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Elena the Wise - an adaptation of the Russian fairytale

⇰ a tale of witchcraft, the rattling of bones and those who cheat death

with olga kurylenko as elena, luke evans as the soldier, mads mikkelsen as the devil and katheryn winnick, natalie dormer and imogen poots as his three daughters

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I don't know where you come up with this about me following you??? I never once followed you and I have told you before I no longer have a tumblr account because of some butthurt PC liberals crying to the staff about my racist views. I know you never publish most of the stuff I sent you because the truth hurts and you can't handle what I type to you 99.9% of the time like all these feminist broads who fail at arguing with me.

I’m making milkshakes tomorrow with smores vodka and I’m pretty excited about it and also I’ve had macaroni for the last four days in a row which is pretty cool