i never made out before soooo


for those of you who have asked about how me and the boy have met, here ya go. i normally wouldn’t go into such detail about my love life on here lol, but it’s quite the story and i’m to happy about it to not share hehe😌

so, starting at the beginning of this semester i was running on the trails by my school and i ran past this guy who was really cute and his friend and he gave me a high five! of course, this is just a kinda cool runner thing and i didn’t think much of it besides that he was cute hehe. later on the same run, i was coming back and i see him again and this time he’s with my schools cross country team(he was on the team) and they were being nice and kinda cheerin’ me on and he went to give me another high five and tripped and fell in front of me😂😂anyways, that made him even more memorable and i just thought he was a major babe. of course though, i didn’t think much of the situation because it was just someone i had seen on the trail(who happened to be very very cute hehe)

fast forward to a couple months later, i’m running on the trail again and i see the men’s team up ahead(i got a little nervous inside bc i remembered he cutie lol). next thing i know, as they’re running toward me he starts like jumping up and down and getting super excited to see me and is like “it’s you! it’s you!” and i was super smiley and surprised and nervous and i just smiled and waved back hehe. HE WAS SO CUTE. i wanted to find out who he was lol.

so, i decided to do a little instagram searchin’.(him being on the team made it easy) and so i followed a couple people from the team. i didn’t expect much out of this, other than just to follow him hehe. later that day, i come back from showering and i see that i have an instragram message and it’s from him!! he said something along the lines of “hey are you the girl from the trail?” and of course, i said yes and we stared chatting hehe. we were basically just talking about running and he mentioned how i should join the team and stuff. the conversation basically kind of faded after we discussed running and all that jazz.

later on, i’m at my friends house and i cant get him out of my head lol and i keep telling her how i think he’s soooo cute. my friend was encouraging me to ask him out on a date or to hangout, but of course i was frightened by that idea and kept saying no lol. i had never done anything like that before. but then i started thinking and i was like you know what, what do i have to lose?! and i talked myself into being brave lol. i messaged him again and in a somewhat sly way said “hey would you want to maybe grab a cup of coffee so we can talk about the team?”(i only through in the team part to make it less obvious lol) he said yes and i was so excited and we picked a day to meet up and ah i was so pumped! then a few minutes later, he messages me and says “also, sorry to be presumptuous, but i feel like i should mention that i’m currently seeing someone right now. i know your intentions probably aren’t there and are just about the team, but i thought i should mention that.” i was so embarrassed lol. i played it off by saying somethin like “yeah, yeah i just wanted to talk about the team no worries!” lol lol. i was mortified lol. i was like this would happen to me, the ONE time i try and be brave and put myself out there haha!

so then a few days later we go to meet up for coffee and i reaaally didn’t want to go lol. i was so incredibly embarrassed and i almost backed out lol. but i went anyways, and i felt awkward the whole time because of my embarrassment lol. it went well and we just talked about the team and very slightly went off subject and then it was over. the whole time though i was like “oh my god he’s so cute this sucks lol” so then, that’s it and we didn’t talk after that. he actually asked for my number, but said it was to give to the girls team lol.

then, flash forward a little bit and he adds me on snapchat and i’m sitting in my 8am 3 hour lecture bored as heck and i see a snapchat from him. i was so so so caught off guard, but also quite happy about this lol. he had snapchatted me coffee(lol) and though it was super random, i thought ya know what why not reply! so then we started going back and forth all day talking and i asked if there were any good coffee shops in sac he knows of and he mentioned this one that he had never tried, but heard it was good. and then he said “we should try it together sometime” and of course i was down, because coffee+cute guy…yessss. he picked me up the next day and we spent 4 hours freezing our butts asses off sitting outside sippin on coffee and just talking all night! it was so cool. we just had a ton to talk about and had so many stories and things in common and i felt like i could listen to him forever.

so then, from there we continued to hang out and go on dates and drink coffee and…kiss hehe and talk and have so much fun and just ahhh.

then, the cross country coach invited me out to the distance teams time trial so i could watch and meet some of the team(keep in mind he was on the team, not anymore. long story, but his best friends are all from the team). so, i go to the meet and the guys team keeps coming up to me and each one of them is like “are you trail girl?” “you’re the girl from the trail?” “oh my god you’re trail girl!” and i’m just like “uhh,😂yes i guess lol!” i was like i mean they’ve all seen me on the trail so i guess that’s like a nickname idk lol?

anyways, the next time me and him are hanging out, i mention how i went to the time trial and i was like you know it’s funny all the guys kept coming up to me and calling me “trail girl”. and he got this cute little smirk on his face and started laughing and was like “umm that’s kind of from me heheh” and i was like whaaat explain! explain! and so he told me that the first time he saw me on the trail(when he gave me a high five) he was with his best friend and he was like “oh my god , dude. she is so pretty.” and was just like kinda in shock. so then, when he saw me later on my run, he was with the team and he was bragging and was like “guys, i just found like my dream girl on the trail AND i high fived her” so then, i come runnin back and he sees me again and he’s like “guys guys there she is WATCH i’m gonna do it again”…that’s when he tripped and ate crap in front of me lol lol. he said he was so bummed because he thought there was no way he could find me again and he was so mesmerized(lol). he actually showed me an old tweet from that day and it said “just found the girl of my dreams on the trail today. retweet to help me find her! #findtrailgirl” hahahahahaha. so, that’s why he got so excited months later when he saw me again and was like “it’s you!!” he said he actually through like a minor tempor tantrum in the locker room after that run because literally the day before he had started “seeing” that girl and was like “what the heck dude i thought i’d never see trail girl again and just when i start seeing someone else there she is!!!!”(btw he saw the girl for like a week and a half and said it was awkward and he wasn’t into her and nothin even happened. but he’s a respectable dude and of course did the right thing by telling me he was seeing someone..i give him maximum kudos)

he said, he got so excited when i messaged him, he was in dennys with the team and flipped out and was like “NO WAY NO WAY!! trail girl found me!!! omg trail girl followed me” and all the guys were like “YEAAAAAH!!!!” and he was blown away when i asked him to coffee and wanted to go so bad and not just talk about running(but he did the nice thing by being respectful and not just ditchin the girl hehe). so yeah then, when things ended with the girl he was like this is a sign to talk to trail girl!

…and yeah. so then we went on many dates and everything felt(feels) so great and we get along so well. we have such similar humor, we have so much to talk about, we just feel really connected(which is so cheesy, but true)

right before i left for home, we spent the whole day hangin out and it was so fun and we were talking and he was like “sooo, what do you want us to be? hehe” and we talked about how we feel so frickin compatible with one another and just how amazing everything feels and how like it’s almost fate that everything happened the way it did and we made it official hehe.

…soooo, that’s the story hehe. met on the trail, never thought we’d see eachother again and here we are. i’m his trail girl and girlfriend hehe and it’s really really cool. i’m such a cheeseball of a person and our little story just makes so much sense. everyone i told, including my family said it’s such a mel’s story and is literally such a cute story(which we both totally agree with hehe) anyways, i’m just so happy and this is so crazy and amazing and i feel great and over the moon. can’t wait to be back.

thanks to all of you who read through this mass of a story lol i give you mad props😌

Batman/Joker week : Tied up

Batman would have never thought that a simple phone call could put him in such a state. But when he had heard, a few minutes ago, this deep, unknown voice talking through his bat-cellphone and telling him that he had kidnapped two of the people he cared the most for, and that they were both in lethal danger, it was more than he could bare. Memories of his parent’s death flashed in front of his eyes. He couldn’t lose anyone else. He wouldn’t lose anyone else.

He ran as fast as he could to the location that the unknown man had told him to go if he wanted to see the hostages alive again. He arrived in front of two doors, both of them locked. He tried everything he could to open them, to no avail. There was a little screen above both of the doors.

« Glad to see you, Batman ».

Under other conditions, Batman would have try to locate the where the man’s voice was coming from, but he didn’t have time for that right now.

« Where are the hostages ! » Batman barked.

He did not even bother to ask who the man was. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was that two people he loved were in danger.

« Behind those doors, as you had probably guessed. » the voice answered.

Images of the hostages suddenly appeared on the screens. On one of them was Robin, tied up to a chair, apparently unconscious. On the other one was the Joker, tied up as well.

« Why ? » Batman growled. « What did you do to them ?

« Why ? Because I want to test you. What did I do to them ? Well, the rooms they are locked in are filled with a dangerous poison. They will be dead in…let’s say…5 minutes ? But I’m a nice guy, you know, and I’ll let you save one of them. Just tell me which one you want to be dead, and I release the other. »

Batman clenched his teeth.

« You’re…asking me to chose between two lives ? Two human beings ? »

« Yeppp !  C'mon, the choice shouldn’t be to difficult, right ? Robin is like your son, while the Joker is your worst enemy. »

Batman took a deep breath. This crazy man was right. If he had to make a choice, if he really had to, it was obvious that he would chose to save Robin. He was his son. He was his partner. He was his best friend. And he was so young…

But the Joker….Well…he…he was the Joker. Without him, there was no Batman. He knew that. Deep inside, he knew that Batman couldn’t live without the Joker. The Joker was his purpose. His other half…and while he could always rebuilt a life without Dick, he could never be Batman again without the Joker. And the kidnapper knew it perfectly. He knew what he was doing when he chose to kidnap the Joker. He knew that their relationship was deeper than a simple hero/villain relationship.

« You have 3 minutes left to make your choice, Batman… » the man said.

He sounded really happy. Batman could tell he was almost laughing.

He had to make a choice, or both of them would die. Well, if he wanted to be fair, he had to save Robin. But…if he wanted to be selfish, he had to save the Joker.

The man was laughing.

Batman paused. Then he grinned.

« I choose to save Robin. »

The laughter stopped.

« Uh, What ? » the man said.

« You’ve heard me right. You said it yourself, the choice isn’t really difficult. Why on earth would I save the Joker instead of Robin ? »

« But… It wasn’t supposed to be easy ! I was only joking when I said that ! You know perfectly well that you care about the Joker, even more than you care about this brat ! And I-

Using one of his exploding batarang, Batman destroyed the wall on his right, and as he was expected, the man was behind it.

And as he was expected, it was the Joker, who was sat on a big chair, talking through a mike that must have the ability to modify his voice.

« Uh…Hehe, hey Bats ! » he said, smiling awkwardly.

Batman took him by his throat.

«Ahehehehe ! How long have you known it was meeee ? » he asked.

« Your laugh. Even if you modify your voice, I still recognize your laugh. It’s pretty…unique. »

« Aw, you, you’re making me blush, hehe ! »

« Where’s Robin ? » he shouted.

« Ah, don’t worry about him, I used an oooold footage, he’s not actually here. Right now I suppose he’s dancing at this new nightclub with the commish’s daughter. Well, he would be if she could still stand on her legs, I mean, hehehehehehe ! »

Batman punched him.

« SHUT UP ! Don’t you dare talking about her ! »

« Ouch, did I hit a nerve ? »

Batman growled.

« Why did you do that if it was not to put Robin in danger ? »

« I only wanted to play with you ! » he said innocently. « You never visit me at Arkham, I was missing you !… «  his voice darkened. « But you didn’t even play fair… You had to figure out that I was behind all that before you could make your choice ! »

Batman lifted him above the ground, grabbing his collar.

« I made my choice. And I chose Robin. »

« Hehehehe ! As if I didn’t know that you chose him only because you knew that it was me behind the mike ! »

« Still. I would have chose him. » he said in a deep, calm voice, putting the Joker down.

« Is that soooo, darling ? Hehe, if you’re so sure of that, then why did you hesitate for so long before telling me your answer ? »

« I wasn’t hesitating ! I was trying to find a way to save you both, as much as I hate you, I don’t want you to die, and I certainly don’t want to be guilty for your death. »

The Joker smiled.

« Oh, darling, you do care ! »

Batman punched him again. Why couldn’t he have a normal arch-nemesis, one that would hate him, and try to kill him like every other super-heroes ? Lex Luthor didn’t call Superman ‘darling’, and that didn’t keep him from being a decent villain !

« HEHEHEHEHE ! Now I KNOW you would have chosen me ! You wouldn’t be that angry otherwise ! »

« Hmf. »

Batman was about to leave – he didn’t want to deal with the lunatic any longer, it was a total waste of time, ans he still had a patrol to do – but the Joker actually had the…nerves to grab his hand.

« Wait », he said.

« What is it ? » Batman hissed, trying to not hit him again.

The Joker raised his big green eyes at him, and Batman wondered how a monster such as the Joker could sometimes look that innocent and – would he dare to say it ? - cute.

«…I know what you’ve been thinking when I made you chose. You thought that, somehow, you had to save Robin, because it’s what everyone – even you – would expect you to do. But you also thought that a life without me would be impossible. » he smiled wide, and the previous cuteness was completely gone. «  And for one second, one tiny little second, you knew that I would be the one you would save. And you hated yourself for that. Hehehehe. How relieeeeved….you must have been when you figured out that I was the kidnapper. » he slid his long finger along Batman’s cheek. « Right, darling ? »

« … »

He didn’t want to answer anything. He didn’t want to admit how…right the Joker was. Because it scared him.

« Admit it, honey… » he purred in Batman’s hear. « You love me, just as much as I love you… »

« You don’t love me. You’re obsessed with me. That’s not the same thi-

As if he wanted to prove Batman wrong, the Joker kissed him.

Batman kicked him in the stomach almost immediately, though he couldn’t tell if his blood was burning because of the anger, or because he had actually… liked…it…

No, it was the anger. Definitely.

Both men stared at each-other for a long, quiet minute. Batman couldn’t believe the Joker actually did that.

Then, without saying anything, glancing at the Joker one last time, Batman vanished in a cloud of dark, thick smoke.

The Joker laughed, louder than ever, driven mad by the feeling of happiness he got from Batman’s lips. His Dark Knight had liked it. He knew it. Why would he had leave in such a hurry otherwise ?

He licked his lips.

He had just brought the game to a whole new level…


a stormpilot fic rec for damnrons <3

ready for flight / 8.6k / this is more poe-centric but i rEALLY LOVE IT and i think you might like it too if you’re interested in poe’s potential etc 

in the city, on the streets / 5.6k / this is. so cute tbh. like it’s just FLUFF y’know?

in fits and starts / 2k / this just in: poe dameron is a dumbass

number three / 3.3k / this will kinda give you cavaties. also poe’s still a dumbass, what’s new, THIS IS SO WELL WRITTEN READ THIS

best laid efforts / 3.7k / this is about how poe’s fellow pilots try and make things right and it’s soooo cute and it’s really funny too esp the last part

dots and dashes / 11k / this is like, 11k of wholesome stormpilot goodness so pure so perfect so everything what are you waiting 4

human after all / 2.6k / this was so beautifully written it honestly made me tear up a bit lIKE IT’S SO GORGEOUS MY GOD.

i’m sure that there are loads of equally beautiful fic out there but i think these are the ones that’ll you like v much and meet your needs for fanfiction haha @damnrons


Red String of Fate

A PGSM!Reinako fanart, inspired by all the chat of how PGSM ep 17 and 18 basically changed Rei’s life after meeting Minako.

This has been stuck in my head for a while and I finally gave in to draw it out. Not as nice looking as I imagined, but the concept depth and style is definitely something I’ve never done before. I was indecisive and made different versions instead.

First a fanfic idea, then a fanart within 24hours… Soooo much for studying. 

All my work can be found HERE.


Zoella’s dream town! 

It’s soooo cute, oh man. She set out a BUNCH of different outfits so you can literally change clothes at least 10 times. The outside is full of greenery and pink and her town layout I’m sure took some serious dedication when it comes to villager placement, and the inside of the houses do not disappoint!

I think my favorite room is the bank (bottom center) just because it made me smile when I saw it and I’ve never seen anyone else make a room like that before. There’s 3 houses and tons of rooms to visit so obviously I couldn’t include pictures of them all, so everyone should visit and get the full experience! 

A few things:

(1) Since when did Maya “want to be Riley?” I mean yeah, she has that brief moment of “Riley Matthews is the best person I can be” in GMYB, but by the end she whips off the wig and very, very clearly does NOT want to “be Riley” anymore. Even during the whole “you turned into me!” thing leading up to the Ski Lodge episodes, it’s made pretty clear that Maya never actively set out to “become Riley.” This tall tale has to be twisted soooo many times before it morphs into something that “solves” the triangle. And while yeah, it ends the holding pattern and solves things in that sense…in no way has anyone actually resolved their feelings, because they’ve pretty much never talked about them.

(2) Y'all all caught how Maya essentially says that she “became Riley”/“wanted to be her” AFTER they started high school, right? So if Maya’s saying she “became Riley” after high school started…then how exactly does that explain away the events of eighth grade? 👀

(3) Also notable is how Riley kicks the conversation off with what Josh just planted in her head: “what are you protecting me from?!” Maya tries to answer Riley’s questions and her answer is essentially, “we started high school and I needed to make sure what you were feeling because I can’t just ask you because you don’t even know what you’re feeling and what if Lucas isn’t good enough for you?” (And since when has Maya ever questioned whether Lucas was “good enough” for Riley? Did his piss-poor treatment of Riley in GMHS give Maya concerns on that front, so she “became Riley” to test him after that? Or is this just an explanation Maya’s coming up with on the fly because none of the others have stuck? 🤔)

I don’t think I even need to catalog the ways this ever-morphing “explanation” doesn’t work at this point. And here’s the thing about it, you can believe that…

(A) It’s just plain bad writing, or…

(B) It’s written the way it is because you’re meant to think critically about the things these poor confused kids are saying and whether or not their words actually match up with the story so far. And when you recognize that, nope, it doesn’t add up, you’re meant to wonder once again “wait, what’s REALLY going on here?” and then try to figure it out. There’s a reason we’ve had so many episodes over the course of the series about what things look like on the surface vs what’s really going on when you dig deeper, folks.

Obviously I’m in the (B) camp, but everyone else’s mileage may vary.

anonymous asked:

Why do you love Zuko so much?

Because he has one of the most outstanding character arcs of all time. His development throughout the series was such a pleasure to watch. He grew as a person and he made mistakes at the same time — he was human. He didn’t always say the right thing and a lot of the time he was trying to figure out what he wanted, but aren’t we all? We are all trying to find our way and, in the end, Zuko did. He made the right choice, after all he’s been through and everyone he’s lost.

He’s literally one of the bravest characters and people I know. Literally no physical challenge scares him (ex. Jumping airships, taking lightning bolts, etc.). But instead he struggles emotionally and mentally. Even then he never gives up and he always pushes himself. He naturally cares for the well-being of others and puts everyone before himself. He has soooo much love to give, but he’s so afraid to because he’s either always been rejected (like with his father) or he’s lost the person he trusted enough to love (like with his mother or Lu ten). And yet he still overcomes adversary.

All he’s ever wanted is to do the right thing and to be good enough, but he never noticed he already is. Just thinking about what he’s been through and what he’s lost and how he kept fighting, despite all that, makes me tear up.

Plus, he’s such an adorable grumpy dork, how can you not love him?


A few quick things:

  • December 1st, 2014. My goodness how and when did that happen? The entire world seemed to have been sprinkled with Christmas garnishes this morning, which I highly approved. 
  • You see that top, left photo? Well those plastic ornament hangers are the best thing I’ve ever stumbled upon in an aisle waiting to pay. Seriously. They’re AMAZING. No more threading ties through ornaments. Christmas people, get on this. 
  • Speaking of my tree. How wonderful is this? So as I noted in my last sad post, my Christmas tree FELL DOWN last night. It was soooo loud and sad and loud. And when I stumbled from my bed to the living room, and flicked on the light I just stood in the doorway and stared at it not really knowing what to do. I tried to fix it, but balancing a tree, while screwing those screws into the trunk is nearly impossible alone. But then, get this… today my mom, sister and Lily headed to my apartment while I was at work and surprised me by fixing my tree. How freakin’ nice is that? I felt so lucky and blessed when I walked into my apartment after work. So thankful for them. 
  • Liz’s Christmas Tree Stand Tip: Do NOT buy a super duper $9.99 cheap one. Nope. Don’t do it. Not worth it. Buy a proper one. 
  • I have got really into Parks n’ Rec in the past few weeks. It’s sooooo good. Although, I have so many books on my list to read, as well as knitting items to make, that I’m thinking… are you ready for this? of doing a no TV January. But bahahah, as I type this, I know I’ll fail at that so hard.  Perhaps I should try to do a no-iphone in the apartment rule, or something restricting my TV time.  It’s just that I feel like I’m ALWAYS on screens, and I really don’t want to not be. 
  • So… last week I was walking home when a guy tapped me on my shoulder and said I was pretty, and asked for my number.  I said no, but then we spoke for about 15 minutes and I hesitantly ended up giving it to him. He texted me twice, but I just didn’t feel it (“hey u. usually i eese off the txt so soon, nice 2 meetu luv ur smile…”). Well. WELL TODAY HE TAPPED ME ON MY SHOULDER AGAIN. Gah. It was weird. And I pretty much said, “no. nooooo,” but I didn’t want to be rude so I stopped.  He said it was by chance he saw me again, and asked to walk me home (wtf?! umm, no.), and then I caught him in a lie (his house was east of the subway, mine was west, and we were on the west side, and yet he said he was walking home…). Anyways. It was weird. I really hope I don’t see him around. And I also hate how I instantly assumed he was up to no good… really wish that wasn’t my first thought. 
  • Also. I had another date (with a completely different guy) set up for tomorrow night, but like the asshole I am, I cancelled on him. I don’t even know why. I suppose I’m just not feeling dating right now. It’s soooooo much work to get ready and build up my confidence, and go on the date, and put effort in, and, well, I’d prefer a night at home with my Christmas tree. #supercoolalert (Plus, as Weds is my bday, and Thursday I leave for NYC, I need time to pack/get ready.)
  • Remember how I’ve blogged about the (drum roll please…) cheese office drawer 3.2 million times? Well… since I started therapy I seem to have forgotten about it. It’s sooo weird. And it’s hard to explain, but since I told myself I’m allowed cheese whenever I feel like it (or m&ms or other sweet delights), and really meant it. Liz, it’s normal. If you want it, eat it, I just don’t choose to have them. It’s soooo odd. 
  • Continuing on from that point I have been so bloody productive in the past few weeks, and I swear it’s from freeing my mind up from obsessing over food. It’s nutty how drastic of a change my mind has made. NUTTY.  
  • I fly to NYC on Thursday night, and think I’m now there for a full week! Although, I will be working from NYC for two of the days, but still - oh happy day! I’ve never been to NYC before Christmas, so I’m excited to see it all decked out. 
  • I’m about 1/3 of my way through Christmas shopping.  Any fabulous ideas you know of - please share! I’m hoping to do a “my top 5 Christmas items to give” post tomorrow - as I’ve found some gems (that are quite general), but still need something for my brother and sister. 
  • And with that, here’s a pretty photo of my tree about 3 hours before it face-planted onto the ground (but luckily missed the TV!!)  :)

A letter to my dad...

I’ve been wanting to send a letter to my dad for a while now. Part of me wants to beg him to tell me that he accepts the authentic me, part of me wants to prove to him that I’ve done the right thing, and part of me wants to convince him of how beautiful I am, but obviously those are conclusions he needs to reach on his own. I’ve written and deleted multiple letters over the last few months… they either came out too angry or too pitiful. Yesterday, I decided to try again and, over the last two days, I finally wrote the following letter, and I think it’s perfect.

As a reminder, my dad has never stopped loving me and would do almost anything for me, almost… for he has also made it clear that he will “never look back on this and think, ‘Gee, I’m glad she did this!’” I don’t know why I want to change that soooo badly, but I do, more than I’ve probably ever admitted before right now. I want him to accept me - not accept that I exist, not accept that I’m not crazy, but accept that it was the right thing to do and that I’m a happier and more beautiful person for it.

It may never happen, but the following letter is my best attempt, to date, to make that happen.

Hi Dad,

I know you’re not on Facebook, so here are some recent photos… one even includes [my son] from Mother’s day at his school, and one is of me DJing my first ever 100+ person event!

I realize that my transition hasn’t been easy for you, but I hope you’re starting to see how much more whole I am now that I am finally being my authentic self, and that I’ve become a beautiful, happy woman… I’ve overcome tremendous odds, I’m more engaged at work and in the community than ever before, I inspire people with virtually everything I do, and other women are constantly telling me how I’m putting them to shame with how well put together I am! Life really is good.

Anyways, I hope you’re coming to terms with it, and that someday you’ll be comfortable with the idea of me being the other daughter you always should have had.

Oh, I also included newer school photos of the kids (from earlier in the year). I thought you’d enjoy that. :)


Obviously, multiple recent pictures (all but a few of which you’ve all seen) were attached.

So now I wait…


Coming Home - Matt Espinosa Imagine

Requested by: gamergirl205 

A/N: I hope this is what you wanted, you didn’t really give me many guidelines hahah. Also this song that is used throughout the imagine is Coming Home by Dirty Money & Skylar Grey, I do say it in there but if you want to listen to it before you read, or anything of that sort…sorry it took so long! Request anything in my ask:)

“I’m coming home
I’m coming home
Tell the world I’m
coming home
Let the rain wash
away all the pain
of yesterday
I know my kingdom
awaits and they’ve
forgiven my mistakes
I’m coming home,
I’m coming home
Tell the world that I’m coming… home.”
Matt has been away for what feels like forever and I can’t handle being away from him. Our comfortable bed that once was filled with cuddles and movie nights is now crowded with my papers for school and lonely tears. Scrolling through tumblr on my Macbook, I come across a fan picture of Matt and I began to tear up. He looked happy. He was without me and he still looked normal…than there me. I look like I’ve sat outside in a hurricane. Just a mess. I sigh and shut my laptop placing it on the desk next to the bed. Climbing out of my mountains of blankets, I scurry into the bathroom turning the steaming water on. Dropping my day-old sweats to the floor and hoping inside the hot water, I began to hum the beat of “Coming Home” By Dirty Money & Skylar Grey. I don’t know why, maybe it was the pouring rain outside or the empty void I used to call my heart dying each time I thought about him.
“Let the rain wash
away all the pain
of yesterday I know
my kingdom awaits
and they’ve forgiven
my mistakes,” I sing lightly while adding shampoo in my hair. I always loved singing it was my escape for everything. Expect no one knew. It was my dirty little secret. I would sing when no one was home or in the car but lately I’ve sang so much it was starting to bore me.
“I’m coming home,
Tell the world
I’m coming home.” I continue to sing as I scrub my hair.
I step out of the shower and grab my towel, wrapping it securely around my body. I grab my phone off the counter and open the door. I run pass the windows near the hall and into my room. Grabbing the nearest yoga pants, sports bra and sweatshirt I throw them on.
“Let the rain wash
away all the pain
of yesterday I know
my kingdom awaits…” I continue to sing, while grabbing my dirty clothes and putting them into the wash. After what feels like forever I’m done and yet the song is still stuck in my head. I plop down on my now clean bed and open my laptop, searching “Coming home by Dirty Money and Skylar Grey.” Once I find a decent lyric video, I began to hum along, slowing mouthing the words until I’m full out having my own concert in my bedroom, not paying attention to anything but the music.
“I didn’t know you could sing.” A voice says from the door way, and a loud scream erupts from me.
“OH MY GOD GET OUT-wait Matt?”
“Hi baby,” he smirks and opens his arms, “I missed you.”
“MATT.” I squeak and hop up from the bed rushing over to him. His arms wrap around my waist and lift me up gracefully.
“Hi beautiful.” He sobs into my dark brown hair.
“Matt. Oh my god.” He sets me on the ground and looks in my hazel eyes, “DONT.YOU. DARE. SCARE. ME. LIKE. THAT. AGAIN.” I playfully smack his arm in between each word.
“Ow,” Matt fake whines and batts his eyelashes, “kiss it better.”
“I hate you.”
“No, you love me.”
“I hate you.” I say getting closer to his face.
“Love.” He lowers his face to mine.
“Hate.” I mumble and his crashes his lips into mine.
“I love you.” Matt smiles and brushes a piece of hair behind my ear. I smile widely and he presses our foreheads together.
“SoOoO, about this singing¿?” Matt asks while smirking.
“Forget it…it was nothing.” I blush and pull away hiding my face in my sweater sleeves.
“It wasn’t nothing, (Y/N)…” He trails off pulling my hands away from my face, “you have a beautiful voice. How come I never have heard it before?”
“I was embarrassed and I’m not really that good.”
Good? Baby girl, you’re amazing. Insanely talented.”
“Stop.” I pout dragging it out. Matt drops his hands from my cheeks and plops down on our nearly made bed and pats the spot next to him. I trudge across the room and lay down on the soft mattress. Matt wraps his strong arm around my waist and he rubs his nose up and down mine.
“Hi beautiful.”
“Hi handsome.” I reply and smile widely.
“So about this singing?” Matt smirks and I burry my face in his chest, “babeeee.” He begs and I glance up at him.
“What, Espinosa?”
“How long have you been able to sing like that princess?” He asks sweetly kissing my forehead.
“Forever I guess.”
“Can you sing me a song?” He asks sleepily and his eyes flutter shut as he yawns.

"What? No! I can’t really sing if I don’t have a song in mind anyways, and I don’t want to…” I trail off snugging closer to Matt.

“(Y/N). Please.” He begs eyes staring into mine, he pouts his lower lip and batts his eyelashes. I could never say no to him when he looks at me like that…and he knows it.

“Fine. One song,” I groan, “what shall I sing?”

“Anything you want princess.”

“Okay,” I swallow the lump in my throat and look at matt who has me protected in his strong arms and his peaceful face inches from mine, you can do this (Y/N) I think…I begin to sing and I watch as Matts mouth slowly curves into a soft smile.

“I’m coming home
I’m coming home
Tell the world I’m coming home
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and they’ve forgiven my mistakes
I’m coming home, I’m coming home
Tell the world that I’m coming… home”

When I’m done singing I glance up at Matt and he has the biggest smile plastered on his face, “You are so perfect. You can sing, draw, make me smile, look beautiful without trying, what can’t you do? I love you, (Y/N). I couldn’t be happier to be home.” He finishes and I feel my cheeks blush.

"I love you too…I’m glad you are finally home, I missed you.”

“Not as much as I missed you princess.”