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I like to think a lot. In my mind, I see pictures, movies and sounds. Some are sad, some are happy, some are normal and some have no feeling. And once in a while you imagine something so perfect that you try to chase it, and try to find it in the void of real life. But like most things it can never be, and you’re stuck there playing that perfect movie, with that perfect person in the most perfect place, doing the most perfect of things.
It’s not about all the things we used to do together or the restaurants we used to go to or the bartenders who knew who we were. Because that’s sad but the truth is, i can find someone else to do that stuff with and go to those places with. And it won’t feel the same at first but that’s fine because maybe eventually it will or maybe eventually it will feel better. The worse part is knowing that you also will find someone else to do all the things we used to do with. And you also will bring new people to “our” restaurant. Because there are events I know you’ll be at, and movies I know you’re going to see at midnight, and the only thing that’ll be different is that it won’t be with me next to you anymore.

you know that movie trope where character A overhears character B say something like “I don’t like A” and they start crying and run away and never talk to B again but actually B was saying something like “I don’t like A, I love A!” and A would have known that if they had just stuck around and confronted B and you’re like “just talk to each other!!!!!”

that’s how I feel when people see a tumblr post and assume it means something without ever asking the OP about it

Sentence Starters

A collection of lines from books, movies, tv shows, songs, and popular tumblr text posts.

“When everyone knows you’re a monster, you needn’t waste time doing every monstrous thing.”

“Let’s say I had to resort to… aggressive negotiations.” 

“I was lightly stabbed! Lightly!”

“You’ve never seen anything like this before? Goddamn. I thought you’ve seen everything.”

“Let me see if I understand: Neither of us know what this thing is, correct? What do you say we intentionally antagonize it to see what it can do?”

“Are you going mad? Neat! Maybe things will finally get interesting around here.”

“If you’re seeing that too, then I’m currently not hallucinating. What in God’s name is that thing, by the way?”

“Listen to me: If you continue doing that, you will die.”

“Your heart is filled with bitterness.”

“I hope you will find peace one day.”

“The solution to this and most other problems is fire. Set it on fire. Burn everything to the ground.”

“I am so tired that I could sleep for centuries and still feel exhausted when I wake.”

“Do you ever look in the mirror and start to feel unreal? Because that’s been happening to me lately. Nothing feels real.”

“I feel like I’m going to fade away someday.”

“Having a body is so strange.”

“I want to run away. I don’t know how to fix this, so I want to run and run until I can’t anymore.”

“I’m a coward. I’m a damned coward.”

“I can’t do this on my own. Please help me. Please. I promise I will repay you.”

“Not to be melodramatic but my heart aches and my soul is dying.”

“Today I explored the void. The void, as you might want to know, is not as void as some think. Anyway, enough about me. What have you done recently?”

“My friends, my comrades, my fellow saints and sinners…  Today I must inform you of a terrible thing.”

“I suggest we start a revolution.”

“There is something horrifyingly wrong with you.”

“He who dies here dies in the radiance of the future, and we are entering a tomb all flooded with the dawn.”

“Even false saints have power.”

“I found a door. A door to another world.”

“Nothing will stand against us.”

“Tell me what you’ve done.”

“They are beyond redemption, as you will be if you do this.”

“Do monsters make war, or does war make monsters?”

“Such acts rip out the soul and make space for beasts to grow inside.”

“You tell me that battling with monsters has made me a monster? Doing business with devils, what has that made you?”

“I have repented, I have been punished enough, take me home…”

“My soul is clean. I’ve never killed anyone. But you, oh you. Look at your hands.”

“Wishes are false. Hope is true. Hope makes its own magic.”

“Take all my pain away.”

“Start the Apocalypse with me.”

“Together, we are unstoppable. Nothing and no one will stand in our way.”

“You are a shining light in the darkness.”

“Oh yes, you go do that. Great idea, I’m sure you’ll be perfectly fine!”

“I will follow you to the ends of the earth and beyond.”

“Must you point that thing at me? Please put it down.”

“Think about it. Just stop for a moment.”

“My heart hurts so much I want to tear it out.”

“That’s not what I said.”

Shoutout to all the masculine guys here on Tumblr. I see a lot of positivity for feminine guys but not really much for masc dudes.

So here’s to all the manly guys out there. They ones who are rough and tough. The ones who are never caught doing anything feminine. The ones who love working out and watching sports and action movies. The ones who are worried they’ve crossed the line into toxic masculinity.

I see you, you’re real, and you’re valid. And as long as you’re not doing anything that hurts others or you, there’s nothing toxic about it.

Code: Realize: My Fair Lady Cardia 

What. A. GORGEOUS. WOMAN. Ladies & Gentlemen, presenting Miss Cardia Beckford in her Mafia outfit, along with her companion pet Sissi the puppy-dog, who also happens to be Number 07 in Lupin’s Mafia. Yes, he even got a cute bib as a “suit” that comes with a tie & fedora hat to match…and sunglasses! I get a “Blues Brothers” vibe here.

Speaking of nods to movies past, Cardia’s dress was inspired by one of the dresses Audrey Hepburn wears in the movie “My Fair Lady”. Ever since I saw the outfit I knew it looked familiar, but couldn’t quite put it together. After looking at the concept sketches in the back of the book this is from, it finally clicked. I shared the comparison here. I never got the doll that had this outfit, but I’m really happy to see it reinvented in the Steampunk Princess. I really love it when artists go the extra step to look up iconic fashion and use it in their work.

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

the tumblr experience
  • sixteen year old girl making a joke: why do people swim in the ocean? like, ever heard of frostbite? sharks?
  • overly aggressive tumblr vegan: oh you hate sharks, b*tch? you hate innocent creatures who have never attacked ANYONE EVER just because you watched jaws? stop fucking fearmongering, you worthless piece of shit. do your parents even love you? is that it, c*nt? is that it, b*tch? also have i mentioned im vegan
  • superwholock blogger who's somehow still active in 2017. either 12 or 38, nowhere inbetween. icon varies, but it's always unsettling and often involves a flower crown: OK WHATS UP FUCKERS LET ME LEARN YOU A THING!!!! SHARKS ARE SMOL PRECIOUS BEANS AND HERES WHY: [information copy-pasted from wikipedia] !!!!!!! SEE????? THIS IS HAPPENS WHEN TUMBLR GETS THEIR INFORMATION FROM THE INTERNET AND TV AND MOVIES!!!! READ BOOKS!!!!! MY FAVE IS JOHN GREEN!!!! ALSO HAVE I MENTIONED IM SAPIOSEXUAL
  • reylo blogger with a red and black theme who's hoarded more hamilton URLs than lin-manuel miranda himself: it's people like OP that make me know i was born in the wrong generation -_-
  • that one feminism blog that adds unnecessary comments to everything: ^^^^THIS!!!!!!!!
  • 60 different people who dont know how to use the tag function: [various gifs]
  • meninist butting in for no goddamn reason: not all men
  • aesthetic blog that's entirely reposted instagram art: hey im tyler promo my art [flower emojis]
  • the post is nine miles long and only halfway converted into the new format. it has 800,000 notes. you've seen it thirty four times. OP deactivated

renidrag  asked:

Oh my god I like dunno who to talk to about this but I'm just so upset about the vitriol that's getting slung towards this movie bc the book has made me so happy and feel so much and armie and timothee and Luca have worked so hard to make a beautiful film for us and it's getting flung back in their faces!!! I hope the hate stays contained to tumblr so they never see it. Sorry to harass you I'm just feeling VERY overwhelmed by how much hate is out there and how intense it is. I need a break

I just don’t understand it because the reviews are stellar?? I’ve read all of the 33 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (CMBYN has 100%) and literally none of them say that the age difference is a negative thing. They never mention the stereotypes that people claim it’s perpetuating and they all say the relationship is developed in a well done way. I mean I completely understand if even knowing all the facts you are uncomfortable. That’s your right as a human being that you be allowed to have a different opinion. I just wish people read the book and didn’t just watch the trailer and assume that it’s the Worst Thing Ever.

I want that great love. That love everyone desires, but only few are lucky enough to get. The one you can see in someone’s eyes and feel in the deepest parts of your heart. I want someone to look at me like I am their reason for existing, like I am the one who puts the stars in their nightsky. I want someone to kiss me softly, to kiss me gently, but with a passion deeper than the oceans. I want to be someone’s reason to be truly happy and I want someone to never get tired missing me. I want someone to even love the parts of me that not everyone gets to see. I want the great, great love you read about in the books and you see in the movies. I want the great love that never seems to die, burning like an eternal flame. I want that great love, but I am not sure if it even does exist.

(Not) Killing Your Darlings: Parallels Between ACD Canon and S4

I’ve slowly been working my way through a reread of the canon stories, and although I am used to finding phrases and plotlines among the stories that have been adapted within Sherlock, what surprised me towards the end of the canon is that the writers of Sherlock appear to be adapting the way the stories are written, as well. We’ve talked a lot about the idea that Mofftiss have Reichenbached the show in Series 4, but I’m beginning to think they have Case-booked it (and His Last Bowed it, a little, too). This will probably sound grim at first, but I remain an optimist when it comes to Sherlock, so bear with me. These are Princess Bride “pit of despair” times; I figure if we have to be here, we may as well look around.

As a quick reminder, Doyle published the short stories as:

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1892)
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (1894)
The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1905)
His Last Bow (1917)
The Case-book of Sherlock Holmes (1927)

I’m going to start at the end of His Last Bow and the later stories, because they best parallel Series 4, then look back very briefly.

Breaking the fourth wall

His Last Bow breaks the pattern of the Sherlock Holmes story collections in a few ways. It begins with a brief preface written by John H. Watson; he addresses the reader directly to explain that he and Holmes are still living, though ageing:

”The friends of Mr Sherlock Holmes will be glad to learn that he is still alive and well, though somewhat crippled by occasional attacks of rheumatism… Several previous experiences which have lain long in my portfolio, have been added to ‘His Last Bow’ so as to complete the volume.” (His Last Bow, preface)

… lots more under the cut.

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I would like to say a word about the new season of Rtte.

Usually, I don’t tell what I feel on Tumblr but this is getting on my nerves since the release. I know I will not have many friends after but I don’t care, I’m not affect by insults on the web.

Anyway, here something I wanted to talk about first:

After the release of the first three season, all we were able to say was “more hiccstrid”, “more more more”. This season we got a lot of Hiccstrid, but like a looooooot more of Hiccstrid. And a few months ago, the producers said that they signed for two more seasons of Rtte.

Yesterday, I went on tumblr and I saw posts about complain. The people who are complaining, are complaining about they didn’t like the Hiccstrid, the kisses, the story, the characters and else. They said that the producers could do better for Hiccup and Astrid and I don’t know remember what else but ANYWAY, they don’t like how the show is going.

Guys, if you don’t like it then stop watching it. And seriously, they gave us all we wanted to have. I mean come on, for two months, we were getting the producers on their nerves because some fans wouldn’t stop asking them why they are not posting the date of the release and now we told them that they made a bad job?! Hey, they are doing everything they can for US. The show is a wonderful sigh for our eyes, animation like story. Our questions are getting answered, we getting what we hope for and each seasons is better than the previous.

These guys deserves some respect, they are the creators of the story of race to the Edge so as a fan, we must agree with what they decide to put in the show, like it or not. You can not like it, it’s your choice, everybody have a choice. But please, don’t say they could do better because they already trying to.

That was just something I needed to clear but now my thoughts on the new season:

As I said, we got a lot of Hiccstrid but that’s only in the three last episode. The others ones were incredible. Twintuition makes me laugh until my ribs hurts, Midnight Scrum was so intense with all these guys hunting Hiccup, Not Lout was so cool because we saw Snotlout having nightmares about getting bullied and I personally recognize myself in him.

Okay so I will finish on Hiccstrid. We got three kiss with a really passionate one for the first that make their relationship official. We saw the worry, the compassion, the dragon rider, the support in Astrid that we saw in httyd2 so that’s a proof that the show is following the movies. She is always the one getting hurt, that’s true but I think that’s normal and understandable cause she’s the one with Hiccup that have a true sense of leadership and she is a really stubborn girl and independent woman so she wants to do stuff for proving herself and to the others she is worth it like in Blindsided and in Astrid’s team. And that’s why she is my favorite character. For the next seasons, we are going to see them grew as a couple and that’s something I and the fans hoped so much to see cause we are getting the close Hiccstrid we have in the sequel movie.

The dragons: Toothless was so terribly cute and OH MY THOR, he acts EXACTLY the same as my cat (I should put a video for comparing those two). I love the way he putted his tail around Hiccup and Astrid when she laying on the floor in Blindsided, a true little family. I can only hope to see more moments with only him and Hiccup, but I’m not worry, we have to see how Hiccup came up with the “automatic” tail. Stormfly was also super cute and the way she protected Astrid is why I love the most, a true complicity, gods so amazing. The Triple Strike, one of my favorite dragon ever, we could saw his moves and so honking cool!!

And for ending this post, Heather and Dagur: I love Heather, she is so cool and the best friend I dream to have. I love relationship between siblings so when she finally bonded with Dagur, it made my heart race and I was so happy. The way they fighting with the riders is so awesome, I love that!!

So that’s it. Sorry if it’s a little messed up for an opinion post but I really wanted to explain what I felt about all I see on Tumblr and the show, and mainly make my self clear. Race to the Edge or the movies, it’s Httyd in general (and I will not talk about how they changed and saved my life for the good cause it’s personal). I will never thank Dreamworks enough for creating this story with Cressida.

It will always gonna take an important place in my heart (that’s why I’m getting tattooed the Night Fury logo soon) and whatever they will do for Dragons, I will always respect it, be a supportive fan, and be there for it.

I’m a Dragonite after all ✌🏼😉.

Alright guys! As promised...

Sorry for the inactivity recently! School has been really busy and I barely had time to post on Tumblr.


Anyways, I went to see the POP SHERLOCK exhibition in Toronto Reference Library two weeks ago, and I thought I should share it with you guys…

(Here’s the program thing!)

Alright! Here we go!

First off, there’s some interesting character info and some non-canon works they are featured in:

Then there are some really nice collection of posters:

I’ve never heard of this movie but LOOK AT HOW HOLMES LOOK AT WATSON AND LOOK AT ME IN THE EYES AND TELL ME IT’S JUST PLATONIC. (Also their lines… flirting at its finest, gentlemen.)

Aaaaaand here’s TPLOSH!!! (I told my friend that this is the “grandfather of johnlock subtext” and she just looked at me and secretly judged me… :’)

A photo of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle…

A cool artwork for Adventure of the Dancing Men.

Bonus: Some info about the 19th century Sherlock fandom literally reviving Sherlock from the dead, but the fanfiction writers at the time already took over (good job, senpais):

Next, here are some interesting… artifacts:

Some DC and Marvel comics featuring Holmes (surprising, because DC literally stands for Detective Comics, but Marvel? wOW):

BONUS! BBC Sherlock mangas! (I wiped out my friend’s face in order to protect her privacy)

Friend: “Can I steal these?”

Me: *takes out a screwdriver kit* “Well let’s find out!”


Two plays based on Sherlock Holmes:

First, a musical (interesting…):

Second one, featuring… *drum roll…*: LEONARD NIMOY! The fact that he played both Holmes AND Spock just made me so happy. :’))

Here are some interesting things made based on the stories and/or Holmes:

Collection of toys:

This ADORABLE Lucky Cat (haha, *wink wink*):

This REALLY cool art (egg?) based on The Adventure of the Dancing Men:

Permission from ACD to use Holmes in commercials (his handwriting is just gorgeous):

Here are some really interesting *cough* weird or cringy *cough* ads:

Ahhhh great ads! 8/8 IGN

(LMAO Alright I lost it at Surelocked Homes)

!!!: Because of how some artifacts were arranged, I couldn’t get all of them in one picture, and I lost a few pictures (because I decided to be dumb and use snapchat for some of them) so if there’s anything you guys really want to see, please, feel free to ask me for more pictures since I’m probably going there again (there was a really good Granada pic that I lost *weeps* so I HAVE to go back). I also went to the ACD permanent installation (also at Toronto Reference Library), and I will post pictures of that very soon. Stay tuned!

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I see your face in people at bars and in boys who love to read.
I hear your voice in punk rock songs and in old movies I’d never seen.
I feel you in cracked sidewalks and in the beating of the drums.
When everything reminds me of you, how could I ever be done?
—  Full Of It // 7-7-17

Requested: Nope

Based off a prompt list linked here

#60 “Well that’s just great.” #59 “It’s all your fault!” #64 “Time changes people.” #16 “Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away now.” #34 “I made a mistake.” #72 “I’m sorry.” and #66 “You should be nice to me, I just saved your life!”

I know it’s a lot of prompts, but you just have to trust me.

I also recommend listening to the song Oblivion by Bastille

The song also influenced the title of the imagine.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: You and Peter used to be the best of friends, but over time you two became what is known as “frenemies.” You two just didn’t get along anymore, so when you two were put into detention, things got a bit heated. After that day in detention Peter wanted to make things right with you again. You two had an intense argument, which only lead to more heartache. You stormed off, as did Peter. Hours later you decided to give him another chance, you followed him to where he was, only the outcome was something you both never expected.

Warnings: Light swearing, sad

Word Count: 3,022

A/N: So I know this imagine is really wordy, but it all ties together I promise. Also, I don’t know why but I’m really into writing such sad imagines right now, it might be because I don’t see many on Tumblr, so I’m here to provide a different point of view to a story. I really tried to make it realistic to the movie and just life in general. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Side Note: I cried while writing the ending. You’ve been warned.

Originally posted by spiderwing


The one place every teenager wishes they could escape from.

You were one of those teenagers.

Mainly because it was 3:00pm and you were still at school, sitting in detention.

Usually at this time you would be at home, eating some kind of snack and relaxing on the couch.

But no, you were here, and not able to leave for another whole hour.

Well that’s just great.” You muttered to yourself, seeing your detention teacher fall asleep at his desk.

Even he was that bored that he fell asleep.

“Hey do you mind? I’m trying to watch Captain America.” You heard the only other voice in the room speak up.

“You know we wouldn’t be in here if it weren’t for you and your stupid science project.” You rolled your eyes, resting your head on the palms of your hands.

“Trust me, I wish I had been partnered with someone else than you.” He huffed back, making you bite your lip.

It happened a few years ago, the day you and Peter Parker became “frenemies.”

You and Peter used to be close, so close you could finish each others’ sentences.

But then one day you found out he’d been keeping a major secret from you.

You had found his Spider-Man suit in his closet, hidden away, but you somehow managed to find it.

That day was one of the worst fights you had ever had in your entire life.

That was also the day you two became frenemies, you both didn’t speak to each other since that day, until the science project.

Needless to say you both weren’t ecstatic about being partners, you two could barely handle even sitting next to each other.

So when you both didn’t agree on a certain way to experiment, all hell broke loose, as did the experiment.

And that’s how you both ended up in detention.

“I shouldn’t even be in here, you’re the problem.” Peter muttered, making you grip the edge of your desk.

“Last I checked, it’s all your fault!” You shouted, turning in your seat to glare at the brunette boy.

Peter glared back, creating such a thick tension in the room you could cut it with a knife.

The tension never did leave that room, so you were thankful when you were finally dismissed from detention.

You grabbed your belongings and rushed out of that room faster than Flash could slip out a witty comment.

Soon enough you were home, eating a snack you felt you deserved and finally got to relax on the couch.

Until the doorbell rang.

You let out an annoyed groan, getting up and opening the door.

Your eyes widened, seeing Peter standing before you.

“Um.. Are you lost?” You questioned, confused as to what he was even doing at your apartment.

“Actually no, listen Y/N, we need to talk.” He sighed, making you raise your eyebrows in curiosity.

You stepped aside, letting him enter your apartment.

“Okay.. So what did you want to talk about?” You questioned, crossing your arms.

You didn’t understand what was going on, you and Peter hadn’t had a one on one conversation in a long time.

“Alright.. Well.. When we were in detention, I started thinking..” He spoke quietly, staring at the floor.

You watched his actions, he was nervous, which only meant this was going to get worse before it got better.

“It got me thinking back to when we were best friends..” He glanced up at you, making you freeze.

You didn’t know what to say, you weren’t expecting this at all.

“It also got me thinking back to when you found out my secret, and how our friendship basically ended that day.” He trailed off, his eyes watering a bit.

“I want us to be friends again Y/N, back to how we used to be.” He pleaded, carefully walking up to you.

You blinked a few times, trying to wrap your head around everything he was saying.

“Y/N, say something, please.” He sighed, trying to read the emotions on your face.

“Peter.. Time changes people..” You whispered, avoiding his eyes.

“I can’t just forget what happened that day, you kept the biggest secret from me, and we were supposed to be best friends.” You spoke angrily, your fists clenched together.

“I wanted to tell you Y/N, but I was just trying to protect you.” He fired back, his voice raising a bit.

“I don’t need protection, not from you, not from anyone.” You shot back, making Peter nod angrily.

Peter let out a sarcastic laugh, causing a chill to go down your spine.

“I get it Y/N, I get it, I made a mistake! I should have told you, but I decided not to, and I really wish you had never found out. Maybe then we’d still be friends.” He shouted, making your eyes water a bit.

“You should have just been honest with me, ever think of that? Best friends are supposed to tell each other everything. Everything Peter!” You shouted back, making his eyes widen a bit.

He hadn’t heard you yell at him like that since the last fight you two had, which was when you left.

“Maybe us being friends just wasn’t the best idea.” He blurted out, not even realizing he had said that.

Your mouth fell open, you couldn’t believe what he had just said, neither could Peter.

“Y/N, I-I didn’t mean that..” He started to apologize, but you raised your hand to stop him.

Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away now.” You choked out, tears threatening to spill from your eyes.

Peter opened his mouth multiple times, but no words came out, he tried so hard, his brain was shouting, telling him to say something, anything.

But nothing came out.

You stormed away from him, your back turned away.

“Get out Peter.” You spoke, no emotion in your voice.

Peter’s eyes widened, his head starting to shake.

“No, Y/N, please..” He begged, walking up to you.

“I said get out.” You opened the door, motioning him to leave.

Peter looked at you one last time, before walking out the door.

You were about to shut it when his foot stopped you from doing so.

I’m sorry.” He whispered, a tear slipping down his cheek.

“Me too.” You whispered back, fully closing the door, and leaning against it.

You heard Peter storm off after that, signaling he had finally given up and left.

What happened next felt like a blur to you, you remember sliding down the door, bawling your eyes out.

You felt exhausted, sad, angry.

You sat there for hours, trying to process everything that just happened.

When you fall asleep,

With your head upon my shoulder,

When you’re in my arms,

But you’ve gone somewhere deeper.

You had decided to give Peter another chance, it took a lot of convincing yourself, but you finally made a decision.

When you play it hard,

And I try to follow you there,

It’s not about control,

But I turn back when I see where you go.

You grabbed your keys, and left your apartment, you needed to see Peter, now.

You weren’t going to lie, but you tracked him, figuring out where he was.

You drove to the area where your phone located him, only to reveal a plane on fire, and debris of the plane everywhere you looked.

You felt your heart sink to the pit of your stomach.

Was Peter hurt?

Where was he?

You rushed out of your car, sprinting to the scene.

“Peter!” You screamed, frantically looking around.

“Peter answer me!” You screamed again, checking underneath debris.

You were praying he was still alive.

You started sweating, the fire making it even harder to see and breathe.

“Peter!” You screamed again, except this time you heard a groan responding to you.

“Peter! Where are you!” You shouted, searching frantically for him.

You the spotted a red and blue suit, laying in the sand.

“Oh my god.” You cried out, rushing over to him.

“Peter. Peter are you okay? Look at me. It’s Y/N.” You held his face in your hands.

“Y/N?” He questioned, his voice a bit rough.

“Yes, it’s me.” You smiled, relieved he was okay.

“You shouldn’t be here, it’s dangerous.” He slowly stood up, looking around panicked.

“I needed to see you.” You explained, but Peter wasn’t paying attention, he was too focused on something else.

“After our fight, I realized you were right, I miss what we had, and I’m willing to give it another shot.” You smiled slightly, making him look at you.

“Really?” He smiled back, making you nod.

In that moment you felt as if everything was finally becoming back to normal.

You were wrong.

Out of nowhere, a guy with green eyes and wings grabbed Peter and threw him.

You let out a scream, one because you were scared, and two because you were scared for Peter.

You remembered hearing about this guy on the news, he called himself the Vulture.

This is exactly what Peter was talking about, you now understood why he didn’t tell you, why he wanted to protect you.

You tried to run over to him, but the Vulture wouldn’t let you.

Instead he threw you too, making you hit your head hard against the ground.

You groaned in pain, your vision blurry for a few minutes, only to see the Vulture beating the living shit out of Peter.

You slowly stood up, grabbing a piece of debris from the ground.

It was your turn to protect Peter.

You ran over to him, hitting his wings with the metal debris, catching him off guard and dropping Peter to the ground.

You threw the metal debris at the Vulture, rushing over to Peter, you could already see the blood on his face.

It made you sick to your stomach, you couldn’t bare to see him like this.

“You need to get out of here.” Peter shouted, sitting up.

“I’m not leaving you!” You shouted back, picking up another debris to defend yourself.

“It’s my turn to protect you.” You held his chin, looking into his eyes.

He looked back at you, not once breaking eye contact.

It was that moment, that moment you both felt something you hadn’t before.

You gave him a small smile, before turning around and running out to a tiny open area.

You wanted to protect Peter, after all, he’d been doing it for you this entire time.

Peter was watching you intensely, he hated being weak, he hated that he wasn’t the one protecting you at the moment.

And he regretted that.

You were focused, trying to figure out where the Vulture had gone.

You turned around quickly to make sure Peter was still okay, and that he hadn’t attacked him again.

You were relieved when you saw him still sitting there, only to see Peter’s eyes widen in fear.

“Y/N! Look out!” He tried to shout, but you couldn’t hear him over all the noise.

You turned around, only to meet the metal debris, going right through your stomach.

The Vulture then flew off, disappearing.

Peter’s eyes widened, he quickly shot off the ground, screaming your name.

You turned to face him, blood slowly slipping off your lips.

Peter rushed over to you, as you pulled out the metal rod.

Peter caught you as you collapsed into his arms, your breathing frantic.

“Y/N, hey, you’re going to be okay alright? I’m here.” Peter tried to convince you, but you knew he was just trying to convince himself.

“You can’t leave me, who’s going to be my science partner? Who’s going to tell me I’m an idiot for not doing it the right way? Who’s going to slam my locker shut when I least expect it?” He rambled, tears slipping down his cheeks.

You looked up at him, a sad smile on your face.

You should be nice to me, I just saved your life."  You let out a laugh, your face scrunching up in pain.

"Y/N, you can’t leave me.. I need you.” He choked out, placing his hand on your cheek.

“You’ll always have me Parker.” You smiled, blood staining your lips as you talked.

You started breathing harder, making Peter’s heart drop.

“Y/N.” Peter shouted, looking your face over to see any movement at all.

“No! No, no, no!” He let out strangled scream, hitting the ground with his fists.

He held your face in his hands, praying you’d come back to him, but the only thing he saw was a single tear slip down your cheek.

Peter sat there, holding you close to him, sobbing uncontrollably.

She died protecting him, he couldn’t believe you were gone, the girl he realized he had been in love with all this time.

Police soon arrived at the scene, finding Peter holding your limp body in his arms.

He had slipped into an oblivion not believing what had just happened.

But reality soon came rushing back to him when the medics tried taking your body away from him.

He couldn’t bare to lose you, not again.

But he kept replaying what you said to him right before you died.

He knew you were there with him, he just couldn’t see you, and it killed him, but he still had you, and that’s all that mattered.

When oblivion,

Is calling out your name,

You always take it further,

Than I ever can.

Day 48. Way too long without drawing mechs, so today we have Gally from Gunnm. After seeing whats happening with the GitS live action movie and the netflix Blame! adaptation i’m really crossing my fingers the Alita live action movie never sees the light of day, I don’t want to risk seeing another favorite of mine meet the same fate. 

I went to see Spider-Man: Homecoming and it was amazing!! But you know what really pissed me off? It was nothing to do with the movie it was what someone posted hate about Tony/Steve regarding Peter. 

To avoid spoilers don’t read the undercut.  

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I fall madly in love with every single face I see and with every word I hear.

Some say its a blessing to feel so much, but its a curse to always need people near.

Thoughts I Have In Bed # 804

I can’t believe I almost didn’t watch Beauty and the Beast bc of Tumblr. Because I’ve seen it today and there isn’t a single thing about it I didn’t love (except maybe for the cheesy pop version of Beauty and the Beast in the credits)

I’ve never seen so much (absolutely unjustified) pettiness surrounding a movie that hasn’t even come out yet??
Like ”The dress looks shit” “LeFou is no proper gay representation” “Luke Evans is not beefy enough to be Gaston” “lmao singing more like autotune” “Why didn’t they cast someone who can sing as Belle” I could go on

If I see this “look at how stupid the dress looks” post ONE MORE TIME I’m going to scream into my pillow for a very long time. Like, if you know a thing or two about sewing you can see it certainly isn’t cheap and wasn’t made by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Yeah it’s not the infamous ball gown, but Emma Watson explicitly said that she wanted to be able to move freely in this dress and you can’t really do that in a ball gown and corset, can you.
Also, if you actually bother to not judge the dress by one still you’ll see that it was probably sewn to look absolutely stunning when it’s moving. Because it does. 
“But even cosplayers could have done it better” And I bet that the Disney costume designers could have made an equally pretty dress, but try to put one of these cosplayers on a horse. Or make them dance for what is probably hours until the producers have enough takes they’re satisfied with.

Tl;dr: Stop calling the dress ugly and cheap, because it is not. 

This Gay Teen Deserves An A+ For Her Feminist Yearbook Quote

“Twitter user @casualnosebleed shared a photo of a yearbook quote chosen by her close friend Caitlyn Cannon on Tuesday, and in just one day, the image was retweeted almost 4,000 times. In her Twitter bio, Cannon describes herself as a “feminist” and “really gay.” Her senior quote sums that up quite perfectly.

The quote reads: “I need feminism because I intend on marrying rich and I can’t do that if my wife and I are making .75 cent for every dollar a man makes.”

Cannon, a 17-year-old who just graduated from Oak Hills High School in California, said she found the quote on Tumblr and changed the parts that were written from a man’s perspective. She chose the quote because she wanted to leave something behind that was both different and true to herself.

“I was tired of seeing the same old quotes from popular books and movies and authors, and I wanted to call attention to a problem that women face,” she said in an email to The Huffington Post. “I’ve never really been ashamed to say that I am gay, so the LGBT aspect was simply who I am.”

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Cannon describes herself as a “feminist” and “really gay.”