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Exo’s reaction to you flinching during an argument

Request:  hi i was hoping i could get exo’s and got7’s reactions to their s/o flinching during a fight due to a rather unpleasant past relationship?? (they thought they were gonna get hurt) (also i hope this doesn’t break the rules for requests!!)

*TRIGGER WARNING: Harmful Past relationship. Exo in no way harm you. 


This was your first real argument after he came back from tour in Hong Kong and you were beginning to doubt if you could handle his absence for so long. “Minseok, I come back to an empty house, empty bed, for months. You have the boys, the fans.” Minseok subconsciously steps towards you, his voice rising momentarily before you flinch quickly. He would freeze and feel his heart break, all arguments forgotten as he cautiously opens his arms for you. You’d run into his hug immediately and feel his hands soothingly rubbing your back, kissing the side of your head. Hours would pass as you both sat down and talked it out, past and future, promising to be there for each other. 

“Not all my relationships were as happy and loving as you Minseok…but I do love you”

“I would Never touch you like that. Ever.

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Junmyeon would come back to you after a very hard day of almost everything going wrong at SM. As he walked in late you jokingly complained “Junmyeon I can’t believe you made me wait longer for dinner” and he looked up at you frustrated, snapping “Look if I’m really that much of a burden, you should eat alone” before shame crashed through him at his words and your small step back. Junmyeon would immediately slowly approach you, hands up as his eyes filled, sighing in relief when you tucked your head into the crook of his neck and breathing your scent shakily in. He’d apologise in the softest voice, explaining his troublesome day but not excusing his treatment of you before you’d frame his face, showing your forgiveness.

“Junmyeon, you are not a burden. To me or anyone.”

“I’m so sorry jagi, I shouldn’t have snapped, I appreciate you completely.”

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Yixing and you rarely argued as you both trusted each other’s decisions and choices however it was the last straw for you when Yixing yet again pushed himself impossibly far and fainted. You’d plead with him “Baobei, please have a break, lighten your load! I cant take watching you get weaker!” but all Yixing could think of was the expectations of all those who supported him and his own determination. He would gesture to the side emotively as he argued back watching your eyes flicker to his hand and close. Sorrow filled him at your past, rushing to gather you up against his warm chest as his familiar voice calmly soothed and comforted you. Sitting you down and brushing your tears away, he swore he would watch his health.

“I never want you to feel like that again y/n. I will always be here for you.”

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Baekhyun being the cheerful, playful man he is would rarely have reason to argue with you but he can’t always be happy. It would be a day where he wakes up tired, too tired to put that warm smile on his face and you’d be aware of the sudden shift. Being 6 month into this relationship you’d be clueless on how to help, trying to make him laugh or cuddle him which would only cause him to groan “Can you just leave me alone for now.” as he began to push you aside with his long hands, making you curl into yourself. His usually bright eyes would widen at the sight and he would tentatively stroke over your back, speaking in hushed tones to relax you. He’d hold you on his lap for a long time as both of you find quiet contentment in one another.

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Jongdae is the member who always looks out for the others, and tries to look after them to his best ability. Walking in on a brewing argument between Jongdae and Junmyeon, you’d quickly step forward to break it up before something was said that would escalate the situation. Jongdae would shake your hand off his broad shoulder, frustrated and trying to get across how he felt a little taken for granted before Junmyeon took him by the shoulders to turn him towards you, looking down with your shoulders shaking. Junmyeon would quietly leave as Jongdae would realise how he had taken you for granted, repeating all the things he loved about you as he held your hands, smiling that unique grin that made your heart melt.

“I’m an idiot jagya, You’re always just trying to help. Thank you.” 

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You hadn’t meant to delete the track. Chanyeol always let you mess around and compose your own songs on his laptop, almost communicating with each other through music. Your finger had slipped and when Chanyeol came home and found out, he groaned loudly into his hands and berated you. When you told him what track it was, he stood up fast “The title track. You deleted the title track.”. You knew he hadn’t meant to but his height, usually endearing and clumsy, was intimidating when standing so fast, reminding you of your past. Lowering your head with your hands clenched you would feel his arms envelop you; murmuring into your hair how he’d just make another, that maybe you’d like help compose it.

“Please don’t feel intimidated jagiya, Let’d have some hot chocolate, then we can start our song.”

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Kyungsoo is another who wouldn’t argue often, being very self aware and introspective. However when he told you of the news of his new romantic drama and the possibility of a heated scene, you were happy for him but couldn’t help that insecurity that welled up. You’d quietly say “Please don’t… what if she’s perfect for you”.Kyungsoo would bring his large hand up to bring you into him to reassure you but seeing you back away quickly at his hand cause his face to fall, his heart to fill as he held up his hands to wait for when you were ready to be held by him. Seeing each other’s misunderstanding would bring you into a long hug, his hands smoothing down your waist gently. 

“You are the only one I’d imagine. I promise you that.”

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Jongin would be frustrated at how reluctant you were to go public. He would perfectly understand your cautiousness and apprehension but when he sat you down with a picnic and ask softly again you could only softly refuse. You’d feel awful but the thought of all the cameras, the invasion of privacy, you just couldn’t. Dragging his rich brown hair back in confusion, he replied sharply “It’s not about that, its about showing the world it’s you I love, in order for us to move forward!”. Hearing only his sharp tone, you’d drop your head, leaning away before his soft hands tilted your face gently up to look into his calm brown eyes, his small cheek dimple on display as he smiled reassuringly at you.

“Okay y/n we’ll do this on your time, I’ll wait with you.”

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This argument happened after Sehun noticed how much you liked to hang out with his hyungs. He trusted you and them completely, he knew how much you loved him just as you knew how much he loved him. The issue was that you would tease him about being younger, being the maknae with them. So today he would snap, angrily telling you “If i’m so young, such a baby, why’re you even here. I’m 23.” You’d avoid his eyes, immediately making yourself smaller. Sehun would instantly curse himself at his temper, sitting down and coaxing you to cuddle him on the sofa. You understood where his annoyance came from and promised him he was very much someone you respected and loved. 

“I mean, I admit I can be childish…but not all the time…”

“You’re the most loyal, caring and genuine man i know Sehun.”

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Admin C- I hope this is what you wanted Anonnie! ! It’s certainly more angsty but I feel all the members would be comforting in their own ways.  If you liked this please feel free to come request more.

anonymous asked:

Oh jeez requests are open!!!! Ily mum u r da best mum!!! Could I request rfa reacting to an mc who's a klutz plz? Like constantly tripping/falling/walking into things/falls off chairs etc etc (lolol TOTALLY not a self insert pshhhfff idk what you're talking about) (u don't have to do this if u don't wanna!!!)

i am the most klutzy idiot so lets dive right in


  • even though you trip over something like 5 times an hour, he still flips his shit every time
  • he’d grab your arm and get super concerned
  • “MC!!! are you okay???”
  • “uh, yea, i’m fine! just gotta brush it off haha”
  • his hands hover over you for a second before going back to walking normally
  • “alright…are you sure?”
  • “yes, yes, im sure-”
  • this is when you trip for a second time curse this uneven sidewalk
  • and Yoosung does the same ridiculously protective thing where he puts his hands out to catch you, even though you know full well how to stop yourself from falling down after years of being clumsy
  • he really wishes he could wrap you up in bubble wrap
  • and Yoosung is pretty clumsy himself
  • sometimes while he’s cooking his spoon will just fall on the ground and he’s just kind of like “well there goes that”
  • you love to cook together but theres also a very high chance that most of the food will end up on the ground
  • my clumsy OTP


  • your clumsiness is a big source of stress for him
  • every time you  fall off of a chair, or almost fall flat on your face in public he has a tiny heart attack
  • once you two were on a jog in the park and you fell and scabbed your knee and Zen really almost took you to the hospital
  • it takes him awhile to learn that clumsy people are actually tough as shit, yknow from years of being beat up by the ground
  • “Zen, i swear im alright”
  • “are you sure? do you need me to carry you?”
  • “no”
  • sometimes Zen will ask you to help him practice a dance number with him
  • big mistake 
  • you have two left feel and he daces with the grace of a swan
  • its a terrible idea, but Zen loves dancing with you nonetheless
  • he thinks its kind of cute, and since you’re dancing together he can easily grab you if he sees you falling
  • this way u can fall all over the place without it stressing him out too much


  • she essentially becomes the most prepared person on the planet
  • she starts carrying around a full-blown first aid kit in her purse
  • she’s got band aids of all shapes and sizes, medical tape, gauze, alcohol rubs
  • instead of worrying about catching you as youre falling, she just worries about patching you up afterwards
  • at first she tried to stop it while it was happening
  • but Jaehee quickly learned that you’re a lost cause and there is no way humanly possible to stop you from falling over
  • also, Jaehee doesnt let you bring coffee to customers anymore
  • lets just say you’ve broken multiple mugs and pissed of one or two costumers
  • so you make the coffee and she carries it out
  • she knows from experience that usually your klutzy episodes wont end in a serious injury, so she just lets you live your life and keeps band aids on hand


  • you’ll never forget the first time you were eating dinner with Jumin and you slipped out of your chair
  • he was at your side so fast, holding your hands
  • you were laughing at yourself, and when you looked up and saw how concerned he looked, you laughed even harder
  • “are you alright? how are you feeling? do i need to call an ambulance?”
  • you were laughing so hard you couldnt even answer him, but for some reason he was still convinced that you were seriously hurt
  • he takes out his phone with one hand while still holding yours with the other, and you started pulling on him to try and stop him
  • “im…fine…”
  • “theres no way you’re fine. it sounded like something broke”
  • everything that comes out of his mouth makes you laugh even harder
  • you wipe some tears away from your face and pull Jumin to the ground
  • “this happens all the time, i promise im alright”
  • ever since then Jumin still whips his phone out until you tell him you’re okay
  • now he’s used to it, but he cant help but ask how youre feeling every time something happens
  • he just has to


  • the first time something happened he couldnt stop laughing
  • the second time something happened he couldnt stop laughing
  • it gets him every time
  • “hey, why dont you sit on the floor during lunch today? it will be much safer for you”
  • “woah, watch out for those poles! they move pretty fast”
  • “what happened there? the ground whispered to you and you had to get closer to hear it?!”
  • the one time he trips over something you go HAM on his ass
  • you dont let him live it down for the rest of his life
  • one time he actually wrapped you in bubble wrap
  • like you were sitting at the computer and he sneak attacked you and essentially tied you to the chair with a wide layer of bubble wrap
  • he thought it was a good idea but since you couldnt use your arms he had to wait on you hand and foot
  • it was a terrible day for him but a great day for you
  • “i swear from now of im just gonna let you fall over…”
  • “thats all i ask”

thanks for reading!!!!!!!!! pls show me sum love if u liked it :3

Melodramatic, But It Turns Me On

summary: teenage!phan are at a sleepover and begin to have a bit of fun with the sex dices they’d found earlier that evening. 

warnings: smut (kinda)

words: 5.3k


I was gonna write more of illaks but apparently a weird 1am idea took priority and now . idk what this is laugHs oops

Im so tired I cant even think straight im sorry if the majority of this makes 0 sense I need 2 have a nap

This is probably the closest yall will ever get to me attempting smut lol appreciate it while u can x x

(if u don’t know what a ‘sex dice’ is click here)


Phil’s always felt weirdly privileged to share Dan’s bed whenever he sleeps over.

It’s not like it’s anything he’s a stranger to – quite the opposite really, but out of everyone, Phil’s the only one Dan will actually let in his bed on account of the fact he can actually have a decent night’s sleep without Phil taking all the duvet or accidentally rolling over and pushing him off the bed. That’s Kyle’s trick – explaining why he’s down there whilst his marginally less irritating best friend is up here under his duvet, sharing his mattress. It’s nice sleeping with the knowledge he won’t wake up either freezing cold or on the floor.

Phil’s used to them being the last ones awake – having been friends with a bunch of total fucking lightweights for the best part of three years, it’s become the norm for the rest of them to be down there, asleep. They’re wrapped up in empty sleeping bags and spare duvets whilst the only two who can actually handle their drink are lying side-by-side, a cut above the sea of empty bottles and shot glasses littering Dan’s floor. They’d passed out about half an hour ago, leaving the two slightly tipsy teenagers still giggling over what had been a contribution to the night’s entertainment along with the heated games of ‘never have I ever’ and one too many Malibu shots.

“Does this not feel weird to you?” Dan’s eyebrow quirks in Phil’s direction as he holds the two small wooden cubes in his hand. “I feel-… it feels- I don’t know- gross, kind-of,” he huffs out a chuckle.

“Why would-…” he squints in the darkness, “-… lick-… elbow-… feel weird to me?” he replies, a threat of sarcasm in his tone.

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AN: Hey guys! I know i disappeared for a minute there, but things have slowed down a little at work now, and I’m making a promise to myself to set aside time every week to write. I know I have a lot of things I should be working on, but of course, I’ve come up with something new for you instead. This is a little different than what I usually write, but I hope you like it anyway, and if so, let me know.. Who knows, maybe I’ll write another part! I’ve missed interacting with you guys and writing for you. Thank you, as always, for your continued support and patience.

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Stiles Stilinski Imagine- Let Me Talk

Anon- Could you do a Stiles imagine where he keeps trying to tell the reader that he loves her but he keeps getting interrupted by school bells, friends or any distraction you can think of and he eventually he gets so frustrated that he just yells it in front of all your shared friends aka the pack? I feel like this would be really cute and pretty damn funny😂

Authors Note- I was in the middle of a shit ton of homework when I saw this, but I loved it too much to wait, so I hope you enjoy x


Scott and Stiles stood waiting at their lockers, as they did every morning for you all. “Everytime I see her, my heart does the thing” he exclaimed. “I know” Scott nod his head. “It’s like I can feel my pulse quicken” he continued. “I hear” Scott claimed. “I think I love her-” Stiles cooed, but before Scott could reply you turned the corner. “You love who Stilinski?” you asked with a smile. “Oh erm ermm- the lunch lady” he lied terribly. “You think you love the lunch lady?” you asked with raised eyebrows. “Oh erm yeah” he said, his voice breaking half way through. Scott kept pretending to turn around, to stop himself from laughing. “Y/n thank god! Kira’s having a little girl trouble in the bathroom, I need your help ASAP!” she said in relief. “So I’ll see you later I guess” you said awkwardly, before following Lydia down the hall. “Yeah, we have first period together, remember?” he called after you. Scott finally burst out laughing, after watching his best friend’s pathetic excuse of flirting. “You knew she was coming, you complete dick” he said, punching Scott playfully in the arm. “Come on lover boy” Scott laughed, putting his arm around his neck and pulling him down the hallway along with him.

You walked into your English class and sat at your usual desk and Stiles soon followed, taking his next to you. You reached into your bag and began to sift through all of your notebooks to find a pen. “Y/n, Y/n!” he whispered, while the teacher was still setting up the lesson. You sat up and turned to face him. “About what I said earlier-” he began. An automatic smirk crept across your lips, at the thought of Stiles fancying the 60 year old, married lunch lady. “So you don’t love the lunch lady?” you asked, as you tilted your head. “No, in fact I was talking about someone else” he began to explain, his voice getting quieter. “Can everyone turn to chapter five please” your teacher finally spoke. You did as instructed, but you still felt Stiles’ eyes on you. “We’ll talk about it later, it’s okay if you fancy older women” you brushed it off. You promised to improve your grades and attendance this year and that also included reducing your detentions and improving your behaviour in class. “I don’t fancy the lunch lady” he accidently raised his voice, causing the class to laugh. “Thank you for that Stiles, but not relevant” your teacher commented. You bit back a laugh as he slowly sank into his seat, looking like a puppy that had just been told off.

After first period Stiles planned on telling you his true feelings, just to get it over and done with, he didn’t have the time for romance. He waited for you to gather your things as he stood and waited for you. You noticed how his foot tapped at an alarming rate. “What’s the hurry?” you asked with a smile. “Come on” he said. grabbing your arm gently and pulling you out of the classroom. You gave him a weird look as he finally let go of you as you reached the bottom of the stairwell. “You’re being really odd today, are you feeling alright?” you asked, half amused half concerned. “I’m fine, there’s just something I need to tell you” he exclaimed, speaking at 40mph. “Shoot” you said casually, not thinking anything of it. He took a deep breath but before he could say a word the school bell rang loudly. Students began to pour into the hallway. Someone bumped into you, drawing your attention away from Stiles and then more people began to bump into the pair of you as you were blocking the way to the stairs. Before you knew it, you had drifted away from one another in the masses of eager freshman and large groups of students from other grades. “Tell me later!” you shouted into the air, no longer knowing where he was. “It’s kind of important” he shouted back, but you couldn’t hear him, you had already travelled half way down the hall somehow. Stiles felt someone grip onto his shirt and pull him out of the crowd. “Don’t say anything” Stiles huffed. “That was pathetic” Scott told, having watched the whole situation. “Maybe you should wait to tell her, maybe not at school?” Scott suggested. “It’s now or never, otherwise I’ll overthink and might never tell her” Stiles explained. “She likes you Stiles. Her feelings aren’t going to change overnight, why don’t you wait and make it special?” Scott asked rationally. “You’re right, I guess I can wait a day” he agreed. Scott smiled and patted his best friend on the shoulder as they walked to lesson together.

“I cant wait any longer” Stiles whispered. It was break and you all decided to go to the library because it was cold and the only place with any good heating, considering not all of you had wolf heat. “It’s literally been an hour since we agreed on you doing it tomorrow” Scott said, putting his head in his hands. “I know, but look at her” he said in admiration, staring over at the table you were on. Lydia was helping you with your homework and you’d never looked more beautiful, you sat with a furrowed brow staring down at your paper with your hair tucked behind your ear. You glanced up and felt your heart flutter as you caught eye contact with Stiles, his brown eyes looked wet and he had such an adoring look on his face that made you melt. With all you were feeling all you managed was a simple wave, which he returned. God you fucking idiot. Tell him how you feel. “I’m doing it now” He stood up from his chair and began to walk over to you slowly, shaking his sweaty hands and not looking away from you as you scribbled onto your paper. He was about half way across the library when suddenly he felt something hard hit him as he fell to the ground. Books and sheets of paper flew everywhere and there was an eruption of quiet giggles and hushes. Stiles pealed the paper that was covering his eyes to see Liam lying on top of him with an awkward expression on his face. “Get. Off. Of. Me” Stiles said so calmly. Liam lifted himself up and offered his hand out to help Stiles up, “I’m sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going and I didn’t see you walking towards me and-” he barely finished his rambling before Stiles became distracted and rushed off. “ Where’s Y/N?” he asked, half out of breath. “Oh she had to rush off, she told me to ask if you were okay though” Lydia said, packing her own books away. “Great” he said with an eye roll. “Honestly you’re making this little crush of yours so obvious, why are you so desperate to talk to her?” she asked with a smirk. “I’m telling her that I - Wait, you know I like her?” he asked, completely shocked. “Yes Stiles, I’m surprised she hasn’t figured it out herself” she shook her head with a smile. “Whatever it is you need to talk to her about you have two hours because she’s going home early after lunch” she added, before walking away to her next optional AP class. “Two hours, you can do this” he breathed.

He wasn’t in your next lesson and time couldn’t have gone slower. Malia watched, shaking her head as he sat there looking at the clock with a stupid expression on his face. The sound of him clicking his pen to the noise of the clock ticking echoed in her head for the whole period. As soon as the bell for lunch went up he practically ran to the school cafeteria. He was the first on your usual table, Malia followed swiftly behind, confused as to why he didn’t walk down with her. Kira and Scott then followed and took their seats. Liam and Mason sat on the edge of the table, he was still embarrassed by the whole falling on him thing. Finally you walked over with Lydia. You took your seat in the other end of the table, opposite Stiles. You ate your lunch while you all talked as usual, beside Stiles who stared down at the table. Hayden had also joined you all at this point. “Are you okay?” you asked, breaking away from the conversation. “I need to tell you something” he tried to say quietly. “Oh yeah, sure” you smiled. “I lo-” he began for what seemed like the 100th time that day. “Y/L/N, did you forget about your detention today for skipping class you little delinquent?” Coach asked, blowing his whistle. You took a sip of your coffee and turned to look at him, “I have no idea what you’re talking about” you said innocently. “Now!” he called, but before you could reply someone interrupted. “Coach…Shut up” Stiles said sarcastically. “I have been trying to say this all day and I have been interrupted for the last time!” he said standing up. “I love you Y/n, there I said it. I am completely and utterly in love with you” he said a little too loudly, only focusing on you. Half of the students in the cafeteria where staring at you, including all of your friends; who were sitting there with huge grins, smiles and smirks on their faces. You almost spat your coffee all over him. You had a shocked expression on your face for a second, before a bright smile formed. For some strange reason you weren’t embarrassed, only wrapped up in the though of the boy you had liked forever liking you back. “I love you too” you blushed, never thinking this would be the first time you’d say that to him. “Right that’s enough, come on” Coach said with a disgusted look on his face. You were practically pulled out of the room but your eyes remained fixated on Stiles’.

Later on someone knocked on your front door and you knew exactly who it was. “Did you really mean it?” he asked without hesitation, walking in. “Of course I did” you smiled shyly. “So what now?” he asked with a grin on his face. “People who love each other, should be together” you implied. “I guess you’re right” he agreed. After the hectic day he’d had, you thought you may as well give him a hectic end. You wrapped your arms around his neck and felt his around your waist as he leant down and pressed his lips to yours in a long awaited kiss. The passion was something you’d never change about the two of you and it was something you’d never lose. You loved him and he adored you. As much as he had hated that day, he wouldn’t change it for the world.

Sorry its kind of rushed but I waned to get something out before I do my school work. I love you guys but requests are closed so I wont be doing any that are sent to me for a while x

Wake up!

Baron Corbin x Reader

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“I know baby, yeah… I get that..” Baron was on his phone talking to his girlfriend of 4months, “Please, don’t be upset… I know, I know. Ok, well I’m on my way then!” the last sentece made you crease you eyebrow.

“What’s up this time?” you asked annoyed when Baron hung up.

“I’m sorry Y/N, but I have to cancel our plans.” he nonchalantly informed you.

“What? Why? We talked about this for months now! Did you now how much I spent on the tickets?”

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Silver Storm (10/?)

Summary: Hydra took you & turned you into their next asset, your abolities matching the Winter Soldiers. The soldier was assigned as your trainer, infront of others he was hard& cold to you ; but alone he let his walls down, you were eachothers only comfort. After the events Of DC, he disappeared.You were told he abandoned you, that he was on the other side now. It’s been years since you’ve seen him, but what happens when he comes bursting through the doors of your facility?

Memories are in Italics, bold is readers thoughts *

Pairing: Bucky x reader  , reader x avengers

Warnings: swearing, angst,tiny fluff

 * Its a short one guys! I swear the next one will be better

                                                        Chapter 10

   “ Let her go or I swear to God Ross, -”

“ Threats aren’t going to help your girlfriend, Sergeant Barnes. The fact that you all think keeping this criminal here is okay, proves my point. You think you are above the law. Just because Barnes was cleared of his history , doesn’t automatically mean every person that claims to be brainwashed is going to be too. We will make an example of Silver Storm, this government isn’t going to be run by a group of enhanced ‘heroes’ . Escort her out , boys.”

  The guards currently holding you begin pushing you towards the doors, your body is completely frozen with fear. What is happening? They cant take me away from him . You want to fight back, resist against the mens grip on you. But your instincts stop you , the fear of the punishment, of disobeying, overtake any other emotion and thought. This is what Hydra has done to you , made you deathly afraid of disobeying and being tortured for it . Comply & live or Resist & die or be tortured to the point of praying for death .

 You look over your shoulder, catching Buckys livid snarl on his face.

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“ Buck don’t make this worse, we’ll get her back.” you hear Steve say .

Wandas voice floats into your mind, startling you . “ Why aren’t you fighting back y/n? Don’t let them take you !” her voice dripping with confusion and fear for you .

“ It’ll only make this worse. Tell him I love him, we both knew this day would come. ”

That was it, the last contact you had with any of your friends before you were being forced into a black van with Ross & his goons.

“ You’re surprisingly quiet, you’re much more cooperative than your friends were .” Ross says, a hint of humor in his voice. Fuck you .

“ You know the childs game, Simon Says?” You ask Ross, your voice completely calm.

“ Yes?”

“ Imagine playing that , but instead of just losing when you don’t follow Simons order, You either receive a bullet between your eyes or you’re beaten to the point you wish you would of taken the bullet. That is what I was put through , either obey or rebel & and be punished to the point I wish for death . I was beaten, robbed of my memories, of my life . There isnt a day I dont regret the things ive done, that i dont think about the lives i was forced to take. So tell me Secretary, what would you have done if you were me?” The car goes quiet, your question never being answered. You stay silent during the car ride, during the helicopter ride and even when bring you to a floating prison & strap the equivalent to a straight jacket on you before they throw you in a cell. I always knew id end up somewhere like this.

             Buckys POV

“ What the fuck just happened!?” Bucky shouts, pointing his finger at Tony.“ Who the hell let him in here!”

  “ Buck-”

“ Shut up Steve. Don’t you dare tell me to calm down .” I growl at him before he can continue.

“ Barnes I didn’t know-” Tony starts to defend himself

“ You didn’t know what Tony? You really didn’t think Ross would take her ! He’s still acting like a bitch because I was released ! You really didn’t consider that he’d jump at the chance to get his hands on someone else!? ” I can’t contain the anger bubbling over. How could this happen? How could I just let her be ripped away from me? The team was silent, knowing nothing they could say right now would solve this.

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  “ We will get her back, she has the same qualifications you had that got you off the hook. Ross said he just wanted to observe her , I didn’t think there was a reason for her to be taken !” Tony shouts back . He rubs his hand down his face, regret radiating off him.

  “ Bucky I went into her mind as they took her.” Wanda hesitantly says, I whip my focus to her and wait for her to continue. “ She said to tell you that she loves you , but you both knew this day would come. She was afraid to fight back, afraid it would make things worse. ” Her voice shakey. She’s probably just as upset as I am, they were just as close. I pull Wanda to me , hugging her tightly.

“ Thank you . ” I whisper into her hair.

  “ She’s at the same place some of you were taken . Legally , they have to evaluate her & asses the just how much damage was done to her , and they have to have enough evidence that she was being coerced to do the things she did .” Tony says , placing a hand on my shoulder.

“ She was evaluated here, why do they have to do it again? ” I ask

“ They wont take our word on it , I’m flying out there in 10 minutes, bringing them copies of the videos from her handlers flash drive. I’m not leaving there without her ,Barnes.” Tony reassures me.

“ I’m going with . ”

“ Bucky I don’t think-”

“ She’s scared Tony . I’m the one that promised her she was safe here, this wasn’t suppose to happen. I’m going.” He doesn’t argue with me anymore. 10 minutes later we are on his helicopter, on our way to Y/n.

         Y/n’s POV

  Your head flies back from the punch one of guards just threw at you . You feel the blood trickling out of your nose. You cant even fight back , the jacket they had you locked in not allowing your arms any freedom. All you can do is take the beating, you know you deserve to be here, but not to be beaten like this.

“ A piece of shit like you doesn’t even deserve to be here, you should of been dropped in the middle of the damn ocean to drown.” The guard snarls, landing another blow to your eye . Your body gives out, collapsing fully onto the ground. 

Ross’s voice comes over the intercom, “ Alright that’s enough . We have visitors on the way.”

A sickening smirk falls onto the guards face, he pulls what you think is a muzzle off of his belt. “ Cant have you chatting up a storm.” he says , harshly putting it on you . its painfully tight around your head. I wonder who is coming.

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When the guard leaves your cell, you lay down gently on the crappy bed that was supplied. Your body aches from the guards hits, making you groan as your body hits the bed, You close your eyes, letting the tears fall freely now.

A few hours later.

  “ y/n?” Bucky?

 You spring up as fast as your body lets you , and stand infront of the giant barred window . You watch as Bucky looks you over, anger taking over his face when he sees all the bruises on your face.

“ They did this to you?” He growls, all you can do is nod .

  “ I’m getting you out of here , doll.” he promises , he walks away and you cry as he does.  

       Bucky POV

   Seeing Y/n strapped in that jacket and muzzle I was angry, then I saw the bruises scattering over her face & I was livid . I storm into the control room where Tony and Ross are watching the flash drive videos.

“ Get her out of the jacker and muzzle , NOW.” I growl at Ross.

He looks unimpressed, but still slightly afraid .

“ You put her in a jacket and muzzle? Seriously Ross? She went willingly, she didn’t even try to fight you.” Tony says

“ I’m not releasing her from the jacket, its to ensure the safety of our guards.”

“ Oh ,the guards that clearly beat her!? Her face is covered in bruises! It wasn’t a fucking request, take.them.off.NOW.” I Shout. Ross looks over to the guard in the room ,nodding at him.

Originally posted by its-buckyy

 I follow after him ,not wanting to risk him putting his hands on y/n. I watch from the window as he removes the muzzle, then the jacket. Y/n goes to stretch , but winces halfway through. They must have really gotten her. She walks to the window, a sad smile on her lips.

“ Hi Buck.” her voice was raspy, my heart breaking at the sound.

“ I’m not leaving you here. They have no reason-”

“ But they do . I should be punished for what Ive done. We both knew there was a chance this would happen. I -”

“ No y/n, you don’t deserve to be here. I’m not letting them do this to you , if they want to blame someone they can blame Hydra, not you.” I say . I feel a hand on my shoulder, then hear Tony .

“ Y/n, I didn’t know they were going to take you . Ross said -”

“ Its alright Tony, I know you wouldn’t of done this on purpose. ” she says . Of course shes not blaming him , shes not going to blame anyone but herself with is bullshit.


Y/n’s POV

  “ I managed to compromise with Ross, you can leave with us. But you have to wear an anklet until your evaluation is looked over again by a third party, its kind of like ones people on house arrest are given. You cant leave the tower at all, you cant even set foot on the jet, or one step outside of the door."Tony informs you.

  Tears roll down your cheeks as Tony keeps listing off the restrictions of the anklet. But all you can focus on is being able to be home again. A few minutes pass , a guard finally comes to unlock your door.  The first thing you want to do is throw yourself into Buckys embrace, but you know this isn’t the place for that. You’re guided to the room where Ross is , entering you see the displeased look on his face. You sit in an empty chair, the room silent while Ross locks the monitor on your ankle.

” If you take one step out of that tower, you will receive a shock to stop you .“ He tells you . You don’t reply, just stand and move next to Bucky.

” Lets get out of here . Ross, always a pleasure.“ Tony says sarcastically while he leads you and Bucky out .

  As you pass a few guards on the way , one stands out to you . You haven’t seen him while you were here , but he looks familiar to you . You try to place your finger on where you’ve seen him , but you cant seem to figure it out. You lock eyes with him, and he sends you a wink, a creepy smile forming on his lips. What a creep. You avert your gaze , looking anywhere but at the guard.

You’re finally on the helicopter, about to lift off to take you home .Bucky pulls your hand in his lap, lacing his fingers with yours and kissing your hand.You sigh in relief at the feeling of his lips against your hand  Your eyes wonder out the window, & your gaze locks with the familiar looking guard, your stare flickers down to his lips. You watch as his lips twitch into a sickening smirk, & he mouths ,” Hail Hydra" .

Your eyes widen as you Finally recall where you know him . He was your handlers second in command , he was on a mission the day you Freed yourself From hydra . You can’t seem to find your voice as fear and anger flood through you.

I’m not going to let them ruin this,  Not without a fight.

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I found her and I trust her


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dating nct jaehyun!!!1!1!

• you guys are super cute
• jaehyun always smiles when he’s w you, not just any smile but he whole, cresent eyes, and the cute, well defined dimples
• he really likes being lowkey w you like
• “hey…,,,, wear a black and white striped shirt tomorrow” “,,,,,ok???”
• the next day
• “oh,,, my,,,, i- we didn’t even realize!!!! haaaa, we’re so perfect for each other”
• he’s awkward in a really non awkward, cute way
• it’s confusing
• it’s like he’s your best friend that happen to be dating and kissing on basis and hugging
• he doesn’t do cheesy things like put your name in his IG bio or anything, but he does make you his profile picture on his social media sites
• there’s some weird shit going on in his lil perv brain
• omg ok when nct u debuted you were like “hoLY- shiT. bABY DO U LOOK GOOD OR DO U LOOK GOOD”
• he’s super tall so you kinda, cling to him but he doesn’t care he likes it
• k he loves kissing you sm sm sm sm
• he kisses the top of your head a lot tho
• ok first kiss time w jaehyun!!!!
• ok so what happened was you were just chilling on the nct boys’ dorm couch
• and the sm BABy rookiES. were like “noONA. LET’S WATCH A MOVIE” and you were like “daMNBOYS. OK”
• jaemin, the princess himself, chose sleeping beauty.
• and at that very moment jaehyun came in the living room and was like “lol what are u guys doing w my girlfriend” and just plopped down in between you and jaemin and jaemin was like “hyuNG. wyD.”
• so it went like, donghyuk, jeno, jaemin, jaehyun, you and jisung.
• the first 4 boys were like, so INDULGED IN THE MOVIE, BUT you and jisung were like “lol lol lol we saw this like 40 times together already let’s just goof off” and you just kept squishing his cheeks being like “ugh jisung u’re like 3 what are u doing in an entertainment company i should be baby sitting you and be feeding u mushed up bananas”
• and jaehyun looked over at you and you whispered to jaehyun while squishing jisung’s cheeks and you were like “omg look at this literal baby jae”
• and jaehyun smiled bc goodness you’d be the most embarrassing mother to you and jaehyun’s children
• and then jisung fell asleep and you got bored and fell asleep with him while leaning on jaehyun’s shoulder
• “WHAT HAPPENED” and you screamed
• and the 2000 boys were like “HYUNG WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER” and he was like “whAT- WHY DO YOU ALL BLAME ME I DIDNT DO ANYTHING”
• and so you just hugged jisung and told him to go back to sleep but he was all shaken up
• and jaehyun just “oK. LET ME. JUST. GO TO MY ROOM.”
• but then 2 minutes later he motioned w his hand for you to come into the room
• and all the babies got up and started following you to his room and jaehyun was like “why- NOT ALL OF YOU. JUST HER. YOU GUYS-”
• a unison of “ooohhhhhhhh” from all the boys who go back to the couch
• and you got into the room and he closed the door and you were thinking “crap”
• but he very awkwardly was like “uh so… uh”
• “a dream??? uh well, did you, enjoy it?”
• “what?”
• “um” and he kinda, walked closer towards you and you just stayed there and he got crazy close to you and he put one of his hands on your cheek and another one on your hip and put his lips on yours and you hesitantly kissed back and put your arms around his neck and sjdjrjejf
• then he gently took his lips off of yours and smiled and he just kinda laughed and it was so cute honestly
• and you coughed and was like “um, uh, we should, take the boys, out of ice cream or something they…they wanted ice cream”
• and he put his arm around your shoulders and was like “alright”
• and fast thinker jaemin was like “hA. LOL. STUPiD US. JENO YOUR CONTACTS AREN’T HERE”
• “me-? oh- Oh YEAH MY CONTACT-”
• “jeno, you don’t wear contacts.”
• “you guys still gonna buy us ice cream or” cause all donghyuk wanted was some ice cream
• y'all did end up getting ice cream tho bc you love jisung sm, he’s you and jaehyun’s baby and he wanted ice cream
• it was a fun day
• ok when firetruck came out you went nuts
• ok you once found an old predebut video of him having a full on conversation by himself in english in his english class and you sent it to him
• he didn’t reply for like, 12 hours
• he cooks for you and you guys cook together sometimes it’s great
• you wear his sweaters sometimes and it’s so cute he loves it you look so tiny
• jaehyun made you cry once
• you guys were best friends first before you guys started dating
• he’s so modest it makes you ejdjfjfk
• ok jaehyun, not to be weird, but he gets boners a lot
• you pretend not to notice sometimes bc “jaehyun come on this happened on stage too you gotta chill man i know you’re growing up and you cant help it and all but-”
• but sometimes you just laugh and give him a small kiss on the cheek and continue doing what you were doing or something bc yoU GUYS AREN’T GONNA DO IT EVERYTIME HIS FRIEND ACTS UP DOWN THERE
• ok but he gets needy he just, hugs you a lot and back hugs you when he NORMALLY REALLY DOESNT, and he kisses you and whispers in your ear and, hM. IT’S TEMPTING BUT YOU’RE A STIFF STONE YOU’RE “you’re cute”
• you guys watch nct life together
• when he sleeps over/when you sleep over it’s so fun you always ask him to sing you to sleep and he does sing and skdkf
• but honestly most of the time y'all are gummy bears, potato chips, video games, dance breaks, and candy till 4am
• lol ok he looks at you, the same way he looks at honey butter chips and oh my goodness it’s the cutest thing
• johnny always messes w jae like “yoUR BAE OR HONEY BUTTER CHIPS JAEHYUN. ANSWER ME. 3, 2, 1. OHHHHH”
• ok jaehyuns lock screen is a picture of you and him together, smiling and laughing at your favorite coffee shop that yuta took when he was with hansol.
• ok so yuta and hansol were stalking you, but the way they put it was “we were not stalking you we were following you to make sure that you were being nice kids and just going on clean, 18 and under age dates.” and while they were behind the bushes, they saw you and him laughing at something and you two looked so cute that yuta snapped a pic and sent it to jaehyun and hansol was like “…wait. YUTA-” and then at that very moment jaehyun and your heads turned and you two made eye contact w hansol and yuta who was awkwardly standing behind the bushes of the coffee shop.
• it was a weird day
• jaehyun’s home screen is a picture of you sleeping, your hair in your face, your mouth kind of open, your cheek squished up from the pillow under your cheek and you hate it but he thinks it’s the cut e s t thing e v e r. it’s his favorite picture of you.
• he loves feeding you and being fed like he’s kinda shy about it but he loVES. IT.
• jaehyun doesn’t really get jealous, i mean, he does like any other guy, but he prefers to talk it out with you and ask you directly rather than keeping his emotions and questions to himself and hurting both himself and you and the relationship.
• he pretends you’re his giant teddy bear
• he likes it when you sit on his lap
• he does aegyo when you’re sad or when he wants something and you’re like “uGHWHAT”
• he loves spooning well, not spooning but, he just likes holding on to you while you’re both laying down
• he loves it when you touch his hair and play with it
• he catches all the bugs and when you’re scared he’s like “iTSOK I GOT YOU”
• when you’re cold, he doesn’t hesitate to take his jacket off and give it to you
• or when you’re like “oh no you’re gonna be cold ill be fine” he just let’s you sit in between his legs and he just drapes around you like a giant blanket
• ok your selfies are so cute it could be super casual where to u’re wearing normal clothes and just smiling or you guys could be wearing weird clothes that look like you’re about to go on stage to perform for lady gaga, sticking your tongues out, they’re all cute, super cute
• you guys say “i love you” when you’re in the mood for it meaning like, you guys would be watching TV then it’d get boring and you guys would just be smiling and really quiet and then he’d say “i love you” really quietly and pat your head.
• he talks in 3 different languages
• now he’s learning chinese from winwin and kun and his chinese classes so, 4 LANGUAGES. Y A Y.
• you saw jaehyun in a suit, once.
• once was enough.
• “stoooooooop”
• you guys never stop smiling around each other
• you guys, barely fight/argue
• he once took advice from johnny and, “went for it” aka took your head band to wash his face without getting his bags wet.
• “she won’t notice” he said. “she won’t laugh” he said. “SHE WON’T TAKE PICTURES OF YOU AND KEEP THEM FOREVER.” HE SAID

• he lied. johnny lied. and johnny’s the one that told you about the head band thing, allowing you to get the picture in the first place.

YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW HARD THIS WAS I HAD TO START THIS OVER AGAIN LIKE, 6 TIMES WHEN I WAS ¾ DONE BC I KEPT CLICKING THE BACK BUTTON AND SJDJJFKG i feel like this one isn’t as good as the other ones bc i restarted it so many times omg but yES. bias wrecker af jaehyun yes thank u for existing u wonderful human being//giraffe.


Can you do an imagine where Tom and the reader have been in a long relationship and they love each other a lot. But for months, Tom has been cheating on the reader with Ella Purnell and the reader finds out. Tom promises not to do it again. When it comes to the BAFTAs, the reader cant go and Tom and Ella end up having sex in a hotel room and the readers ends up finding them together, ending things with Tom?

Authors Note: I suggest listening to either “My Immortal” by Evanescence (for hard tears) OR “One Love” by Marianas Trench (for feels) whilst reading this for more of an effect. I decided to add on to this imagine (the ending) with something I was working on previously because it seemed like a good fit. Thank you to the anonymous person who requested this!💙

“What do you mean it’s nothing, Tom! How long has this been going on!” I raged, tears stinging my eyes. Tom’s normally kept hair was wild from him running his fingers through it constantly.

“Let me-”

“How. Long. Thomas.” I snarled through clenched teeth. He gulped and looked at me, worry in his eyes.

“Two months. ” he whispered.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.” I said, crossing my arms.

“Two months.” he said louder. I threw my hands up in the air and yelled.

“You’re such a dick Tom! After three years together and you’re already bored of me. I knew from the start you would leave me for someone higher than me.” I rambled on, grabbing my jacket and bag.

“Where are you going?” he asked, grabbing my wrist.

“Away from you.” I said, tears rolling down my cheeks. He pulled me into a hug and I struggled to get out but he held on, bringing me to the ground slowly. I cried, my hands balled into fists, resting on his chest. He soothed my hair and I heard him sniffle.

“I promise to never do it again. I-I can’t lose you. It was a one time thing, I swear. Everything after, was just friendship.” he whispered. I felt a tear of his, land on my cheek and I calmed down.

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

~Two months later~

“You sure you can’t go?” Tom asked, struggling to fix his bow tie. I chuckled and went over to fix it for me. I sniffled and made a face.

“I don’t think the red carpet would look great with someone sick on it.” I said, smiling. He smiled and kissed my cheek.

“I’ll see you home then.” he whispered in my ear. I nodded and let him go.

After an hour passed, my phone rang. I groaned from my place on the couch and reached over for it, setting my book down.

“Yeah Harrison?” I said, clearly sounding congested.

“Whoa there dragon. What’s wrong?” he teased.

“Har har. I’m sick you ass. What do you want?”

“Come surprise Tom! He’s nominated and Oh YES!” Harrison screamed in the phone. Tom and I didn’t have the channel the BAFTAs were on because well, Harrison dropped soda on the outlet so the television was done until we could fix it.

“TOM JUST WON. GET YOUR GROSS ASS OVER HERE NOW!” Harrison yelled before hanging up. Well then… Guess I am going after all.

After an hour of deciding what to wear, I settled on a nice pant suit, dreading the fact that it was my sisters pant suit that I packed. She was huge on showing cleavage. I put on some lip gloss and smacked my face a bit, trying to make it look less sick as I grabbed my purse and headed down to the ceremony.

“There she is! The after party started an hour ago!” Harrison whined.

“You could have gone Haz.” I said, taking his arm.

“I could have. But Tom was bombarded by photographers, I decided to wait for you.”

“Aww so sweet. Now where’s Tom?” I asked, excited to see his award.

“I don’t know but can you help me load some stuff into his hotel room?” Harrison asked.

“Hotel room?” I asked.

“Yeah. His parents are in town and he wanted to spend some time with them. They wanted to stay at your place but Tom said you were sick and they understood.” Harrison explained. I nodded as we walked to his car to pull out some wine and some CD’s. Harrison pulled out some confetti poppers and a camera.

“It’s going to freak Tom out once he sees you.” Harrison beamed. I giggled at his dorkiness.

“Why? He sees me everyday.”

“I know but you were sick and now you’re here.”

We got up to his floor to hear music pumping through all the doors.

“Seems like everyone is celebrating!” I shouted over the music. Harrison nodded and took out the room key. He opened the door and I dropped the wine bottle and CD’s, my mouth dropping. Harrison stopped in his tracks and dropped the poppers and camera.

There on the bed was Tom. And who else would be under him? Fucking Ella.

“What the fuck is this mate!?” Harrison yelled. Tom turned and looked like he saw a ghost. More like an ex, now.

“You better be fucking drunk or else. You know what? No what else. Get the fuck off of her.” Harrison instructed. Tom got up and covered himself with the blanket. Ella did the same. The tears came fast and Harrison wrapped an arm around me.

“He’s drunk Love. Look at his eyes.” Harrison whispered in my ear. I looked up and saw that they were glossy.

“Babe I-I can explain-” Tom said right before I marched up to him and slapped him. Ella looked taken back and I don’t know what came over me. I jumped on the bed and started pulling her hair, calling her names. She was screaming and tried fighting me off but I yanked and yanked. Harrison came over and took me away from my waist and Tom stood with his arms out, separating Ella and I. Tom was in boxers now, the little shit. He didn’t try to pull me off or anything.

“You promised? Some promise you fucker.” I spat, tearing off the necklace he gave me and hurling it at him. He caught it and was about to come to me when Harrison stopped him.

“No.” he said, standing in between Tom and I. Tom looked at Harrison and then back to me. I looked at him with tears gushing down my face.

“Babe I-”

“No. You don’t get to fix this one mate. You can’t. Not this time. Come on, let’s go.” Harrison said, turning me around from my shoulder and escorting me out with an arm around my waist.

“Harrison! Come back! It’s the alcohol’s doing!” Tom yelled after us. Harrison looked back and grabbed my hand, running towards the elevator. He pushed the button and I looked back to see Tom running down the hall in his boxers, stumbling to stay up due to the alcohol.

The doors closed on him as soon as he got to the doors and I sank to the floor crying. Harrison stopped the elevator and hugged me.

“Hey… You know it’s the alcohol, right?” He said, rubbing my shoulders.

“So? He promised.” I cried, sniffling as I felt the mucus coming. Harrison gave me his hanker chief and I wiped my nose on it. I rested my head on his shoulder and let the tears fall. His phone rang and I saw that it was Tom. I looked at him and he let it ring.

“I don’t want to be here right now.” I whispered, covering my face with my hands.

“Then let’s get out of here. Away from all this.” Harrison said, restarting the elevator.

“Where would we go?” I sniffled.

“We can go to the beach. I know that’s your happy place.” he smiled. I smiled and nodded. We got out to the parking lot and Tom called again.

“What do you want mate!” Harrison yelled into the phone as we got into my car. I started the engine and backed up, taking a left turn to head to the freeway.

“No. Leave her alone mate. I don’t care if she’s your girlfriend! You cheated on her.” Harrison yelled, ending the phone call.

“He’s called your phone like 8 times already.” Harrison said. I looked to the left to see if any cars were coming and then I drove onto the freeway.

“I have my phone on silent.” I said, signaling my blinker to go left.

Neither of us saw it coming. Then again, neither did the other two cars next to us. It came like a bright light as the semi barreled into the car on my left, dragging that car to us and then slamming us into the car on our right. I remember Harrison sticking his hand out in front of me like a mom protecting her child in a car accident and me hitting the steering wheel and tasting blood.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion. I turned to see Harrison looking at me with fear in his eyes as we continued on being moved. My eyes widened as I noticed we were coming close to the wall. Harrison turned to look and looked back at me. He was scared. I reached my hand out to him and he took it as reality stepped in, making everything up to speed again.

I opened my eyes to see bright lights passing me and hearing distorted voices.

“Ha-harrison. Wh-where’s Harrison?“I choked out. I tried to sit up but a lady held me down. She looked at me and I saw fear in her eyes as well.

“Harrison? Where is he. Is he okay?” I croaked.

“Patient is speaking but is loosing-” her voice seemed to trail off into an echo until I asked where Harrison was again.

“He’s fine. He’s not in critical condition.” she said as I began to loose vision.

“Patient is dropping!” a distant voice yelled as I began to see darkness.

dating nct mark!!1!1!

• idek where to start tbh
• ok so since marks very, very looked up to by the baby rookies, they treat you with full respect and love you
• ofc he loves you and you love him too but y'all BICKER LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW
• ok mark gives the. best. hugs. ever.
• esp when you’re sad and you’re crying he kind of, pulls your head towards his chest and pats your back and says “it’s okay, you’ll be okay, im here for you”
• ok all the gushy-ness aside, y'all are so dumb like
• “wait, what’s that.”
• “oh snap idk??? what is it???”
• and donghyuck in the back just, face palm and just “IT’S A FLY SWATTER. YOU. DUMBOS.”
• mark loves you so much and he treats you like a little sister sometimes, jk he treats you like a lil sis all the time, but you love it
• you guys watch nct life in paju/ nct life 단합대회 together and you continuously make fun of mark like “mark you- YOU CANT PLAY HEAD TENNIS LIKE THAT.”
• marks such a fluff ball ugh
• you guys get competitive over weird things like you could be watching a variety show w him and suddenly you’d both hear IU’s good day as bgm and then mark would suddenly be like “LETS SEE WHO CAN DO THE THREE OCTAVE NOTES IN GOOD DAY THE BEST.”
• you guys once was walking the boardwalk of a beach
• he saw a juggler
• he was so very impressed, he kept clapping and saying “oh woah”
• he saw some ice cream, and was like “oh, we’re gonna go get some ice cream” and when you two went to the ice cream stand and when he dug into his pockets, there was no money
• he slowly turned to you “…babe”
• “mark. i got you.”
• but mark made it up to you by winning you a super cute teddy bear
• lol you guys go shopping together all the time and it always goes the same. exact. way. every time.
• mark shimmy shams towards you and tries to be slick and sneak something into the cart
• and you turn into a strict mom and you’re like “mark. no. put it down. what is that behind your back.”
• xuimin loves you both so much oh my gosh
• ok at first he was like “…guys you do know how this will possibly end right? especially with mark being so popular and new”
• you try to rap to his rap part in mad city and it… it doesn’t end well let’s just leave it there.
• donghyuck’s hatred for you went from 494859696 to 4495959904959596.
• he always asks you to watch the nct music videos and he’s like, shy about it but he gets super happy when you compliment him
• k every morning you sleep over or vise versa;;;
• you guys eat ceral together in front of the tv, eyes glued to some morning cartoon that’s on tv in the wee hours of the morning.
• at night you guys are dancing to every single exo song ever and pouring your hearts out dancing to super junior and free styling to tvxq dances. it’s lit.
• and when you two calm down, you guys sit on the bed and eat some more ceral together.
• you guys don’t talk about deep things or anything bc bless mark’s heart he will somehow turn it into something really stupid like you guys could be talking about what color mirrors really are and he’d say something like “wait aren’t mirrors clear?”
“mark, if mirrors were clear we’d see through them” “…what” and then it continues on from there into a void of total confusion
• you guys talk about your concerns though. you guys give each other pep talks and talk about the hardships and the biggest worries in your minds at the moment and yeah, that’s when shit gets real.
• mark is such a modest baby he’s so modest about everything and it really makes you happy, although he can be a little more confident in his skills, being modest and not letting fame get to his head is good.
• you guys react to new music videos together
• some of the members love your selfies w mark so much that they make it their profile pictures for like, kakao and put something like “my children” as their message and it’s honestly so cringe to both you and mark
• mark’s lockscreen is a picture of you and him standing beside a really pretty cherry blossom tree, totally caught off guard and just smiling and standing next to each other holding each other hand. yuta took it. ofc yuta took it. yuta takes all of the off guard couple pictures. but they’re all super nice.
• his home screen is a selfie you took with you just smiling with a cat filter (or the dog filter, whatever you prefer). he loves it. he thinks you look adorable.
• ok talking about HOLDING HANDS HMMMM OK.
• literally. JISUNG. pushed him to hold your hand bc he was taking so long to make a move.
• donghyuck just told him to man up and DO IT.
• and when he finally got the courage to hold your hand when you two were out walking together, you didn’t make a big deal out of it, you knew how nervous he was around you so you just looked at him and smiled and held his hand tighter and kept talking and walking.
• “i am, your favorite nct member, right?”
• “of course you are!!!! it’s not like it’s jaehyun or anything!!!! love u mark.”
• you want mark to be HEALTHY. and HAPPY. so you feed mark a lot and make sure he gets the rest he needs.
• ok you feeding mark a lot. LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT.
• you always feed mark and he’s like “ahhhh what”
• but he likes you feeding him and all but he’s so embarrassed since he’s like, a younger member but the oldest out of the younger members and it’s kind of…idk new??? to him.
• HE’S JUST KINDA “are u sure u’ll be ok”
• he just wants you safe and that’s so rjrrjkgt
• he’s the type of boyfriend that has no idea how tampons/pads work or what they do or why anyone needs them, but he carries around a few just in case you need them.
• mark the type of boyfriend that’s willing to fail his own test in order to help you study for your test
• but if someone is a danger to you and/or bothers you, he takes you away from them and just takes you somewhere else, away from that person.
• you’re his angel
• he asked you out by getting his guitar and singing to angel by exo
• so cute it was the cutest thing omg
• you were so overwhelmed and started tearing up and he hugged you and freaked out and ok that was kinda funny
• ok before you guys dated you were both trainees and it was just kinda like “you speak english??? OH GOD ME TOO. HEY.” and you guys were just close friends who leaned on each other and relied on each other through tough times and everyone teased the two of you and both of you were like “ugh stop it gosh we’re friends alright.”
• but you guys were like “…friends. yup. just. friends.”
• and jaemin almost exploded bc oh my god it’s so obvious stop being so stupid guys.
• so he pushed mark so hard, so hard, until mark confessed to you and gosh it was a good day.
• oh god ok on your one year anniversary he got you a cake and couple rings and got the younger ones to sing lucky by exo w him and i swear mark is so extra in the most lowkey way.
• you guys share everything like, skittles, candy in general, chopsticks (when one of you are like “nah i don’t want to eat” but want a bite of food or something), water, hats, jackets (ok you just take his hoodies but he doesn’t mind), ev e r y t h ing
• mark is good at everything and it boggles your mind how someone THIS PERFECT LOVES YOU WITH ALL HIS HEART
• you could be the best vocalist ever or the absolute, hands down, worst vocalist ever, he still loves your singing.
• duets w mARKKKK. he would play his guitar and you two would just sing to random songs and honestly, couple goals.
• marks so shy and he doesn’t say “i love you” that much but he tells you that he loves you, a lot surprisingly and it makes you feel special and marks all about that so he’s like sdjjff yes i love her
• you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him, and he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you
• he always gives you one of his ear buds so you two can listen to music together
• well. mark can’t cook very well, he can cook ramen and other simple things so he tries to cook for you the best he can and that’s so sweet tbh

• he cusses but not TOO MUCH. YOU KNOW.

• KINDA LIKE “oh damn”



Altar-nate Ending

Words: 1374
Steve Rogers X Reader
Request: “Hi! Can you make an imagine where Steve and the reader are getting married but first he is not into wedding preparation and she feels like he doesn’t want to get married but then he starts helping but on the wedding day he stoods her up bc a mission at the end fluff and happiness pls! I would really love to read this! btw i love your imagines!” -Anon

“Steven Grant Rogers!” You barged into his office without waiting for an invitation. Natasha and Sam were with him. The three of them were bent over a splay of tactical plans, until they looked up at you who had stormed in unapologetically.

“Someone’s in trouble.” Sam chuckled. Nat and Steve glared at him simultaneously. “What? We were all thinking it, but suddenly I’m on trial for actually saying it? Whatever she’s mad about, I’m on her side now.” Sam pointed at you before shrugging his shoulders and walking out of the room.

“I’m going to take a coffee break.” Nat excused herself gracefully, leaving only you and Steve in the room.

“Please explain to me how you can spend weeks planning for a mission, but you cant carve out five minutes of your time to help me pick out flowers, or a dinner menu or literally anything for this wedding.” You sighed in frustration. “Do I need to remind you that a wedding is supposed to be a celebration of our union? Meaning both of us becoming one team? I know you know what being part of a team is, so why can’t you just, be there for me?” Steve left a long pause hang in the air. He wanted to make sure you were finished lecturing him before he spoke.

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It's Called a Baby, Sweetheart- Chapter 6: Heck of a Morning (Pov Judy)

Judy, now knowing Nicks big secret, is still trying to come to terms with the concept of Nick being in his condition. Though she may be his closest friend, as he is to her, will their friendship be enough to hold through Nicks life decision? Click "Keep Reading” to find out in this weeks chapter!

You can also follow the story on AO3 and FanFiction.Net!

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Little Ortiz

Requested by Anon. Hope you enjoy. Thank you for the request Darlin.

My first Juice imagine.

Throwing up for the tenth time in one hour, you were getting fed up with it and wanted answers. You had been sick for about two weeks and it was getting alittle old now. Juice was very concerned  and was begging you to go see a doctor but you just shrugged him off.
“Baby, you need to go to see a doctor. You cant keep anything down. I’m afraid for you, it could be a lot worse than you think and if it is we can get through it”.
“Juan I’m fine, I just have a bug or the flu”. You said wiping your mouth with a cool rag.
“The flu in July, yeah ok”. He said sarcastically
“Yea, you can get the flu any time of the year alright”. “Just..I need a mintue”. You said getting annoyed.
“Ok, I’ll be outside if you need me”. He kissed your head and closed the door".
Thats when another rush of nausea  hit you". “OH GOD I’m dying”.
You tried to remember if you had gotten around someone that was sick or if you’d had eaten something, then it clicked you hadn’t gotten your period for about a month and a half. Oh Shit you thought. You dashed to your room and looked for you cycle calendar. You were late, very very late.
You didn’t have any pregnancy test at home so you had to sneak to the store to get one.
“Juice I’m going to the store”. You grabbed your bag and walked to the door.
“If you need something I can get it, you don’t need to be going out”. He said walking behind you.
“Babe, I can go”. I need some girl things".
“What stuff that I can’t get for you”?
“Tampons Juice Tampons, I’m getting my period ok”.
He looked away and tried to hide the blushing of his red cheeks.“Oh umm ok”. He walked away

Walking in the store, you tried to look like you was just browsing the ale. You spotted the pregnancy test. There were so many. So you got one of each and jogged to the counter.
“Was this planned or a surprise”. The cashier asked
“Well I really don’t know yet, and if I am then a very big surprise”. You responded bitting your lip.
“If its positive, Congradulations and if its not maybe next time”. She smiled handing you your bag.
“Umm, can I use the restroom”?
“Sure thing , its in the back”.
“Thank you”.
Finding the bathroom, you peed on everyone and nervously looked over the box to make sure you did it correctly. They all said wait ten mintues.
TICK TICK TICK. You looked at the clock every second waiting for it to be done.
You took the test and waited in the car for the results.
It was time, you was so nervous. You and Juice never really talked about kids and if it happen, we we’re doing this together.
POSITIVE. They all read. Your heart skipped a beat. Tears flowing down your face. Oh God I’m pregnant.
How in the world was you going to tell him. You looked online to find ways of telling your spouse that you were pregnant.
You got a good idea and went back into the store. You found the candy alse. You got Baby Ruths, Sugar babies. The found baby carrots, Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce. Anything with baby in it.
“So I guess it was a surprise”. The cashier said
“Yeah, it was and hopefully he likes it”.
“He will”. She smiled
“Thank you”.
You drove home, ready to tell Juice he’s going to be a daddy.
“Juice, I’m home”. “Meet me in the bedroom”.  Yelling threw the house.
You walked down the hall to the bedroom and laid out everything on the bed so he could see it.
“Hey Honey, you feeling any better”?
“Much much better”. You said giving him a kiss.
“Looks like it, whats all this”. He said pointing to the items.
“It has a theme and you have to guess”.
“Well it looks like stuff that will make you throw up again”.
“Nope, guess again”.
“Ok, lets see. Its all sugar”?
“No Juice its not”.
“Huh, It all has baby in it so that could be…wait are you trying to tell me something”?
You pulled out all the pregnancy  test and gave them to him. His face was a slight smile with an opened mouth.
“Say something”.
“Umm.. So we are going to be parents then, wow”.
“Thats all”.
“Just a little shocked here, didn’t know that I could do that”.
“Juan, you did it. Your going to be a dad”. You said cupping his face and pressing your lips to his.
“I’m going to be a dad, WOAH. Theres going to be a little Juan Ortiz running around”.
“Or a little Y/N Ortiz running around, either way I’ll be happy”.
“What if theres two”. His eyes became big
“I’m kidding”. He said rubbing your belly as he put his ear up to listen.
“Listen kiddo, you need to stop giving your mommy a hard time and lay off the nausea.  Don’t make me ground you”.
“Oh Juice, Your so silly”.
“But you love me”. He said getting up and wrapping his arms around you.
“Yea, your right I do”.
“Good because I’m going to keep you and the baby safe and do everything that I can to give you everything you want in life”.
“Juan, all I want is you and this baby”. You kissed him deeply.
“Theres nothing that I can give you”?
“Well maybe, if its a girl than a boy but if its a boy than a girl next time”. You smiled
“I think I can do that, but what can I get you now”?
“Well my hormones are going crazy and I really want sex right now”.
“I definitely can do that”. He laughed as picked you up bridal style and carried you to the bedroom.
A new chapter was just beginning in the life of the Ortiz’s.

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Responses to {Final Chapter: Part 30} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU Asks~

Please ‘Keep Reading’ to find my response to your ask ^^ As always, I have copied and pasted all asks into this post in regards to last night’s chapter to avoid clogging up people’s dashboards and to avoid spoilers for those who may still wish to read the chapter. Thank you ^^

ALSO THIS POST IS REALLY LONG YOU GUYS REALLY PUSHED THE BOAT OUT YOU SENT IN OVER 120 ASKS AND I ANSWERED THEM ALL MY FINGERS FEEL NUMB! Seriously, you guys made me really emotional with everything that you said. I’m so thankful to all of you, from the bottom of my heart ^^

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Dreaming? || Daehwi scenario

Daehwi’s Pov

There she is, y/n, walking down the hall with her friends. Ahhh! Look how pretty she is! Her hair flowing around and bouncing every time she took a step. I was in heaven wasn’t I, I was still in my daze as y/n passed by me, she kept giggling over something. “Daehwi stop staring at nothing, she’s gone now you know” I was taken out of my thoughts by Samuel. “What? I wasn’t staring… I was just admiring… yeah admiring” I quickly said, before going to my locker and picking out the stuff that I need. “‘Admiring’ sure you where” Samuel shook his head. “Okay fine I was staring, I can’t help it!!! Y/n looks so cute everyday” I sighed just thinking about her. “Well you should always keep in mind she’s a year older than you” Samuel said just as the bell rang for class. “I know but that won’t stop me” I gave out a huge smile as we walked to class together. As the hours passed, I couldn’t help but think of y/n. Sure she’s a year older and all, but I still say I have a chance. I didn’t see y/n the rest of the day, other than in lunch and after school. Sometimes I wished we were the same age, just to see her daily, and even have a bigger shot with her.

It was lunch time, the time of the day that I get to admire y/n for almost an hour. I’m not crazy I swear… she’s just too cute. “Lee Daehwi come back to us!!” Woojin screamed at my ear. “What?? I’m here aren’t I?” I got up to go to the lunch line “so who’s coming with me to get food?” Then and there y/n walks by, I couldn’t help look at her. “Just go talk to her” Guanlin said when he put his arm around my shoulder. “It’s not as easy as you think” I sighed as I went to get food. It was a daily thing actually, I look at her daily, the guys tell me to move on cause she’s older. I just cant move on, I’ve fallen for her so much. I grabbed my food and headed towards my table. As I was walking I ended up tripping on my own two feet. Someone stopped me from falling. I looked up and saw y/n’s eyes staring back at me, I couldn’t breath, she was this close to me. I had to say something, be cool Daehwi, you gotta impress her “oh um…hi”. That wasn’t cute, nor cool, omg I sounded like a idiot. She giggled at me though, she probably thinks I’m weird. “Are you okay?” SOMEONE HELP ME, HER VOICE IS SO CUTE!!! “Uh hello? Daehwi is it?” I snapped out of my thoughts, did she say my name?? “Hello Daehwi are you there?” I looked at her with a questioning look and said “How do you know my name?” Y/n blushed “It’s on your name tag.” I looked at the tag and smiled “Well thank you for helping me” Y/n gave me a smile and a nod. I looked at my food all over the floor and pouted, y/n looked at the floor too and took my hand. “You’re coming with me, you’ll be sitting with me and my friends today, you don’t have a lunch but I have extra.” We got to her table of friends, I looked back to my table to see all the boys with their phones out, some giving out thumbs up. I blushed, couldn’t they make it any more embarrassing for me. I sat down, all her friends where staring at me, “I know I’m ugly, you don’t have to stare at my face for so long” I looked down awkwardly. I never had this much attention from girls before. “You aren’t ugly Daehwi, you’re very handsome” All the girls agreed with Y/n, I couldn’t help but blush. “ah… thank you.”

After lunch I went back to class and waited for the guys. “GUYS! DID YOU SEE ME?! I WAS TALKING WITH HER!!” They all nodded “Did you follow my advice” Guanlin said. “No, and you didn’t even tell me advice?” Guanlin thought for a second “Oh yeah that wasn’t you” then he headed towards his desk. I just shook my head, after talking to her I’ve gotten a surge of confidence going trough me. “So Daehwi are you gonna ever confess to her?” Samuel asked as he took a seat beside me. I thought for a second “I don’t know when, maybe sometime later?” I answered, maybe later? Or the perfect time?
After school I saw y/n walking to her house, I ran up to her. “Hey y/n can I walk you home?” She looked at me and smiled “Thank you for offering to take me home Daehwi” I chuckled and gave her a big smile “Any time.” We walked towards her house, we didn’t really talk, but it wasn’t awkward, more like a comforting silence. Once we reached her house she turned and gave me a smile. I felt like this was the time to confess to her, right as she was about to walk in I stopped her. “Hey y/n… I’ve had feelings for you for about two years now, and I just wanted to know if you wanted to go out one day? I know I’m ugly and not the greatest guy, but I’m very loving and I will give you lots of attention, love and-” I was stopped by y/n’s hand covering my mouth she started to laugh. “You’re cute when you ramble, I’ve always thought you were cute. I wouldn’t mind accepting your offer for that date.” She gave me a quick peck on the cheek before walking into her house. I touched my cheek, y/n, the girl that I’ve been crushing on for so long, the one who’s a year older, just accepted to go on a date with me… am I dreaming?!

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Seriously? (3/?)

Summary: After a bad hunt with The Winchesters, you find yourself parting ways after 3 years of hunting alongside the two  . The minute you’re on your own you make a new life, a life without the Winchesters . But what happeneds hen you’re forced back into each other’s lives ?

Warning: Swears, Dean being an ass ,making out(barely).

Pairing: Dean x reader ( slightly ) , Sam x Reader 

   Sam insisted on driving together to Bobbys, when he pulled the puppy eyes you couldn’t say no .  So now, you are stuck in the back of baby listening to the boys talk . You’ve been texting Jamie most of the ride, he was worried about you since you took the week off.  You cant help but smile down at your phone as you reply to one of his dorky texts.

“ Who are you texting Y/n?” Sam asks, you try to wipe the goofy smile off your face before he can see, but it was too late.Busted

You clear your throat, “ Jamie , the detective you two met the other day.”

“ So , you and Detective Reagan?” Sams sporting an amused smile at your blushing cheeks.

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“ Its not anything Sam . Quit trying to gossip with me.” you flick his nose making you both laugh .

“ Didn’t look like nothin last night.” Dean grumbles .

“ What was that Dean ? I swear I just heard you butt into my business .” you snap .

“ Guys , come on  . We are stuck together until we finish the hunt with Bobby. Its going to be rough enough without you at eachothers throats, just cool it for a few days . ”

Neither you or Dean say another word on the way to Bobbys . You know Sams right, the last thing any of you need is to be distracted when it comes to a hunt.  I can push this a side for a couple days , right? 

      You’ve been at Bobbys for almost two days waiting for other hunters to show up . No one could put a number to the pack of wolves, but Bobby was sure it was over 10 . Finally, the last of the back up arrives and the game plan is revealed .  The pack is staying in an abandoned house on the outskirts of a small town about 3 hours away . There is 10 of you , and bobby separated the group in a group of 3,  another group of 3 and then a group of 4. Each group of hunters was assigned one of the three floors of the house.  You , the Winchesters, and Bobby are on the top third floor .  You all agree to ride together in Baby . As the car ride starts, your nerves start to act up. Its been a while since you’ve done a wolf hunt, your last one ended with your stomach nearly being clawed open.  It’ll be okay . There’s probably more of us than there is of them . 

Wrong. You were so wrong. There was 14 in the pack, you don’t know how the others are doing on there floors, but you’re getting your ass kicked on yours. Bobby stayed on the lower level with the others, saying you three could handle yourselves.

 You’re tumbling around on the floor with one of the females from the pack as the boys fight off the males that were on the floor. There was 5 of them on your level,  Dean and Sam took out two already . 

 You manage to get your hand free enough to shove your silver blade through the girl heart, groaning as her body slumps on top of you . You roll her off of you and bolt to the boys. You watch as Sams body smacks into the wall with a sickening thud . His gun falls from his grip , before you can move to snatch it the wolf he was fighting gets it.  He doesn’t aim it at Sam though , he whips around, aiming it at Dean as he plunges his knive through wolf number 4 .

“ No!"  you shout ,you dive at Dean , both of you hitting the ground as a bullet is released  .Dean lands on his back with you on top  of him . You are both heaving, chests pressing against eachothers.  Your faces are extremely close, if lean forward your lips would connect with his. 

You hear a high pitched whimper, then a thud. 

” If you two are done gazing into eachothers eyes , we should go help downstairs.“ Sam says as he wipes off his blade.  You clear your throat, lifting yourself off Dean. You reach your hand down to him, he takes it allowing you to help him up . Neither of you say a word as you follow behind Sam  .

   No one was severely hurt, just bruises and scratches ; which is a win in your book.  You have a few scraps on your face, and bruises scattered over your body  . The boys seem to have the same . After cleaning everyone up at Bobbys,Most of the hunters declined, leaving to pursue other cases.  It was just you , the Boys and Bobby again,  it was a unanimous vote to break open a few bottles of whiskey. 

 Bobby turned in an hour ago,  you and the boys are just sitting around the table ,  it was mainly you and Sam talking . Dean was weirdly silent .

” Don’t you miss hunting Y/n?“ Sam asks

” Of course I do  . I love being able to save people, to make a difference.“ you admit as you fidget with your glass.

” Then why’d you leave us? I never took you as an apple pie-“

Deans eyes widen as his brother speaks, ” Sammy don’t-“

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” What are you talking about Sam?“ You ask, confusion clear in your face.

” Dean said you left because you wanted out of the life. But you said the other day you still hunt a little and you just helped-“

 ” You are one son of a bitch Dean Winchester" you growl as you glare at him.

He stays quiet, his eyes not leaving his glass.

“ I left because your brother didn’t give me a choice Sammy. He said I was too reckless and the both of you didn’t want to deal with that.”

Sams eyes shoot from you to Dean , before he can scold his brother Dean decides to jump in ,

“ From what happened today , it seems like things haven’t changed either Y/n.”

“ So I was suppose to let that wolf shoot you then? ” you ask, your grip tightening on your glass .

“ I’m a grown man, I can handle myself.” Dean spits.

“ You will never fucking change , will you !” you push away from the table and storm out the back door . 

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You cant make out what is being said, but you can hear the boys arguing from your place on the back porch .

You hear the door creak open behind you , but you dont acknowledge it .

“ I should of told Sam the truth . "  Deans voice is light. When you dont respond he continues. ,” I knew It was my fault you left, I couldn’t handle sam blaming me too . It was easier making him think you did it on your own.“  Fucking coward.

” Why did you really make me leave Dean. No bullshit . “ you sigh , finally turning to face him .

” You kept risking your life for us . You had no regard for your own safety , the minute you saw one of us in danger , you’d throw yourself infront of us.“ 

You go to argue but he stops you , ” Just listen okay? You can bitch at me all you want when I’m done. “ You hesitantly nod in agreement .

He takes a deep breath before he starts again, ” I know I’m a hypocrite,  this is just different though. You- I cant- ugh.“  you hear the frustration in his voice. You step forward , cupping his cheek lightly  . You look over all the cuts on his face, gently tracing the ones on his cheek with your thumb. You pray he doesn’t push your hand away , before this would be a normal act between the two of you . Comforting Dean is a reflex , even though you should be pissed right now you cant help but fall into this routine.  He leans his cheek against your hand, releasing a deep breathe .


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“ I knew Bobby would know where you were, he finally caved a few months ago and told me  .  I didn’t need Sam to creep for your address at the station, I already knew it  .  I’ve sat infront of your house twice, but chickened out everytime. ”  He what now?

“ I regret that day , i knew as soon as you walked out that door i was wrong. The thought of something happening to you scared the hell out of me.  I couldn’t lose you , but i did  anyway  .  " 

Your chest tightens at this vulnerable side of Dean . You sigh , tilting his face until his eyes meet yours.

” Don’t you realize that I’m just as scared of losing you? Dean i- you didn’t lose me okay ? I shouldn’t of said that the other night. Why did you flip out like that though D? I’ve never done that when you-“

 His lips cut you off as they land on yours. You squeak in surprise, but once his hands tangle in your , you’re a lost case. You move your lips with his in a slow , passionate kiss. When he moves away , your lips involuntarily chase after his.

Neither of you say a word as you stare at eachother with wide eyes.

 Well, that was unexpected.

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The Secret Life Of Murphy MacManus - Part 3

Summery~ Murphy MacManus notices you at the bar of McGinty’s and promises himself that he will look after you when he sees a man taking your photo. Without telling you who he is, without telling Connor about you, Murphy goes on to live two completely different lives–that is until they have to merge in order to save you.

  • Murphy MacManus x Reader
  • 957 Words
  • Warnings: None yet.

That day was the longest day you had to go through in a while.

Murphy was on your mind all day. From the late night talk to the morning make out session the two of you shared. You wanted more, wanted to feel his skin against yours this time. But part of you wants to take this slow, keep it at a good pace. Your last relationship was… well, shit.

Murphy knocks on the door around seven that night. You answer, a huge smile plastered across your face. “It’s about time.” You tease him.

He enters, giving you a long kiss before he shuts the door with his foot and shrugs out of his pea coat. He slings it across one of the living room chairs and stretches. “How about t'at date?” He grins.

You giggle, seeing this man excited was refreshing. “Hello to you, too. Where are we going?” You cross your arms, very aware that you are not at all dressed for a date.

Murphy grins and shrugs his broad shoulders. “Get ready, lass. Wear something pretty.” He pauses and taps his chin. “I take that back. You’re always pretty.” He pecks your lips lovingly.

You giggle. “Murph, you haven’t even known me for twenty-four hours.” You add, but then walk over to your room and rummage through your closet.

“Aye. I just know. Ye couldn’t be ugly if you tried.” He grins, clearly proud of himself. You only giggle at his strangeness. You like it.

“I’m glad you think so.” You mutter, hoping he was too far away to hear at this point.


Those twenty-four hours were complete bliss. For a little while, you thought you may be the star in a new Disney movie, minus all the talking animals and magic. It was magical in its own way; perfect. Everything he did, he seemed to put great thought into it.

Murphy MacManus didn’t stop there.

After he dropped you off, he asked if he could take you out again, this time after he finished some business he had with his brother. You told him sure, you couldn’t wait to see what the man had planned next. Both of you were clearly on the same page about taking things slow, to see where and how you ended up.

Hours turned into days, days into weeks, and before you knew it, Murphy had pretty much moved in with you. He suggested it, admitting that his job would keep him away too much and he wanted to see you any chance he got.

That was the one thing about Murphy you never understood. His job kept him away so much, yet he couldn’t tell you what he did. Countless times you asked him, and countless times he told you the same damn thing.

“Cant tell ye, lassie. Top secret, t’at is.” He would wink and give you a kiss on the cheek.

You would usually reply with, “Top secret my ass. Tell me or I break up with you.”

But the threat wasn’t real, Murphy knew that. He always made it up to you with flowers or kisses, something cheesy to make you giggle and tell him you were sorry. Things were great.

It’s the middle of the night, Murphy’s phone starts to ring, playing that annoying James Bond theme that you hated so much. It always meant one thing: Murphy has a job to do.

“Yeh, I’ll be right t’ere.” He sets his phone down and rubs the sleep from his eyes. “Sorry, baby.” He leans over and places a kiss on your temple.

“No, it’s okay.” You lie. Lying was a pretty common thing with you two. You pretend to be okay with his leaving in the middle of the night and he always lies about where he’s going, to make each other happy.

“Brother’s in trouble again.” He gets to his feet and shuffles over to his drawer. He pulls out his jeans, the ones with the holes all down one side, and pulls them on. He keeps his white tank top on and slips a grey shirt over it. “Somet’ing about his girlfriend.”

You nod, letting him know you understood, only you didn’t. You never met his twin brother, Connor. You know very little about him, just that he was the older and more responsible of the two. You had no idea if they look alike or not. “Tell him I said hi.” You say sleepily, knowing deep down that Murphy was a good guy. Even if he wasn’t seeing his brother every time he gets a call, there was no way he had another girlfriend on the side.

Murphy pauses at the door and looks over his shoulder. He gives you a small nod and waves his fingers at you. “See ye in the mornin’, baby.” The door closes softly behind him.

“What the hell took you so long?” Connor complains the moment Murphy reaches McGinty’s. He claps his younger brother on the back and leads him over to the bar, where they take a seat and order a couple of beers. “Must’a found a lovely lassie!” He howls.

Murphy rolls his eyes. “Right, no woman wants a wanted man.” He chugs half of his beer down, setting the glass down only to breathe. In fact, he never mentioned you to his brother. Murphy was enjoying the double life, keeping one away from the other. It makes things easier, even if he has to be careful what he talks about in front of you or his brother.

Connor laughs and clamps his large fingers around Murphy’s neck playfully. “Someday, we’ll be able to find the perfect women. As for now, we have a job. We have more information.”