i never noticed the resemblance

I feel really bad for missing this one, actually. Bullet has an amazing design and seems really interesting, and he never appears in the series again (outside of two non-speaking cameos.) He absolutely deserved an analysis back when I covered Public Enemies, but I somehow overlooked him.

It is strongly recommended that you read Wulf’s analysis before you read this one!

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Me: **says anything positive about Jeffrey Dahmer’s appearance, void of sexualization, merely acknowledging that he was handsome**

Anti: wth. HE KILLED PPL and he LOOKS like SwoLlen toe or a crusty fOOt (or some other body part that everyone has, or random thing - they LOVE the word dildo - somehow generally perceived to be gross or icky - or whatever other childish word fits the context of this situation)

Me:You know what? YOU’RE RIGHT. Your undefiled logic has changed my sinful edgy ways - I never noticed the resemblance before. It’s uncanny. He’s so ugly, now that you mention it. Time to delete my blog and kill myself for ever having such unspeakable and disgusting thoughts.


I never noticed before, but the costume Bucky wears as the Winter Soldier closely resembles the last outfit he ever wore before he became a weapon for Hydra. From a costume perspective it’s a nice touch, it’s telling the audience subconsciously that we’ve seen this guy before, a familiar pattern, just darker, the lines are narrower, less friendly. From a practical perspective, it’s kind of funny thinking some Hydra agent was in charge of designing his outfit. Maybe he was in charge of the uniforms division, but he also wanted to show that he could be just as diabolical as his comrades, so he decided to torment Bucky by making a dark parody of his old clothes.