i never wanna act my age


I’m like a sugar daddy magnet right now!

So the guy I met at the charity event just told me his company is about to go public and he’s about to be worth $1.5 billion dollars. WTH! Wow! He wants me to marry him and live with him in his 17,000 sq ft mansion. He said I will have any car I want and a credit card with unlimited spending (I love clothes). He’s Muslim and he told me I cannot show my (new fake) boobs or wear short skirts anymore and I have to dress like a lady. He put his credit card on my Uber, UberEATS, Postmates.

I asked him for 10 carat diamond ring, a condo is West Hollywood (so I have my own place), cash allowance (so I can save), cars, credit card, he has to give my parents cash gift, and he also has to take care of my sister (allowance and car).

I’m in no rush to get married. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I really don’t like him and the thought of living with him makes me depressed. His mansion is so big but you can feel the emptiness in the house. This is all I ever wanted but I don’t know if I want to be that girl married to the old guy (I’m 35, he’s 60). All my guys are around my age. He’s going to have to give me a lot of money so I can be happy. We’ll see!

I’m kinda over my bf. I’ve been acting unavailable and he’s like a puppy dog to me now. He wants to be with all the time. We never do sleepovers during the weekdays but he came last night. I saw him everyday this week.

I don’t know what I want. I just wanna shop, wear yoga clothes, and eat good (healthy/expensive) food.

ponyboy / library:

ponyboy walking to your house to pick you up, informing you that today you would both spend the day at the library.

debating on whether or not reading outside is better than in a library.

his arm wrapped around your waist lazily as you both stumble inside, pony waving to the librarian he knows well.

peering at each other through cracks in the shelves and books, making faces.

holding up books with the strangest names and contents as reading suggestions.

sitting next to each other, leaning against bookshelves taking turns reading aloud.

“pony, I don’t wanna read anymore. I mess up words even though I know them, and my voice sounds weird.”

“your voice doesn’t sound weird. Shoot, I could listen to it all day. C'mon, keep going!”

leaving your head on Pony’s shoulder as he reads, relaxing.

breathing in the scent of aged, dusty paper.

“i’m glad you like doing this. My other friends don’t get it. They hate books.”

listening to ponyboy explain how he urges his gang to read, but they never listen.

pony uses a scene in the book to act out as an excuse to kiss you.

whispering behind books.

k i s s i n g behind books.

Genderless Lovesongs Masterpost

Hey you! Yeah you! Are you nonbinary? Are you crushing on/dating a nonbinary person? Are you heartbroken over a nonbinary person? Are you fucking irritated that every love song seems to be gendered out the ass?

I went through my iTunes library and found, within my own music collection, as many genderless love songs as I possibly could. I organized them into 3 categories.

Love songs. Songs about being in love, caught up in the moment, all swoony, you know. 

Breakup songs. Songs about breakups, both the broken hearted variety and the thank god im outta there fuck that asshole variety. 

Miscl love songs. Songs that are about love but don’t fit into either of the other two categories.

I’ll try and keep updating this as I acquire new tunes

Feel free to add! Especially POC artists, Queer artists and Trans artists!

Love Songs 

We’ve Got Something // Sparks // The Cost Is Too High (Not To Love) // Music Again // If I Had You // Crazy For You // Make You Feel My Love // My Same // One And Only // Lovesong // No One // If I Ain’t Got You // Fallin’ // Counting Stars // Hot // Things I’ll Never Say // Unexpected Song // Halo // I’ll Be // Every Breath // Find Me // Days and Days // Last Dance // Call Me Crazy // Shine For Me // See You Again // Boom Clap // C’est La Mort // Nightingale // Never Been Hurt // Lightweight // Lionheart // Yes // Fall // Firefly // Photograph // Thinking Out Loud // This // How Long Will I Love You // You’ve Got The Love // I Walk The Line // Don’t Let Me Go // Amazing // I Won’t Let You Go (Darling) // Then We Kiss // Can’t Help Falling In Love // I Want You // You Found Me // Yeah // Wherever You Are // Valentine // Don’t Wake Me Up // Siberia  // Toes // Peace Sign // Love Drunk  // The Beginning // Anchor // In My Dreams // Once In A Lifetime // 18 // Fireproof // Act My Age // If I Could Fly // Never Enough // Strong // Happily // Stand Up // The Only Exception // Still Into You // Be Alone // Native Tongue // crushcrushcrush // Forever And For Always // (Wanna Get To Know You) That Good // Thank You Baby! // Mile High Love // Roll With Me // Sure Feels Right // Smile // State Of Grace // Treacherous // Sparks Fly // Enchanted // Ours // Closer // Love They Say // Sweet Disposition // My Beautiful Rescue // Baby // fallingforyou // Collar Full // The End Of All Things // Pillowtalk //

Breakup Songs

Say Goodbye (I Won’t Even) // Whataya Want From Me // Soaked // A Loaded Smile // Sleepwalker // First Love // Rolling In The Deep // Turning Tables // Don’t You Remember // Take It All // Love Is A Losing Game // There’s A Fine, Fine Line // When You’re Gone // Talking To The Moon // Good In Goodbye // Wine After Whiskey // Breaking Up // Beautiful People // Jar Of Hearts // Without The Love // In Case // Shouldn’t Come Back // Fix A Heart // Stone Cold // Waiting For You //Without You // Deeper // Love Me Like You // First Time // Goodbye // Cry // All I Ever Wanted // Already Gone // Since U Been Gone // Haunted // Last Goodbye // Dope // Lost And Found // Oil And Water // Pretend It’s Okay // Turn Your Face // Love Me Or Leave Me // Towers // New Years Eve // Miss You Love // By Now // So Soon // Starring Role // Happy Ending // Peachy // I Faked It // Anyone’s Ghost // Sleepless In London // Waiting Game // Fool Me // Running // Don’t Speak // Where Do Broken Hearts Go? // Fool’s Gold // Spaces // Infinity // Love You Goodbye // I Don’t Believe You // Mean // Who Knew // Here We Go Again // Never Let This Go // All I Wanted // Love Of My Life // Save Me // Don’t Go // It Doesn’t Matter Anymore // It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing // I Remember // Impossible // Breathe // Tell Me Why // You’re Not Sorry // All Too Well // Last Kiss // Nineteen // Goodbye Goodbye // I Was A Fool // Never Ending // Close To You //

Miscellaneous Love Songs 

Keep Me High // Melt My Heart To Stone // I’ll Be Waiting // Don’t Be Afraid, You’re Already Dead // Just Friends // In My Veins // I’m With You // Shelter // 3 Rounds And A Sound // Recover // Volcano // Easy Silence // Friends // Barely Love You Too // Drive // Strange Love // Can I Have A Kiss? // Muscle Memory // …And Counting // Lies // Maybe // Drive My Soul // Cactus In The Valley // I Love You // Lightning // Secret Love Song Pt. II // Cut It Off // Waiting In Line // Valentines Day // When You Sleep // This Heart // I’m The Only One // I See You // Telephones // Wind Will Blow // Sucker // Love It Dissipates // Ready To Run // You And I // Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely) // Brighter // Back In Your Head // Danger Love // Stay The Night // You // Nicotine // James Joint // Love On The Brain // Higher // Drunk // Fool For You //

My ideal relationship

I just had a smol break down..
This is my ideal relationship:

I want a soft, strict daddy who wants to take care of me and needs to be with me and make sure I’m okay and want to be with me and talk to me all the time and be obsessed with me and give me rules to mostly follow and discipline me when I forget the rules (forgetting is my number one downfall) and tell me he’s sorry for hitting me but that I need to learn some way or another and he’ll tuck me in every night and I’ll have a bedtime and I can whine to him and bribe him to let me stay up later to watch Saturday night live with him and we’ll fall asleep together and my mom will adore him and he’ll respect my mom and thank her for giving him such an angel and he’ll spoil me with lots of cute, thoughtful, fun dates and he won’t worry about money, but he won’t spend a lot on the dates because frugality is very attractive and he’ll watch movies and shows with me and give me my paci and put me in time out and NEVER IGNORE ME OUT OF SPITE OR ANYRJING ELSE and he’ll play with me sometimes however he wants and sometimes a little how I want and he’ll respect when I don’t wanna play and won’t make me feel guilty for not doing something unless it is a chore and he’ll constantly make sure I’m okay not even just during sexy stuff and he’ll fall asleep with me in his arms and he’ll cuddle me all night and wake up with me when I have a nightmare and I need a chocolate milk to calm me down and he’ll introduce me to new stuffies and they’ll be only discounted price stuffies or hand me downs or they will be Disney stuffies because Disney is the highest stuffie and I’ll pick my outfit but it has to be approved by him and he’ll take me everywhere he goes if he has to run errands and he’ll brag about me at work and let me annoy him while he’s there but he’ll only text me during school if I say it’s okay and he’ll want me to live with him and shower with him (maybe, that’s touchy) and he’ll want to bathe me in a bubble bath and play with some bath toys with me and get me a bath bomb cause I’ve always wanted one of those cause they’re amazing and he’ll play board games with me while we watch Disney movies and he’ll always ALWAYS hold my hand out in public and he’ll always hold the door for me and he’ll take me on surprise trips to Barnes and noble just to sit in the store and read a book together and he’ll love my dogs as much as I do and he’ll spoil them as much as he spoils me and he’ll offer to buy me all kinds of stuff but of course I won’t always say yes because I’m not big on demanding material affection and he’ll understand that he will need to order for me and talk to other people for me because of my anxiety and he will love doing it and he will make super good food and he will feed me sometimes and tell me often that I’m too little to do a lot of stuff and he’ll listen to my music sometimes and dance with me randomly and like to take cute pictures together and “family photos” with us and the dogs and he’ll like sleepovers and camping and adventures and HE WILL LOVE WINNIE THE POOH AND PETER PAN AND POCAHONTAS AND LILO AND STITCH AND HOME AND INSIDE OUT AND EVERYTHING DISNEY EVER and he will never tell me to grow up or act my age or pressure me to have sex but when we do have sex it will be lovely and caring and gentle until I can take the pounding And then I will be rough as fuck and it will be great and he’ll pull,my hair and all kinds of shit and he’ll know how to tie knots with rope and he’ll know how to start a fire and he’ll cuddle me all the time and he’ll always wanna be touching me, even just by having his hand on my thigh or my back or in my hand and he’ll wanna introduce me to his family and his mom will be my best friend and his sister will,be my new sister and we will love happily fucking ever after for ever.


Why Don’t You Act Your Age? 

Music, fashion, entertainment is cyclical. We’re forever borrowing pieces of the past and mashing them with what we’ve got in the present. And the themes of our generation that weave themselves into our lyrics aren’t radical, they’ve been sown before. But our timelines have been condensed by the influx of information on the Internet, patterns emerge sooner.

When I was 10 years old, Blink-182 was my favorite band and Enema Of The State was my soundtrack. In the 90s and early 2000s, Blink represented subversive fun and meta-commentary. Grunge of the early 90s had equated teen angst with a seriousness and misery, but Blink 182 was more accessible, more about pop-punk fun and making fun of themselves. They stood apart even from other bands in their genre, who preferred  the ultra bro-y, intense vibes. And to me now, Blink-182s harsh singing, loud guitar melodies and anthemic choruses are the epitome of pop-punk.

What’s My Age Again especially was a favorite for my tween self, every part from that instantly recognizable opening guitar riff to the absurdity of men running the streets naked.

The whole song is about the kind of bliss ignorance provides. Our man-child narrator doesn’t get Caller ID or why his girlfriend didn’t feel like making out to a soundtrack of live access television. He’s kind of a dick, but he makes a compelling point:

With many years ahead to fall in line
Why would you wish that on me?
I never wanna act my age

We attribute responsibility to age and each year seems to be hallmarked with new rules to dictate how you “should” be behaving (especially for a 10-year old girl). Blink-182 was telling me, for the first time, that none of that mattered. And for my young mind, it was nothing short of awesome. These grown adult men acting with no deference? Making no sense? In my life, adults didn’t make fools of themselves.

Last year, independent hip-hop artist Hoodie Allen released his second studio album, People Keep Talking. With it came the song Act My Age.  I loved it immediately and found it resonated with me as a 25 year-old the same way Blink 182’s What’s My Age Again resonated with me as a 10 year-old.

Sure, Blink’s lyrics are more self-deprecating, Hoodie’s got a little more confidence but nobody is being directed by the DMV orange cones of destiny.  They’re going their own way. Similarly to Blink-182’s emblematic role in a generation of pop-punk, Hoodie’s song represents this era’s music, the meld of genres: the rap-singing build up to a pop-leaning chorus. 

Before turning his attention to music full time, Hoodie Allen graduated from college and briefly worked at Google. He embodied the millennial definition of modern day, on-track success. But Hoodie left that world and this song is a celebration of that. He reminds me that of how I wish I had left that path too. I’m tired of the trite definitions of what I am meant to do and how I am meant to do them. I am tired of the path I belabored that has led me nowhere.

Gettin’ a job is like a pregnant woman givin’ birth/You’re tryna push me in the wrong direction and it fuckin’ hurts

Both songs are about almost arrogantly, purposefully going off book. Both songs are talking about shirking conformity, about seeing (and—especially for Hoodie—celebrating) your own differences.

People trying to make me change, you’d think there was a quota
Like there ain’t enough unemployed motherfuckers with diplomas

I know that in the last 15 years a lot about me has changed but apparently not my desire to do things differently. At 10, I needed to know that it was a possibility and at 25, I needed to see it be an actuality. You reach your mid-20s and suddenly, your friends are all in significant relationships, receiving promotions at their career-driven jobs—some are even having kids or starting retirement plans.

And you? You have a blog, a regularly updated Twitter feed and maybe a pet cat.

But Hoodie reminds us, like Blink did (and arguably, still does), to not give a fuck. To not feel stunted or “behind the curve” just because our lives are messy, disorganized or different. Besides, I don't think I'm ever gonna act my age.

       it’s kylen again with the second of three initial beans. more about me is that i am obsessed with life is strange & overwatch & i also watch a shit ton of anime. probably too much aha. i don’t know what else to say really - i’ve been rping for over seven years now so there’s that. now onto dante ! if you wanna plot just like this or shoot me a message

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That’s about the time that she broke up with me

No one should take themselves so seriously

With so many years ahead to fall in line

Why would you wish that on me?

I never wanna act my age

What’s my age again?….

Status Justin Bieber - Purpose

Mark my words, that’s all that I have, mark my words, give you all I got 👫💕  (Guarde minhas palavras, isso é tudo que eu tenho, guarde minhas palavras, vou te dar tudo que eu tenho) 

But I won’t let me lose you, and I won’t let us just fade away 🌌💙  (Mas não vou me deixar perder você, e não vou permitir que desapareçamos)

I'ma show you more than I ever could say ✨ (Vou te mostrar mais do que eu poderia dizer) 

Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing when the pressures is coming down like lightening 🌌⚡ (Às vezes é difícil fazer o que é certo quando a pressão é como um raio caindo)

It’s like they want me to be perfect 🌀 (É como se eles quisessem que eu fosse perfeito) 

Cause life’s not easy. I’m not made out of stee 🌈 (Porque a vida não é fácil. Não sou feito de aço) 

Don’t forget that I’m human, don’t forget that I’m real 🌟 (Não esqueça que sou humano, não esqueça que sou real) 

Act like you know me, but you never will 👽🌸 (Age como se me conhecesse, mas você nunca vai)

Wanna argue all day make love all night 🔞 (Quer brigar o dia todo e fazer amor a noite toda)

And now I know, I’m better sleeping on my own 🙇 ( E agora eu sei, estou dormindo melhor sozinho)

You think I’m crying, oh my oh, well I ain’t 💃🍻 (Você acha que estou chorando, oh meu bem, não estou) 

Can we, we keep, keep each other company 💘 (Podemos fazer companhia um pro outro)

Be each other’s paradise 🌈 (Ser o paraíso um do outro)

Talking to my conscience 💟 (Nunca desista de um amor como esse)

My heart’s a vacant house when you’re gone away 💔  (meu coração é uma casa vazia quando você vai embora)

You’re pulling me in like you’re gravity ⚡ (Você está me puxando como se você fosse gravidade)

Between heaven and disaster 💥 (Entre o céu e o desastre)

People make mistakes, doesn’t mean you have to give in 🙇🙏 (As pessoas cometem erros, isso não significa que você tem que desistir)

Is it too late now to say sorry?💍  (É tarde demais agora, para pedir desculpa?)

But you know that there is no innocent one in this game for two (Mas você sabe que não tem inocentes nesse jogo de dois)

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  • steal my girl: everybody wants to fuck you but i already am
  • ready to run: let's get out of here so we can fuck
  • where do broken hearts go: i miss fucking you but i don't know where you are
  • 18: we've been fucking for a long long time
  • girl almighty: you're really cool let's fuck
  • fool's gold: i'm in love but you just wanna fuck
  • night changes: everything might change but we'll still fuck
  • no control: i just woke up and i'm ready to fuck
  • fireproof: we've been fucking for so long maybe we're fireproof
  • spaces: we're fucking less and less often
  • stockholm syndrome: let's fuck i'll be your sub
  • clouds: that was a really nice fuck i'm never coming back down
  • change your ticket: please stay so we can fuck
  • illusion: we're actually fucking it's not in your head
  • once in a lifetime: in my mind we're fucking
  • act my age: let's fuck even when we're 70

thundershielding  asked:

Could you rec some good established relationship fics? Weecest or Wincest.

I actually have an established relationship tag. Some of my favorites include:

Chapter 15: Shit.

2 months later


Silently thanking God that the bell had just rang, I smiled on my way out of school. I was so ready to get out. I did not get no sleep last night, and I’m super tired. I just wanna take a nap.

“Guess who?” A voice said, putting their hands over my eyes. I knew it was August. I dont know why he wants to play. 

“August you’re the only person with these crusty and ashy fingers, I know it’s you.” I said, making him suck his teeth, and snatch his hands away.

“My hands are low-key ashy. I give you props on that one, fuck face.” He said, snatching my bag off of my shoulder. Digging inside, he pulled out some lotion and squirted some in his hands.

“Did your mom teach you well? Dang, you’re not suppose to go in a woman’s purse!” I mugged him as I snatched my purse back.

“You aint no woman. You a kid.” Widening my eyes, I nodded and chuckled. 

“Okay, let’s remember that I’m a kid when you want something from me.” I spat, storming off to his car. 

“Okay, I’m sorry!” He chuckled, running after me. Picking me up bridal style, he planted kisses all over my face. 

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He apologized, in between kisses. 

“Yea, I thought so.” I said, as he put me down. Getting in the car, he waited for me to do the same so he could leave. Getting in, he sped off beofre I could even put on my seat belt. 

“Where we goin’?” He asked.

“My house.” Nodding he made an illegal U-turn, as cars blew their horns right after. Chuckling, he turned onto my street, and I grabbed my things. Pulling up in the driveway, I noticed that Chris wasn’t here, thank God. He’s always trying to start something.

“Here.” I said, tossing August the key to the front door. Getting out before me, I shook my head at his dumb self. He didn’t even turn the car off. 

Doing it for him, I grabbed his keys and put them in my pocket. Getting out, I made my way into the house and kicked my shoes off. Jogging upstairs to my room, 

“There you are.” I said, shutting the door behind myself. Making myself comfortable on August’ lap, I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Damn, you light as hell.” He mumbled, putting his face in my hair. It was still kind of wet from when I washed it this morning. 

Sliding his hands in the spandex shorts that I had on under my dress, I quickly pulled it out. “Not today. Why can’t we just cuddle?” Sucking his teeth, he laid back as I positioned myself on top of him.

“Cause my dick hard, and yo’ ass fat!” He said, imitating a vine. Chuckling, I slid my hands up his shirt, rubbing his abs.

“Just take it off, I’m hot anyway.”  It wasn’t even cold in here, here just wanted to show off his lil’ tattoos. They were ugly just like him, anyway.

“Okay..” I said, plain and simple. Raising his shirt above his head, he raised up a little so I cloud completely get it off. Once I did, he laid back down only to stare at me. 

The sound of my door opening caused me to turn around, and regret not locking it. 

“So you just gone go against everything I fucking said?” He chuckled, bitterly. 

“Chris, stay out of m–” He cut me off again.

“Get the fuck off his lap!” He yelled, snatching me off of August’ lap by my arm. See? What I say? He always wants to start something. August and I were just sitting in here, talking. 

“Don’t fucking grab on her like that!” August yelled, walking over to Chris and I. Trying to get me out of Chris’ hold, I was over here in pain. He had a good tight grip on my arm. 

“Chill out!” August screamed, pushing Chris back into the wall, causing a loud thud. Chris was about to charge at him, but Raye came in and held him back. 

“Everybody go downstairs! Yall need to just end this right now!” Raye yelled, pointing towards the door. Doing what she said, everybody went down the stairs and we all ended up o the couches in the living room. 

“Why the fuck do you care so much? You aint care when you was being selfish as fuck, leaving her for that bitch Alisha!” August yelled as the room grew silent. 

“Let it go! That was fucking years ago! I’m fucking tired of y'all throwing that shit in my face! I fucked up and I know I did! And the fuck you mean why do I care so much? Nigga you 19, fucking with my 15 year old sister! I’m just supposed to sit around and be cool with it? Stay the fuck away from my sister!”

“Man fuck all this shit that you talking right now. I'ma continue to fuck ya sister in yo’ motherfucking bed and you aint gone do shit about it.” August chuckled, waving Chris off. 

“August!” I yelled, punching him in his chest. 

Before I knew it, Chris pushed me out of the way to get to August. “Ouch.” I winced in pain, as my knee got a carpet burn. I wish I could tell mom, but she most likely wouldn’t approve of this little situation that August and I have either. Chris just needs to mind his business. 

“What’s all that shit you was talking, bitch?! Speak up now, pussy!” Chris yelled, kicking August in the face. My stomach turned. "Chris!“ I screamed, at the top of my lungs. A couple of seconds later, August managed to get up off of the floor and start beating up Chris. 

"Do I go break it up now? I dont wanna get hit..” Raye whispered to me. 

“Yea, I’ll help.” Walking over to them, I surprisingly managed to get August away from Chris. Wrapping my arms around his torso, I forced him to go the other way but he still continued to talk trash.

“Told this nigga not to try me!” He yelled as I sighed. Managing to get him back up the stairs to my room, I locked the door behind myself this time. 

“August calm down, please.” I mumbled, resting my forehead on his back. “I’m sorry, aight? But I fucking told this nigga not to talk to me like I’m his weak ass bitch Raye. And that nigga came for me so you should be telling his ass to calm down..” He spat, lowly. 

Blowing air out of my cheeks, I let out a groan. “What both of you did was uncalled for! Yall could’ve just sat down and talked, but no! Yall wanted to flip the script and say dumb things to each other that would make both of yall mad! Yall seriously gotta chill." 

"Fuck him.” He said, completely ignoring everything I said. 

“Fine, just ignore me.” I was low-key mad, because I kind of wanted them to get along. Chris knows he misses their friendship. August does too. They were so close back then. 

It was honestly my fault. If I would’ve ever ran away, they would still be friends. If I would have never started messing around with August, they would still be friends. Everything is my fault. I dont care how much Raye denies the old situation with her and Chris wasn’t my fault, I know it was. 

“I’m gonna go use the restroom.” I told August as my eyes got watery from my thoughts. Ignoring me, he continued to look straight ahead with his fist balled up. Walking into the restroom, I locked the door and slid down it. 

The sound of my bedrom door slamming caused me to flinch. It made the whole room vibrate. He didn’t have to slam it that hard.

Feeling my phone vibrate on the counter, I grabbed it and rolled my eyes. I guess I could text him back. 

 bangbro: you foul as fuck

me: I didn’t even do anything! why are you so worried about me for?

bangbro: I fucking cant with you. you claim I aint care a couple of years ago, and now when I’m trying you wanna get mad about it. fuck you christina. 

me: leave me alone

bangbro: no man, fuck you foreal. you a bitch, man. all I asked was for you to stop fucking with august cause that shit aint cool and I’m constantly catching you with that nigga. act your fucking age you fucking 15 year old thot. thought I was gone be happy that you were back but I wished you wouldve never came. 

Re-reading the last message over and over, my heart sunk but I wasn’t gonna cry. He wants me to leave, then so be it. I should’ve never came back in the first place. 


“I’m so fucking mad.” Chris gritted out, with a clenched jaw. He looked so sexy when he was mad. The way his nostrils flared, the way he clenched his jaw, Jesus.

“Come here.” He said, motioning for me to come with his index finger. Crawling up to where he was, I laid on my back, in front of him. I knew what he wanted. 

Trying to pull my shorts down, he smacked my hand away. "Lay yo’ ass back, I got this.“ He said, mugging me.

"Nigga, I am laying back.” I laughed, and his laughter followed right after. Smirking at me evilly, I regretted even saying anything. 

“Nooooooo!” I chuckled, trying to scoot away from him. Getting up to lock the door, he roughly unbuttoned my shorts afterwards. Pulling them down, his eyes widened at the red lace v-string that I had on. 

“Damn..” He mumbled, biting his lip. 

“You like?” I asked, wiggling my eyebrows. Quickly turning me over on my stomach, his hand came in contact with my ass. Letting out a loud scream, he put his hand over my mouth. 

“Nobody told you to say shit!” He semi-yelled, turning me on even more.This rough shit always turned me on

He pushed me down making me arch my back before pulling my underwear down. “Let me see that pussy.” he said slapping my ass again making me moan. I spread my legs, and looked back at him biting my lips. He clenched his jaw, and I swear I had a mini orgasm.

He quickly relieved himself of his sweats, boxers, and t-shirt before position himself behind me. He rammed his dick inside of me full force. I almost lost my mind. “CHRIS WAIT!” I screamed.

“Fuck up bitch, and take this dick!” He grunted with one hand gripping my hip and the other wrapped around my ponytail as he power drilled me from the back.

I knew I wasn’t going to be to walk, let alone feel my bottom half when he was done with me. I was all for it though, Chris knew how to work this pussy over. I was so wet that my juices were running all down my thighs. “Right th-there baby.” I moaned throwing my ass back.

“Yeah, right there?” He asked somehow managing to hit a spot I never even knew I had, until today.

“Chrisssssssss, fuck!” I cried out.

He stayed where he was at, but slowed down to a real hard slow grind. I was whimpering because I was so close “You wanna cum baby?”

“Yesssssss!” I cried throwing my head back.

“You better not, or else imma fuck your shit up worse!” He gritted at me 
slapping my ass cheeks hard.

I pressed my back up against his chest and he roughly grabbed my breast. I was panting for air and squeezing my nails into his forearm as he dug my insides out. I was fighting the orgasm I wanted to rip through my body so bad, just because I knew he’d really fuck me up after.

“Who own this pussy?” He growled as he pushed my face into the pillow I had in front of me on the floor.

“Youuuu!” I whimpered as I felt my thighs start to burn.

“What was that Raye? I ain’t hear you!” he barked slapping my ass again.

“It’s yo-yo-your pussy daddy!” I said as loud as I could quickly loosing my fight against releasing.

“Shit, cum with me Raye.” he groaned, and I just cried out in pleasure as a response as I let it all go.

At this point he was hitting it so good I couldn’t form words. “Ahhh, fuck.” He said as he released inside of me.

He pressed his sweaty chest against my damp back. He wrapped his arms around me and I turned around pressing my lips against his roughly. He pulled out of me, and I gasped. I loved this boy. He made me feel safe, everything felt easy for us since we started over.

“I love you Chris..” I said against his lips, and I felt him freeze up.

Shit, I didn’t mean to say it out loud, it slipped. He quickly got up, and got dressed. To say I was scared was an understatement. It’s possible that I pushed him away completely. Chris wasn’t the easiest to get to admit feelings. I mean, look how long it took him to finally ask me to be his girl or tell me I meant a lot to him. I’m so fucking stupid.

“Chris, I didn’t mean-” I started but he cut me off.

“It’s cool, I gotta go do something mama asked me to do yesterday I just remembered. I’ll come back later aight.” he said as he rushed out of the basement door. 

I sighed and grabbed my clothes before heading to the bathroom to clean up. I think I fucked up a good thing. Why does he always run from me?


Stepping out of the shower, I wrapped a towel around my body and added some leave-in conditioner to my  curly hair. I figured that I might as well wash it in the shower. 

I cried the whole time that I was in there. I felt horrible. I just wanted to stay in this bed and eat ice cream all day. Chris didn’t have to just leave like that. He could’ve at least said he didn’t feel the same way. I should’ve just kept my thoughts to myself. 

It’s been like.. 3 months since we’ve been dating though. If I’m feeling a certain way. then I’m gonna let you know ASAP. Why wait? I guess it was just too soon, I don’t know. 

Unwrapping the towel that I had around my body, I saw my phone light up and rushed over to it. I was hoping that it was Chris, but I knew it wasn’t. He needed to hurry up and get back, before I go home. Picking it up from my nightstand, it was a text from Raymond. 

Raymond: come over yo, I’m bored

Smiling to myself a bit, I thought about if I should go or not. I guess I can. We really dont hang out like that. Plus, I’m not doing anything anyways.

Me: k come pick me up bro. im at chris’ house 

Raymond: gotchu. ima be there in 20

Tossing my phone on the bed, I grabbed my Nude by Rihanna fragrances and and put them on. That was my fav. It smelt so good. This is like the 5th set I’ve bought. 

I pratically lived here. Most of my clothes, frgrances, beauty products, and etc were everywhere in Chris’ room. This was like my second home.

Quickly putting on my outfit, I stared at myself in the mirror. I knew Ray would say something about my shorts, but they were too cute to resist. They were really pajama shorts, but I dont even wear pants to bed. 

Satisfied with my look, I slipped on my Lebron 11’s and grabbed my phone off of my bed. Closing the curtains and making sure that the tv was off, as I made my way downstairs to the kitchen. 

Noticing Christina and August leaned up in front of the refridgerator, I waited for them to finish. Didn’t wanna interrupt them. Looking August up and down, I I bit my lip and closed my eyes. 

“Fuck you standing here for?” August spat, mugging me. My heart sunk. 

“I was just trying to get som–” Christina cut me off. 

“Dont talk to her like that! Apologize!” Christina yelled as August smirked.

“Fuck her, man." 

"So you really gonna act like this because I’m with Chris? Get over it, August." 

Why couldn’t he just accept the fact that Chris and I are together. I told him we could still be friends. 

"I’m chllin. I dont give a fuck about you or ya punk ass boyfriend. Go suck his dick and get out my face before he slap ya ass around or something for talking to me.” He said, adjusting his snapback on his head, as Christina hit him in the chest afterwards.

Rolling my eyes, I stormed outside. I cant believe he just said that. I’ve never disrespected him. I’m tired of being nice to people, and getting hurt in return. This shit sucks. 

Let me just spend some time with Raymond and forget about all my problems. 


It honestly felt so fucking good to bond with Raye. I was getting to know her better. She was a sweet, down to earth girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Well, unless you did something to her first. She a cool girl, though. We gotta chill more often. 

“Forever my lady..” Raye sang softly, breaking me out of my thoughts. Looking over at her, I chuckled at the way she bobbed her head. Standing up in my bed, I smirked. 

“Teabag!” I yelled, before jumping over her head. Landing perfectly on the ground, I couldn’t stop laughing at her reaction. She looked so pissed.

“Your balls feel saggy as fuck, don’t put them dirty shits on my head.” She chuckled, flicking me off. 

Getting back on the bed, I sat right in front of her. Ignoring her, I stared at her as she kept telling me to move. Her eyes looked like she been crying. They weren’t red, but you know how you can tell when somebody’s been crying? Their eyes look tired and puffy. 

“Why was you crying?” I asked, licking over my lips. Sighing, she cut off the tv and started playing with her fingers. 

“Come on sis, just tell me.” I said, interwining my fingers with hers. Giving her an assuring smile, she gave me a small one back.

“Well after Chris and I had sex, I just started thinking about how good he’s has been to me and I accidentally told him I love him out loud and he froze up and left. Talkin bout momma J told him to do something, like nigga she aint tell you to do shit.” She explained, as I chuckled at the last part. 

“You love him, foreal?” I asked.

“Well.. yea. I don’t know, maybe I’m just talkin’. But it’s like he makes me feel so good. These past months, he’s been amazing and that’s just how I felt. The fact that he changed for me even makes it better. Was it too soon to say that?" 

"Ion’ know. I’m not good at giving advice, but if that’s how you felt then that’s how you felt. He aint have to leave if he aint feel the same way though. He could’ve talked about it.” I shrugged.

“I feel like a dumb bitch for even saying it.” She frowned. 

“Don’t beat yourself up about it. You didn’t do nothing wrong. You know that nigga Chris can’t ever admit shit.” Chuckling, she nodded. 

“You’re right. I was gonna text him too, but I’m not about to kiss his ass. He should be the one texting me. I’m over it though, I’ll give him his space. He’s acting like female right now.”


"What’s good with you, though? I see you got a hoop ring now. Your hair’s gotten curlier, too. I see ya big bro, lookin’ fine like wine.” She smirked, making me laugh a bit. 

“I been kissing Cassie’s ass. That’s what the fuck I been doing.” I laughed,.shaking my head.

“Why she don’t like me for?" 

"Like hell if I know. Why you say that?" 

"When she came earlier, she was bein shady and shit. She’s always like that towards me. I don’t even have a problem with her." 

"Damn, I’ll talk to her about that.” Nodding, she smiled and clapped. Getting up from the bed, I examined her thot ass outfit. 

“Why you wear those, bruh?”

“I paid $40 dollars for these.” She said in a ghetto voice. Sucking my teeth, I shook my head at this clown. 

“What you wanna do?”

“Let’s have a sleepover!” She exclaimed. 

“Hell no.” Rolling her eyes, she put her hand on her chin to think. Her ass always did that. 

“Park?” Nodding, I grabbed my phone and keys off of my nightstand. Jetting down the stairs, I waited for Raye to come outside so that I could lock the door. 

“You didn’t even put on a shirt.” Raye gasped, smacking my bare chest. I never wore a shirt to the park and she knew this. She probably forgot since we aint been talking. 

“It’s hot as fuck.” I shrugged, Putting my keys and phone in my pocket, we both crossed the street. Turning on a couple of other streets, we finally reached the park. Raye looked like a little kid in a candy store right now. 

“Last one to the slide is a duty head!” She squealed, running over to the slide. Chuckling at her childish antics, I followed right behind her. Looking around, I noticed that nobody was here. Which is good, because Raye’s ass is embarrassing. She acts like a big ass baby. 

When she finally reached the slide, she plopped down at the end of it. “You not gonna slide down it?” I asked, laughing a bit.

“No. I’m gonna break it..” She mumbled, starring at the trees ahead of her. She was into nature and shit. I guess that’s why she can be so nice and peaceful sometimes. Snapping of pic of her, I posted it to the gram. 

cassiesbf: she came to the park to stare at trees @rayeisbae

A few seconds later, I noticed that Chris liked it. This nigga be lurking like a bitch. He be trying to deny it. 

“Your boy liked it..” I cackled, putting my fist up to my mouth. 

“Fuck Chris right now. I regret letting him fuck his frustration away earlier.” She stated, making me scrunch up my face.

“Ion’ wanna hear about yo sex life. The fuck?” Chuckling, she waved me off. 

“Shutup, because I had to literally hear yours earlier when Cassie came home." 

"Whatever, let’s go get some ice-cream. I’m feeni’ for some.” I said, rubbing my stomach. Smirking up at me, I knew exactly what she wanted.

Sighing, I squatted down a little bit, as she got up and jumped on my back. “You’re a cool dude, bro.” Raye said, wrapping her arms around my neck so I wouldn’t drop her. Propping her up on my back, I started to walk to Ben and Jerry’s. 

Plating kisses all on the side of my face, I rolled my eyes the whole time. “Love you big bro.” She whispered in my ear.    

“Love you too.” I mumbled.  

I gotta start chillin’ with her more often.  


There’s a pamphlet about bio-augmentation on his desk again.

Sparks Nevada stares it down for a moment, then snatches it up, strides into the front room of the Marshal Station where Croach and the Red Plains Rider are engaged in some kind of weird bonding activity like braiding each other’s hair or antennae or whatever, and snaps “Okay, which of you two keeps leavin’ these on my desk?”

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PSA on Sheith


So I’ve been processing a lot of info lately and I feel like I need to make a clear point on one thing.

First I wanna clarify and own up to the fact that I made really bad posts defending Sheith and while I disagree with myself at this point I don’t wanna act like I didn’t make those posts.

Now, I wanna talk about how my opinions on Sheith have changed.

The ship is problematic.

It is problematic because there is a potential age gap that would create a potential for abuse. You can tell me all you want how Shiro would never be abusive and all that nice stuff, but it doesn’t take away the fact that it’s problematic.

I think it’s fair to not take the video of the Directors “confirming” their age at face-value because I don’t think a shrug and a “that’s a safe range” are an age confirmation, but I also think it’s completely fair to be made extremely uncomfortable and even start hating the ship because of that potential age gap.

Which brings me to my next point.

A lot of anti-sheiths are minors and I feel like, I, specifically, as an adult, am responsible for making sure that minors have a safe blogging experience and don’t learn things that will hurt them in the future. As adults, we have to accept that reality is not separate from fiction and kids on this website WILL learn things that can hurt them and we are responsible if they do. Do NOT speak over children who are uncomfortable with Sheith, do not make fun of them, do not shut them down. Same goes for CSA survivors, I know a lot of CSA survivors that hate Sheith and a lot that love it, and both sides are valid. What is NOT okay is to shut down CSA survivors (I would know, I am a CSA survivor that is comfortable with Sheith) that are uncomfortable. Always acknowledge that people are allowed to feel uncomfortable with this ship and I know that getting constant ship hate is awful and annoying but it is more awful to teach children and CSA survivors that their voices aren’t important enough when compared to your ships.

On the other hand, as someone who comes from a culture that has normalized age gaps, I completely understand feeling defensive over this whole argument.  Cultural context is important and I understand feeling attacked over people (especially Americans and westerners) trying to call something that is normal in your country gross or disgusting. I really do, I’ve lived in Mexico most of my life and my initial reaction to Sheith hate was 80% me getting defensive over that. But It’s also incredibly important to understand that Tumblr has a LOT of American youth, and while it might not feel bad to you, teaching THEM that, IS bad. 

Again, I might come off as wishy-washy here because I personally have had the experience of living in both countries so I will NEVER expect others from Non-western countries to behave the same way that westerners would. Is it a double-standard? Yes. Is it reasonable? Also, yes. Complex and Severe issues will have complex responses. Please be aware that your culture (this goes specifically towards American Voltron fans mostly) is not superior to others and throwing around words like Disgusting and Pedophillic when stuff like this is normal and encouraged is not a good thing to do. But do NOT use your culture as a shield when you are teaching others what is morally okay or what is not. Using your culture as a shield as to why you are personally fine with it is reasonable but do NOT teach children from other cultures that just because you are okay with it, so should they. Respecting cultures is a two-way street, and when you post things aggressively defending something that is problematic in the US (which is where MOST of tumblr’s minors are from) you are teaching them to tolerate something that is abusive in their context.

In summary, ship responsibly. This issue is complicated, and there are multiple sides to the argument. My own stance isn’t perfect, or without holes. I feel very emotional about both these issues, so unfortunately I can’t agree 100% with myself on either of the issues and where they overlap, but this is the best compromise I have found.

Ship responsibly. Be aware, don’t shut others down for their valid discomfort.

Finally, I still do ship Sheith and I will continue to post about it, and I completely understand being unable to drop the ship because of the the wishy-washyness of the age confirmation and because of your own cultural context. But I acknowledge that people are allowed and entitled to feel uncomfortable with it and I hope people stop defending it violently when all it’s doing is potentially hurting kids. Ship it, love it, post about it, but don’t talk over people who are uncomfortable with it, acknowledge the problematic parts, don’t defend them. Mention persistent age headcanons if you have to, be responsible. 

Be responsible.

You are free to do what you want but not at the cost of others.

mardyandrea  asked:

Hiii could you do a 4/4 song preference about any Blink-182 preference? If they're a bit long it's better but you know, i'd like whatever you do bc it's always perfection haha xx

Finally, right?



I took her out. It was a Friday night
I wore cologne to get the feeling right

It was your first date with Luke, and you could tell just how overwhelmingly nervous he was. Except for a “good evening”, he didn’t utter a word as he escorted you to his car and held open the door for you. You were trying not to laugh, so that he wouldn’t feel embarrassed, but when he got into the car and you got a whiff of his cologne, you couldn’t hold it in anymore. You burst out laughing and spluttering and choking and your eyes began to water as you tried to figure out how to tell this adorable boy that he smelled like an armpit, without hurting his feelings.


We started making out, and she took off my pants
But then I turned on the TV

Tonight, from where you sat on the couch, Calum looked especially enticing. He had his eyes trained to the TV, but you crawled over and started kissing his neck, hoping to get his attention. When you pulled away he groaned and turned to face you, giving you the opportunity to catch his lips in a fervent kiss and climb onto his lap. However, when you tangled your fingers in his hair and started to move your hips, he realised what exactly you were trying to do. With a small peck and an apology, he moved you off his lap in favour of the football match on the television.


Are still more amused by prank phone calls
What the hell is Call ID?

“Hello,” you spoke into the phone. At first there was no reply, but you could hear muffled giggling and speaking in the background on the other end of the line. “Hello?” you repeated, trying not to roll your eyes.

“Yes, hello? Who would you like to speak with?” you heard your boyfriend’s voice, masked badly with a fake American accent. 

“Michael, I know it’s you, even if you’re using Ashton’s phone,” you sigh, trying to sound annoyed when you were very amused.

“Shit!” he muttered into the phone. Then you heard him whisper to someone else, “You idiot! You didn’t block the number!” He spoke directly to you again, “Sorry, love. We were just…I wanted to…sorry. Don’t want to bother you anymore.”

You chuckle, “It’s fine. But, is that really the best prank call idea you could come up with?”


I never wanna act my age
What’s my age again?

“Ash!” you would complain. “Would you stop that?” You were in the dressing room with the boys and, as usual, the energy before a show had Ashton excessively hyper. You were trying to read on your laptop but he was standing behind you and drumming on your head lightly with his sticks, just enough to annoy you without hurting you. You turn around to give him a reprimanding look, but he just continued and stuck out his tongue for added measure. “Are you ten?” you would jibe.

“Last I checked! And I’m gonna be ten for the rest of my life,” he replied smugly, but you just rolled your eyes and laughed.

PSA my exams are done and I’m all yours again!

-Lee xP