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hey remember the early days of the fandom when autistic keith was a huge thing??? that needs to be a thing again!!!

  • keith stims with his bayard when he gets nervous on a mission. he likes to pass it back and forth between his hands
  • he wears his gloves because he doesn’t want to accidentally touch things with Bad Textures
  • right after the black lion chooses keith to be its paladin, he has a meltdown in his room because he can’t handle the sudden change, and he doesn’t want to leave his own lion
  • he loves to infodump about hippos!! they’re one of his special interests and he’ll talk about them to anyone
  • he loves routines ofc, so ever since becoming a paladin he’s created a training-based routine for himself to follow

@askbasb i can’t believe star became an actual fairy

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Angler gives Aberrant a Beach Ball. Aberrant looks at it with "what am I supposed to do" face, While Angler is like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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;(TGATNW)n I saw you replied in a comment that Jack was mentally ill, I know it's probably obvious but what type does he have

While I’m writing Pitch and Jack like they both have (different manifestations of) PTSD, in general, I’m mostly just writing them with impaired behaviours as opposed to writing them to any specific DSM criteria. (And it is impaired behaviours that have their root in how we think that defines whether something is a disorder or not - if you have a disorder but you’re actually functioning fine, then…how are you disordered?) So instead of writing specific ‘types’ of mental illness (outside of post-trauma, which features in so much of what I do, and is an umbrella term for a lot of other illnesses), I look at impairments.

Jack in particular shows a lot of ongoing conditioning / brainwashing responses to how he’s been treated within the Tsar’s governance and the infuence of his cult of personality. He also has some impaired attachment issues (he doesn’t connect to people ‘properly’, even when they invite friendship, and making steps towards friendship are difficult for him, which is why he constantly thinks about old friends like Jamie more often than he thinks about how he could work on new friendships; he sometimes has an inability to consider others and their wellbeing, because he doesn’t consider himself as having an impact on other people (unless it’s negative), so he doesn’t often consider the positive things he could do for others, like be empathetic or offer to listen to them. So the times when he does offer that behaviour, it’s often because he learned it early: i.e. he can bond with Seraphina, because he bonded with Pippa).

There’d be a lot of other things too that people have picked up as the story has gone on - manifestations of anxiety and depression, for example. But I tend to veer away from anything diagnostic when we’re dealing with fantasy beings on fantasy lands. Disorders are generally very cultural, which is why some countries have disorders we don’t have, and vice versa. There’d probably be something very specific and new to describe Jack’s specific complex of issues associated with growing up in a lower class creche during the Tsar’s rule, because it’s not really Stockholm Syndrome, but it’s not exactly unlike it either, but Stockholm Syndrome has different diagnostic criteria, so it doesn’t work, etc.

So it’s probably just more helpful to think of Jack as having a post-trauma disorder, and a lot of impaired behaviours that lead him to live in a generally mentally ill state. Poor guy. Someone take these characters away from me.




I like Sebastian cos he kind of serves as MC’s voice of reason at most times. Add to the fact that he’s also her walking encyclopedia.

This one here is one of my favourite moments of Sebastian being MC’s voice of reason. After MC realised that she’s in love with Napoleon, the Earl told her that her time in their world is almost over and she has to return to her original one. The time she spent there was measured by an hourglass btw. I’ll explain in detail if you want but this is it for now. Anyway, like all heroines who fell in love with the guy they weren’t supposed to fall for in the first place *coughikesencough*, she was reluctant to leave and asked the Earl if it was alright for her to stay in their world forever. The Earl, who didn’t look surprised at all, answered that if she really wanted to, she can.

As MC was set on not leaving and staying with Napoleon, Sebastian interrupted. Here are his words, though not verbatim:

“When you choose one thing over the other, you are throwing the other thing at the same time. Besides, you don’t even know if the person you like also likes you back. A time might come in the future where you’ll regret throwing away the chance to return to your world.”

But of course, as expected, MC doesn’t listen to him. (っωº `。)

EDIT: Sebastian called her strange and obstinate. Lol.