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DA2 companions reacting to Varric's news that Solas is Fen'Harel?

Aveline: She sighs, heavily, running a hand over her forehead. “Maker’s breath. I thought Thedas was finally beginning to calm down… foolish, I know.” Her back straightens. “Well, if we all want to live, we better pitch in however we can. Give me updates on the Inquisitor’s progress. I’d say I would keep an eye out for even more suspicious activity, but that’s all there is in Kirkwall some days.”

Fenris: Of course Varric would meet none other than the Dread Wolf. Of course he would. Fenris’ blood boils as Varric tells him the whole story, and a creeping terror looms in his gut, his soul. Solas’ idea of bringing down the Veil is Fenris’ very worst nightmare. “He is a madman, a murderer, and a fool,” he snaps bitterly, “I hope the Inquisitor can find a way to stop him– let me know what they tell you about their progress. I will do everything in my power to help them stop him.”

Anders: He gets it, feeling burdened to do what they see as necessary for an ultimately better future, but his problem with Solas’ plan is that his madness will lead to no future at all, for the elvhen gods will ruin everything once freed. Varric scoffs at him as he says so, but Anders stands by his thoughts. He wishes the Inquisitor luck and wishes there was more he could do to help.

Sebastian: He’s shocked to find a letter from Varric– the dwarf hasn’t spoken to him or replied to any of his letters since he left Kirkwall. He knows things are bad if even Varric is writing to warn him about it. He’s hardly shocked at the truth of what the elvhen gods were, and pities the Inquisitor for such betrayal. He promptly sends a letter back to Varric, thanking him for the warning and promises to support the Inquisitor however he can. Above all, though, he writes that he will pray for them all. Varric declines to respond to his letter yet again.

Carver: He finds out from a letter when he’s up in Weisshaupt with his older sibling. “Because things couldn’t get worse, right?” he says bluntly, voice heavy with disgust. “I wish I could say I was shocked about this, but at this point… hey, brother/sister, send a letter back to Varric telling him to sign us up for whatever the Inquisitor’s doing to stop that rat bastard elf. They need a sword, they’ve got one.”

Bethany: Like Carver, she finds out from a letter Varric sends to her older sibling, and she heaves a great, despairing sigh. “Of course he knew the Dread Wolf that Merrill talked about. Can’t the world just calm down for a few years?” she asks aloud. “Brother/Sister? Tell Varric to tell the Inquisitor we’ll help if they need us.”

Isabela: “We’re fucked.” she utters dryly as she signals for another drink. “We’re so fucked.” She doesn’t know that they have much of a chance of stopping Solas, but when Aveline asks her if she’s going to lie down and accept it, Isabela scoffs. “I never said that. I think the chances that we’re up shit creek without a paddle is extremely high, but you don’t ever go down without a fight. Varric, tell the Inquisitor if they need a ship, I’m available for whatever.”

Merrill: She doesn’t want to believe any of what Varric’s just told her, but she knows Varric wouldn’t lie to her, not like this. The whole of the matter has sent her reeling, and she excuses herself to try to make heads or tails of the situation. Varric sits with her as she sobs, the truth unveiled. 

Fen’Harel,” she gasps as it all sets in, “oh, Varric, this is bad. This is very, very bad! God or not, he’s going to trick so many elves into following him. Oh, dear, this is terrible; he’s going to destroy everything in his madness! What are we going to do, Varric?” she asks in a whisper, shaking. “The Dread Wolf won’t ensnare me, but he will fool many others! Creat…” She stops, throat suddenly dry, and she sobs into her hands. “Do you know what’s going to happen, Varric? People are going to turn on us because they’ll think all of us are working with him!” Her eyes harden. “He’s doing that on purpose to make us work with him! Well, I won’t! Not now, not ever!”

We’ve been driving past empty churches and full parking lots, crashing in cheap motels under fake names and sleeping in the backseat when the rooms were full for weeks, months, years, maybe lifetimes. Your past is a bloodhound and it’s as fast as it’s cruel. One day we woke up with a sharp taste of metal in our mouths and haven’t stopped running ever since. I don’t know what sins they are trying to punish you for, what bargain you’ve made long time ago before I even knew how your lips tasted like, but leaving you was never an option so I learned how to hide from the bullets and shoot with steady hands. I stopped looking at the watch cause time feels differently in empty supermarkets we go to at night with Lou Reed playing in the background and tired cashiers who don’t give a fuck about a gun in your bag. Time feels differently in the car when we drive over 75 hoping to lose the tail nobody else can see, so I stopped counting the days we have left.

You’re chewing on a plastic straw of your coffee staining it blood red. We’re running out of gas and the gas station is a lifetime away. It’s scorching hot and I feel the sweat making my shirt stick to my back, your hat is throwing a shade on your face and I don’t know how your eyes look like. You’re laughing that it doesn’t matter. I can see your hands tremble. It does.

You asked to stop the car in a field of overwhelming yellow and told me to get out. There’s no gas left and we’re stuck, we’re tied up, there’s nothing else we can do and I’m losing my shit but you say you have something up your sleeve. You have some secret compartment in the trunk with bottles of kerosene and you’re pouring it all out on the car. It is madness and the smell makes me gag so I help and you’re grinning and there’s lipstick on your teeth. This is madness. You kiss me, wild and raw, leaving purple bruises, like it’s your last chance, and throw the matches.

The car is on fire and your eyes light up with life. You grip my hand and we run, never looking away.

 -witch hunt, @stupid-poetry

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I've been thinking about this a lot. How can you know whether you're attractive or not? Or at least average. When you don't get compliments, or when you do, they sound so fake and pathetic. What are you then? And why does it matter so much if I'm good looking or not? As if my whole life is based on that.

i used to think about this a lot when i was a little younger. i could never really figure out if i was actually attractive, and i ended up just having super low self esteem and hated myself regardless of compliments. and when i got them i was sure people were lying. 

but the way i got over it was i kinda realised that i don’t owe the world beauty. i’m not obligated to be attractive. i used to think i was making everyone else angry by being ugly but like.. i don’t owe the world shit, i can look whatever i want bcos i’m not hurting anyone. i don’t owe beauty or attractiveness to anyone. i’m just me. and im gonna like what i like, dislike what i dislike, do my job and work on my studies. 

it takes a while to stop focusing on it, but the best way to get out of this way of thinking is realising all you are obligated to do on this earth is to breathe. thats it. you’re not obligated to be conventionally attractive, you can do whatever you want and look however you want.

trust me. no matter what you look like, there will be people out there who think you’re attractive. humans are a pretty great bunch like that. kind of cheesy, but most flowers don’t look alike, but they’re all pretty beautiful!

To people similar to those that think it is acceptable to sneak needles in a cookie over a fictional ship

You are disgusting. Violence is never the answer, especially not in such a manner. Do not devote your time into sick shit like this, even if you just DETEST this artist for this dumb FICTIONAL SHIPPING. 

Need I remind you again, this is FICTIONAL. It’s not fucking real, nobody is getting hurt, and you know, characters can easily be manipulated into something else. For example; frisk from a child into an adult. It is not disrespectful to the original creator because it’s a parody, it means that this person LIKES this character, and admires you, but wants to make a different story or scenario because they’re inspired by you.

If you still think it is justified to do things like, oh i dont know, hospitalize someone with baked goods and needles, please, get your ass into counseling or some kind of treatment because that is plain sociopathic.

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among things i hate about this, it's the push to get ppl to stop talking abt it/delete/leave. like it's fine to take breaks if something negatively affects ur mental health. but there's this whole angle of "if you're mentally ill, if this negatively affects your mental health, you should leave." but this shit directly affects aces/aros. it's a silencing tactic. "let us make fun of you behind your back!" "let us harass you into deletion!" "stop talking abt how this hurts you, it's inconvenient."


I remember when ppl in that crowd were talking about how I shouldn’t be on the Internet if it harms my mental health to have my boundaries trampled and to be treated like I’d never been before on this site, or basically in general online (= having my blog screenshotted and that kind of stuff circulated behind my back largely by ppl I had blocked, for the sole purpose of mocking me and talking random shit about me etc.)

Like…. ooookay nice ableism and utter lack of basic decency lol.

This mess is so toxic

i know this is out of blue but i really want to ask all of you for something… please never call anyone annoying, it literally shatters whole self esteem one has, if you don’t like someone’s blog just unfollow them!!! no need to make them feel like shit… some of you have no idea what it feels like to be called annoying, it is literally the most hurtful thing one could hear

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I don't know if you have a Twitter page but I highly suggest not going there right now. The disagreement between critics and Snyder fans are really at a tipping point and a critic that I used to have massive Respect for went to low blow with a tweet about Snyder's mother. She didn't know about how she passed and stuff and didn't mean it Like that. But still it's shit like this that just makes me depressed. And now she wants to talk about fragile male egos in the DC fandom. Christ it never ends

I’m not on Twitter but I heard that. I saw that tweet and Lindsay Ellis should be ashamed of herself. Even if she didn’t know, she still crossed a line and should apologize. Which I know she almost certainly won’t. DCEU critics have a method: They say some shit, someone calls Them out on it and then They act offended or act like correcting Their often objectively false statement is proof that it’s true. It’s fucking exhausting. I wonder if it will ever occur to Lindsay Ellis that people aren’t mad at her because of fragile egos but because she acted like a prick. I doubt it.

I hope this is the moment when the backlash against the hate begins, when people see just how nasty and personal anti-DCEU people can get, hoqw irrational the hatred for Snyder is and will cause people to watch the films and ask ‘’THIS is the film that offended you so fucking much?”. Of course I’m sure people will put the blame entirely on DCEU fans. 

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My cat also loves belly rubs!! Please tell me all about your kitty!

We’re both blessed then!!
My cat is Sherlock (named after the books & movies not bbc) and without him I’d be long gone really. He’s an aadooraable little shit.

So like, before, he wasn’t allowed in bedrooms, but since the day my mom died he never left my side, even the night, to support me??
So since then he’s either outside or in my room, chilling. He sometimes jumps to my desk because he wants to be pet, he doesn’t give a f u c k if I’m playing or drawing, he will lie down on my tablet and purr.

If I link my arms to make a round shape, he will get inside and rest his head on me to sleep. Every time. That way we’re both happy, I can be on my PC and pet him!
If he stays to sleep the evening, he’s next to my head or on me. If not then I wake up to a cat that runs to my bed to sleep next to me. (and purring as always)

One day I even had him inside my poncho, sleeping. It’s was adorable. 
But holy shit whenever he wants to play there’s not turning back. All the scratches on my hands are by him, because I don’t mind playing like that.

But as said in the tags he’s so chill I can bury my head into his belly.. it’s so s o f t zrgrgrg And belly rubs and everything I know he likes. I usually bury my head into him or pet him when I’m anxious/have a panic attack. He helps so much without doing anything.

Once I saw something online and I made a “aw” noise that was apparently something in cat language because he ran to me, concerned, it was so cute. He slow blinks at me all the time and I slow blinks at him back (I must look ridiculous).

SO yes I really love cats, cats are a blessing! He’s one of the reason I stay alive!

What about yours?! :>

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Your ask abt ppl lying abt their rape made me feel like shit bc like I've experienced trauma all my life and I feel like I was raped ??? But I never really fully remembered it ?? But I still say I was raped I'm sorry if that counts as lying bc I don't even know but I'm so sorry I'm sorry

don’t apologize love . the post was not about u or about anyone who feels THIS way. it was abt people who KNOW nothin ever happened to them & they KNOW they r making it up. take care

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45, 48 & 49 for the langblr asks?

45. done

48. Have you ever had an “I understand it now!” moment with your target language(s)?

I’d like to make a meme like nah i never understand anything but uh yeah that’s how learning works

49. Do you have any language pet peeves?

Oh boy tonnes.
• people who use whom instead of who because they’re trying to be fancy but don’t actually know the rules
• people who think that middleth englisheth iseth justeth thiseth
• people who use ß as a fancy B and confuse the shit out of germans (ß is always pronounced like an s)
• “i don’t have an accent”/“i wish i had an accent”
• many more

I never get to be normal.

Always the outsider, the sexuality subculture, the “different”, the alien. I am to be tolerated, but my existence as it is, will not be accepted. I am a “weirdo” and it is so much fun, such entertainment for the straight, grey masses of repressed people, looking at me through the television show lens. Smothering me in layers of make-up, performing for the “normal” until I shit glitter. 

They turn my self-expression to a costume. Now they call my individuality, my “gender”. Now my otherness is not oppression it is a “quality” something I “get to have” not something I never wanted.

I love like the rest do, I get crushes like the rest do, I fuck and suck, and fall apart like the rest do. But I’m not normal, no not me, I am “queer”, sparkly, sickening, entertainment, void of meaning and rebellion, I am only a trend, a fucking t-shirt from www.Youareafuckingjoke.com

And should I fail to peform as the “sexy wlw” or the “non-binary, queer” and just stand here, sweaty, rough and unattractive, a face full of zits, last nights dinner on my t-shirt, dirt under my nails, and say; “I’m a fucking butch lesbian, I am tired as fuck and your queer-masquerade is the straight mans dream” - They will be so disappointing. Oh how boooring of me, how old-fashioned. 

Now, in cruel irony, my struggle to be accepted, makes me the other, among those who think they are the other. Not just the other, but the enemy.

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Ugh...i just found out annie-pie taking a break? Idk what happened. But i guess she's bullied? Tbh solo harry is the worst thing that ever happened to me. 1. I lost friendships bc of that. 2. People i adore are bullied bc of standing for their own opinion. Honestly, harry+his team+harries are crazy. They are a bunch of monsters. Also, the fact that harries leave bad review on zayn's album makes me wanna puke. I hope you stay. I'll be ready to fight people who wanna fight good bloggers like you.

Hi anon, thanks for the message. Yeah, Annie got shit today. That’s what this fandom does.

I’ve also lost some friendships because of solo Harry, but honestly, if you’re going to blindly worship a celebrity you’ve never met or had contact with over nurturing a friendship (whether we’ve met or not, since this is the internet), then that’s not a friendship I want to keep.

I plan on sticking around, anon. I’ll take breaks, block anons, or ignore my inbox as needed (like I am right now–back to writing!).

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Did you know that one of PopCrave acc owner is Harry stan... I never get why they always try to start shit when it concerns Zayn, like their last tweet about him "cancelling" (they choose this word purposely) appearance at BB show, making it as big deal, even tho no one cares when artist don't appear at shows, apart their own stans. Now I get why they always shit on Zayn.

im not surprised.. and lol cancelling?? neither him or his team confirmed he was going and its an award show anyway hes not obligated to go … gross

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I know who the original h anon is and we have been taking turns in sending you the asks. At first it was funny and then we felt it was our duty as you were so alone and miserable and the closest you could get to a boyfriend was an anon asker pretending to be Harry Styles. How sad. It was okay for us at first bc you seemed genuinely happy when you got an anon from us but then we realised you're an immature bitch who's obsessed with a man who doesn't know you exist and never will. Good evening.

Awesome. Well, you’re kind of the most horrible people on the face of the earth and I hope you get nothing good out of your miserable life by making me feel like a useless piece of shit by just having fun. You don’t fucking know me. Fuck you. You don’t deserve Harry or anyone. Fuck you. FUCK. YOU.

I just saw this on Reddit today and I wanted to share it here.

When you’re a parent, you have to realize that the child you brought into this world is going to be their own person and you’ll have to start getting into things you may not understand and have ZERO interest in.

However, you damn well better act like you are.

I can still remember the feeling as a kid getting Pokemon Red and it being something I loved so much, so I wanted to share that with my mom. I wanted to show her my team, tell her about the gym leaders I took down, and she just took a glance at the Game Boy color and went “mmhhhmm”.

She gave zero shits when I beat Banjo-Kazooie, a game which was INCREDIBLY hard for grade school me and you can make me have war flashbacks if you so much as say “Rusty Bucket Bay”.

My town in Animal Crossing? Catching rare fish? Who cares?

I liked a cartoon series so much that I wrote little stories about it? “No, I don’t want to read it.”

This type of stuff matters to kids so damn much and she’ll never realize how much it hurt our relationship. It might not seem like a big deal she never sat down and watched me play something like Luigi’s Mansion, but that’s how kids try and bond with their parents.

After constantly being shot down they’ll eventually stop talking to you entirely. 

i’ve been wanting to do FE x animal crossing for years and it has happened at last dkjfldf

also have some variants!


Ahn Min Hyuk’s hair pushed back (´⌣`ʃƪ)


Which Defenders would win in a dance off?