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Will You Marry Me? Dean Winchester - Day 1 of 25 days of Christmas ☆

I didn’t forget! It’s the first of December and so here is your first Christmas imagine! This was requested by anon :)


Dean had been on edge lately, stuttering and falling over his words whenever he saw me which was strange because he is usually most comfortable with me. It all started with Christmas decorations, we had been messing with the tree decorations and I picked up a tiny decorative wreath and put my ring finger through it and wiggled it near Dean, all he could do was push out a fake laugh and carry on with the lights.

I had just shrugged it off, ignoring it but then Dean started acting even stranger. Every time I walked into a room, he’d hush his conversation with Sam or Cas and then leave the room. I started to think that maybe my attempt at a joke a couple of days ago had gone wrong and instead of making him laugh, I made him want to run.

Christmas day was finally here and I got up early in an attempt to make a christmas dinner, my voice carried through the hallways, singing familiar christmas songs. I was just about to put the turkey in the oven when Dean’s hands laced around my body. I jumped slightly at the contact but calmed when he kissed my cheek. “Smells good, baby.” He said, his normal demeanour back. I smiled, glad that he was done with the strange behaviour.
“And it will smell even better when I actually cook it, Deano.” We laughed at each other, coming together in a hug and dancing stupidly around the kitchen.

“Never did I think I’d see this…” Sam said cockily from the doorframe. We looked at his towering figure and smiled.

“Come on, Sammy, we all know you love watching us look like idiots!” Dean said in his gruff voice.

“That I do, ‘Deano’.” He smirked and winked as Dean turned a shade of red.

“Yeah well at least I got a girl to give me nicknames…” He muttered under his breath like a child. He slapped Sam on the back of the head and he walked passed and then giving you a kiss he announced he had to go somewhere.

“What do you mean you have to go somewhere? It’s Christmas!” I said, the sadness evident in my voice.

Sam looked towards me and then to Dean, “He.. uh he has to pick up Cas!” He stuttered quickly. Dean nodding in approval.

“Oh…Okay then, I guess I’ll see you later.” I said deflated, turning back to the oven.

2 hours passed when Dean made his way though the door again, though Cas was no where to be seen. “Honey, I’m home!” He shouted in the most American way possible. I smiled fakely his way and carried on setting the table. Dean’s smile faltered as he nervously played with the ring box in his pocket. “You okay, baby?” He asked, concern in his voice, “This looks amazing!” He said, eyes wide with the anticipation of eating what you had made.

“Where’s Cas, Dean?” You asked, putting the plates down.

He looked confused, “Cas? -Oh…” his eyes widened once more.

“He’s in the kitchen. He had no idea you were ‘picking him up’ though.” I said, tears welling in my eyes. Dean noticed and rushed towards you,

“Baby no, don’t cry, this is your special day… this was supposed to be your happy day.” He said, wiping my eyes. I frowned,
“Where were you Dean?” I said, tired and upset.
“I-i…” He said, looking for an excuse before he finally closed his eyes and let out a quick breath. “I was out getting this…” He began to kneel down on the floor as he produced the little velvet box from his pocket.

“The truth is Y/N is that I love you so damn much. You’re my world, my whole world and I know you’ve dreamed of getting married for the longest time and well I thought that it would only be right to do it on your favourite day of the year and I know this didn’t exactly go to plan but… Will you marry me?” Dean finished, opening the little box to reveal a beautiful engagement ring. I paused, shock reigned over me until I saw his beautiful green eyes look to me for reassurance. With my mouth open I nodded fiercely, crying for an entirely different reason now.

“I thought I’d scared you off!” I cried, looking up from the ring that he’d placed carefully onto my finger.

“Wha-?! God no, never. I just had to keep it a secret.“  He said, his eyes crinkling into a smile. I brought his face closer and pulled him into a kiss, only breaking away when the cheers of Sam and Cas became obvious.

"Picking Cas up my ass…” I scoffed.
And they lived happily ever after.
Lol jks they’re hunters. They’ll die in a bloody, painful way. But it’s okay cause at least they’ll be together! Thanks for reading kiddos *finger guns*

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My perspective on types
  • I'm bad with words, my main language is portuguese (I screw english a lot honestly) and sometimes I go for stereotypes too, but ignore all of it and enjoy the ride.
  • ENFJ: You're everybodys childhood friend even if they've meeted you 5 minutes ago.
  • INFJ: Sweet and kind, perfect wifes (I'm not takin it back even if you're a guy deal with it).
  • ENFP: You're incredibly amazing and easygoing but be careful with feels and all that crap or else you're gonna break REALLY bad.
  • INFP: I wish I could show ya how air heads you guys are LOL still all these dreams you have sometimes get me to go the right way.
  • ENTJ: I could say how freakin awesome you are bUT YOU KNOW THAT ALREADY RIGHT?
  • INTJ: Not humans. Aliens? Maybe.
  • ENTP: Waiting for one of you to build a machine to get inside someone's head literally and then I'd go inside of yous of course because I get freakin amazed bout how you guys can think of things so big that fast (in case you dont know they kinda take seconds to analize one idea and jump for another).
  • INTP: Never saw you but you sound like someone I'd marry so call me kay
  • ESFJ: Its really anoying when you guys get worried, cause it takes 85% of your head. Master of posting countless selfies that look exactly the same. In my case he loves food, is it general? Let me know.
  • ISFJ: Fairies were created based on you, I'm pretty sure of it.
  • ESFP: You think as fast as an ENTP but with your mouth and mostly to tell something that happened and something really random you've just seen.
  • ISFP: Never have a pattern when it comes to responsability and handle problems. Sometimes you just screw it all up, sometimes you're the master of the situation, I'll never know.
  • ESTJ: Everyone's like woah, who's the nerd untill you open your mouth and make everyone shut theirs but TRY BEING HUMBLE MORE OFTEN
  • ISTJ: Creep me out sometimes but when you smile everyone finds inner peace.
  • ESTP: Dont even know what to tell you tbh
  • ISTP: Shaddy little shits that can get me curious and bored at the very same time.