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NAME OF YOUR CHARA:  allura (belowa), princess of altea.

ONE PICTURE YOU LIKE BEST OF YOUR CHARA: omg this gorgeous queen


  • allura doesn’t like many animals. her fondness for the mice stems solely for the fact that they lived in the cryopod with her for that extended period of time, and her body sort of just tells her that she should like that. usually, she’s only a dog person.
  • she’s the red paladin in her main verse!! i haven’t specified that anywhere but, yeah. she was the former red paladin and had always wanted to be the black paladin, but never pursued it (except in verse four).


  • learning earth culture from the various journals pidge has kept over the months.
  • rewriting old novels she had begun prior to the Galra wars, and reteaching herself literary devices. 
  • dressing up in her royal garments.


  • lance
  • pidge
  • keith
  • shiro
  • hunk
  • coran
  • alfor


  • not taking a bigger stand against her father and destroying zarkon before everything got too intense, too out of hand.
  • allowing antok to die because of her negligence. she should have been faster, should have been looking out for him more.


  • immortality
  • losing her culture.

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Gryffindor Headcanons (kinda)

Lots of you have asked for headcanons, and I’m 100% sure I didn’t do this right, but I tried something new and that counts for something! (actually its just a fanfic written in a list oops)

Ironically they weren’t any faster to write but whatcanyado

  • Newt had fancied you ever since he first saw you on the train, so he was completely heartbroken when you two were sorted into different houses.
  • He saw you in between classes everyday, but could never work up the courage to walk up to you and say hello. He usually kept to himself and hoped things would just work out, and waited for fate to do its thing.
    • And funny enough, it would.
  • He found out you were caught sneaking around after hours, so you were sent to detention in the forbidden forest. News travels fast, so Newt traveled fast (sorry)
  • It was a struggle to get detention, as he was a widely ignored kid, but he was eventually able to do it. (I’ll leave that up to your imagination)
  • He realized he had no idea what to do once you got there, given there were four other kids in the forest with you.
  • However, destiny was on his side when you were all separated, leaving you two in the forest together.
  • If it was possible, things got even more awkward and uncomfortable. And just as he was about to give up, a miracle in the form of a giant troll came plowing into you two.
  • He thought now would be an amazing time to show off his skills and save you. As he approached the troll, he was flung to the side like a fly and hit his head on the tree. So much for Hufflepuff power.
  • When he regained consciousness, you were standing over him, furiously checking to see if he was alright. He realized you had taken down the beast all by yourself, and he was left completely embarrassed.
  • But for some reason, your friendship flourished after that. It wasn’t exactly how he thought it would go, but it was still nice.
  • You two were inseparable for years, and with that his affection only grew.

  • You’re on the Quidditch team (of course) and he came to every game. He loved to support you even if you were playing against his own house.
    • You would take a lot of hits on the field, and he flinched every time as if he felt the pain himself. He kept watching though.
    • One day you took a bludger to the head, and woke up in the Hospital wing with none other than Newt by your side.
    • At first he was overwhelmed with relief that you were alive, then began to scold you and that you needed to be more careful. He had warned you that you would get hurt if you pushed yourself too hard, which did happen. You’ve heard this lecture a hundred times and you pretended to be annoyed with him. But instead, you were flattered he cared about you.
    • He brought you the daily homework and did it with you by your bedside.
    • You complained that the Hospital food was ‘rubbish’, so he snuck some dinner from the great hall so you could eat together.
    • “You don’t have to spend all your time with me, you should go” he didn’t even let you finish, before he replied with a “not a chance”
    • You tried to rush your recovery. You wanted to be back on your broom in time to play Slytherin, and Newt knew this. He kept an eye on you, always at your side as if you were about to fall over. It should infuriate you, but for some reason you feel your face begin to heat up.
    • You wanted to get back at him for being so protective, so on the way to class you pretended to fall, clutching your injury and dramatically groaning in pain. As expected, he flipped out.
    • He offered to skip class to take you back to the Hospital Wing, panicking the whole time, and you can’t help but giggle uncontrollably.
    • He was furious that you made him worry, and his nostrils began to flare in anger and frustration.
    • “That wasn’t funny, I thought you were hurt!” “Why do you care?” you reply, teasing the blushing boy. “Because I don’t want you to be hurt” “And why is that?”
    • “Because I love you!” Silence fell over both of you, and if it was possible, he began to blush even darker.
    • He began to backpedal, stumbling over his words and staring at his shoes in shame.
    • “I-I didn’t mean to scare you. You were hurt-or you weren’t-and you made me scared and I-”
    • You leaned in and planted a little kiss on his cheek, silencing him and making his eyes widen. You bite your lip, and stare cheekily into his eyes.
    • “I love you too” 

tbh i’m still very picky about how kacchako is portrayed 

i refuse to believe that Bakugou would ever initiate any sort of affection b/c he’s just incredibly emotional constipated and fears things he doesn’t understand and he usually bottles up and denies emotions that confuse and scare him, and romantic feelings would fall under all of that

i think he’d pretty much explode out of embarrassment before he initiated anything

Uraraka, on the other hand, was actually kind of active in perusing Izuku

at the very least, she was more open to the idea of asking Izuku about this stuff and confronting her feelings on the matter, which. Bakugou would never do unless he was forced to, or his emotional confusion and conflict finally became too much to keep bottled up and hidden and it finally exploded out of him in a fit of anger and frustration and embarrassment

of course Uraraka immediately pushes down those romantic feelings after she realized they would be a distraction for both herself and Izuku and that she needs to focus on becoming a hero first and foremost. but before that she was absolutely willing to try and understand these feelings

so i believe that she’d be the one to initiate most affection and physical contact (like hugging, hand holding, kisses, etc)

plus i think Bakugou would view romance as a distraction from his ultimate goal of becoming number one

(plus i have various other headcanons that make me pretty picky, like viewing Bakugou as ace and slightly touch-sensitive due to his experience with the sludge villain, and i don’t think anything would actually happen between Bakugou and Uraraka until they were older and have more stability in their lives, especially Bakugou)

anyway, this is just me rambling, haha. people are free to have their own views of ships and all that

okay I saw someone in my notes being sad that they never hear any positive Victor Hugo stories 
(honestly most Victor Hugo stories are just bizarre,  like how do you even rank the seance thing or the bat present, like at a certain point there just has to be a classification off the good/bad beam that’s just “Romantic” so everyone can get on with life , but I digress) 

Anyway I was reading Alexandre Dumas’ memoirs, and apparently early in his career, after a lag caused by multiple censor bans and refusals for all the usual show biz profit reaons,  he had put on a play for a sort of Society Preview to get assessed to see if it would keep going? As you do (oh gad French theater in the 20s-30s was so big and so complicated please don’t ask me to explain it all right here but anyway)

and it was a success! But he had to do multiple edits to get permission to make it an ongoing play! Which, okay, he could do that! Except he also had to have an opening night party and entertain the Right People to get this play to be successul! Like, really, had to.  So he wines and dines and schmoozes the necessary schmoozing all night and THEN has to go and look at his play and try to be creative and make necessary edits at Why O’Clock in the early morning–

and all the edits were already done.  Done really well, by someone really good  who totally knew the sort of thing Dumas would have written himself. And it was Why O’Clock in the morning, so he didn’t question the Magic Editing Elves too closely, he was just grateful and went to bed. 

But Dumas found out later from a mutual friend who’d been in on it that Hugo and another friend had snuck into the writing studio while the party was going on and done the edits without telling anyone 

because they were buddies and buddies do that

even in the memoirs years later Dumas is like YES HIGH FIVE THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY BACON PAL

so there you go, Victor Hugo, Study Buddy and Stealth Assistant Editor FOR FRIENDSHIP. 


Jealousy is a Bitch | Stiles Stilinski Imagine ft. Theo Raeken 

request ; (1) stiles imagine where you two got into a fight and aren’t talking so at the pack meeting you start flirting with theo to make him jealous? (2) can you do stiles and theo fighting over you. 

word count ; 1027

warnings ; swearing (which is always fun)

a/n ; in my bio sort of thing, the sb stands for side blog, because this a side blog. so if i ever follow any of you guys back or like one of your posts, it’ll come up as my primary blog, lahey-pack (would not recommend following, you’ll probably start hating me.) 

You and Stiles were no strangers to the silent treatment. It was something used often in your relationship, but it usually never lasted very long. Most of the time, one of you would use it for something stupid, to get what you wanted, because neither of you could go very long without talking to the other. Silent treatments never lasted longer than three hours, but this one had been going for a day and a half already, all because of a stupid fight (which neither of you could remember the cause of, you were just too proud to admit.)  

You sat on the opposite side of Scott’s living room, blatantly talking and laughing with anyone who wasn’t Stiles. When he attempted to get your attention from across the room, you made a point of looking at him, blinking, that turning back around to continue your conversation with Liam. 

Fine, he thought irritably, I’m a big boy. I can handle her talking to Liam. He’s like, what, five? Stiles crossed his arms, scowling at everyone who started talking to him. Just when he considered relaxing, that you were probably going to talk to him later when you cooled off a little more, you stood up from the couch. He sat up too, watching as you went out of your way to start having a not so subtle conversation with Theo. 

In all honesty, you were just talking to him to spite Stiles. It was an awful thing to do, and you recognized that, but he had said some equally awful things to you yesterday, and maybe he needed to suffer a little before you forgave him. Plus, maybe this would give him the motivation to actually apologize to you instead of glaring like a little kid from across the room. You were the type of person to hold a grudge, as was Stiles, and you knew he wouldn’t apologize unless you took action. 

And you refused to be the one to apologize first. 

Liam walked over to Stiles, picking up immediately on the boy’s increasing anger. He poked Stiles’ arm, and almost jumped off the couch when Stiles gave him a look of murderous rage. “What do you want?” Stiles snapped, looking over Liam’s shoulder as you leaned toward Theo a bit more. “I’m a little busy glowering at my girlfriend.” 

“Maybe you should just apologize to her instead of glaring at the back of her head while she talks to Theo, who by the way, isn’t exactly ugly and can probably get any girl he wants.” Liam said quietly, glancing over his shoulder at you. 

“This is an adult thing, baby wolf, you wouldn’t understand. Now, run along and go play with your toy cars or something. I’m busy pretending that I don’t care about my girlfriend and pretty boy making openly flirtatious comments toward one another.” Stiles waved Liam away with his hands and returned to his previous activity of glaring at the wall, arms folded and a childlike pout on his lips. Liam nudged him again, much to Stiles’ dismay. 

“If I were you, I would apologize now, before she and Theo get even cozier over there,” Liam pointed toward the other couch, where you and Theo were sitting incredibly close. He had one hand twirling a stand of your hair, the other resting on your knee, and Stiles swore steam was actually coming out of his ears, he was so furious. 

Stiles made his was over there before you could even blink, wedging himself in between you both and plopping down right there. He leaned into you, wrapping an arm around your waist before turning his head toward Theo and raising his eyebrows. “That looked like a nice conversation, mind if I join you?” 

“I don’t think it would make much if I difference if I said yes,” Theo said, the smile that had been on his face when he was talking to you vanishing. Stiles smirked, shaking his head. 

“Nope,” he replied, taking your hand in his. You didn’t protest, because you knew this was his way of saying he was sorry, and that the real apology would actually come out soon enough; when Theo gave up and moved on with his day. Except, Theo stayed put, narrowing his eyes. Ah, shit. 

“Since when do you control who your girlfriend talks to?” Theo inquired, his tone condescending. “You’re not a very good boyfriend, are you, Stiles?”

Stiles pulled away from you, clenching his jaw. You leaned forward, placing one hand on his shoulder and using your other one to relax his tight fist. “Stiles, don’t fight with him. I’m yours, I love you.” Stiles visibly relaxed, his shoulders slumping as he gave you a small smile, grabbing your hand tightly. Theo stood up from the couch, a smirk on his face. 

“Well, that’s adorable. A girlfriend having to calm her boyfriend down from murderous fits of rage. Cute.” Theo waited for a reaction from Stiles, something that would show you how your relationship wasn’t worth it. But you held his hand tighter, and Stiles’ previous anger was replaced with a broad smirk of his own. 

“Think whatever you want, Raeken, but at the end of the day, theres one thing I get to do, and you don’t,” he said in a sing song voice. 

“And what’s that?” Asked Theo with minimal interest. 

“Kiss my incredibly beautiful girlfriend,” Stiles said triumphantly, entangling his hands in your soft hair and pulling you toward him, firmly pressing his lips to yours and doing an internal victory dance when you deepened the kiss, your own hands moving from his waist to his cheeks. When you pulled away from what felt like an eternity, Stiles sighed with content, forehead resting against yours. 

“You’re such an asshole sometimes,” You told him. It was true, everyone knew it was true, even Stiles himself. He didn’t really care. Neither did you, really. He had gotten Theo to walk away without serious confrontation and had gotten you to forgive him, all in one shot. Plus, he made out with you, which was always a bonus in his book.

“Jealousy’s a bitch. I love you, too, though.” 

So, there was a translated interview with Zhulin at FSU by TAHbKA (link in source), in which he speaks about how there is 40 seconds in Latch that Scott is on two feet.  Now, I know that Latch has more two foot skating and more open holds than they used to have, so I don’t actually have an issue with him talking about this (and it was basically to say, that because they are favoured right now, no one is criticizing the section or encouraging them to make changes).  But it did make me curious, so I went on YT to watch.  Now, without sound, I’m having an easier time concentrating on their feet, and I’m really trying to watch their feet exclusively (I usually get distracted when I try to do this sort of thing, LOL).   But things I noticed:

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I’m especially upset about this episode because in my head, MK is neurodivergent and like No??? the self-indulgent version of her i’ve got in my head wouldn’t do this???

The entire conversation leading up to the end section was really fucking ablest and made me want to scream out loud

I’m usually quite forgiving when it comes to this sort of thing in Tanis because it’s usually just plot holes and stuff but I’m really not happy about this

I still love the concept of the show, there were some really great bits in this episode, and I’m still listening, but it’s


anonymous asked:

I need anything to save this situation from just being predictable. I was actually hoping the point of this storyline was for Robert to have some sort of breakdown so I like your theory, I'm not confident now though. They're dropping hints and I've seen so many soap stories go this way. The only thing that gives me doubt is that I've never seen this happen to a couple at the peak of their popularity and storylining it usually happens to couples when there's nothing left to do.

I’m holding out hope, because 1. I do honestly believe that it’s Moira pregnant and 2. because something about this story is just off. There is something we’re missing, and I don’t believe it’s Bex being pregnant, now I could be wrong, and fool on me if I am, but from the way Danny, the Emmerdale Twitter, and everyone else who’s in the know has been acting, I feel like the twist is something we’re not gonna see coming. 

*Fingers crossed* Robert breakdown, cause they could also be laying the foundation for that. Why did Ryan play out the mill scene on Thursday that way? We were all expecting a lodge style breakdown and it wasn’t, is that cause maybe there is more?

I can only give my opinion, I can’t see the future sadly, I wish I could tho, put everyone out of their misery. 

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lmao wow listen i'm garbage and the whole brooding boy/gentle girl thing is usually my shit, except betty is so painfully boring, that i'm crying on the inside every time i have to see lice, like.. how do you fuck up a character so bad that she has no personality? i literally like that trope and yet here i am waiting for the day they break up. the fact that ras is acting like this is some sort of new never thought of before dynamic is hilarious though

RAS acting like this is groundbreaking never before explored material sounds like it comes from south park gag about a pretentious writer who thinks everything he does is never before done gold.

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hey! any ideas on how to approach a good friend and tell him that i might like him and have feelings for him without making things awkward? i just feel like "if you never try you'll never know" is true somehow but i don't want to come up to him and say "hey i might have feelings for you what do you think :))" i just want to give like subtle hints and find out what he thinks??? idk?? by the way, thanks for caring so much and for running this blog!

You could start with flirting a little and seeing if he picks up on it or reacts positively to it. Initiate more physical contact than usual, pay him some compliments, that sort of thing. If that goes well, you could ask him if he’s interested in anyone at the moment, since that’s something you could plausibly ask a friend. If his answer sounds like you’ve got a chance, and he asks you the same question, then maybe you could say that you are interested in someone, but you’re not sure if you should tell them.

But you’re right, if you don’t try, you’ll never know, and if you feel like you want him to know how you feel, then it’s okay to tell him the truth. 

Satire Department-

Well, I don’t usually go for art contests (haven’t done so since high school), but when Doug Walker announced a DVD cover contest, I just couldn’t resist. I worked intermittently on this during the past month or so, and even if it doesn’t make it to runner up, it was still a fun painting exercise in a style I had never attempted before (And of course I had to go for the Boris Vallejo route here!). As I often say, I should do this sort of thing more often.

Miracles - Newt

The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.

The Doctor told me that. He was right, as he usually is. Impossible things could happen, but they very rarely do. Those impossible things are miracles. I’ve never believed in that sort of thing. I never really saw one happen nor have I heard of one that happened recently. The universe is just cruel that way.

I like to think that the only reason my body is a little nice to me is because I already have too much shit to deal with. I mean, I’m hyperacidic, I’m all dark and twisted, my left leg isn’t quite working the way it used to, I have anxiety disorder… I mean, that’s a lot to deal with, the least I could do is let me eat all the chocolate in the world.

But like I said, I have a lot to on my plate. I don’t need anymore things. When I think that things have finally gotten better, they just get so much worse really quickly. It sucks, but it’s the way it is. It’s been like that for a while.

Now, I’m standing on a grave, supposed to put a red rose on the coffin like it meant something. Like it meant that we were friends.

We were so much more than that. Whatever we were, we weren’t just friends, not to me. He was the person who could make me smile when I was sad, the person who could make me cry of laughter.

He was also, apparently, the person who could make me feel numb with one stupid act.

“Y/N,” Teresa told me, telling me it was time to put my rose on the coffin, but I couldn’t do anything. “Y/N, please.” Tears welled up in my eyes. At this moment, I didn’t care about the stares. I didn’t care if I was making a scene. I sniffled.

“I can’t, Teresa.” I told her, glancing at her then back at the coffin. I saw her shift her weight to her other leg and tilt her head.

“I know it’s hard, but it’s time to let go.” I shook my head.

“I can’t.” I repeated, softer, my voice cracking. “Can I just be alone for a while?” I asked. She nodded. Everybody had already walked away after putting down their roses, so she put hers down and walked away. I walked up to the coffin as it began to rain.

If miracles did happen, if that sort of thing existed, why couldn’t it happen now? Why couldn’t Newt just spring back from the dead? Why couldn’t he give me one last hug?

I loved him. He was… everything to me. I would give up everything if he could just come back.

“You know I don’t believe in this sort of thing.” I talked to… well, nobody. I sighed. “Is it easier being the on in the coffin? At least you don’t have to feel this numbness or stupidity or guilt.” I sighed. “Why’d you leave?” I asked. “Why’d you have to go? Why couldn’t you just… talk to me? Instead of… this?” I asked nobody. “I loved you and not in the way you thought I did. You were my person. My McDreamy. My Rory. At least, to me that’s what you were. I may not be your Meredith or your Amy. You might be John and I’m Sherlock, I love you but you have your eyes locked on somebody else. You might be Cas, but I may not be your Dean. I don’t know.” I shrugged. “I don’t know how to do this kind of thing. I thought I did, but I don’t. I thought I would be able to… I don’t know, put some sort of armour on, but I can’t. I don’t know how.” I admitted. “Why’d you have to leave me the moment I needed you most?” I sniffled. I put the rose on the coffin, my hand still lingering on the wood for a moment as tears spilled down my cheeks.

“Y/N?” I looked up, for a moment, my mind managed to trick itself into thinking it was Newt. I looked back, seeing Thomas, feeling my heart sink to the ground. I glanced at the coffin and looked back at Thomas, retrieving my hand and holding it to my chest. I cleared my throat.


“He wanted me to give you this on your birthday.” Thomas lifted the small box. “I didn’t know then why he couldn’t give it himself, but now, I guess I do… Anyways, now that he’s gone, I think you need whatever’s left of him now more than ever.” He shrugged, handing me the box and engulfing me into a hug. “It’ll be okay. You’ll live. I’m sure he didn’t mean to cause you this much pain. Happy birthday.” He told me before pulling away and walking off.

I looked back at the coffin and back at the small, wooden, brown box in my hands. On the lid, there were words smouldered on it. “I wish I was your night in shining whatever.” Another tear strolled down my cheek. I sat down on the grass, not caring about my black dress. I opened the box.

There were pictures of us and of all the people I mentioned. MerDer, Johnlock, Destiel, Amory… There was a letter on tea-stained paper. 

Dear Y/N,

I know that if you find this, you’re probably going to be celebrating your birthday. You’re probably going to hate me for writing this and ruining your lovely day. I don’t know. Happy birthday.

I have a confession to make. I like you. A lot. You may not feel the same, but I love you. I really, really do. I’ve known that I’ve liked you since third grade, that I loved you since the beginning of the year, but if you’re reading this, that means I’m not there to make some grand gesture to tell you myself and I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I couldn’t talk to you and tell you. I’m sorry I didn’t give you a chance to talk me down. I’m sorry I didn’t let you know. I’m sorry for hurting you if I did. I’m sorry.

Love, Newt

I put the note down, back in the box. In the bottom of the box, was a white rosebud. I saw something shiny in the middle of it and I opened it up, finding a rose gold ring with a diamond and moonstone on it.

At this point I was sobbing, this made me feel even worse.

He must’ve spent a fortune.

He loved me. And I loved him. We could’ve been together if we just…

If he hadn’t…

We had a chance. We had hope…

But it was all gone. All of it. Because he was gone. Because he died.

Today, there was a miracle. The boy I loved, loved me back… But there was also a tragedy.

The boy I loved, the boy who loved me back… was dead.

I was tagged by the amazing @vanguardpaladinkeith, thanks :)

1- Name/Nicknames? Julie/Lilith/raygun/juju/monkey/draakje (dutch for smol dragon)

2- Height? about 5′6″ if I’m using this notation right lol (1.68m)

3- Hogwarts House? Ravenclaw, I never took the test but hey the sorting hat accepts our input right?

4- Last Thing Googled? 1.68m in feet & inches lmao

5- A fictional character I’d like as a sibling? ooh interesting, let’s go with Eleven :D

6- How many blankets do I sleep with? 1

7- Favorite artist/band? *looks at playlist* ONE? one fav? I’ve been listening a lot of Gramatik, let’s go with that

8- How many blogs do I follow?  255

9- What do I usually post about? atm random memes & social justice stuff, but mostly games, a lot of em

10- Do you get asks regularly? nooope

11- What’s your Aesthetic? smokey rooms with sun coming through the blinds, daydrinking, metal studs & spikes, dresses, lots of colors

a - age: 32

b - biggest fear: failure to amount to something lmao

c - current time: 17:45

d - drink you last had: bullit energydrink

e - every day starts with: boyfriend, dog, coffee, joint

f - favorite song: Parov Stelar - All night

g - ghosts, are they real?: nope, it’d be cool tho

h - hometown: grew up in Eindhoven, now living in Zwijndrecht xD

i - in love with: boyfriend & dog obviously, watchdogs 2/wrench, fallout 4/deacon

j - jealous of: people who know what they want to do

k - killed someone: no?

l - last time you cried: oh I don’t even remember I kinda cry several times a day over posts, fictional characters, whatever

m - middle name: don’t have one

n - number of siblings: don’t have any

o - one wish: can people please please just accept & love eachother? No? Errm to live somewhere nice with all the people I like far away from everybody else with flawless internet access

p - person you last called/texted: the boyfriend when he was at work

q - questions you’re most asked: wow no idea

r - reasons to smile: boyfriend & dog, memes, good people, good stories

s - song last sang: Blur - boys & girls

t - time you woke up: 13:00ish

u - underwear color: purplish

v - vacation destinations: pretty much any big city, I love walking around busy places where I don’t know anyone

w - worst habit: completely ignoring stuff I have trouble dealing with

x - x-rays you’ve had: 5 or 6 I think?

y - your favorite food: anything with chocolate

z - zodiac sign: sagittarius

tagging @dreadthewolf @ironicallyxspiders @thisiswhymomworries @cullens-lip-scar (like always, only if you want!)

//The 21st is my birthday. It’s dinner date day, so that’s just getting rolled together, and my little brother is buying me an ice cream cake, and I think that is the only thing I’m getting for a present (XD). Other than that, I will be around, doing my usual and generally feeling like a failure for spending my 27th still trying to sort out my fucking life.

I have some irrational fear that no one else will be here cuz you’ll all go off playing Mass Effect or something (which I won’t be). Not sure why this bothers me so much, but it does. Maybe cuz I’m irrationally worried that you’ll all never come back again ever, and you’re my friends (I have very few that don’t live inside my computer). That frame of thinking means all my friends will abandon me forever on my birthday (which frankly would be a silly thought and laughable if it were not for the fact it has literally happened to me before >.>). Or maybe it’s because I am also a worrywart like oh…everyone at times, and my only income right now is still based on people giving a fuck about DA. Whatever the case, I am currently irrationally bitter and afraid of Mass Effect. “This is healthy,” S. said sarcastically. If feelings were rational they would simply just be logic (or some other simplistic explanation here, sigh).

So…please don’t forget about me? I’m hoping not all of you are gone that day 9.9 have fun playing your game, but don’t talk to me about it because I don’t want to know, and it will just make me upset and grumpy. Just…come back eventually? 6.6 Thanks.

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Alright do you think makoto ever reminisces over how buff majima felt when she gave him that massage?

I’m just imagining Makoto and Majima chillin’ doing nothing Makoto’s like doing her usual thing of sort of tracing Majima’s back tattoo with her fingers and she just sort of says out of nowhere IT’S PROBABLY A GOOD THING I COULDN’T SEE THIS THE FIRST TIME WE MET IT WOULD’VE DISTRACTED ME FROM HOW NICE THE MUSCLES IN YOUR BACK ARE


OKAY I’ve got a very important question for those of you with more theatergoing experience than I do. I’ve seen those mercy tables set up in the lobby after shows before, but never stopped to get anything. But, y'know, this is Hamilton. So. What sorts of things do they usually have on sale there? What sort of selection do they usually have in way of sizes? And most importantly – do they take debit cards, or will I need to make sure I have some cash on hand?

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So the more I think (way too) logically about Omegas & Alphas being out of commission for a week ruining their sheets, mattress, & sometimes their lives (inadvertently) the more I think I dig the one Miraculous Ladybug ABO au I found where heats are more like every terrible period feels you've ever got x10 & not inherently sexual (maybe bc the cast is max 15-16 in canon but it's never stopped fandom before) for like a day.

Haha. Yes, there’s a certain lack of logic to the whole heat/rut thing. I try to minimize it when I write, usually allowing a few days (2-3) for such events, every few months (like. 2 a year, with mandatory heat/rut leave) and most people use suppressants to sort of mine plate the timing, as can do done with birth control pills and periods, to fall at convenient times. (Note: Noct days his rut should be months away. It was a none issue until sex pollen.)

There is the life ruining aspect but shitty ruts aren’t the norm and most forced bondings aren’t related to ruts and heats but rather to terrible people doing terrible things. You know like in real life.

Ok, am I paranoid or is Anti watching me or something? 

I was just listening to this while I was drawing (it’s one of my favourite videos since I found it in August, I think XD). And suddenly the sound started to glitch like it does right before the blue screen appears or something. I don’t know how to describe this. It just sort of gets stuck and one sound is quickly repeated over and over or something like that. It usually happens when I’m doing something on my 9-years-old computer, but this time I was on my laptop. Something like this never happened on my laptop before. So I looked at it and was like: WTF? And then it stopped and the music started playing again. But the thing that scared me was that the sound got stuck exactly at 1:05 so the next thing I heard after the music started playing again was Anti’s laughter. That was realy creepy… It was almost as if something wanted to get my attention… Was it Anti?

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5 things you’ll find in my bag (ok I like never use a bag and when I do its my nike drawstring bag lol but):

  • water bottle
  • wallet
  • some sort of snack (protein bar/fruit)
  • gum
  • headphones

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • a huge pile of books that I got for really cheap at the Boston Public library sale that I’m slowly working my way through
  • my stuffed dog, Piggy
  • my massive stash of bars (clif, quest, no cow, picky, KIND, etc.)
  • usually at least two or three mugs and a bowl or plate
  • a big shopping bag filled with all my PT stuff from injuries (therabands, ankle weights, numerous braces/wraps, etc. etc. plus a foam roller and stick roller.)

5 things I want to do in my life:

  • become a physical therapist, work at a facility that I love, help people get better
  • have a good work-life balance. Both of my parents work insane hours and they were never home during the week when I was a kid. I want work to be a priority among other things, not the main priority
  • be outdoors. I love outdoor air, I love mountains and hiking and trees and the woods and I want to spend time in it. I want to hike and explore and fill my lungs with fresh air
  • figure out the role that exercise plays in my life. Ever since my original injury (and several subsequent ones), things have been confusing and I’m still kind of figuring things out. I place a great value in being physically healthy and using exercise as a tool to be healthy. I want to ultimately find the balance where exercise is fun and something that I look forward to and I have a healthy relationship with it where I can take days off without feeling guilt and do new things.
  • have pets :) I grew up with birds and fish and hamsters…..I never had a cat or a dog. I’m very much thinking about getting a cat once I move to Delaware and start PT school, and my bf and I have talked a lot about getting a dog. Animal friends have such a positive impact on my mental health and I cannot wait to be around them!

5 things I’m into right now:

  • expanding my music library and downloading songs that I like from Apple Music so that I have a lot of good music to listen to
  • my book! Five Days at Memorial, an amazing book written by an investigative journalist about Memorial Hospital in New Orleans and how they dealt with hurricane Katrina/flooding/power outages. HIGHLY recommend.
  • parks and rec. i’ve seen it already but after I finished Grey’s I moved on to the office, then house (both of which I’ve already seen) so my next series was parks and rec! I love re-watching old shows. My boyfriend and I are also watching Love on Netflix
  • roast vegetables. lol honestly though. I tend to go through phases with foods, where I’ll eat the same lunch/dinner for like months and then all of a sudden I’ll get sick of it and move onto something else for the next few months. Lately I’ve been making roast broccoli/mushrooms/brussels sprouts to have with lunch or dinner and they are soo good. Cut veggies, put in gallon sized ziploc bag, spray with Pam, add seasoning of choice, put on a baking tray, put in oven at 375 for 45 minutes, flip halfway through.
  • ice cream. tbh i’ve eaten so much the past 2 weeks and tbh i dont care!

5 things you might not know about me:

  • i have a tattoo of Africa on my ankle (my family is South African)
  • I’m a twin! 
  • I have a scar on my forehead right in my left eyebrow from when my twin sister tripped me and I fell into the corner of a table on New Year’s Eve and had to go to the hospital to get stitches
  • when I was little I was DEAD set on being a writer. I started several “books” and i was convinced I would be the world’s youngest published author. Obviously did not pan out and my passion for writing has diminished since
  • I’m a vegetarian! for over 3 years now

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