i never say otp but they are so cute omg

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You and your girl are so damn cute omfg AKSOPAKSOAKPS U AND CENI ARE MY NEW OTP OF LIFE ~RUN~ I REALLY CANT BELIEVE HOW U TWO ACT LIKE REAL BLAKE AND YANG LIKE OMG BUMBLEBY IS REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL ~and say "You're the Yin to my Yang" is really something that Yang will say I dont doubt~ ALSO HOPE Y'ALL MARRY AND GOT A LOT OF PUPPIES AND KITTENS <3 LOVE U 2 ~ btw sorry my english im brazilian~

Never thought I’d be someone’s otp ahaha, and yeah omg we are very similar in a lot of ways, as Ceni said when we just started dating, “You’re the most Yang like person I’ve ever met.” IRL engaged bees, who’d have thought it? Thank you so much ❤❤

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are you still doing the otp thing? If so, how about bim x google, host x dr.iplier?

Well not really but I will give my opinions on these!

I’ve actually never heard of either of these ships but honestly they sound so cute??? I wouldn’t say they’re OTPs but god they both sound cute…

Y’all if there’s a shipname for these PLEASE tell me omg

Just my opinion

*Me and my friend watching Vampire Diaries episode 17*

Me: aww, that Steroline scene was so cute-

Friend: OMG are you finally over complaining about klaroline every time we watch the show

Me inside:

What I said: You didn’t let me finish, what I was going to say was: aww that Steroline scene was so cute, I COULD TOTALLY SEE THEM SLEEPING ON A CAR LIKE THAT ON THEIR WAY TO NEW ORLEANS!