i never take advice

a-z-thingskpop  asked:

I wanna start writing, Is there any tips and pointers you could give me? I just love your wtiting and i wanna be able to write as good as you!:).

well i feel flattered that you think i’m good, let alone good enough to ask advice from!! well i’m still kinda learning as i go so i don’t think i’m the best person to turn to for advice but the few little tips i can give you is:

1. never stop writing!!! even if you feel worried it might not be something others may like, if you like the idea then go for it!!! you’re supposed to be writing for yourself, no one else  ♡ (i say this as i never take this advice and im probably gonna get beat by my friends for being a hypocrite but OH WELL)

2. grammar and basic rules are vvvvv important in my opinion, even if a concept is rlly original and cool and amazing, i have trouble stomaching it if it has spelling or grammar errors, they drive me BONKERS. like something as simple as proper punctuation and spacing can turn a fic from good to great! if you’re ever worried, spellcheck on any program can be ur bestest friend

3. as a personal tip, i always listen to music to fulfill my “mood” when im writing. now u don’t gotta do that bc i know some ppl sing along with music so it’s harder for them to focus but for me i have to put myself in the mindset of the fic in order to really feel like writing it, so if it’s smut i put on a good sex playlist lol or if its fluff i listen to bubble gum tooth rotting pop or if it’s angst i put on my emo playlist from 2007 

4. take!!! breaks!!!!! don’t force yourself to write if you don’t feel like it! if you start something and then decide it isn’t what you want, before u scrap it completely, step away from it!! take a walk, play with a pet, work on another fic, but just don’t give up on an idea unless you’re truly sure it isn’t what you want. if anything, try asking a friend to give it a once-over, just to see what they think. it always helps to have another pair of eyes, especially since as a creator you’re gonna be more critical of your own work, guaranteed. you need an impartial party to actually see it and see if the story lines up right, if your points makes sense, the idea works out, etc. but please please please, never give up!!

idk if this was any help but pls feel free to ask any more questions and i’ll do my best to answer them in the best way i can!!!  ♡ best of luck to you, my new writing guppy!!

I’ll tell you to take care of yourself when I can’t even force myself to eat or get any rest

I’ll tell you that life is so important yet I’ll constantly contemplate it 

I’ll tell you to be open about your emotions when I keep all mine bottled up inside

I’ll tell you to love yourself even though I’m full of self hate and regret 

I’ll tell you that the bad days can be overcome when it’s been 6 years and I still can’t get over them

You see I tell you all these lessons yet I can never seem to take my own advice. I’ll tell you to put yourself first but yet somehow when it comes down to who to take care of, you always seem to come ahead. I wish I could care for myself, the way I care about you. I’m sorry that I’m such a liar and that all the things I say to you I don’t believe are true. I’m sorry that I can’t take care of myself but insist I can take care of you.

—  I wish I wasn’t so hypocritical 
From the Wreckage

summary: You and Bucky have been dating for a couple of years now. Lately, he has become extremely distant. You worry that the end of your relationship is in sight. - requested by anon. (want to make a request?)

words: 2,912

contains: angst? but it turns fluffy!  


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I was losing him, and I didn’t know why, or how to stop it.

 I met Bucky about six months after he was accused of the bombings in Vienna. He had been all over the news – people debating whether or not the Winter Soldier was a criminal. People demanded he and Captain America be charged with treason, terrorism, basically anything they could think of that had even the slimmest chance of sticking. It was a debate that took over news channels for months and months. People wanted so-called justice, but no one could find Captain Rogers or his team.

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For new witches who are tentative about divination:

So, I know it can be hard sometimes to see divination exactly how it is. Some people see it as THE ANSWER to any problems they have, some see it as total made up bullcrap. And in all honesty, it’s neither.
Take tarot, for example. Seeking answers in the tarot cards is like going to a wise friend for advice. You sit them down for coffee and they say, “So, what’s going on?”
“Well I really like this person, but x y and z are making me really anxious about doing anything about it. What should I do?” Or whatever the question is.
And because they are wise (not ominous, just very wise), they tell you what they think. “It sounds like _____is really the problem here, so what I would do is…” The oracle is not set in stone. It is up to you whether or not you take their advice. You can say, “I never thought of it that way. That’s a really good idea.” Or, “What are you smoking?! Haha, yeah right.”
And there you have it! Happy divining. 🔮

Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader-Classic Rock and Machine Guns

It was a fairly cool night in Gotham as you were heading to your home, where your dad was waiting for you.  For some odd reason he decided that Gotham would be the perfect vacation away from his work.  You really didn’t care where you went for the vacation, but Gotham was a pretty terrible choice.  The creepy alleyways and corrupted politicians were a big ‘Hell No!’ for you, but your dad’s inner fan-girl got the best of him.  He was the reason why you were out in the streets with bags of Mexican food that would last for a day or two, probably a day with that stomach he has.  You smiled lightly at the thought of scarfing down all of the delicious food, but you knew he would kick your ass for eating without him.

“Let go of me you imbeciles!!”

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anonymous asked:

For your newer pieces, such as magic lesson and betrayer, what program(s) did you use to draw them in; sai or photoshop or both or other? Also if you really don't mind can you share your brush setting for the program(s) you used? Lastly, do you have any advice for achieve a more paint like look? Sorry for burying you with questions. Ooh, forgot to say LOVE YOUR ART, I really like the atmosphere your art give off.

Hello! thank youu I’m glad you do!! ;; I’ve been using only photoshop for a few months now mainly because of the brushes, the ones i use the most are Hannes’ brushes, it’s a really complete set and i love it

it would depend on what style of painting you are going for but for a general rough paint like look my advice outside of brushes would be

  • work with 100% main opacity on your brush
  • use only one layer, or fewer layers, merge it all from time to time
  • hand pick your shades 
  • don’t blend too much (this smudge tool by mezamero is great i love it)
  • simplify in bigger strokes, detail with smaller ones where needed
  • avoid airbrushing
  • work with rough sketches or sketch with big strokes to plan your lighting and general shape and no lines

please keep in mind I’m no expert and i’m also new to this, there is no right or wrong way to do these things tho, test it out and find what’s comfortable for you. brushes play a huge role in style, not only because of the finish but they also change the way you draw when you use them, play with brushes! these are just some things to try out and train yourself and hopefully it will help you find your way, have some Solas brush example for good luck

Creepypasta #1193: My Sister Didn't Want Anyone In Her Room

Length: Medium

My sister Melissa had always been a strange individual, even as a six year-old. That was the age in which she started dressing entirely in black and rarely showed any emotion beyond her default stoic expression. She didn’t often speak in more than three sentences at a time, and when she did, she would sometimes use very big words that I never expected someone her age, or hell, even my age, to understand. It sort of reminded me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. My parents theorized she had some form of autism, though she was never officially diagnosed.

Probably the weirdest thing about her was that her room became completely off-limits. She would allow neither me, nor my parents, to enter. Even when my mom or dad wanted to vacuum in there, she would tell them, “No one is allowed in here but me.”

By the time she was nine and I was thirteen, I was past the point where I was desperately curious to see what was in there. The only times the door ever opened was when she was entering or exiting, and from the few brief glances I had seen, it looked like your typical little girls’ room, with pink walls, a fancy bed, and a bunch of stuffed animals.

But whenever she was home, she would do everything in her power to prevent anyone from so much as making a peek. She seemed to have some sort of sixth sense that alerted her whenever someone touched her door, as no matter which part of the house she was currently in, she would always sprint downstairs and shout at me to step away if I tried turning the knob. Even if she was taking a bath, she would leave the bathroom and come down wearing nothing but a towel.

I asked my mom about it, and she told me it was normal for kids to want privacy and to not want their stuff touched, and that I should respect her personal boundaries. I asked Dad, and he said the same thing. I still couldn’t help but be curious.

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jeno ; 22

for the anonnie who requested #22 for the drabble game! our masterlist is here! (x) -admin vi

prompt 22: ‘you can scream if you want.’

“babe, come over! the others are out and i want to have a cuddle date.” the simple text had you pulling on your shoes in 5 minutes, before taking the subway to his dorm.

“jeno?” you knocked on the door of his dorm, and he opened it a moment later. he was dressed casually in a plain black sweatshirt and grey sweatpants.

“y/n!” he pulled you into a hug, and you relished the feeling of being in his arms. you guys fell onto the couch in a heap, where he turned his laptop on.

“oh, this looks good!” he pointed to a horror movie, and you smiled- well, grimaced. 

“sure! looks great!” you prayed your voice didn’t betray any nervousness.

honestly? jeno hated horror movies. the only reason why he’d picked this stupid, godforsaken film was because donghyuck had told him “girls are terrified of horror movies! you can be a mountain man like yuta-hyung and show her your cool side!”

screw having a cool side. jeno had been frozen for the better half of the movie, while you were also trying not to totally embarrass yourself in front of your boyfriend/

“oh my god don’t open the door, don’t open the door, don’t- damn it.” you closed your eyes, unable to hide your fear anymore, before sneaking a peek at jeno. his handsome features were contorted into a painful smile.

“you can scream if you want.” you whispered, and jeno let out the most high pitched scream you’d ever heard come out of him as the ghost lunged out at the protagonist. you ended up screaming too, and the both of you ended up slamming the laptop shut in fear.

“god, what the hell was that?” you let out a laugh, pointing at the laptop.

“i don’t know, honestly. remind me never to take hyuck’s advice ever again.” he laughed charmingly, showing off the eyesmile that you so adored. he wrapped an arm around you, pulling you closer to him.  “i missed you.” he whispered, gently pecking you on the forehead.

“i missed you too, nerd.” you tried to hide the slight blush on your face, as the both of you lay peacefully on the couch, talking about what’d happened in your lives recently. (that was, until jeno’d opened his laptop and the both of you screamed in shock again, seeing the grotesque face of the ghost pop up on the screen.)

i would tell you to call me, but you wouldn’t understand.

Jily week 2017 day 2: First Fight /or/ Letter Writing.

 Lily and James exchange letters the beginning of the summer after sixth year. 

Also I live in New Orleans and today is Mardi Gras and this is a last last last minute contribution because I’ve been gone since 6am and it’s almost midnight lol.

laissez les bons temps rouler.


8 July 1977

Dear Potter,

I kissed you at Platform 9¾ and told you to write me. It’s been over a week, you abominable twat. If I don’t hear from you posthaste, consider yourself dead to me.

Yours unless you don’t write back,

Lily Evans

PS I hope you are having a good summer with Sirius, Remus, and Peter.


9 July 1977

Dear Evans,

I had half convinced myself that you kissing me was a dream. When Remus assured me that it had actually happened, and that I looked like a petrified jellyfish afterward, I nearly lost my shit. I kid you not, it was a very embarrassing sight. You would have loved to see it.

For fear of seeming a bit overeager (which, truthfully, I am), I allowed myself to be talked out of writing you immediately. I am never taking Sirius’s advice again.

My summer is going well. Remus and Peter have popped in a few times, but it’s mostly been just Sirius and me, and our parents.

How has yours been? I hope your parents are willing to afford you the freedom of adulthood since you are, in our world, an adult now.

Yours, hopefully,

James Potter

PS – I wrote back immediately, so you cannot kill me off yet.

PPS – The blokes and I are going to be in Muggle London on Wednesday so Sirius can look at flats. Would you care to meet up?


10 July 1977


Are you inviting me on a date or to join you and your friends?



10 July 1977


Straight to the point now, are we?

There are few things in life I will ever ditch my friends for. A date with you is apparently one of them.  

Meet me outside the Leaky Cauldron at 3:00 day after tomorrow? It’s the only landmark I know in Muggle London.


PS – You should feel honoured that I am ditching my friends, you know. They are going to be so hurt.


11 July 1977

Make it 4:00 and you’ve got a date.


PS – I know, I know. I’m a regular Yoko Ono. Never mind, I’ll explain tomorrow.


11 July 1977

I know The Beatles. One of Sirius’s many forms of rebellion when he was still living with his family was Muggle music.

See you tomorrow at 4:00.



PS – Just warning you now, I am going to kiss you properly when I see you. None of that petrified jellyfish nonsense. Be prepared.


13 July 1977


I had a lovely time even though the boys did track us down and make us look at flats with them.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week at Sirius’s flat-warming party.


PS – Feel free to kiss me like that next time you see me as well. Any time you see me, really.

anonymous asked:

How do hands work???

Idk why you’re askin me of all people but here are a couple of things I do know!

1. Use Shapes! You won’t have to use as detailed of a skeleton after a lot of practice, but it helps to break up the shape a little. (See the pink lines in the image) The palm is generally a trapezoid that’s smaller at the wrist and larger towards the fingers, with the fingers themselves being either boxes or ovals. The joints on fingers are at the knuckle, halfway up the finger, and below the finger nail, but you can generally get away with just the first two if the hand isn’t in a really stressed pose. Play with what shapes you use! This image is a pretty bad representation of variety, as I tend to default to long, boxy hands, but don’t be afraid to use different shapes!

2. Use a Line of Action! The LOA is the line that brings the hand together into one smooth shape. It can be on either side, but generally it will run from the wrist to either the pinky or the pointer fingers. (See the blue lines in the image) The LOA is most prominent in relaxed hands, but it’s still important to have one strong curve on one side of your hand to guide the eye. The LOA is something you should explore in other body parts too like legs, feet, arms, and hair. (And the spine of course)

3. Simplify! Using a LOA will already help to simplify the hand, but you can simplify it even more. I like to cluster 2 fingers together at a time and draw them as one unit with the fingertips following the same line (see the black lines in the image) Draw a line between then and bam! Two fingers for the price of one! Grouping fingers together helps you guide the eye the same way as the LOA, and it just makes drawing hands easier.

4. The most important step: Ignore Everything I Just Said! If there was anything listed above that resonated with you, then by all means, please try it! But if there was anything that you didn’t quite agree with or can’t quite sync up with your style, then forget I ever said it! Like all aspects of drawing, hands are up to interpretation. They aren’t limited to a specific anatomy (I myself am a sucker for fat wrists and waaaay too long of arms) and every style has a specific charm that sometimes doesn’t match with how I draw. Never take any advice I give ya as solid unbeatable Art Truth™ because it isn’t. Take a look at your own hands and just…make ‘em look good! I’ve told you the rules that I like to live by, now go make your own!


テゴマスのらじお 2017.07.12 where Tegoshi shows his bullshitting skills

One of the listeners, a woman of 26, said she couldn’t hold back tears making it awkward for other people and asked for advice. Massu started by saying it all depends on how she cries, then Tegoshi joined the discussion…

T: I don’t cry on TV.

M: Don’t lie!

T: It’s true! Even when there’s touching VTR. Well, 24h TV is another level. When I watch those things at home, such as animals and stuff, I do cry. But in the studio, even when other guests cry a lot, I hardly ever cry.  

M: Was it when we had a magazine shooting? We have dressing rooms on two floors, connected by stairs. And on the second floor there’s a spacious room with a sofa and a TV. When we have a photoshoot as 4 we have some free time in between. So Tegoshi was watching TV, and when we were done we went upstairs and Tegoshi was sitting very close in front of a TV and crying like this. (ugly crying) He was watching some animal documentary, the kind he just said he wouldn’t cry to. Something about their feelings… 

T: Like stray dogs… There are people who can speak on behalf of dogs. 

M: So we were just standing there unable to come in…

T: But that was in private, like if I were at home. It’s totally different when I’m on camera.

M: I was surprised when he said he doesn’t cry, but you mean in the middle of a photoshoot.

T: I don’t cry in front of people. Though I don’t like people thinking I have a cold heart.

S: Ah, I see. It’s like a switch.

M: It’s embarrassing, right?

T: Crying in front of people is embarrassing.

M: You’ve never done that, have you?

T: (snicker) Nope.

M: Not at all?

T: Basically, no. Even at Chichibunomiya comeback concert, when we sang Full Swing, there was the gunpowder exploding and it got into my eyes so they got blurry. So that’s why I had to turn away for a while to wipe them and it was misunderstood as crying.

M: Lately there also wasn’t anything like that…

T: That! At the Dome also, the fountains were amazing and my hair got all wet and flat so put my hood on, not to show my messy hair. 

Sakura: I see… 

T: So there were such misunderstandings where people thought I was crying. 

S: Is that so?

M: Oh, really? 

T: (laughing) What? Really.

M: All of these statements you made so far “I don’t cry in front of people”, maybe it’s time you need to make amendments to them.

S: That’s right. Please take responsibility for the things you say. It’s better to stop.

T: I guess I won’t starting from second week of July~ (cutely)

S: That’s right, take responsibility for your statements.

T: I guess I’m done…

Good job, Massu. Now let’s work on the “I never take anyone’s advice” thing.

it started years ago, informally, as a monthly drink between happy and rhodey; a few months after pepper started at stark industries, she was invited along to join them. years passed before anyone else came around worthy of joining their little club – pepper invited natasha, but she balked at the implication in the group’s title and refused to show up – so they stayed a party of three until tony dragged bruce into his life (bruce drinks tea instead of whiskey, but he always comes). the day rhodey met sam wilson and recognized him as a kindred spirit, he decided it didn’t matter if it was tony specifically who was at the heart of someone’s situation: a man who knows trouble helps his fellows in the same boat, a theory that eventually brings bucky barnes and (finally) natasha on board.

“welcome,” says rhodey, every third friday at an undisclosed location, “to this meeting of the ‘why am i friends with this ridiculous asshole’ society.” the room nods a weary hello.

lots of people ask me for astro advice but i have none. instead i have advice as an RN

1 NEVER take a psychotropic drug prescription from your GP. look no offence, but a 3 month rotation in an infirmary in 1970 does not qualify someone to go straight into the brain and start tweaking it 

2. Vaccinate your kids. Just don’t be a moron

3. Influenza kills more young people aged 24-36 than babies and the elderly. this age group cops it right in the chest, and due to their ambivalence don’t go to the doctor cos they are young and typically fit, please go to the doctor if u have influenza or the flu. And i mean the flu!

4 carrying on.. when you have a runny nose, congestion, and a cough you have a COLD , not the flu. if you had the flu you wouldnt have the glory of informing me in person at work, you would be at home, in bed, pleading for dear life