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 “世界からヴィクトルを奪った男・勝生勇利”が挑むグランプリシリーズ中国大会! 興奮が止まらない勇利を見て焦り出す選手たち……!!


Episode 6 teaser

Title of article:
Yuri shows the world the love he fostered with Victor. As Yuri’s fever spreads to those around him, how does Victor react?


The man who stole Victor from the rest of the world, Yuri Katsuki, takes on the Grand Prix Series preliminary in China! When the other athletes see Yuri and his burning passion**, they can’t stay calm….

When Victor sees a side of Yuri he’s never seen before….

(oooohhh I can’t wait. Is he blushing in the pic above? Other skaters better back off, Yuri is taken.)





…is a word for excitement that is often also used to mean turned on. They could have said wakuwaku, but no, they chose the word “turned on”

A closer translation is “Yuri’s excitement that just won’t stop”



I saw this on Twitter, and I was like???? The heck??? I’ve been living in Croatia for over 22 years and I’ve never seen anything that looks even remotely similar to the first pic, and nothing on the scale of the second pic??? Where are those places???? So I reverse Image searched, and guess what? They’re not in Croatia.

The first one is a hotel in Barcelona, Spain. The top right is a resort in the Côn Sơn archipelago islands, Vietnam. The third one, however is in Croatia (National Park Plitvice Lakes - a truly magnificent place).

I just thought this situation was…really extra, and wanted to share. There are plenty of beautiful, interesting places in Croatia that could’ve been added to the Tweet instead, there was no need to falsely advertise. 


Veronica Sawyer Aesthetic

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