i never saw the lion king

When you first came to me, you had a smile so sweet - that you could get away with murder. Hands so firm, but lips so soft. You were lethal, the lion - king of the jungle. Beastly with beauty woven between it. And you saw me as a prize, as a trophy.

And I was entraced. Drawn to you like a moth to a flame. So we came together; close enough to touch, but just out of reach. We were just about to skim the surface; my heart was beating with such compasion - that it poured into your soul.

Then, we fell back. Our wirings that had bound together, snapped into millions of barb pieces. And I felt my ribs crash into my stomach and blood curdle in my throat. My feet were broken and I felt the pain all the way to the crown of my head. The air, the life - had been sucked out of me.

And in our fallout, I began to believe that I was a broken kingdom. Bonnie without Clyde and The Joker without his Harley Quinn. I felt powerless and overthrown.

Eventually, I came to understand that maybe - we shouldn’t have ever done more than skim the surface. Because what’s the king of the jungle, without his queen and whats more lethal than a couple of steel. We would be so hot together; that we would burn the sun and tilt the moon.

There would’ve been nothing we’d leave without quest. Too bright for this universe, so to sustain her breath - she broke us apart.

We saved not only ourselves from self-destruction, but also the world from annihilation .

—  Kyrpton bound to Mercury - excerpt from the book I’ll never write