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Okay, so there’s an area in Chicago where there are a lot of choice Ethiopian restaurants, but for many, many years, my friends and I have had a specific favourite. Even now that I’ve been living in Michigan for four years, whenever I come back to visit, we always get together and have dinner at this particular restaurant. 

Right, so my friend just went there today with her son, who is six, and even though they are Reform Jews, lately he’s gotten really into wearing his kippah at all times. So anyway, my friend just texted me because apparently the woman who is both the owner and chef just came out of the kitchen massively excited because she’s an Ethiopian Jew and until today, she had never realised that we were also Jewish! 

So now she’s sitting at the table teaching Hebrew phrases to my friend’s son and telling them about the Seders they’ve hosted at the restaurant, and holy shit I just love being Jewish so much. 

I love how, even when scattered in the diaspora, we always find each other and we are always connected <3 

So Many Reasons (Mike Faist X Reader)

WC: 2601

Warnings: Swearing, friendly banter, fluff!!

Summary: An early morning interview may reveal some things Y/N would rather have stayed hidden

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A/N: This was requested by an anon, so I hope you enjoy!!

“Hello everyone, and welcome to the Today Show. This morning we have with us the stars of the hit Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen! Laura Dreyfuss, Ben Platt, Will Roland and Y/N Y/L/N! Welcome you guys!” The interviewer said, her voice unnaturally peppy for 6 in the morning.

“It’s a pleasure to be here.” Ben said, smiling brightly at the interviewer. I yawned slightly but quickly covered my mouth. Unfortunately Will noticed, and let out a chuckle.

“Sorry. I’m still getting used to the lack of sleep. Normally I sleep in till at least 10.” I said and everyone laughed, including the interviewer. “It’s all good Y/N. So, what’s it like being in such an emotionally demanding show?” The interviewer asked.

The question was open ended, but she looked more at Ben as she said it. “Well, it’s definitely tough, but I’ve been playing Evan for 3 and a half years, so it becomes less of a chore over time.” Ben said, the interviewer nodding.

“Now, Laura, your character Zoe is very closely intertwined with Evan. What’s it like playing that chemistry onstage with Ben?” She asked Laura and I bit back a laugh.

I know how much Laura hates getting asked questions that paint Zoe as ‘Evan’s love interest’. I glanced over at Will whose eyebrows were arched, a smirk on his face.

“Well, Ben is a wonderful human being, so I guess the chemistry just comes naturally. The whole cast and crew are super close both on and off stage, so my relationship with Ben’s, and everyone else’s, character is incredibly natural.” Laura answered, fiddling slightly with her dress.

“Speaking of relationships.” I groaned internally and shifted slightly in my seat. “Who do you reckon has the closest friendship in the cast?” The interviewer asked, and I didn’t notice the smirks appear on my cast mates faces.

“Definitely Mike Faist and this one. They’re very close.” Will said, wiggling his eyebrows slightly and jabbing a thumb in my direction. “Really?” The interviewer asked, and I fought the urge to bury my head in my hands.

“Oh yeah. They’re practically inseparable.” Ben added, smirking at me.
“I think I have a photo on my phone of Y/N and Mike dressed in the other person’s costume.” Laura said and I audibly groaned, my cheeks flushed.

“It’s too early in the morning for all this bullying.” I responded, slouching slightly in my seat. The interviewer chuckled at the interaction between us, looking at me with sympathy.

“So, Y/N, it’s pretty much unanimous that you and Mike are the closest out of the bunch. Is there anything you’d like to add?” The interviewer asked, her eyebrows arched high.

“Well, uh, Mike and I are definitely close friends. We’ve known each other since Mike was in Newsies, and it’s definitely great to be able to work with him on something major.” I said, shifting slightly in my seat.

“Alright then. Well, that’s about all the time we have. Check out Dear Evan Hansen at the Music Box theatre. Please thank Ben, Will, Y/N and Laura!” The interviewer said and we all waved at the camera.

“Thank you so much for coming, you guys.” She said, shaking our hands. “You’re very welcome.” Will said, smiling at her. “Best of luck with the show.” The interviewer said as we left the building.

“I hope the bus you threw me under swerves and hits y'all.” I said as soon as we were out of the studio. Will laughed and threw an arm over my shoulders. “It had to be said. You and Mike are tighter than tight.” Will replied, smirking set me.

“Hey, what do you reckon their ship name would be? Because we all know you two are going to end up dating.” Laura said and I groaned, whacking her on the shoulder.

“Hmm… I’ll have to think about that.” Ben said, stroking his chin in a pose of thought. “I hate all of you. I hope you burn in hell.” I retorted, shoving Will’s arm off my shoulders.

“No need to be so touchy. We were just saying, you and Mike would be absolutely adorable together.” Will said and I rolled my eyes, storming into the theatre.

“Hey! How was the interview?” I heard a voice ask and I looked up to see Mike, smiling gently at me. “It was alright. Did you watch it?” I asked, awkwardly tugging on my coat.

“Nah.” Mike said causally, tucking his hair behind his ears. “Good.” I muttered, writing my name on the sign in sheet. “You ready for another two show Sunday?” Mike asked, walking up the stairs with me to my dressing room.

“Christ, I need a nap.” I muttered and Mike laughed, ruffling my hair. “I know how much you love the couch in my dressing room. You can crash there for your nap.” Mike said and I felt my cheeks heat up.

“Thanks Mike.” I said, stifling a yawn. “It’s all good Y/N.” Mike said softly as he opened the door to his dressing room.

I lied down on the couch, smiling weakly at Mike as I curled up. “You can stay here if you want.” I murmured, watching Mike turn around with half-lidded eyes. “Oh, uh, sure.” He said, sitting down near where my head rested.

I shuffled up and bravely placed my head in his lap, hearing Mike’s breath hitch. He let out a sigh and placed his hands on my head, playing with my hair gently.

I exhaled, feeling myself slowly drift off to sleep, Mike still toying with my hair. “Thanks.” I muttered, my lips turned up in a slight smile. “You’re very welcome, Y/N.” Mike said, his voice fading as I fell asleep.

I opened my eyes slowly, yawning as I stirred. “Good morning sleeping beauty.” Mike said, smiling down at me. I groaned and sat up, running a hand through my hair.

“Hey. What’s the time?” I asked groggily, fighting back a yawn. Mike chuckled and pulled out his phone, unlocking it. “It’s 9:15. You had a decent nap, Y/L/N.” Mike said and I rolled my eyes, flipping him off.

Mike placed a hand on his chest in mock offence, and I laughed softly. “Hey, Y/N?” Mike said and I hummed in response, noticing how close Mike and I were sitting.

“Have a look at this.” He said, passing me his phone. On the screen was a tweet from Will that contained a photo of me asleep on Mike’s lap with a caption that made my cheeks go red.

“In the wise word of Lin-Manuel Miranda, fire up your slash fics in your Internet.” I read, internally cursing Will Roland. “Yeah. Will has always had a… questionable sense of humour.” Mike said awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

“Yeah. It was just a joke.” I muttered, suddenly feeling very deflated. “I should probably get into my dressing room, and, uh, start warming up.” I said, standing up abruptly.

Mike looked at me curiously and went to protest, but I was out the door before he could say something. I threw my dressing room door opening, slamming it behind me.

I locked it and sighed, sitting down and putting my head in my hands. I felt my heart shatter when Mike suggested that the thought of us being together was nothing more than one of Will’s jokes.

I felt the tears escape my eyes and flow down my cheeks, dropping onto my clothes. I had tried to so hard to push down my feelings for Mike, to ignore the fact that he probably had his eyes on someone other than me.

I took in a deep breath, realising that there was no point in crying over someone I spent practically all my time with. I’d have to settle for being friends and nothing more.

My heart ached at the thought, but I decided to stop thinking with my heart. That had gotten me in some serious trouble before, and I wouldn’t have it happening again.

I got off the floor, wiping the stray tears off my face. I had never been more grateful for the lack of interaction between Connor and Alana until today. I saw that it was now 9:30, and we still had an hour or so before rehearsals for the matinee.

“I’m going to go grab something for morning tea. You’re welcome to join me if you want.” I called, opening the door of my dressing room. “Hold on Y/N. I’ll be there in a second.” Jennifer called and a smile settled on my face.

“Awesome.” I muttered, glancing in the mirror to make sure it wasn’t obvious that I had been crying. “Good morning Y/N. You ready to go?” Jennifer asked and I nodded, smiling brightly at her.

We walked out of the theatre and strolled down the street, taking in the sights and sounds of the theatre district. “So, how had your morning been?” Jennifer asked cheerfully, her red hair bouncing as she walked.

“It’s been horrendous, Jen.” I said and she gave me a sympathetic smile. “I had to get up at 5:30 for the Today Show, and if you watched the interview you’ll understand why that was a disaster.” I said and Jen grimaced slightly.

“I did see that. It’s like everyone except Mike knows how you feel.” Jennifer said and I nodded, exhaling defeatedly. “Then I took a nap with Mike. I fell asleep on the couch in his dressing room.” I said, noticing Jennifer’s eyebrows raise slightly.

“Will took a photo of the two of us and posted it on Twitter with a caption pretty much saying we should date, and Mike’s response was that it was just one of Will’s jokes.” I said and Jennifer let out a quiet gasp, wrapping me in a tight hug.

“Oh sweetie. You know Mike, and you know how he tends to say things without thinking.” Jennifer said and I sighed, squeezing her torso.

“It’s just, it really hurt because we’ve been friends for so long, and I’m an expert on repressing my feelings.” I said and Jennifer frowned, pushing me away slightly.

“Y/N, you don’t play someone’s mother without getting to know them very well. Mike doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings, especially when they’re romantic.” Jennifer said and I frowned, feeling rather confused.

“Wait. What do you mean, romantic?” I said, noticing that we had approached the bakery. “Y/N, Mike has pretty strong feelings for you. Clearly the two of you are both terrible talking about your feelings.” Jennifer said and my eyes widened, shock etched into my features.

“Holy shit.” I whispered, earning a chuckle from Jennifer. “Exactly. You should really talk to Mike after the show. Or before, I don’t care. Just talk to him. Things can’t be solved without communication.” Jennifer said and I nodded, taking in a deep breath.

“Thanks Jen. I definitely need a brownie right about now.” I said and she chuckled, walking into the bakery. We ordered a brownie each, plus a box of them for the rest of the people back at the theatre.

“Wait. Mike doesn’t like brownies. He prefers cookies.” I said, and Jennifer smirked at me as I ordered a double choc chip cookie. “Let’s go Y/N.” Jennifer said, patting me on the shoulder.

We made the short walk back to the theatre, carrying our morning tea. “We’ve got brownies!” Jennifer announced, and she was met with cheers from the cast and crew.

Jennifer put the box of brownies down on a table, and although most of the cast swarmed the box, I noticed that there was someone missing.

“Hey. I’m going to go see Mike.” I said to Jennifer and she nodded, patting me on the shoulder. “Good luck.” She whispered, giving me a thumbs up as I left. I made my way through the hallways, stopping just outside Mike’s dressing room.

I knocked tentatively on the door, hoping for a response. “Come in.” Mike called, and I took in a deep breath. “Hey. The rest of them are out there destroying the box of brownies.” I said and Mike let out a breathy laugh.

“I figured. Jennifer’s voice travels pretty far.” Mike replied, his hair pulled back in a loose bun. “I, uh, I know you don’t like brownies, so I got you this.” I said, passing him the bag that contained the cookie.

His face lit up as he took the bag, taking the cookie out. “You got my favourite flavour!” Mike said excitedly, taking a bite from the biscuit. “Of course I did.” I muttered, looking at the ground.

“Thank you Y/N.” Mike said, cookie crumbs around his mouth. “It’s no problem.” I said and an awkward silence settled over the room. “About, uh, what happened before.” I said Mike’s smile disappeared almost instantly.

“Y/N.” Mike said but I cut him off. “I just wanted to say that, um, what you said really hurt me.” I said and Mike’s face fell. “It’s because, uh, well, I kind of.”

During my rambling I didn’t notice Mike stand up and walk over to me, but I did feel him place his lips on mine, cutting me off instantly. My eyes widened, but I quickly closed them, melting into the kiss.

His lips tasted sugary, and fit perfectly against mine. His hands held my face gently, as if too much pressure would cause me to break. I snaked my arms around his waist, pulling him flush against my chest.

I broke away from the kiss, leaning my forehead against his as I tried to catch my breath. “I am very sorry about what I said Y/N. I kind of went after you when you stormed off, but I left when I heard you crying.” Mike muttered, his hot breath fanning my face.

He took his hands off my face and held my shoulders gently, his taller build making this an easy feat. “I love you Y/N, but I kinda struggle with talking about my feelings.” Mike said and I felt my breath hitch in my throat, a smile blooming on my face.

“Jen did say that.” I said and Mike chuckled, pulling me into a hug. He kissed my forehead softly and I closed my eyes, leaning into Mike’s chest. “I told you to talk to him, did I not?” I heard a voice say and Mike chuckled, the vibrations soothing somehow.

“Hi Jen.” Mike said sheepishly, and I retracted my arms from around his waist. “Looks like you two finally sorted things out.” Jennifer said, a smug look on her face.

“There wasn’t really a lot of talking. More like me stammering like an awkward mess and him kissing me.” I said and Jennifer chuckled, Mike’s cheeks flushing at my words.

“Either way, it worked. Congrats you two. It was only a matter of time.” Jen said, winking at us as she walked away. Mike let out a sigh and slipped his hand into mine, smiling bashfully at me.

“I love you Mike.” I murmured, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I love you too.”  He replied, squeezing my hand. “You’re so warm.” I murmured, earning a hearty laugh from Mike.

“I hope that’s not all you love me for. My warmth.” He said and I shook my head, pecking his lips briefly. “There are so many reason why I love you, Mike Faist. That’s just one of them.”

BTS Reaction: you struggling against them as they hug you while you’re upset.

 It’s got some fluff, some angst, hell yeah


  You couldn’t remember if it was dance practice or the gym that Jin had just returned from, but either way he was very sweaty and very attractive at the moment. The only thing to do was to draw your boyfriend in. 

 Suddenly, you lit up with an idea.

 "You don’t smell very good right now,“ you giggled. Jin hummed to himself, "I thought that if your BO smelled good to your significant other it meant your chemistry was good.” Shrugging nonchalantly, you countered, “maybe we should start seeing other people.” Eyes wide with slight hurt, Jin gasped. “(Y/n)!” You hurried to remedy it, “Baby, I’m just kidding!” Satisfied, Jin nodded, “Good, now give me a hug." 

He moved toward you arms outstretched. Your nose wrinkled in mock disgust, "Ach, no!” You darted away and Jin immediately gave chase.

 He followed you around the kitchen before trapping you on the opposite side of the island. You faked right before diving to the floor, hoping to crawl away. Unfortunately, he was faster and he nabbed you, pulling you to him. You squealed and squirmed. Laughing, he pulled you to him, pinning your arms with his stronger ones and peppering your face with light kisses. 

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   “I hate you!” You screamed at the top of your lungs. You had never seen Jungkook so livid. His eyes blazed, his face was white with fury, even his muscles seemed to bulge in relation to his temper. “You hate me!? Fine, the why don’t you leave? Huh? If you hate me so much, the go on and walk out that door, delete my number.” “Maybe I will,” you countered, “you probably wouldn’t do anything to stop me even if you wanted to." 

You said it to hurt him. You knew Jungkook struggled with expressing himself. His mouth shut in a tight line, "why are you doing this to me?"  "You never talk to me,” you felt the hot tears sting the back of your eyelids, “it’s like I’m not here sometimes.” His hands ran through his hair in frustration, “I’m not trying to hurt you!” You wiped your eyes on the back of your hand angrily, “I want you to love me!” He seemed on the verge of tears as well, “(Y/n), I do! I do!” “No, you don’t,” you cried, “and sometimes it feels like I have to fake it.” That was another lie, a baseless claim used to prop up your defences against your insecurity. This time, Jungkook did begin to cry, clearly frustrated at his inability to convey his feelings. “(Y/n), you don’t mean that. Please, tell me you don’t." 

 He grabbed you and gave you a little shake, "what do you want me to do? I’ll do anything!” You wormed against him, crying and beating his back. “I fucking hate you, Jungkook! Get off!” But he was too strong and he squeezed you to his chest, which you could feel heaving with his own sobs. “Please don’t hate me, please… I love you, I love you so much.” And his words broke you down even further, finally melting against him. 

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  "You know what, Yoongi? Sometimes you have the amazing ability to make me feel so small.“ And then you burst into angry tears. You tried your best to halt the flow, biting down on your lower lip, fists clenched at your sides, but it did little. 

Yoongi’s face had gone from infuriatingly indifferent to guilty. "No, (y/n), please don’t cry. I’m so sorry.” In a flash, he had you in his arms. You wriggled, mostly embarrassed about your emotional state. “Get off, Yoongi!” He only held you closer. 

“No, please let me say sorry." 


 ”(Y/n), I don’t ever want you to feel like that. I can be harsh sometimes, I’m really sorry, but I love you. You know that, right?“ 

 You exhaled slowly, allowing your head to drop to his shoulder, "I love you too." 

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  "I get it, Tae! You are a friendly guy, you like to be liked by everyone, but why the hell are you friends with someone you know hates me?” “(Y/n),” he began, his eyes wide in exasperation, but you held up a hand. You weren’t finished. “If you were just polite to her, that would be fine, but you’re defending her when I tell you all the hell she’s put me through! Do you have any idea how lonely it is eating by yourself at lunch? Do you? No, you don’t. Let me say, it is probably the worst feeling in the world and it’s something that really should stay in high school, okay?" 

His head was bowed, his lower lip caught between his teeth, "I’m sorry, baby.” You turned away, suddenly tired from venting, “don’t call me that right now.” In response, he embraced you, pulling you to him tightly. “No,” you groaned tiredly. “I’m not letting you go until you forgive me. I’m so sorry. Really, I am. From now on, I swear, I’ll always be on your side. Always. I promise."  Those words almost sent you into an emotional breakdown. They were exactly what you needed to hear. As for the unwanted hug… Of course, Taehyung was one to needle. He’d pick and pick and pick until you either exploded or relented. Right now, as you rubbed your temples trying your best to alleviate an increasing headache, you realised that you had no choice but to relent today. It was more for him than you. He felt bad, that much was clear and Taehyung was never disloyal. "I forgive you,” you conceded sincerely. “I love you,” his whispered into your neck.

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  "Why would you say something like that?“ Namjoon blinked, "oh, I was just messing around.”

  "No, that’s private.“

 You were bristling, "I told you that it was private." 

"You’re right, you’re right. I messed up.”

 He was holding up his hands in truce. Still, you were upset. Folding your arms across your chest, you turned away. “No. I’m still angry." You could hear him chuckle and the sound had you whipping about, ready to scold him but Namjoon suddenly swept you into his arms, "you’re so cute!”

 "No! I am most certainly not! Put me down!“ 

 "No, I physically can’t. You’re too much!”

 You couldn’t help but feel a smile growing as you felt his laugh vibrate through his chest.

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  "Oh, my gosh, (y/n), get off! You’re so annoying sometimes.“ It wasn’t said playfully. His words were harsh and biting, most likely originating from stress. It hurt all the same.

 "You’re so sensitive all the time, I was just playing,” you whispered, lower lip trembling. Jimin had already realised his error and was moving toward you again, arms outstretched. You turned your body away from him, “no, if you don’t want me to touch you, I won’t.” Despite your protests, Jimin wrapped himself around you, burying his face in your hair. You pushed against his chest half heartedly, the deepest part of you enjoying your proximity. 

“(Y/n), I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. Please.” He pulled you against him tighter until you finally relaxed. 

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 You had had a hard day. It left you depressed and wanting nothing more than to curl up on your bed with your laptop. As you entered your apartment, you heard your boyfriend greet you from the living room. “Hey, baby!” “Hey,” you called.

 There was a few seconds pause. Ordinarily, you’d go to him and sit with Hoseok on the couch for a good hour and he must have noticed you not coming because after a couple of moments, Hoseok rounded the corner. 

“How was your day?” he asked concernedly. You attempted a smile, “long." 

"Want to talk about it?”

 "No, not really.“

 "Aw,” he looked hurt and you could see him approach, arms positioning themselves ready to embrace you. “I really just want to be alone right now,” you said quietly, before he came. Hoseok, visibly conflicted, found himself at a loss, letting his arms drop to his sides. He watched you begin to turn and head for your room. Finally, he called, “baby, please. I don’t know how to comfort you any other way.” With a sigh, you returned and allowed yourself to mould into his open arms. 

 Maybe it was a little better than sulking in your room.

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Run Away - Luke Castellan Smut

Note: This was suppose to be an imagine and it turned into smut. This is by the way the first smut I have written in I don’t know how long, so enjoy.

Warning: Unprotected Sex (On Purpose-ish)

(In Flashback, you and Luke are 18. In present 21. Also, flashback is in bold) 

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Your Pov

“Run away with me.” Luke says, appearing from nowhere.

I clutch at my chest from the scare, “Luke, what are you talking about?”

“Run away with me please. If I stay here, I’m afraid. Of what I could do to this camp, to everyone, to you. I don’t want to hurt you.” He’s practically in tears.

I guide him to my bed, making him sit. “Luke, calm down. Tell me what’s going on.”

Luke explains how Kronos had come to him in dream. Telling him he could make Hermes and the other gods suffer for not paying attention to their children. How at first he agreed but then realized that wasn’t what he wanted.

“He wants me take the bolt at the field trip to Olympus.” Luke finishes.

I gasp, “That’s next week.”

He shakes his head, “I don’t want to. I want out. I can’t do that if I stay here. And I know I can only leave if you come with me. If we are leaving we have to leave today. I just need to burn this.”

He pulls out a leather bracelet. A symbol I’ve never seen before carved into it. I grab the bracelet inspecting it. “Looks easy enough to burn.” I see him give a glare at the bracelet. “I’m going to take a guess that you found the bracelet, put it on and that’s how Kronos got a hold on you.”

Luke nods, “I didn’t realise until I forgot to put it on after a shower one morning. Best decision.”

I smile at him, “I hope you realise that I won’t ever run away.” I get up, opening a canister. I put a few pieces of paper in it before setting the paper on fire. Then I put the bracelet in. Sitting back next to Luke, we watch the bracelet burn.

Luke registers what I said and gives me a sad look. He turns his face away from mine.

I take his face in my hands, “I said, won’t ever run away. It’s not running away if you have an apartment and are eighteen.”

“We’re going to leave?”

I give him a soft smile. I kiss him on the lips. His smile growing. “Yeah.”

I smile at the memory. Looking out the window at the city. The sun just rising. The only thing covering me are a pair of underwear and one of Luke’s shirts.

“What are you doing up?” Luke asks, his bare chest pressed against my back. His arms wrapping around my waist.

I melt into him, “Watching the sunrise. Why are you up.”

He turns me around, “You left the bed. I immediately woke up.”

“Sorry.” I give him a small smile.

Luke chuckles, “It’s okay. I don’t mind.”

He leans down, kissing me. My arms going around his neck. His hands slide from my waist, to my bare thighs. Picking me up and walking to the bedroom.

He sets me on the bed before joining me. His hands running up and down my sides while mine are threaded in his hair. His lips trail to my neck, giving me a chance to breath. He nips at my neck, leaving red marks that disappear after a few seconds.

“Luke.” I moan, as he sucks on my sweet spot, leaving a more permanent mark.

His hands go to the bottom of his shirt that I’m wearing, “Sit up.” he mutters.

I sit up, his hands tug off the shirt I’m wearing. His mouth goes to one of my nipples, taking one in between his teeth. Biting down lightly, drawing a moan from me. Luke pulls away, giving me a smirk.

“Fuck.” I cry, his thumb pressing on my bundle of nerves.

Luke pulls away, until he’s barely touching me at all. He moves down, his hands rest on the top of my panties. Instead of removing them like I thought he was going to, he moves one of his hands to rest on my center. Feeling my damp panties.

He groans, “You’re so wet.”

I moan as one of his finger taps my clit. “Luke, please.”

Luke smirks, “what, babygirl? What do you need.” He tugs off my underwear, flinging them somewhere in the room.

“You please. I need you.”

One of his fingers circle my entrance before sinking into me. “Mmm. So, wet.”

He adds a second finger. Pumping them in out of me. Luke adds a third. Stretching me.

“Please.” I beg.

He removes his fingers, drawing a whimper from me. He brings them up to his lips, tasting me. “You always taste so good.”

Luke stands up, removing his boxers before making me stand with him. He leans down, kissing me. I can taste myself on his tongue. I go to reach down and stroke him but he breaks away. “You want to ride me, baby girl?” He asks, a smirk playing on his lips.

I nod, not trusting my voice. Not sure how after all these years he can still affect me like this. He settles on the bed. His back against the headboard. Hand stroking his cock.

I straddle him, knees on either side of his hips. Using the head to tease me. Running it through my pussy lips. The head hitting my clit. My hands fly to his shoulder gripping them tight. He groans.

“Please, Luke. Fuck me hard. I need you.”

Luke groans, losing all control. Gripping my hips, he slams me down on his cock. A deep, ragged moan leaving his lips as he fills me.

“Luke!” I moan, raising my hips up then sliding down.

Luke’s head falls back, eyes closed, mouth open in pleasure. He leans forward slightly. My hands go under his arms to grip his back. Scratching at the skin there, making him thrust up into me, hard. I moan again as he thrusts up into me. I rock back and forth. Slowing the pace. His face buried in my neck.

He brings his hips up slightly, making me moan as he hits that one spot.

“Fuck.” I breathe out as he hits that spot again.

He groans, “I can’t. This to slow. You wanted me to fuck you hard. That’s what I’m going to do.”

He pulls out of me. Pushing me onto my back. My head nearly hanging off the bed. I part my legs more. Kneeling in between my legs, my legs wrap around him. Luke enters me again. His hands gripping my hips as he thrusts into me. Our hips knocking against the others.

I clench down on him as the coil in my stomach gets tighter, making him goran.

“I’m not going to last.” He warns me.

“Me either.” I breathe out. His length repeatedly hitting my g-spot. “Luke.” I moan as the coil snaps. Cumming over his cock. I clench down on him again.

He groans, spilling his seed in me.  

Luke pulls out, his cock softening. He gets up from the bed going into the bathroom, returning with a washcloth. Cleaning the both of us up. After throwing the washcloth in the basket he lays next to me. Head propped up on his hand. He smiles down at me.

“I love you.” I tell him.

Grinning he kisses my hand, “I love you too.”

“And as much as I would love to stay in this bed, naked. We have to grocery shop.” I tell him, already standing up. Luke pouts. “What are we going to eat if we don’t go?”

“I could just eat you.” he murmurs, standing up. Kissing me on the shoulder.

I scoff, “You would love that, wouldn’t you?”

I go over to the closet. Pulling out underwear and some jeans. I try to remember the date. Are we already in the second week? Pulling on my jeans. A thought comes to me. We may have just gotten me pregnant.

“Luke!” I call out, hurriedly pulling on a flannel. “What’s the date?” I walk out of the bedroom, going to the kitchen. Seeing him in shorts, unbuttoned and a t-shirt.

“The 8th, why?” He asks.

A smile breaks out on my face, “I’m ovulating.”

Luke kisses me, “Fuck, going to the grocery store.”

I laugh, pushing him away. “We need to go to the grocery store. I’m just as excited about this as you but we can’t do anything if we are running on empty.”

One of his hands travels to my stomach, “I hope we just made a baby.”

I press my lips to his scar, “We have all day to try.” 

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You know what? No.

You don’t get to say that the full acronym is lgbtpn and then use nonbinary people as part of your “mogai hell stories”. You can’t pretend to support nonbinary people and then harass them, call them transphobic and ableist, until they pick a label that you deem appropriate.

I could never put my finger on my lgbtpn irked me as much as it does, until today, when I realised that while you’re “accepting” us into your acronym, you’re making fun of nonbinary people with obscure genders in the next breath.

Autumn Herself - Archie Andrews x Reader

Okay so I know its almost summer but Ive had this little idea in my notebook for months and I really wanted a little fluff during the exam period. Also I know about the little KJ scandal but there must be more to it?? 


warnings pure fluff ball 

I always enjoyed your study sessions and I cant say that I actually find myself studying the books. The freckles along her nose were much more interesting. I knew exactly how her hair fell around her face and hid her slightly as she engrossed her full attention in her book as if it was a whole new world she had just uncovered. Even if it was just a math’s textbook.
It was a day like this when I had asked her out. It was last autumn. The light shadows from the sycamore leaves made dancing patterns across her open book. Occasionally, a small seed would fall, twirling down to the ground between us and sometimes, one would land in her (y/h/c) hair adding to its wildness that the wind had blown into it.
Summer seemed to have brought out a new side to her. She appeared calm but was easily excitable. She was like a race that never ended; always after a new goal. This time it was autumn. She always made it obvious that it was one of her favorite times of the year, her obsession with hot chocolate and big fluffy jumpers. Cozy pyjamas and warm log fires. She was wild like the flames and warm like the chocolate and cozy like the jumpers. She was autumn herself.
I had known her for years and I guess I fell for her before I realised. She seemed to grow more beautiful year after year until one day, I couldn’t resist kissing her perfect lips and making her mine. A year later, it was almost autumn again and my dozy wild girl had once again grown even more gorgeous. She became my muse. My inspiration. The love of my life. She was my everything and I never wanted to change that for the world because she was my today and all of my tomorrows.  

You threw your book to one side sighing and looking up at Archie as he chewed the end of his pencil in contemplation over some sheet music. You found the way he concentrated adorable, especially how he ran his hand through his hair, tugging at it lightly like you did sometimes.  
“Sing something to me, Archie,” you asked, curling up on his couch and resting your head upon the couch arm. You could tell he had been stressed recently with his music and football and finals and you had barely heard him sing for a while, you had barely even seen him. With a soft smile he turned and picked up his guitar,
“What would you like to hear, baby?” he asked softly,
“Anything.” You mumbled back softly meeting his warm brown eyes. He had beautiful eyes, you thought, the kind you could get lost in and you guess you did as he began to play something you hadn’t heard before, looking down at the music on his lap as he did so. You admired how his eyelashes rested against his pale cheeks, how the blush on his cheeks was faint but just there enough for you to see, how is foot tapped ever so lightly for a footballer against the floor as he played the acoustic you had bought him and written (y/n) <3 Archie on the bottom, how he had a little crease between his eyebrows as he concentrated on his song and how in the little lyric breaks he would pull his bottom lip between his teeth.

By the time I had finished and looked up on her again, she had fallen fast asleep to the sound of my voice. Her hair had fallen over her face slightly and was moving as she breathed. I smiled softly as I watched her, placing my guitar down I leaned over to her and placed a gentle kiss to her forehead, chuckling lightly as her face scrunched up a little at the sensation. She shivered a little from the cold room so, removing my letterman jacket, I draped it over her bare shoulders smiling fondly and feeling my heart burst as she cuddled into it subconsciously, breathing in my sent that made a small smile grace her features.
“God, I love you,”
At my words, she stirred a little more, neither of us had never said them words out loud to each other to hear, not yet anyway.
“Archie,” she mumbled, still partially asleep with her eyes closed,
“Yes, baby girl?” I asked, crouching down so my face was closer to hers,
“I love you too.” A smile spread across my face as I raised my hand to run it through her hair.
“I love you more,” I whispered making her smirk a little, “your smile is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen.” she smiled once more falling back into a sleep again,
“Cuddles” she mumbled so quietly I almost didn’t hear her but she lifted her arms, wrapping them around my neck as I picked her up bridal style my jacket long forgotten as she clung to me with her head on my shoulder and her face in my neck. I carried her up the stairs carefully before laying her in my bed but she refused to let go of my hand beckoning my to lie next to her so I did, allowing her head to rest on my shoulder as we moved together to fit on the smallish bed - not that I minded, I just wanted to be close to her and hold my girl in my arms. She breathed a sigh of content as she nestled into me like she always did, as if my body was made to fit her into it. I lied there in a comfortable silence listening to her breathing as it evened out and she finally got the rest she needed.
Once again I admired her, the girl in my arms with her big fluffy jumper, wild hair and freckle dusted nose still left over from summer. She was autumn herself.

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can’t help it || J.Sugg

Originally posted by conormaynardaf

a/n it was requested, so why not! Iknow i haven’t wrote anything in a while, but that why this imagine is quiet long! also i will be writing about draco malfoy from hp too, so request draco malfoy imagines too!

Requests are open!

enjoy xo

wise men say, only fools rush in.

I never realised it. I never knew it was coming. Such a wonderful thought, not even a thought, it was real and I loved every single second of it.

I felt free; it felt like flying above the ground, freely. Making my head swoon with softness surrounding it with happiness. Fixing every damaged flaw there once was. Gone. She made it disappear without me knowing. She made me live my life so…. magically! I changed. My thinking has changed. How I view the world changed. She changed me.

It was something so simple yet so shocking. Some say love isn’t real, but it so much more than love. It makes you feel so many emotions at the same time. You get that butterfly effect inside of you; that bubbling feeling that makes you feel so sick.

It feels like something is trying to climb up inside of you, to get out of you. Creating a hysterical storm inside of you, making you feel numb.

She had flaws just like every single one of us, but she looked so ideal; with her soft hair and her so exquisite eyes, damn those eyes always made me swim in them. She made them look so different, so unique like no one else could.

Many said that this was not permanent, just like they said that it a one-time thing. It will come and pass.

but I can’t help falling in love with you.

Although, inside I knew this wasn’t true. I knew she is the one; to stay by my side forever. As cheesy as it might sound. I knew it was true and she knew that too, even if she never said so.

She always was shy, I found that trait cute on her. It just made me love her even more. Every single day is a new day with her experiencing new things that I never thought I would ever be doing such things.

I could get all tingling just from her delicate touch, the contact of her skin would send my flying high.Just from one touch! I always wonder if she gets the same tingle after I touch or hold her hand. Does she feel the butterflies? Does she feel dizzy with love?

So many questions ring in my head, making me think, but I loved thinking of her and her stunning face. I loved her smile, I always thought it was the most beautiful smile I have seen.

She made it shine when she smiled, constantly. That why I always make sure she smiles, I could never imagine her without a smile. Whenever the smile would die down; I knew it was time for me to make it re appear again.

She was strong, not like strong as in she could pick me up. Although I could never be sure;) she was strong in love, she coped with every single thing that happened, that would make her feel insecure or terrified. She made it through, as for how hard it could get she made it through, with every step.

shall I stay? would it be a sin.

Times came where I thought, will she stay with me forever? Will I stay with her forever? When those thoughts would corrupt in my head, I always wanted to tie time tight and throw it into the ocean so it floats away. But I could never work the magic to stop it.

I regretted those thoughts afterwards, but I couldn’t help it, the brain I had wanted me to feel shit but I never could fight back I was too weak, so blinded by love. Though I never complained, I love her she is the one who stayed by my side at rough times.

Some said that I’m wasting my time on her and that I should focus more on YouTube rather than my love life. but I didn’t care, I promised her I will always be there for her and I can’t break a promise that I never want breaking.

I always knew career comes first then find someone you love and want to spend your whole time with, that was something I got told all my life. It never occurred to me that it was such a big of a deal.

Love is not something you can just find, love comes out of nowhere, you can never expect it. Love could come any time; it could happen next hour, tomorrow or even a few years later. You can’t just think ‘oh I’m going to find someone I love today’ No, it not how it works. Love will come out the corner without even telling you. You will not realise that you’re in love.

She came out of nowhere she took her love with her, passing onto me. When I met her I didn’t know she carried the love that was waiting for me to know. I didn’t know the contact of her skin will make me tingle. I didn’t know anything.

if I can’t help falling in love with you?

You never appreciate something or someone until they leave. You take it for granted, you use it without any gratefulness; you think it going to last forever but when it leaves. That when you realize. You messed up, you fucked up. Everything you once had, by your side is gone and it never going to come back.

I think sometimes that I don’t appreciate her, as much as I should. She is the only one who keeps me going. For a reward back I don’t give anything, just my affection and love. She says it fine and that she doesn’t need anything.

But as a boyfriend I want to shower her with gifts to wake up to, I want to make her feel on top of the world. She says that already does, but sometimes I just don’t believe her.

like a river flows surely to the sea.

Sometimes we do argue and fight but you know what? We come back. We come back fixing each other’s flaws and replacing each of the puzzles as to how it should be.

It sure is difficult for some couples to keep going, to stay together after each horrific fight. For us is different, we know exactly how to keep going, we know how to stay together even after a huge argument.

We stay together like a perfect puzzle.

darling, so it goes some things are meant to be.

It filled with love and excitement rising high every single day. As days, months and years pass as the love for us grows stronger and stronger every day.

It magical really, love is magic. It comes out of nowhere and you’re so stunned to see it. It a magic trick that some people would love to see and are waiting for it.

Whereas, my magic trick has been shown. It has been shown to everyone expect it means a lot more to me than for others.

My life would be so different if it wasn’t for her, she made me view the world so differently. She made me think about every single tiny part of the world. She made me feel so alive.

take my hand, take my whole life, too.

All I hope for is I can live in the different world that I’m currently am with her and no one else. I hope she stays on this planet called Earth; it not perfect it the opposite really. Therefore, I hope she’s there to keep me going.

Hopefully, I will hold her hand in mine and call her mine. I hope the tingling feeling won’t disappear into thin air. I hope the love that is surrounding us in one big bubble keeps us both going forward.

for I can’t help falling in love with you.

Y/N you’re something to me that the none of the words can describe it. You’re something that makes me want to live forever and ever. Thank you so much for every single thing you have done for me. It means so fucking much to me.

Y/N please never change because the love that we have is something that can only be shared by me and you, my lovely Y/N.

Everyone clapped as he said the speech, whiles she cried out of joy.

Cuddles {Yugyeom Drabble}

Could you do something where you put up this tough act but all you really want is to be taken care of and to be cuddled and Yugyeom sees this and acts upon it somehow? I saw you didn’t have any GOT7 asks so I thought I would help fill out your master list for them cause I mean who doesn’t want more GOT7?

Note: Naww this was a cute request. Please enjoy~ 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used

Originally posted by j-miki

There’s a reason that Yugyeom is your favorite of Got7, your bias and best friend. He knows when something is wrong, he can see it in your expression when something isn’t right.

But simply reading expressions doesn’t tell him what’s wrong, he’s no psychologist. But he does have the gift of finding it out, even if you’re not conscious of it.

Usually you’re stubborn, and deny liking affection or close contact. But Yugyeom can see the contradiction, and finally, he’s starting to understand that your repulsion is a false upkeep to conceal your real craving for attention and touch.

“I want a hug.” Yugyeom demands one afternoon as the two of you sit amongst the other members.

You almost splutter out your tea at his sudden remark. “No.” Is your instinctive response, crossing your arms over your chest as he pouts.

“Okay then, let’s play a game. Then it’s fair, right?”

You look over at him, his eyes are big and wondrous, like a child. It’s hard to deny him when he’s looking so cute, and deep down all you want is to be held within his warm embrace, so with a fake reluctance, you agreed.

“Every time Jackson does something embarrassing, you owe me a hug.”

“Oh come on, that’s not fair. Jackson is a literal walking embarrassment.” You whine, though Yugyeom winks.

“Have a little faith in our friends, {y/n}.” His voice is teasing, because both of you know it isn’t going to be long for Jackson to spout something foolish.

Speaking of which, the other members begin to flood back into the room after finally deciding on what drinks they wanted, but as Jackson tried to come in, a loud smack echoed the room as his forehead collides with the frame of the door.

His cries are drowned out by Mark rushing to his aid as Yugyeom turns to smirk at you, his arms outstretched for you to fill the space. You huff, a deal’s a deal, so you abide his request, falling into his arms for a quick hug before withdrawing yourself from him, but you were only diving back into his arms as Jackson opened his mouth a few moments later.

“Do you think it would hurt if this tea came out of my nose from laughing too hard?”

“Bambam was wearing my headphones yesterday and he was listening to shit music, how can I purify them?”

“Do you think Chanyeol would mind if I friended him on facebook or is that too weird?”

“I was bitten by a turtle when I was a child, I might be turning into a ninja mutant turtle. Look at my cut, I swear it looks a little bit green”

“Can you get dunk off listerine?”

It seemed that Jackson was doing it on purpose, you had never realised how random Jackson was now until you were finally paying attention to it. Now, you were cuddling with Yugyeom on the sofa, there was really no point, because with Jackson’s running continuation of comedic and embarrassing lines, you were pretty much hugging every few seconds anyway.

“You’re being very… cuddly today {y/n}.” Mark observed later that day, his eyes somewhat confused as he watched you and Yugyeom as if you being this close to someone was incredibly rare.

“So?” You respond.

He shrugs, taking a sip of his tea. “It’s just not like you.”

“Has anyone ever wondered what the phobia of chainsaws are?” Jackson speculates.

“Common sense.” Mark responds casually as you giggle at his wit. Yugyeom holds you a little closer as the sound erupts, and you can’t see it, but he’s smiling. Your happiness shifting his mood to higher and higher levels.

By the time everyone had left for bed was when you finally pulled away from the hug.

“Enjoy that?” Yugyeom questions, outstretching his arms after sitting for so long.

“Yeah.” You reply, blushing a little.

“Are you going to hug us all more now?”

“Only you… I only like cuddling you.” You tell him, still blushing as he chuckles.

“Then why stop now? How about we continue this in bed?”

“Uh- sure.” You reply, smiling at the innocence in his voice.

“Great, then let’s call it a date.”

tattered-princess-deactivated20  asked:

9. When baking chocolate chip cookies. Pretty please ;v;

“The Ways You Said ‘I Love You’” Meme

A/N: I feel like this is the only thing I can do for you at this juncture, to maybe cheer you up even a little? I’m really happy you chose to continue fighting, and you’ll be in my prayers! Stay strong dear.

“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” -Winnie the Pooh

💕💕 Don’t give up! 💕💕

You never realised how impatient or perfectionistic Saeran could be until today.

“Are you done mixing? You’re so slow.”

“It’s off by 0.1grams. Seriously? I warned you about parallex errors just 10.2 seconds ago!”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, the cookies are going to look horrible at the rate you’re dropping them on the pan.”

“…Okay this is a lot harder than it looks. The batter is sticky as— Fuck! It’s in my hair!”

It’s really no surprise why baking isn’t the most relaxing of pastimes for him.

Your core muscles are starting to hurt and you find yourself having a punishing time trying to breathe in between your laughter. You can’t stop though, not with Saeran glaring at the mixing bowl and the ugly semi-circular blobs of batter on the tray as if they just slapped him in the face and called him ‘stupid’. And especially not when he has a couple splotches of sticky brown substance staining his bright, angry red hair, no thanks to his carelessness and impatience.

“Ha ha. Very funny.” Saeran has now turned his glare on you, having grabbed a couple sheets of tissue to rid his hair of the offending stains. He attempts to swipe them off, but given that he doesn’t have eyes on the back of his head, all he can do is aimlessly comb through his hair, inevitably slathering the batter on his hair like butter on toast in the process.

“Saeran, stop,” you say, still giggling at how irritated he looks, his nose scrunched, his eyes narrowed and lips turned down into a deep scowl. At himself, you or the batter, you’re not entirely sure. Perhaps it’s just everything and the disaster this baking session has turned out to be so far. “Let me help you.”

Almost begrudgingly, he hands the remaining clean sheets of tissue to you, before sliding into a seat so you can see better. His lips are pursed into a thin line, his arms are folded across his chest and his foot drums against the floor as he waits not-so-patiently for you to carry out your duty as promised. With some amusement, you can’t help but think he resembles a child throwing a tantrum after losing a game of tag.

It’s a little hard to get everything out of his hair since it’s all gooey and sticky. You even manage to grab two tiny chocolate chips out from in his hair, which you quietly hold it in your palm. Knowing Saeran, he’ll just pop them into his mouth without a moment’s hesitation. He’s rather averse to dirt and grime and the like, but when it comes to sweet snacks and candies, even the ‘Three-second rule’ can stretch to 3 hours. “I think you should take a shower to clean yourself up,” you suggest with a small grimace at the clumps of sticky and sweet-smelling red locks on his head. He groans at that, but shrugs it off. “Later. We should get these in the oven first.”

“All this just for chocolate chip cookies,” you mutter with a shake of your head, which he ignores. His sweet tooth will be the death of him someday, you conclude to yourself.

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anonymous asked:

Aizawa scenario with a childhood friend that they havent seen in a long time and that friend suddenly confesses to them that they've loved them for a long time?

baby’s first scenario on this blog– also I’m using female pronouns if that’s gucci (Be sure to specify what pronouns, because I will use female pronouns if they’re not specified! :))

Shouta Aizawa wasn’t a patient man, in fact most would call him very impatient man child, but today he would be patient. He sat in the small coffee shop near U.A, hidden in a booth that sat far away from other people, mainly annoying teenagers that insisted on screaming every word that spilled from their mouths. Some of the students he taught at U.A stared at him and his homely attire, wondering why he was sitting alone in a booth separated from the rest of the world. They would never know he was waiting on an old friend that he hadn’t seen in awhile– one year, four months, and sixteen days, but he wasn’t counting the days.

You were a pro hero, but on the other side of the country, and you were constantly busy, so you had little to no time to visit him. You both had met at U.A in your first year, and you’d been friends since, even if you had moved miles away. Shouta had been too lost in thought to notice that you had sat across from him in the booth, your head resting against your open palms with you elbows propped up, a sly smile gracing your lips. When he finally snapped from his thoughts, his eyes widened the slightest in shock before returning to their normal, half lidded gaze.

“When did you show up?” he asked, his voice low.

“About three minutes ago, but I wasn’t going to say anything until you realised I sat down,” you mused. “I have to keep my element of surprise, you know.”

Shouta scoffed, “Your element of surprise is yelling boo.”

You gasped dramatically, holding your hand to your chest. “I take offense to that!”

He chuckled at your antics, and you felt yourself smiling in return. You had missed this, and you especially missed him. You never had to nerve to tell him that you loved him, knowing that his response would send you into a deeper state of depression than the United States stock market in 1929. But today… today was the day you were going to confess your icky, sticky love feelings for that sarcastic bastard. You had thought about it long, you even asked his best friend Hizashi (Present Mic, that awful hero name you told him he’d regret) what you should do. Hizashi, in the most dramatic way he could, announced that you should of course confess to Shouta. He suggested a hot air balloon, but you thought that’d be too flashy.

“Now who’s the one staring off into space, hm?” the blacked haired man questioned, humor lacing his words.

“Whatever, mummy man. Or should I call you Eraser Head while we’re here?” 

Shouta glared at you, “You can leave now.”

“Aw, don’t be like that! You know you love me! I sure as hell love you!” you gushed, leaning over the table and pinching his cheek. 

Shouta smacked your hand away from his face before realization hit him. “What did you just say?”

Your eyes widened but you tried to cover your shock by coughing. “I said olive juice.”

Shouta shook his head, “No, I clearly heard ‘I love you’.”

You chuckled nervously and tried not to shake. “No, I said olive juice! You need to get your ears checked, mister!”

The scarf clad man narrowed his eyes, making you shiver. “I’m not playing games right now.”

You just had to slip it out, just as you both were having fun. You had already let the metaphorical cat out of the bag, might as well dig yourself into a deeper hole. With a deep breath and a level voice, you stated, “I love you, Shouta Aizawa. I’ve loved you since our third year at U.A and I haven’t had the guts to tell you. Just call me a pro wimp.”

You braced yourself for the oncoming barrage of disappointment, but all you got was a low hum coming from him. You raised your eyebrows and leaned forward, waiting for his response.

“Ok.” he said, looking at you with his dull irises.

Ok? That’s all you have to say?” you asked loudly. You were now more angry than upset.

“That’s all I have to say. I can’t recuperate the feelings right now, but in due time I might.”

That was… an answer you were not expecting. At all. 

“So what are we going to do about all these feelings I’m holding in right now?” you asked, testing the waters.

“Let’s just sit here and eat whatever sugary shit they have and we can talk about it.” 

You smiled, “I’d like that.” 

Colours/ Soulmate Mark

A/N: another soulmate! series , requested by an anon for Mark ~ I tried being creative so i changed the way on how you meet your soulmate , as compared to haechan’s one so hope you don’t mind ! enjoy reading and thanks for requesting this because i’m a literal trash for mark too


Everything was black and white , and nothing seemed to change as you grew older . All you could see was the two different shades of colours , making everything seem so dull and boring to you.

“ Mummy … What does brown look like ? Daddy told me once my hair is brown in colour . Is it similar to black ? Or brighter ? ” you asked innocently to your mother , playing with the strands of hair which was resting on your shoulders .

“ Darling , it’s similar to black , only a bit lighter . Don’t worry , you’ll be able to see colours very soon .” your mother replied , patting your back . You smiled instantly and ran over to your toys to play .

You longed to see colours ever since you were little because your parents wouldn’t stop explaining every detail of the colours they saw to you.


Praying hard every night that one day you might just wake up and see everything around you come to life and have its own charecteristic and colour , you were just as excited to meet the one - your soulmate .

“ I swear this pair of black shoes doesn’t go well with my yellow dress ” you heard your friend shout across from her dressing room .

“ Yeah thanks for totally remembering that i cannot see colours and i can only imagine your black shoes because i have no idea what or how yellow looks like ” you shouted back to her in sarcasm , causing her to give you a guilty smile .

“ I swear if you stop being so salty over me meeting my soulmate one week ago , you’d be able to meet yours soon . I’ve got a feeling about this Y/N , trust me .” she said to you while showing a smug expression . As much as you wanted to slap her face , you didn’t because it was just the way she talked and you couldn’t help but smile at her because her feelings always seemed to be accurate .


You grabbed the bowl of chips beside you while you played the video on your laptop . Grabbing a few at once , you stuffed the whole bunch in your mouth as your eyes were glued to the screen.

“ Mark is the only one who hasn’t seen colour yet , and we all feel bad for him because he’s missing out on so much .

Smiling to yourself , you shook your head as you continued watching the interview of your favourite group . As lucky as you could get , he was your favourite member and he was the only one who was left in the group without a soulmate .At least your favourite idol was suffering like you too .

” Uhm .. Hello this is NCT’s Mark here , soulmate if you’re watching this please appear soon i really want to meet you , thank you and i love you i guess ? “

” Hyung you’re so disgusting , you’re saying i love you to someone you don’t even know our fans might get jealous you know .“

” Well .. I’m supposed to love my soulmate so … “

You laughed once again seeing Mark and Donghyuck bickering with each other , Taeyong at the side trying to stop them . You sighed as your thoughts took over your mind .

” One day Mark’s eventually going to meet his soulmate and i’d probably still be alone , how great life , how great .“


You shook your head and sighed as you squeezed through the big bunch of girls screaming and yelling . Gripping the album in your hands , you made your way to the queue . Although you were a big fan of them , you knew best not to lose your cool .

Finally , you got the chance to go to a fansign event with NCT and you had been waiting for this day as soon as you got the tickets .

Your heart pumped faster as you approached their table , Taeyong greeting you with a smile as he took the album from your hands and signed it .

“ Nice to meet you ! How long have you been a fan of us ? ” Yuta , who was sitting next to him asked, flashing you his famous big smile . “ Ever since you guys were part of SMRookies , i’m so happy to be able to meet all of you . ” you answered excitedly , stealing a glance at Mark who was greeting his fans .

“ I see someone’s favourite is Mark , you shouldn’t do this infront of me , ” Yuta teased you , pouting as he pretended to keep your album under the jacket he was wearing . You laughed together with him because he was known for his playful and honest personality . “ Alright , go to Mark and hope you have a great day ! ” he said to you , flashing his smile again .

You walked nervously over to Mark’s side . Slowly , you lifted up your head and looked at him .

“ Hello- ”

As soon as you both caught eye contact , everything around you seemed to stop . The dull and monochrome surrounding seemed to slowly come alive , different shades of unfamiliar colours appeared and you looked down to examine yourself - you could see colour in all the small little details of your body part .

Knowing that Mark was experiencing the same thing , he stood up abruptly and held your hands , staring straight into your eyes . “ Y-You’re seeing colours too right ? Like only just now ? When you saw me ? I’m not dreaming right ? ” You nodded your head in excitement , tears about to fall .

The group of fans heard the commotion and soon enough , they realised what was happening and cheered and screamed , leaving both you and Mark staring at each other in awe , both in shock .


“ Minhyung i’m scared , what if i screw this up omg what do i do ? ” you asked the young boy beside you as one hand played with the sleeves of his hoodie while the other was gripping tightly to his hand . Mark smiled at you and used his other hand to stroke your hair , “ It’ll be fine and it’ll be over really soon , stay calm , i’m here so don’t worry . ” His warm touch on your hands calmed you down as you took a deep breath and adjusted your outfit for the last time .

“ Okay camera rolling , 3..2..1 start ! ”

“ Good morning everyone , today i’m here with one of Korea’s hottest male groups member , Mark from NCT , and of course , his girlfriend Y/N whom we’ve all been waiting to meet . ” the emcee said to the camera as it shifted towards the both of you . The two of you bowed together and introduced yourselves , your hands hooked around his arm .

“ I heard you guys met at a fansign event just 4 months ago and that Y/N has been a really big fan since the SMRookies days , so Y/N , how do you feel about your favourite idol being your soulmate the whole time ? ”

Mark’s eyes lit up as he looked at you , cheering you on with a small smile .

“ I’m … really thankful and grateful because it all seems so surreal and never have i thought such a talented and wonderful person would be my soulmate . Sometimes it all still feels like a dream but i realised that all along i love him more than just my idol .”


Pulling you closer under the sheets , he rested his head on yours . You could hear his breathing very clearly and his heart pumping . Mark broke the silence , and you could vibrations from his voice against your cheek , “ You make me feel bad after what you said today morning during the interview for not knowing you until a few months ago when you’ve been a fan since forever baby , i’m sorry ”

You laughed at his words and looked up to give him a peck on his lips , “ Yeah you should be , ”

Pouting , he tucked your head onto his chest as he rubbed your back slowly , whispering into your ear ,

“ At least i’m going to love you forever now .”

I realise I never got a true chance to say thank you, so here it goes.
Thank you for not being there when I needed you, it taught me how to be my own best friend and I finally found peace in my own comfort.
Thank you for not loving me the way I deserve, I now give myself all of the love I deserve and more.
Thank you for walking away from everything we had, it gave me the chance to realise what we had couldn’t of been love, you don’t treat people you love like that.
Thank you for not believing in me, it made me thrive and now I’m doing amazing things.
Thank you for saying all of those negative things you did, it gave me the strength to look in the mirror and rehearse those words until I knew that they were more of a reflection on you.
Most of all thank you for walking out of that door and never turning back. Without you leaving I wouldn’t be as content as I am today. I would have never learnt to love every part of me, I never would have found a best friend in me.
So from the bottom of my heart thank you for being the worst thing to happen to me.
—  B.L letters I never sent

And actually yes, I feel confident enough to share the NAT with you guys 😊

The thought I’ve had, which has been on my mind for almost ten years, is “he doesn’t love m because I’m not good enough to be loved”

To which I have asked Gaz almost every day since we’ve been together: “do you love me?”

And no matter how many times he tells me and reassures me, my thoughts never believe what I’m hearing

Until today

And the first thing I said when I saw gaz today was

“You love me! 😄 I know now that you actually do love me! I believe it!”

I am amazed - gaz is amazed

I want to be a therapist that has that much of an impact on someone as my tutor did to me today - that was an incredible realisation that changed such an ingrained thought of mine! I honestly can’t believe how different I feel!

OiIwa Rec List

So, @exella​ kindly asked me for a rec list of exclusive Bottom!Iwa fics and yes I am only far too happy to comply.

(this only contains English fics bc even though the Japanese OiIwa fandom is ripe and live with Top!Oikawa/Bottom!Iwaizumi fics and headcanons I am too lazy to translate and a lot of the authors I follow are already inactive so idk if they’d even respond if I ask)

(also I guess it should go without saying that a lot of these fics are either M or E rated bc…uhh…penetrative sex. Also if there are any broken links just tell me this was dizzying to make haha)

Without any further ado *jazz hands*

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You're odd, like me

Summary: Jughead is not interested in girls, ironically this seems to make a lot of them interested in him. Except for Betty, and it drives him crazy when she won’t show any interest in him after spending so many late nights together working on The Blue and Gold.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Author: elijahandwillow  [guest writer]

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anonymous asked:

I just wanna say, I'm so happy you're embracing your feelings towards Rebecca. It's just reached a whole other level of ridiculous now heh 😂😂😭😭.

this was probably the wrong (right?) time to send this message because i’ve been yelling about this theory all evening and….

i have some more Thoughts

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Between The Lines ; Jeon Jungkook

You didn’t realise you were a co-writer to his story.

Word Count: 1.4K

(A/N): my jungkook stories are always so long i swear…i’m not a jungkook stan either but here i am writing long ass stories about him lol… well i came up with this on the spot and i wrote it while watching the bachelor hahahaaa. i like it though, i hope you do too :’)

“You’re too much, you know?”

“Is that good or bad?” Jungkook pouted but the quirk in his eyebrow let you know he already knew the answer.

“Shut up,” you giggled before taking another bite of the scone he brought for you for your lunch break. The two of you settled down in your favourite little corner of the book store, sitting side by side on the floor against a shelve of books.

“Um, so…” he looked away for a moment and you could have sworn you saw him whisper something to himself before bringing his backpack to his lap.

“You’ve pretty much read, like, every book in this place, yeah?”

“Yeah, don’t you remember calling me a geek when I told that to you?” you nudged at his shoulder. He gave you a smile but as his chest grew heavy with anxiousness, he looked away again.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you please make an imagine when your tc dreams about you(fluff/sexual) and when he wakes up he write about the dream in his diary when you are in class I know is kinda weird but yeah Thank and by the way a really really love your blog 🙈😁

Ok so I had to change this one a little bit - hope that’s ok.


“Oh (TC/N)” (Y/N) moaned as I rolled my hips against her. I couldn’t believe this was finally happening. I sunk my teeth gently into the skin of her neck, earning a sigh from her.
“You’re so beautiful” I told her, between kisses. She giggled at that. I moved back up to her mouth and kissed her slowly.
“I love you” She smiled. I couldn’t believe it. I opened my mouth to speak but she was gone.


I woke with a start. This was the worst part. Having to wake up to the realisation that she wasn’t there; and she never was. I wiped a tear from my eye; this was getting pathetic.
I got ready for school and headed off, not looking forward to seeing her.
It wasn’t until after lunch that my brother started messaging me. I pulled open my laptop and replied.
My brother was the only person in the world who knew about my feelings for (Y/N). He was surprisingly supportive when I told him. We had been sharing a room on our road trip and apparently I talk in my sleep.
“How’s today going?” He asked.
“Not good - I have to see (Y/N) later and let’s just say u had a pretty interesting dream”
“You mean like the one you had on our road trip?”
“Shut up”
I chuckled. My brother always knew how to make me feel better. I looked up to see a queue of students forming outside and waved them in.
I set the work for the lesson and handed out the worksheets.
“Thank you” (Y/N) smiled and I smiled back, hoping I wasn’t blushing too much.
I left the class to get on with work and went back to my laptop.
“Don’t you have a class now?”
“Yeah and (Y/N)’s here”
“Oh I see”
“You embarrassed yourself yet?”
“Not yet but there’s still time”
“What is it with you and girls you like?”
I considered this for a second. I really didn’t have the best luck with women. I was disturbed from my thoughts by the sound of something dropping behind me. I pulled my laptop shut instinctively and whipped around.
(Y/N) stood there, pretending not to have been looking. She flustered to pick up her pencil before scurrying back to her seat.
She probably saw everything.
I out my head in my hands and ran my fingers through my hair. How could I have been so stupid?
Class ended soon after that and the students waited to be dismissed.
“Umm (Y/N) can you wait behind please?” I decided I had to face up to this at some point. She walked over to my desk and everyone else filtered out.
“I’m sorry about what you saw… unless you didn’t see anything in which case… this sounds odd… so umm… anyway I mean-” My voice was cut off by a giggle from her. I looked up with a smile.
“What?” I asked. She shrugged.
“You’re cute when you’re flustered” She explained.
“Well then I must be adorable” I laughed.
She leaned in unexpectedly and smiled.
“I did see something” She stated and I was about to start apologising again when she placed her lips against mine. She moved slowly against them, her soft lips a contrast to my own. She pulled away sooner than I wanted and I tried to hide my disappointment.
“I like you too” She smiled.