i never thought my japanese would be so useful in watching young justice

Dangan Thieves AU: Peko Pekoyama

A few things to note before I show off the beautiful Peko Pekoyama into the Dangan Thieves AU. Firstly, I’d much rather see in this AU that she’d be a regular Confidant than an actual party member but to self-indulge myself I’ll consider her as an optional party member if… let’s just game wise you max out Fuyuhiko’s Confidant. Otherwise, this is just to humor the idea of her becoming a member. Secondly, this idea once again is thanks to the lovely @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl and then to drive to make this a reality. Without this idea sprouting, I doubt I would have pushed myself to write these two - still Fuyuhiko is one of my favorites and is hard to write. Thirdly, I plan to do Sonia Nevermind next after these two; I’ll also be up for people giving me ideas since I’d love to flesh this out even more. Who knows… I might write something regarding this AU. Lastly, since Peko Pekoyama isn’t one to show emotion much, I decided that while being a Dangan Thief, she’d be more expressive while being a thief but I tried to keep her character in tact.

With that in mind, let us see what I brewed up for the Ultimate Swordswoman.

Peko Pekoyama
Arcana: Hierophant
Codename: Owl
Outfit: Dressed up in a short brown kimono obi with a cherry blossom floral pattern that goes throughout and ends at just above her knees. The ribbons holding up her hair are now gray with the pink diagonal stripe going through them. A pair of white tights rests beneath her kimono as it leads into the brown boots. All the while there are shoulder pads and on the back of her kimono is a white design of two wings “sprouting” from her back while bearing two white gloves over her hands.
Mask: She wears a brown owl mask with white spots throughout. There are actually feathers poking out at each side.

Persona: Minerva (The Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy.)

Skillset: Strong Physical Skills & Ice Skills, weak only fire but has low magical resistance

Initial Weapons:
Melee: Japanese Sword
Ranged: Silent Pistol

All Out Attack: “I’VE SEEN THROUGH IT” is written as the Shadows explode into fluff. The catchphrase Peko would say is “Justice Complete!”

Persona Awakening Dialogue:
Minerva: “Long have you believe your place as a tool… That no matter what your individuality meant nothing… Yet they cursed you into witnessing the fall of your Master… Will you stand for this? Having the one chance to become your true self only for it to be ripped away from his death? The death of those Thieves in saving your life amongst others?”

Peko: “…All that time, young master had been doing this for me…? But I’m just a tool for him. Why would he care for as if I’m…”

Minerva: “So… you will waste your wisdom, your strength, and your life without helping them, then what would you be? Are you willing to give into the Despair of the Mastermind and forever lose your true self? If you choose to do so, then prepare to forever have him live in Despair because of your choice. Not the choice a tool would make, but one that a coward who has no business with the Yakuza would make.”

Peko: “…No! I won’t let young master get hurt! Even if that means I have to forsake my role as a tool to save him and his friends. I won’t… let anyone else get hurt again.”

Minerva: “Very well. Throw off the mask of a tool and reveal the true self. Your true power will be unleashed to slay all in your way. I art thou, thou art I… our contract is sealed. No longer will those you care about to be harmed. Your blade will protect everyone once the tool is gone and only you remain!”

Peko: “I know. And I will save them all; nobody else will die under my watch! Time to rise, Minerva!”


“Hmph. Mission completed without issue.”

“I’d hate to ask, but might I take a breather?”

“Looks like I’ve gotten stronger.”

“Another asset to our cause.” (Skill Up)

“Could it be… a chest?”

“Anything useful in there?”

“Ace, a save room is nearby. Care to check it out?”

“We are wasting precious time from finding the treasure; let’s go.”

“I identified a Shadow up ahead; shall we eliminate the threat?”

“…I’m regretful to inform you I’m not going to hold out much longer…”

“We’ve lost cover.” or “Did you get careless?!”

“They’re only annoyances now.”

“Have we driven off the competition?”

“Heh, we’ve won the battle.”

ENDURE: “Ouch! That stings…”
PROTECT: “Watch it!”
BATON PASS: “Owl swooping in!”
HARISEN RECOVERY: “Stop suppressing yourself!”
LOW HEALTH: “Looks like… I fought the wrong fight…”
GETTING HEALED: “I appreciate it.”
PHYSICAL ATTACKS: “Feel my wrath!” “Prepare to served in pieces!” “I’ll make this sting.”
HEALING SOMEONE / USING AN ITEM: “Need a check up?” “I’m using this now!”
PERSONA: “Persona!” “Minerva!”
FOLLOW UP: “I’ll clean the mess.”
COVER FIRE: “Initiate cover fire?”
ATTACKING: “You’ll be eliminated.”
ATTACK MISSES: “Have I… missed?”
COULDN’T FINISH OFF ENEMY: “Finish the target immediately.”

FAINTING: “I am… a failure.”

GETTING RESURRECTED: “I’ still of use it seems.”

Burn: “How have I… gotten so warm?”

Freeze: “This cold is a bit too much for me.”
Shock and Paralyze: “My body… somebody help!”
Confusion: “…My vision. Why is it so…?”
Rage: “How dare you hurt Boss!”
Despair: “All I’ll be is… a tool…”
Dizzy: “Everything around me is… distorted?!”
Brainwash: “Ah! …Of course, I’ll serve my purpose as your tool.”
Forget: “What… Boss? Everyone?”
Hunger: “I’m becoming… a burden?”
Sleep: “Zzz… Boss… zzz…”

Silence: …

Mouse: “Squeak~!!!”

Mementos Chats:

“People cannot be judged by appearances… at least not us.”

“My sword is a tool to protect people… and Boss.”

“I wonder… how did this place come to be?”

“If only my skills a shield could deflect those attacks…”

“Will animals like me now with my current appearance? Or will they be even more scared?”

“Your skills at driving are extremely lacking; lend me the wheel.”

“I never thought… I’d become this as a Dangan Thief.”

“I’ve got to organize our future strategies so we won’t end up dead.”

Peko: “While I’m no longer just a tool, I still won’t let Boss get harmed.”

Fuyuhiko: “I can defend myself you know…”

Peko: “So Boss, you’ve been fighting Shadows here all this time… Alone.”

Fuyuhiko: “Yeah. I did this all for you at first but now… I’m doing this for everyone.”

Peko: “Um…is something the matter?”

Chiaki: “Sorry… I’m afraid you might fall under your predatory instincts… just kidding!”

Peko: “…What exactly are you playing?”

Chiaki: “Oh this? It’s a special game on my 3DS that has high school students saving the world. You know the usual.”

Peko: “I’d like to thank you again for protecting Boss. I’ll be sure to repay the favor for saving his life.”

Hinata: “There’s no need for that. We’re all glad have both of you on the team.”

Peko: “Even though you are our leader in this other world… how have gotten this far by just blindly rushing into battle?”

Hinata: “Um… let’s just say I’ve had help from others than just myself.”

Character Profiles from the Fanbook

I got manga volume 6.5, the official fanbook (aptly titled “The Employee Manual”) and there’s a lot of extra info and a bonus comic and everything and I’m in love…….

I’ve decided to list the most important/recurring characters’ profiles, but every character and demon got one (characters as of Volume 6, so the Executive isn’t included, there are also profiles for Ashiya’s mom and Zenko’s parents) so let me know if there’s one you’d like to see. Enjoy! The “Notes” section weren’t necessarily in the profiles, but compiled from information throughout the fanbook.

There’s so, so, so many things in the fanbook, but I also plan on translating Wazawa-sensei’s Q&A section about Ashiya and Abeno, as well as the bonus comic. And other stuff… depending on what I feel like, I guess?

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anonymous asked:

any thoughts on gency kids? no worries if not :)

Do I have thoughts on Gency kids? (✿⊙‿⊙)

Doll, you just open up a big swirling vortex that eats away at my life for the better part of the day.

Okay, so I’m not big on science and technicalities and biology (and my headcannon probably isn’t possible but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). Anyways, what I think would happen is after Mercy and Genji got married, they would both get super baby hungry, but never say a word to each other until that moment they both confessed they want kids. Mercy would basically pull some scientist and doctor magic that resolves in a miracle (bad pun is bad). That miracle being that Mercy took Genji’s DNA and somehow replicated and made sperm from it and then after one quick surgery, bam, pregnant!

(If you give me like a couple days, you’ll have a Gency pregnancy fanfic, promise)

Okay, well, after that whole thing that my trashy-self demanded that I needed to write, here’s an actual answer to your question. 

Here you go, doll! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Two babies. The first one, a beautiful girl who’s much like her daddy. Black spiky hair but her mother’s ocean blue eyes that hook Genji the moment he first sees them. They name her Valentine Sakura Shimada. Genji will always kiss her nose and call her Sakura (Japanese for Cherry Blossom). Mercy will play with her little fingers and toes and admire her little fingernails while she calls her sweetheart. Once she’s all grown up, Valentine is strong and quick in battle. Off the field, she’s quiet, and prefers to keep to herself, but is kind, resourceful and very observant, nothing gets past her watchful gaze. Rarely will she ever lose her calm and cool demeanor, but when she gets angry its as if the very earth is splitting open with magma (She will destroy anyone who gets her that pissed) Later she will learn to yield her own double red dragons with her Kama (A sort of short sickle type weapon that comes in pairs and that’s used to mostly block, trap and disarm an opponent’s weapon). As an adult, she fights right along side her father and uncle. Her uncle teaching her many fighting techniques. She’ll have struggles of honor and justice and knowing when she’s gone too far (Very similarity to her uncle, her father will note unhappily) but will get through it with Zeynatta’s help and find her inner peace at a very young age.

Yeah, my brains all over the place with Gency kids so here’s the next baby. I’m complete garbage, sorry not sorry.  (✿◠‿◠) 

The second child to Mercy and Genji is a kind boy. Genji is the most excited about this, loving that he’ll have a son. After he’s born, everyone quickly realizes he’ll take after his mother. Blonde hair, fluffy and cute just like his mom’s, but his brown eyes are definitely his fathers. Taro Egon Shimada is as loving and great as his mother through and through. Taro was Genji’s picked, and Egon was after Mercy’s father. Genji’s proud of his son, and Mercy even more so that he follows in her footsteps. He’s caring and soft and wonderful. Taro knows exactly what’s right and what’s wrong, and knows that there are other answers besides violence, naturally hating war and death. He’ll get fearful sometimes of all the death and destruction, and want to hide from it all, but he slowly gets past his fear and saves lives. He’ll become a surgeon and make his own breakthroughs in nanobiology. He’ll add on to his mother’s Caduceus Staff, adding a feature that allows the golden stream when connected to a person that sudden gets killed to immediately resurrects the person. He’ll also create special packs that he can attached to a person that will boost their power for a solid minute before destabilizing. He’ll dawn his own Valkyrie suit, making his own adjustments and adding a small pair of wings to the bottom of the spine, allowing better fine motor control and ascending and descending movements. He loves his older sister, and she loves him, feeling completely protective over him while he feels responsible for her emotional and mental states. They go through a rough period of harsh words and long silences when Valentine loses her way for a few months. She’ll call him soft and helpless, he’ll call her cruel and uncaring. They continue their bitter fight in their late teens until she returns from a trip with his father and Zeynatta, Valentine a better and happier person They make amends, and Taro is happy to have is loving albeit protective sister back. He’ll later become one of the worlds best surgeons, but lose both his legs below the knee to a bombing while he was saving a mother and child from a burning building. No one know they had a second round of explosives until his legs were crushed under tons of rubble but the mother and child was safe. Mercy was forced to amputate his legs right then and there, but they brought him home alive. He struggles for a bit with his new prosthetics, but with consoling from his father, leans to love himself as he is.

So I’m dead right now, I can’t handle Gency feels anymore. I’ll see you dolls when I resurrect. Later. ✖‿✖

EDIT: Taro can control a Shimada Dragon