i never want to draw guitars again

Roughly at around 5am EST (Erebor Standard Time), the citizens of the mountain nation are awaken to the same thing every morning - (well, the tune may change, but the intensity and volume never fails….) :

🎶Touch that dial!
Turn me oNNn!!
Start me like a motor, make meEE RUNNNN!!!
Lovin’ every minute of it!!🎶

…Followed by random sounds that we are to assume are supposed to be guitars and drums…. 

I just really wanted to draw Fili doing something with his hair, so I did this silly drawing of Fili singing in the shower, because I like to imagine he does that. Fili’s hair.

So here he is, belting out some tune, squeezing out all the shampoo (…suggestively, I might add, which was totally not done on purpose.*) from the bottle AGAIN (Thorin is starting to get really annoyed. I imagine Durin’s use a lot of shampoo, and thus Thorin is very angry that Fili isn’t more concerned about shampoo and shampoo conserving matters.) 

I had too much fun with this one..

*Probably lying.

The Only One - C.B

Another song based song cuz why not. I was actually listening to The only one by Corbyn Besson (i do believe) when i came up with the idea. Not requested, however, if you do have a request feel free to ask.

Pairing: Corbyn Besson x Reader

Warnings: None, feel free to let me know if you spot any.

Summary: You haven’t seen your boyfriend, Corbyn, in a long time due to the tour and he goes live on younow when he comes home instead of visiting you.

p.s no disrespect to Christina, i love her but really wanted to write this. Sorry Christina

You hadn’t seen your boyfriend for weeks, he had been touring for ages trying to promote his bands new Invitations EP. You where so proud of everything he had achieved but you missed being able to spend time with him whenever you wanted to. You where meant to go and visit your father today but he yet again had to cancel. It wasn’t his fault but lately it seemed that everyone wanted to cancel on you. Your stepmother had gone into hospital, in labour more specifically. You wherent too pleased to have yet another sibling. Your mother had three with you stepdad, you stepdad already had a boy a few years younger than you and now your dad was about to have his third child (including you). You hated it, so many younger siblings and none you actually got on with. Whenever the boys where home you would stay there, you had your own draw and everything there, it was your third home but your first in your eyes.

You where in your room, braiding your sister, Ella, hair watching random youtube videos on her ipad while you T.V hummed music quietly in the back ground. Ella loved spending time in your room, as did Corbyn, he said it had an aesthetic feeling and appearance to it, with the fairy lights around you bed frame and black and white photos hung on a line across the room. Ella often slept in your room with you, the two of you where really close. She was much quieter than your other siblings and you always referred to her as your full. She had a special place in you heart next to Corbyn. You felt bad for her, having to share a room with two others. She was the second youngest only 7 and ½. She also liked Corbyn and had followed him (and yourself) on every social media account possible. You had just finished braiding her long, soft blonde hair as a notification appeared at the top of her ipad, your phone also pigging to signal you had a notification. Both notifications read ‘Corbyn Besson is now live on younow’ as quick as Ella had read the notification, she had already gotten onto younow and was watching him. Smiling her adorably large smile.

Your heart broke slightly when you noticed that he was in fact home. You told yourself it wasn’t his fault, you where meant to be going to visit you dad but you had texted Corbyn to say. He knew you where, you thought he would have a least dropped by. You watched at the view count rose rapidly as the comment section spammed him with ‘I love you’s’ and ‘you amazing’ as well as multiple other comment that where too quick for you to catch. You continued to peer over Ella’s shoulder as you watched you boyfriend welcome his fans to the livestream. Although you felt a bit mad at him, you couldn’t help but smile at his dorky smile. He began answering questions, some extremely random and others about himself and you. One question he answered had caught your attention.

“Where’s Y/N?“ he read aloud. You where curious as to watch he was going to say, listening closely. Maybe you would find out why he didn’t visit when he got back.

“She is more than likely at her house, probably watching this livestream with little Ella” He smiled. Ella instantly smiling brightly.

“Y/N/N look, he said my name look Y/N/N” she beamed brightly holding her ipad up higher to show you, forgetting that you had been peering over her shoulder. You laughed quietly to yourself as she calmed down.

“I was actually going to visit her, but me and the boys didn’t get back till late and i know her siblings go to sleep early” he began explaining. This seemed to annoy you more because time had never stopped him in the last from visiting.

“I actually started this livestream for you" He added drawing you attention back to the screen. Your where shocked to say the least. “Y/N/N i know your probably watching this” he blushed slightly, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. You smiled at how cute he was, the butterflies filling you stomach again.

“I just want to say sorry really quick before i do this, for not showing up to see you today” He smiled as he pulled his guitar onto the screen. He began strumming a tune the vaguely recognised before singing. Your face turning red as Ella squealed in excitement.

“I wanna take all the stars and shine them on you" he began, his voice gentle.

“I wanna take all the lights in new york city and shine them on you” Ella had began to sway to his strumming.

“Oh, the way you look in this light, it’s like nothing i’ve ever seen before” Yiu couldn’t help but feel special as you quickly jumped to you feet, Ella following you closely. The livestream still playing on her ipad as she carried it with her. His song still playing as 5e two of youngaprabbed you coats, Ella copying you, still trailing close with her ipad still playing. You jumped into you car, Ella jumping into the passenger side.

“It like i’ve found a diamond on the shore”

“Cause no amount of money, would make me give you up. Cause no amount of money, would make me give up on our love” He sang. Your heart was racing as you smiled widely. You pulled up outside the boys house, Ella and yourself jumping out of the car as you raced in, your hands thumbing with the keys as you finally manage to open the door.

“Cause your the only one, the only one, The only one i can love, the only one, the only one.” The song was yet to finish and the boys seem happy yet surprised to see you and little Ella stumble through the door in you PJ’s. Ella rushing to hug Jonah who she referred to as the BFG.

“I wanna kiss your lips in the rain, make you feel like you’ve lost all the sorrow and pain” Ella’s ipad fell to the floor as Jonah twirled her little figure, he was like a brother to her. “Wanna life you up and spin you around and tell you i never want this thing to change” Corbyns livestream still played as you rushed up the stairs, it hadn’t taken you long to get her since you lived right around the corner from him.

You could hear his voice echoing through the hall as the approached his room. “Cause your the only one, the only one, the only one i can love, the only one, the only, the only one, You’re the only one” Yiu could hear as you approached the door. Ella and Jonah not far behind, Jonah still carrying her. The other boys not far behind them. “The only one i can love, the only one i can love, the only one, the only one” He finished as you entered his room, your arms wrapping around him from behind as you kissed his cheek. Taken by surprise he laughed and smiled, the comment section of his still live, livestream glowing with aw Corbyn turn to hug you tightly.

Ella cheered from the background, Jonah laughing as she cheered, the others smirking at the little girl so ecstatic about her sister with Corbyn.