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My thoughts on Marina Joyce

I would be lying if I said this wasn’t a topic that didn’t intrigue me, simply due to the massive panic it is causing and the lack of information to quell such panic. That being said, while it isn’t our right as strangers to know what is going on in this girls life, human beings show concern over things for good reason. Despite what her close friends, people close to her, or even the police say, it is important to remember that we will never truly know what happens behind closed doors. Perhaps not until it’s too late.When I was reading all of this, I couldn’t help getting a feeling of deja vu. Why was the girls denial to police of anything being wrong, with even her most recent live stream showing she is clearly at least either not mentally sound or sober, scary to me? Something the police must have seen when visiting her.

It was familiar, because it reminded me exactly of  Konerak Sinthasomphone

Doesn’t ring a bell? It might not to everyone. However, I am sure it will always ring a bell to police officer John Balcerzak. Konerak was a 14 year old boy who was found by two women wandering the streets. He was naked, injured and heavily under drugs. He had escaped from his captor, the very notorious serial killer Jeffery Dahmer. 

Balcerzak and his partner, Joseph Gabrish, were dispatched to find the boy, and when there were also approached by Dahmer himself. Jeffery convinced the police officers that everything was okay, and that Sinthasomphone was his 19 year old lover. The women who found the boy tried to insist to the police officers that his life was in danger, that something wasn’t right. The officers went to Dahmers apartment and noted the strange scent, which was the decay of his former victims, but made no other effort to investigate and left the boy in the killers hands. Later after, the boy was abused sexually, killed and then disembodied.

This is why we doubt. This is why we fear despite what people tell us, because we see danger, we see something not wrong and lack any facts that tell us it’s not true. The fact that police could go and visit her, without feeling any need to investigate further when there is clearly something there, drug abuse, physical abuse, anything, is alarming. If I woke up in the following weeks after countless people tried to insist “everything is fine, everything is okay” without even an ounce of assurance, and find out this girl died or was killed, I would feel guilt.

Remorse, anger, knowing that despite there being nothing I could do personally, there was something these people could have done.

But instead, they insisted everything was okay, even with everything saying it wasn’t.

My thoughts on Marina Joyce, is that I really hope she doesn’t end up like Konerak Sinthasomphone, because that’s not a lesson people should have to learn twice. I really do hope this is something that all ends up just being blown way out of proportion, but it’s always good to stay weary. 

Stay supportive, and keep up with her. 

you read it right — it’s been 3 years, guys. on july 27th, 2013, i sat down and gave morgan a home for the very first time; and honestly, back then i never thought she would have survived longer than a week. now look at this: three years later she’s evolved from the ghost girl she was and now has a life, a real life beyond my writing — lovers, friends, family, a whole world that i never would have pictured when i first made her a home. and this is all thanks to you. THANK YOU for sticking with me through a hundred million hiatuses, remade blogs, threads dropped, general shitty behavior that has made me definitely not worthy of all your love — but you’re still here, all of you, and honestly, THANKING YOU is all i can do. i was hoping i could throw together a little giveaway or resource pack, but sadly my days are hectic lately and i’d rather not promise anything i can’t do; so i might do that later in the future, but for now, let me just remind all of you how much i love you and how important you are to me!! so, below is a quick list of blogs i love, plus a longer list of people that are close to me in any way — and because i’m a nerd, i decided to dedicate a song to all of you (a general one for the general bias list, and an individual one for the squad: it might be a song that reminds me of you, of your muse, that might cheer you up, whatever: i hope you enjoy it anyway c:). but that’s enough, let’s get down to business!!


aka people that i follow & generally admire; we might talk, we might rp, we might have plotted and never done anything, we might have never even talked — either way, I love seeing you on my dash & I wish you guys all the best things in this world!! here’s a song for you: a fine frenzy - avalanches!!

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aka the coolest writers you’ll ever find on tumblr, these people are not only super talented writers but also amazing, kickass frieds & i’m fucking in love with each and every single one of them. here’s a song for you too: editors - no sound but the wind (u get the depressing song haha u nerds)!!

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aka my best bros, my tumblr family, the people who have been there for me through so much crap i still struggle to believe they would willingly stick by my side. i love each and everyone of you so this is a feeble attempt at telling you why ♥

@echoedmistakes (+ @beingobserved) Raqui, my angel, my wifey, my sun and stars; you put up with so much crap from me daily, i don’t know how you do it. i’m so, so goddamn lucky to have you - as a friend (as my BEST friend), as a writing partner, as everything. you’ve given me the greatest otp of my life and more plots than i ever dared dream of, you’ve given me so much joy and love and inspiration all through these years; and you will never truly now how grateful i am ♥ your song is jimmy eat world - sweetness ♥

@hailmaleficentAnah, my love. I don’t think you understand just how much you influenced my experience here — honestly, I don’t think I’d be half the roleplayer I am (as mediocre as I am, but still), without you. You’ve challenged me to write better, to write more, to trust myself and not be scared of the stories I wanna write — you’ve taught me a lot, even being the biggest nerd ever, and I will forever be grateful for this. I love you so, so much, even when we don’t talk that much, just — thank you. your song is editors - the phone book

@devilsxson (+ @santiisimo, @dualismxs) Val, you literal butthole. I’m gonna say this just once: I love you. Because you’ve made it easy to become your friend, because I will forever be in awe of your writing & of your characters, and because despite how many times I’m gonna call you names I think you’re one of the smartest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know and I am so. fucking. grateful you’re my friend okay. even if you suck. a little. a lot. anyway your song is grace slick — theme from the movie manhole, and you can thank me later.

@sunbeamiing (+ @assuredofthis, @mediicait, @starfractures) Becca, I swear to god: you’re proof angels exist. I remember once upon a time I was really intimidated by you because god, that writing — but I amso so glad that ended because damn, I earned such a great friend, one I truly don’t deserve. You’re unbelievably talented and smart, and way too kind for a world as bad as this one — you’re simply amazing, and I hope you’re aware of how lucky I am to be your friend :’/ thank you, I love you ♥ and here’s a song for you too: elisa - fresh air!!

@aholywrathincurred (+ @cxthouse) Ange, my dear one!! I should thank you for a lifetime, I swear. For your kindness, for your support, for a love so unconditional it makes me feel guilty — thank you, honestly, for being my guardian ange(l) way too many times. You’re one of a kind, and I hope everyone is aware of just how precious you are; and how strong you are too, even when you don’t realize it yourself ♥ here, i have a song for you: all-american rejects - the poison!!

@cxrrera (+ @foliojoyous) Joyous, you’re one of those people I can always count on, and I can’t honestly say how grateful I am. Your support has helped me  through so many hard situations and I’m just so, so lucky — I love you so much c: and I think you’re an amazing writer, and over time I’ve grown really fond of you & Sally so just  - idk. I love you. never leave me, please ♥ there’s a song for you too: katie herzig - lost & found!!

@peaceific (+ @goingawry, @tcthemarrow) Anne dear, I am so, so glad I’ve found you c: from the very first moment you’ve been noting but a literal ray of sunshine, and I hope I could give that sunshine back to you to remind you how brilliant, generous and overall amazing you are, always. Trust me, there’s not enough people in the world like you and I’m so, so glad I got my hands on one, honestly ♥ I love you so so much, and I hope you like your song!! the kooks - seaside c:

@pulledfromhell (+ @sempreinfranto, @gemikai, @heartguided, @neharah) Claaaary, my darling — we haven’t talked in so long and I honestly miss you more than I can say, but I still think you’re one of my best friends in here and one that truly leaves me amazed — you’re such a great writer, such a great person, and I treasure our friendship more than you’ll ever know, even if we don’t talk for months. Ilu, and your song is vib gyor - red lights!!

@august-fifth-rps (+ @rah-leigh-m) Hey, D, remember the first time you ever messaged me, yelling in my askbox because you badly wanted to rp? I’m pretty sure that was the moment I fell in love, honestly :’| in that single moment you managed to make me feel like someone worth yelling excitedly at, and I’ll never thank you enough for that. But then again, if I could I’d yell at you all the time: ‘cause you fuckin kick ass and I am so so lucky to be writing with you. ily ♥ aaaand your song is hayley williams - teenagers!!

@theimpalpable Alex, I need to tell you something really, really important: you’re amazing. I don’t care how many times you’re gonna say it back to me, you ARE. I fell in love with your blog the moment I first followed, with so many unbelievably good characters, so many backstories that kept me hooked to the screen, such a beautiful writing that crippled my confidence — and you, the kindest soul I’ve ever met on tumblr. my sticker, who I hope will never ever leave me ♥ I adore you, thank you for just… being yourself, your amazing self. I got a song for you too: sigur ròs - all alright!!

@detragoedie (+ @sugarstcrm, @silencedlcmb, @laughedat) Ambs, dear one; you officially became my friend probably the first day we talked, but boy, am I glad. I know you get self conscious, I know you doubt how important you are to people: but you’re such a magnificent human being, pouring love from every cell of your being, and anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend. and you’re a great, great writer, one I’m honored to be writing with. thank you ♥ here’s your song: damien rice - cannonball!!

@falsifiier (+ @playhousc and a lot of other blogs i lost track of :’|) Devin, you literal cupcake, ou must be one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met on tumblr and one I will never get tired of talking to. You make me super excited whenever I see you, and just, idk — I’m so, so grateful you decided to become my friend. I love you a lot, and I wish you all the best things in this world ♥ and here is your song: the national - vanderlyle crybaby geeks!!

and that’s all folks!! i might have missed someone, and if i did i promise it’s 100% bc i got distracted and got lost among all these amazig people - but i love each and everyone of you, and ipromise without you i wouldn’t have lasted a week on tumblr. thank you babes, may you always feel as loved as you make me feel ♥

I really like the parallel between Max and Booth on 2x11 because I really think they’re more similar than we usually think about. Yes, Booth does things in the light, but just like Max he’d do anything at all, to protect his kids and his wife. He would never stop protecting and fighting for his wife, even after her death. He’d never stop loving her, he’d go to her grave even if he could get caught, because that’s the type of devotion they have for each other.
This is why once Max and Ruth Keenan were the best in their job (even if robbing banks is not a great thing ha) just like Booth and Brennan are the best at theirs. There’s a partnership so strong because that’s how they love. No boundaries. Forever. Limitless.

Things are looking up...

I had the best weekend / 5 days away. It really cleared my mind being so far away from home and put everything into perspective. I’m done with drama and creating the worst possible situations in my head and then isolating myself because of it. I can get better and i will. No more starving & no more hurting myself. The best thing is that i beat my anxiety and i traveled by myself (which is something i never thought i would be able do). I also met my favourite person, after 5 fucking years. He’s great. I’ve also got my friends birthday tonight and then my best friends birthday Friday which i’m also looking forward to, i just need my friends around me and to laugh and enjoy my life and not regret living. 

Okay, but wow now that I’m finally free enough to sit down and write…

I gotta say something here because my birthday is honestly never that special and I don’t know! I feel way too happy and touched and emotional right now and I can’t let it be ignored…Never in a million years did I think that wanting others to be happy would make them want to make me happy in return lmao and I know that’s a silly thought process but it just is how I’ve thought my whole life. I never expected anything because I really didn’t need it to be satisfied from just making you guys as happy as I can and now with all of you being so wonderful…my heart is always so warm and full and happy because of you all.

I just love you all so much, regardless of how much we talk I want the best for you all and I’m always thinking about what I can do for you and I feel like I owe you so much for all of this happiness.

So really, thank you guys again.
You all made my birthday wonderful and I’ll never forget how important you make me feel every other day too.

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I was just catfished. I never thought that would actually happen to me. Luckily I’m a smart enough girl to question things that don’t add up. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY liked this guy and I really thought he was going to be my in real life Daddy. He strung me a long for the last 5 days, and he would have continued to string me along if I hadn’t questioned something that he told me that didn’t add up. I thought he lived in the same state that I live in because that’s what he told me. I thought that we where going to meet for the first time in person in about a week. I really, really, really, really, really, really liked this guy. And I really, really believed everything he said. But when I questioned him about why he has never asked to talk on the phone with me, he then admitted that most of what he told me was a lie except for his feelings for me. He lives in an entirely different state. I really want to post his photo to warn you all but I don’t know if I should or not. I’m going to have to think that through some more. Maybe he is hurting in his personal life and that’s why he did what he did to me and if that’s the case then I don’t want to hurt someone who is already suffering in their personal life because happy people don’t go around hurting others. But that still doesn’t make what he did to me okay. If a guy you’re talking to doesn’t want to talk on the phone with you, or Skype with you, or says he doesn’t have a Facebook, he is probably not who he says he is. You don’t deserve to be fucked with like that, and REAL MEN DO NOT DO THAT TO GIRLS. REAL DADDY’S DO NOT DO THAT TO LITTLES/MIDDLES. I feel so hurt and betrayed right now. I really liked this guy and I really thought he was who he said he was, and I really thought he and I had a possible future together.

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McKayla!!! You're killing me with your writings!!! How dare you be SO CREATIVE WITH THIS?!?!? Never would I have thought about some accident that happened 6 (if I'm correct by adding my instincts) years ago? OMGGG. JB must've known her before the accident too no wonder he told her that she may call him JB when the met. Sheesh, so it was an accident that caused their parents to do this... This whole time I just thought JB was a stalker, stalking Y/N's life. SMFH! 0.o MY whole life is crumbled....

Ahh thank you haha!! 😍 I was trying not to write JB so stalkerish but It had to happen. 😂 I can’t wait for you to read part 13 tomorrow! 💛💛

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Jack, do you keep up with Loki because your dad never let you have a pet?

It was never really a question in our house if I was going to have pets or not. I think dad would have let me have one if he’d thought for two seconds I wouldn’t do something horrible to it.  My moms would never have allowed it though - Eve likes animals, but she doesn’t believe in domesticating them and subjecting them to life with people.  Selina was probably just afraid I would eat them or something.

I don’t really want a pet - but I do sorta enjoy being one.

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Never thought I would ever say this to a male but YOU MADE MY SEX LIFE SO MUCH BETTER. Since I've had the vasectomy I enjoy sex for the first time in my life. No more worries and condoms. First time I can cream pie and enjoy without any risk. Thanks so much Harley. Vasectomy is the key.


As u know it doesn’t protect against STD but yeah vasectomy sex the best bro 👊👊👊👊👊😆


I love everyone who’s inspired me to write a song, whether you know it or not. I love anyone who has ever turned the volume up when my song comes on the radio, anyone who has bought this album. Anyone who can sing along to my songs when I play them live. Anyone who’s ever requested my song on the radio, or even remembered my name. If you ever see me in public, I want to meet you. I will thank you myself. You have let me into your life, and I will never be able to thank you enough for that. I love YOU, and I love God for putting you in my life. 

PS: To all the boys who thought they would be cool and break my heart, guess what? Here are 14 songs written about you. HA. 

You’ve done what I currently still cannot,
You’ve moved on,
You found someone new,
Someone who isn’t me.
I can only hope she makes you happy,
I can only hope she never gets tired of hearing your voice
Your laugh,
The thoughts that linger in your mind,
That all at one point, made my heart race, and I’m sure it all still would,
But you’ve moved on,
You found someone new,
Someone who isn’t me.
I can only hope she never gets tired of looking into your eyes,
That as cliché as it may sound,
Were once my favorite color.
I can only hope she takes the time to realize when you’re not okay,
And offers to patch up the wounds with more than just a band-aid.
I can only hope that she cares for you the way I did and still do,
Even though I should be getting over you,
I can only hope that one day you feel for her,
What you never felt for me,

When I was in fourth grade my parents divorced. I was so young and scared and really disappointed by the reality that we would never be a family again. At recess the next day I sat underneath a desk and cried. Two friends of mine sat with me and talked to me about their parents’ relationships and while things were changing it wasn’t necessarily for the worse. To this day I am surprised by the thoughtfulness and compassion from these two girls. We were just kids and I’m sure they would’ve been much happier playing at recess but their kindness changed my life forever.

@rainbowrowell just so you know, Carry On was pretty much the reason that me and my college roommate this year realized we liked each other. We read your book the week it was released, and the whole year I was like an angsty 5th year Baz, who had realized my feelings but never thought anything would come of them. I’m happy to say that we are now in a very happy relationship and I owe most of this to you. So I guess I just wanted to thank you for writing diverse, relatable, and fantastic characters that helped me get to the happy place I’m in now.
Your real life Baz (and my real life Simon)

What she says: I’m fine

what she means: I was fine with the men Who would come into her life now and again I was fine ‘cause I knew That they really didn’t matter until… you I was fine when you came And we fought like it was all some silly game Over her, who she’d choose After all those years? I never thought I’d lose It’s over, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it over? It’s over, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it over? You won, and she chose you, and she loved you, and she’s gone It’s over, isn’t it? Why can’t I move on? War and glory, reinvention Fusion, freedom, her attention Out in daylight, my potential Bold, precise, experimental Who I am now in this world without her? Petty and dull with the nerve to doubt her What does it matter, it’s already done Now I’ve got to be there for her son It’s over, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it over? It’s over, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it over? You won, and she chose you, and she loved you, and she’s gone It’s over, isn’t it? Why can’t I move on? It’s over, isn’t it? Why can’t I move on?

Sharing my experience meeting panic this past month in Milwaukee. I would like to set the scene. I’m teary eyed because I have waited 10+ years to meet them. Three members have left but I still love them all. I’ve been to every tour. Had every piece of merchandise, discovered many bands by going to their concerts. I’m known for loving them. I.e. The nickname pretty odd issy. They are infused into every piece of my life. I honestly did not think I would cry- how cliche. But true. I’ve met many bands but this is different. Cuz I never thought I’d have the opportunity. They seem to far away. Hard to get close to. They don’t do meet and greets (or just not that often.) when I finally walked up. Shook all of their hands, I forgot to even look at their faces!! I was nervous as hell. Brendon commented “ I LOVE YOUR INK!” his enthusiasm kinda took me off guard. They all loved my golden girls shirt ( which is a knock off of a guns and roses shirt) including Zack. I won the shirt game 🙏🏼💕❣💋🤘🏻.

I walked away and nearly collapsed.