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I have to confess that when I first saw the scene between Snow and Killian I thought Snow had kissed him on the lips! XD and I was like "WHAT?? SNOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!" But I watched it again and calmed down.. But I really loved that scene..The "I'm so happy it's you" + the cheek kiss + the hug.. I never thought I needed but I'm happy they gave us this interaction between mother in law - son in law and I'm waiting for more! What do you think Shira? I love your answers <3

LOL. And thanks! 

Well, I got a question about them a while ago, saying that they never actually shared a scene together alone. And after that ask I realized that damn, the anon was right! But I also said that what bothers me more is that Emma practically doesn’t have so many scenes with her mom too. But now after seeing the Hook Snow scene I realized how much I wanted one without even knowing that I wanted one. And I also need a name for this friendship ship!!! Maybe captain hope? (unless there is already one that I don’t know of). So yes, that scene was my favorite in the episode! I’m so happy Snow is happy for the both of them! That Hook matters too and it’s not just about seeing Emma happy, but also him.


▪A/N: ok so i love the show how i met your mother and this fucking imagine fit perfectly i love this idea and stay tuned for a part two bc since this was so long i had to make a part two lol

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▪Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

▪Summary: In which a 40-year old Remus Lupin tells the story of how he met his wife.

▪Warnings: probably cursing idek

▪Words: 2693 (i know it’s long sorrryyyy)

Remus John Lupin wanted to tell a story to his kids, an incredible story in which they’ve heard a million times but never actually took the time to hear every single detail.

“Kids, I’m going to tell you the story of how I met your mother,” Remus said in his posh-British accent facing his kids.

“Are we being punished for something?” His younger son asked. The sandy-haired man—with an exception of a few newly welcomed gray hairs—let out a ‘no.’

His older daughter sighed, “Yeah, is this going to take a while?”

The elder man nodded, “yes, so get comfortable in your seats because I’m going to take you back twenty-five years ago before I was ‘dad’ I had a whole other life.”

That’s when he began his story… “It was all the way back in 1987 when I was 27. Just starting to make it as a Professor, teaching the dark arts, and living in the Muggle world, aka London with James, my best friend from Hogwarts. My life was good, that was until Uncle James went and screwed the whole thing up.”

James was on his knees about to utter the forsaken words in which he couldn’t look back now, “will you marry me?” he asked opening the little box which the diamond ring was held in. 

Though he didn’t actually say it to the woman he loved and wanted to say the words too, he was practicing to his good old, twenty-seven-year-old pal, Remus.

The messy sandy-haired man practically jumped with excitement, “Yes! Perfect, then you’re engaged, you pop the champagne, drink a toast, you have sex on the kitchen floor!” Then Remus contemplated what he said for a second, “don’t have sex on the kitchen floor.”

The brunet man nodded, “Got it, and thanks for helping me plan this out, Moony.”

“Mate, are you kidding? It’s you and Lily! You’ve been chasing after this girl for years, and I’ve been there for all the big moments between you and her.” Prongs went into the kitchen to grab two beer bottles from the kitchen handing one to Remus, “The moment you met, your first date, other first things…”

James chuckled nervously rubbing his hand behind his neck, taking a sip of his beer, “Y-Yeah sorry about that mate, we thought you were asleep.”

“It’s physics Prongs. If the bottom bunk moves, the top one moves too.” He leaned against the refrigerator for leverage for what he’s about to say. “But mate do you realize you’re getting engaged tonight?”

“I think I do Moons.” Prongs chuckled raking a hand through his hair, “what’re you doing tonight?” Asked James right when Remus was about to take a sip of his beer.

Narrator Remus decided to interrupt the story, “what was I doing? Uncle Prongs was about to take a big step of his life, and me? I’m calling up your Uncle Sirius.”

The moment the telephone in Sirius’ apartment rang he picked it up, “Talk to me.” He sternly said through the phone.

“Hi Padfoot, it’s me Moony.”

“Hey, so you know I’ve always had a thing for half-Asian girls?” What he said caused Remus to roll his eyes. “Well now I’ve got a new favorite, Lebanese girls,” Moony could practically see him smirking through the phone. Sirius then began to state, “as a matter of fact, Lebanese girls are the new half-Asians.”

Remus decided to change the topic, “Hey, so you wanna do something tonight?”

“Okay, meet me at the bar in 15 minutes. And suit up!” His excitement caused Remus to roll his eyes, hanging the call up.

Sirius waiting for him at the bar as Remus waltzed into the bar, with normal clothes to Sirius’ dismay, nodding a ‘hey’ at the dark-haired man.

Padfoot rolled his eyes vigorously exasperating, “Where’s your suit!? Just once when I say ‘suit up’ I wish you’d put on a suit!”

“I did, that one time.”

Black seemed very offended, “It was a blazer!” 

The messy sandy-haired man changed the topic they were discussing, “You know, ever since Hogwarts it’s been James and Lily and you and me.” He said using hand gestures to prove his point as he said the names together. “Now it’s gonna be James and Lily, you and me.” Now he said the names separately, with a pause. “They’ll get married, start a family. Before long I’m that weird middle-aged bachelor their kids call ‘Uncle Remus.’”

Sirius had to smack him upside the head for him to snap out of it pointing a stern finger at him, “I see what this is about, have you forgotten what I said to you at Hogwarts? Don’t even think about getting married til you’re 30!”

“Thirty, right, you’re right. I guess it’s just when your best friend gets engaged, you start thinkin’ about that stuff.” Moony leaned against the bar.

“I thought I was your best friend.” The dark-haired man seemed offended for the second time that night, “Remus, say I’m your best friend.”

Remus nodded putting a comforting hand on Padfoot’s shoulder, “you’re my best friend Pads.”

“Good. Then as your best friend, I suggest we play a little game I like to call,” Sirius started to rub his hands together looking around the bar, “‘haaaave you met Remus?’” 

The sandy-haired man started to shake his head vigorously at the man in front of him, “no, no, no, no, we’re not playing ‘have you met Remus.’”

Padfoot decided to do it anyway, tapping the shoulder of the first girl he saw bringing her out of an interesting conversation, as Sirius asked the question. “Hi, have you met Remus?”

Remus began to blush, “Hi, I’m Remus.”

“Tonks.” The girl said, running a hand through her pink hair.

“Tonks? Never heard a name like that before.”

“It’s actually my last name, I’m not very fond of my first name ‘Nymphadora.’” The pink-headed girl rolled her eyes viciously at her ridiculous name.

“Overall, it’s nice to meet you, Dora.

Lily just entered her shared apartment with her boyfriend and best friend. She was greeted by her brunet boyfriend, “Hey.”

The young woman laid her stuff on the couch facing James, “I’m exhausted. It was a finger-painting day at school and a 5-year old boy…” Lily paused, unbuttoning her sweater to show her shirt had a small painted hand on her breast, “…got to second base with me.”

James showed a disgusted face then chuckled, Lily looked behind the six foot giant to see the kitchen counter had layers, upon layers of food. “Wow, you’re cooking? Without magic?”

Prongs nodded cockily, “yes I am.”

She cried out an ‘aw’ pecking his lips, “are you sure that’s a good idea after last time? You looked frightening without eyebrows.”

“I can handle this. I think you’ll find out that I’m full of surprises tonight.”

“So there’s more surprises, like what?” James had a guilty look his eye, looking around the room to think of something.

Older Remus decided to interrupt his story once again, “James was in his second year of muggle law school, since he was planning on having a muggle occupation, so he was pretty good at thinking on his feet.”

“Boogedy boo!” James screamed at the red-head catching her off-guard, “And that’s all of them. I’m gonna go, cook.” He said in a normal voice, pointing to the kitchen.

Remus’ current situation consisted of talking about marriage and ‘serious relationships’ to the girl he literally just met at the bar.

“I’m really happy for James, I really am. I just couldn’t imagine settling down right now.” He ranted. 

Tonks then asked the one question that had bothered him for most of his 20-year-old life. “So do you think you’ll ever get married?”

“Well, maybe eventually. Some fall day.” Moony paused, “Possibly in Hyde Park, simple ceremony. We’ll write our own vows. Band, of course. People will dance, I’m not gonna worry about it.” He raked a hand through his light-brown hair, “bloody hell, why did James have to get engaged?” 

The pink-headed girl chuckled causing him to scoff, “yeah, nothing sexier than a guy planning out his own imaginary wedding, huh?”

The young lady smiled, “actually, I think it’s cute.”

He took her scotch drink away from her, “well, then you are clearly drunk.” Raising the glass in the air he shouted, “one more for the lady!”

Back at their apartment, James was sitting on the counter watching his soon-to-be-fiancee cooking the dinner that he failed to cook himself. A thought came to his head making him get up from his spot he was previously sitting at, “Oh! Hey, look what I got…” Grabbing something from the refrigerator, he gave it to the red-head.

She smiled up at him, “Oh, honey, champagne.” The girl handed the bottle back towards him, signaling him to pop it open. 

The brunet handed it back towards him, followed by a ‘yeah.’

Lily rolled her eyes, “No, you are too old to be scared to open a bottle of champagne.”

Prongs tried to defend himself, “I’m not scared.”

“Then open it.” The red-head handed it back to her scaredy-cat boyfriend, who let out a huff of ‘fine,’ staring at the bottle before handing it back to her.

“Please open it.”

She started to get angry, pacing around the kitchen giving the bottle to Prongs all the while letting out an, “Gosh, you are unbelievable, James.”

James couldn’t take it anymore, so he grabbed the tiny box from his pocket opening it and getting on one knee as Lily ranted. “Will you marry me?” The brunet asked the sacred question interrupting her rant, causing her to gape at the man in front of her, completely awestruck.

“Of course you idiot!” Lily exclaimed tackling him to the ground.

As time passed by, the fiancees exhaled smiling like two goofballs getting up from the kitchen floor, hair messy, breath short and choppy, clothes wrinkly. “I promised Remus we wouldn’t do that.”

Lily ran a hand through her long, and messy, fiery red hair. “Did you know there’s a biscuit under the fridge?”

“No, but dibs.” James outstretched his arm towards the counter, grabbing the bottle of alcohol, “Where’s that champagne? I want’ a drink a toast with my fiancee.” He grinned at the girl, who sweetly pecked him on the lips.

She rose up from the floor, as James tried to open the bottle of champagne. “I don’t know why I was so scared of this. It’s pretty easy, right?” As the cork popped it went straight towards Lily, making her scream as it hit her eye.

Once again, back at the bar was Remus and Sirius. Tonks had to leave since she wasn’t interested in Remus as he was her. “Why am I freaking out all of a sudden? This is crazy. I’m not ready to settle down.” Moony ranted to his friend, “the plan was to not even think about it until you’re 30.”

Sirius nodded at his words, mumbling a ‘yes’ every now and then. 

“Plus, James found the love of his life. Even if I was ready, which I’m not, but if I was, it’s like, ‘okay, I’m ready. Where is she?’” He turned around and that’s when he saw her.

“And there she was. It was like something from an old movie where the sailor sees the girl across the crowded dance floor, turns to his mate whilst saying, ‘see that girl? I’m gonna marry her someday.’”

She was beautiful in his eyes, Y/H/C cascading down her shoulders, her sensitive Y/E/C eyes looking at the person in front of her who was talking to her, nodding along as she listened to what they had to say. 

Remus realized he was staring so he tapped Sirius, “Hey Pads, do you see that girl?”

His friend was leaned against the bar, scotch in hand as he looked at who his best friend was staring at. “Oh, yeah. You know she likes it dirty.” And…of course, Sirius had to ruin the moment. The handsome dark-haired man nudged him, “go say hi.”

The charming sandy-haired man shook his head, “I can’t just go say hi. I need a plan,” That’s the moment when he started to over think, “I’m gonna wait until she goes to the bathroom, that I’ll just strategically place myself by the jukebox so that…” He trailed off, but right before he was about to turn towards Sirius to see if he was listening, the girl was already at the bar and the handsome dark-haired man tapped her on the shoulder and asked the four worded question he dreaded.

“Hi, have you met Remus?”

Remus looked like a deer in the headlights, cursing under his breath as Sirius left. The girl turned around just as surprised as he was. “Hi.” Moony waved at her.

“Let me guess…” The American girl trailed off snapping her fingers, “Remus.” 

He grinned shrugging. 

[I made the reader american bc in the show robin is canadian, which made her stand out, out of all the americans that play in the show]

The official, fiancees got in a cab all the while James kept telling Lily how he was sorry, “I’m so sorry baby. Take us to the hospital.” He instructed the driver.

Before the driver even started the car he asked, “whoa, whoa, whoa…did you hit her?”

The young couple slowly turned towards each other, as Lily’s ice pack covered her eye then laughed all of a sudden. “Hit me? Please. He can barely even spank me in bed for fun.” 

James started to blush in embarrassment as the cab driver started the car, driving to the nearest hospital.

Remus was still at the bar with the girl he just met, that he soon found out her name being Y/N. “So what do you do?” He kindly asked her.

“I’m a reporter for BBC News.” The girl started as Moony let out an ‘oh,’ seemingly impressed by this girl. “Even though I’m obviously not British, I still work for a British newscast.”

“Wow, never met an American girl and a girl with an impressive profession before.” He chuckled before realizing what he said seemed dumb, “sorry, you’re really pretty.” That caused the both of them to chuckle, her laugh sounding like music in the light-brunet man’s ears.

Y/N then mockingly waved at her friends who were seated at the booth at the end of the bar, all with unhappy faces.

Remus turned towards the people she was waving at, “Well, your friends don’t seem too happy.”

The young woman nodded, “Yeah, see, the one in the middle just got dumped by her boyfriend. So tonight, every guy is ‘the enemy.’” She said using air quotes. 

“You know, if it’ll make your friend feel better you could throw a drink in my face. I don’t mind.”

“She would love that.” The Y/H/C haired beauty started to smile. “And it does look fun in the movies.” 

The young man was incredibly intrigued by this girl, “Hey, d’you wanna have dinner with me Saturday night?”

“Oh, I can’t I’m going to Scotland for a week on Friday. Some guy’s attempting to make the world’s biggest pancake, guess who’s covering it?”

“So that’s gonna take a week?”

“Yeah, he’s gonna eat it too. Another record.” She half-smiled at the guy.

“Hey, what’s takin’ so long?” Her friend cried from where she was sat, comforted by her other friends. The girl held up a finger, signaling them it will only take a minute.

Remus turned around so he was facing her again, as she dug through her purse. “Um… I know this is a long shot but, how about tomorrow night?”

She beamed looking at him, “yeah, what the hell?” She stood a bit closer to him to pass her business card towards him, in order for her friends not see. From smirking, her facial expression changed to a frown on her heart-shaped face, her whole demeanor changed as she grabbed her martini and threw across Moony’s face. All the while yelling, “Jerk!” Then smirking at him turning around, “that was fun.” Her friends cheered her on, smiling.

[stay tuned for a part two!!]

Never Have I Ever

A/N: This is my first fanfic! (once again lol) Feedback would be greatly appreciated one way or another!

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Warnings: Some swearing

Words: 1,377

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      “Never have I ever done something illegal,” Betty said in a way that made it sound more of a question rather than a statement as she put another one of her fingers down. Ronnie, Jughead, and Kevin followed suit. Archie looked like he wanted to put his finger down, but he didn’t do something illegal since “something illegal” was him and Grundy had done that.

       “I love how I’m the only one with five fingers up,” you say.

       “Well you are the epitome of a good kid,” Jughead said, but you knew that he was a good kid too. Everyone there was.

       “Okay, okay, I have one that’ll make you put a finger down Y/N,” Veronica said with a smirk.

       “Alright shoot,” you say before drinking some of your lemonade.

       “Never have I ever wanted to make out with someone in this room,” your eyes grew wide and you started choking on the drink when you heard Veronica’s words. Everyone looked at you in surprise, not thinking you’d start to go into a coughing fit. You started laughing through the coughing, trying to find air to breathe, but the situation was just too darn funny. Betty started laughing, then Kevin, and then Ronnie had joined in too. Archie and Jughead looked confused, but it was only because they had no idea about the conversations you’ve all had discussing this.

       “Veronica I swear you’re gonna be the death of me,” you finally managed to get out. “But yeah, that was a, um, good one,” you cleared your throat once more and put down a finger. Everyone else did too.

       “Woah, woah, woah. I knew about everyone else wanting to make out with someone here, but Jughead?” Ronnie asked with a raised eyebrow.

       “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Juggie asked looking mildly annoyed. You knew he liked Veronica, but sometimes he definitely believed she was the devil incarnate.

       “Just that I didn’t think you thought about any of us in a more than a platonic way,” she said in a questioning tone that never failed to make Betty giggle. “Wait, oh my gosh, WHO?!”

       “That isn’t part of Never Have I Ever Ronnie,” you scolded, mainly for your own benefit because you knew Jughead would say Betty or maybe even Veronica and you weren’t ready for that reality. Jughead and you made eye contact and he gave you a grateful smile, completely unaware of your feelings toward him.

       “Okay then let’s play Truth or Dare instead, we all know Y/N was gonna win Never Have I Ever anyway,” Kevin says with a smirk. Oh boy…

       “It looks like it’s finally your turn Jughead. So tell us, truth or dare?” you had given Veronica a dare she completed with no problem what-so-ever so now it was her turn to ask the last person left. Albeit, you felt a bit bad for Jughead because you knew if you were put on the spot you’d be completely uncomfortable. He either gets asked to tell us or dared to or maybe even to do the deed.

       “Dare,” Jughead sighed, knowing what he’d get asked as the truth and since he wouldn’t want to answer he’d receive a dare anyway.
       “I dare you to make out with the person that made you have to put that finger of yours down,” Veronica said and you stood up simultaneously with Jughead.
       “Lemonade,” you said as you bent down to grab your cup. Walking out of there and down the stairs to the kitchen as fast as you could without drawing any more attention to yourself. You didn’t want to see Jughead make out with anyone.
       Jughead remained unsure as to what to do when you left since he was just dared to kiss you– no, to make out with you. He just looked around in awkward silence seeing if he could play it off
       “Why are you just standing there like a doofus? You have a dare to complete, just go- oh…” Kevin trailed off when he realized that Jughead couldn’t complete the dare without you.
       “Oh my God, I can’t believe you and Y/N both want to make out with each other,” Betty said with a grin on her face until she realized she slipped up. It was too late, Jughead knew you wanted to kiss him.
       “Wait, what?”
       “Y/N likes you, God knows why–”
       “Then why did she leave?”
       “She just doesn’t think you like her in that way, well actually she has her days when she doesn’t think you like her in any way which completely preposterous because you tell her just about everything and no matter how much we attempt to pry and ask she never tells us a thing–”
       “Fuck I’m in deep,” Jughead cutoff Veronica mid-sentence.
       “We won’t check up on you guys anytime soon,” Archie said, smirking at Jughead’s back as he was leaving the room.

       You weren’t able to hear anything from the kitchen since they were all in Archie’s room, but you did here movement. You weren’t sure if you were ready to go back up there so you were just hanging out in the Andrews’ living room. Fred was out with Hermione so you had all decided to meet up at Archie’s place.

       “Y/N?” heard Jughead say from the stairs, but continued to make his way towards you.

       “Whatcha doing down here Juggie, shouldn’t you be up there making out with the crush of your life?” you asked him in a semi-defensive tone even though you were trying for a more playful and light one.

       “I would be, yes, but she decided to refill her cup with lemonade right when I was about to,” Jughead sat down next to you and gave you a small smile. You scooted away from him, leaving a very visible gap between the both of you. Seeing this made Jug feel a tad crestfallen, but he knew that your defense tactic was pushing everyone away. You told him that right after he yelled at you for asking him about Jellybean. You had left the drive-in crying that day.

       “No one’s been down here other than me so I don’t know who you might be referring to,” you mumbled and drank what little was left of your lemonade. Even after refilling twice, the cup seemed to remain empty. Almost like the feeling in your heart.

       “I was referring to you, Y/N,” Jughead said scooting over to you, “And quite honestly, I’d like to complete my dare.”

       You turned to face Jughead to make a remark, but instead, you found your faces a few couple centimeters apart. Jughead’s breath was ragged while you just couldn’t quite find anything to breathe. You were tempted to lean forward, but you were hesitant, no matter how much you wanted to. What if Jughead realized you weren’t worth scarring staying for.

       He kept looking between you and your lips, and you knew that he wanted you. You knew that he wanted to be with you and that terrified you with excitement. “With all this hesitation and build up, I’m not too sure you want to do that dare,” your voice, just barely louder than a whisper, seemed to tremble, but you felt a new type of confidence you were not accustomed to having. The confidence of certainty, the confidence of knowing that even if Jughead one day decided that you weren’t enough for him, that you were more than enough for him tonight and have been more than enough for him many times before. Jughead smiled at your words and cupped your face with one hand while his other hand on your waist, closing whatever space between the both of you was left.

       And just like that, the both of you were kissing. Your hands had found their way to the side of Jug’s face and to his hair. You felt his beanie fall off his head and your back touch the floor. You hadn’t realized either of you were moving, you were too caught up in Jughead’s cherry tasting lips. He stopped kissing you momentarily to catch his breath. You started laughing with giddiness and Juggie smiled.

       “I might just be in love with you,” you heard him mumble right before dipping down to start kissing you once again. 

Sebastian Aho - Say you won’t let go

When you have the chance do you think you can maybe write a Sebastian aho imagine based off the song “say you won’t let go” by James Arthur (it’s so adorable I really like it)

Author’s Note: I love this song! I did this based on Sebastian P.O.V. and it’s also him kind of looking back on how he fell in love with the reader like in the song. I hope it can one like I wanted it too lol. Enjoy! -Julianne 

As the tears stream down my face all I can do is think of that night. That night you called me from the bar to come get you because you drank to much and couldn’t drive home. You were never much of a drinker so I knew something was up.

“What’s going on?” I asked as I helped you into your bedroom. 

“He cheated on me…again.” You said. 

I watched the sadness fill your face. Oh how I love that face. I wanted to just grab you and kiss you but I knew I couldn’t not know at least. 

“I need to throw up.” You said running to the bathroom. 

I helped you hold you hair and I saw that smile I loved so much spread across your face. 

“Better?” I asked giving you something to wash you face with.

“Will you stay with me tonight?” You asked with hopeful eyes. I knew that if I did I would do something I would regret so I broke you heart just and said no.

That no was the best answer because soon you were mine. 

I remember when our first son was born how happy I was, but also how nervous I was. To be a dad was scary, but than I saw your face. You had just been in labor for 20 hours yet you looked like the most beautiful women I have ever seen. You made me feel calm and ready for what ever was yet to come. 

You gave me four beautiful children and I love you more every time. 

I remember the nights that you couldn’t sleep, you would go down stairs and make some hot tea in hopes not to wake me. I always came down anyways. You would laugh and say “I hope I didn’t wake you.” 

I just smiled at you and told you “Will you dance with me?” 

You would smile that wonderful smile, and make a joke about braking a hip but take my hand and dance with me in the kitchen. 

“I’m so in love with you, and I hope you know.” I would whisper in your ear before placing a kiss on your neck.

“I love you always.” You said back before placing your head on my chest. 

You always feel asleep shortly after and I would carry up to bed and hold you before whispering “We’ve come so far my dear.” 

If there’s one think I know about us is that our love has always been strong no matter where you are. Soon I will be with you again. Because I’, so in love with you.


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HAP BIRTH MAX @mangaken!! 🎉🎉

hOW MANY YEARS HAS IT BEEN aaaa you’ve been one of my closest friends ive made on here :’)) Thank u for sticking with me throughout these years and I apologize for any wrongdoing ive done u_u;

sentimental stuff aside FJSKF AFTER 47843 YEARS I FINALLY DREW AN ACTUAL LAPIDOT rip i know ive said ive been wanting to draw them earlier but well better late than never i suppose hAHAHA they’re really cute and because of u i got into this ship 8’’))


“So the little prince tamed the fox. And when the hour of his departure drew near–
Ah,“ said the fox, "I shall cry.”
It is your own fault,“ said the little prince. "I never wished you any sort of harm; but you wanted me to tame you …”
Yes, that is so,“ said the fox.
But now you are going to cry!” said the little prince.
Yes, that is so,“ said the fox.
Then it has done you no good at all!”
It has done me good,“ said the fox, "because of the color of the wheat fields.”
( Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince )


These things inside my head 

They never make much sense 

So I wouldn’t hold my breath… 

I hope I die before they save my soul

Joyriding // Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration 

for Alie

i just remembered one of the first vividly gay moments i had back in highschool when i was in denial. i was friends with two girls who were dating and one of them made the other cry for some reason all the time like all the time. and i was always trying to comfort the one who was crying. and one day i had the thought “i wouldn’t treat you like this.”

and my het™ oriented mind immediately rejected that thought like “too bad she’s a GIRL so you wouldn’t be dating her IN THE FIRST PLACE b/c YOU’RE TOTALLY STRAIGHT.”

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avOCADO LOL. that’s so funny (side note: i hate avocados) - but that reminds me of when @baeseoul told me she’d been pronouncing the word epitome wrong her entire life until someone finally asked why the hell she was saying it like eh-pit-ome LMAO. but also yes!!!!!! languages are hard so don’t get down just bc you can’t comprehend something yet!!

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What does the anon mean by the theory that Touka's only in love with the image of Kaneki? Is there a post about it? It confuses me by thinking about it and I really need an explanation lol

I really haven’t read anything about it, like a meta or something, I’m not sure if it’s new or old. What I do know, is that it was very clear in the past that Touka never liked Kaneki’s change, she was mad at him for not being who he used to be in the past when she met him, and she didn’t want him to change. “Why did you have to change?”, she said. I agree with that if that’s what the anon was talking about, but I feel like the anon was referring to the present time? That :re Touka loves the “idea” of Kaneki and not his true self. I disagree with that, especially after the last confirmation. Maybe Touka felt that way in the past, but the fact that she doesn’t feel that anymore shows the great development she had in terms of her feelings for Kaneki. 

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im salty bc I tried to tell someone some ugly shit a straight said to me and they immediately jump to Random Straight They Never Met defense, telling me I should be open-minded and it's not the guys fault he was being homophobic bc "he didn't know any better." this isnt some little kid or anything he Knew wtf he was doing lol and they're trying to justify this guy's homophobia to me......

straight people are always doing this shit I swear…. like, homophobia exists! you weirdos! I feel like they put themselves in the Random Straight’s shoes and want to defend their own selves but it’s a dick move

The Plan-Michael Clifford

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“I’ll never write a fake dating fic!”-me last year

Basically a university au/fake dating au where your parents and michaels are both constantly in your dating lives so you fake date to get them to stop bugging you, but actually fall for each other in the process

Throwing yourself down on your bed, you sighed loudly. “I don’t even want to see my parents this weekend.”

“Join the club.” Your best friend Michael said, lying on top of you horizontally so that the two of you were arranged like a human plus sign on your tiny dorm bed.

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Hey!!! 💕💕 Just wondering...How do you meet other girls? I know I'm young and all, (sophomore in highschool) but I feel like I'll never meet a girl romantically you know? I don't want to have to use dating apps all the time, I just want to meet a girl like straight people do, lol just wondering. Thanks, I love you!!

Okay, so this is hard, especially when you’re young. I was lucky to grow up in a place with a (relatively) high LGBT population, and had many gay friends and friends’ parents and teachers etc. That said, I didn’t start dating girls until junior year–mostly because they terrified me so much! Now I live in one of the gayer cities of America and meet people through college and Her, though that doesn’t seem like what you’re looking for. (Although, I see 16yr olds on Her all the time, and I used lesbian dating apps at that age to meet people. Most LGBT adults I know use it too! My roommate met her gf of over 1yr on Her, and they’re still together.)

*If you’re out*, I’d recommend getting involved with the GSA (or equivalent), or seeing if there are LGBT activities for young people that are sponsored in your town. I went to gay prom senior year, for example, and it wasn’t affiliated with my high school, it was just held downtown. There are also communities, I’ve found, that tend to ‘be gayer’ than others. I was heavily involved in the spoken word/poetry scene for a few years, and honestly, I can’t think of many straight people who participated.

But you really do have to find your place, and that just takes time. The internet, in the meantime, is a beautiful place to meet LGBT people, and even though it’s not the same as connections irl, it’s still reminded me I’m not alone! I’m here if you ever want to talk.

shiro and keith texting
  • Shiro: So um, I was thinking do you want to go like hangout with me sometime? I mean like only if you want to?
  • Keith: Shiro, are you asking me out on a date?
  • Shiro: Only if you want to think of it as a date? I mean, I kinda like you so...
  • Keith: I like you, too.
  • Shiro: Oh my god! Really?!!!!!!!!
  • Keith: Shiro... we've been married for three years. We have three adopted kids...
  • Shiro: I know! I'm still overwhelmed, Keith. LOL
  • Keith: I can't believe you got all nervous asking me out on a date. You are such a dork.
  • Shiro: You love me anyway. :P
  • Keith: Never said I didn't.
Scandalous (M) | 02

Parts: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

Summary:  When you meet Taehyung in a bar one night, you don’t expect to fall for him. He was different, tattoos inked along his arms and a bright smile on his face. He was the opposite of everything you were; he was free – or so you thought.

Genre/Warnings: Socialite!AU, Badboy!Taehyung. Angst + Smut; As always, it’s filth lol.

Word Count: 7.5k.

A/N: First of all, I am completely floored by the responses I got to the first part of this. I honestly never expected to get such positive feedback from this and it makes me so happy that so many of you enjoyed it! With that being said, I tried to work on this as fast as I could because I didn’t want you guys to be waiting and waiting for what seemed like ages. Hopefully you guys enjoy this chapter! xx.

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Okay I take it back

When that anon asked if I would be okay with a “tasteful” nude, I said I wouldn’t mind, just for shits and giggles. I DO MIND. Random guys should not send me pictures of their dicks. I’m not getting “tasteful” nudes 😂just typical dick pics.. so many dick pics… so please. If you and I have literally never spoke before, I really don’t want a picture.

21 chump street rant(ish)

can i just……..

21 chump street is masterful and i shouldn’t be having such strong feelings about a 14 minute musical but like

i’m so bothered by the fact that “naiomi” just completely fucks justin over???? he says he doesn’t do drugs then says he could get them for her but she could have just said “hey when you find who’s selling hook me up with him/her and i’ll pay you back ;)))” but instead she’s like “lol yeah you don’t do it? get it for me anyway! thanks!” and i’m so pissed off by it. he’s such a good kid and she’s like “i’m making life safer” well yeah but you also just fucked him over and never talked to him again and i’m so ???????? and he also doesn’t want to take the money like ???? let him not take the money!!!!!! get him to maybe do it again but ask to just talk to the guy directly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRUH

it’s just really rude of her even if i love the musical itself.