t want anything with me just forget me. Leave me the fuck alone I don’t want to see you. And give me my key back, I don’t want to see you ever again.”

I didn’t yell nor scream, but tears were already falling down on my cheeks. And all happened so fast, Nate left the party with me. He took me home and he put me to bed, and I woke up to my dog barking. But she wasn’t near me, she was in the kitchen with Nate. They were playing.

“I thought I told you to-“

“I love you and I’m not giving up on us, not if you really feel something for me. I won’t let anything happen to us again, I promise. I will call you every night to check up on you and to tell you goodnight, and I’ll come in the morning to kiss you and make breakfast. I want you to wear my shirts from the night before, I want you to sleep on them. I want you to love me too. And I swear if you love me I’ll give you everything I have because I’m ready. I want this. I want you.”

“Why don’t you stay the night then?” I asked, he looked at me confused. “You said that you would call me every night to check up on me and come in the morning to make me breakfast. My question is, why don’t you stay the night then? Dots misses you when you’re not here.”

“Dots misses me?” he smirked, his arm making his way towards my waist.

“Yes, and she misses your ass around here and she still wears your clothes to sleep.”

“You sure we’re still talking about the dog?” he teased me and I playfully hit his arm.

“I love you.”

And that’s all he needed to lean in and kiss me.

The Queen Will Not Be Amused

(The only girl in the class is a drama queen and centre of attention at all times. If things aren’t going her way she blames it on everyone else and causes a massive scene.)

Girl: “Ugh, I hate [Teacher].”

Classmate: “He’s all right.”

Girl: “No, he told me off. He was completely out of line.”

Me: “Wait. He told you off because you didn’t do the assignment.”

Girl: “No, it wasn’t. I think he has a thing for me, dirty old perv.”

(The teacher is a pretty normal teacher. He is actually one of the most forgiving, but can’t stand it when people forget their assignments. One day I am approached by the head of the department.)

Head: “Can I have a word with you, please?”

Me: “Err, me? Sure.”

Head: “We have had reports that a teacher has been acting improperly towards one of your classmates. I wanted to speak to all of you privately.”

Me: “Really? I can’t say that I have ever see…” *then it dawns on me* “This is about [Girl] isn’t it?”

Head: “I can’t say. Have you ever seen a teacher act improperly towards a student, or say anything unprofessional, get too close, that sort of thing?”

Me: “I hate to say this, but you realise that [Teacher] is gay, right?”

Head: “What?”

Me: “I wouldn’t have said anything but I know that [Girl] is making up lies. I have actually met his husband.”

Head: “Oh, I err, well I never knew.”

Me: “Please don’t tell him it was me. He doesn’t like to share his private life. But I don’t want him getting into trouble over a girl playing stupid games.”

Head: “No, no, of course.”

(A week later, the same head of the department puts his head through the door.)

Head: “Can I speak to you please, [Girl]?”

(She has a big smirk on her face, before announcing…)

Girl: “I’ve had enough of this class and you!” *to teacher* “Expect to be in a lot of trouble.”

(We could hear her screaming then fake crying through the door. I don’t know where she went but I never saw her at that college again.)

“Women are manipulative attention seekers who will falsely accuse men of sexual abuse if they don’t get their way” is SUCH a classic. Men never get tired of repeating some variation of this story.

What I love about these tall tales is is the implication that these accusations are always taken seriously, that a vengeful, lying woman could seriously ruin a poor man’s life JUST ON HER WORD ALONE. OP doesn’t seem to realize that his point is completely undermined by the fact that apparently just saying “he’s gay” is enough to get an investigation ended. Hell, his point was undermined by the fact that there was an investigation to begin with!

“One Last Time”

hello again (: I wrote this yesterday while repeatedly listening to Ariana Grande’s One Last Time,and I may or may not fell asleep in front of my computer screen which caused my mum to shout at me for being such a lazy kid
but anyways i hope you guys like it x

requested: nope
rating: slightly smutty
word count: 4.3k words i swear everytime i write an ashton imagine it turns out to be very long wow
+ ashton irwin imagine based on Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time”

masterlist part two

!!oh and italics are flashbacks!!

“Oh… Fuck! Y/n,” Ashton mutters as his thrusts picked up a faster face. Your hands flew to his hair tugging it, then to his nape and down to his shoulder blades scratching his beautiful skin. You close your eyes throwing your head back in this sweet, sweet pleasure you oh so missed for months and months, it felt like decades.

His golden hair, his beautiful shoulder blades, his lovely skin, and his gorgeous body so close to yours, colliding with yours –you missed this. And the way his enchanting eyes look right into your dull eyes, it still makes you melt every fucking time. The smell of wonderful sex and the way he moans your name, it’s overwhelming yet so beautiful. Wait, no. It’s not just the sex, it’s him. It’s just him. You miss him so fucking much. And you want him back.

You need him back.

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My pleasure - Newt Imagine

Alright Newt, I’ve got a dare for you.“ Minho smirks, shaking out his soaking wet hair. “Time for some payback.”

“Bring it.” Newt replies. “Nothin’ can beat watching ya ruin your ‘oh so precious’ hair” Newt laughs.

“You know your hair doesn’t look so bad wet. I kinda like it.” Thomas says, nodding in approval. The other guys groan, a couple of them punching him in the arm.

“Oh slim it Tommy, we all know you’re in love with Minho but do ya have to be so bloody loud about it?” Newt sighs.

“Well I don’t mind one bit. Please Thomas, continue telling me how great I am!” Minho chuckles, towel drying his hair. Thomas blushes, muttering something about not being in love with him. “Alright Newt, I dare you to kiss Y/N. On the lips. Tonight.” Newt pales

“What, worried you might fall in lovvveeee?” Minho teases.

“Hey, she’s cute and all but idk she’s kinda weird and I barely know her. Besides don’t you think that’s a little cruel to her?” Newt mutters, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh just grow a pair and do it!” Frypan calls from across the room, shoving the rest of his burger in his mouth. Newt sighs, pushing himself off the floor and stepping over the gladers surrounding the door.

“You all bloody owe me.” He grunts, the door slamming shut behind him. He runs into you almost immediately, as you’re walking to your room.

“Newt! Hey!” You exclaim, your heart picking up slightly as you stare into his eyes.

“Uh, hey y/n… how was, your.. night?” He stumbles, eyes darting around the room.

“Fine..” You drawl, noticing his unusual behavior. You want to ask him, but before you get the chance, he lunges forward, taking your face in his rough hands and bringing his lips to you. you melt into the kiss, tasting a hint of mint on his lips. Newt’s rigid, but just before he breaks away, he feels something, a flutter in his chest and a spark in his lips. he slowly pulls away, confusion clouding his eyes. You lean forward, dying to be closer to him, but he jumps away, not meeting your gaze.

“Goodnight.” He whispers, darting away. What he misses are the tears on your eyes as you hear the other guys laughter from the other room. Way to take one for the team bud. You look like a shank kisser. Poor girl actually thought she’d get another. I’ll give it to ya Minho, Ya had the worst dare of the night. Newt just swats away their hands, muttering about going to bed as he stumbles out of the room, their cheers trailing behind him.
“Y/n I’m shuckin’ sorry.” You look up to the solemn face above you,  shaking your head as you gather what’s left of your food.

“Slim it Newt. I don’t want to hear it.”  You snap, pushing yourself away from the cheap plastic table.

“Aye, wait a sec,” Newt exclaims, grabbing your elbow as you turn away. “Jus-” You wrench your elbow from his grip, throwing your plate back on the table as you shove him backwards.

“Don’t you shucking touch me you stupid shucking slinthead!” You yell, not giving him a chance to reply before your anger takes over your words. “Did you enjoy your little prank last night? Huh? Was it fun? Did you have a nice laugh with your buddies after, about how I was such a dumb shank for believing that you might have liked me? I’m sure you did, cause it was so. bloody. FUNNY.” You yell, feeling your face get red as you continue to shove him backward. “Did you ever consider that I might have actually had feelings for you? That I would care? Did you even think, for a second, that it would be more than a shucking dare for me? You might have thought it was so hilarious that little girl y/n was so gullible, but think of this; it wasn’t just a fun little kiss for me. It wasn’t just a dare that I could go and laugh about with my friends. It meant something. It made me think that for a couple seconds, I might have had a chance. Just to find out a second later that it was a SHUCKING DARE. I never want to see your shank face again, you hear me? You and your buddies can go shuck yourselves cause I’m done.” You growl, clenching your jaw to keep from screaming as you stride away, still seething as you leave the kitchen. As good as it had felt to yell at him, you had liked Newt, a lot, and it hurt. You never thought he’d, of all people, could do this to you.

“Y/n please just gimme two minutes to talk and then I’ll leave you be.” You hear Newt plead. Despite your own mind screaming at you to keep walking, you stop. You turn to face him, expression giving away nothing.

“Two minutes. That’s it. Then I never want to see your shuck face again.” You say, glaring at him.
“Good that. I’ll make it quick. Let me just say, I’m so bloody sorry y/n. I was being a nothin’ more than a slinthead. I knew it would hurt ya but I didn’t do anything to stop it. But I wouldn’t take it back. Not for the whole buggin’ world. ‘cause when I kissed you, I felt somethin’. Now let me tell you, I’ve kissed lots a shanks in this bloody place but none a them made my heart race like you.” He uttered, stepping closer with each sentence. “After that kiss I went back to my room an spent the rest of the night replayin’ that moment in my head, thinking ‘bout it. Thinkin’ ‘bout you. I realized y/n, that, well, I like you. A lot. You’re kind, smart, pretty- no, beautiful. You’re funny and forgiving and tough as can be. An every time I think I know you, You do something that makes me realize I don’t know you at all, and it bloody kills me. Y/n I am so, so sorry I hurt you. I’m not worth it, but if you ever find it in your heart to forgive me, I’d be the luckiest shank in the world.” You can’t help but let your guard fall as he speaks, expression perfectly showing the shock you feel.

“I- I guess I can give you a shot… One strike and you’re out though bud, I’m not putting up with an klunk.” You murmur, stepping closer to him.

“I promise. I will never do anything to hurt you Y/n. You have my word.” He says.

“Well then, I think you owe me a real kiss now.” You smirk, wrapping your arms around his shoulder as his wander to your waist.

“My pleasure.”


Hope you guys like it! Sorry it took so long!

-XOX, The Glade