i never see any love for this album

Sometimes I think people take kpop too seriously like I love supporting exo and other groups I like whenever I can, but it makes me concerned when I see younger fans spending hours and hours streaming videos on YouTube or ignoring exams/family to spend hours staying up for MV or albums releases. This isnt including the constant fanwars and arguements online fans get invovled in .Everything should be enjoyed in moderation , you shouldn’t wreck your life and mental health by spending excessive amounts of time online screaming about kpop. Like I LOVE exo but they ain’t helping me get any closer to my dream medical degree if I dedicate my entire life to them and never study
Lots of fans don’t understand that their faves success doesn’t transfer over to them , in 2 years time I will not be writing exo-l or xingmi on my college application form because honestly they don’t mean much to those colleges. When our fave groups disband all the fangirling we did, will just be some sweet memories not major achievements. Its always a good thing to keep that in mind

limitless era

this era is being so good to us !! we have new memes & Johnny is out ! Doyoung buys his own album and Taeil is fucking GLOWING!! markhyuck has never been more alive, with Donghyuck calling Mark a cutie every step of the way !! Winwin wore a weed necklace and Yuta is crushing on him !! Taeyong is shining & giving us aegyo without any hesitation !! Jaehyun has provided us with receipts on how he is THE visual of kpop!! angelic voices & the best rapping known to mankind !! we get to see them having fun behind the scenes, fake laughter & dumb poems are abundant !! im so happy i love nct127 (-: 

Shes Dreaming - Jimin Smut

Thoughts of him fulfilled my mind, every second of the day. His peach, plump lips that I so desperately wanted to bite and suck on. The smooth curve of his biceps or even the hint of his hips and boxers as he stretched. Of course he was my shit-head brothers best friend.

I sat across from him at the dinner table, head down avoiding all possible eye contact that could be made. He and my brother bickering over idiotic sports and chatting about new albums that have come out. I quickly munched on rabbit food, aka salad. Jimmy staying over was a regular occurrence on weekends sadly. Well I loved seeing him, but it hurt my heart as he would never love me. Well I can’t even look at the guy, so any chance of us dating would be inevitable.

I picked up the green leaf carelessly with my fork and half attempted to put it to my mouth, but I failed. The leaf fell to the upper part of my chest, half hazed I barely noticed. I heard someone clear their throat, drawing my attention to them. My eyes met Jimin’s, caught like a deer in the headlights I just stared at him. He pointed to his own chest and I looked quizzically at him. What is this guy going on about? He went from pointing to his chest to mine. I looked down at and saw that god damn lettuce on the crevice of my breasts. I shut my eyes, picked the lettuce up and put it onto my plate. Embarrassed I quickly excused myself from the table and ran to my room.

Good job y/n, you sure know how to impress a guy. I flopped onto my bed and called up my best friend.

“Caitlyn I did it again”

“Did what?”

“I fucked up in front of Jimin” I groaned.

“What did you do this time?” I could basically feel the smirk on her face.

“I got lettuce on my fucking tits and he had to point it out to me.”

All I heard from the other line was a burst of giggles and hysterical laughing. I rolled my eyes. Real support I have here.

“This isn’t helping” I whined.

“Honey at the moment I think the only thing that could help you is jesus. Just think of it this way, at least he was looking at your titties”

“You really aren’t helping at all you slag”

“Awwww you love me anyway haha, I have to get going now. The shower is calling my smelly ass.”

And with that I was left alone to wallow in my own self pity.

Deciding sleep was the best option, I started to get dressed. I had removed all garments of clothing besides my lace panties and bra as my door opened without even a knock.

“Hey y/n…. Oh, oh shit sorry” Jimins voice turned from calm and collected to frantic within seconds. My arms quickly went to cover my barely covered parts.

I stared at him with wide eyes, completely paralysed.

Stumbling on his words, he quickly shut the door and excited.

Well fuck me, literally. Why can’t people learn to knock? As if my night could become even more embarrassing honestly. I’m not even going to question what he thought of my body. I fell backwards onto my bed, grabbed a pillow and screamed into it. This was probably the most embarrassing thing ever to happen to me, but at this stage. The fucks I gave were close to none. With a quick little fit, I scrambled under my sheets and allowed sleep to take over.

My dream slowly became clear as I realised my surroundings, I was back at the moment of getting changed.

This time the door opened again and it was Jimin. He was adorned in an all black outfit. A lose black shirt and his iconic ripped skinny jeans, he was to die for to say the least. I covered myself again with my arms, but this time he didn’t stutter, nor run away. He stepped inside my room, and with a swift movement he shut the door and locked it.

“My, my you look delicious” His eyes filled with hunger. They pierced me as if he was a lion about to go for the attack on a lamb, being me. I could feel myself being eaten whole by his lust clouded eyes.

He charged forward and removed my covering arms.

“Let me see you beautiful” He whispered seductively into my ear. He looked at my body and slowly went onto his knees, my legs slightly trembling. He ran his masculine hands down the curves of my body and down to my panty line.

“Please let me have you baby, you look even better than I imagine in my dreams” His eyes looked at me pleadingly. I bit my lip enticingly and nodded my head yes.

He hooked his fingers and pulled my panties down without any hesitation. He caressed around the top part of my thighs, “My god I want to devour you”

“Do it then” I whispered almost breathless from the quick encounter.

He stood back on his feet and carefully pushed me back onto the bed. He climbed ontop of me and spread my legs. With a hand now at my heat, i felt a rubbing sensation already making me wet. I bit my lip, already trying to hold back my desperate moans. I saw his jeans becoming strained from his member. i moved my way to his jeans and unbutton them, pulling them as well as his boxers down. The sight of him made me instantly wetter.

“Someone likes what they see” Jimin smirked. The urge for him grew instantly.

“Please just fuck me Jimin” I moaned.

“As you wish”

He removed his fingers and ripped off his shirt, revealing his caramel abs.

“Oh fuck me” i mumble,

“Oh don’t worry I will” And with that he flipped me into all four’s.

Without a word, Jimin slams into me. Filling me whole.

“Ah fuck y/n, your pussy is so tight, I feel like I’m going to cum already” He grunted.

Suddenly I turn into a little hoe to say the least.

“Cum in me Jimin, make me leak with you” I moan, playing with my nipples. I felt my stomach tying into nots as he pounded in and out of me.

“Please make me cum Jimin” I pant as I feel him pulsate inside of me. That must have triggered him as I felt him twitch inside of me. He seemed to have doubled his efforts as he reached around to play with my clit and pounded into me even harder. Both of our pants growing by the minute. The feeling of me in-between his fingertips sent shots of pleasure through my body as my pants became heavier and I felt myself being brought closer to my orgasm. He reached his arm around and began to roughly play with my nipple, his panting becoming more ragged and uneven. I pressed my hips further back into Jimin, allowing him to go deeper into me. My hands grasped the blanket as I felt myself rapidly coming closer to my orgasm.

“I’m going to cum” I moaned.

“Me too” He panted back, holding my breast like a vice and rubbed my nipple harder.

“I’m cumin y/n, cum with me” He thrusts into me and starts to spurt cum. He leans down to kiss and bite my neck, his thrusts becoming reckless and uncontrolled. The sounds of Jimins voice puts me over the edge as my walls tighten around his cumming member. Our juices mixed together and began to drip down my leg. As we calmed down, he pulled out and rolled to his side looking at me.

“Well that was better than expected” He heaved. I nodded my head in agreement.

I rested my head onto his bare chest. He caressed my head, bringing me into a feeling of comfort. He kissed the top of my head.

“Its time to wake up now baby”

“What do you mean?” I looked questionably at him.

“You got to wake up jagiya” My face turned into a puppies.

“But I don’t want to.” My mood instantly being disrupted.

“But you must” He caressed my face and slowly started to disappear.  Of course, dreams never last forever.

As I felt my real life senses coming back, I felt a wetness on my hand. I open my eyes and look down.

Well fuck. I quickly remove my hand from my shorts and wipe off the liquid. I lean my head back.

“Fucking Jimin” I groan.

“Well, that’s what it sounds like you were doing” I heard a chuckle.

My eyes shot up to meet his lust filled ones. A seductive smirk lingered on his face. I felt a lump in my throat and my cheeks turn strawberry red.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck oh fuck’ I thought to myself. I was left completely speechless as he came closer to me. He sat at the end of the bed and leaned closer to me. Whispering in my ear 'How about I make that dream a reality?’ I pulled my face back slightly from his and looked at him with shocked eyes. He smirked.

'I’ll take that as a yes’ as his lips soon met mine.

My oh my, how dreams can truly come true.

-Hufflepuff Hoe

anonymous asked:

One of my friends categorized Hamilton as "fake hip-hop made by white people for white people" with "second rate musicians," spouting lyrics she could "never see any artist I respect saying." I think this is unfair (and unfounded,) but since I am not a fan or knowledgeable of the genre I don't have a way to put up a counter argument. Since you love the album and are a fan of the genre what would you say to her?

Wow. I’d tell your friend, “Whaaaaaaat?” in Jefferson’s voice from “We Know”. Then I’d explain why she’s very, very wrong.

First of all, Hamilton is a love letter to hip-hop (and history!) written by the best rap lyricist on the planet right now. (It’s true. If there was as championship belt for best rapper in the world, @linmanuel would be wearing it right now.) I’d also mention to her that Lin-Manuel Miranda is Puerto Rican and pretty much the entire roster of performers in the musical are people of color.

Your friend clearly doesn’t know hip-hop because there are tributes to different rap styles, different eras, and different artists throughout the play. When I listen to Hamilton, I hear so many familiar rappers through the lyrics and performances in the musical. I’m not going to go through the whole show because part of the fun is the surprise that you get from hearing certain things, but an example is James Reynolds in “Say No To This”. When you hear his verses, you recognize that the style is Ice Cube. That’s not accidental. It’s an homage – just like in “Helpless” when Eliza channels SWV (she even sings “I’m so into you/I am so into you” at one point during the bridge) and Alexander channels Ja Rule. Or in “Ten Duel Commandments”, which is structured like Biggie’s “Ten Crack Commandments”. And there are so many more examples. It is amazing how Lin-Manuel Miranda is able to craft the lyrics in the way that he does while remaining astonishingly accurate to the actual history.

I’m a guy who grew up loving rap and history. I’m now a historian who wishes he could rap. Hamilton feels like it was made for only me, and I know that Lin-Manuel Miranda feels like I do about rap from the things I’ve read about him. He doesn’t use rap as a gimmick in the musical. He wouldn’t use rap as a gimmick in the musical. He respects it too much. That story could only be told that way with that much detail through hip-hop. And hip-hop is more than just rap or R&B. It’s an attitude and you can feel how real it is by listening to the cast recording (I haven’t seen the play – although I feel like I have by envisioning it in my mind while listening it to the album a million times). Alexander Hamilton’s history spoke to Miranda because he had that aggression and passion and confidence that also burns through in the very best hip-hop of our generation.

Listen, the play has Founding Fathers using battle raps in a Cabinet meeting. I’d love it if it was terrible. But it’s not terrible. It’s actually out-of-this-world good and performed by amazingly talented performers – including Daveed Diggs, who was rapping about very real shit not too far away from me in Oakland long before he ever thought about being in a Broadway musical. Hip-hop is all over the play in ways big and small, very direct and very subtle. There’s the obvious connection with the rap battles, but then you listen to them and recognize, “Wow, these are written like actual rap battles” even though they are built to demonstrate historical points and move the story forward. There’s the back-and-forth, but there’s also Easter eggs throughout everything like James Madison as Jefferson’s political partner in the historical context and as Jefferson’s hype man in the battle rap context. That stuff is weaved together perfectly.

I don’t know Broadway. But I know history and I know rap. And Hamilton is real hip-hop and real history. And really good. Tell your friend to listen again.


This is so sad! I’m on her side! imagine if you’re a HUGE fan of some one and you traveled sooo far just to see him, and he completely ignored you, he took no gifts, he ignored the fan signs, he ignored a fan waving at him, I’m guessing he has NO sympathy for his American fans and only cared about the Korean fans, we buy your albums too! All we want is RESPECT! AND LOVE from you Jongin, but you completely disrespected us! I will NEVER see you the same way EVER again. This is my opinion, so I don’t need any rudeness from the BLIND!

A surprise album isn’t really Tay’s style…I think she loves the built up and giving us clues and excitement etc.

but I DO think she could release a surprise single! Then the album may still come this year!!!! And the whole ‘Thirteen’ theory still makes sense ATM seeing she posted today (13 days until Texas!) even though I don’t see her calling the album that, i would be pleasantly surprised if she did!

But there’s never any way of knowing anything with this girl but I don’t mind because I’m SO confident I will love whatever it is she’s doing!!!!!!