i never realised my love for this ship would grow this big

Eight years

A/N- Hey! So I’m finally finished all my exams, thank baby Jesus!! Anyway, I’ve been playing around with this for a while. And I’m excited to show this to you all. There will definitely be a part two for this. 

Hope y’all enjoy! 

Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~

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You got up and did your daily routine, have a shower, eat breakfast and go to work. You loved your job. You worked really heard and it payed off, you were now the CEO’S right hand man in Kim’s industries. Seokjin your boss and close friend, was taking a step back. He was doing so in order to spend more time with his growing family. You were said cause he was a really good friend of yours, and the thought of working with someone who wasn’t him scared you. What if the new CEO didn’t like you? What if you didn’t like him? So many questions and it wasn’t even nine o’clock in the morning. 

You got in to the lift and pressed the number of the floor you worked on. There was a soft melody playing in the back ground, the doors began to close. Suddenly someone stuck there arm in between the closing doors, stopping them from closing and re-opening them. It was a man. He was a masterpiece, he looked like he just walked out of a Calvin Klein ad. He was wearing a black tailored suit, which was obvious because it fit him like a glove.His hair was jet black, swept to the side to show off his fore head. He reminded you of someone, you just couldn’t pin point it. He stopped and stared at you for a moment. You moved a side to let him in. He walked past you and leaned up against the railing. You could fell him staring at you. You felt hot under his gaze. You felt arms snake around your waist. His arms. The beautiful man holding close against his hard chest. You could stay like that forever, but who was he and why did he want to cuddle in the lift?

“E-excuse me, Sir. But I think this is really inappropriate, could you please let me go.” You were a little shaky, you didn’t know who he was. But you could stay in his arms like that forever. Was he going to offer you sex? Like you’d consider it, he was really good looking and you’d say he’d be like a god between the sheets. Y’know what sayin. He chuckled, it was like music in your ears. 

“Really, Y/N/N (Your nick name)? You don’t remember me? He rested his chin on your shoulder, he was pouting. You’d know that pout anywhere. 

“Jeon Jungkook, you’ve turned into such a man.” You turn around his arms, wrapping yours around his neck and giving him a tight squeeze. 

“Handsome, I know right?” He smirked down at you. 

“I think fucking hot. OH MY GOD! Did I just say that out loud.” You try to pull back from him, to embarrassed. But he just pulled you tighter against him, his hands trailing lower down your back. He lowered his face down to your ear, his breath tickling your neck. 

“I think your fucking hot, too.” He whispered in your ear. 

*Flash back* - 

You met Jungkook when you were eight. You became friends pretty fast, never staying a part for too long. It was when Jungkook got his girlfriend that you realised you had feelings for him. As the years went by you understood that Jungkook would never look at you in that way. But why did he have to be so big on skin ship. He may look all innocent and shy, but no, not at all. He was a clingy motherfucker. He was big into cuddling, holding hands, a lot of times his hands would slip onto your ass and he would feel it up. Not that you minded, but you never really thought anything of it, because he was also always touching Jimins ass too. But it’s glories so who wouldn’t. 

The last time you saw Jungkook was at the end of year party, at graduation. He told you he was going to get both of you drinks and to stay right there. When it was hour later and he still wasn’t back, you went to look for him. He was basically fucking the girl that you hated most in the world, she called you nasty names and told you that you would never be good enough for the likes of jungkook. What a bitch. She was the definition of bitch. But your 17 year old little heart broke at the sight, and you ran away. The next day Jungkook texted you, but you didn’t reply. He called, you didn’t answer. He saw you walking down the street home, but you walked faster and pretended not to hear him. Jungkook was a great friend, but you could no longer hold it in. You had to let him go, even if that meant your friendship was ruined. It had to stop. 

*End of flash back*-  

“So how have you been?” He asked. You were relived he wasn’t bringing up the past. 

“I’m good, you?” He smirked, leaning down to your ear again. Does he know what hes doing to you right now? 

“I’m great, now that I’ve seen you.” He whispers. Your breathing hitched in your throat. He smirked…. little cunt. The lift opens, you pull apart from him. 

“It was good seeing you, Kook!” The old nickname rolling off your tongue with ease. He smiled bright, you missed it. 

“Oh, I think you’ll be seeing a lot more of me.” He leans back against the railing, smirking. The doors slowly close. 

You get to your office and sit back in your chair with a sigh of relief. Why did he have to be so good looking. Your heart was pounding and that was eight years ago that you were in love with him. You can’t still have those feelings, right? Right. 

A knock came to your door, and in pops Seokjins old assistant. 

“Miss Y/N, the new CEO is here. There will be a meeting in five minutes up stairs, in the conference room.” She informs you. 

“Okay, thank you.” You sigh taking off your coat and making your way to the board room. You take your seat next to your friend Namjoon. You chat to him till the meeting starts. You were anxious to see whom the new CEO will be. The man you’ll be spending a lot of time with. 

“All right everyone, settle down.” The room comes to silence, the door opens. Your looking at your schedule for today. Someone clears there throat. You look up. 

“Good morning, I’m Jeon Jungkook, the new CEO of Kim industries.” Your gobsmacked. No fucking way. This can’t be happening! He can’t be the new CEO. The meeting starts and everyone is in awe with Jungkook. Where as you are counting down the seconds till you can leave. And you thought work was a great place to be…. 

When the meeting finally ends, you  practically run back to your office. You want to try. You lay your head on your desk. You heard a faint knock at your door. “Come in.” You shout, not lifting your head from the table.

“Wow, your office has a great view!” You shut your eyes tight hearing his voice. He was no where for eight years, when you longed for him. And now he’s everywhere. You straighten yourself up. 

“Is there something I can help you with, Mr Jeon?” His smile fades at your words. 

“Y/N, you don’t have be so formal with me. We used to be so close.” He smiles taking a seat in front of you. 

“That’s true, but I’d rather if we kept this a professional relationship.” You give him a light smile. 

“And we will. But before that, I want you to answer a few questions for me.” Your heart starts to pound. Why is this happening to you? Why did the world hate you? 

“Okay.. go ahead.” You play with your fingers, a nervous habit. Jungkook smirks at it. 

“Why did you stop talking to me eight years ago?” You sigh. 

“Do you want the truth or the easy white lie?” 

“The truth would be preferred.” You take a deep breath. 

“Okay, well.. I was in love with you.” You laugh. “I am, I saw you making out with that fucking cunt that I hated, and it broke my heart. I didn’t want to put myself through pretending that I was okay with it, when I obviously wasn’t. So when you called and text I ignored them, and eventually you stopped. I never wanted you to know, so I stopped talking to you.” You sigh, it was nice getting that out after all those years. 

“Did the boys know?” You finally meet his gaze. 

“Just Yoongi and Jimin.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me? Things could of been different.” He states. 

“I told you I didn’t want you to know. I was afraid it would ruin our friendship, with my one sided love.” You giggle. “It did anyway.” You laugh again, not really knowing why. 

“Y/N, things would have been, could be different, because I-” Jungkook sentence gets cut short as your assistant comes in. 

“Miss Y/N, Mr Lee is here.” You sigh. 

“Already?” You get up smoothing out your skirt. “I’m sorry, Mr Jeon. But I have work to do.” You grab Mr Lee’s file and leave Jungkook in your office. 

“I love you, too.” Jungkook sighs. 

A/N- So message me if you want a part two. I’m quite happy with this. Hope you all enjoyed. Thank you from reading and for reaching 200 followers!! I love you all, thank you xx 

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How Yosuke Hanamura broke my heart

It’s incomplete, but I had to get this out of my system:

How Yosuke Hanamura broke my heart

Persona 4 is a funny game. It is also a long game, and that allows the social simulation aspect of it to really work, allows you to feel at home with the characters, through charm and repetition - grumpy Dojima, overly energetic Chie, confused heart of gold Kanji. Through little bits of interaction, day by in-game day, you at some point start to realise that when this is over, you might actually miss them. All of them. 

And then there is Yosuke. 

You play Persona 4 as Souji, a quite detached guy moving in from the city, hand on his hip, jacket slung over his shoulder, and while you, the player, grow fond of the game’s characters, Souji always feels like he doesn’t quite belong. He is the leader, the one who pulls the strings, the one grown up far beyond their age, with the world’s weight on their shoulders. 

You juggle realtionships, help people out, they call you senpai, sensei - and then there is Yosuke. 

Yosuke, who somehow, magically, manages to transcent Persona 4’s charming but game-y relationship system and becomes something else. Yosuke, who calls you Partner, and rings you up at night asking about your dreams or which girl you like. Yosuke, who does and says so many silly things that you never quite know what to expect - Yosuke, who ultimately breaks the boundaries of Persona 4 and makes Souji/Yosuke the most unexpectedly real-feeling relationship within a video game that I’ve ever encountered. 

I don’t know what I thought when I first laid eyes on him, it’s likely that it was something along the lines of “Hey, this is quite cool-looking for an anime video game guy. Nice headphones.”

Then, in quick succession, things happened that made it clear that Yosuke was many things - heartbroken, repressed, funny, lazy, loyal, competitive, insecure, reckless - and that there was something building between him and Souji that seemed like a stunningly natural depiction of friendship. Somehow, this is rare - a video game showing two guys becoming friends, a process that just like falling in love requires making first moves, and opening up, and getting comfortable with each other. It seemed like Yosuke was the person in the cast that always wanted to know a little more, the one to push Souji a little bit, willing to ask stupid questions just to get a reaction, and unlike the other characters, he seemed to always act out of a desire to be level with Souji, to break through the calm, collected, leader-shell of his and address the human being inside. 

Now, that alone would be a remarkable thing for a video game to depict, and worthy of high praise. What complicates things is that Yosuke, no matter how much he might deny it, seems like the most obvious case of a closeted gay person the world has ever seen. 

When I started playing Persona 4, I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into, through reading about it and actually having played a bit in the past. I also knew about the game’s realtionship system, and was aware, or thought I was, that you could only get romantically involved with girls. Thus, when the game started to tease the possibility of a gay option, I raised an eyebrow, then another one, and then I lost my marbles. 

When it started, the closeness between Souji and Yosuke had already been established, and since I’m a sucker for guys not actually hating each other, I started to favour Yosuke a little bit - choosing him to eat lunch with on the roof, studying together, spending afternoons at the Junes food court, talking in the soft glow of the sun on the Samegawa river bank. When Yosuke asked which girl I liked, I chose “neither”, cheekily, thinking I was playing the metagame, when the next midnight channel story twist came up, I bet each time that Yosuke would be the one to call Souji, outraged, worried, flustered, and each time when the phone rang and it was indeed him, I smiled to myself. But surely it was all in my head - I was starting to ship it, but it was just a fun little thing to do, to spare a thought here and there and layer it on top of these two characters whose interactions I enjoyed way more than expected. 

Then, these little moments started happening - the group sitting together at Junes’ and Yosuke remarking how good Partner is with his hands, a comment that might not even have stuck out so much if weren’t for the fact that immediately after saying it, Yosuke became a hot mess of backpedalling embarrassment. His insistence to know whether Souji had a crush on somebody, and who it was, despite the awkwardness. His remarks about inviting a third person to their activities, “or else people might think we’re gay.” And ultimately, the sheer time the game devoted to the Souji/Yosuke relationship - way more than any of the other characters got.

Persona 4’s social link system is fairly rigid. You choose to spend time with people, and if things go well, and even sometimes if they don’t, it raises your relationship level with said person, allowing you to climb the social link ranks, which has gameplay and combat benefits and also allows you, in some cases, to pursue a romance. What is remarkable about Yosuke is that the game spends a significant amount of time showing interactions between Yosuke and Souji outside of this system, building their relationship beyond the confines of you walking up to a person after school and answering “yes” to their proposal of hanging out. This not only serves to create a markedly more natural and complex relationship, it also sets Yosuke apart from the other characters - he is the one to choose to interact with Souji while the other characters can only wait to be chosen. 

And then Kanji entered the picture, Yosuke freaked out completely and I looked on, amazed at the fact that this game would dare to introduce a gay character, who, despite being closeted, met up with dates after school and whose dungeon was, of all things, a gay bathhouse, with sexual content that wasn’t even the slightest bit concealed. Of all the characters, Yosuke reacted most strongly to this, outright refusing to enter and making a big fuss about being afraid of Kanji taking advantage of him. 

It culminated in the camping trip - Kanji, Yosuke, Souji sharing a tent - a scenario that could have been used very easily for a gay romance movie of questionable quality, full of the usual tropes of late night talks, denial, confrontation and very real confusion on my part of where exactly this was going - the game laid on the armored gay homophobia on Yosuke so thick that it seemed almost impossible to read what was going on in any other way. Combined with the unusual qualities that had been established in the realtionship before Kanji joined the group, it started to feel like an entire plot was going on behind the scenes, inexplicit yet persistent and increasingly impossible to ignore. 

A few in-game days after that camping trip, Yosuke broke another boundary the game had set up to this point - he visited Souji’s home. More importantly, his room, a place that up until then you, the player, had always been alone in. The conversation that followed, in that intimate space, can’t adequately be described as subtext anymore, it’s text, and very gay text at that. I was streaming the game at the time, and I bet if that session’s video was still up, you’d hear my breath hitch when Yosuke, no homo Yosuke, asked about Souji’s porn stash and teasingly, suggestively stated he’d find it while Souji was out of the room. That was only the top of the iceberg, the whole scene and its context hit me like a 10 ton truck - could it be real? Was there really, explicitly something going on? The fact that I, after learning through research that there was no gay option, felt the need to double check after that scene, to make sure there wasn’t one, should speak volumes. 

That’s when I learned of the fact that Yosuke very likely was a gay option, that there were unused text and voice lines left over on the game’s disk that turned the inexplicit explicit, both in english and japanese, suggesting the developer changed their mind after the localization was done, i.e. very late in the game’s development. Only, they had ripped out very little, leaving in tons of sublte and not so subtle parts of the relationship, and that was when I realised that Persona 4, beyond being one of the best games I have ever played, would also have the potential to make me very sad, and very angry.

It wasn’t just that gay rights had been dear to my heart for as long as I could remember. It wasn’t just that the progression of Souji and Yosuke’s relationship eclipsed any other possible pairing in the lineup by miles in terms of complexity and depth and just feeling right. It was the loss of an incredible story being told, a story that would have been unique in the history of video games - the story of two fully realised, multi-faceted male characters that you, as a player, like, falling in love, and dealing with the fact that they both happen to be guys, with all the issues that might bring in a society where homophobia and hate are still so prevalent. 

While this has been done in movies to great success in recent times, mainstream video games haven’t dared to show male homosexual relationships in positive light and up front and center. Persona 4 does dare to spend significant time on very progressive subjects, including homosexuality and transgender issues, but it falters and pulls back just on the brink of being truly groundbreaking, which, to anybody playing the game with an open mind, can only scream injustice both in a worldly and in an in-game sense. 

The level 9 rank of Yosuke’s social link progression has the two of you standing on a hill overlooking the town of Inaba. Yosuke’d probably call it a village, and the two of you talk about coming to terms with your place in the world, literally and figuratively. It’s autumn, and the evening sun plays with the coloured leaves on the trees - it’s a beautiful spot, a wistful song is playing, and despite the Playstation 2’s aged graphics you can’t help but marvel a little. You’ve never been to this spot before, you think Yosuke probably brought you here, and you wonder if there are any other locations in the town you know so well by now that you haven’t seen.

“There is still nothing here,” Yosuke says, meaning Inaba, a place he resented for the longest time, “but I have family, and friends…and you.”

I sat in front of the TV for a long time, the soft piano notes of the song playing making me ache, and then I realised that while Yosuke Hanamura was denied the chance to become part of video games’ first positively framed gay male relationship, he had acomplished one thing:

Yosuke Hanamura broke my heart.

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You got any homophobic Scott? (Reacting to sterek)


princessabitchessa said:I reading closeted by stilinski_wolf and I need more fics that involve Stiles where person As family is homophobic as fuck. No redemption for the homophobes please. Thank you!


Anonymous said:Could you recommend some fics about stiles/(any male) announcing their relationship and someone reacts with homophobia

Here you go, bbs. Lots of angst. All sterek. - Anastasia

Originally posted by purkkapallo

Closeted by stilinski_wolf

(2/2 I 7,483 I Teen)

Derek is part of a very rich, very conservative - and very homophobic - family, and so he has to hide who he truly is from them.

And then, Derek takes a liking to the new bartender working at the gay bar he frequents, and contemplates coming out to his family.

But his choice is taken out of his hands when his sister Cora follows him one night to the gay bar, changing Derek’s life irrevocably.


Just High School by Dexterous_Sinistrous

(1/1 I 4,513 I Teen)

Derek and Stiles have been dating for some time.

The only thing is, nobody else really knows.

The Christmas Raffle by mikkimouse

(1/1 I 10,386 I Explicit)

Every year, the royal Hale family raffles off a Christmas dinner with Prince Derek to raise money for charity. But this year, the winner is the second chance Derek didn’t know he was looking for.

Two Minutes for Holding by captaintinymite (augopher)

(17/18 I 17,998 I Explicit)

There were three things college hockey players Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski knew for certain. 1) Their lives revolved around hockey, 2) They were madly in love, and 3) Derek was so far in the closet he might never find his way out.

They’d been together for two years now, and for two years they’d been a secret with only a few people knowing about them. Yet Derek’s fear kept them from moving forward: fear of his family’s rejection, fear of his sexuality tanking his father’s career, fear of the rampant homophobia in professional sports. The ruse was growing thin.

Something had to give.

Or: The story of how one epic NCAA Championship run and college, served as the backdrop for some of life’s great hardships.

Fools Rush In by origamifrogs

(3/3 I 30,673 I Explicit)

“Stiles wakes up in his hotel bed in Las Vegas, sticky eyes blinking open to the sight of a stranger sleeping beside him.

A stranger who is male.

And naked.

Stiles promptly falls out of bed.”

Or, the one where Stiles and Derek get drunk in Las Vegas, accidentally get married, go on a road trip, and find love along the way.

Reports of a Lover’s Tryst by CharWright5

(5/5 I 32,442 I Explicit)

New York Mets shortstop Derek Hale was riding the high of being his team’s hero on Opening Day, only to have it come crashing down the very next day when pictures leak of him acting more than friendly with his roommate Stiles Stilinski. Now, not only is Derek outed before he wanted, but he’s also a target for more harassment and suddenly single after accusations fly over how the media caught wind of his secret relationship. And he’d thought his biggest issue during the season would be questions over a rumored contract extension and impending free agency.  

Constantly on the Cusp by alisvolatpropiis

(1/1 I 40,884 I Explicit)

Stiles is gay, out and proud, and a Beacon Hills deputy. Derek is a firefighter and war veteran who thinks he’s straight; or, Derek and Stiles have lots of semi-public hatesex on the road to Love. 

Take The Ice by Hopeless ships (The_Danish_Biscuit)

(7/7 I 50,288 I Mature)

To Derek Hale hockey was everything. It was the only reason he even tolerated High School and if given a choice the only thing he would be doing for the rest of his life. Some called him driven others called him fanatic.

Derek called himself determined.

Only one day a random meeting with a strangely fascinating young ice skater turns Derek’s life upside down. A odd friendship blooms between them and Derek slowly comes to realise that his life isn’t quite as simple as he thought. There might be more to life than ice hockey.

If Prayer Were the Answer I’d Fall on My Knees by IAmAVeronica

(18/18 I 70,311 I Explicit)

“Shit, Der.” Stiles shivers. “You promise when we get to the room—”
“I’m going to lock the door, undress you, and make up for every minute of the past six weeks.” Derek grins when Stiles’s pupils blow wide with lust. “And we’re in the chapel, so you know I’m not lying.”
“Forgive us, Father,” Stiles mutters, and grabs Derek’s hand. “For we are about to sin so hard.”
For the past four years Derek and Stiles have been roommates at St. Cecilia’s Catholic Boarding School. For the past two years, they have been secret lovers. Now, as senior year dawns, one boy begins to seriously consider coming out, while the other feels pressured by church and family to deny his identity.
There’s also some Romeo and Juliet, a lot of fluff, a heap of angst, and Jeff Davis as a priest, because… reasons.

No Homo by RemainNameless

(11/11 I 84,064 I Explicit)

Stiles’ sophomore year starts something like this:
3 FourLokos
+ 1 peer-pressuring cat
- 1 best bro to end all best bros
= 1 Craigslist ad headline that reads “str8 dude - m4m - strictly platonic”.
Derek is the fool who replies.

Worlds Apart by siny

(16/16 I 92,506 I Explicit)

Derek Hale, Heir Prince of Betonia and Italy, meets Stiles Stilinski, college boy.

Versus by secondstar for figure8

(15/15 I 94,521 I Explicit)

At age nineteen, Stiles Stilinski was the next big thing, according to The Guardian. It was surreal, not being able to turn on Sky Sports without hearing his name mentioned along with the names of players he grew up idolizing.

With Friends Like These by KouriArashi

(20/20 I 111,973 I Teen)

One thing Stiles is looking forward to about a semester in Neptune is going to a place where there isn’t magic and monsters lurking in every corner. Or so he thinks. Then the bodies start dropping …

Helpless Case by MrHaleStilinski

(16/17 I 127,5654 I Mature)

Mr. Hale seemed like a great guy and an even better teacher. He had that I-can-create-change outlook that all teachers seem to have before students eventually beat it out of them. Stiles respected that, he really did and normally he would have been all for it but the constant series of awkward boners and constant mid-class fantasies made this a little difficult.

Do Not Go Gentle by MojoFlower

(37/? I 139,611 I Explicit)

Derek Hale, Beacon Hills Alpha, is thrown into a dark cell which already contains another captive. Someone quite young. Someone who’s clearly been badly treated. Someone who cannot speak and who has a cruel collar around his neck.

Derek is both a Dom and an Alpha. What do you think he’ll do?

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the exwires as parents?

hmmm sorry this has been in my inbox forever and I really wanted to do it! But I forgot all about it, super late but I hope you like it!


Originally posted by akatsuki3519

  • This boy will literally be the greatest father to ever father
  • He’ll be super worried about it at first though
  • He hopes he’ll do a good job but constantly worries about if he’s doing something wrong
  • He also worries about his child picking up his demon blood
  • Rin doesn’t want his child to be under threat by the vatican
  • He’ll have Mephisto seal the kids power in something when it’s still a baby
  • But he will tell the kid he/she’s a demon because he doesn’t want it to be raised not knowing like he was
  • When it’s old enough, he’ll decide when they should release the power
  • Would constantly make his child know that just because it isn’t fully human doesn’t mean it’s a monster
  • He enjoys cooking for the child
  • Making it snacks and preparing generally the most awesome food
  • He would make character lunches for them for school
  • He wants all the other children to be envious
  • He would want his child to have siblings so he would try have more then one, or even better, twins
  • He wants his children to share a very close relationship like he and Yukio had has
  • He would encourage his child to make as many friends as possible
  • If the other expires had kids they would all be friends
  • Rin wants to make sure his child doesn’t go on rampages like he did as a child
  • Would have Kuro with them at all times he wasn’t there
  • For protection and observation 
  • Asking Yukio to babysit sometimes
  • And to help tutor the kid with their studies
  • He’ll help too of course, but he understands Yukio could do a better job
  • He wants his kid to turn out just like Yukio
  • Tries to be the type of father his dad was to him and Yukio
  • Sometimes cries late at night after putting the kid to bed, because ehe realises he can never meet his grandpa
  • And because father Fujimoto will never see how much he’s grown 


Originally posted by yuukibutterfly

  • Would be so excited to be a mom
  • She’ll do so great at it
  • If she were to have a daughter, she would name it after her grandmother
  • Her children would have plant/flowers as middle names
  • She’d have Nee-chan look after them sometimes
  • And her mom too
  • If she had to run the supply shop her kids would play in the garden
  • Probably make flower crowns for their mom
  • She’d be so happy
  • Wouldn’t want the flowers to die so she crushes them down and puts them into photo frames to display around the house
  • She would teach her children to accept everybody for who they are
  • Shiemi would tell them stories about her grandmother and what a wonderful person she was
  • And would tell her kids how much she would love them
  • She would also try not to shelter her kids too much because she wants them to have a full and exciting childhood
  • They would help her with flower organising around the house
  • She’d literally just be the sweetest and most adoring mom ever
  • I don’t even ship RinShi but holy shit they’re so adorable together, they’re kids would be an actual blessing!!


Originally posted by shizukku

  • He raises his child with his religion
  • And within Myō'ō Dhahran
  • Wants his kids to be friends with the Shima brothers, and Koneko’s kids
  • And to go on the same adventures he did as a child
  • He will raise the kid with knowledge of their temple 
  • And he’d make sure his child is doing well in school
  • Would make sure they study
  • Is more then happy to help then study if they are struggling, or even if they wern’t and just want the extra support 
  • Will have his own parents very central to the child’s life
  • If he has an exorcist mission to attend too his parents will be more then happy to babysit for them
  • The child’s grandmother warns them not to dye their hair or get any piercings
  • Ryuji says the child is entitled to decorate themselves anyway they like when they’re of age
  • Because ‘your body is a temple, and a temple would be lame without any artefacts’ 
  • He takes his own kid to listen to Tatsuma recite the scriptures 

Izumo Kamiki:

Originally posted by seieiryu

  • She is probably the most scared about being a mother
  • Won’t voice her fears though
  • She’ll want the best for her children
  • She’ll have more then one, because she wants her child to have siblings
  • She’ll tell the oldest ones to look out for the younger
  • Like how she used to look out for Tsukumo 
  • She’ll have her familiars look after her kids 
  • They love her children 
  • And her children love the ‘cute white foxes’
  • She’ll not want to spoil her children too much
  • But she wants them to have a comfortable childhood
  • Will make sure they are constantly under protection
  • Her favourite pastimes are taking them to the park and eating together
  • She loves pushing them on the swings and hearing their excited laughs
  • And she loves making them food from the heart and watching them enjoy it
  • She makes them kitsune plushies like the one she and her sister had as children


Originally posted by shizukku

  • Would raise his child the way he believed his parents would of raised him
  • He will take the child to their grandparents grave 
  • Tell them how much they would of loved us both
  • He raises his child in Kyoto
  • So he’s surrounded by all the others children too
  • So that his child always has more family around 
  • And Koneko has a community of good people for support
  • And a babysitter when he needs one
  • He’ll teach his kids not to judge a book by its cover
  • He’ll also educate them on general knowledge 
  • Is super proud on parents evening at school
  • Takes them out to eat at a nice restaurant as a reward
  • Tells everyone how they’re doing at school because he’s so proud of his child(ren) but he doesn’t do it in a bragging manner
  • He raises his kids alongside his (many,many, many…)cats
  • So naturally his kids grow up loving cats as well


Originally posted by lawlu

  • Would be the most apprehensive about being a parent 
  • But would also be excited
  • Loves his kid a lot
  • Feels bad that he’s not the best father
  • Tries his hardest for the kid
  • He wants more kids 
  • He wants a big family, just like the one he was raised in
  • He’s the sort to be friends with his kids rather then a parent
  • His s/o would have to be the authority figure because he just doesn’t have the heart to tell his kids ‘no’
  • If he were looking after them alone they’d either start to death, or eat microwave spaghetti and hotdogs 
  • He’d let them stay up past they’re bedtime
  • He’d constantly be playing with them
  • Try make an excuse like ‘Daddy’s tired now, can we stop playing?”
  • But shuts up as soon as he sees that little pout
  • He gives them piggy back rides everywhere
  • Tells them stories about demons he’s battled 
  • Wants them to know how ‘cool’ they’re dad is
  • The kids would probably pick up his sarcastic/joking nature
  • So the kids would basically turn out to be that sorta friend we all need
  • ‘the loveable pervert with a good humour’
  • The kids would play with their cousins 
  • And be loved by their uncles & aunts 
  • When all of the Shima siblings are together with their children, Renzou’s parents couldn’t be happier but also low key done af because they have a billion kids running around their house, especially Shima and Kinzou’s kids which are little cunts


Originally posted by technolyzed

  • Probably sues Durex
  • He hires a nanny to look after his kids when he can’t
  • He doesn’t speak to his kids much
  • But they still love each other
  • He’s working a lot and they understand that
  • He likes putting on puppet shows for them
  • Or maybe the puppets like putting on shows for them?
  • He’d make sure his kids have the most comfortable life
  • Gives them anything they want
  • Would raise them to become exorcists like him
Give the People What They Want

here’s my first fic of the seven that are going up this week!

An accidental like on Twitter brings Dan more than he bargained for.

“Hey guys! I’m joined today by Dan, and we’re going to be doing the chapstick challenge!”

aka the one where Dan and Phil try to do the chapstick challenge and it doesn’t exactly go as planned

words: 2.8k

tags: chapstick challenge, friends to lovers, fluff, making out, slight grinding but no real smut

read it on ao3

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Autumn Herself - Archie Andrews x Reader

Okay so I know its almost summer but Ive had this little idea in my notebook for months and I really wanted a little fluff during the exam period. Also I know about the little KJ scandal but there must be more to it?? 


warnings pure fluff ball 

I always enjoyed your study sessions and I cant say that I actually find myself studying the books. The freckles along her nose were much more interesting. I knew exactly how her hair fell around her face and hid her slightly as she engrossed her full attention in her book as if it was a whole new world she had just uncovered. Even if it was just a math’s textbook.
It was a day like this when I had asked her out. It was last autumn. The light shadows from the sycamore leaves made dancing patterns across her open book. Occasionally, a small seed would fall, twirling down to the ground between us and sometimes, one would land in her (y/h/c) hair adding to its wildness that the wind had blown into it.
Summer seemed to have brought out a new side to her. She appeared calm but was easily excitable. She was like a race that never ended; always after a new goal. This time it was autumn. She always made it obvious that it was one of her favorite times of the year, her obsession with hot chocolate and big fluffy jumpers. Cozy pyjamas and warm log fires. She was wild like the flames and warm like the chocolate and cozy like the jumpers. She was autumn herself.
I had known her for years and I guess I fell for her before I realised. She seemed to grow more beautiful year after year until one day, I couldn’t resist kissing her perfect lips and making her mine. A year later, it was almost autumn again and my dozy wild girl had once again grown even more gorgeous. She became my muse. My inspiration. The love of my life. She was my everything and I never wanted to change that for the world because she was my today and all of my tomorrows.  

You threw your book to one side sighing and looking up at Archie as he chewed the end of his pencil in contemplation over some sheet music. You found the way he concentrated adorable, especially how he ran his hand through his hair, tugging at it lightly like you did sometimes.  
“Sing something to me, Archie,” you asked, curling up on his couch and resting your head upon the couch arm. You could tell he had been stressed recently with his music and football and finals and you had barely heard him sing for a while, you had barely even seen him. With a soft smile he turned and picked up his guitar,
“What would you like to hear, baby?” he asked softly,
“Anything.” You mumbled back softly meeting his warm brown eyes. He had beautiful eyes, you thought, the kind you could get lost in and you guess you did as he began to play something you hadn’t heard before, looking down at the music on his lap as he did so. You admired how his eyelashes rested against his pale cheeks, how the blush on his cheeks was faint but just there enough for you to see, how is foot tapped ever so lightly for a footballer against the floor as he played the acoustic you had bought him and written (y/n) <3 Archie on the bottom, how he had a little crease between his eyebrows as he concentrated on his song and how in the little lyric breaks he would pull his bottom lip between his teeth.

By the time I had finished and looked up on her again, she had fallen fast asleep to the sound of my voice. Her hair had fallen over her face slightly and was moving as she breathed. I smiled softly as I watched her, placing my guitar down I leaned over to her and placed a gentle kiss to her forehead, chuckling lightly as her face scrunched up a little at the sensation. She shivered a little from the cold room so, removing my letterman jacket, I draped it over her bare shoulders smiling fondly and feeling my heart burst as she cuddled into it subconsciously, breathing in my sent that made a small smile grace her features.
“God, I love you,”
At my words, she stirred a little more, neither of us had never said them words out loud to each other to hear, not yet anyway.
“Archie,” she mumbled, still partially asleep with her eyes closed,
“Yes, baby girl?” I asked, crouching down so my face was closer to hers,
“I love you too.” A smile spread across my face as I raised my hand to run it through her hair.
“I love you more,” I whispered making her smirk a little, “your smile is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen.” she smiled once more falling back into a sleep again,
“Cuddles” she mumbled so quietly I almost didn’t hear her but she lifted her arms, wrapping them around my neck as I picked her up bridal style my jacket long forgotten as she clung to me with her head on my shoulder and her face in my neck. I carried her up the stairs carefully before laying her in my bed but she refused to let go of my hand beckoning my to lie next to her so I did, allowing her head to rest on my shoulder as we moved together to fit on the smallish bed - not that I minded, I just wanted to be close to her and hold my girl in my arms. She breathed a sigh of content as she nestled into me like she always did, as if my body was made to fit her into it. I lied there in a comfortable silence listening to her breathing as it evened out and she finally got the rest she needed.
Once again I admired her, the girl in my arms with her big fluffy jumper, wild hair and freckle dusted nose still left over from summer. She was autumn herself.

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Ours (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: can you do a bellamy imagine where bellamy and the reader are together and bellamy goes missing ( you can decide what happened to him) and he comes back while later and finds out that the reader had a baby (thats his) idk this was just a headcanon i had

A\N: omg i loved writing this xox hope you like it!!

Originally posted by clarketoearth

Originally posted by babyphotography1

“He's– He can’t be gone.” You stutter as the world around you begins to spin in a fit of panic, “Find him!” You yell above the noise of people talking. Finn and Jasper look at you like you’re going crazy, “Please.” You beg, speaking more quietly this time. The last thing you want is for more attention to be on you than it already is. The leader is gone and all eyes are on you as his second in command before Clarke. 

“We’ve been looking for the past week, Y/N.” Clarke states as she touches your shoulder, trying to be comforting but it only makes you flinch, “He’s g–”

“Look harder! He can’t just disappear.” You shake her hand off you as you interrupt her. Tears begin to brim your eyes and you’re so tired of everyone looking at you with pity and talking down to you.

“Just because he’s gone doesn’t mean you have to do this alone.” Clarke whispers to you and your hands instinctively go down to hold your stomach. It’s been a month since you found out about your child. You were waiting for the right time to tell Bellamy – that was the plan until he disappeared.

“Clarke.” You address her in a low voice and she looks a little scared of you, “He was everything I had.” A tear slips past your eye as you stare at the ground. This is the first time you’ve ever talked about him in the past tense - as if he were dead, “I am alone.”


“You’re so precious,” you smile at your young daughter who looks back confused but then bursts out in a fit of giggles, “I love you so, so, so much!” You hold her carefully in your arms as the sun goes down. You kiss her small forehead and soft cheeks, making her laugh even more. Hearing someone step inside your tent, you turn and see Finn who watches on with a look of dismay. You immediately know something’s wrong, “What am I needed for?” You question, standing up and holding your fragile girl as she plays with a strand of your hair.

“Let me take her first.” Finn states, taking a step forward and you take a step back protectively, “Y/N, it’s okay.” He reassures you as he holds his arms out.

“Sorry,” you reply quickly, not realising how stupid you’re being - it’s Finn, it’s someone you can trust, “She’s probably missed you.” You smile as you hand her over slowly and gently. Finn holds her with a smile and she starts playing with his hair too.

“Hello gorgeous girl,” Finn whispers in his high baby voice, “how are you today?” She giggles and pulls on his hair lightly.

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thoughts on episode 46 (again) [spoilers]

[i know, not another one. last post ever, promise] 

Shino is probably dead-dead. It’s highly unlikely that the writers are going to bring him back, especially after the many references to his sacrifice and montages of biscuit, aston and him dying during the episode. (still hoping)

I honestly think that the writers have dealt with this couple pretty goddamn beautifully (albeit tragically). From episode 45, it can be seen that Shino somewhat reciprocated Yamagi’s feelings. Before, he said to Akihiro “Go with her [lafter] alone”, because it’ll be more romantic. So when Shino said to Yamagi “Lets drink till’ morning, just the two of us” , there were obvious romantic inclinations. (see fabelyn’s post: ****) The revelation this episode that Shino was completely aware and accepting of Yamagi’s crush on him pretty much solidified it.

At the time of the flashback, he probably didn’t have romantic feelings for Yamagi. I’d like to think that he was super straight (getting the womens), but he so accepting of Yamagi’s feelings that he didn’t care that a curious boy loved a guy like him. I think it makes it sweeter that he somehow grew to love Yamagi back by Episode 45. That he’s more than just a dense (not really as dense as we thought) boy who loved the womens. That he managed to grow to love Yamagi for him as a person, beyond the fact that he’s male and part of his family.
It gives Shino another layer to his otherwise happy-go-lucky-guy-that-loves-tits character trope so commonly seen in anime. The way that the writers have written Shino’s feelings for Yamagi was subtle. You really had to think back at what Shino said episodes ago to realise that he really did have romantic intentions with the “lets drink till morning, just the two of us,” line, coupled with him being fully aware of Yamagi’s feelings. I think if that he didn’t die and came back to tekkadan, he probably would have romantically pursued Yamagi (speculation).

Deep down, i’m kind of glad how this episode turned out. I know, Shino is still probably dead, but this is probably the best way it could have ended. Yamagi came to terms with Shino’s death after finding out that Shino knew of his feelings long ago.
 And i’m also kind of glad that Shino never actually explicitly said “I like Yamagi”. The writers weren’t explicit with Shino’s sexuality, because it shouldn’t matter to his character. Shino was someone who had the capacity to love anyone, his Tekkandan family and eventually love someone else romantically in Yamagi. They left it up to the audience to realise that Shino really did have romantic feelings for the kid and that it should not be a big deal that he loves a guy. To Shino, love was love. Love was something worth protecting into death.

I don’t think i’ve ever invested myself in a ship like this before. I usually ship just for fun, but i’m pretty grateful for Shinoyama. I said it before, but it’s really rare for a gay/lesbian couple to be treated so genuinely in an anime. Shino and Yamagi weren’t played up to be a huge thing, that was all about shits and giggles and marketing and fanservice. It was a beautiful tragic love that didn’t make a big deal about sexuality. It’s probably why I like the couple so much. 

To end it, here’s a picture from one of the animators, @koni_ko222 that pretty much sums up these two beautiful boys: 

[ もうそろそろ行くわ、わりぃ ]
“My bad, I guess it’s about time I go.” 

This is a message for anyone who has been harassed, bullied and mocked by the antis and tbh, anyone else who has been treated like shit

Not putting this under a read-more because it’s important

Don’t worry about it. I’m being 100% honest. Just don’t worry about it or them because one day, none of this will even matter to you anymore.

Antis are bullies and to anyone who has been bullied, you know how terrible an experience it can be. I was bullied and it’s something that has stuck with me. I probably would have been a much different person if I never got bullied but alas, you can’t change the past. You can only move forward.

When you leave school, even though the pain of being bullied stays with you, the memories of those times start fleeting away. I’m speaking from experience. Those memories still pop up fro time to time and I am subjected to some dreams about my ordeal but now that I’ve left school, it’s all behind me.

And that’s what this whole situation with the antis is. People despise the antis because antis don’t care about anyone but themselves and their friends. They don’t care who is behind that screen. They never stop to consider what that person lives with and how what they do and/or say can affect them. Antis only care about their beliefs. If someone wrongs their beliefs or ways, then they give a shit but if they don’t, then they could care less.

Bullies have the exact same mind. Bullies only care about themselves and their friends. Everyone else is obsolete to them. When they make fun of someone, they never stop to consider what they’re doing. They never stop to think what that person could be living with. They just bully and harass and mock relentlessly. They’re the same person. That person you remember bullying you in school is the same person who is harassing you over a ship.

Another thing bullies and antis have in common is that they are both extremely hypocritical. 

If you had the chance to take revenge on a bully and you took it, the bully would be angry. Even though they have hurt you, they don’t remember it. You could have videos, photos and even recite everything the bully has ever done to you but to them, it doesn’t matter because they don’t care. They don’t care that you’ve hurt. That you’ve cried. That you’ve been close to doing something that no one should even do. 

Antis are just the same. You can show them all the proof you want. You know what they say “Well what about the sha/adins?” They try to switch it. They don’t acknowledge their faults but try to pin the blame on the sha/adins. They come up with excuses instead of just owning up.
I’ll admit, the sha/adins aren’t flawless. There are a few bad eggs but the number of things we’ve done wrong has never come close to what the antis have done. They like to say we’re the problem but they know it’s not true. Everyone knows it’s not true. 

Who harassed josh so much that he was forced not to interact and voice his thoughts on ships? The antis. Who called out bex and harassed her about some stupid sh3ith jokes? The antis. Who overshadowed voltron’s 1 year anniversary because of said jokes. The antis? Who calls people pedophilies over ships? The antis. Who makes immature jokes, calling people pathetic, ugly, nasty, disgusting and coming up with ridiculous nicknames such as shaladong, shaladicks, shaladildo etc. The antis. Who are the ones the va’s and creators dislike and have even said so? The antis

They nitpick at anything we do to justify their own actions. What I’ve mentioned is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more they’ve done. 

But you know what? It all doesn’t matter. It doesn’t because one day, fandoms are going to mean nothing to you. None of this matters.

What we’re doing now is all just for fun. We’re going to grow up. We’re going to mature. We going to get jobs, get married, have children, go places and explore what this planet has to offer. We have so much ahead of us. We’re so young and yet, this is what seems to matter.

I know it seems like a long way away but it will end one day. We’re going to move on from this. All the memories of being in this fandom and others will be just that. Memories. When you’re 35, for example, you’ll look back and remember what you did but it doesn’t matter what you did. It matters what you’re going to do.

In the grand scheme of things, what does it all matter? A fandom isn’t real life. To some, like me, it is because its all we have. I live in a boring area. Coming onto the internet is what I wake up for. But the internet isn’t real life. The real life is literally right outside. We still have years ahead of us. My future goals are getting married and having a family of my own one day. In about ten years time, voltron will most likely be over. All the antis and us will be grown up. We’ll move on with our lives and mature so much. All this discourse and all this fighting won’t matter anymore. 

Because a fandom is nothing but a sub life. It’s something we can live in to escape the real world. But like real life, fandom life has its troubles too. But the differences are whatever troubles we face in fandom life can be escaped because they don’t matter. Tumblr, Youtube, twitter, instagram, all these sites which we use to enjoy ourselves don’t grant as lasting happiness. Its only fleeting. Just like all this drama. 

One day, all this discourse will mean nothing. One day we’ll look back on the lives we lead on social media sites and think of it as nothing. We take all this drama and fighting so seriously but it honestly means nothing when you look at the big picture.

To anyone who is on the good side, you’ll look back at your time and even though you’ve had to suffer at the hands of the antis, you’ll be contempt. You’ll be happy because you’ll know that you lived your fandom life the happiest it could be.

What have the antis lived? Can they really look back at this in ten years and be happy with what they’ve accomplished. They’ve honestly done nothing. They won’t be remembered as a force of good. They’ve tarnished the name of this fandom with their ways. They’ve made us gain a reputation as one of the worst fandoms.

They’re wasting their time because no one cares about what they represent. No one cares about their cause. They are hated. They are despised. No one is going to look back on this and think “I’m happy the antis existed”. Antis have and always will be a waste of time and space. 

Antis have done nothing for us and this fandom. They will never ever change this fandom to what they want it to be. The sha/adins and everyone else will thrive. They will continue to live and create and be happy. All the antis do. All the antis are is a waste. They’ve built their own little world but its a world full of nothing but toxicity.

When we look back at all this, we will remember the creations we contributed. The friends we made. The way we joined together to express our love for something that brought happiness to our lives.
What will the antis have? What they can honestly carry with them when they finally depart this fandom. What can they have to be happy about? What can they look back on? What can they have to be proud of?

They have and never will accomplish anything? They will never change us. This fandom will never be what they want it to be, so what’s the point of it all? Why do they stay? Why do they continue to do something that is futile?

If the antis left, they wouldn’t be missed. We would rejoice in their departure. We would celebrate. Their absence would be cause for celebration because that’s how much they don’t mean anything and they shouldn’t mean anything to you.

So keep going. Keep creating, keep posting, keep getting involved. Keep making those memories. Keep doing what makes you happy because you will be the fulfilled one. You will be the happy one. You will be the one with a life to be proud of.

You will look back and smile. You may remember some pain but it will be overshadowed by the happiness you feel of a fandom life well lived. You will have something to be proud of.

Those who bullied you. Those who mocked you will have nothing. They won’t have happy memories. They won’t look back and be proud because the reality of their actions will hit them and they’ll realise the waste of a person they became.

They’re the ones who will spiral downhill while you continue to flourish. They’re the ones who will get all things bad while you get everything good. They’re the ones who will get punished while you’ll get rewarded.

Don’t let fandoms mess you up. Leave if you have to but if you decide to stay, don’t let the bullies get to you. You are stronger than all this bullshit. You can beat them. You can show them that they can’t break you. You can show them by living a life you can be proud of. 

This is coming from someone who has lived through bullying and contemplated ending it. It hurts now but it will be over one day. I can’t promise when but it will be. And when it does, you will be the one standing tall while all the bullies and the abusers and the antis will be left in the dirt.

Playing Cupid - James Potter x Reader

Requested by an anon a while ago! Sorry this is so long and so crappy, if you’re not happy I will write another for you!

Requests are always open and the 100 ships are still open too. 


Originally posted by aarontjsource

You were a sweet girl. (y/h/c) hair and (y/e/c) eyes that held a million dreams and a thousand mischiefs. There was no way in hell that the marauders wouldn’t like you. Sirius had fallen for your charms first but not with his heart, he had loved your mischief and the way that with that smile of yours, you could get away with it all. Never before had he had a friend like you, of course he had James but you were so much more different from him in a way Sirius had never known before. You were special and smart and brilliant and beautiful and he had a plan.
You were a caring person and to no one more than to Remus. The care and attention you gave him and her returned so favourably was not to be missed, in fact It was impossible to be missed by anyone who happened to be around. Sirius on the other hand, became a little obsessive with it. He had any girl he wanted and James, well as far as he was concerned James Potter was infatuated with Lilly and there were feelings that would never go between them. It was his perfect opportunity to go for it. To push you and Remus together just enough to make you see each other the way that everyone else did, too sickly but also just a little too perfect for one another.
James had observed how close you were to Sirius and he got it, he understood that you two had a close friendship but you and Remus? That was a different story. There was an underlying hate, not for Remus or for you, definitely not you, but for the two of you together as a couple. His stomach churned at the idea of it and he hated to admit it, but his attention was on you nowadays. The way you would flip your hair over your shoulder a little as you worked, or bite your lip to hold in laughter after a telling off or one of Remus’ jokes - he wanted to be the reason for that lip bite. Not Remus, or even Sirius for that matter.
Sirius had constantly been ‘hovering’ recently. Constantly around you and Remus and you would both be fools if you didn’t know what was going on. You both could tell he was trying to push you two together and he, and everyone else, were fools to think anything would happen between the two of you. Remus and you had clearly established a sibling bond between each other, but obviously not clearly enough, with you frequently staying at one another’s homes in the summer like a brother and sister, closer than twins could be in all ways. helping one another with school work and all the other problems that were never a big deal to you, you had always accepted Remus and his kind and thats what made him adore you so much. You felt like the only person, even his only family that didn’t judge him or treat him like a dangerous animal and he appreciated that more than he could possibly say. Sure, it was little weird for a while but eventually, you got into the swing of playing about a bit with Sirius and his grand gesture of trying to make his ship sail. At first it was awkward, but then, by thinking of it as one big prank the two of you went for it. Hanging around each other even more and you occasionally pecking his cheek, something that wasn’t really new but no one else saw before. To say that when Sirius’ face lit u with excitement as he believed he was getting the two of you closer was an understatement but you both knew the disappointment it would cause him when you two finally couldn’t handle it anymore would be punishment and a lesson in itself for him to not play cupid where it wasn’t needed. Besides, it was no secret between you and Remus that you had found a new adoration for another marauder and, although you hated to admit you were willing to be so low, you agreed that all this little plan may just be enough to make James Potter jealous. Jealous enough to maybe  give you a little of the attention that you wanted so badly from him.
It was much later in this little game the four of you had going when you were all a little tired of it all. You and Remus were getting a little sick of pretending and wanted nothing more than to go back to normal, Sirius was growing tired of the whole thing and was loosing a bit more of his enthusiasm every day and James, well James had noticed and his jealousy had seemed to grow that little bit more as Sirius’ hopes deflated,
“What the hell are you trying to do?” James had asked, walking up to Sirius in the common room just as you had entered, his speech a little too loud for you not to be able to over hear,
“What are you on about, Prongs?” you could hear the smirk and smugness in Sirius’ voice,
“Pushing (y/n) and Remus together.” James didn’t sound like he was joking around, his voice was dangerous and low, like you had never heard it before. You remained behind the door listening even though you knew you shouldn’t,
“Damn, what’s rubbed you up the wrong way? Lilly not playing along anymore?” James’ fists clenched by his sides, “So, it is about her.“
“No, it’s not and you need to stop. Everything. Stop talking about Evans, and stop all this with (y/n) and Remus.” he demanded,
“(y/n) and Remus? Evans? Using her last name, whoah, James seriously, what’s going on?” Sirius’ voice dropped it’s sass, worry dripped from it - you knew that voice well.
“Because I like her. I really, bloody like her and if you actually succeed in all of this I am going to be the one left behind by it all, and you will be to blame.” There was a moments silence as the room was empty and Sirius seemed to be in shock,
“But… what about Lilly, mate, you have been after her for months.”
“Yeah months of not getting anywhere, she made me realise how much I really cared for (y/n) but thanks to you she seems pretty smitten with Remus now.”
“James, no. Nothing is happening between them, trust me I have tried for months and if I can’t do it no one can.
“Yeah, I have seen how hard you have tried and have you not seen that they are closer now?  Every single day I just want her to come and sit with me, come and talk to me, come and joke around with me but no. It is always you or him. Doesn’t leave mush chance for me there does it?” James flopped exasperatedly down onto the couch beside Sirius and you though for a moment whether or not to leave or reveal yourself. James Potter, the boy you had always wanted to be with had wanted the same things almost all along.
“I didn’t know how much you wanted her.”
“You have no idea.” James began before sighing, “I want hold her hand and kiss her when everybody is looking. I want treat her like the princess she is and give her that smile that I save just for her yet she never even notices it. I want show her off to anybody and everybody if I have to, to prove to her that she is my world. She is perfect in every way, the sound of her voice saying 'I love you’ makes my heart pound because I know I want her to say that to me in a way that she doesn’t say it to anyone else.“ James finally stopped and by the end you heart had swollen a million times its size in adoration of this boy what felt the same, if to more strongly for you like you had never imagined.
“James?” you peeped out from your hiding place, you voice cracked a little,
“How long have you been stood there?” he asked, turning and standing quickly to face you blushing,
“Since you and Sirius began talking.”
“So the whole time then?” you nodded in reply and Sirius stood, leaving quietly for once and up the stairs, almost defiantly waiting at the top of them to listen anyway,
“So, I guess you know it all now.”
“I wish I had known sooner,” you admitted making him look confused,
“Why?” you sucked in a breath of anticipation and stepped closer to him,
“So I would be able to tell you I feel the same.” With that, you leaned up and kissed him gently, your lips barely touching before his hand found your waist and pulled you into him pushing himself against you harder until at last he pulled away,
“But you and Remus?” he asked still dazzled from the kiss,
“Are like siblings,” you chuckled, “nothing more. We played along to teach Sirius to stop meddling.” Your confession made James sigh in relief and smirk,
“So nothing will ever happen?” he asked,
“Only between you and me.”

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Searching, Finding, Falling In Love

Soulmate AU:

Alexander x Reader

Word Count: 1461

This is for you @little-world-of-vanna

Meeting your soulmate can take years or decades. Most people find them about 10 years after they turned 18. You? Well, you had been searching for centuries. Since 1789 to be exact. Born in the UK, you travelled around the world, always going to the place it was safest at the moment.

You lived a quiet and peaceful life. Until 5 years ago.

People found out about your age and soon you were a celebrity. ‘The Girl Who Has Been Searching For Her Soulmate For Centuries.’

You told the people about your life, what you did nearly 200 years alone, about your travels and the wars you had to witness.

But you weren’t nearly as famous as another 200-year-old celebrity. Why? He was Alexander Hamilton, Founding Father, fought in the war (You lost and even now, 200 years later, you ask yourself how the Americans managed that) and, most important, your first celebrity crush.

You’ve wanted to meet Alexander since he became famous, wanted to talk to him about your experiences, but you never had the chance. Until now.

Both you and Alexander Hamilton were invited for an interview. The people wanted to hear both sides of the war. The British and the American opinion. You knew this could only end in a debate which you will then probably lose because nobody can win a debate against Alexander Hamilton. You were still excited to finally meet your 18-year-old’s celebrity crush.

18. The day you turned 18 was an amazing day, your parents threw a big party for you. Then another party next year. And the year after. And the year after.

Every year they invited other people, hoping this year their daughter might find her soulmate.

It never happened. You watched your friends find their soulmates, your siblings.

They all started to age. Even your youngest siblings looked older than you.

It was December the 7th when your parents died. They died of old age. Your siblings had families when it happened. Pets. Children.

And you? Still alone. Crying. Nobody there to comfort you because you had cut of all your friends just so nobody would tell you when they died.

After your first siblings died you snapped. You packed everything you had and flew to Europe. The first 50 years you spent in Austria, or what was Austria back then, now it would be Slovenia. The next years you spent in Iceland, and after that you went to Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands. You never felt like you belonged anywhere.

You travelled to the Philippines when the first World War came along and stayed there until World War II ended. The last country you lived in was Australia. You left Australia when people started to discover you and moved to the US where you were now, anxiously reading the email you received with information about the interview again.

You had been rereading everything for the tenth time when you looked at the time. Three more hours until you had to get ready for the interview.

These three hours were spent with a laptop on your lap, you logged into your tumblr, answering asks and then logging into your other account. Why two accounts?

One is your official and the other one you use to talk to fans, getting their opinion on the interviews you had until now and just being a fangirl yourself and reading and commenting on fanfiction.

Today you wanted to check your tumblr tag. You typed Y/N L/N into the search bar.

The first posts that came up were Y/N x Hamilton fanfiction. As you were scrolling through the tag, you realised most people ship you and Alexander. Alexander Hamilton, your celebrity crush from when you were younger, and you.

Way too fast, the three hours were over and you had to get up from your bed and get ready, meaning taking a shower, putting on a dress and doing your hair. Hateful, isn’t it? Thank goodness you didn’t have to do your make-up, the stylists at the interview do that for you.

After taking a shower you dramatically walked to the closet, picking a dress and then blow-drying your hair.

Looking at the time you quickly left the house and got into your car before tweeting: ‘Pretty nervous because I will meet the only other person that is old enough to match my age.’

When you threw your phone on the passenger seat you realised how nervous you were for the first time. You were meeting the only other person on this planet that is about 200 years old. What if he didn’t like you? What if you messed this up and said something that would offend him?

Similar thoughts plagued you the whole time you were driving to the building where the interview was held. You were near the point of just driving back home when you arrived but you kept it together and walked to the front door where a woman was already waiting for you. She looked nervous. She held the door open for you before starting to walk down a hallway.

‘’Welcome Miss L/N, thank you for honouring us with your presence today, this way please, I think it is amazing that you are doing interviews and are sharing your experience with the modern people.’’

The woman babbled on as you continued walking after her but you spaced out soon. When you arrived at your dressing room you noticed that Alexander’s dressing room was right next to yours and it seemed like he hadn’t arrived yet.

While you walked into your dressing room, anxious thoughts started to form in your mind again.

What if he didn’t show up?

What if he hated you because you were British and he was American?

You stopped your thoughts from going further and sat down on the chair the man who was doing your make-up told you to sit in.

While he was making you look presentable for the cameras you looked at your phone. No new messages. It wasn’t shocking for you. You didn’t have friends. You stopped making friends when you realised they all found their soulmate sooner or later while you watched them have children, growing older and then breaking your heart when they died. You noticed the time. Fifteen minutes until the interview.

You were getting more nervous with every passing minute. You sat in your dressing room, checking your twitter when the woman from before walked in again. ‘’The show starts in 5 minutes, everyone has to get set. Miss L/N, please follow me. You will go in from the right while Mr. Hamilton will come in from the other side. We planned it that way because we wanted to catch the moment when you first see each other on camera.’’

As the woman continued to rant, you were screaming internally. You were going to meet Alexander Hamilton in less than five minutes. What if he was your soulmate?  Your search would end, you could finally grow old with the person you loved.

You couldn’t let yourself think about that. Don’t get your hopes up. Way too often you thought you could find your soulmate.

Realising that you already arrived, you asked the woman how much time was left until you had to go into the room where the interview was held.

She just looked at you and started to count down from ten.


Oh god, you couldn’t do this.


What if he didn’t like British?


You have to relax. Breathe Y/N.


Everything will be alright.


You will greet him friendly and not freak out.


Relax. Smile. Be friendly. Don’t be creepy.


Always look like you are enjoying yourself.


Don’t let them know you are nervous.


Here goes nothing.


You walked outside. The first thing you noticed wasn’t the cheering or the lights.

It was Alexander Hamilton, standing on the other side of the stage. When you looked at him, you suddenly felt like you belonged. You felt like you found home after 200 years of searching. But that wasn’t the only thing you were feeling. You felt helpless, you felt like you were the happiest woman on earth.

You started to walk into the middle of the stage, Alexander doing the same. The audience was completely silent. Then you met in the middle and nothing could have stopped you from falling into his arms.

You didn’t know how long you stood there, in Alexander’s arms but it felt like forever. You noticed that you were both crying. Crying because you could finally be happy, crying because after 200 years, you found something. Something that was missing for the past years.

Finally, you found love.

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I dont really know where to start cause words can not express how much last nights episode meant to me omg. So let’s start with the whole Alison is pregnant with Emily’s baby thing. When they actually made this canon in the previous episode I was feeling alot of emotions at once. I was happy because that would mean they would become mommies together, but the Paily kiss completely ruined it for me and made it seem like they were trying to force Emison back together. This episode however they perfectly portrayed what we had all been hoping for Emison when we were theorising about Em’s eggs being fertilised and used to impregnate Ali. We saw both of them really trying to listen to each other, understand eachother and basically acting like a maried couple. The love and the caring for one another couldn’t have been more obvious: The way that Emily kept feeling like she was not aloud to have a say in it because she didn’t want to put that kind of pressure on Ali, and the way that Ali eventually decided to keep the baby because Emily really wanted her to. Now I have to give the writers of this episode and especially Troian, for directing it, alot of credits for the way they portrayed Paige this episode. I hated Paige and have so since the beginning. I hated how she never showed any signs of big character development and idk I just couldn’t stand her. This episode however, she probably showed one of the biggest character development out of all the characters on Pretty Little Liars (apart from Alison but we’ll get to that later). She handled everything so very mature and respectfull towards both Emily and Alison. And when she sortof broke in to Alison’s house to show her remorse, I actually liked her. I also appreciate her asking whether Alison loves Emily (BECAUSE ALISON FINALLY ADMITTED IT BECAUSE OF THAT BUT ILL GET TO THAT LATER OMG) but because it shows that she just wants to check and make sure she leaves Emily in a safe environment. Now Alisons reaction to when Paige asked her whether she loves Emily is sO IMPORTANT OMG. At first you see how she immediatly shuts Paige out, and closes herself off. This just shows how afraid Alison is to let anyone come close and how little practice she has had with opening up. But after Paige stays kinda calm and touches the vulnurable spot in Alisons heart (the fact that Emily does love Alison and that might have made her so afraid and have her do such terrible things), she finally opens up fot the first time in 7 seasons. She was so increadibly vulnurable at that moment. And even though she did not say the words “yes, I love Emily”, she described exactly what it feels like to be in love. In her eyes and in her voice you can hear and see how afraid she is of these feelings, but you can also see a clear realisation: she now knows she does love Emily. And honestly Sasha did such a great fucking job in this scene omg. For me, Alison admitting her feelings for Emily is so important and I can not use enough words how much this scene meant to me. I cried like a baby the whole scene and mostly for the rest of the episode as well. When I first had the guts to admit to myself that I liked girls, Emily was the first and only representation of myself that I had yet seen or known. Emily and her whole coming out storyline plus the rest pf her storyline therefore hold a very special place in my heart. The fact that Emily found out she liked girls after realising she was in love with one of her best friends made me identify with her even more, since the exact same thing happened to me. This is also why Emison holds such a special place in my heart: wanted to see my story represented further and get a happy ending. Because I felt so represented by Emily, I also simoultaniously fell in love with Alison. And to be honest, Alison’s character development is by far the best one on this entire show, maybe even the best character development I have ever known. As Hanna Marin would say: “people change, they grow”. And boy did Alison grow into a better and more beautiful person! (And now we know she did it because sHE WANTED TO BE THE BETTER VERSION OF HERSELF THAT EMILY ALWAYS SEES IN HER SO SHOW IT OFF TO EMILY OMG) I also think it was very important for Alison to admit these feelings to Paige first. This was her first step to realising and admitting she is in love with Emily, and she knew Paige would not laugh at her or judge her because Paige feels the same way about Em (sometimes it was kinda hard to tell though but whtever). Everyone who is angry and sad that Ali should have admitted these feelings to Emily in person, Relax. She will, in time. A process like this, whether you wanna call it coming out or just admitting to yourself that you have been in love with someone for 10 years, takes time. Ali has never learned how to open op to somebody and to let someone truly get close, so she will do this step by step. I honestly hope that Emison gets a happy ending because both Emily and Alison deserve to finally be happy whilst loving eachother. And now Im gonna stop talking cause ive rambled alot and my fingers are hurting because im typing so agressively😂

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Everything is Connected...

…and in true Star Wars style nothing is what it seems.


1) Why Kylo Ren considered the lightsaber to be his.

2) Why the map section was on Jakku.

3) Why the scene where Leia takes the lightsaber was cut.

4) Why Luke went missing (and it wasn’t ‘guilt’).

5) The cryptic moment in TFA where it’s pretty much confirmed Rey isn’t Luke’s child.

6) How the meaning of Rey’s name ties this all together.

‘The Lightsaber in the Snow’ Theory:


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The Voice

summary: Dan didn’t to hear a voice in his head, because that would mean he had a soulmate. Dan didn’t want love. For Dan, loving someone meant getting hurt. When he heard the voice for the first time, he tried to shut it out. Can he shut it out forever?
Genre: Lots of angst, some fluff and comfort, friends to lovers, soulmate AU
Warnings: None I think. Let me know if this needs warnings!
Word count: 2707
A/N: So this is my first phanfic. I wrote this months ago and decided that I didn’t like it, but I found this on my old laptop and I think it’s worth sharing it with you guys. Let me know what you think!

Dan was frightened. He tried to go over every person he’d met that day to find out who could be the stranger in his head, but he didn’t have a clue. He wasn’t sure he even wanted to know.

He didn’t want this. His parents had told him the story of when they heard each other for the first time. That special first time when they knew they’d found their soulmate.

Because that’s how life works, Dan was told. When you met your soulmate, you’d start having a connection. You’d feel different for a few hours. And then the real thing started: the voice. You’d be able to communicate with your soulmate using only your thoughts. It was magical.

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Reasons Why I’m Pro-Bellarke, Anti-Clexa

Now you don’t have to pit ships against one another, you really don’t. And if people ship Clexa, and people ship Bellarke, or Princess Mechanic, or even OctaviaXClarke, thats fine.  But I feel my dislike for Clexa is so related to my love for Bellarke that I need to write this out.



I dislike the Clexa relationship because of two huge reasons. Reasons that are the exact opposites of why I like Bellarke

1. With Lexa there is a complete power imbalance. There is no sense of equality in their relationship. Lexa starts out as an enemy, then as a superior, and then a mentor. And once she becomes a mentor, she frequently uses coercion, emotional manipulation, and misdirection to teach Clarke. All with the best of intentions but still. She frequently displays her superior knowledge, power, and influence over Clarke, and not always in a helpful fashion. I do believe her feelings for Clarke are genuine, but I also believe that she obviously puts her leadership responsibilities before any romantic feelings, at the detriment of not just their emotional relationship, but also at the expense of Clarkes mental well being. She never factors in Clarke’s personality and how she needs leads her people, instead brow beating her with a party line of unemotional tactical choice. Its not a healthy relationship for Clarke because quite frankly Lexa has to much power and influence over her. In future seasons we may see this change, but I doubt it because of reason 2.

With Bellamy and Clarke, there is a sense of growing with each other. Now this relationship is still not entirely in a healthy place in terms of power. But thats because both people see the other as being someone superior, both in terms of skill and in terms of respect. They both exhibit equal influence over each other, but don’t think the other really needs them. The last season was all about Clarke flourishing in leadership, and Bellamy being crushed by it, while this season was all about Bellamy finding his place and purpose, while Clarke is being destroyed by leadership pressures. In the third season, we will probably see Clarke coming to terms with her choices, and Bellamy having to make some pretty tough ones in her absence.  They will hopefully equalise and realise how much they use each other as co-leaders already.

2. Reason number 2 is trust. Lexa has completely shattered Clarke’s trust in her, and that to me is the most important point. Because a power imbalance can be fixed, but I believe at this point now, after all Clarkes seen and done, and what she’s had to do, she will never get over that betrayal of trust. At the positions shes at, she shouldn’t and couldn’t be with someone she can’t completely trust. Its a vulnerability she would never afford herself. Especially not when it directly endangered the lives of her people. I truly believe she will never trust Lexa again. And I don’t imagine, after the disaster of what happened with Finn (both the murders and the cheating), she will ever be comfortable in a romantic relationship unless she can completely trust her partner. And she should not have to.

Bellamy on the other hand, is probably the person that Clarke trusts most now. The one person who can come close to understanding her choices and her emotional state. She trusts him with her feelings, with big decisions  and most importantly for Clarke, with the safety of their people. She knows she can lean on Bellamy, that he understands her and has been through enough support her and empathise with her actions. She is no longer expecting him to betray her at every turn, in fact she now reliant enough on him to let him act on her behalf, to hand the reigns over to him. Maybe not romantically, but Emotionally she needs him, she leans on him as someone who she knows will always be working in her and her peoples best interests.

Now if next season, we see another male or female character who can fulfil these two prerequisites and has some chemistry with Clarke (another thing I wasn’t really feeling with Lexa) THEN GO FOR IT. And if she never has a romantic relationship with Bellamy, fine. Because at this point, it is vital to understand, romantic or not, her most stable, suportive, and important relationship is with Bellamy. And I find it hard to belive she will ever find someone else who will be able to match her emotional state in the way he does

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Hmm would you pls consider writing holsom + It’s my highschool reunion and I need a hot date so I can rub it in the faces of the people who hated me

I’m so sorry this is actually the worst thing I’ve written.

When Ransom gets home from his shift at the hospital, he finds Holster sitting at the kitchen counter with a beer, an envelope, and a worried expression.

“Hey bro, what’s up?” Ransom asks, dropping his bag in the entryway and hanging up his raincoat.

Holster wordlessly hands him the envelope.

You’re Invited! it reads in large curly letters. Ransom catches the words “10 year reunion” and “Iowa” and hands the invitation back to him.

“It’s your ten year high school reunion?” Ransom asks, because he’s pretty sure Holster didn’t graduate high school when he was sixteen.

Then he remembers – Holster’s two years older than him. He always forgets that part.

“Yep,” Holster says.

“Are you gonna go?” Ransom asks.

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this upd8 made me figure something out about quadrants

it’s gonna probably get rambly and complicated and include positive and negative discussion on multiple ships [but honestly i really don’t know any other way to describe my thought process with how i came to this conclusion???] so please bear with me and don’t take it personally, at the end of the day this is just my opinion and you don’t have to agree with everything.

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Fake Boyfriends Rec List

I promised to do a custom sterek rec list if we win third round of Ultimate Slash Madness Tournament. We did won and then we won the whole thing. Considering what’s going on in the fandom because of the show, mtv, Jeff Davis and many other things? It was big and epic.

You picked up 5 tropes and I have a lot of recs so you will get 5 separate rec lists. I know you love me ;)))


So here we go:


Gravity’s Got Nothing on You by zosofi                               

Summary: The one where the Hale fire never happened, Laura is a nosy sister, Derek is desperate, and Stiles is the only one that can help.

Word count: 84k                                                                           

Notes: Well, this is the classiest fake boyfriend sterek fic I know and one of the best as well. There is interesting plot, good humor, feels, awesome Laura and even mahogany. Also zosofi wrote this. If there is anyone who haven’t read this, well, what are you waiting for?

last night’s dress (tiptoe out of this mess) by hito

Summary: My dad just asked me if my booty call guy that comes over at 3am and leaves at 6 would like to stay for Sunday brunch next week. You in?

Word Count: 17k

Notes: This is one of my favorites! It’s hilarious and there are not so many good and really funny fics out there. Also papa Stilinski is the best. This is also Sheriff gets to know about the werewolves trope and Stiles just outdone himself while telling his poor dad the news :D

A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel by lupinus and uraneia

Summary: Stiles and Derek wake up married in Vegas. Well, they would have if it was legal.

In which Stiles is the president’s son, Derek is his bodyguard, and Papa President orders them to pretend to be in love for the sake of gay rights.

Word count: 21k

Notes: There is president son Stiles, bodyguard Derek and wedding in Vegas. Also alive and happy Hale family, lots of feels and big happy end. The only thing I would change is the length, seriously, I could read so much more of it.

Take Me Out (to the ball game) by TamrynEradani

Summary: Stiles was content to live his life without ever knowing who his soulmate was but when a leaked celebrity video leads to him knowing who his soulmate is, he has to meet the guy. He doesn’t expect to like Derek Hale, certainly doesn’t expect to fall in love with him, but Stiles thinks he and Derek might have a shot if Lydia doesn’t kill him first.

Word count: 34k

Notes: We have actor Derek here and an awesome soulmates au as well. It was a little bit different and the psychology could be better but I liked it anyway. Like seriously, actor Derek and soulmates? Nothing else matters.

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