i never post my art on my art blog

this started out as a shitpost drawing but then I got really into it @danisnotonfire


i’ve been following eighth doctor fandom members for years, how come nobody ever forewarned me about the time that eight thought he’d accidentally murdered an entire species and then proceeded to purposefully put himself in harm’s way because he felt so guilty about it that he wanted to die 

bc i just listened to embrace the darkness and that happened and holy shit


An important message for my friends and some more people that I like and admire

Also, that dragon lady is my sona~

((Also I hope not forget anybody lmao))

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Discworld x Mob Psycho 100

Courtesy of @ofpaintedflowers​ and @happikattwuzheere

There has been some general progress in the development of this AU. In particular concerning Mob and Swamp Dragons, who he feels an inexplicable kinship towards. 

Mob’s introduction to the Swamp Dragons is when his classmate, Sammy, ‘hires’ Reigen and Mob to investigate the haunting of the his manor and stables. The details of that particular adventure are yet to be worked out, but it basically ends with Reigen and Mob sitting down to tea with Sammy and his mother, a gracious noblewoman, Lady Ramkin, who takes a liking to Mob immediately. (Reigen is less pleased when the Captain of the City Watch, Sam Vimes, walks in and demands to know “what the bloody hell is that overblown con artist doing at my dining table”). 

After things settle down though, Mob makes frequent trip to the shelters to help care for the dragons. (Reigen too. Although never when Captain Vimes could be coming home.)

(I totally stole ofpaintedflowers’s costume designs for these. If you guys go bother her enough, maybe she’ll post the rest of her gorgeous designs for this crossover.)