i never noticed that they actually call her that

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how is the narrator nameless, joseph literally said on twitter that we learned her name in episode 10 and she was called Keisha in episode ten??

“Alice, is that you?”

I don’t know why I asked that. But it was you. And the surprise of that seemed to justify the question.

You smiled. You looked like you always had, except a little older, like I looked a little older, incrementally, the way we never notice until we do.

“It’s me, Keisha,” you said.

“Keisha now, is it?” I said. “It was always nicknames before with you.”

“Who calls their wife by their actual name, right?” You smiled. “Boring people, that’s who.”

-Alice Isn’t Dead, Episode 10 (shoutout to @alicescripts for the ref)

as for joseph confirming it on twitter, this is all i could find:

so yeah, she’s still nameless

carswell thorne and the ways he tells her ‘i love you’

i love you he murmurs appreciatively when he notices she had already woken up before him and made enough coffee for the both of them. he had never had a morning routine on the rampion before she had joined his crew for good

i love you? he asks sheepishly when his attempts to make some ‘upgrades’ to the rampion and ends up actually breaking it. cress just shakes her head and goes to call cinder but never stopped smiling (or making fun of him for it)

i love you he whispers, wrapping his arm back around her as she settled back into bed kissing her shoulder. he knew they had similar dreams about what had happened on luna and there wasn’t much he could do about it but when she turned back into his arms and her breathing evened back out he couldn’t help but feel like he mattered a bit

i love you! he exclaims in surprise when she says yes to his proposal. they had been dating for years now and clearly were never going to be with anybody but each other, but he still assumed he wasn’t good enough for her. he nearly fell jumping to his feet at the shock of her saying yes and went on to tell every single person they passed on the street that cress was now his fiancee

i love you he laughs as the two of them try to sleep on the same couch as the whole crew went to scarlet and wolf’s farm. winter and jacin had arrived first and got the bed and cress figured she was short enough to fit on the couch with him - they ended up with cress sleeping directly on top of him making the both of them try as hard as they could to laugh quietly so they didn’t wake everyone else up

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for the guessing game: Sherlock.

LOL LOL LOL OK…here goes! (for this ask)

WIP #1 The Side of the Angels:  It wasn’t because they had trouble establishing his new identity; John had told him about the mystery package that had arrived, how ‘John Watson’ had apparently been given a little angelic help in coming into existence, and it proved true for one ‘William Sherlock Scott Holmes’ as well.

WIP #2 First Night:  “Just Sherlock,” he corrected her, still without turning. “I would prefer you call me by that name in private.”

WIP #3 Flirt:  Sherlock Holmes had just complimented her, a woman he’d never seemed to notice before - only according to his own words, he actually had noticed her before.

WIP #4 A Question of Honour:  “Sherlock, I must insist you get back into bed at once!” she remonstrated, stepping carefully over the discarded articles and reaching down to grasp his shoulder.

WIP #5 The World As We Know It:  “Whom,” Sherlock corrected him absently, his attention apparently fully on Molly, who seemed to be reluctant to share his seat with him.

WIP #6 The Fire In Which We Burn:  Sherlock Holmes was not one to find himself at a loss for words, which made this singular occasion even more remarkable.

WIP #7 Life As We Know It:  Sherlock stared up John, raising one hand to his nose and giving his so-called ‘friend’ an outraged look. “You punched me! Why did you punch me?

CeCe not behind the dollhouse?

Sooo, I just re-watched all six seasons of PLL & the one thing that really stuck out to me was the 6A finale where CeCe is revealed as A. I have never once been on board with this reveal, and I noticed something significant while re-watching.

Not once in that episode did CeCe admit to the dollhouse. She called the girls her dolls, yes, but never mentioned anything about the actual dollhouse. I’m more convinced than ever that CeCe wasn’t actually behind the dollhouse. All the girls just assumed that she was because she was revealed as “Charles”. I don’t believe that for a second either, but that’s a theory for another day.

Anyway, the man in the mask at the dollhouse prom is so clearly a man, there is no way that could have been CeCe. Yes, it could have been Noel Kahn because it was revealed he was also in the dollhouse, but I don’t think it was. The man in the mask was too short to be Noel in my opinion. I believe that that man is A.D. and behind the dollhouse and the torture the girls are being put through in 6B-7B. Guess we’ll find out in April!

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Summary: Jaehee has noticed something off with you and feels obligated to do something about it.

Pairing: Jaehee Kang x Reader/MC

Fandom: Mystic Messenger

Picture credit: Picture from Mystic Messenger, picture of my cat [Mabel]

Request box: Open

A/N: Please, for the love of everything, send something in.

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Pairing: Koga/Kagome
Title: Sweeter Than Fiction (Or the one where they meet in a coffee shop)
Rating: K+
Prompt: Any of the Coffee shop Aus
Requested by: Anonymous
Author’s Note: So, I just adore this pairing and Koga’s love for Kagome makes me melt into a puddle of sparkly goo. Which is why I’m pleasantly surprised to find that seven or eight people requested kogkag fics from me in tumblr. The request asked me to pick from any of the coffee shop aus I reblogged but this actually doesn’t use any of them (I hope that’s okay). Sharp-eyed readers who also ship Jinko will notice that I kind of lifted a couple of lines/themes from one of my other Jinko fics.This oneshot series is inspired by the fic about the five ways in which Rogue never met Gambit by Flashindie

When her grandfather tells her that the shrine’s income has been dipping dangerously low, Kagome decides to help out by getting a job. She applies to a couple of restaurants and cafes but the only place that calls her back is the Starbucks at the Chiyoda-ku area.

It isn’t so bad. The pay is decent and the store is located near the subway so she doesn’t really have to walk far to get to the train station. Plus, the manager is really kind and he knows that she’s a student so he’s allowed her schedule to work around her school hours. Sometimes, when her shift ends late, he even insists on asking someone or walking her, himself to the station to make sure that she gets to the train safe and sound.

The branch is smack dab in the middle of Central Tokyo so she comes across a lot of people from the university. A couple of friends come by and when they see her working the counter, they chat with her until the shift lead shoos them away. Miroku and Sango come in during one of her early morning shifts and they bring along Shippo, her little neighbor who’s in grade school. Kagome hands Shippo a cookie and gives Miroku and Sango refills “on the house” and drops change from her wallet into the register to cover the cost after they leave.

Inuyasha comes in on a Friday and he’s bringing Kikyo along with him. The two of them order one Chai iced drink with straws and Kagome giggles a little because it’s adorable and she thinks that she’s never seen Inuyasha be this sweet before. Inuyasha shoots her a dirty look when she tells him that and she just wryly smiles at him as he and Kikyo wave goodbye and walk outside into the streets, hand in hand.

There are a couple of people she sees who are from the University but who she doesn’t really know. One of them is this tall, blue-eyed, tawny-skinned guy with long hair tied in a ponytail whom she recognizes as a member of the track team. She’s never seen him before in person but his face is plastered on all the big, congratulatory tarpaulins in the university.

He comes in one late afternoon with two guys. One of them has his hair up in a mohawk and the other has dyed a strip of his white hair, black. When he sees her, he sorts of blinks a couple of times, as if he’s shocked while his friends both start laughing under their breath and nudging him.

Despite herself, Kagome frowns. She can’t help but feel that they’re somehow making fun of her.

“What can I get for you?” she stiffly says. Her head is tipped upwards because he’s a great deal taller than her. They all are actually. She fiddles with her apron, suddenly feeling unbelievably small.

He grins at her and makes a move to lean against the counter but before he can, the guy with the striped hair says, “Chocolate chip cream!”

The guy in the ponytail glares at him, annoyed and his friend takes a step back, cowering a little. Kagome frowns. Yes, he was interrupted but that’s no reason to be such an asshole to his friend. She purposely turns away from him and faces his two other friends.


“Tall for me, with extra whipped cream,” Striped Hair Guy says. Kagome notices that he’s purposely put a great deal of distance between himself and Ponytail Guy.

“Same order for me,” Mohawk Guy says.

“And you? The same?” Kagome asks, not once bothering to face him. Ponytail Guy just furrows his brow in confusion and distractedly nods.

She starts making their orders and after a few seconds of silence, Mohawk Guy starts making small talk. When he asks her if she also goes to the University of Tokyo, she nods her head and introduces herself. He returns the favor by introducing himself as Hakkaku and the Striped Hair Guy as Ginta and the Ponytail Guy as Koga. Apparently, they’re both taking Biology although Koga is a Political Science Major on an athletic scholarship.

“I know,” Kagome says as she drizzles Hakkaku’s drink with chocolate syrup. “I’ve seen the posters.”

“Really?” Koga says as he flashes her a smile. He’s been oddly quiet for the last few minutes although hearing that Kagome recognizes him, seems to have perked him up a little. Kagome stiffens, suddenly aware that what she’s just said makes it seems as if she’s interested in him.

And she most decidedly is not.

“It’s hard not to. Your smarmy grin is kind of everywhere,” she shrugs. Ginta and Hakkaku start giggling.

Koga just stares at her as if he’s been slapped. Kagome bites her lip and suddenly regrets saying it.

But then, he starts grinning at her again, unaffected and the awkwardness between them sort of dispels. He says, “That’s what happens when you’re the track team’s star player.”

She just snorts, awed at the fact that he’s just said that without a trace of irony. They make small talk as she prepares the rest of their drinks and as she hands Koga his, he sort of squares his shoulders and gives her a small smile.

“Hey, do you get a break?” he asks her.

She presses her lips together, a little confused as to why he’s even asking. The two of them barely know each other and he hasn’t exactly participated in the conversation they’ve just had right now. She figures that perhaps he’s just trying to make small talk.

“I already took it,” she says. It’s not a lie. Her break was two hours ago and she spent most of it walking around the area and looking at the clothes in all the shops.

There’s a flash of disappointment in his eyes but when he says “Okay,” he says it in an easygoing manner, as if he doesn’t really care one way or the other.

He waves goodbye before walking out of the shop and into the street

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There’s something I noticed about “No One Mourns the Wicked”… Glinda refers to Elphaba as “you know who”. I feel that she did that because she couldn’t bare to call her the “Wicked Witch” after watching her die. Actually, throughout the whole song, she never says it’s the witch who’s wicked. She could be thinking of Madame Morrible and the Wizard.

@likingthistoomuch just reminded me of this thought I had when she mentioned something in her post. 

So that moment right after The Phone Call when Sherlock jumps right back into wanting to talk to the girl on the plane. Seems to me he was in big time Conceal Don’t Feel mode in that moment. He was still attempting to hold it together. Because you notice that even Mycroft attempts to step in and actually acknowledge feelings! He said something like, “however hard that must have been-” And then Sherlock cuts him off and ignores him and demands to speak to the little girl. Someone did not want to dwell on the feels in that moment and wanted to move swiftly on! But of course that’s not what happened. Then Eurus made sure he had to deal with what had just happened, and we all saw how that went.

Sherlock Holmes lost his ever lovin mind.

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‘Ellenya likes hats and can often be seen wearing her frilly pink bonnet. It’s her favorite one and has got a bunny on it. I don’t mean a picture or design of a bunny…I mean there’s an actual live rabbit sitting on top of her head. I’ve noticed people snickering when they see it, but Ellenya is not one to be influenced by public opinion. She always carries pieces of carrots wherever she goes and, whenever she raises up her hand, the bunny takes them from her fingers and munches on them. I call it her rabbit hat. She refers to it as her bunny bonnet.’

A lot of people find it funny that I wear a hat topped with bunny, but it’s so useful when it’s sunny! It does cost a fair bit of money to upkeep the bonnet bunny, he likes carrots but prefers payment in funny sonnets, served with honey. Bunny is called Sonny, and if I wear a hair bun, he will always run around it, which makes me dizzy.🐇🎩

Picture with me: (In earlier happier times when this show had a sense of humour…) Red calling Lizzie to meet him at his tailor’s again supposedly with a name but actually to poll her opinions material colours and which cut of waistcoat she prefered… because she may never admit it but he’s noticed she does have preferences when it comes to what he wears and he likes to dress to attract and keep her attention – except that instead of it turning out to be the kind of sexy interlude where they’re all ~aware of each other’s ~physical ~aspects like he’s pictured, he ends up pestering her for her opinion on pocket flaps like a dork and Liz is like ‘just give me the blacklister already and let me get on with my life here, Red’ *eye roll*

“So here’s the thing — I need a bit of help. I hooked up with one of your coworkers the other night, but I never called her back. I swear I’m not that terrible of a guy, notice the balloons. I never put my her name in my phone so I have no clue what her name actually is, again — I hope you aren’t judge mental. Can you help me out before I go make my epic apology speech to her? She’s a short little brunette, big ass, and shit her tits weren’t even terrible either.”

Things I Noticed on a Second Viewing of Mad Max: Fury Road

So I took my dad to see Fury Road because he’s a huge fan of the original Mad Max movies (spoiler: he loved this one) and I noticed a few things that passed me by when I saw it yesterday.


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Just had a crazy thought:

I just had the craziest thought EVER

What if Charles isn’t actually A but works for someone bigger? UBER A.
You never know with Marlene.

- Marion and Jessica are twins
- Bethany is Toby’s sister
- Bethany used to call Jessica AUNT Jessie
- Bethany and Marion were together in Radley
- Someone pushed Marion but she survived
- Jessica told Wilden to cover it up
- Marion disappeared and learned that Bethany was dead
- Marion thinks the girls did it
- Marion is Black Widow (because she lost her daughter)
- Toby is Uber A
- Notice all the capitol T’s in A’s messages? T is for Toby
- Toby never forgave the girls for everything they did to him
- The look on Toby’s face when Spencer says “this is A” looks exactly the same as when he looked when he was revealed as A.

Toby and his mom want to take down the girls for everything they’ve done.

Just a thought...

So since Texas airs tomorrow, I thought I’d chip in my own thoughts last minute before all of us die we see what actually goes down.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed the long growing, short interactions between Maya and Lucas. It all started with their little game: Maya calling Lucas names and Lucas playing along, never being affected. The writers have used this little banter over the 2 seasons to build their friendship. My favorite parts are when Maya does her little “oooooooh” after Lucas plays the harmonica and after Lucas shows his Texas side in Secret of Life. Not to mention that glint in her eyes and small smile after he barges through the window and she tells him to pick up the bed in Rileytown.

Now I love these interactions as much as the next person, but there is much more to my point. Remember when she grabbed him by the shirt and called him Mary’s little lamb?  Or how about when he grabs her hand off of Zay and asks if she’s going to tango with him? What about creativity; Lucas saying how much he cares about Maya and there long held eye contact which even Zay comments on? Blonde Beauty? All of her hah hurr moments? Lucas and Maya winning class couple? Lucas covering her eyes during Rah Rah? And I’m sure countless more that I’m forgetting. But lastly, in the Texas promo, Lucas commenting on how nice she looks.

The writers are not stupid. Every line said and every interaction plays some role into their story line. Every single one of these moments serve a purpose in the grand scheme of things. Most of these are said/done and then moved past, never explained or mentioned again. 

My theory is that Texas is the beginning of them discovering what these interactions mean to them and their friendship. I’m not saying they will get together or admit their feelings now or even by the end of the season. I’m just saying that the writers have stressed how big Lucaya is in Texas, and I believe that it’s not quite in the romantic sense, or at least not yet

In my eyes, we are in it for the long game with these two. They got a lot of feelings and issues to sort out before they can ever get together. But I really do feel the writers are slowly pointing us towards something and we just have to wait and see whats in store.