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"Falling" For You, Literally

@m-e-gg-a-n asked:

Can you write one with this prompt? With Robbie please? “We raced to see who can get to the microwave faster and boom now you’re on top of me”

((Please just take a minute to admire this request thank you okay on with the show😂))


Originally posted by darlinglostcrank

“You can’t leave me here with him!” You yelped in a hushed tone, pulling your brother aside so that you could shout at him without his friend across the room hearing.

He rolled his eyes and threw his head back in exasperation, his hands coming up to hold onto your shoulders. You would’ve thought he was being sincere if it weren’t for that smug little grin he was trying to bite back, the one you’d grown up to know as only a bad sign; he was going to leave you here and you knew you had no say in him doing so.

“Oh, c'mon, he’s not that bad! He’s super nice, I promise!” He tried to convince you, his eyes squinting in only the tiniest bit of sympathy.

Your eyes widened and you shook your head at him, “No, I’ve never even met him! He may be your friend, but don’t you remember that one friend you invited over that tried to make a move on me? No way, you’re not about to leave me here!”

“I can literally promise you right now that Robbie won’t do anything like that, ” he laughed, sincerity oozing from his tone.

You stared at him warily, hands on his shoulders as if he would bolt off and out the door at any second. Taking one hand off his shoulder, you brought it up to your face and pinched the bridge of your nose, eyes closed and head tilted towards the floor.

You glanced back up to him, an almost defeated sigh fallinng past your lips, “Why can’t he just go with you?”

“I’m not allowed to because I got into that wreck, mom and dad won’t let me take anybody besides me in the car. You run into one mailbox, which shouldn’t have been that close to the road anyways, and suddenly your snatched of your basic car rights!”

You groaned and dragged your hand down your face, slumping your shoulders, “Promise this Robbie dude is a good guy, not one of those nasty hippies you usually make friends with?”

“Promise, cross my heart,” he dragged a finger over his hear in an X to add emphasis, giving you the single best puppy dog eyes he could muster up.

“Alright…fine, but no little surprises or anything!” You warned, sending him a glare.

He smiled widely, “Great, and don’t you even worry, I’m just gonna go get some junk food snacks and then you can go right back to reading fanfiction or whatever you do up in that room of yours, we’ll be out of your hair!”

As he collected up his car keys and wallet, you couldn’t help but want to turn back on your decision. You could have been watching Netflix or reading a book, but now instead you had to sit around with your brother’s friend while he goes to buy greasy snack food, probably to keep themselves awake during one of their all nighter videogame sprees.

You huffed and grumbled as you heard the front door close, the forceful action causing the house to tremble. As soon as your ears picked up on the sound of an engine roaring up and humming away, you knew that there was no changing your mind, and that you would have to somehow get over your social awkwardness and talk to the boy lounging on your living room couch.

You hesitantly took a few steps towards the living room, your mind mulling over the thought of just hiding away up in your room, all cooped up in your bed and surrounded by blankets. However, as a voice rang through the quiet atmosphere of your house, you knew there was no escaping.

“Hey, you in here?”

You cringed, nervousness bubbling up in the pit of your stomach. A boy the same age as you and your brother walked in, warm brown hair flopped over to one side of his face and green eyes that popped against the rest of his face. He wore comfortable looking sweatpants, and a simple graphic tank. He was physically attractive, no doubt, but did he have an attractive personality? That was for you to find out.

As he neared you a small smile grew on his face, “Ah, there you are! I’ve been looking for you; (y/b/n) said to find you once he left.”

“Hi, "you paused awkwardly, not knowing what to say to the unknown boy in front of you,"I don’t believe we’ve actually ever met…”

“Robbie, ‘names Robbie Kay, and yours?”

“(Y/n), and I’m assuming you know my last name, same as my brother’s.”

He chuckled a bit to ease the awkward quiet, but it only ended up in him reaching up to scratch the back of his neck. A sheepish smile was planted on his face as you both turned your eyes to the ground, neither of you knowing what to do. It seemed as if both of your minds went blank, so you suggested the first thing that popped into your mind

“Uhh, wanna watch a movie?” You blurted, head snapping up towards him in excitement.

He looked up too, his eyes glinting in the warm light of your kitchen. He nodded, a smile forming on his face.

“Sure, you got popcorn?” He asked, turning to rummage through the cabinets behind him.

“Yeah, no, make yourself at home, bud…” you thought, giggling at the sight of him.

He stopped for a moment, a toothy grin on his face, “What are you laughing about?”

“Oh, nothing, just glad you aren’t as awkward as I am when I visit other people’s houses.”

He smiled, turning back around to continue his search. You couldn’t help but to admire him as he did so; the way his back muscles flexed and tensed under his shirt, his arms stretched up to reveal the curves of his arm muscles.

Before you could tear your eyes away from him, he turned his head towards you. On his face was a cocky smirk as he realized that you had been looking him up and down, his dimples popping out against his smooth face. Your eyes widened as his own met yours.

“I’ll go get some blankets while you do that, ” you stuttered out, turning a bright red color as you turned away and made a beeline towards the closet where the blankets were kept.

Your were all kinds of embarrassed as you opened the closet, knowing full well that he had most definitely seen you checking him out, even if you hadn’t meant to in the first place. That stupid smile he gave you only confirmed any doubts you had, and you knew that you would be even more awkward when you returned to him.

Before grabbing the blankets, you took a deep breath and ran your fingers through your hair. Yes, a nice black hole in the middle of the floor to suck you up would be helpful right now, but you knew that there wouldn’t be one, and that you would have to go back and face the boy who had just caught you staring at him.

You snatched up a pile of blankets, and then started to walk back towards the kitchen where you could hear the hum of the microwave as it popped the popcorn.

Footsteps were heard in the hallway in front of you, and you were once again met with the face of Robbie, who still had a smug grin planted on his face from your incident earlier.

“Good, there you are, was beginning to think you’d gotten lost in your own house!” He said as you gave him a playful glare, sticking your tongue out at his accusations. He laughed a bit, returning the action to you.


The two of you snapped your heads to look at one another. Your eyebrows suddenly lowered in aggression, all traces of shyness flying out the window. A smile formed at the tips of your pink lips, your eyes narrowing slightly.

“So, you seem to have a knack at making yourself at home here, but are you a good runner?” You quipped, shooting him a mischievous eyebrow wiggle.

He tilted his head in confusion, “What do you-”

He was cut off by you dropping the blankets and shooting off down the hallway towards the kitchen, where the loud and irritating beeps droned on and on. He watched you in confusion, and slight fear, before it finally clicked in his mind that you were initiating a race, one to see who could get to the microwave first to get the popcorn out.

He smiled, before his own legs took off in a race to beat you there.

Racing to get the food out if the microwave was your favorite form of exercise, especially because of the prize you got when you reached it; food. Nobody could deny that food was one of the best treasures that could be presented to somebody, especially when that food happened to be a greasy, buttery bowl of salty delicious popcorn.

You felt your heart pumping, and could hear your feet pounding against the wood floors. Behind you you heard more footsteps, the feet slightly heavier than your own. You pushed yourself clumsily away from the walls as you rounded a bend, the kitchen not far away, just in plain sight.

You huffed a bit, out of breath at the sudden burst of physical energy. The footsteps behind you were louder now, and you could practically feel the intense gaze that Robbie had set on your back. The two of you were almost neck and neck, you taking only a bit of an upper hand. The second you turned back to look at him to check where he was behind you was when the intense race came to a crashing halt, quite literally.

Just as you turned back, he had picked up his speed. In an effort to hurry your own pace, your feet moved faster than your head turned, and you only saw the corner of wall that stuck out as your body started to tumble to the ground.

Your mouth formed an 'o’ as you grunted, landing harshly on your back on the hard tile floor. Your body bounced painfully against the ground, your side roughly banging against the plaster wall beside you. The floor was cold, and your shirt had flown up a bit, leaving bare skin to touch the floor instead of it being covered by your shirt.

Then, just as you thought it couldn’t get any worse, you heard another grunt as Robbie tripped over your foot. His arms stuck out at either side if him to steady himself, but as his body made heavy contact with yours you both realized that the action was of no use.

His chest hit yours hard, knocking all the air out of your lungs for a short moment. You coughed to regain it, and as soon as you did, all of your actions halted, including the breath that you had just regained.

Pressed against you was a heavy boy, his hands clasped against your highly exposed waist. His hands were large, and you felt them flex a bit as he too realized the position you had both put yourself in. With wide eyes you stared at him above you, his also wide. He looked as though he didn’t know what to do with himself, mouth agape and taking deep nervous breaths. He stuttered a bit, his mouth trying to form words before his brain could think of them.

“I-I…Uh, I- I don’t even-”

He suddenly pushed himself up so that he was sitting up, you still too shocked to speak under him. He felt his face flushing of all color except red, and could feel a bit of sweat forming above his upper lip. This was possibly the most awkward situation that either of you had ever had the pleasure to be stuck in, and just having met each other less than two hours ago did not help to ease the flustered face each of you held.

“Well…this is…”

“Awkward?” He finished for you, relating so well to how you felt at the moment that, even though he’d just me you, he could predict the exact word to describe what had happened.

“Yeah…” you breathed out, a small smile ceasing your lips even though your heart was racing a mile a minute.

He glanced down at your face as well, mimicking your smile with his own. Even though it was a wierd place to fill in with laughing, you both did anyway to ease the uncomfortable silence that had filled the space between you.

You both eased into laughing even more, and were soon cracking up at what had happened. Yes it was unlikely that it had happened, and you were both completely embarrassed about it, neither of you wanted it to put a damper on the fun, even if you were only waiting for your brother to return.

As the laughter faded out, you once again began to stare at his features; the way his eyes crinkled when he laughed, or the way his eyes sparkled with something you had never seen in eyes before. His smile was absolutely adorable, perfect in every definition that ran through your mind. He was cute, funny, and knew exactly how to act at the right time. He was stunning, inside and out, and you couldn’t stop your mind from wondering when you looked at him.

“You know…maybe this isn’t such a bad thing that we both fell, maybe I just needed a little push…” you said, staring up at him with every ounce of adoration that you could muster up.

“A little push to do what?” He replied, eyes dancing around your face, landing obviously on your lips as if they had been glued there.


And with that, you yanked on the top of his tank top and brought him back down towards you, roughly connected your lips with his own. It was like in those cheesy chickflicks where fireworks explode in the background as they kiss, but instead of fireworks it was bombs exploding in your mind, and butterflies with gigantic wings flapping around in your stomach. The kiss was anything but gentle, but mouths fighting continuously for dominance, but you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Behind you, though you couldn’t hear because of your focus on the boy on top of you, the “please leave a message after the tone” beeped, and then your brother’s voice blasted through the speakers, “Hey, sorry, but I might be a little late, got caught in traffic, think you guys can find something to entertain yourselves a bit longer? See you later, and don’t have too much fun before I get back!”

Robbie broke the kiss for a moment, a large smile planted on his face, “Oh, I think we’ll find a way to entertain ourselves just fine…”



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