i never want to draw sensible things

anonymous asked:

You do you how do draw Howard tutorial?

I get a lot of asks about me do me how do draw Howard. But this one really spoke to my sensibilities.

I am NO authority on how to draw anything. I haven’t worked on the ninjashow for months and never at any point in my life was any part of my job understanding how to draw any of the characters. I wasn’t an animator and I wasn’t a character designer and I only do this because i do me how do draw Howard. These are not ‘correct’ and I feel like a fanny posting it but I GET ASKED SO MUCH. I just want the voices to stop…

The thing about drawing for production is that there are rules and regulations. This is me trying to follow said rules and regulations from my memory-mind.

link to bigger versionnnnnnnnnnn
But there is no reason for you out there to strictly adhere to anything put in front of you. Nobody is going to give you notes. You can do whatever you want.

No i mean literally….whatever you want

Go deeper. Live your dreams, grasshopper.