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Cowane’s Hospital Stirling 

I’d never been inside here before and as I was nosing around saw some people go in so after I had taken a few shots decided to have a peek. I didn’t get far only into the meeting hall, it seems it was closed and some people were just dropping things off so only got a few from inside, the lady said they were just leaving but the building will be open to the public in April. 

Cowane’s Hospital is a 17th century almshouse in the historic city of Stirling. It is also known as The Guildhall, as the Stirling Guildry have held their meetings here for several centuries.  

 Cowane’s is in the area known as Top o’ the Town, just below the castle and next to the Church of the Holy Rude where King James VI was crowned.

Sadly the building is in state of disrepair but the good news is work will start next year on restoring the build with help of donations and a lottery funded grant. 

Cowane’s Hospital was built by in 1637 by rich local merchant John Cowane, that’s him with the hat on the front of the building and in the stained glass window, it was an Almshouse for ‘decayed members of the Guild of Merchants’.

After its time acting as a Guildhall, Cowane’s served as a school and a hospital during epidemics.   

According to local myth, people say the statue of ‘Auld Staney Breeks’, as he was known,  comes to life on Hogmanay and does a jig.

I posted picture of his house earlier. 


these are from fetus seungri’s buddybuddy account (a sort of sns that elementary/middle school students used back in early 2000) 

1st pic) 

his id: “sunlight groom” (he talked about this before on their cultwo show appearance, and basically it’s where his ‘other half’ would be ‘moonlight bride’) 

his intro: “i grew up normally since i was little… but at 14… i met the wrong people… and almost walked down a bad road… before meeting a dance team… called ilhwa… and learning to dance… now… i’m your average 15 year old dancer… ^^”

2nd pic) 

the caption basically talks about how seoul is different from his hometown gwangju (”unlike gwangju, in seoul asics shoes are popular”, “if you look at how seoul middle schoolers dress.. i can only sigh..”, “in seoul even if you try to use seoul speech your satoori shows”, “seoul’s air is bad… but there’s a lot of things to see”) and ends with saying that it’s hard to get used to seoul


Sensei uploaded some official teasers ( the pic on the left side) about an extra scene we’ll have along with Drama CD 4 in February!! I am screaming!! Are Yashiro and Doumeki wearing kimono? Are they in a onsen maybe?? *sweats* They are so hot!! Also I perfectly remember the illustration Sensei posted back then on the 31st of December 2014 before deleting her previous Twitter account (@_yonecoro_)! It showed an always wonderful Yashiro in traditional clothes and smoking kiseru! (pic on the right side) The similarities are strong so I Iike to think she already had this scenario in mind and soon we’ll enjoy the extra scene she has developed for us!! ❤ I CAN’T WAIT FOR FEBRUARY TO ARRIVE!!!  ❤

left picture source: @saezuru_comic 12/17/2016 Tweet (official Twitter account)

Telling Mom

This idea came to me a few hours before I saw a promo pic that said Eliza would be in the upcoming episode, so consider this ironic timing. Thanks to @a-tardis-at-downton for beta-ing this for me!

Telling Mom

Alex had never before brought home a girlfriend. Or rather, a partner since this was her first girlfriend. Eliza had met some of the boys she dated in high school but that was because the town was relatively small and they often played video games at her house, but there was never a big deal made out of it like an adult child bringing home their significant other. She had kept the message simple when she texted Eliza. Stating she was coming for the weekend to introduce her to someone important, Alex had refrained from using gender identifiers while insisting she was too busy for a phone call. If she heard the worry or excitement in her mother’s voice, she knew she would chicken out at the last minute and keep her relationship under her wraps. May never regain the nerve to come out to her mother.

They were standing on the deck of the two story farm house like building, the awning Kara frequently insisted on flying off from above their heads to shield from the light patter of rain. Her Ducati was parked by her mother’s Mercury under a cover, helmets in hand as Alex wished she had the foresight to beg Kara to join them. A squeeze of her hand and a soft smile full of dimples reassured Alex and she pushed open the door. Placing their helmets down by the front door and loosening their jackets, Alex led the way to the kitchen, certain by the delicious scent in the air her mother was finishing up dinner.

Eliza turned when she heard a usual floorboard creak with the presence of her guests, the smile sliding on her face easy.

“Hi,” Alex said awkwardly, hands shoved into her pockets as she endeavored to maintain eye contact. “Mom…I’d like you to m-m-meet my…girlfriend, Maggie,” she barely managed to state, eyes wide and nervous, breath shallow as she glanced at Maggie.

“Hello, Dr. Danvers,” Maggie greeted, stepping forward to shake hands.

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In the middle of dinner I politely excused myself and went to where all good naughty wives go to remove their soaked panties…… the men’s bathroom. I was very nervous so I peeked in just in case l, but no one was in there so I walked in. But once I sat down to take my panties off two guys in their 30’s came in and starting talking about their dates and how one of them was going to “go balls deep”. I had planned on just taking some pics from the toilet stall for Mr. Travel and I wasnt planning on interacting with any guys but after hearing that comment I couldn’t help myself. I quickly wadded up my panties in my hand and walked out as they were washing their hands. They saw me in the mirror and quick turned around, I just smiled and walked out but just before I left I said “balls deep…… mmmmmm” but never turned back to look at them. When I got back to the table I gave Mr. Travel the panties and just smiled. It wasn’t until we got in the car and he took this pic that I told him the story.

How Team 7 is a collective hallucination of Naruto fandom  - or - a poetic story of how Sakura killed Team 7 and became the most hated character of them all

First of all, Team 7 is overly romanticized by the fandom, thats for sure. Team 7 is the most dysfunctional team out of them all, but people do tend to overlook this fact and praise it as some kind of irreplaceable ideal in the life of every member of that team (sometimes even as an ideal for other teams as well). There are reasons for that. Team 7 was presented to us as the center of the story, center of the universe that was slowly unfolding before our eyes. We also had our expectations because of Naruto’s genre, we knew that this was the story about bonds, so we expected all the main characters to become inseparable like one true family. We saw what we wanted to see. 

Funny thing is that it never happened. (I don’t know the author of this awesome pic,sry)

There was this amazing bond between Naruto and Sasuke and later on there was a strong bond between Naruto and Sakura, but those two bonds are not Team 7, they didn’t even coincide in time. Team 7 dynamic was crooked and skew, Team 7 never looked genuinely whole and the reason for that was probably Sakura. From the very start she was an oddball in the ninja universe - a cocky girl with no special ability, who was more interested in her hair and love than fighting, who had no ambitions and no resolve. It looked like she was a traveler, who had just stepped out of the portal from another world with no wars and no tragedy. Her calm background was not even nearly enough to explain how she grew up this way. She was ignorant on a whole new level to the point where she seemed delusional and straight inadequate.This was the first nail in her coffin- Kishimoto wanted her to be more “realistic” but all he manged to do is create a character that seemed out of place, seemed non-organic to the world of blood and tension she was born into AND alien to other characters that surrounded her (Hinata actually was very organic, see what I’m explaining here?). And Sakura wasn’t even humble to smooth her way out of it, she was bossy and demanding, constantly stressing the rough stitches with which she was sewn to the story. Ino was somewhat the same, but she was not focused on as much, she had a very special ability and she was also given a beauty point when she saved Sakura from bullying (labeling Sakura as average in beauty department was also a great move from Kishi, gj!). Actually Sakura’s “rebellion” against Ino was put into such a sexist context that it looked nothing but petty in contrast to all other rivalries we had in the manga.

Basically Sakura had a false start, but her further progress was even more dramatic. She became a true scapegoat for Kishimoto, who needed an easy tool to vivify the plot - she was written to be a weak crybaby to contrast boys and highlight their strength, she was written as an aggressive bitch to make Naruto’s struggle even more prominent, she was written as a shallow idiot to highlight Sasuke’s maturity. And just like that not only was she despised by the readers from the get go, she couldn’t possibly be respected by Sasuke and was a bitch to Naruto, ignoring him most of the time.She couldn’t possibly be integrated in Team 7, but formally was its part, so she became this wedge in the natural flow that prevented Team 7 from becoming whole. It was simply too late as Kishimoto has used her for far too long. I argue that if Sakura was a bit less fangirly towards Sasuke (aka not chase him away and anger him) and a little bit more patient with Naruto (aka not push him away from every scene to be alone with Sasuke) we would have gotten the above picture in the manga, but it didn’t happen. How could we get a steady shot of the three if one was chased away and the other one pushed away? Kakashi was also kind of on the sides, but at least he had a reason to be, he was a superior. When Sakura finally became a warrior and cured her short-sightedness a bit, Sasuke was gone. And then the glorious “nostalgia-period” began. 

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What about Jen and Darregg's first photo? Taken by a fan, I still have my doubts, not about that their relationship fake, same was with her and Chris and it turned out to be a pathetic fauxmance

You can say they were setting a timeline (they were sitting on the patio, in open air, on a busy NYC street) and wanted to be seen or a lunch as friends.

There is this really curious little thing that @findingyellowumbrella shared with me before she disappeared (come back I miss you) about a company called Prey Tell PR. And how one girl claimed to see Jen and Darren out to dinner the night before the lunch pic surfaced and the tweet was liked by one of the strategist who works at Prey Tell PR.  The girl who saw Jen and Darren is followed and friends of the PR girl.

And in May another girl from Prey Tell PR tweeted that Jen was in their offices. 

I don’t know what it means, Findings always let me work things out on my own and never revealed much about what she thought but I tend to think it’s interesting. 

@ms-c0ld omg!! i’m so sorry for some reason i never saw your post till now!!! but yeahXD what you and @anitafishikela said is right. i’ve kiss my phone screen and pics in my phone case!! i had never kissed a pic before cause all my friends and me thought it was strange but now i can’t help it☺️

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this is very weird but I saw this pic of Nelson several months ago. Gillian has posted the old pic and didn't even do it on twitter, that never happened before. This is strange...

This picture is a few months old, I saw it too. I guess someone sent it to her so she can post it.

Minghao takes his giant pup for a walk

 hi guys i saw this a while ago and i really felt like drawing it even though ive never done anything like this before.. 

this is my first comic ever and the art style is different from my usual also im a super beginner at colouring so forgive my mistakes T^T (btw this is my halloween url, i am @seokrneme usually)

Theory about Marinette

Beware because I use things from the origin episodes! (SPOILER)

I still can’t get over the umbrella scene and over the origin episode, but then I realised something. (sorry if someone already mentioned these things)

This bugging me a long ago, but Marinette here not just a cutie with bun, but a sad cutie. First I thought maybe the photo isn’t the best (like in Juleka’s case) but she seems kinda seperated from the class. And after the origin episodes realised what if she don’t had friends? Okay, it’s obvious that she don’t had any friend because of Chloé, but what if she never had any friend before? I mean we never saw a pic about her with other friends etc. And maybe this explain that she don’t had any self-confidence just since she is Ladybug and she is in this class. Maybe she was too shy and wanted to get so much friends that she acted strange and can’t get any? And later comes Chloé, who saw a lonely girl and began to bully her. (don’t know she had any reason or she is just Chloé XD) and no one stop her. Even in the origin can see that none of the previous class Rose, Juleka Nathaniel, Kim or Max try to stop her. I don’t say they never wanted or don’t feel sorry for Mari just they was afraid from Chloé. And then comes Alya. Alya is a new girl but helped her out on her first day and finally Mari get a friend and we can see that Marinette began to open up step by step. Then comes Adrien… first Marinette thought she got again someone, who will bully her, but here she isn’t afraid anymore to say what she think because of Alya. and then the umbrella scene

When Adrien explained the whole situation she is suprised because she misunderstood him and maybe because she got another one, who tried to help her.

And we can see her cute blushing face. I’m sure this scene is about that she fall in love with him because of his kindness but I would add what if she felt some connection between them? Like Adrien never had friends like her. Being in a friendship is totally new for him like for her. and he was always so lonely like her. (okay, Marinette wasn’t so lonely like Adrien because she have awesome parents.)And he is someone who helped her and cared for her. And don’t suprised that she fall in love with him because he was later too really supportive and kind with her. (and sometimes protective too)

And this pic so important! Not just because we can see how awesome this class is. (they care for each other and they’re all so awesome <3) but look at Marinette’s happy face! She stand with her first friend and with her first love and maybe they were the first people (expect her parents), who try to help her and care for her.

Maybe I overexplain this and Marinette never was so lonely, just she had issues with Chloé and the previous class wasn’t so cool and caring like this class. (I hope we will see more scenes like in Reflekta)

Bonus: After they got this class pic, both Adrien and Marinette find a special place for this pic. Adrien because he is with his friends and this is his first class pic and Marinette because she is with her dear friend and with Adrien plus she loves this class so much. I love to think they’re the same at this and connected in many way.

I’m too deep into this show and I’m too deep into this ship

Colton and Jensen

I’ve wanted to do this post for a while but never got to it but seeing @seraphyde666​ say she wasn’t aware of Colton this felt like a great time so here we go
I first saw Colton in Teen Wolf when he played Jackson the sports captain/Jock type character. He now also plays Arsenal in Arrow. I will say this first before Colton came out I had NO idea he was gay. I actually thought he was dating Emily Bett Richards based on their instagrams and how they were always together. BUT now he’s come out and is engadged and it’s so romantic and the proposal pic is just wow!


When I got into Supernatural my first thought was ‘Wow this Jensen guy is Colton but older! They’re both from Texas both modeled from a very young age and look (I think) remarkably alike. 

Colton was told by family members that his dad committed suicide due to him being gay which is all sorts of levels of messed up 


I don’t have a source for this but I’ve seen mentions on tin hat blogs where Jensen’s dad has made comments about acting feminine. But this of course isn’t on the same level as Colton’s father.

With Colton coming out my first thought was of J2 and how this could help them to see that you can be an actor in a CW show (Arrow) and be out.
I still hope that it is a stepping stonein the path for them

The first time he said I’m gay