i never noticed how often leon furrows his brows until now....

Linger (FE: IF/Fates)

Well, I did a thing. This game is actually making me do creative things what. And this ship….I should not ship it because bro is bro but I CAN’T NOT SHIP ;A;

A little drabble that happens pre-decision and to get a feel for the characters for another fic I had in mind. If you think Leon could be portrayed better, please let me know!

f!Kamui x Leon

Blissful silence. That was what Leon would describe the tranquility that was the dark castle library, with the only illumination being a candle lamp he had placed at the table in front of him. It was well past midnight, perhaps around two in the morning already. The castle was relatively quiet, save for the faint noises outside signifying the guards were doing their job.

Leon had nestled himself onto one of the library sofas and surrounded himself with an array of books and tomes since late evening studying a multitude of topics from cultural factors, to history, to advanced magic. Typical of him. After all, he prided himself in his wide span of knowledge, and it was one of the things he was confident that he surpassed all his siblings in.

He had been in the middle of analyzing a particular spell verse when he heard the doors of the library creek open. Feeling slightly alarmed he reached for his personal tome, ready to cast and fire a spell in an instant. Nobody should be around this area of the castle this late, nor know of his late night study sessions, save for a small few people.

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