i never quite know what to feel ^^'

It will probs never happen, but imagine if Harley Keener (IM3) and Peter Parker met? 

Harley has no problem saying what’s on his mind about Tony while Peter stumbles over himself at times with by referring to Tony as “Mr. Stark.” As opposed to Harley’s “The Mechanic.” 

Peter learning that, despite their short time together, Harley is quite protective over this man who changed his life for the better and Peter’s like “Huh, I know the feeling.” 

And Harley, knowing that Peter is Spidey and therefore spending some time with Tony, just talks about how much of a hero Tony is regardless of what said man says. 

Peter becoming a sort of mentor towards Harley like Tony is to him. Peter and Harley discussing their projects and how a lot of what they make is from scraps (AND WHO ELSE MADE SOMETHING FROM SCRAPS???).

Just Harley and Peter, guys. Imagine all the possibilities. 

Male and female signs I know

Aries Male: Very awkward at first, super easy to approach. Laughs super loud and is actually v shy. Super playful and loving, caring for those close to him. Not one for anger unless provoked

Aries Female: Loves to argue with people but never means to hurt their feelings, passionate about who and what they love, actually super lazy but athletic. Creative as fuck and very cuddly

Taurus Male: Quite at first then super funny and loud, pretty random and like never cried. Really handsome and very fashionable, a born smooth talker and kinda insensitive

Taurus Female: Worried about something literally all the time, very sweet and scared of being a burden, likes to have fun and party, super chill and loves babies

Gemini Male: laughs a lot, super awkward but actually not awkward at all, open about certain things but also extremely closed off about others, loves videos games and fun people

Gemini Female: everyone thinks you’re a Bitch at first, super funny and actually really smart, random facts all the time about anything (usually never on topic), likes clean and kinda crowded spaces, loves people but hates them all

Cancer Male: really weird sense of humour, happy being alone, loves family a lot, refuses to let go of past relationships, super shy at first, hard working, actually a sensitive nerd

Cancer Female: actually super indecisive, never fucking tells you if they’re upset, loves random adventures as long as they have people they love with them, Netflix binges are a normal things

Leo Male: cocky as fuck but super insecure, loves attention, somehow always has money for food, laughs at his own jokes more than he laughs at other peoples, “what should I do with my hair?”

Leo Female: aggressive, likes to tease people (in a loving way), loves but hates being teased back, cries whenever they feel they’re not good enough, exaggerated storied, really funny

Virgo Male: unique style, cries when they get pissed off at someone they love, constantly stressed out, simple things make them laugh really hard, not very good at telling jokes, loves people way too much

Virgo Female: bad ass TBH, easily attached, cute style, lots of stories to tell, being around them is comforting, seems to have their life together basically all the time, lowkey freak

Libra Male: knows so many people but considered like 10 of them their friends, easily excited, good advice, good at making decisions for everyone but themselves, introvert who loves people

Libra Female: makes lots of weird noises, always has a story to tell, actually really stressed out, laughs a lot, constant confusion, “what should I do/get/pick/say/eat/buy/etc.?”

Scorpio Male: a dick in a funny way, quite at first, not afraid to tell you if you’re annoying, loves to tease, shares pics about sex on fb

Scorpio Female: will fight you, not afraid to talk to strangers, loves being home and doing nothing, hood playlists, dreams about relationships, their stories are important

Sagittarius Male: fuck boy, funny as fuck, not very loud, drinks a lot, rebel who cares too much about everything, once they’re attached they stay attached

Sagittarius Female: school makes them cry, lots of relationships that last a long time, cute style but wants to look bad ass, willing to fight u, memes

Capricorn Male: really quite but somehow everyone knows them, videos games all the time, can’t express feelings and breakdowns like one a year

Capricorn Female: actually pretty loud and fun, hard to keep in touch with, can’t fall out of love with that one person, critical of a lot of things without meaning to be

Aquarius Male: knows like everyone, meme master, laughs when you laugh, not talk to them for a year and then easily pick up convo like nothing happened

Aquarius Female: super cheeky, doesn’t really argue about anything, chill as fuck, loves loud and fun people, fascinated by people and the way they do things, delicate but will kick ur ass if they have to

Pisces Male: not good at expressing things, shy, v giggly, resting Bitch face, loner, comfortable to talk to

Pisces Female: aesthetic snapchat, love fun and lowkey dangerous things, once they hate you they hate you, weird sense of humour, in their own world

the signs as i know them
  • aries: has a great sense of humour. soft voice. strong willed and stubborn. kind. fair. stunning appearance. doesn't talk much about feelings. adventurous. neither angry nor up to a fight 24/7. dreams of starting a family. gets along with people. never insults or hurts others on purpose. is actually quite sensitive.
  • taurus: master of organization. sometimes a little confused. is stubborn and rarely changes their opinion but always listens to what other people have to say. quiet when lost in thoughts. financial genius. generous. sometimes a little mean. will never let you down. great friend / husband / dad. is actually a great cook but doesn't eat 24/7. does sports and loves nature. is a "wow look at the moon"-person.
  • gemini: clever. hates boredom. always has a plan b/c/d. cares for their education. talks a lot. sometimes lost in thoughts. tends to overthink. always have a great story to tell. never underestimates others. believes in their friends. always know the answer. is not annoying 24/7. know when to shut up. bright smile. active. loves adventure. never shouting when angry. doesn't let others feel their anger. nature-lover.
  • cancer: very caring. will ask you how your day has been. invites you to their house to make popcorn and watch your favourite movie/series. very funny. good sense of fashion. is the friend who will take you home when you're drunk. makes sure you're ok. is fascinated by science. lovely eyes. adorable. never loud but always present. emotional but not a cry-baby.
  • leo: proud and loud. not easily insulted but when they are they roar. knows so many cultures. is interested in new things. can be very soft but won't show it unless they trust you. bright smile. always polite. will be there for you when you need them. unique sense of fashion. hard workers. chatty. always know how to handle a difficult situation. reliable. trustworthy.
  • virgo: feel much more than they would admit. don't have many friends but would do anything for the friends they have. careful. neither waste money nor time. a little stingy. the friend that feels what you feel. can read your mind sometimes. loves to surprise people. to be avoided when angry. calm down easily. loves to make others smile. sometimes too caring. loyal.
  • libra: sometimes a little weird. hardworking. sometimes they believe in themselves, sometimes they give up on themselves. aesthetic-lovers. usually very well dressed. polite. interested in art, history and literature. doubt their skills a lot. sometimes a little absent. instead of shouting they don't talk. loves conversations with new people.
  • scorpio: NOT EVIL AT ALL!! very emotional but never reckless. you can call them at 3am and they will be there for you. sometimes they don't know what to do with all their feelings but they will never let you suffer because of that. the best friends. adorable. stunning look. hard voices, hard souls, soft heart. are interested and show their interest in you and your feelings. will apologize immediately when they see they treated you wrong and they are truly sorry. mysterious. when they trust you they tell you everything. a little revengeful but would never harm others.
  • sagittarius: hilarious. clever. tell great jokes. are interested and caring. fight issues. don't show their emotions. won't be angry for long. colourful people with colourful minds. somehow they always know what's going on. love to work out. learn languages quite fast. honest.
  • capricorn: serious people. sometimes very stubborn. well educated. strong. smart. working to achieve their goals. never ever ever give up. never show defeat. don't cry very often. love the sun. good at making friends. do not forgive easily. forgive but don't forget. will remember almost everything they did / heard / said in their lives. loyal. know what they're worth.
  • aquarius: entertaining. bright personality. you can always spot their voice. has a very emotional part they won't show anyone. can make a bad situation good. great friends. sometimes a little bossy. tend to put on a show. won't mess around. chatty and makes new friends easily and quite often. has many friends but only like 2-3 real friends they would trust with their lives. hate to show when they hurt. very intelligent.
  • pisces: not crying 24/7. not weak at all. develop crushes easily but get over them very fast. either things don't mean anything to them or they mean the world to them. lost in daydreams but have the brightest fantasy. can be a storm. if they see you treat them wrong they leave. loyal to the people they love. can be revengeful. scheming. knows exactly what people deserve. would never harm anyone who doesn't deserve it. want justice. hard to get. hard to understand. great friends. worth the fight. will hold your hand and go through hell with you. passionate lovers.

mon el usually makes me bitter and annoyed every single episode but i’m fuming after this one and i’m gonna tell you exactly why

1) “i liked being a hero bc it meant i could be by your side” mon el should not want to be a hero just bc he’s horny for kara, if he really paid attention to kara and cared about what she did as supergirl, he would know that.

2) HE SAID I LOVE YOU??? HES NEVER SHOWN TRUE RESPECT OR LOVE FOR HER, i feel like you need to at least show your love for someone before declaring it (and also in such an awkward situation… yikes™). meanwhile maggie and alex are the most supportive and loving gfs ever, have been in a healthy relationship for quite awhile at this point (probably months??), and they’ve barely gotten super intimate scenes or kisses, let alone an i love you from either of them.

3) he should not have to rely on kara to be a better person. sure she can introduce him to the idea to being a decent person and she can inspire him or whatever, but he can grow as a fucking person ON HIS OWN BY HIS OWN WILL

4) “will you ever tell me the truth?” “i don’t know” RED FLAGS RIGHT THERE BUDDY IF YOU CANT BE HONEST AND COMMUNICATE W YOUR PARTNER THEN LEAVE THEM, DUMP THEM, DROP (KICK) THEM. why didn’t kara get rid of him 10 years ago.

5) except kara can’t really get rid of him bc mon el doesn’t know the concept of listening to someone’s wishes and giving them space. he’s so entitled it’s so obvious like he always thinks he knows more than kara. she’ll tell him to do something and then he’ll go “hmm i think not” and then when things inevitably get fucked up he asks for another chance

6) speaking of “”“second”“” chances, at this point it’s not a second chance, mon el, you’re begging for mercy that you don’t deserve. kara has given you plenty of chances and undeserved guidance and you never. fucking. learn.

7) honestly this probably doesn’t even begin to cover it there are definitely some points im missing

You know… Sagittarius is probably a sign people aren’t too afraid of, but they’re the sign right in between Scorpio and Capricorn, the two signs that are arguably very powerful. Yes, while that can make Sagittarius quite different from the two, every sign is connected in some way and I kind of want to elaborate on the secretive, powerful qualities Sagittarius has.

People like to elaborate on how Scorpios tend to keep their secrets well. While Sagittarius is very much an open sign, I feel like Sagittarius can use their openness to hide their inner suffering. For example, when a Sagittarius is hurt, they can go on adventures or escape to forget their pain. Around other people, it looks like they’re having so much fun… But you never really know what’s going on under a Sagittarius. Although both signs are different, both of them are very secretive.

People also like to elaborate on how powerful Capricorn is. Capricorn is seen to be the powerful, authoritative figure. Capricorn is arguably respectable and gains prosperity in a practical sense. However, Capricorn can be feared by others and is firmly rooted and established. Sagittarius however is powerful, but on a totally different scale. It is possible for people to treat Sagittarius like a joke, since Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruling planet, is a planet commonly associated with humor. It is hard to take Sagittarius seriously and perhaps it’s hard to respect them. Sagittarius is seen to be an individual that has no self-restraint or responsibilities. Sagittarius does not take root for it is a sign that likes to travel. While Capricorn gains success by taking root and establishing order, Sagittarius gains success through the journeys they’re on. Although both signs are different, both of them are successful and powerful.

He broke my heart. Or perhaps I broke my own. I’m not sure, I can’t quite decide. It’s not like I went into it blind folded, or maybe I did, maybe I chose not to believe the things he said. He told me what he had done to other girls, about how he made them fall in love only to make them fall apart, he told me he never stays around for long, he told me my feelings had no place in his life, you know? Like, he made sure I was aware, well aware that we wouldn’t skip along happily into the sunset at the end of the story. Instead it was more like “and in the end you’ll be crying on your bedroom floor calling my phone and I’ll let it ring while it sits on my bedside table as my lips are pressed against a girl who isn’t you” kind of thing, and god knows that’s exactly what happened. I spent months crying for him, screaming for him, my heart yearning for him every single second of every single day. But I mean, how mad can you really be at someone for being exactly who they told you they were? I knew how it would end and yet I read the book anyway, went along with the storylines as if the moments of happiness were supposed to last despite already knowing they wouldn’t but pretending they would for a good few chapters.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

i’m working on a new song

it’s about cold nights, the natural sadness of adulthood, and a peculiar feeling of peace

the kindest sound i know


the sky, painted with light
but the photos never
get the colors right
no stars tonight
but the freeway traffic
sparkling so bright
time moves so slow
runnin circles
runnin out of hope
that’s how it goes
draped in darkness
searching for that glow

tired from the fight
keep on going
try with all your might
i know what it’s like
fingers frozen
stomach full of fright
oh no no no
there’s such a lovely
long way left to go
and though and though
silence is
the kindest sound i know

oh wow another day goes by
it goes so fast when i’m feeling alright
and now it’s over
is it really over?
shut those eyes
good bye
good night

the night has become quite cold
and i have become quite cold

oh wow another day goes by
it goes so fast when i’m feeling alright
and now it’s over
is it really over?
shut those eyes
good bye
good night

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Different Type

When I was younger, I used to wonder really hard why I was me. And my seven-year-old self would get really depressed because I realized that I would never get to live as anyone else. And I wondered what would happen if I suddenly became my father. And then I would grow quite sad because I’d never know what it was like to be anyone else. I would only ever be myself, and it was a rather claustrophobic feeling. 

It’s not that I don’t like being me. But I feel like my knowledge of things will always be so small because I am me. I won’t ever know what it’s like to be an ISFJ, with a sweet, naturally loving yet rule-oriented mind. I’ll never know what it’s like to be a fearless ENTP or a dramatic ESFJ or a confident ESTJ. I’ll never know what it’s like to be a shy little INFP, with an endless desire to connect, or a warm and caring ENFP, with a big heart and a big hug for everyone.

I can imagine these things in my INTP brain. I can analyze what it would be like to have a different personality. But I’ll never know, and that fact irritates me, because my whole drive takes the form of a giant question mark.

I want to know, and I never can.

I don’t know how you can be with someone who makes you feel like you are crawling… grovelling… scratching around in the dirt for scraps of love and affection.
How can you allow somebody to make you feel like that? Like you are constantly groping in the dark for something and almost grasping it, but never quite… It’s cruel; to treat a human being like that… to keep them on tenterhooks, constantly questioning what they’ve done wrong and desperately trying to win back the affection they’ve lost.
You deserve to be loved; unquestioningly and unconditionally.
You shouldn’t have to fight for love, it’s not a prize to be won. It’s not something you’re supposed to ‘earn’ – it should be given to you freely. You are a beautiful human being, and that alone is what entitles you to be loved. Don’t let somebody undermine your self-confidence to a point where you no longer believe you’re worthy of love unless you change or beg for it… If they were capable of loving you more than they loved themselves, they wouldn’t keep hurting you like this and they wouldn’t expect you to change…
You are the one who loves without question… without fault…
and you deserve someone who loves you exactly the same.
—  Ranata Suzuki  “And yet… you choose her anyway…”
Show Me Love 10

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Plot: Awkward family dinners and Christmas day celebrations.  There’s nothing like the holidays.

Warnings: FLUFF, Maria is such a mom, Reader family fluff, CHRISTMAS, did I mention fluff?

A/N: More teeth rotting fluff!!  Though it isn’t anything like I Saw Mommy Kissin’ Santa Claus.  I’m a sucker for this family, honestly.

Missed something?  Find the beginning HERE

⬅️⬅️PART 9 ||| PART 11➡️➡️

Settling in was quick enough, and after quick - unfortunately, separate - showers to wash the feeling on airplane off of you, the two of you descended the stairs.  The table was already set while Peter and your father watched some documentary on TV.  Their voices carried through the house as the two geniuses discussed different theories and God knows what else, you could never quite keep up with them.  Neither could your mother, which is exactly why you found her in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine.

“There you are!”  She chirps, pushing herself off of the counter to hand you each a glass.  “They’re at it again.”  She sighs, shaking her head with a smile and you find yourself swept up in her mirth.  You were beyond happy to be home with them to care if they were talking complete gibberish.  “All right boys, dinner!”  She announced.

Protests erupted from the living room, whines of ‘mooooom’ and ‘c’mon, Hillie’ prompting your mom to only raise an eyebrow.  Not a second later, the TV went black as it powered off and they made their way over.

The family fell into a natural rhythm quickly, speaking as if you hadn’t spent any time apart.  Your father asked about classes, your brother sheepishly asked about Natasha - to which your mother rolled her eyes.  Peter blushed horribly as Bucky broke out into uproarious laughter at his question.  He only mumbles something along the lines of ‘she’s like a sister to me!’ which convinces absolutely no one.  Your mother’s questions are slightly more pressing.

“So, how did the two of you meet?”

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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I decided to take a much needed break to work on a few things. I will be posting more in the future. I know that this is a studyblr but I just started taking Psychology this semester and I really enjoy what is called the Myers Briggs Personality Types. I am an INFJ. The INFJs are the most rare personality type, making up only 1 percent of the population. We are extroverted introverts who strongly rely on our intuition.  We are known for almost belonging everywhere, yet never quite belonging anywhere. When we write, we sound “like poets”. When we speak, our words cannont form a concise sentence. We are the real old souls. We notice everything. We can detect fake people and lies. We feel people’s pain as if it is our own. We are perfectionists and we are not easy to impress. We are INFJs.

Famous INFJs:

Adam Sandler, Audrey Hepburn, Benedict Cumberbatch, Emma Watson (there is debate she could be an ISFJ), Johnny Depp, Tom Hiddleston, and many more. 

Fictional INFJs:

Frodo Baggins, Bruce Banner, Remus Lupin, Mulan, Atticus Finch, Gandalf, Albus Dumbledore, Dr Strange, Pocahontas, Theodore Lawrence, Greg Lestrade, Jean Grey, Elsa, Captain America (could be an ISFJ).


“The smarter you get, the less you speak.”

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

“She was a quiet rebel. She wasn’t loud or in your face but she had a mind of her own, she couldn’t be told what to do. She’d be polite and then still go her own way.”

“How beautiful is it to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged.”

“She was simple. Like quantum physics.”

“To a great mind, nothing is little.” - Sherlock Holmes

“You get hurt, hurt ‘em back. You get killed… walk it off.” Steve Rogers

“There is some good in this world worth fighting for.” - JRR Tolkien

“Think of all beauty still left around you and be happy.” - Anne Frank

“Sometimes people are beautiful not in looks, not in what they say, just in what they are.”- The Book Thief

“Don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what everyone else pretends to love.” - Emma Watson

“When the whole world tells you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth and tell them ‘No. You move’” - Civil War

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view - until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” - Atticus Finch

I had fun putting all of this together, as the personality types are really interesting. If you want me to do more on the INFJ, another type, or to stop putting this kind of stuff on here, let me know!

I actually have to gather to myself because I’m just gonna say it:


It was hilarious, meaningful but also so damn random all at the same time but it worked so well. The change from having all the tension from the competitions to seeing the skaters hang out for the day was simply amazing. This was definitely a fun episode and one that I’ll be re-watching whenever I need a laugh or to be assaulted by feels. 

The one thing I loved so much about this episode was that it was told from Viktor’s point of view. Usually, it’s told through Yuuri’s but today, we actually got to see inside Viktor’s head, his thoughts and his feelings. We never really know what Viktor’s thinking about though it’s quite clear through his actions but it’s so nice to see what goes on in that head of his. 

The fact that he cares so much for Yuuri is incredible, I never doubted it but to actually hear it is something else. The way he looked at Yuuri throughout this episode, the way he holds so much affection for him is so much that I simply couldn’t sit still. Even though it hasn’t been said, it’s obvious to see that the love is there and there is no queerbaiting involved. The show has been consistent with their relationship and hasn’t dialed back on how important their relationship is. 

In fact, they’ve dialed up even further. 

(Kubo knows what she’s doing and she’s doing a FABULOUS JOB!)

Then the fucking rings, you’ve gotta be kidding me. 

My heart can’t even handle how married these two are, putting the rings on each other’s fingers because that was basically a proposal. It’s a good luck ring, like a charm but as Viktor said, it also doubles as an engagement ring. We never got Yuuri’s answer because the moment Viktor said ‘gold medal’, all the skaters were like ‘bitch what?’ and it got all tense.



Also, Obatek is my new son and Yurio’s best friend, I’m so happy that I saw my angst son smiling and actually having a good time because he deserves it, yes he does. 

Chris has also redeemed himself because he’s really cool and funny and I like him. 

Also, Phitchit, my dear, was adorable and wonderful as always. Actually thought his best friend was getting married, announced to the restaurant, has no shame and I love him. 

Then…Yuuri being drunk. 

Where do I even begin?

He wanted to let loose and he wasn’t exactly in the best of moods. So he drank.

And drank.

And drank.

Then proceeded to:

  • Challenge Yurio to a dance-off (which he won!)
  • Strip and pole dance with Chris (who was in his element)
  • Dance (the Tango, I’m guessing??) with Viktor (those two were destined to be together from the start)
  • Stumble around with a champagne bottle.

It has now been shown that Yuuri was the one to put the idea of Viktor being his coach into his head. 

Meaning it wasn’t the video of Yuuri skating that pushed Viktor into doing it fully. 











A Letter From Dean

Originally posted by findyourownhappyending

Summary/Author Note: I think most of us get down about something sometimes. Whether that be work or school, relationships, friends & family, or even just how sometimes we aren’t very nice to ourselves. If something’s been bothering you, let Dean Winchester remind you exactly what he thinks of you…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 900ish

Warnings: one little F bomb

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Here’s to the fools who dream

If you’re a fool who accidentally falls in love with any form of creation, this post is for you. You surely have experienced this feeling, hated your own creation and wished to quit because you feel you’ll never do anything better. I want you to know that’s wrong.

Because if at first it doesnt match what you have in mind, its because of your skill and skill is something needs persistent practice. And that’s it. No one become an expert right away, not even genius. Its persistence, determination and committment that are the ones create masterpiece. If you see Picasso, or Dan Brown when they’re a child and still struggled to improve their skills, you won’t believe they actually made legacy because of their creation. But they did. And all those years of struggling, hating their own piece, redrawing, unsatisfying with their art, regreting everything… the crowd just never knows. 

So if you ever want to trash something you create, please wait. Do you love it? Is it because of something inside tells you to do it? Is it because of your skill? Love it a little longer, don’t just give up. That’s not how love works, embrace the ugly part of your creation too, look into it, try to fix it. Keep that in mind next time you create. Unconciously next time you do it, your mind will focus double on that part. The change might be too small to see right away, but it’s there. Gradually, page 1000th will be different than the 1st, and 10000th will be more different, and 1,000,000 th will be entirely new. 

One day they will read/ watch your creation, the crowd will applaud.


        100 lyric starters taken from ‘wild world’ by bastille. change pronouns/sentence structure if necessary!


❝ so, what would you little maniacs like to do first? ❞
❝ what’s gunna be left of the world when you’re not in it? ❞
❝ every minute and every hour i miss you more ❞
❝ if you want to be a party animal you have to learn to live in the jungle ❞
❝ stop worrying and go and get dressed ❞
❝ you might have to excuse me, i’ve lost control of all of my senses ❞


❝ think about the power of your words ❞
❝ oh my god, i can’t quite believe my ears ❞
❝ you’re making me feel nervous ❞
❝ i need to clear my head ❞
❝ how can you think you’re serious? ❞
❝ do you even know what year it is? ❞


❝ kind of hoping this will turn me round ❞
❝ and now it follows me every day ❞
❝ i need to clear my head ❞
❝ my back’s up against the wall ❞
❝ i feel guilty ❞


❝ never good, just the bad and the ugly ❞
❝ nothing quite like seeing the world through the tv’s window ❞
❝ i can’t stop thinking about it ❞
❝ tell me, did you see the news tonight? ❞
❝ hold me in this wild, wild world ❞


❝ did you ever feel like they were ringing true? ❞
❝ not everything had gone to plan ❞
❝ we made the best of what we had, you know ❞
❝ all their words were glory ❞
❝ stop looking up for heaven ❞

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As you march off the field for your last performance,
Chin up, chest out, and toes to the sky,
Remember all the hard work you put in through the season.
Remember the days where it was too hot to function, and the days you were too tired and you thought about quitting.
Remember them and reflect on how much you’ve improved as a player, and as a person.
And think about what it would have been like if you never joined in the first place

Marching band has changed me, it made me a better player, a stronger person, and it has given me friends that i will always be close to.

As i marched off the field, knowing that i will never perform with that group of people again, i had a bitter sweet feeling knowing i found where i truly belong

I sometimes feel like Pisces is blessed with knowing all the answers to the mysteries the world. After all, a lot of people will say that Pisces is one of the wisest signs. Maybe the answers to the world can’t be understood by the human brain, which is why many people will dismiss Pisces. Pisces can often be called be quite delusional and confused, but… what if we’re confused?

I feel that as humans, we can’t be arrogant with our brains. There’s so many things we don’t know about. There’s so many things going on with the universe that we will never know the answer to. Science won’t know. Astrology won’t know. No human study that is adjusted to human understanding will know all the answers to the world. That’s why Pisces is often so misunderstood. We don’t understand it, but it doesn’t mean that we have to dismiss it.

For example, having your Venus in the 12th. Yes, boundaries are essential to relationships, but having your Venus in the 12th may just imply that the answer to relationships is the fact that relationships can have no boundaries at all. Perhaps with Pisces, the answer to everything is having no boundaries. There “isn’t” a right way to love. There “isn’t” a right way to have a relationship. As long as you love in your own personal way, you love. Love, in your personal definition, is love.

Of course, this isn’t a post to promote abuse or anything like that. Of course, there is always a cost to having no boundaries… When there are no boundaries, evil can come in quite easily. This is probably where Virgo comes in. This is probably where reality hits… And this is probably where it is implied that we are not meant to know all the answers. We’re not prepared for the danger that comes with it.

Ignorance is truly bliss.

Mon El's Feelings for Kara

I think Mon-El became aware of his romantic feelings when he and Kara were imprisoned at Cadmus together and she risked her life to save his. Maybe he found her attractive before, but at this point he got to experience her heroism and courage personally and right after that, asked Winn and Jimmy about if she was mated to anyone and about how mating customs worked on Earth.

To me, I think this indicates that his feelings are serious and his intentions are long term. While he may not know about all of Earth’s dating customs, he is usually pretty confident with girls. I don’t think he wants to just date or sleep with Kara; I think he thinks she is THE ONE. He wants to marry/mate with her for life. But he doesn’t think she feels the same way so he keeps it himself. And as he says later, he’s never felt this way about anyone else before and I don’t think he quite knows what to do. He’s terrified so he hides how he feels. I think he also thinks she has already made up her mind about him so he respects her enough not to put his feelings on her without some indication that she might feel the same.

At Thanksgiving, she becomes aware that he might be feeling something when Eliza tells her that he was being extra nice because he liked her. He made a super sweet toast to Kara, but still didn’t push his romantic feelings on her. I think this is when she started to reciprocate with her own feelings of attraction a little too but she wasn’t open to having a relationship yet so she wouldn’t have been open to receiving his affection anyway. (Side Note: I think Mon-El can read Kara way better than anyone gives him credit for but that’s a post for another day.)

Later when he was sick and they were playing Monopoly Kara asked him if he LIKED her and while he wouldn’t straight up lie, he dodged the question three times and three different ways to give the impression that he wasn’t interested. Why? He didn’t think she felt the same way and didn’t want to put himself out there or add pressure or weirdness to the situation.

It wasn’t until he was delirious with fever and thought he was going to die that he found the courage to kiss her… and he was super slow and obvious about it to make sure she was open to it. She knew what he was doing and could have dodged it if she wanted to and she didn’t. She kissed him back instead. But, when he was better again and she wanted to talk about it, he denied remembering it at all so that he didn’t have to own up to his feelings. You know he remembered because when she asked if they were going to talk about what happened between them he said, “Why, what did I do?” and when Kara didn’t tell him, they both pretended like it hadn’t happened because it was easier than facing that something was starting to develop between them.

When they start working together his little weakness started to show because he would make stupid decisions in the field in order to protect Kara instead of letting her hold her own ground - which resulted in her calling him out about kissing her when he was sick and asking him again if he liked her.

This is what finally gets him to confess. He is clearly so nervous about it and comes to her apartment tell her how he feels - because she asked that he tell her- and then he asks her if they can move forward as partners since he believes she doesn’t feel the same way. He high fives her and leaves her apartment with no expectations that she reciprocate his feelings or enter into a relationship with her after putting himself out there in an extremely vulnerable (and romantic) way. He just asks that they ignore it and move forward since he had been honest as she had asked.

And oh, the next part is so brutal. When she tells him in the bar that even if she had time to date she wouldn’t date him because of “the way that he is.” You can just hear his heart getting crushed all over the floor.. and then he just says “I’m going to go over there” in a complete panic flight move like he cannot handle being in the conversation any more because it is too painful. This is what he had been afraid of- what he had already felt deep down- that he wasn’t good enough for her and that she still couldn’t see past her first impression of him enough to give him a chance. This is part of why he didn’t tell her before- and when he confessed as she had asked, this is what he got in return. Ouch.

Kara didn’t mean to hurt him and she knew that her words came out wrong but it wasn’t until her conversation with Alex that she realized she did actually like him and wanted to give him a chance.

And by then he had moved onto Self Preservation Attempt #362 by asking Eve out - moving on with the girl who had been totally into him when he first arrived… and he can’t even make it work with her because he can’t shut up about Kara long enough for one lousy lunch date.

But in Self Preservation Attempt #363 he leads Kara to believe that he and Eve are still dating so that he doesn’t have to look like the pathetic rejected loser that he feels like inside. And this gives him the confidence to try to continue the friendship with Kara- to show up while she’s training with his confident exterior and basically call her out on avoiding him and say that he misses training with her. And when she first says she was mad because she thought he was dating Eve (revealing that she knew he really wasn’t) he completely lost his armor and got so vulnerable again and couldn’t look at her for a minute and it took him a good long while to get around to asking about why in the world she would be mad because he was too focused on the fact that she knew he couldn’t date anyone else because he was too hung up on her.

His face when Kara tells him that she doesn’t want to “woulda, coulda, shoulda” anymore is so priceless. He gets this little glimmer of hope and then as she keeps talking the glimmer gets bigger and bigger and then when she hits him with her comet eyes and says “Maybe I can have it all,” he is literally stunned speechless. And there is this moment where she finally FINALLY returns his feelings and wants to try a relationship with him, and she leans in to kiss him, and… Mr. Mxyzptlk shows up.

Mon-El acted pretty jealous and insecure with Mxy. Out of context of the rest of this romantic journey it seems completely over the top how he saw Mxy as a serious romantic threat while Kara and the audience just saw him as more of nuisance to get rid of. He also seemed threatened by how Mxy could give Kara anything she wanted at the snap of his fingers, which also seems a little over the top until you consider that he probably used to be that guy back on Daxam. Remember he told Kara he had taken a girl to the crystal planet once… he had the ability to give a girl anything or take her anywhere and impress her, and it always worked. And now he just has… himself. And he’s on pretty shaky ground regarding how Kara feels about him since she’s only barely told him she’s interested. And Mxy wants everything HE wants with Kara and puts her in a wedding dress and proposes with a big diamond on bended knee. Kara isn’t really impressed by those big displays and wants to get back to Mon-El instead but he can’t quite believe that yet and so he gets insanely jealous and tries to get rid of Mxy as fast as he can by challenging Mxy to a battle to the death for Kara’s hand - again a completely old fashioned approach that probably reflects how such things were handled on Daxam. Not only does he lose, but Kara is angry with him for getting involved and tells him AGAIN that it’s not going to work out between them. And he is crushed yet again but apologizes and respects her wishes and leaves so that she can go marry Mxy.

Post-Mxy, he comes back to her apartment only to apologize and tell her she’s awesome, but with no expectation of anything romantic happening between them. He says he’s sorry, that he was out of line and tries to leave. Kara stops him by moving RIGHT in front of him and flashes him the comet eyes again, and you can just see him trying to figure it out WHAT is going on because her body language is saying “take me now” but didn’t she just break up with him? So he takes a big breath and tries to tell her how he is listening to her and respects that she doesn’t think they belong together… until she says that she tricked him too and she really does want him after all. This poor guy. Seriously. And he keeps clarifying and clarifying until he is absolutely certain of what she wants. And only then does he kiss her and she kisses him back with equal passion and urgency, and they both finally just let go of their fears and tumble down this rabbit hole together.

Little Avenger - 4

Pairing: Peter x reader, Bucky x reader, Avengers x reader

Summary: the secret was finally out; they knew what you were capable of. You didn’t know what you should expect, you never had so much love, what would it feel like to say an unexpected goodbye to your second family? To a place you called home?

Author’s Note: guess who’s back! I am writing something after ONE FUCKING WEEK. I can’t believe it! I didn’t have any time with all the tests and homework and tuitions, I couldn’t quite juggle all proper. This is yet another part and its rather gloomy but has a fluff, Peter and Bucky fluff. no chances of going wrong. (supernatural reference in the end)Hope you like it!

Warning(s): emotional distress, swearing and crying

Word Count: 1999 (dayum)

Parts - 1, 2, 3, 5, 6

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You were at last, happy. You had not felt what it meant to have a place called home and to be surrounded by people who adored you for so many years now. You adored them and so did they. How could they not?

You would swear a lot, much to Steve’s disappointment, but you were such a sweetheart to have around. You would sometimes make them unique things, ranging from crafts to new recipes, you would crack jokes and make them laugh, you would always make sure that Tony and bruce always had a blanket whenever they fell asleep working, you would always defend them, you made sure that they didn’t have nightmares, and when they did, you were there. You were like this little sibling they never asked for.

They loved you and were very protective of you. they just didn’t want to lose you, you meant too much to them. You were close to all of them but most to Natasha, Peter and Bucky. You and Peter were best of buddies and were almost inseparable. He just loved having you around, you were so… unique and beautiful.

Your relationship with Bucky was what the avengers thought to be the purest. You both were each other’s families; he would act like a sibling and a grandfather at the Same time. The others didn’t know how this all began; it was something you both never spoke about. The story though, was as unique as your relationship.

You were texting Peter on your phone lying in your bed. It was midnight but Peter and your talks never seemed to end, you always had something new to talk about.

‘and that’s how I burnt my ass once.’ You sent him the message as the memory ran through your mind again.

‘you’re weird XD. BUT still my favourite.’ He sent back after having a good laugh. This was just one of the things he loved about you; you spoke without any hesitation.

‘I will always be your favourite ;) . No one ever forgets me, love.’ You grinned as you sent the message.

‘XD’ it was all he could manage as he smiled like an idiot with a red face on his mobile. Only if he could tell you about how he felt and could hear you call him those cute nicknames. He shook his head when he realized what he was thinking. He couldn’t it would mess things up.

g’night. I’ve got school tomorrow. Sweet dreams spidey :D’ his phone dinged with another one of your messages. He replied with one of his signature sweet messages.

‘idiot.’ You muttered and set the phone aside. You loved that dork. His goofy smile and cute laugh was something that-. You abruptly stopped thinking about him, why were you thinking about him at the first place? You couldn’t have “feelings’ for him? he was your best friend.

  ‘he’s my best friend, nothing else. No mushy feelings and all.’ You shook your head and buried your head in your pillow. ‘it hurts when they leave.’ You thought. You were in a conflict when your gate creaked open a little.

You shot right up and pulled out the knife from under your pillow. You fixed your glasses and saw that it wasn’t some intruder, it was Bucky, a very dishevelled and disturbed looking Bucky who was now staring at your knife. You hid it quickly and walked towards him.

‘sorry for that, buckbeak.’ You grinned. you noticed his eyes and read how pained his energy felt. ‘is everything okay?’ you furrowed your brows.

‘yeah.’ He seemed to have broken from a trance. ‘I-I just, I was passing by and saw that your light was still on, that’s all.’ He tried to shrug it off.

‘do not lie to me.’ You said in a serious tone. ‘what is it? you know I can read your mind if you don’t wanna speak.’

‘(y/n) what do you think of me?’ he asked out of nowhere. He seemed very serious and you pondered over the question for a while.

‘well, you are,’ you looked away as you thought. ‘you are like a big brother or a grandpa I never wanted.’ You grinned. ‘you don’t talk to me much but when you do, it is great. You play pranks on me sometimes but I believe it’s just one of the ways of saying “I care for you.”’ you finally looked at him. he had a faint smile on his face but his eyes were glassy.

  ‘I wish all of it could be true, I am not who you think I am, I am-‘he spoke the words with disgust.

‘I great human being who had his life taken away from him forcefully.’ You said and he scoffed. ‘it was never you, monsters are evil from within.’ You held his arms. ‘you have good in you, we al believe it.’ you smiled at him. this was enough to make the former merciless assassin shed a tear in front of a 15-year-old girl. He pursed his lips and looked down.

‘hey,’ you tried to provide him soothing energy as he struggled with his thoughts. He didn’t know why but he hugged you. it was surprising at first, he wasn’t the type of person to even sit with you if your legs were touching. You wrapped your arms around him and tried to soothe him. he finally knew that he could trust you.

‘I dreamt that I killed you and Steve, I dreamt I hurt everyone I cared for. I wanted to check that you all were okay.’ He mumbled in your shoulder. You felt a sting in your eyes. You had never seen him so weak, so vulnerable. He shook as he couldn’t help the tears that were flowing now. This is what happens when you keep storing all that water in, it just takes one hammer to break the dam that has weakened.

  ‘shh…’ you rubbed his back. You started to hum a song that you had once heard. ‘hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s over. They come, they come, to build a wall between us.’ He stopped crying and looked at you. ‘but we know that they won’t win.’ You smiled and wiped his tears. ‘you are a strong person, you don’t have to be ashamed to show your feelings, they are a part of you.’ you said and a side of his lips twitched in a smile.

 ‘wanna watch a movie?’ you stood up. You didn’t realize when you both had sat down on the floor.

  ‘only if you make that shit brownie of yours.’ He attempted to smile.

  ‘deal.’ You offered him a hand and he stood up. You both had only grown close to each other from that day.

You were both overly protective of each other, but you both fought like wolves sometimes. That day was no different.

‘why the fuck did you eat my gum?!’ you shouted at Bucky as he used Steve as a shield.

‘do you have to do this? I will get you more.’ Peter tried to hold you back.

‘no! I only have sweet things in like, what a month?! And this jackass took it without even asking!’ you looked at him.

‘I didn’t take it!’ Bucky shot from behind Steve.

‘what is the matter?” Sam walked in blowing bubble gum bubble.

‘you took it?!” you and Bucky said in unison.

‘mhm.’ Sam replied casually.

‘do you know how hard she punches?’ Bucky shouted on Sam.

‘I don’t fuck-‘ you were interrupted as Steve covered your mouth.

‘language! Fucking language! Is that too much to ask for!’ he shouted at the top of his lungs and all four of you looked at him with wide eyes.

‘did he just?’ Peter squinted his eyes.

‘yup.’ You said before busting in laughter, all others soon followed and Steve crossed his arms over his chest in irritation.

‘everyone is requested to assemble in the conference room.’ F.R.I.D.A.Y stated.

‘shut up and come on.’ Steve muttered as he exited the room. you soon followed him after you were done laughing.

Everyone except Thor who was in Asgard and Pietro who had injured himself, were sat in the conference room. the room had a very depressing and serious environment, all your smiles faded when you took your seats. Furry looked directly at you and you furrowed your brows in reply.

‘I called you all here-‘ Fury stood up.

‘to bore us.’ Clint said.

‘no,’ he shot him a glare. ‘to talk about (y/n).’ his eyes, well, eye landed on you again. Every bad possibility entered your mind. they must have found out.

‘and it is about?’ Tony emphasised.

‘she must have told you about her powers.’ He looked at everyone.

‘yes, but they are very complex and the limits are not something we still very well know.’ Bruce looked at him.

‘well, she must have told you how she can also, absorb it.’ he said.

‘enough with the puzzles, Fury. Get to the point.’ Natasha said.

‘what I want to say is that-‘

  ‘I am a creature who is capable on feeding off energy and I must be returned to where I belong.’ You spoke. Peter looked at you and held your hand out of reflex. You looked at him and gave him a weak smile.

‘we already know that you can absorb energy, so what?.’ Wanda argued.

‘you don’t understand. They fear, I might not be able to control it; my hunger. they think I am a monster who will suck out your life and would become something they can control. ‘you said looking down. ‘and they are right, I must return to my cell.’ You looked up.

‘what!? No! she is not going anywhere.’ Bucky said to furry. ‘you are not going anywhere. You and I will go somewhere else if that’s what it takes but you won’t go back to that filth. We are family, remember.’ He looked at you.

‘I don’t want to hurt any of you.’ you smiled sadly. ‘you are all I got.’

‘you must decide (y/n).’ Fury looked at you.

‘hold up, she is not going anywhere.’ Tony said

‘she’s way too young to decide that. And she has never done anything to hurt us.’ Clint said.

‘she is very good with her powers. I will help her, you can’t just take her away.’ Wanda stood up in your defence.

‘the girl’s much stronger than you think, Fury. You don’t know what she’s capable of.’ Natasha added.

‘okay, but-‘ he raised his hands.

‘she’s staying.’ Steve stood up with his arms crossed. ‘that’s final.’ He looked at Fury.

‘banner?’ Fury looked at Bruce and he smiled in response. 

‘she’s part of the family. We won’t let you take her away.’ He said calmly.

‘well, I can never win an argument with you idiots.’ He took a deep breath. ‘guess, she’ll stay.’ He left the room.

‘the hell she will.’ Sam shouted back and grinned at you.

‘why didn’t you let me go?’ you looked at them. ‘I might hurt you.’

‘you won’t.’ Natasha kept a hand on your shoulder.

‘yeah, you are much stronger than you think.’ Peter smiled at you and gave them a gentle squeeze.

‘even though I hate ruining the moment,’ Bucky stood next to you. ‘hands off, parker.’ He glared at Peter.

‘yes, sir.’ Peter retrieved his hands and everyone laughed.

‘you better get used to it, tin-tin. They are going on a mission later.’ Tony grinned.

‘what?’ Bucky’s eyes grew wide.

  ‘yup, how else are gonna learn?’ he said.

‘I have been on missions before.’ You crossed your arms.

‘and I’m spiderman.’ Peter defended himself. ‘it’ll be great! We have never been on missions together!” he grinned.

‘yeah, you’re spiderman.’ You pinched his cheeks. ‘I know, let’s go then.’ You held his arms and led him out of the room.

‘I don’t like it.’ Bucky said as he knew the closeness you to had wasn’t something he liked.

‘nobody likes it.’ Natasha replied.

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BTS Reaction - When you break up cause you think that you might not be good enough

Thank you anon for this request! To all my beautiful people out there, never let anyone make you feel like you are not good enough <3


“And in what twisted world do you think that i would agree on breaking up because of that? You are my everything and more then good enough”

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“Please say that again. It’s my girlfriend you are badmouthing and that is not okay, even if it’s you talking shit about yourself”

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This sweet angel would not know what to do with the words he had just heard from you. “I need you, and you know that! Please don’t leave me and quit talking like that about yourself, cause it’s heartbreaking to hear my everything getting shit for something that’s not true”

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“Good luck breaking up with me, cause it’s not happening. Now tell me who got this bullshit in to your head, cause i have some business with that asshole”

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“I hate that you feel that way. I just wish that you could see yourself through my eyes. Then you would know how much i need you to be able to live”

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He would not have this. He knew that you had been getting some hate from the fans and could only imagine what you thought of yourself after reading all the comments. He would come home with the biggest bouquet of roses since he knew how much you loved them. “The only thing that matters is that we love each other, and don’t let anyone  say anything else”

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“What made you think like that? You are scaring me, so quit saying those stuff. You know deep down inside that it’s not true”

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