i never noticed that they actually call her that


**Please read** This all really needs to be said. However, before I go further I want you all to understand that this isn’t meant to be a hate paragraph or to purposefully put those who like Mon-El and/or Karamel down. At this point, all the disagreeing and fighting will do nothing. So I’m asking kindly that if you’re going to add something to this post- that it is filled with positive intent. 

 Anyhow, to my point:

I do watch Supergirl by the way, but I truly believe this concerns a wide variety of people. Whether you’re a fan of The 100, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Walking Dead, or just a person living your life… All I hope is that we all try to grasp the reality of what is truly going on. Now I will centralize this long rant towards Supergirl however. For those of you who don’t know what is going on there is a conflict between fans who ship this character, Mon-El, together with Supergirl/Kara and fans who ship Lena Luthor with Supergirl/Kara. Now, in my humble opinion, the big issue isn’t about straight v.s lgbt people and I will go on about that later… but the fact that she is with someone like Mon-El. Now what do I mean by ‘someone like Mon-El’… before certain people get mad I want to emphasize that I’m simply pointing out what happened in the show. 

This is long as hell just fyi.

1) The way Mon-El reacts to most things is through violence. In fact, the moment he wakes up he chokes Kara. And there’s this: 

(his words in white)

And the scene where Mon-El robs Brian; using his powers for selfish reasons.

He even calls her names. And notice how he does this the moment Kara disagrees with him. A reaction that does more harm than good. On the other hand, when Kara and Lena disagree on something (in ep. 2x03) they simply talk it out. They ask questions, explain, clarify, and come to an understanding.

Now, I’m not here to say that I have NEVER agreed with anything Mon-El has said, actually I applaud him for accepting Maggie and Alex’s relationship the way he did, but that’s just the thing. The opinions/beliefs he has don’t come from himself. Most of what he thinks is based off of what he’s seen on Daxam. He really isn’t at all mature. He isn’t by any means and it’s simply the truth. Now hear me out-

This is what I mean by he isn’t mature: How many times has Kara asked him politely and specifically not to do something but without hesitation still does it? And how many times has he had to beg for forgiveness? 

In addition, he doesn’t have knowledge of what respect truly means. What’s interesting though about this scene in particular- is how it’s supposed to be a ‘funny’ scene. Mon-El’s character is written in as ‘funny’ and ‘aloof’… but it sends a poisonous message- that Kara’s feelings aren’t to be taken seriously. And this show is literally supposed to be about her. Not a guy who thinks it’s his duty to ‘defend her honor’ and then complains about it.

Now I know that this was how people on Daxam acted and their way of life was for the most part, sexist, racist, etc. But that still doesn’t give him an excuse to act the way he does. 

2) Lena herself comes from a family with twisted values as well. She is adopted into the Luthor family and has had close to no friends most of her life. And yet she’s still capable of being a perfectly decent person. 

She does save the alien population not once, but twice. So not only is Lena proved time and time again that she’s a good person, but her relationship with Kara (btw I call it a ‘relationship’ just like the writers do)… is not even close to toxic, detrimental, or abusive. It’s the complete opposite.

Protect yourself”

“I can take care of myself”

3) Being in a healthy relationship is about the effort between two willing people… at the same time, knowing your boundaries whilst encouraging one another.

4) Kara deserves someone who fully acknowledges her efforts and is grateful for them

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Anon requests:can I request a Jughead Jones imagine where the reader moved from Riverdale a few years ago and comes back while the Jason Blossom death mystery (she knows what happened and all even Ms. Grundy) she and Jughead had a past together (like Jughead and Archie liked her and they were bffs but she liked Jug more) and they still love each other and Jughead sees her at school and it hits him that she’s back but he’s dating Betty and Archie still likes her and it pisses off Jug. The ending’s up to you :)

Could you do a Jughead x reader based on Perfect by Ed Sheeran??

Pairing: Jughead x Betty, Archie x Reader, Jughead x Reader

Description: An old childhood crush returns, and of course, drama ensues.

Warnings: none

Word count: 2,208

A/N: wow okay so I totally strayed from the prompts but I’m hoping you like it anyway?? Anyhow, enjoy!

I found a love for me

Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

Jughead stood in the school hallway by Betty’s locker, talking and laughing with her.  His eyes almost missed a figure walking past him, but at the last second his gaze flickered to a girl striding down the hallway.  He did a double take as he realized who it was.

“(Y/N)?” he muttered under his breath, interrupting his conversation with Betty.

“What?” Betty asked, looking over her shoulder at the girl who just passed by.  “(Y/N)?  Didn’t she used to live around here or something?”

“Yeah,” he answered, breathless. “Yeah, but then she moved.”

“Well, I guess she’s back,” Betty replied, then steered the conversation back to their previous topic. Jughead nodded and responded to everything Betty said, but he couldn’t help but let his mind wander to the girl who returned to Riverdale.

Jughead was not the only member of (Y/N)’s childhood to be shaken by her return; Archie spotted her roaming the hallways later that day.  His heartbeat started to quicken as the feelings for his childhood crush rushed back to him.

“(Y/N)!” he yelled, following her down the hallway.  She turned around at the call of her name, and when she noticed Archie, she broke out into a grin.

“Archie!” she exclaimed, walking towards him.  “How are you?”

“I’m good,” he answered, and they soon fell in step as they began to walk in the same direction.  “How are you?”

“I’m great,” she beamed.

“So you’re back,” he noted, a smile never leaving his face.  (Y/N) smiled and nodded.

“I am,” she replied.  “Just moved back a few days ago, actually.” The conversation lulled for a moment, neither (Y/N) or Archie knowing what to say.  “So how’s Jughead?” she asked, breaking the silence.

“He’s good,” Archie answered. “He’s got a girlfriend now.”  (Y/N) froze.

“Really?” she questioned, painting a smile on her face.  “Who?”

“Do you remember Betty Cooper?” Archie asked, and (Y/N) nodded.  “He’s dating her.”

“Oh wow,” (Y/N) fake laughed. “Honestly, I always thought she had a thing for you.”

“She did,” Archie shrugged, “but I didn’t feel the same.  She moved on to Jughead, I guess.”  The pair fell into a moment of silence again before the ringing of the school bell broke it.

“Well, I have to get to biology,” (Y/N) said, moving away from Archie.  Before she got too far, Archie called out after her.

“Hey, do you wanna catch up sometime?  Like maybe meet at Pop’s tonight?”  

“Yeah,” (Y/N) smiled.  “Yeah, I’d like that.”

That night, when (Y/N) entered Pop’s, the first face she saw was not Archie.  Rather, it was Jughead, who she had not yet seen since she moved back. Scanning the diner to make sure Archie wasn’t waiting for her, (Y/N) walked towards Jughead’s booth.

“Jughead, hey,” she greeted as she approached his table.  He glanced up from his laptop to see (Y/N) standing over him.

“(Y/N),” he said with wide eyes. He slowly closed his laptop lid, then gestured for her to sit.  “You’re back.”

“Yes,” she nodded, “I am.”  Before Jughead could say anything else, the bell on the door jingled, signaling a new customer had entered.  It was Archie.  “Well,” (Y/N) said, standing up, “that’s my cue to leave.  See you around, Jug.”  Jughead tensed at the use of his old nickname, and he watched as (Y/N) walked over to Archie and sat across from him in a booth.  He felt his blood boil every time she laughed at something he said. Constantly, he reminded himself there was nothing to be jealous of, he had a girlfriend.  Somehow, that only made his longing for (Y/N) worse.

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love

Not knowing what it was

Jughead, Archie, and (Y/N) were in third grade.  It was a hot summer day, filled with sticky popsicle hands, grass tickling the bottom of bare feet, and a bright sun radiating an immense amount of heat.  The children were running around in (Y/N)’s backyard with not a care in the world.  Suddenly, (Y/N) tripped and scraped her knee.  She cried out in pain, causing the boys to turn around in shock.

“(Y/N)!” Jughead exclaimed, both him and Archie running over to her side.

“Are you okay?” Archie asked, examining her knee.

“I’m fine,” she pushed both boys away.  “It’s just a scrape.”  This didn’t relieve the concerned looks from either of the boys’ faces, and (Y/N), looking directly at Jughead, repeated that she was fine.  Jughead reached out a hand and helped her up.

None of the children knew it at the time, but one day Jughead and (Y/N) would reflect on this day and realize that at this moment, something in their relationship changed.  There was a shift from friendship to love, and it all started on the day where (Y/N) scraped her knee.

I will not give you up this time

But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own

And in your eyes you’re holding mine

Archie asked (Y/N) to Pop’s again. And again.  And again.  On the fifth visit, Archie confessed his feelings for (Y/N) and asked if they could call these trips to Pop’s dates.  (Y/N), although deep down she knew her heart belonged to someone else, agreed. Neither of them payed any attention to the slamming of the door at the front.  Jughead had stormed out after hearing the exchange.

“We should have a double date,” Archie suggested to Jughead one day during school.  Jughead rolled his eyes, slamming his locker shut.

“Why?” he questioned and began strolling down the hallway.  Archie followed.

“Because I think it’d be fun,” he answered, oblivious to Jughead’s jealousy.  “I mean we were both super close with (Y/N) when we were younger, and it’s not like her and Betty are strangers.  I think it’d be fun.”  He walked off, leaving Jughead alone to his thoughts.

Jughead weighed the pros and cons of going on this double date.  On the one hand, maybe having Betty and (Y/N) together in the same room as him might help set himself straight.  He was sick of feeling guilty every time he was around Betty.  But on the other hand, he was afraid of seeing (Y/N) with Archie.  Sure, he saw them together at Pop’s all the time, but if both of them were sitting in front of him, he would not be able to look away.  He’d be forced to watch as Archie wrapped his arms around (Y/N), and he’d have to see her laughing at all his jokes.  And the worse part would be that as he sat next to Betty, the only thing he’d be thinking about is how he wished to be in Archie’s place.

Finally, Jughead made up his mind and texted Archie his answer:

Yes.  Let’s do the double date.

The night of the double date arrived, and Jughead was second-guessing his decision.  Maybe this was a bad idea.  Or maybe it’ll be fine.  No, this was an awful idea.

They didn’t do anything fancy for the double date; all four of them agreed that Pop’s was the best place to go.  When Jughead arrived at the diner, the only other person there was (Y/N).  He approached the booth and slid into it across from her.

“Hey,” he greeted.  She smiled.

“Hey, Jug,” she responded. Neither of them said anything else, both of them caught up in their own whirlwind of thoughts.  This is how it should be.  This is how they should be.

“This was a mistake,” Jughead finally said, breaking the tension.  He stood up and began to exit.

“What are you doing?” (Y/N) called out after him.  He stopped and spun on his heel, but he didn’t come back to the table.

“Leaving, (Y/N), I’m leaving,” he answered, his voice sharp.  (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

“I know that, dumbass, I mean why?”

“Because I can’t do this,” he threw his hands up in the air in frustration.  “I can’t sit across from you and watch you be happy with someone else.” Neither (Y/N) or Jughead noticed that Betty and Archie had just entered the diner.

“Why?  You can’t be happy for me?” (Y/N) demanded, stepping a tiny bit closer to Jughead.  He shook his head.

“No, I can’t,” he replied.  “Not when you’re happy with someone else.”  

“Then who do you want me to be happy with?”

“With me, goddammit!” he shouted. (Y/N) froze.

“With you?” she repeated, quieter. Jughead buried his face in his hands.

“Jesus,” he mumbled into his skin, “I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Well since you did,” (Y/N) took a couple more steps closer to Jughead, “why don’t you explain yourself?”

“I’m in love with you, okay?” he shouted, throwing arms up.  “Is that what you wanted to hear?  I have been in love with you since the third grade, and then you fucking left.  So I started dating Betty because I thought she made me happy, and dammit she does make me happy.  But then you came back, you just had to come back.  Now Betty, poor Betty, she doesn’t have a clue.  I still love you, (Y/N), but now you’re dating Archie and this is just a big pile of shit.”  (Y/N) stood there motionless, unable to move.

“Since the third grade?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.  Jughead nodded.

“Jughead,” Betty finally gained the courage to speak.  Her voice caught the attention of both Jughead and (Y/N), causing their focus to snap over to the blonde and the ginger standing in the entrance.

“How much of that did you hear?” Jughead groaned.  Betty smiled sadly.

“All of it.”

“You must hate me,” he said, and Betty shook her head.

“No, Juggie, I don’t hate you. But I do think you should’ve told me how you felt.”  She walked up to him, kissed him on the cheek, and then slowly walked backwards. “I’m not going to keep you from the girl you love.”  She sent him one more sad smile before exiting the diner, leaving Jughead, Archie, and (Y/N).

“Jughead,” Archie started, but Jughead held up his hand to stop him.

“No, Archie, this isn’t about me,” Jughead said.  “It’s about (Y/N).”  Both of the boys turned to face (Y/N), and she couldn’t help but recall that time when she scraped her knee.  That time where both of the boys showed concern for her, but she only appreciated it from one of them.

“(Y/N)?” Archie questioned. “It’s okay if you don’t want to… you know.”  She looked at him sadly.

“Archie,” she began, “I love you. I truly, truly do.”  Jughead deflated at this, and he was about to exit the diner when (Y/N) continued.  “But I can’t lead you on like this.  You’ve been one of my best friends since we were little, and I don’t want anything to ruin that.”  She didn’t have to say anything else, because Archie nodded in understanding.  He hugged (Y/N) tight, and they stood embracing each other in the diner, Jughead watching.  They pulled apart and Archie nodded at Jughead before he, too, left the diner.

Jughead and (Y/N) stood facing each other in the oddly vacant diner.

“So…” (Y/N) drawled.  “You love me?”

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath

But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

Neither of them had any idea of what to say, so they agreed to go home and meet up again tomorrow.  Both (Y/N) and Jughead stayed awake the whole night, wondering what they were going to say to the other the next day.

That fateful day arrived, and (Y/N) walked into Pop’s, immediately spotting Jughead sitting in a booth.  She approached the booth, and as she neared it, Jughead looked up at the sound of her footsteps.  He smiled.

“Sorry, I’m kind of a mess today,” she laughed, gesturing to her disheveled state.  She was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and a pair of leggings with a small hole in them, and her hair was falling out of its ponytail.

“You look perfect,” he whispered, not intending for her to hear it.  However, he realized he said it too loud when he saw her smile.  She sat down across from him.

“So you love me,” she repeated what he had said yesterday, and Jughead nodded.

“I do,” he replied.  (Y/N) pursed her lips for a moment, her eyebrows furrowed.

“I love you, too,” she finally said, barely above a whisper.

Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know

She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home

I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets

To carry love, to carry children of our own

We are still kids, but we’re so in love

Fighting against all odds

I know we’ll be alright this time

Darling, just hold my hand

Be my girl, I’ll be your man

I see my future in your eyes

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That time Mulder accidentally called Scully baby at work. With an audience. (In case you're taking prompts, which I hope you do, because I ❤️ u)

The first time he hears someone call Scully baby, they’re in a diner in a torn-cushioned booth the color of a kidney bean.  The waitress brings her a piece of pie and pauses before putting the fork down, holds it up to the light, finds some infraction she never actually burdens Scully with.

“Sorry, baby, let me get you a new one,” is all she says.

“You liked that,” Mulder says as Scully folds her hands on the disco-glittered table and smiles at her pie.  Like she’s waiting for it to smile back.  “I’ve noticed this.  You like it when people you don’t even know call you baby and honey.”

She shrugs, doesn’t take her eyes off the pie.

“Don’t you mind it?  Find it condescending?”

“I don’t think that’s how she meant it.”


“Presumptuous of what?  That you might agree there’s enough rudeness and cruelty amongst strangers in the world?”

“What if it’s meant to get a better tip?”

“That’s very cynical, Mulder.”  She tends to have a sunnier worldview with a piece of pie in front of her.  She licks her lips and he can practically and presciently taste the peach on them though he has no idea what she herself tastes like. He has a sudden urge for her to get whipped cream on her nose.  

When the waitress returns with the new fork, she squeezes Scully’s shoulder cap before she goes, as if to prove a point.  For all his studying of human (and non-human) behavior, his Oxford degree and his basement full of books, Scully is better at picking up these interpersonal subtleties. How a thing is meant.

The first time he calls her baby himself, they’re in bed and she’s tired and struggling, and it’s meant to convey that she should take as long as she needs, that he’s happy to do this all night if he has to.  He doesn’t know why it’s come out of his mouth. He’s learned to call her Dana when he wants a certain kind of emphasis.  Other than that, it’s always Scully, or nothing at all – there’s never anyone else he’d be talking to.  But this particular bedroom occasion seems to call for something other than the name he uses to tell her he needs her to perform an autopsy, or that he’s angry with her, or even to tell her he loves her.  

The second time he calls her baby, it’s more deliberate, experimental, a sexual Frisbee he tosses as she crawls up his body on the couch.  She catches it between her teeth and undoes the top button on her shirt with the certainty of someone who knows how things are meant.  It goes over so well that he tries other words in similar circumstances – honey, sweetie, once, even tiger.  He’s not sure if he’s doing it because he likes it or to prove to her she doesn’t.  It usually makes her smile, but she never outright tells him it pleases her, never calls him anything herself.  He can only go by the fact that she keeps coming back, keeps ordering up that pie.

It’s twenty years before she finds the occasion to take issue with it.

They’re in the kitchen at work, taking advantage of the third floor’s superior coffee machine.  There are four other agents and six different kinds of milk (“milk”), handfuls of number one dad, best grandpa in the world, don’t talk to me until I drink this mugs.  He’s talking sports with Skinner, who’s peeling an orange over the trashcan. Scully’s got her back to them – a tight white blouse and a sleek pair of pants he ironed and watched her put on this morning.  She’s just moved back in.  He’s been shaving every day.  He’s been ironing.  He’s on his best behavior.

Their cups are both paper, no slogans, no declarations of superiority.  They both know better by now than to tempt fate like that.  She goes to hand him his cup and folds back the little paper handles first so he can slip his finger through. Later, he will think it was this gesture, the warmth of it, that loosened his tongue.

“Thank you, baby.”  It just comes out.   Everything in the room stops – the peeling, Skinner’s Monday morning quarterbacking.  The coffee machine makes good on its advertised claim to be conversation-quiet. Conversation?  Mulder can practically hear the blood rushing to Scully’s face.  

“Anyway,” Skinner finally says and other sounds resume.

“Sorry,” Mulder’s already saying when the elevator doors close.  “I’m sorry.”

“You can’t call me that at work, Mulder,” she says anyway.  He would give anything to be able to put a slice of pie in front of her.

“I didn’t mean to.”

“Maybe not consciously.  But you wanted them to hear it.  It was a statement of ownership.”

“That’s very cynical of you, Scully.”

The first time she says it back is that night - like a comeback, a handslap, a reminder of the history of patriarchal oppresion in the workplace.  Her voice is hoarse and legs splayed the just-sore-enough width of his hips.

“Feels so good,” she says with a slightly pitched eyebrow and in its horizon he sees the resolution of a twenty year old argument.  “Baby.”  

But if she is trying to make him blush or protest, she fails.  He is willing to be owned.

“Don’t think I’m going to tip you any better,” he whispers, and she smiles but doesn’t laugh.  She’s already got her eye on the pie.

“The One” Carl Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 3,393

Carl Grimes x Reader

Summary: Carl’s POV of “Home” (read HERE), except in this version, the reader dies instead of Carl at the lineup.

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, implied smut, death

Thanks, @justthoseimagines , for the request!

Flashbacks are in italics.

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 It was Y/N’s hair that attracted Carl first. It was so long and so beautiful, he couldn’t stop staring at it when he saw her. None of the other girls he had met had hair that pretty.

Carl had met her a long time ago, but the memory of when they first saw each other stays stuck in his head. He had finally just recovered from the surgery that Hershel performed on him, and was able to get up and walk around. He was so happy he didn’t have to be cooped up in that room all day anymore. He was sitting at the kitchen table drinking some water when Y/N walked in, not paying any attention to him. Not that he knew of. Her hair glistened in the sunlight, and Carl had thought it was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen. He didn’t tell her that, of course.

“Dad, who’s that?” Carl had asked Rick once he left the kitchen. They were standing in the hallway, just far enough out of earshot where Y/N couldn’t hear them talking.

“It’s Hershel’s daughter, Y/N. She’s around your age.” Rick had told him. “Why do you seem so flustered?”

“Because she’s pretty!”

Rick had to stop himself from laughing at the current state that Carl was in. As far as he knew, this was probably the first time Carl had been around another kid his age, let alone a girl, since the apocalypse broke out.

“Just relax, son. Go introduce yourself. She aint gonna bite.”

Carl walked back into the kitchen, and she jumped, like she just realized he was in there. She stared at him for a good moment, and Carl assumed this was the first time she’d heard of him as well.

“I’m Carl.” He told her, trying to remember what his dad said about her not being scary. She really was quite pretty, Carl thought she was the prettiest girl he’d seen in his life.


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O Helga Natt, yousana style (for tomorrow’s clip)


So here I am again with this fic that it’s going to be based on what I’d like to see tomorrow (final clip of 4x09) between Yousana + all the squads scheming together to get those two to talk

I really hope you enjoy it and that it’s not confusing with all the conversations.


Have the world’s best summer”

He read it over and over again trying to make sense of what had happened.

For a moment he thought that Sana was finally giving him a chance, he had been over the moon for 5 minutes, the time that it took for her to answer to his text saying that she couldn’t meet him and that she wished he had a nice summer, the world’s best summer, well guess what, he wasn’t.

He looked down at his phone and noticed he had one more notification, a missed call from Noora. Why would Noora called him? He was about to find out.

“Hello?” Noora said

“Hi, Noora? I have a missed call from you?”

“Oh, yes, it’s true. I called you yesterday”

“What for?” Yousef asked

“Uh…well actually it’s because you weren’t answering Sana’s text. I know it sounds stupid but I was worried”

“I left my phone at work and I haven’t got it until now” Yousef explained

“That makes sense.” Noora said “So, did you text Sana back?”


“And when are you meeting?”

“Apparently never” he said bitterly


“I asked her if we could meet on Friday and she said that she can’t this week and that she wishes I have a nice summer”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“I wish”

“Ah, I can’t believe this girl!” Noora said exasperated

“It’s okay Noora, she’s just not interested in me. I get it”

“No Yousef, you don’t get it. Look, I shouldn’t tell you this but she was really excited to meet you, she…she likes you Yousef and if she’s cancelled your date it’s because something must’ve happened”

“What do you mean she likes me? She doesn’t”

“She does and I’m going to find out what is going on”

“Wait! What should I do? Should I text her? Should I go to see her?”

“No, she clearly needs space. I’ll fix it, we’ll fix it”


“I’ll find help, you just…keep on with your life like nothing happened”

“Noora, you just told me that the girl I’m in love with likes me back, you can’t expect me to act like nothing happened”

“For this plan to work you’ll have to”

“What plan?”

“Bye Yousef”

“Noora! What plan?” he said but she had already hanged up the phone.

Yousef sighed and sat down on the bed.

“She likes me” he whispered to himself with a goofy smile “she likes me”


“Pick up, pick up, pick up” Noora said pacing around her room nervously


“Elias? Hi it’s Noora, Sana’s friend”


“I know this is weird but I need to talk with you”

“How did you get my number?”


“Okay…what do you want to talk about?”

“What do you think about Sana and Yousef?” Noora just asked

“What do you mean?”

“What do you think about Sana and Yousef being together? Are you okay with that?”

“Sana and Yousef? I thought Yousef was with you”

“No! Why everybody keeps thinking that?. There’s nothing between us. He’s in love with your sister and she’s pretty much in love with him too”

“Oh…okay uh…Well, I’ve seen those two pining for each other since they met”

“So, you’re okay with them being together?”

“Yes, yes, I’m totally okay with it”

“Cool, ‘cause I need your help”

“My help with what?” Elias asked confused

“We need to get those two to talk. I have a plan. Are you in?”

“Yes, I’m in but what is the plan?”

“Meet me at my house in two hours and I’ll tell you. Oh! And bring the rest boys, they all need to know. And of course you can’t tell anything to Yousef or Sana”


“Okay, everyone’s here right?” Noora said as she stood in the middle of the Kollektiv living room

Vilde, Eva and Chris were sitting on one of the couches while Mikael, Adam and Mutta sat in the other one. Isak and Even were also there both sitting on the floor with Isak between Even’s legs and his back resting against his chest. Eskild and Linn were also sitting on the floor around the table. Finally Elias was standing right beside Noora.

“Why are we here exactly?” Eskild asked

“Well, actually I don’t really need you or Linn but since you also live here I thought you could hang out with us if you wanted” Noora said shrugging

“So I don’t have to be here? I can go to my room?” Linn asked

“Yes, Linn you can”

See ya” Linn said standing up and leaving.


“Oh no Noora, I’m staying”

“Okay, so the thing is…we need to talk about Sana and Yousef”

“We need to get those two together and soon before Yousef leaves” Elias added

“So Sana likes Yousef? I mean we all knew Yousef’s been in love with her for years but Sana too?”

“Sana likes him a lot!” Vilde said excited

“She told me” Eskild added

“And me!” Isak said

“Okay so long story short, I got Sana to text Yousef so they could meet but then she backed off and…” Noora started

“I’ve talked to my mom. I asked her if she knew something about Yousef and Sana, I told her how I thought they liked each other and I really thought they should be together. Well, she told me that Sana received Yousef’s message while being with her and that she told Sana that she should think about the difficulties she’d have to face if she married Yousef. So basically?” Elias continued

“She backed off because she’s scared” Noora ended

Everyone in the room looked at them trying to process all the information.

“Are you sure you want to be with William, Noora? I mean you two would make a powerful couple” Eskild said pointing at Noora and Elias

“We’re here to talk about Sana and Yousef, Eskild” Noora said rolling her eyes “Okay so I talked to Yousef and I told him Sana liked him and that I’d fix it so that’s why we’re here, to fix it”

“And how are we going to do that?” Eva asked

“Well, we need to lie to them” Elias said

“On Friday Sana will be with us, we will be driving around with our van” Noora explained

“And us boys, we will be with Yousef and we will take him some place he and my sister apparently went in their first and only sort of date. Sana told Noora about it apparently” Elias said

“Yes, she told me that they had been playing basketball and that they had talked, like really talk, for the first time so I think it’d be nice if we plan their meeting there”

“So we will take Yousef there” Elias explained to the boys “Isak, Even you two can come if you want and also your boys. And the girls…”

“We will drive around with Sana and we will take her there without her knowing” Noora finished

Again everyone just stared at them.

“Yeah, I see what you mean” Mutta told Eskild pointing at Noora and Elias “They definitely make an interesting couple”

“Can we focus?” Elias said clapping his hands

“Have you understood what you have to do?” Noora asked “Any questions?”

Eskild raised his hand slowly

“Yes Eskild?”

“I have a question” he said turning to look at Adam and Mikael who were sitting on the couch “How long have you two been dating?”

“What? what are you talking about?” Adam said removing his arm from Mikael’s shoulder and sitting straight.

“You’ve been holding hands since you arrived” Eskild said

“No, we haven’t” Mikael said

“There’s nothing between us, we’re bros that’s it” Adam added

“Okay…whatever…not pressuring you. Just know that my gaydar never fails” Eskild winked at them

“We’re not together” Mikael said

“We’re not. Come on guys say something” Adam looked around waiting for someone to defend them but they were all awkwardly silent.

Guys?” Mikael asked

Even held back a smirk while Elias looked at the floor and Mutta scratched the back of his neck.

“So, what time should we meet tomorrow?” Mutta asked breaking the silence

“Around 8 will be okay, any more questions?” Noora said


“Where are we going? I thought we were going to chill at Adam’s” Yousef said on Friday evening as he walked with the boys

“We were, but we thought that we could go to another cool place instead” Elias said

“What cool place?”



“Why are you stopping Chris?” Sana asked as she sat inside their Loser van

“Uh, I think we can rest for awhile here” Chris said

“Where are we?” Sana said trying to look at the windows but Noora Vilde and Eva were blocking her view

“Okay Sana? We need to talk” Noora said


“What are we doing here?” Yousef said when he realized where he was “What is this?”

“Yousef man, we need to talk” Elias said “We need to talk about my sister”

“Sana? What about her?”

Well, see that van parked over there?” Elias said pointing behind him “She’s inside”

“What? Why? What is going on?” Yousef said anxiously


“Sana…look where we are” Eva said moving so she could see

Sana got closer to the window and recognized the place instantly. They were on the basketball court where she and Yousef had had their first and only real conversation.

“But how? Why? What are we doing here?” Sana asked confused

“Yousef is here, Sana” Noora said “And you two need to talk”


“Just listen to me okay?” she said “Sana that boy, he’s in love with you and you’re in love with him and I know you’re scared because you think that you two can’t be together, I know you think that it’ll be impossible but Sana he’s a good guy, you know that. He would never do anything to hurt you. And look, at the end of the day, this is your decision and we will respect it but you need to at least talk to him and tell him how you feel.”


“Yousef I know you’re in love with my sister”


“And she’s in love with you”


“She’s in love with you but she’s scared. She thinks that you two can’t be together because you’re not muslim. But you are Yousef, you are the most muslim boy I know, you’re the best guy I know and I wouldn’t want anyone else for my sister. And I know you two can make it work. All you have to do is talk to each other, prove to her that you’re worth it”


“Sana, are you really in love with him?” Noora asked

Sana nodded holding back the tears

“So go there and tell him”


“Yousef, are you really in love with her?” Elias asked

Yousef nodded closing his eyes

“So go there and tell her”


Sana took a deep breath and got out of the van. A few meters from her she saw Yousef standing with Elias and the rest of the boys, but he wasn’t looking at them, he was looking at him.


Yousef saw her getting out of the van, his heart skipped a beat and before he could stop himself he started walking towards her, his eyes never leaving hers.


She walked towards him and for a moment it was like the rest of the world didn’t exist. It was as if she was walking in slow motion, her eyes never leaving his.


They kept walking towards each other until they were only a step away.

“I’m in love with you” both of them said at the same time

They stared at each other’s eyes, trying to process their words.

“I’m sorry” again, they spoke at the same time.

Yousef couldn’t help but chuckle while Sana shook her head smiling. They either didn’t talk at all or they wanted to talk at the same time.

“You first” Yousef nodded

“I’m sorry Yousef, I’m sorry for giving you mixed signals and for being always back and forth with you. I just…I’m in love with you but I’m scared, scared that we won’t work. I thought…I thought that I’d rather lose you now than in a few years” she said as tears were rolling down her face

“But you don’t have to lose me. Sana, I’m in love with you, I’ve been in love with you pretty much since I met you. And I know it’s not going to be easy and that we will have bad moments but I think that the good moments will be totally worth it. Sana I respect you and I respect your faith and I would never ever do anything to make you feel uncomfortable.”

“I know you wouldn’t…” She said sniffling

He swallowed hard trying to keep his own tears from falling

“Sana is your choice and I’ll respect it but…don’t you think that a chance of being together is worth the risk?”

“It won’t be easy” she warned him

“I don’t want easy, I want you, just the way you are”

“And you’re leaving tomorrow” she said looking at the floor

“I’m not”

“What?” she looked up at him frowning

“You said you couldn’t meet this week so I postponed the flight a month” he said shrugging

“What? Why would you do that?”

“Don’t you remember? Alt for deg girl”

Sana’s face lit up and her lips curved into a big smile. She took the step that was keeping them apart and wrapped her arms around his neck. He was taken aback for a moment but soon hugged her back.

“Does this mean you’re giving us a chance?” he whispered in her ear

She pulled apart and looked at him with a big smile


“Yeah?” he asked smiling

“Yes” she nodded

“SHE SAID YES!” he shouted using his hands to amplify his voice

Suddenly everyone started to cheer them, on one side the girl squad who had been standing by the van the whole time and were now hugging each other, and on the other side the balloon squad and the boy squad who were clapping their hands and patting each other’s backs excited.

“They’re going to think that you just proposed to me or something” Sana laughed

“I can’t help it. I’m the happiest man alive right now. Are you happy?” he asked grinning at her

“I’m happy” she said smiling right back at him.


Prompt:  Hey I don’t know if you’re taking any prompts but I have one based on today’s clip… Noora has had enough of the will they/won’t they with Yousana, and decides to get the girl squad, balloon squad, boy squad/Evak etc to help her FINALLY get yousana together to talk and admit their feelings for each other. Basically everyone scheming to get those kids together.. thank you xx

So this is it!

I hope you’ve liked it!

If Julie screws up tomorrow at least we will always have this

Just imagine that Yousef and Sana walking towards each other was in slow motion okay?

And YES I’m going to hint at Elias x Noora and Mikael x Adam for the rest of my life until they’re canon

Thank you so much for reading!!!

mysme-trashcan  asked:

that anon broke me. How about instead, it looks like cheating but in reality the person is being really pushy - all up in MC's space, making her uncomfortable. RFA sees and feels as if it's cheating but they observe and see the reality and happy ending between them.. (´・ω・`) I hate angst ;;

*slams hands on desk* yES. angst make me a mess and i live for fluff, so of course i can do this! ヽ(^o^)ノ [side note: these are the same situations as the cheating hc [ x ], but it ends up different!]

sorry this took a while, love, but i hope you like it!❤


  • so again, zen thought someone was forcibly pushing themselves onto mc 
  • it was on set, one of his coworkers 
  • but as he got closer, it looked like mc was kissing back
  • which really upset him, to the point where he was going to walk away
  • but mc noticed him and called out for him
  • “zen!” she called, “help me!-”
  • the other person pushed mc to a wall to get her to shut up
  • wow zen never turned around so fast 
  • he ran over and pulled his coworker off of mc
  • things are about to get…interesting
  • im actually helping ya’ll here by not putting zen’s words, cause he’d rip his coworker to shreds ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • he takes mc into his dressing room and gives her a hug, rubbing her back
  • mc can feel that he’s tense and asks whats wrong
  • zen tells them the truth. “i’m so glad you’re alright…but i thought something else…”
  • mc moves to cup his cheeks. “i could never do that to you, my knight. you know that”
  • he smiles and kisses her gently “i know..and i love you”


  • quick recap: yoosung found mc in this library neither of them ever went to and they were in the shelves with some guy 
  • yoosung drops his book
  • the two of them look at him, surprised
  • but mc notices its yoosung and gives him this look that’s basically screaming “help”
  • so he steps into action
  • “oh, there you are mc! i was looking for you…is he bothering you?”
  • the other guy takes a step back, giving mc the chance to run over to yoosung
  • “not anymore. you’re here now”
  • yoosung smiles and nods, “yeah, i am. let’s go home.”
  • the other guy picks up yoosung’s book, “don’t you need this?”
  • yoosung just shrugs, “i think you need it more than i do”
  • it’s a flipping book on fortune, yoosung played that well 


  • recap: mc has been staying late at the office lately, piled up with work so jaehee decides to have dinner with her there
  • when jaehee gets there, she sees mc being pinned to the table by some other woman 
  • jaehee drops the container 
  • mc and that other lady look towards the door and mc is like “jaehee!”
  • jaehee can tell by her tone that this is not what she originally thought 
  • so she walks over and takes mc’s hand 
  • “i think you should leave” and she gives the death glare to the other woman 
  • and that random lady runs out of there, embarrased
  • “are you alright, angel?” she asks mc and they nod
  • “thank you for saving me..” “of course, anything for you”
  • mc looks to the container jahee dropped, “what was that?”
  • “oh..it was supposed to be dinner..”
  • mc just smiles, “let’s go out for dinner..”


  • so it was a client that jumin was working with.
  • the contract process was taking longer than he expected, so he thought they would finish it over dinner 
  • but he had to call mc first 
  • the client suggested to just bring mc with them, so jumin did 
  • during dinner, though, mc had to go to the bathroom
  • and the client had a phone call
  • but they were taking a while… 
  • so he went to go check on his wife 
  • and saw the client…kissing mc?
  • no, trying to kiss mc
  • oh boy, they’re going Down 
  • the contract is over, C&R wants nothing to do with their company, and jumin’s considering trying to find something to sue them for 
  • mc has to hold him back
  • “jumin…i’m alright. thank you for stepping in.” “you don’t need to thank me for that, mc. i love you, and i won’t let him hurt you”

707 / luciel / saeyoung 

  • alright here we go, one friend that is always around mc 
  • saeyoung gets suspicious and activates the tracker he has on mc 
  • she goes to their house first, but she texted him that they were all meeting there anyways 
  • so he’s not worried
  • until its been almost an hour and they haven’t gone anywhere 
  • he texts mc, asking if everything’s okay 
  • but all he gets in response from her is “707″
  • it’s their emergency code
  • so he goes over and knocks on the door
  • there’s no answer, so he picks the lock
  • and finds mc trapped on the couch while her friend stands in front of her, their hands on her
  • “well helloooo” saeyoung says, surprising mc’s friend
  • “i believe your hands are not where they’re supposed to be, friend. mind getting them off?’
  • long story short, he takes mc home 
  • “thanks, defender of justice” “of course, agent 606!”
  • he kisses her cheek, “anything for you”

v / jihyun

  • i didn’t give him a situation so we’re gonna say it was someone who wanted a photo shoot with him
  • that person thought a partner was needed in the middle of the shoot
  • but..literally no one but them, v, and mc were there
  • so mc volunteered 
  • they were coming out amazing, both of them knowing how to pose well 
  • but?? jihyun’s client was getting on the verge of creepy?
  • like,, they were getting really close to mc 
  • and v can tell that she’s getting uncomfortable
  • so he stops taking pictures, announces that it’s done, and that the studio is closing 
  • that other person is confused, but follows v’s word
  • the actually tried to get mc’s number on their way out
  • jihyun told them off for that, explaining that mc is his gf 
  • he hugs her after that person leaves, wrapping his arms around her waist
  • “..don’t volunteer to partner anymore. and i’m deleting all of their pictures”
  • “jihyun-” “i can live without this one. it’s their loss anyways” he means both in product and in mc 


  • mc was waiting for him in the park, they were going to get out of the bunker today
  • and do saeran’s favorite activity: cloud-watch 
  • he was walking over to their designated spot when he sees someone else with mc 
  • ????
  • he can tell from far away that mc is uncomfortable
  • so he walks over and immediately gives the other guy a glare
  • wraps his arm around mc for good measure
  • mc is kind of surprised. saeran is definitely not one for pda 
  • “oh, excuse me.” the other guy says. 
  • “yeah, excuse you. leave, now.” saeran says
  • he pulls mc closer and kisses the side of their head
  • “i’m sorry i left for so long” “no saeran, it’s not your fault”
  • “still… that won’t happen again.”
Literary References in Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

There are a crap ton of references to literature in Kuroshitsuji, and after re-reading all of Kuro I was really motivated to make a giant list of the literary references.

So I did.

The Admirable History of Possession (Sebastian Michaelis)

In the 1600s, a French inquisitor named Sebastien Michaelis co-wrote The Admirable History of Possession and Conversion of a Penitent Woman. It included a classification/hierarchy of demons that is sometimes referenced in esoteric literature. I’m guessing Yana named Sebastian after this guy.

Famous Poets (Snakes)

All of Snake’s snakes are named after famous canonical writers. 

These include, but are not limited to, John Webster, John Donne, Emily Bronte, Oscar Wilde, John Keats, William Wordsworth, and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Peter and Wendy (Peter and Wendy from the Circus arc)

Peter and Wendy was originally a play/novel from the early 1900s and (as you’ve probably guessed) was the source material for the 1953 Disney film, Peter Pan. Peter and Wendy from Kuro have a medical condition where their bodies literally “never grow up,” which is something that happens in Peter Pan, but in that story it’s a result of magic instead of biology. Peter and Wendy from Kuro are also trapeze performers, which is the closest thing in a circus to flying.

Sherlock Holmes (The Phantomhive Mansion Murder Arc)

This might seem pretty obvious and yeah it kind of is, but there are a lot of fun little details that relate to Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle.

  • In chapter 39 of Kuro, Arthur admits to Ciel that he would rather write historical novels instead of detective fiction, but his editors told him historical novels wouldn’t sell. Ciel then says that Arthur should just make a name writing mysteries and that after that the history novels will sell based on his name alone. Arthur Conan Doyle has gained quite the reputation as the guy who wrote mysteries and got sick of them while no one cared about his historical novels, so this conversation is actually pretty funny.
  • Some of the side characters in the Murder arc have names based on characters from the original Sherlock stories. Irene Diaz shares a first name with Irene Adler (both characters are opera singers) and Patrick Phelps shares a last name with Percy Phelps (both of whom have nervous dispositions).
  • In chapter 45, Sebastian (as Jeremy) points out that Arthur has written a bunch of story ideas on the inside of his sleeves. The words written in his sleeves include “pearl” (”The Adventure of the Six Napoleons”) and “sign” (The Sign of Four). There’s also “India” and “secret room,” but I’m not sure what specific stories those are referring to.
  • Fun bonus fact: Jeremy Rathbone (aka Sebastian in disguise) is named after 2 actors: Jeremy Brett and Basil Rathbone. Both of them played Sherlock Holmes at one point in their careers. 

Beeton’s/Punch (magazines that Ciel reads)

In chapter 39 Arthur mentions that  “A Study in Scarlet” was published in Beeton’s magazine, and that he’s surprised that someone in a position of nobility would read such a magazine. Beeton’s actually exists and “A Study in Scarlet” was first published in Beeton’s in November of 1887.

In response to Arthur’s surprise, Ciel mentions that he also reads Punch. This was also a real magazine, but what makes it weird is that one of the editors of Punch was a guy named Edmund Knox. One of Edmund’s brothers was a guy named Ronald Knox, who wrote detective fiction.


Propertius’ “Elegiae” (The poem being taught at Weston)

In the public school arc, Sebastian is teaching a Latin poem that relates to some themes and events in the Kuro universe. Here’s a link to a more in depth post about the quote. 

Micah Clarke (novel that Ciel buys)

In chapter 85 (the one where everyone goes shopping), Ciel notices that Arthur wrote a historical novel called Micah Clarke. This was an actual novel by Arthur Conan Doyle from 1889. It’s also hilarious that Ciel complains about the historical novel because he wants Arthur to just write more mysteries. Wow.

The Wizard of Oz (Sieglinde Sullivan) 

(This one took me forever to get because I could never pronounce her first name properly).

In German, “Sieglinde” is pronounced “See-glinda,” which reminded me of Glinda the good witch from The Wizard of Oz. At first I thought that might be a coincidence, but then I realized that’s she’s also known as the “Green Witch,” which calls to mind the Wicked Witch of the West. Furthermore, her residence is the Emerald Castle, which is possibly a reference to the Emerald City. 

Also, the werewolf stuff takes place in southern Germany (Glinda was the good witch of the south).

(Maybe Wolfram is her little dog too!)

Fenian Cycle (Finny’s name)

In chapter 100, there’s a flashback where we see Ciel naming Finny after the lead character in a book titled Fenian Cycle: Celtic Mythology. The Fenian Cycle is a real story that’s part of Irish mythology and, just as Ciel says, the lead character was named for his blonde hair. 

Othello (Othello the reaper)

Othello is a Shakespeare play (my personal favourite Shakespeare play by the by) in which the title character is tricked into thinking that his wife was having an affair and murders her in a fit of jealous rage (the person who tricked him, Iago, convinced him that this was the best course of action). Like 5 minutes after he kills her it’s revealed that she didn’t cheat on him and he just fell for a really elaborately set up lie. Othello kills himself after discovering the truth. 

Yeah…I think it’s fairly easy to figure out that Othello (in the play) has a parallel to a character who we know committed suicide at one point. TBH this is my favourite reference in all of Kuro because we can kind of guess the character’s backstory based on his name.

Side note: Othello (the Kuro character) works in forensics, which is fitting since the field of forensics involves finding hard evidence to prove guilt or innocence. Shakespeare’s Othello had to rely on sight, verbal information, and assumptions, which led to him falsely accusing his wife of cheating on him.

Other stuff: In chapter 14, Ciel has a nightmare involving Poe’s “The Raven” and the early part of the circus arc mentions the Pied Piper. Both of these are well-known/explained in the story, so I didn’t feel the need to write a whole thing about each of them. 

If you noticed anything missing, please add it to the post! (Although make note that these are only the literary references. There are like 10,000 historical references in Kuro and I’m not experienced enough in history to notice all of them, so those can be another post.)

Knight in Shining Armour

Can I request a tony stark x reader? He rescues her from an attacker one night on his way out of a bar. She’s hurt pretty bad so he drives her to the tower to get cleaned up where she tells him that her attacker is her bf and she tried to leave him that night. Tony isn’t having it so he brings her home to pack her things while he stands over her in his suit to keep away her bf. He moves her to the tower, gives her a job and asks her out

Tony x Reader

Based on the prompt though I did take some liberties, I hope you still enjoy it Nonnie!

Warnings mentions of physical abuse, verbal threats and name calling, panic attack, swearing

WC 2520

AN I really hope that you enjoy this. It got away from me and it’s really long. Sorry (not sorry!)

You walked quickly, your hoodie pulled low over your head and your hands in your pockets.  Walking aimlessly, you weren’t sure where you were going to go but you refused to cry. You were done with crying; you were all cried out.

Because you weren’t watching where you were going, you bumped into what felt like a walking brick wall.

“Oof,” you let out.

Strong arms grabbed you to keep you from falling, “Oh, sorry,” came out a gruff voice.

“It’s okay,” you replied, looking up, gasping when you realized it was Tony Stark.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked, his voice laced with concern.

You nodded. “Holy shit. You’re Tony Stark.”

He laughed, “That I am. And you are…?”

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.” You thrust out your hand, awkwardly, to which he laughed again.

He looked carefully at your tear streaked face, “But seriously, are you okay?”

You sighed heavily. “Yes…no.”

He pulled you into a brightly lit coffee shop and sat you down. Here he would be able to see you clearly so you kept your head down.

“I’m going to order us coffee. Sit tight.” His tone left no room for argument.

Keep reading

Singled Out//Stiles Stilinski - Part 3

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Brady Jensen, Lydia Martin, Kira Yukimura, Scott McCall, Reader.

You and Stiles were going strong in the co-parenting situation. It’s been about seven months. Lydia had her baby, another girl. They named her Allison.

They seemed happy. You didn’t see anymore situations like what you’d seen when you took Emma over. They hadn’t married yet, but you assumed it would happen soon. Things had progressed with Brady, you’d gone on a couple dates but nothing was too serious.

“No. I specifically said to question her, not detain her.” You roll your eyes as you cradle the phone between your ear and shoulder. You loved your job. It didn’t require the bulky uniform, and you could sit behind a desk all day, or go and chase someone down. It was much better than being a deputy.

“Dammit, Hayes, do you not get what I’m telling you?” You type aggressively on the keyboard as your frustration grows.

“I’ll do it my own damn self. Stay where you are.” You slam the phone down and walk towards the back of the building. You slide your card and walk into the cell block.

“Give me the keys.” You hold your hand out, the deputy placing them in your hand hesitantly. You unlock the cell, letting the woman inside out. “I told this idiot not to detain you, I guess when a woman needs something done she has to do it herself.”

The woman laughs and you pat her shoulder, “I’m very sorry for the miscommunication and inconvenience. I’m agent Y/L/N if you ever need to contact me.”

She thanks you and you lead her out, bumping into Stiles on your way to your desk.

“Hey, I meant to find you earlier.”

“What’s up?” You smile.

“Lydia and I are having a barbecue..do you think you’d want to come?”

“Oh, yeah. Of course! Is it okay if I bring Brady?”

He looks caught off guard, “I..yeah. No problem.” He nods.

“What time?”

“Six tonight? Scott and Kira are coming too.”

“I’ll see you then.” You nod and continue your journey to your desk.

You sit down and Brady gives you a smile. “We’ve been invited to a barbecue.” You nod.

“With who?” He glances at the computer.

“Stiles and Lydia. Some friends from high school too.”

“Tonight?” He raises an eyebrow.

You nod, “Let’s go.”

You put on your favorite sundress and a pair of cute sandals, dressing Emma in a similar outfit. You knew it was warm outside so you put on a pair of sunglasses and a hat on her. You loaded her up into the car seat as Brady climbs into the front seat. He’s a completely different man outside of work, he’s much more laid back. You examine his apparel, black jeans and a flannel.

“Brady, it’s supposed to be in the high eighties this evening.” You raise an eyebrow as you start the car.

“I’m comfortable.” He shrugs.

“You’ll have your shirt off by the end of the night.” You laugh as you pull out of the driveway.

You pull up to Stiles’ and get Emma out. You walk right inside, Brady behind you.

“Y/N!” Kira smiles as you walk into the kitchen.

“How are you?” You smile as you put Emma down. She finds her way to Stiles, holding her hands out to him so he’d hold her.

“I’m good, you?” You smile as you feel Brady behind you.

“I’m great.”

Scott walks over and greets you. “Brady, this is Kira and Scott. Guys this is Brady, he’s my partner at work and we’re dating.” You smile. You catch a glimpse of Stiles when you say you’re dating. He has a look on his face you can’t quite read, but he quickly busies himself entertaining Emma.

You leave Brady with Kira and Scott and follow Stiles into the living room. “Hey, where’s Lydia?” You ask as you see Allison in her rocker, quietly napping

“Taking a nap.” He nods. “She’s pretty exhausted.”

“Is everything okay?” You ask sincerely. You’d noticed he was coming into work completely exhausted as well. He seemed overworked.

“Yeah. New baby schedule.” He shrugs.

“If you ever need help, I’m here. You know that.” You nod.

“Yeah..I know.” He glances in the kitchen at Brady. “I know.”

Lydia eventually made it downstairs and joined everyone. You had a pretty good time, it felt like high school again.

You went home that night and put Emma to bed. You jumped in the shower. When you were out and dressed you glanced at your phone. It was absolutely blown up. 17 text messages and 9 calls, all from Stiles. You sat on the edge of your bed, calling him back.

“Stiles?” You say as you hear the line stop trilling.

“She’s gone.”


“Lydia..she’s..she’s gone.”

“She left? Where’d she go?” You stand up.

“I don’t know, but she left me here with Allison and she’s screaming her head off and I can’t do anything about it because Lydia takes care of her through the night so I don’t know what she needs and I don’t know why Lydia left but I have a 14 week old baby who wants her mom and-”

“Hey.” You cut him off, remembering the times he’d call you in the midst of a panic attack and you’d have to calm him down. “I’ll be right there. Don’t worry, okay?”

“O-okay..” He sounds like he’s been crying. You hear screaming in the background, Allison obviously not happy.

“I’m on my way, Stiles.”

You grab Emma, hoping she doesn’t wake in the midst of the shuffling. You get to Stiles’ as fast as you can, knocking on the door softly.

He answers almost immediately. His eyes are filled with tears and his cheeks are puffy. He’s only wearing pajama pants and his hair’s flat against his forehead.

You step inside and lay Emma in the portable crib Stiles kept in the living room. You take his hand silently and pull him up to the nursery.

You pick Allison up and rock with her, her screams not faltering. She definitely got that from her mother. “Will you go make a bottle?” You ask Stiles and he nods.

You sit in the rocking chair, slowly rocking with her. When Stiles returns you take the bottle and slip it into her mouth, continuing to rock. She quiets down almost immediately, making small noises as she calms down.

“How do you do that?” He sits down on the chair beside you, watching you intently.

“I may have done this on my own once or twice.” You smile. You reach out and touch his arm. “What’s going on?”

“Well, I heard Allison crying but Lydia wasn’t in bed and she wasn’t in the nursery. I went downstairs to grab her a bottle and I found a note on the fridge.” He pulls it out of his pocket and hands it to you.

Stiles, this has all become too much for me. You and I should never have made it this far. It’s been clear to me, even before she came back, that you’re still in love with Y/N. I’m not blaming you for me leaving. I feel trapped. I don’t want to marry you, and I can’t raise a kid with you knowing I’ll be unhappy. I do not want children, I do not want to settle down. I want to be free, I want to see the world. I hope you can understand that. I left the ring on my nightstand. -Lydia.

“Stiles..” You shake your head as you meet his gaze.

“How will I do this on my own, Y/N?” A tear slides down his cheek. You know the feeling all too well.

“I can help you.” You nod.

“I can’t ask you to do that.” He shakes his head, watching you rock with Allison.

“You can. I’ll move in, we can take care of the girls together. I’m not saying we have to get married or anything, I’m just saying we’ll have the girls together and we can all be under one roof instead of swapping.

“You’d do that for me?” He wipes his eyes.

You stand up and place Allison in the crib before squatting in front of Stiles. “Of course I would. We’re family.” You wipe his eyes and he smiles down at you. “I know the feeling, I know what it’s like. Honestly, if you were going to do this on your own you’d hate it. I know you would. I’ll be here to help all the time. I love Allison anyway.”

He buries his head in his hands, "Where did I go wrong?”

You hug him and place your head on top of his. “It’s not your fault, Sti.” You hope he doesn’t notice your use of the nickname, something you haven’t called him since high school.

“Come on, let’s go talk somewhere else.”

You both go and sit in his bedroom. “Never blame yourself, okay? She didn’t want kids, yet she got pregnant. I’m not saying it was her choice, I know you also are dealing with the consequences of that, but she knew. She knew what she was in for and she just changed her mind.”

“Y/N, she told me she wanted a baby.” He shakes his head. “We tried for Allison. For awhile, actually.”

“Really?” You’re in shock. “I think…I’m not an expert, so don’t take my word on this..but maybe she was trying to force a happiness on her she couldn’t have. Y'know? A good husband, a baby, it all seems nice and happy.”

“Yeah..you’re right.” He nods. “I just can’t stand knowing Allison will grow up without a mom.”

“Hey, she’ll have me. I may not be Lydia, but I can try to be a good mom to her..a stand-in mom.”

“You’ll be a better mother than Lydia. I know that much. She hated taking care of her, there were times I felt like bringing her to work because I knew Lydia would hate being alone with her.”

“Stiles…” You shake your head.

“I know. I should’ve expected this.” He shrugs.

“No…I was going to say that you deserve more than that. You deserve to be happy with the mother of your child. You deserve to be happy with your fiancée.”

“I’m happy with the mother of one of my children.” He smiles at you and you wipe his eyes again, returning the smile.

“You and I will do this. As a team, okay?” You hug him again.

“I know that I wasn’t there to help with Emma, and my biggest regret is not keeping in touch with after we broke up..but thank you for not leaving me in a situation like that. I couldn’t…I couldn’t do it. I’m not strong enough.”

“Don’t you dare say that, Stiles Stilinski. I have seen you on your highs and your lows. You can handle anything. You were possessed for God’s sake.”

“Do you know why I made it through that?” He looks at you.

“Why, Stiles?”

“Because I had you. You’ve always been my biggest fan and supporter. Not having you on my side felt like I wasn’t doing anything for anyone. When we were dating I did everything for you.”

“Well guess what, you’ve still got me. I guess that means you’ll make it through this all right.”

He chuckles and sniffles, “Your logic is solid.”

carswell thorne and the ways he tells her ‘i love you’

i love you he murmurs appreciatively when he notices she had already woken up before him and made enough coffee for the both of them. he had never had a morning routine on the rampion before she had joined his crew for good

i love you? he asks sheepishly when his attempts to make some ‘upgrades’ to the rampion and ends up actually breaking it. cress just shakes her head and goes to call cinder but never stopped smiling (or making fun of him for it)

i love you he whispers, wrapping his arm back around her as she settled back into bed kissing her shoulder. he knew they had similar dreams about what had happened on luna and there wasn’t much he could do about it but when she turned back into his arms and her breathing evened back out he couldn’t help but feel like he mattered a bit

i love you! he exclaims in surprise when she says yes to his proposal. they had been dating for years now and clearly were never going to be with anybody but each other, but he still assumed he wasn’t good enough for her. he nearly fell jumping to his feet at the shock of her saying yes and went on to tell every single person they passed on the street that cress was now his fiancee

i love you he laughs as the two of them try to sleep on the same couch as the whole crew went to scarlet and wolf’s farm. winter and jacin had arrived first and got the bed and cress figured she was short enough to fit on the couch with him - they ended up with cress sleeping directly on top of him making the both of them try as hard as they could to laugh quietly so they didn’t wake everyone else up

Pretty dolly - The teaspoon girl pt 6

A witch turns Y/N into a teaspoon sized woman, and Sam and Dean has to make sure she doesn’t get squashed – and find a cure.

Word count: 3152

Hopefully part seven (the last part) isn’t too far away (I’m sorry – I’m a slow writer).

Please let me know what you think – and remember that I’m not English. Also let me know if you want on – or off – my tag list.

From part five:

Dean found Sam lying on top of the covers in his bed. He was fully dressed and sleeping restlessly. The laptop had slid halfway down from his stomach, and the cursed bowl was in his hand. Scattered all over the bed and floor were papers with scribbles, copies of the symbols on the bowl, attempts at translations.

Smiling softly, Dean checked on Y/N before cleaning up the mess and the computer, and carefully moving the bowl so it wouldn’t fall to the floor and shatter.

Once that was done, he expertly removed Sam’s shoes and coaxed the blanket from under him. “We really need to figure this one out, little brother,” he whispered as he shook the blanket out over Sam. “And then you and Y/N are gonna have a serious talk. Don’t think I haven’t seen through you. Both.”

With a squeeze on Sam’s shoulder, he went to get ready for the night. When he got back after brushing his teeth, Sam had turned over on his side, facing Y/N and stretching a hand towards her.

The next morning, Sam skipped his morning run. Instead, he gathered the notes he’d been taking that night and began pouring over them, comparing symbols and tracing new ones, and when Dean woke up, he was already through one pot of coffee, one note pad, and had started on a second one. He muttered to himself, frequently shaking his head, and sighing when he realised he was on the wrong track.

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Another Side of You

A/N: An anon request. This is a Spencer x Reader, around season 5 and Spencer has a serve kink in regards to the reader. He loves when she calls him Dr. Reid. So smutty smut ensues. ;)


“Morning, Dr. Reid,” Y/N said, emphasizing his title as she nearly always did. Why did she do that? He wasn’t complaining - not at all as a matter of fact. But he did wonder what made her do that.

“Why do you always call me Doctor, Y/N?” he asked, slapping his hand across his mouth. He hadn’t meant to say that out loud. “We’ve been working together for nearly two years and everyone else calls me Spencer.”

“I don’t know, I guess I just know what it takes to get a Ph.D., so I like using it when someone has earned it,” she said, bending over the desk in front of him. The locket she never went a day without was hanging down in between her breasts and Spencer had to try with every fiber in him to look up at her eyes and not where they were naturally drawn. When he looked up, he saw her smiling - almost a smirk. She must have known what she was doing to him. He wondered if she knew that every time she called him doctor, he imagined her saying it to him in the bedroom.

“Well,” he said, gazing into her eyes, noticing that her pupils had dilated. Wait? Is she actually into me? he thought. “I did earn three of them, and you’re the only one that calls me doctor, which I like.”

“Oh really, Dr. Reid,” she said standing up and crossing her arms in front of her body. As she stood up from the desk with her hip jutted out to one side she spoke, “I’ll be sure to continue calling you Dr. Reid then.” He could have sworn she winked as she turned away.

As she walked toward her own desk, he couldn’t help but glance at her body, which was being hugged by her pencil skirt and silk blouse. There were a ton of images running through his mind - none of them innocent.


Ever since he’d asked Y/N why she called him Dr. Reid, the tension between the two had been palpable. Even the other members of the team took notice. Garcia egging them both on to just go for it. 

The subtle glances, figure-hugging clothing and continuous use of his title did not go unnoticed by Spencer. He wanted her so badly. But he wanted something different. Something people wouldn’t expect from him, even look down on him for, so he was wary about bringing it up with her.

Towards the end of the day, when both were entering the car garage as the last ones out of the building, Spencer saw Y/N drop her bag by her car and rushed over to help her pick up her things. Just because the thoughts running through his mind weren’t very gentlemanly, didn’t mean he wasn’t a gentleman. “Thank you, Dr. Reid,” she cooed, after all of her things had been picked up. As they stood up, she closed the gap between them - the heat in the air could melt ice. 

Without thinking, he pinned her between himself and her car, wrapping his one hand around her waist and the other around the back of her neck, pulling her in for a kiss. Her pupils dilated immediately - nearly black with wanting - and the two breathed into each other for a few moments before devouring one another.

“Do you want to come back to my place?” she asked, pulling out of the kiss. Her kiss-swollen lips were open in a way that only made his mind race further down the rabbit hole.

“Yes,” he responded, biting at her lower lip. “I’ll be right behind you.”


Both Y/N and Spencer had to keep themselves from speeding to her apartment - the adrenaline coursing through their veins at lightning speed. At nearly the same time, they pulled up to her apartment building and rushed up the stairs, clashing into each other at her front door, barely making it inside.

“I have one stipulation,” Spencer said through heavy breaths.

“Oh, really? Not a request? Are you telling me what to do?” she asked, her eyes closed in ecstasy as she ran her hands through his shoulder-length hair.

“Yes, I am.” His strength and confidence was throwing her off, but in the most delicious way. “Continue to call me doctor.”

She bit at his bottom lip, lightly tugging his hair. “I hadn’t thought to do anything else, Dr.”

“Oh, fuck me,” he groaned, as he picked her up and proceeded toward her bedroom. “You’re killing me.” As they approached the bedroom, clothing flew in all directions - leaving them in only their underwear by the time they hit the bed.

He took her off guard by turning her around and placing her on all fours on the bed, positioning himself behind her. This was all happening so quickly and without much thought, so he attempted to slow himself down, but she was killing him.

She turned her head towards him, her eyes betraying exactly what she craved. “What are you waiting for Doctor?”

In one quick movement, he put two fingers in between the lace of her panties and her center, feeling her slickness before ripping the panties off and positioning his length at her entrance, slipping in slowly. Once he was partially enveloped in her wet heat, he commanded, “Put your legs together.”

“I think I like this side of you, Dr. Reid,” Y/N breathed as she did what he said and he slipped in completely. The tightness was nearly enough to push him over the already precarious edge he was on. 

“Mmm…fuck,” she moaned, her front end collapsing into the mattress.

He grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back, giving him leverage to thrust into her with reckless abandon - the sound of skin slapping against skin beginning to fill the room as he thrust into her over and over again. Her staggered breaths coaxed him on. He picked up speed, racing toward their mutual release. “Oh, god, Reid…” she groaned. Her volume rose to the point where someone might have thought about alerting the landlord, so he reached down, grabbed her waist and pulled her flush against him.

“You forgot the Dr.,” he said, reaching toward the bed for the panties he’d ripped off her, never once losing the pace he’d built up “and your going to get the cops called on us.” Just when she thought she couldn’t be enjoying this different side of Spencer more, he took the panties that he’d ripped off her and put them in her mouth. “Oh, hell…” she mumbled, feeling her core begin to tighten.

Still flush against him, he wrapped his hands around her breasts, giving them the attention they needed and finally pushing her over the edge, with him following soon after.

As they began to catch their breaths, Spencer lifted her towards the top of the bed, collapsing at her side and pulling the underwear from her mouth. “I had no idea there was this side of you, Dr. Reid,” she murmured, taking his mouth in her own.

“We may have been working together for two years, Y/N,” he spoke, tasting all of her, “But there is still so much about me you don’t know.”

Couldn’t hate you if I tried

I combined two prompts for this:

(…)  one of the guys mentions that someone saw the Noora kiss and Sana is there in the room doing something when they say this (…)

(…)  sana getting angry about the kiss …  a proper conversation about it with yousef (…)


Helping the boys with their YouTube videos has become a weekly thing for Sana. They always ask her to be behind the camera to ask them stuff, be the referee in a game or whatever else they need in that moment. She agrees to help most of the times. Sana likes helping where she can and that a certain boy she has been spending a lot of time with lately is there too doesn’t hurt.

It has become so normal for Sana to be there when they are filming that they sometimes lose every filter they had around her before, which honestly was never too much.

That’s how Sana finds herself looking through the pictures the boys had printed out for her to randomly give those to them for a game they made up and hearing something that makes her gut sink.

“Dude, I heard that you had a bit more fun than we did at the karaoke party a few weeks ago. Kissing that cute blonde girl. What’s her name? Noora.”, Adam mentions casually.

He’s almost lying on the couch; Mikael next to him, leaning on Adam’s propped up knees. Elias and Yousef are sitting on the ground and Mutta on the armrest of the couch. 

Sana’s head snaps up, she feels herself getting overwhelmed for a second. Now she knows what really happened that day but in that moment she was so hurt and felt so stupid to have let herself fall for a guy that kissed one of her best friends. All the hurt comes crashing down on her again. 

Yousef’s head immediately snaps into Sana’s direction and she quickly looks down on the pictures again. Yousef wonders if she heard that. He did not have the guts to tell her about it yet but he planned on doing it. She had to know, he didn’t want to keep anything from her but this was not how he imagined telling her. 

He gulps uncomfortably and shifts in his seat. The four other boys all look at him, expecting an answer. Mostly Elias. Didn’t Yousef have a crush on his sister? Didn’t his sister have a crush on him?

Elias looks behind him and sees Sana flipping through the pictures, looking like she doesn’t listen.

“What? Who said that?”, Yousef manages to say. It’s all he can say because he’s panicking. 

Adam just shrugs. “A friend.”

“You have other friends than us?”, Mutta says laughingly, sensing the tension in Yousef’s voice and trying to stay clear of whatever Adam is talking about. 

Adam rolls his eyes and laughs but all eyes end up on Yousef again.

Elias, who is confused why he didn’t know about this sooner, being Yousef’s best friend and all, gets annoyed. He was so sure Yousef had a thing for his sister and he accepted that because he doesn’t know anyone who’d be better to his sister than Yousef but what is this supposed to mean? Yousef didn’t say it wasn’t true.

While Yousef gets more nervous, so does Sana. She is still standing behind the camera which is not rolling yet but now has her phone in her hand to act like she is not listening. 

Elias can’t stop himself from looking at his sister once more. He was sure that these two had feelings for each other. So sure that he might have made them go to the store together a few times when he ‘didn’t feel like going himself’.

“So you’re with Noora now?”, Elias asks, keeping his voice steady.

Mutta, who was the one trying to make this topic go away before, starts talking without thinking: “I thought you like…”, and gets kicked by Mikael. 

He looks at Mikael with a confused look and only understands what he means when Mikael widens his eyes and subtly nods towards Yousef and then at Sana, hoping Mutta understand.

“No, no, no. I’m not .. not with Noora. Not at all.”, Yousef stammers out. Why is this happening with Sana in the room? He doesn’t dare to look back at her. She probably hates him now. He doesn’t want her to hate him.

Elias tilts his head and after figuring out that Sana is only acting like she is not listening and Yousef freaking out more than usual with these kind of topics, understands what’s going on. Or at least thinks he does. Doesn’t keep him from using this opportunity, though.

“I didn’t think you are one to casually hook up with people.”, Elias says, crossing his arms over his chest and raising his eyebrows.

This intrigues Sana and she looks up from her phone. Yousef is sitting with his back to Sana but she can see him tense up, his back straightening.

He shakes his head furiously. His heart racing with panic. Now he can’t control himself and looks towards Sana.

“No, no. I did not. That’s not how it was. She just jumped on me. I don’t… I feel..”

Yousef rambles, stumbling over his words. 
Adam and Mikael share a knowing look. They knew that he liked Sana so that’s why they were so surprised to hear he had made out with Noora at that party. Well, they were surprised that he kissed anyone in the middle of the karaoke bar, because that’s not how he is. And seeing him freak out this much about that kiss, trying to explain himself and looking over to Sana guilty … it explains it.  They understand what happened and apparently so did Elias who now just likes torturing Yousef.

“So you’re not with Noora?”, Elias asks with a very distinct tone. He’s challenging Yousef.

At this Sana smiles to herself. She knows he isn’t. She read those texts he sent to Noora. Even though Sana thinks it’s ridiculous that Yousef was so nervous about the possibility of Sana not liking him while she was freaking out about him being with Noora, she can’t deny that she enjoyed reading what he texted Noora about his feelings for Sana.

And the time Sana spent with Yousef in the past days makes Sana feel sure that he is not with someone else.

“Of course not!”, Yousef almost shouts.

Mutta jumps in his seat at Yousef’s voice getting loud out of nowhere.

“I’m with someone else… no, I’m not. I am kind of… it’s…. I’m not with Noora!”, Yousef finally calls out.

The four other boys share a look and all of them look at Sana. When she notices them looking at her she quickly looks down on her phone and acts like she’s typing.

The boys don’t stop looking at her, while Yousef just looks down on his hands trying to collect himself. He doesn’t like this. Sana should not think badly of him. He knows he messed up. He should have never let it happen. 

“Just call me when you’re actually filming.”, Sana says when she can’t bear the looks anymore. She puts down the pictures and quickly walks out of the room and then out of the flat. 

She needs air. 

Sana knows that Noora was hurt that day. Sana also knows that Noora was the one to kiss Yousef and she knows that it didn’t mean anything to either of them. 

Then why do all these feelings of hurt and disappointment rise in her chest again? 

She tries to take deep breaths. Getting overwhelmed like on that dreadful day won’t do any good now. Her relationship with Yousef … however it might be defined… is going great. That’s all that matters. 

Walking up and down her backyard doesn’t help making the uneasy feeling go away so she goes to sit on the swing.

“Can I join you?”, Sana hears. She had been staring at the ground, trying to forget what she was thinking about. Didn’t work. Especially now that he is standing in front of her.

Sana looks up and musters up a small smile. “Of course.”

Yousef sits down on the swing next to her. A few moments they just swing back and forth a bit. Sana presses her lips together and hopes he doesn’t start talking about the thing. She really doesn’t need that right now.

Of course, she is wrong. He wouldn’t have come out here looking so guilty, not being able to look her in the eyes, if he didn’t want to talk about that. 

“Okay, I don’t know how to start this. So I’m just going to start and hope you don’t hate me too much.”, Yousef says but Sana still doesn’t look at him. “I messed up. And I know I should have told you sooner and I get it if you’re mad, you have the right to be. But I am really sorry. I regretted it as soon as it happened.”

Still not looking up at him, swinging pushing herself back and forth with her feet, Sana answers: “I knew already. Before today. Don’t worry about it.”

Sana just wants this topic to be over. She has spent a lot of time getting over it. When it happened Yousef was not with Sana, technically he still is not. When it  happened they had only spend little time together and he was free to do whatever he wanted to with whoever he wanted. At least that’s what Sana had told herself.

Yousef’s head snaps towards Sana, his eyes wide and a very confused face on his face. “How? Why didn’t you say anything then? I just … ”

Sana sighs. “Adam’s friend saw you, might not have been the only one, don’t you think.”

“Oh my god, Sana. I’m so sorry. I …”

Now Sana snaps. “Yousef, it’s fine. Let it be.” She really doesn’t want to talk about this.

Yousef can clearly hear the annoyance in her voice and she seems angry at him. No wonder, Yousef thinks. She has every right to. He messed up. Big time.

“Sana, I really am sorry.”, Yousef almost whispers but it moves something in Sana. 

Finally she looks at him but not with that cute look Yousef usually receives from her. She looks at him with fire in her eyes while simultaneously looking hurt. 

“Then why did you do it?”, Sana exclaims louder than she intended to but she could not control it then and there. 

He should have left it. She got over it. She had worked to get over it. He should have just let her be. 

After her outburst Sana is too embarrassed to look at him. Shouting at him is not the way to go.

From the corner of her eye Sana sees Yousef stand up from the swing. Great, he’ll leave her alone. At the same time she feels disappointed that he leaves without giving her an answer. She shuts her eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath. Calm down, she tells herself, it’s all fine.

“Sana.”, she hears the all too familiar voice that makes her look up.

Yousef is crouching in front of her, waiting for her to look at him. 

Sana notices how overwhelmed and nervous he looks but she doesn’t say anything. She just bites on her lip and waits.

“Will you listen to me if I tell you now? If you don’t want to and want me to go I’ll do that. It’s your call.”

She doesn’t think about it. The words leave her mouth quickly. “Tell me.”

Yousef takes a deep breath and thinks. How does he communicate the mess that was in his head that day? He just starts talking, in the hope that Sana will not hate him too much after he is done.

“Okay. That day at the karaoke bar … I don’t even know how it happened. I was so excited to come there because Elias had told me that you specially asked for me to come. I was over the moon. Especially after I saw that you deleted me as a friend from Facebook and all the hot and cold behaviour. And I’m in no way saying you are to blame for anything, you’re not. I did what I did and I shouldn’t have and I messed up big time.”, he gets side-tracked. “But when we got there and the first thing I saw was Even standing on that stage and singing. I thought the only reason why you wanted me there was for me and the boys to see Even again. After I told you about what happened and how it affected me, not long before. I was just so confused. I thought you didn’t like me the way I like you and on top of that your friend, Even’s boyfriend, punched Mikael and I got overwhelmed. So when Noora looked so upset I stopped to ask what happened. She is your friend, after all. And when … she kissed me I .. I don’t know. I felt like I didn’t have anything, anyone to lose because you didn’t like me anyway. And I know it doesn’t make it better but as soon as I realized what was really happening I stopped it, I ran off. And I really get it if you hate me now. If you don’t want to .. continue whatever we have.”

Looking at Sana while trying to explain is impossible to Yousef. All that guilt comes crashing down on him again. While spending time with Sana so much he completely forgot about that. Now, when he sees Sana’s reaction he feels even worse than right after.

Yousef finally gathers the strength to look at Sana. He doesn’t want to see her disappointed look. His eyes meet hers and he forgets how to breathe. She doesn’t reveal anything of what she thinks or feels with her look but there is something that makes Yousef take a sharp breath.

“I don’t hate you, Yousef.” Sana’s eyes soften just a little. “I couldn’t if I tried to.”, she whispers. 

Yousef hears that. His eyes widen and he feels like a weight has been lifted off his chest. Sana not hating him is all he needed to know now. Everything else can be dealt with. 

“Thank you.”, Yousef blurts out.

Sana furrows her eyebrows in confusion. “For what?”

“For not hating me.”, Yousef answers.

Sana can’t believe him. He really makes her laugh now. She rolls her eyes at him but can’t stop laughing. She didn’t realize it but that’s what she needed now: laughing.

Yousef joins her; it’s impossible not to laugh when Sana does.

“Hey!”, both of them hear being shouted and turn to the source of the voice.

Elias, Adam, Mutta and Mikael are at the window, looking down at Sana and Yousef. They are lined up like you’d see it in a movie. Elias at the edge of the windowsill, on the far left. Adam leans on Elias’ back and trying to look past him. Mikael tries to get a look from under Adam’s arm because Adam takes more space than he needs. Mutta is taller than all of them so he just leans over their heads but leans so far out the window that he might fall.

“Please tell me you’re not proposing right now. It’s a bit early.”, Elias shouts from the window.

Yousef is still crouching in front of Sana but had to rest one knee on the ground after being in that position for so long. Looking down at himself, Yousef realizes what Elias means and stands up. One day, but not today.

“Come back inside. We need to film!”, Adam shouts. “And Sana, I need your science knowledge to back me up here.”

Sana stands up and falls into step next to Yousef. She hears the boys argue inside.

“You’re wrong!”, Sana hears Mikael shout.

“I’m right! Sana will back me up on this!”, Adam shouts and Sana doesn’t need to see them to know what this situation looks like.

No matter what happens she has these guys that are always at her home to cheer her up.

you bet I can, @kirahhhhhhhhh and your english is perfect, love (*^▽^*) thank you for liking what I write <33 


  • they were actually on set when it happened 
  • zen was practicing his dance moves on stage and mc was watching from one of the chairs in the audience
  • when all of a sudden, there was an incredible pain in her stomach 
  • what??? tummy ache? That Time of the Month™??? a weird cramp?? 
  • she looks down at her tummy, about to give it a ‘why must you do this?’ look, when she notices that she’s, uh, wet
  • oh wait, she recognizes this, her aunt went through the same thing
  • wait that means her water just broke
  • “zen- babe- uh…emergency-” she stands up, getting his attention
  • zen immediately stops dancing and looks at her, noticing the panic in her eyes.
  • and then she screams. “hospital- now-” she manages to say through the pain
  • zen enters Panic Mode, but calls an ambulance because a bike is not safe to drive to the hospital in labor 
  • I mean, they talked about kids, but they never knew she was actually pregnant????
  • the doctors on the way to the hospital give zen the short story: it was a case where her stomach didn’t expand too much. but the baby should be fine
  • and it is! at the end of the day, mc has a little baby in her arms
  • zen is holding her hand gently, looking at their baby with a huge smile and wide eyes
  • “well…that’s not the way I expected this day to turn out, but…wow..we have a baby..”
  • mc looks up at him, sweaty and tired, but looking so happy. “yeah..a beautiful baby..” 

v / jihyun

  • these two were honestly just relaxing at home
  • actually, they were just talking about the thought of kids and when they should try to have some 
  • when..well….
  • mc started having tummy pains 
  • she tells v, confused because that came out of nowhere
  • and it started getting worse out of nowhere 
  • like, mc is screaming, worse
  • jihyun doesn’t know what to do, so he calls an ambulance 
  • they help mc get on the ambulance and the person inside goes, “well, she’s in labor right now”
  • jihyun blinks, very confused. “labor?” mc glances at the person, squeezing jihyun’s hand. “i’m giving birth right now?- she manages to say
  • the person nods. “yes ma’am” 
  • jihyun is going to have a panic attack
  • he calls jumin and is like “jUMIN IM GONNA BE A FATHER”
  • i imagine jumin walking out of a Very Important Meeting for this, lowkey pissed that he didn’t know 
  • anyways, after mc gives birth and the whole rfa is in the hospital, admiring their child,
  • mc looks at v and is like, “what a coincidence…we were just talking about kids”
  • he chuckles and kisses her forehead before kissing the baby’s blanket. “and now we have one…one that I will love and protect with everything I have”
ok but shiro and allura accidentally referring to each other as “my ___”
  • “and in gathering support for the voltron alliance, my princess is―” “did you just say my?” 
  • “wHAT NO
  • bc she’s not his and it’s slowly killing him inside because he loves her so much, loves her hair and eyes that shine like stars, her compassion and bravery and levelheadedness 
  • allura making the same mistake
  • “and my paladin shiro is the leader-” “allura you said my” 
  • “what no i didn’t coran don’t be stupid yes voltron belongs to my family and their legacy so technically ALL the paladins are mine why would i single shiro out specifically???”
  • “i never said you did” “coran just stop it”
  • bc she wishes he was, wishes so badly that this amazing, brave man was hers in more than friendship
  • and them doing it one day in front of each other and they both just freeze
  • my―?”
  • cue adorable blushing
  • & makeouts
  • they hold hands the next day and always call each other “my princess” and “my paladin” and they’re so cheesy lance pretends to choke only he actually does and hunk and keith both thump him on the back (lance is ok)
  • shiro and allura are still too wrapped up in each other to notice
I finally saw Beauty and the Beast


I loved all the effects and I thought the humor was great!

I really loved that song that the Beast sings…Evermore I think it’s called right?

However, there was one thing I noticed that kinda bothered me. Emma Watson’s singing voice definitely sounded digitally enhanced. I mean, I’ve never heard her sing but every time she sang in the movie it kinda sounded like a recording whereas everyone else it sounded like it was actually them singing. I mean, it didn’t sound completely different than her speaking voice so what I’m thinking is maybe she can sing just not as well as they were hoping maybe so they just kinda polished it a little to make her natural voice sound better.

Anyway, I really think that people were kind of over-exaggerating saying that she was totally awful and miscast.

I’d give the movie a 9/10.

Professor- Tom Hiddleston x reader. |Part 1|

I wrote this a long time ago, like around last year i think..there will be a part two.

Enjoy :)


Tom sighs; grading papers wasn’t as easy; it was stressful. Most of the students taking this course had little to no idea what they were doing; it made him wonder exactly why they picked it in the first place. All except her, Y/N L/N his brightest student, whom has great knowledge on history. And he must say that she’s earned her A.

“Alright,” Tom says, leaning against the front of his desk, legs crossed at the ankles, surveying his class. “First off, I am very disappointed.  I thought you lot would’ve taken this paper seriously, after I put my heart out to teach you this, and you give me nothing but failure in return.”

From where Y/n sat, she could see the disappointment in his eyes as he spoke. His blue eyes shift across the class until they landed on her, lingering for a moment before he turns to the table behind him. “You’ll receive these at the end of the class.” He motions to the stack of papers, “In the meantime, open your books, we start a new chapter today.”

When the class came to an end, most of the students had left, the professor giving out the papers, the students either muttering their apologies or taking them with a shrug. “I must say you never cease to amaze me Miss L/n, top of the class as usual,” He smiles his brilliant smile, handing her the paper, ignoring the sweet chill that ran down his spine when her fingers brushed his, the girl smiles back, “Well, someone has to take this seriously professor,” Y/n lets her eyes wonder, watching the sun glow against his chestnut hair, his blue green eyes, to the stubble on his face. Tom clears his throat, awkwardly looking away from the young woman, who as of late, had been consuming is every thought. Especially the way her eyes would light up when he’d start teaching; she’d answer every question he threw, even if she didn’t know the answer.  “And I’m glad someone does, Now you should get to class – who’s class do you have now?” he raises his eyebrows, she blinks, pulling herself from the inappropriate thoughts swarming her mind, making her cheeks go red. “Uh…. Oh um…Mr. Hemsworth,”

Advanced Math.

“Well you better get going, knowing him, the goon isn’t going to wait up,” He says, showing her to the door. The two share a last smile, before she leaves. When he closes the door, he leans his head against it, clearing his thoughts.


“What am I going to do? Chris she’s a student and yet I have feelings for her that I shouldn’t,” Tom runs his hand through his hair, his free hand holding his phone to his ear. He crosses the street, making his way to the one café that’s opened late on a Tuesday, hell bent on a cup of their strongest coffee. “Now Tom, there are some things that happens for reasons we know not. Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something,”

“Yes, it’s telling me that I need coffee and I have that I need to get home and watch the new episodes of Doctor who and Sherlock,” he says, listening to his best friends’ sigh through the receiver. “Don’t drown this out, talk to her—’’

“–And tell her what? I have some stupid school boy crush on her and the mere thought of her is driving me insane?”

“Well whatever works.”

He pushes open the door of the café, only for it to hit someone. “–Oh God, I’m sorry,” he says, quickly going over to the female who was holding her nose and stream of muffled swears coming from her mouth. “Chris I’ll call you back,” he hangs up, not giving the male time to answer. Tom places his hand on the girl’s shoulder, recognition flashing in her eyes as she looks up. “Professor….” She blinks, moving her hand from face, unaware of the blood coming from her nose. Tom leads her to the counter, repeatedly muttering his apologizes, “No… It’s fine, I wasn’t paying attention,” she motions to phone clutched in her left hand. He shakes his head, “Do you have a first aid kit?” his eyes shift to the green eyed girl behind the counter, staring at the blood on Y/n’s hand an dripping from her chin. “Don’t listen to him, I’m fine.” She grabs a napkin, putting it under her nose; the white was quickly consumed by the crimson. She turns around, making a zip to the bathroom.

After washing her hands and face, and holding her head back, she meets Mr. Hiddleston standing outside the door, with the most apologetic look she’s ever seen; kind of like a puppy after you’ve kicked it. “I’m fine professor, really, I stopped the bleeding.” She adjusts her black maxi dress, walking past him to a table, sitting while he walks to the counter to order the coffee. But he couldn’t help but let his eyes wonder over to her, watching as her dress slide up her thighs, revealing more of the black stockings she was wearing. Oh what he would do right now to rip that thing off and do what he likes. He takes the coffee to the table, resting the cup in front of her, she, raising a dark eyebrow. Tom chuckles, “I owe you, for hitting you in the face and all—again I’m so sorry,”

“You said that about fifty times, and like those fifty times I’ll say it’s fine,” she smiles, waving him off, Tom finds his eyes wandering down her neck, his mouth was suddenly dry as he looks over her s/c skin. Her h/c hair that she usually wears down was up and away from her face; in a perfect messy bun. She raises her cup to her full pink lips; Tom forces his eyes upward as Y/n begins talking. “So you come around here often Professor?” she asks, taking another sip of the black coffee, smiling at the man. Alex was actually impressed that she kept her cool and had not stuttered and blushed like an idiot. “Ah, yes. It’s usually where I clear my head, teaching isn’t as dandy as it seems,”                     

“And here I thought becoming a teacher was gonna be fun,” she jokes, the both of them sharing a laugh, “It’s not that bad you know Y/n, it’s actually quite fun on most days,”                                                  

“I’m sure it is professor—’’                                                             

 “—just Tom please, I get enough of that on campus.”

Y/n smiles over her mug, “I like the formalities, that word holds a lot of respect you know. Have you ever noticed that I never called any other teachers that?” She’s right, she’s never called another teacher ‘Professor’ it was always Mrs. or Mr.

Y/n watches the muscles in his jaw clench as he stared at her, she smiles, causing him to as well.  They talk for a while after, even forgetting their coffee, only realizing it went cold when Y/n took a sip and made a face. Though Y/n couldn’t stop the thoughts that ran through her head when her crush was sitting right in front of her, she had to keep telling herself that he was a teacher, her teacher who teaches History and by far the hottest guy at her collage. But liking her teacher could get her and him in serious trouble, one him losing his job, she wouldn’t risk his bread and butter, she isn’t selfish. She sighs disappointingly, looking at her now empty cup, “Are you alright?” Tom asks looking at her worriedly, hoping he hadn’t said something stupid. “Yeah, I’m fine, great actually. But I gotta get going; I have a lot of work to cover tonight,” she says getting up from her chair. Pushing it in, smiling at him, “Thanks for the coffee Professor, I enjoyed your company.” With that, she leaves Tom, sitting staring at his cup of half-drunk coffee, wondering why he didn’t tell her. Maybe the universe is mocking him for not taking Chris’ advice, ‘there’s always tomorrow’ Chris would say.

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Request: Business call - Part 1

Request: I would like to request, a story out of Tigs POV. Where he should call someone for club business, but he has a wrong number and ends up at readers phone. At the end they end up together.. perhabs a bit smut if it’s posible for u :)

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of alcoholism

Originally posted by sikanapanele

Tig’s POV

There was so much work to do; they had been in runs and countless meetings lately, doing everything to help SAMCRO’s president. Jax Teller had been trying to change the MC’s path, to make it right and at least close to what his father had devised for them. The club would be out of the gun business, but there were still many loose ends to tie up.

Tig absolutely hated the “I know a guy who knows a guy” talk and the last thing he wanted to do was that call. He was supposed to call a number Chibs had given to him and settle a meeting with a person, someone who was interested in doing business with the club. He just had a feeling this couldn’t turn out good. However, orders were orders and he dialed the number.

“Yeah?”, the person on the other side of the line answered. The voice was muffled and Tig couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, but it seemed he had just awakened him or her.

“Hm…Who is this?”, he carefully asked.

“Who is this?”, the person repeated.

“What?”, Tig grimaced. He didn’t have time for jokes.

The person growled, “Are you the guy from last night?”, now he knew it was a woman talking. It was supposed to be a man, he was sure Chibs had said a man, “Shit! I thought I had given you the wrong number”

“Apparently, someone did that”, Tig sighed.

“What?”, the woman clearly had had a blast last night, sounded like she had a hangover, “Aren’t you sweet? Calling me on the next morning… Listen, it was great, it truly was, but it was one night thing, I’m not looking for a relationship okay”

“Good to know, but-“, Tig chuckled, “I’m not the guy from last night”

“What?”, she asked again.

“I was trying to call someone, a business call”, Tig didn’t even know why he was bothering to explain the situation to her, “They must have given me the wrong number”

“Oh sorry business man”, the woman sighed on the other side, “Have a good day”

“Thanks. Have a good day too”, he mumbled and was about to hang up when something caught his attention, “Wait… Girls really do this thing of giving the wrong number?”

“Hm…Yeah”, he could tell she was thinking he was weird and anxious to end that call.

“I wouldn’t know”, Tig admitted to the stranger, “I’ve never called back”

“Uh oh”, she mocked and giggled, “A business man and a heartbreaker”

“No, I’m not the one who gave a poor man the wrong number”, he laughed, thinking a wrong call had never been so nice.

“Ouch!”, the woman laughed.

“Sorry to bother you”, Tig apologized, “Sounds like you had a great night, go back to sleep”

“Yeah, I did”, she said but didn’t sound so happy anymore, “Have a nice day business man”

The line was silent and Tig stared at the phone for a minute. He should have told her he wasn’t a business man, but then, he had to reason to do so, she was just a stranger. He sighed and decided to find Chibs, complain about the wrong number and try to get the right one before Jax ask about the meeting.


My phone never rang, only my best friend and boss had that number. It was a burner phone that I would throw away in a few weeks, so I didn’t bother much when that man called me this morning. He had the wrong number and I tried to be as nice as I could with a headache killing me. When I hung up, I laid down and tried to sleep again in my hotel room. I smiled, remembering the confused man. Yes, we girls give guys the wrong number sometimes. No, he wasn’t bothered, he said he never had called back. Heartbreaker. Yes, I could say I was one. I would never stay or give the right number. I couldn’t get attached, ever again.

Tig’s POV

Chibs had finally found the right number; Tig called and settled the meeting for the next day. He had a beer with his brothers, let a crow eater give him a massage and went to bed. Sons would have to be up early and Jax wouldn’t tolerate people late. It was the middle of the night when Tig woke up with his phone ringing. He growled and grabbed it on the nightstand.  

“Hello”, he barked, not bothering to be nice to whoever was awakening him.

“What’s wrong with you Cindy?”, it was a familiar voice, but it sounded distorted, weird. The woman calling laughed and Tig finally recognized her, “Cindy? Answer me!”

He didn’t know her name, so Tig called her the first thing it came to his mind, “Heartbreaker?”

“Who?”, she snorted and then cursed about something that had just happened with her.

She clearly was drunk and didn’t know his name either, “This is business man”, he used the nickname she had given him that morning.

“Oh man! I’m sorry”, she whined, “I was trying to call a friend”

“Are you drunk?”, Tig cut her off, suddenly getting worried. She was alone somewhere, drunk, confused. Besides, when he had called that morning she seemed to have a hangover and she had been drinking again. Something was wrong with that girl.

“I’m not sure”, the woman mumbled, her voice shaky, “How many shots you must have to be drunk? Shit! I can’t find my car keys”

“Okay, you are drunk”, he sat in bed, turning the lampshade on, “Tell me where you are, I can pick you up”

“I don’t know you!”, she scoffed, mumbling again about the car keys.

“I’m not a serial killer doll”, Tig sighed, already grabbing his jeans to put them on.

“No”, she laughed, “You’re a business man”

“No quite”, Tig smirked, “Now tell me where you are”. Suddenly, the line was silent just like that morning, “Damn girl hanging up on me again!”, Tig cursed and tried to call back, but she didn’t answer.

He got up and began to pace around the room. He wasn’t the regular Lancelot, not even close, but he was worried about the girl, he couldn’t tell why, he just had a feeling she would get hurt somehow. It was frustrating; he didn’t have a clue about her, no name, no address, just a phone number.

A phone number Juice could track, so Tig ran to the boy’s room and kicked him out of bed. Obviously, his brother wasn’t happy about being awaken in the middle of the night and Tig refused to explain why, just threw the laptop to Juice and told him to track a number. In minutes, Juice had a response that didn’t please Tig. She had a burner phone, he couldn’t track it. He thanked Juice and let his brother go back to sleep, telling himself to do the same and let the girl handle her problems alone. However, he couldn’t close his eyes.


Charming had a few bars where someone could hang out, some of them nice, some not. I worked in a nice one, earning enough money to pay for my hotel room, food and gasoline. My shift started by the end of the afternoon, when working men walked in to have a beer or two after a long day. I served drinks, I talked, I ignored the old and ridiculous lines and when I was off duty, I had a few shots. Okay, maybe I had a few more drinks than I should and left the bar tripping on my legs. I knew where I was, where my car was and how to get back to the hotel, but for some reason I thought it was a good time to call my friend, Cindy. That was a sign I had drunk too much.

The rest of the night was a blur and I woke up in my car, the morning sun hurting my eyes. I had a confused memory about finally find my car keys and pass out inside the vehicle, but what was bothering me was a conversation on the phone. I grabbed it from the passenger’s seat, searched through the calls I had made. Yep, I had called him. The mysterious man who had called me last morning. Why in the bloody hell I hadn’t erased his number?

“Idiot”, I said to myself as I dialed again.

Tig’s POV

The meeting had been good, SAMCRO had a new business partner and Jax’s plans were going well so far, but something still was bugging Tig. He knew what it was and he was feeling a bit stupid about it, but he couldn’t help it. He was still worried about the woman, Heartbreaker, and being grumpy, just minding his own business and not actually talking to anyone. His friends had no idea what was going on, but they knew it was better to leave him alone.

Tig noticed a missing call on his phone when they got back to the clubhouse, but before he could check it, the phone rang again. He recognized the number and walked outside to answer it.

“Business man?”, she yawned at the phone.

“Are you okay?”, Tig barked and then regret it, not only about how he had talked to her, but also for being worried to someone he didn’t know. It was surreal.

“Yeah?”, she yawned again, “I saw a hundred calls on my phone and decided to call back to ask what stupid thing I said to you, maybe apologize too”

“Yes, we talked last night, you hung up on me and I tried to call back, but you’ve never answered”, he admitted, sighing, “You don’t have to apologize for anything, but you were drunk and trying to drive. What happened?”

“I fell asleep on my car, woke up this morning and drove back home”, she explained, “God, I have the worst headache ever!”

“Jesus! Girl what were you doing?”, Tig growled.

“You’re too sweet business man”, she laughed, “Business man… What’s your name by the way? You can say a fake one if you want to”

“Alex”, he blurted, not actually noticing he had said his real name.

“Nice name”, the woman said, “You can call me Y/N”

“Nice name”, Tig repeated, making her laugh.

“I’m sorry for calling you in the middle of the night Alex, it won’t happen again”, Y/N promised, “It was a pleasure talk to you again, but now I need to go back to sleep”

“Take care”, he mumbled, but the line was silent again.


Y/N. Why did I say my real name to him? I was always someone else to everyone I met. However, this guy, Alex, not only knew my real name, but I also had called him back to apologize and say I was okay. I never did that. We didn’t know each other and he only had found me because someone had given him the wrong number. It didn’t matter, I would leave Charming soon. Another city, another phone and Alex would be just a nice memory, a nice stranger I once met.

To be continued…

Read Part 2

anonymous asked:

How would RFA + Saeran react to MC coming home late and she wasn't able to text them (maybe he phone died idk) and she accidentally scared them because she had a face full of stage make up because she's a professional ballet dancer? Maybe she was understudying a role and the dancer she was understudying got injured last minute?

Hope you like it! ^^

MC coming home very late and with odd make up


  • He was pretty late himself for the little dinner you two were planning
  • He spent all the way from rehearsal to his house working on a proper apology “Maybe if I just smile and call her ‘babe’, she’ll forgive me…”
  • “Hey, babe! You look lovely ton…” he came in saying this out loud, but stopped when he noticed you weren’t there.
  • Of course he got desperate when you weren’t picking up your phone, all the thoughts about that guy in Rika’s apartment taking over his head. No… this wasn’t happening! He knew he should never leave you alone again…
  • He made a big fuss in the messenger, Seven was looking for you while Jumin was already giving instructions to his bodyguards and preparing the chopper.
  • You came home exhausted, it’s been a while since you actually replace someone in a performance… you never even wanted to wipe off the make up in the theatre.
  • Well, dinner was ruined, you just hoped Zen didn’t wait for you woke up… well, of course he did, your phone died and you couldn’t even text him, he must be worried as shit.
  • You explained everything to him and you could see him trying to hide in embarrassment from all his thoughts, it got even worse when he had to call Seven and Jumin.
  • When everything was clear, you two laughed and he helped you wiping off the makeup. “Make sure to have your phone charged and give a me heads up when you perform, I’ll take the day off to watch you.”


  • He may have lost track of time a little when he buried his mind in the studies.
  • But he was pretty sure you were kinda late by now…oh! Look at the time, you’re really late!
  • He looked for his phone (he got that little habit from you of putting his phone as far as he could so he wouldn’t get distracted) to check on you, no texts or calls for you and no answer when he texted and called.
  • Well… shit!
  • “Heeeyyy, did anybody heard from MC?” he tried to don’t come off as terrified as he was in the messenger. “You tell me. Aren’t you her boyfriend, dude?” Zen asked, well, his bitterness was useless as always…
  • Okay, this poor thing was getting ready to go after you that late in the night. He could have called Seven, but he wanted to do this alone (Zen’s words got him more that he would matter to admit…)
  • He opened the door, only to find you trying to get the right key in the lock, you both yelped, scared.
  • “Yoosung, what are you doing woke this late?” “MC, what happened to you?” you were both staring at each other as you two were criminals getting caught.
  • You explained everything about being called last minute when you just put your phone to recharge and that make up being part of the number.
  • He sighed in relief: “I was about to go look for you, MC!” “Really? How brave of you! You deserve a prize after I take this off.” He got so excited he wouldn’t really mind the makeup…


  • You were at the café working when you got the call
  • Of course she didn’t oppose to you leaving sooner and going to the theatre, though she really wanted to go with you and watch you, but she needed to stay at the café
  • So she closed the café and decided to proceed on a little paperwork, usually you work on this so she doesn’t have bad memories of her days at C & R.
  • And she wanted to help you with this so you wouldn’t get worried after the long day you were probably having, but she remembered how boring this was, and ended up sleeping.
  • She woke up with the sound of the café door being open… A burglar? Not on her watch!
  • It was dark, she just saw this weird figure and used her judo skills to give this person a ippon.
  • “Ouch, Jaehee! Are you that mad with me for being late?” oh no… this voice… she promptly run to find the light switch and find you on the floor.
  • “MC, I’m so sorry! I… I… what happened to your face?” you didn’t fall with your face on the floor, she was pretty sure…
  • She was still worried, she completely forgot that she couldn’t really have hurt you bad with just a simple ippon…not that you tried to calm her down, you were just happy she was hugging you this much…


  • He got home after a business trip longing to find you and Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Only the cat was there. He was happy to see her, but he would be happier if you were here… where could you be?
  • He tried to get a hold of you, nothing. He asked the bodyguards and when they told where you were, he managed to calm down a little, but still… it was very late…
  • How would you come back home? He already dismissed Driver Kim’s services for the night.
  • Should he drive himself? He was willing to, if that meant you would be safe… but you wouldn’t be safe with him driving, that’s a paradox!
  • He listened to the door being open and saw Elizabeth tensing up, what was she seeing?
  • He activated the security system, a loud alarm went off, but there was another sound… he knew this voice…
  • He went to the living room, finding very confused bodyguard staring at you painted face. What were they supposed to do? Was this a fashion emergency?
  • “Jumin, what’s going on?” “You tell me, MC. I was worried wondering how you would come home…” “And what setting the alarm has to do with this?” the bodyguards were thinking the same, though none of them would ever dare to say something.
  • When everything was solved, you two were cuddling when you noticed his back and shoulders all tense, yours were pretty sore too. “Scratch my back if I scratch yours?” you asked playfully rubbing his shoulders in an attempt of massage, he smirked at you and you knew what that meant, he had another way to relax in mind…


  • He spent the whole afternoon locked in his office and completely lost track of time.
  • He was hungry for food and for your company, he found a little bento box in the fridge, but couldn’t find you.
  • That was weird. And when he realized it was very late, he got worried.
  • He tracked your phone, it was a little harder since it was turn off, but nothing that complicated.
  • Apparently, you were on your way home. Thank God! He needed to take a shower and look presentable to you…
  • He was taking his clothes off when he heard the front door being open. You? No, according to GPS, you were still a little far, you couldn’t be here this fast… an intruder!?
  • He turned the lights off to face you with this weird make up on. He couldn’t help yelping in scare, pointing the taser gun at you.
  • “Saeyoung! Calm down! It’s me!” you said raising your arms like you were surrendering.
  • “M-MC? How did you get here that fast?” “One of my friends gave me a ride. Did you really think I was going to come here by foot?” well, he didn’t think much, he just missed you and wanted o look and smell good to you, and… oh shit! Now you both notice he has just his boxer briefs on…
  • “My eyes are up here, MC.” He teases you, and you smirk. “Were you about to take a shower? Maybe we can take one together and you can help me wipe this off and…” he didn’t even let you finish, he threw his underwear at you and ran to the bathroom, telling you to hurry~


  • He was starting to get annoyed, where the hell were you?
  • How long do these things last? Did you really have to work this late? Ugh… he hated being worried like this, but he couldn’t help it.
  • And when he tracked you and realized your phone was dead… ugh! Would he really have to scold you for being that irresponsible? He didn’t want to pick up a fight, but you were impossible sometimes!
  • He slept in the couch waiting for you, being this annoyed was very tiring sometimes…
  • You came in and noticed him, your heart fluttered… he looked so adorable and peaceful. Would he wake up if you gave him a little smooch?
  • He woke up with this hideous face very close to his and pulled you away, scared.
  • “Saeran? It’s me! What’s wrong?” oh… this voice… shit! He was ready to punch this weird figure, could he imagine if he ever hurt you like this?
  • “I have to ask you the same! What were you doing? And… what happened to your face? Have you lost a bet or some shit like this?” he tried to hold back a laugh, but it was impossible. You rolled your eyes and chuckled a little.
  • “I didn’t want to wake you up, but you looked so cute, I wanted to kiss you. I’m sorry…” now his heart was fluttering, you were the cute one here, for fuck’s sake.
  • “Well, take that thing off and you can do much more than kiss me. Hurry, I’m waiting.” He said, heading to the bedroom
Insomnia - Part 1

Description: Camila can’t sleep. One name keeps her awake every night for months. It even did before she left Fifth Harmony. But, if before this name was a nice distraction to her insomnia, now it’s drowning her soul in a nice bath at 12 am. The young woman knows there’s only one way to soothe her pain. So she takes her phone and dials a number she learned by heart: Lauren’s.

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