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7/31/15 Z.Tao at Day Day Up recording [x]

After he finished his recording, he didn’t left as any normal artists did. Because he knew that if he left, Hailangs would leave the show too, and it would be very disrespectful to the show as well as other guests there. He just sat quietly in a place for VIP in a corner, to watch the show and play with the smoke (lol cutie). He also asked Hailangs to show support for other guests too. He is indeed a very polite and respectful child.

Recommend me a manga please

I want to read something again. I’m looking for something different. Right now I’m reading magi and I like it a lot. I used to read naruto, but I hate it, especially the plot holes, anyways I read until the very end. I used to read one piece but I stopped because oda was going too slow (I’ll read it again, I’m just waiting). I never got caught by bleach. I didn’t ended up liking the draw style in Tokyo ghoul and snk, so in both I read sometimes and wait for animations. Knb and haikyuu aren’t my kind of manga, although I read eyeshield 21 and slam dunk, and I loved both. I don’t like pun pun, too angst and I feel sad after reading. I’ve read 20 century boys and some of the same author manga, and I love them all. I love Nana too, but I don’t like the typical shojo love story, school stuff (although I’m watching ore monogatari rn and I love it).

Finally if you read all my complaints and compliments about some popular manga, and you have an idea about what manga I should definitely read, please, please help me and suggest me something (╯︵╰,)

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I never buy singles. Never ever. I always wait to buy the whole album when it's out. I didn't bought Florence + the machine first single for their new album earlier this year. Their previous album was in 2011, so i was anxiously waiting for it. And they're my absolute favorite band ever. And still i waited till june to buy the whole album. Now I just bougth Drag me down. Because i needed to hear Harry's voice in that song, on repeat, asap. What has he done to me Ces?

Baby look what you’ve done to meeee :) 👍🏻❤️

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hey! Im the girl who was asking if you give advice or something. well theres this girl my friend she's bi and I like her a lot and the last time I asked her if she wanted to go out she told me that she really likes me back but there is too much going on in her life witch is true. But not too long ago I found out that not long after I asked her out she got a boyfriend I think she believes i'm over her but i'm not I really love her. I never felt this wait about someone and idk how do get over her.

hey, i’m sorry to hear that.. it really sucks! it’s really just her lost if she doesn’t want to be with you. if i were you i wouldn’t try to “win” her or something, because i really believe that if someone rejected me, they have no interest in me and well, they don’t deserve my attention haha. try to take some space for her for a while so you can get over her. i’m not saying to completely shut her out, she’s your friend after all, but just work on yourself a little, hang out with new people because if you’ll keep seeing her all the time you’ll never be over her. and to be honest, if she does’t want you, someone else will :)

I’m never gonna wait
that extra twenty minutes
to text you back,
and I’m never gonna play
hard to get
when I know your life
has been hard enough already.
When we all know everyone’s life
has been hard enough already
it’s hard to watch
the game we make of love,
like everyone’s playing checkers
with their scars,
saying checkmate
whenever they get out
without a broken heart.

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I've seen probably dozens of metas about Brienne's feelings for Jaime and I agree with them, but I've barely seen metas about Jaime's feelings. So I'm curious: When did he fall in love with her? Does he really love her?

Jaime is in love with Brienne

“You want her? Go get her.”


If GRRM didn’t have Jaime call Brienne ugly every five seconds, no one would question for a minute what was going on between them. George uses the reader’s own lack of belief that someone like Jaime could love someone like Brienne to pull off this sleight of hand. Otherwise there’d be no suspense at all about their relationship. Seriously, if Brienne was even mildly hot would there be a doubt? NO!


You can argue that it’s platonic, but I’ll pull out book boners and make you look like a moron.

“The bear was less hairy than that freak, I’ll—”

Jaime’s golden hand CRACKED HIM ACROSS THE MOUTH so hard the other knight went stumbling down the steps.

Look at this lovesick idiot! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s going on here. Why is Jaime incapable of having a thought whenever he takes drastic action on Brienne’s behalf? Why does he ask himself why he’s helping her then never answer himself? Because if he did, it would be SPOILERS, duh.

Everyone knows Beauty doesn’t realize it’s love until the end of the story, jfc.

You ever put yourself on hold for someone that you know is never going to come around? Yet you still keep finding excuses to hold on to whatever little hope is left. You start making excuses for that person. Maybe they’re not ready. Maybe they need time. Maybe they still have a lot of healing to do. You keep making excuses because you’re trying to convince yourself that the wait will be worth it, when really in your heart you know that it’s just not meant to be, It’s just not meant to be and you find it so hard to let go of that person because you love them. Because you love them and you don’t want to miss the moment in which they realize that you’re there with open hands, but what if that moment never comes? What if you spend your whole life waiting on someone who is never going to find it in them to love you? What do you do then? How do you move on?


Chaos wasn’t the only thing rising in this episode.

AKA Stiles Du Jour: When Derek’s oh-so-subtle flirting ends with dinner and dessert being one delectable blur.


so I got the new cd dl data, thinking that there was going to be more pictures than what was floating on the net.. there wasn’t, hahaa… sooo kind of a waste of $15 but then kind of not because these are really awesome pictures, and I just used them on my free shutterfly 8x10 pics, so I’m posting them here for those who want it as well :3

in the download link its just the pictures posted above and also the original scans.. I took them to photoshop to make them darker but manipulate the originals if you don’t care for mine :3

download link :


Where did Xemnas get the coats for the Organisation members?

Did he buy them? Who sold them to him? Did they appear out of nowhere? Did he make them? The 13 of them?? Has Xemnas got insane sewing skills we’re not aware of? I need to know

  • Friend:*tells me life goals*
  • Me:I shall support thee.
  • Me:But not in the sugardaddy way I can only afford a McDonald's value meal.
  • Me:*eating with my parents*
  • Parents:*fighting*
  • Dad:*tries to bring me into the fight*
  • Me:*shoving breadsticks in my bag* something's come up I gotta go...