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I never was much of an Eleven/Clara shipper, but then Twelve came in with a bang and holy shit, I shipped Twelve/Clara like nobody's business. Have you seen how Twelve looks at Clara? Complete and utter adoration. I wish she'd throw him a scrap or two sometimes, I feel bad for him. Are there any fics you can recommend to me?

My dear, I feel you like you have no idea. I’ve started to ship them months and months ago (since the very first pic of them together),when a lot of people thought that “omg whouffle is dead because twelve looks old”.
I was like


Because yes, the way he looks at ther is something else. During these months, Peter said that Twelve and Clara’s relationship goes into a deeper territory than romance, and it’s so freaking true.
It’s pure love and adoration. And

And I love that we are able to see the development of this relationship on the series. I said that before, somewhere on a textpost, this series is above all the journey of their relationship. And I think it’s great, I’ve never doubted the awesomeness of this series.

Back to your question, “Are there any fics you can recommend to me?” YES, THERE ARE. I’m really addicted to them, really REALLY addicted. Because Whouffaldi fits perfectly with every kind of fanfiction.
Here you go:

Nothing’s Fair in Love and War by petercapaldme Univerisity AU multichapter - it’s one of the best fic I’ve ever read. And I’m really addicted to this one.

Don’t stand so by capaldissexy: Rating M multichapter - because we can see the sexual tension between the two of them and this fic well…helps a bit. If you don’t like that kind of scenes, just skip it. (But it’s really great)

Somewhere sacred and unholy by calligeniascorner : University AU multichapter- really well written and it goes into deeper levels than just university stuff.

Puncture Repair by Azertyrobaz on FF.net/Ao3: Contemporary! AU where the Doctor is a neurosurgeon and Clara helps him with his son. This is perfect ok? I’m waiting the next update because holy tardis…

Fanfictions by incendiaglacies because she’s absolutely great at writing - (they were posted before the series, mind that)
Teacher’s pet - AU Univeristy oneshot -
Touch - one of the first fanfict I read about them. So it’s a bit special for me.
Five and One - want to be overwhelmed by cuteness? Read it!
Soul - not complete but I hope she’d continue this soon because it’s awesome.
Just Another Story - basically cute slices of Twelve and Clara’s life

Fics by clearsightedeyes
Everest : Business!AU multichapter, complete. Ok this is basically one of the main pillars of the whouffaldi fandom. It’s like, you have to read it because if you don’t do it, you are missing something vital.
Banged up : Prison!AU - not complete by holy everything..it’s awesome
And check her whouffaldi tag, Doctor’s order!

Fics by twelveclara (it’s paradise, I swear. I can’t even begin to describe them.)
Baby, let’s ride - teacher/parent AU - filled with love, smut and awesomeness. (again, skip it if you don’t like explicit stuff)
Sometime around midnight - author/reader! AU - it’s poetry. I don’t know how many times I’ve already read it but it’s magic, really.
But we’re so happy - singers!AU - it’s the first part of something beautiful. I really she’d update soon because I’m craving it.
But you really should check all her fic tag. Please do that!

Wonderful fics by e1evenc1ara
Bedtime stories: baby!fic AU where it’s time for bed for our little family…
Happy Endings: the Doctor and Clara attend to a wedding.Smut but SO CUTE I CRIED.
THIS is her fics tag. Check it out, please!

Finding a Way Underneath the Surface by c1araoswa1d - i really should thank that anon because i remember that fic made my day. As asked, it’s smut (but a beautiful smut), so skip it if you don’t like.

Wonderful fics by dreameater1988Family Ties : human!AU where the Doctor has to become human again..and well..whouffaldi is on the way.
Life In a Slow Motion : sequel of Family Ties - Vastra and Jenna ask the Doctor and Clara for a favour….
The First Hurrah : basically how the scene on Mummy on the Orient Express should have ended. Smut,so skip it if you don’t like it.
Actually, check her FF.net page please!

I don’t know if you like smut SMUT fics, but in that case I highly recomend you rebeldrferguson fics. This is her page on Ao3
Not just smut mind you, I think Stolen Kisses is mostly cute

Anything Goes by clara-amelia-pond : musical!AU - really, really cute. Plus we have the Doctor and Clara dancing!

I think that’s all, well..no wait it’s not, but I recommend you to check Twelfth Doctor/Clara Oswin Oswald tag on Ao3 daily because IT’S FULL OF GREAT FANFICTIONS. I love them ALL.