i never make shit like this

follower celebration!!!

ok this is actually a really small number, but it happens to be my luckiest number so I feel the extreme need to do something special!! 
I just hit 375 fuckin followers that’s actually SO RAD that’s more than I ever expected to have ever 

I wanna show you guys some love because you’ve all been so fucking good to me sooooo!!!! im gonna make some aesthetics/moodboards (the only content im good at making tbh sue me) for you guys!!


  • must be following @demonwheezes​ (it me, ofc) 
  • be a buzzfeed unsolved blog!! (like 80% bfu, that statistic is bullshit but you know what I mean)
  • reblog this post!! then send me an ask (no anon asks!! I gotta make sure this gets to you!) with anything about you that you want in it, colour schemes, all that good shit!! 
  • if you have a face tag, let me know what it is and ill make put your face in it if you so please!! the more info you can give me the better!! 
  • (esp. let me know if you want anything especially specific)

(if this gets less than like 10 notes im gonna be ashamed and delete and pretend this never happened lmao  alright thanks y'all ily sm)

Things I Want in a Friend/Things I Want My Friends to Do
  • take random pictures of me when I’m not paying attention. like those really good candid photos that I can post on instagram pls
  • steal my phone and post random shit on snapchat (idk I just like the idea of someone stealing my phone while Im doing something stupid and posting a vid on my story)
  • record cute or funny moments of us on our phones because I want to make those really white people edits with all my friends
  • actually text fucking often even the most random shit at like 3 am is okay I like never text my friends unless we’re making plans I want to talk to you (also RESPOND GODDAMMIT)
  • hold my hand it makes me feel loved
  • roast each other constantly
  • but also be rlly rlly supportive of each other always
  • but also roast each other
  • “you look so hot rn and those heels goddamn but if I say any more your short little legs are going to snap under the pressure of your massive ego”
  • instagram photos of each other
  • i just want more pics of my friends on my phone so i can post them and share them to the world becuz i luv them
  • just all that basic shit that seems really stupid I want that where is it

anonymous asked:

God this sounds so fucking needy and I apologise for it but for a while now it's just like no one in my family has time for me anymore, never even enough time to fill my perscription antidepressants and if I ask for anyone's time I'm insulted for it this sounds needy as shit sorry about it but can I please just have a hug? From Chase please? (Sorry to be a downer I'll make up for it by sending flufftastic friendly Friday stuff 👍)

(You’re not needy! That sounds awful! There’s no need to feel obligated to send in content. Do it for fun and for yourself :) )

Chase wrapped his arms around you and squeezed. Nuzzling just the slightest bit, cause who doesn’t like nuzzles? “That sounds pretty rough. No one deserves to be insulted, especially not by their family. I hope you have some good friends that can help ya out.”

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this whole soft boy thing is making me feel like shit tbh, im nonbinary and not technically a boy but i feel connections w/ boyhood i guess and call myself a soft boy to describe it a lot. now people are taking our words and it just makes me wanna cry

I’m right there with you. I’ve never actually used the term but it was in my vocab as a concept that might be relevant to me with my confusing feelings on gender and frankly the amount of people blithely ignoring how they’re affecting trans people on all this sets me so on edge

72 Hour Fast FAILED.

I had 4 hours left and I broke my fast with Powerade because I felt like the reason I couldn’t even talk without having to catch my breath is because I need electrolytes.

I wish I could say it was zero calorie powerade.

I wish I could have driven to the store to get some.

***But NEVER drive while fasting. You’ll have a delayed reaction time and could even pass out on the wheel. I wasn’t going to drive. Especially not with my baby.***


I still feel like shit though for not making it all the way.

At least it’s less than 100 calories… I’m still not going to eat until I wake up tomorrow.

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There are some current or former 1D members I'm not a fan of, but as a Harrie, I'm proud to say I would never make up lies about them being a sexual predator to make my fave look better. The fans' sickening, apalling behavior is what lead me to delete my tumblr. I just can't be around those type of people anymore, can't hear about their shit everday anymore. I just check a few safe Harry sources every once in a while.

good, stay off this hell hole tbh (shout out to me for apparently being a safe harry source or maybe you just found me randomly today lol). and the stans who don’t say it but answer anons like “:/” or “:(” when they got anons accusing that and they’re just like “idk i don’t think so :/” like yall truly enabling people to say that shit i have no sympathies for them either lmfao

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its obvious. do you not post everyday about "thanks for not being white" and fear of white passing and shit

I said I was proud of not being white passing in a society that tells non white passing brown people like myself that we shouldn’t be pride of being just that, yes, I’m going to make statements like that from time to time (as much as I can) now that I’m over the internalised idea I was “”wrong”” to feel good for being so visibly brown. When people of colour express pride in their identity it isn’t about you guys its never been about white people  so stop making it about you its about us reaffirming the love we have for our people and culture and language and even skin in the face of a society that tells us we shouldn’t feel any kind of love whatsoever towards any of these things those statements I made  are about white supremacy not white people, but if you take us loving ourselves as us attacking you then you really ought to sit down and question what your self love and sense of self is built on. 

Oh Gods guys I need you to freaking pray for me cause im a clumsy massive idiot. For a few years up until last year I had this friend turned psycho stalker who was crazy obsessive after our friendship ended due to me not returning his feelings for him and him going batshit over it (think musty fedora “nice guy” type shit) and he would just show up at my house and college and shit like we seriously had to get the cops involved because even after I asked him multiple, multiple times not to contact me, he would still show up and try to text, call, mail me things (he fucking contacted my 13 year old sister to get my address because I refused to give it to him) and message me and would send me like 700 messages a month (at least 8 a week) that were just full of creepy shit and I never read them because I didn’t want to encourage him by making him think I wanted to talk or was playing hard to get or anything and I was scrolling on my phone today and accidentally fucking opened them and it totally shows I opened them and FUCK

Like I just got this dude to fucking leave me alone and now if he sees I opened them he might take it as an invite to contact me again what the FUCK me I’m an idiot

Sorry I know this isn’t an appropriate place to vent but I know he still checks my Facebook and shit and I had a mini heart attack

THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVES, 301 FOLLOWERS!!! I started Tumblr like a hobby and I have never thought about this, thank you so much you are awesome. My simblr is like a shit💩, that makes you till more awesome, thank you guys.

The question is: Can you guess who is this cutie? She isn’t Zoey…

other fun trip facts

  • I don’t recall CO having this many ravens but maybe I wasn’t looking last time? Holy shit. They’re big. 
  • I know this because there were two hanging out in the parking lot of a dispensary next to the first place across the border for gas. One landed and did that hopping thing in front of my car before grabbing something off the ground and flying off just as I pulled the camera out
  • I know it sounds like I’m making that up, but no
  • They really do travel in pairs and are gorgeous and oh my god i saw so many ravens today. I can’t really even say it’s ominous because nature but holy shit I really really like ravens
  • One of the receptionists from my old job told me she quit Wednesday because the owner is a massive asshole. To be clear this is absolutely true. Would never suggest working for him
  • Said owner apparently saw me buying stuff on the security camera, and ran out the door after me, unpresentable and literally fresh off the highway, looking as if god had answered his prayers and asking me if I was back and looking for a job because he would LOVE to have me back
  • …I’m considering it
  • Taking at least one day to fuck off though even though I’ve got a… lot to do, and apparently this heart/anxiety thing isn’t going to kill me but I did kind of process the fact this might be my life now and not just incited by living conditions. Meaning I’ll actually need healthcare again. Right. Well it was a good 1.5 decade run.
  • What I meant to say last night was that I’ve always done things like this with someone. Moved with a boyfriend or to meet family. I have friends here, but no one asked me to come, it was all… me.
  • So at 3 am when a woman just gave me hotel keys after I’d driven my anxiety laced self over 500 miles, I don’t know, it all hit.
  • It’s just me. And him.
  • I’m off to go get high as fuck, forgive me.

Sexuality and gender is really weird for me cause like I’m starting to find dudes attractive but thinking of actually like kissing them and shit makes me feel weird in a way that I’ve grown to realize is 100% internalized homophobia from masculine social conditioning. Getting masculine programming as you grow up is fucking weird as hell. Now I’m just kinda disillusioned and I think I might be agender but I tend to present myself as masculine and I don’t feel a particular sense of dysphoria, probably because my parents never really impressed gender roles onto me very hard, I just don’t wanna be held to masculine standards.

i’ve been wanting to do FE x animal crossing for years and it has happened at last dkjfldf

also have some variants!


he just wanted to see genji’s smile


Which Defenders would win in a dance off?

self care is eating an entire tube of Pillsbury Original Crescent Roll™ dough raw while driving in the pouring rain with your windows down


I’ve seen heaven and it looks like parent AU Daisuga.