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Lionhearted - Part 1 - Nessian fic

Summary: Modern AU - Nesta and Cassian run into each other frequently due to her sister’s engagement to his best friend, and the encounters never go the way either of them want. Tension boils over at the rehearsal dinner and then the next day at the wedding, where they say and do things they can’t take back.

Notes: Thanks to @blxckbeak and @acourtofstarsanddreams for talking to me about this fic! More specifically, about Nesta. Also I want to tag @christina-dh because she asked for me to tag her in a certain type of fic if I wrote it… which, the thing doesn’t happen until the second part, but I don’t want to spoil it. :) And I hope the anon who sent me this prompt also enjoys it! (The prompt was “the hills are alive with the sound of bullshit”.)

I’ve never written a modern AU, plus it’s nessian, so… let me know what you think!

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Lionhearted (Part 1)

The evening before Feyre and Rhysand’s wedding, Nesta prepared for the rehearsal dinner by getting a drink alone. The bar of the hotel had seemed like as good a place as any for an over-priced gin and tonic, especially if it meant she didn’t have to wander alone down the sidewalk and be subjected to the inevitable leering of men who hung out on the city street corners at all hours of the day. She could play nice and support her sister, but she knew she needed something extra to smooth her sharper edges before she showed up at the restaurant. Edges that would inevitably come up against a certain infuriating best man. And combined with the fact that her father would be there… yes, she definitely needed this drink.

Sipping from her glass slowly, she listened to the hum of quiet conversation just outside the bar in the cavernous lobby of her hotel, to the first tentative sounds coming from the instruments of the jazz band that was setting up for the evening. She had chosen a hotel where few of the other guests were staying, a decision that she had explained to her sisters as the result of poor last-minute planning, but really had more to do with not wanting to be surrounded by the sycophants who clamored for her future brother-in-law’s attention. The kind of power that Rhysand’s family wielded would ensure security for her sister - for all of them, really - but Nesta had no intention of being caught up with his crowd.

She was seated at the end of the bar, close to where the bartender was cleaning glasses. There was no use in sitting too far away from the man with the bottle, she figured. Nesta was sure that no one she knew would show up here, at a generic hotel bar. Among the many privileges of being on her own was the fact that she could pretend to be ignorant of the group’s plans of where to meet, when, to think about having to please everyone else first. She was responsible for and answered to no one but herself.

As she drank, she thought about Feyre and Elain, the recent changes to their lives that had them seeing a bit more eye-to-eye. A week ago she had talked to Feyre alone, for the first time in ages. The strain between them had become less and less, lately; in fact, it had been the first time that Nesta had spoken frankly to her sister about their mother, their father, the way that Feyre had had to take responsibility of the household when they were teens. Nesta and Elain had left as soon as they could, Elain moving in with her now-former fiancé as soon as she had graduated college and Nesta just… moving on.

Nesta had told herself that their father, if left to his own devices long enough, would figure out that he was needed. That maybe one day he would get his act together and take care of her younger sisters. By leaving the moment she turned 18, she thought she was washing her hands of her responsibility towards them, forcing him to take it on himself. That didn’t happen, though, and she watched from afar as Feyre struggled to pick up the slack at far too young an age.

She told herself that the anger she reserved was for him, but it had a habit of being aimed at the wrong people.

When she had met Feyre for lunch, Nesta hadn’t expected to rehash the past. But over salads and microbrews, the two had come to a sort of… détente, if not outright understanding. Nesta knew her youngest sister would be fine, had found a life worth living, whether she had Rhys or not. And Feyre knew that Nesta had done what she felt necessary at the time, though it had come from a resentful, scornful place. Growing older had the effect of putting their childhood in perspective, and they were both ready to put aside animosity.

Nesta had asked about Rhysand, about how Feyre had met him - there was an ex, someone Rhys knew, who had had a hard time letting go. Nesta had been… displeased to find that her sister had needed help in that way. That she had experienced something like this without reaching to her sisters for help. Not that she could blame her little sister. But if this Rhys was everything that Feyre claimed, then she could be happy for her. She would give him a chance. Which was why she had flown out here and had even helped her sister with some of the wedding planning.

Checking her phone for the time, Nesta saw that she had planned perfectly. She had enough time for a second drink before leaving for the dinner at a new Italian place that Mor had clued Feyre in on, the kind of place where they cured their own meat. Finishing the last sip of her drink, Nesta asked for another and was waiting patiently when a voice came from behind her, smooth and taunting.

“Nesta, sweetheart.”

Her shoulders stiffened and she closed her eyes, cursing under her breath. Shit shit shit… Of all the hotels in the city, of all the bars… Turning her head while keeping her body facing the bar, she answered him.


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I had the weirdest damn encounter today so far at work. A customer for the pharmacy I clean came in and made a beeline for me. She got so far into my personal space that I swear to fucking God I could count every goddamn eyelash she had. She asked me if I knew her niece “Monica” who, apparently, works with me? I don’t know a Monica, so I told her no. That’s when she reached out and literally PALMED my name tag, which was over my boob, and said “but you definitely work for (insert company name)”. Turns out she cleans on the day shift in the HOSPITAL not the clinic where I clean(I asked my supervisor). So we never ever meet. This woman made me so fucking uncomfortable Jesus Christ. Thank fucking God the pharmacists noticed and, by chance, knew her by name so they were able to get the beast away from me. I spent the next 15 to 20 minutes cleaning in the lobby waiting for her to leave the pharmacy. Wtf lady!? I haven’t had an experience like that since I worked at my old craft job! I didn’t have the balls to do anything about it because I seriously love cleaning in pharmacy and did not want to fuck up a good thing by unleashing my temper. -Abby

Venatore’s Tango

Part 1

Characters: Reader, Dean, Rick, Olivia

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: A long case leads to a run in with the infamous green eyed hunter, and a single dance can lead to much more

Warnings: None really, some cursing

Word count: 8k (I’m so sorry, jeezus words fly sometimes)

Tags: (At the end. I tag alot of peeps, but you are never obligated)

A/N: First I want to say that I am so very sorry. I feel completely terrible posting this so late. I don’t know the right way to go about this so I hope this is acceptable; I know it won’t be accepted for the challenges that this was for, which is 100% OK! but I have to credit the inspiration to the hosters: the wonderful @torn-and-frayed and her Season 3 song challenge for the Tango Passion and the wonderful @roxy-davenport SPN Halloween Challenge line ‘Did the monster just grab my ass?’. If you’d like me to tag this appropriately send me a message. Life took a nose dive on me since November, and is hopefully on the up after this.
I had fun writing this even if it was a pain in my ass most of the time, and I hope you like it! I also hope the dancing piece of it makes sense to anyone reading this. I tried to time it with the song, but finding one specific dance video I loved the most was hard, they are all so fun so I took most of my moves from here and here and did what I could. 
I love to hear from all of you! Your comments and likes and reblogs always make my day. I appreciate each and everyone of you even if I can’t make it around often right now to say so XOXO
THANK YOU to my awesome beta/bff for reading over this beast and the cool ass title @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid

Another fancy benefit in another town in upstate New York whose name you would most likely not remember, or see again, when this monster was finally in the books. This was the second party this week alone you’d been able to work your way into since you’d started this case three weeks ago, and you thanked your lucky stars the pool of rich, old, desperate saps looking for something pretty on their arm was plentiful around these parts.

Since you’d been here you gained two brand new expensive dresses (matching heels and purse included) and a gorgeous diamond teardrop necklace that had to be worth a pretty penny, all while managing to keep your dignity intact. You were looking forward to hocking the necklace and doing something nice for yourself with the little stack of cash as soon as this was over. That idea alone brought a smile to your face as you thought back to what you’ve done for this case so far just to get more information; the endless hours of boring conversations, the bad dancing, ass grabbing, and other miscellaneous coped feels, not to mention a few unwarranted kisses. It hadn’t all been for nothing at least.

You’d pinned down a main suspect; a black haired beauty by the name of Olivia Karalis. No one in any of the previous towns seemed to know anything about her or her history, just that she was old money and had her foot in the door with the right people. Others chalked it up to her beauty getting her where she needed to be, probably having a few dead rich husbands that left her their money.

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Ten Feet Off the Ground

read it on the AO3 at http://archiveofourown.org/works/8516998

by Leslie_Knope

“Oh my god, you reek,” Laura says, waving her hand in front of her nose dramatically. “Get away from me. Right now. I never want to know what your desire smells like. Gross, gross, gross.”

(Or: the one in which Derek and Stiles meet in a bar, and it’s basically love at first sight.)

Words: 5010, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://archiveofourown.org/works/8516998

i’m a lesbian and i’ve never had a partner i could conceive a child with (which i would say is probably true for 80% or more of wlw relationships? idk i know it’s possible but i also kno between hormones and money restrictions and etc shit is hard for both cis n trans bpq women) and today i trimmed this woman’s hair while she talked about how difficult in vitro has been for her and her husband and how even tho they had good luck w the initial conception she’s had trouble carrying and how it cost them over 20 grand and thousands for each time she attempted to carry and how the hormones she has to take are making her sick and making her hair fall out and she can’t take her bipolar medication (i’m bipolar as well so i’d assume they’re mood stabilizers) anymore bc the doctors think that’s why she keeps miscarrying and anyways

it impacted me so bad i cried in the bathroom bc like… i’m always this hopeful “when i’m ready and happily married i am totally going to have kids :)” but i don’t know how realistic that will ever be and i feel like i'all end up childless due to lack of finances or not being able to carry a child since even under 35 the chances of carrying a child conceived in vitro to term is under 50%

i’ve always wanted to have a baby but it hurts to know that… realistically it will probably never happen. there’s a chance but it’s slim as hell

Helpless (Hamilton Part One)

Summary: In which there are two sides to every story and this is Steve’s (Or, in which Steve takes one look at you and suddenly he’s helpless).

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 3,458 (including lyrics)

A/N: If you are a Hamilton fan, then you know this song and you also know that there has to be a Part 2 from Bucky’s POV. 

Tagging @bovaria because her fics are the definition of perfection.

Satisfied (Part Two)

Originally posted by lufelicity

I have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight

“- Long story short, I never would’ve made it out of there alive if not for Steve.”

The ‘hero’ of the story ducks his head, trying to hide his embarrassed grin. Despite the time he used to spend on stages all across the country selling bonds to anyone who would listen to him, he never fully grew used to the spotlight. Unfortunately for him, being Captain America makes it hard to shy away from the attention that is constantly thrust in his direction.

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  • Tom: I asked for Tucker's help with Jordan because he has the most successful relationship of anyone I know.
  • Tom: With a gorgeous woman which is honestly still a mystery to me.
  • Tom: Like, was it a hypnosis accident or something, where they put Sonja under and made her fall in love with Tucker and never said the magic word to get her out of it?
  • Tom: If I say "nutmeg" will she wake up and start screaming?
You’re Allowed to Be Angry

Alex had never wished for super hearing in her life.

She’d seen how Kara struggled with it, had noticed the looks of distaste every time she overheard something she’d rather not. And even though Alex has been a little jealous of Kara’s many abilities at several points in her life, hearing had never been one of them.

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Get To Know Me

Tag 10 people you’d like to get to know better

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Name/Nicknames:  Lauren, Lauzie

Last song I listened to:  I just watched/listened to Jensen singing Brother at VegasCon again.

First Fandom:  Supernatural is the first I am really involved with, but I guess I would have to say One Tree Hill.

Book that I’m currently reading:  I’m about to start one by Karina Halle, I haven’t decided which one yet.  If you have never read any of her books, I highly recommend you do!  Her Experiment in Terror series might be my favorite books ever. (Don’t tell Harry Potter)

Worst thing I have ever eaten: Food is generally my friend, but one of the worst things I have ever ingested would have to be Castor Oil.  I tried it while I was soo pregnant with my son and was ready to meet his cute little face.  I would never recommend it, it was like drinking a tube of lipstick.  I shudder just thinking about it.

Favorite Places:  My couch, with a blanket and a good book…or Tumblr 

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“She was the wisest woman that ever was, for she understood the interests and dispositions of all the princes in her time, and was so perfect in the knowledge of her own realm, that no councillor she had could tell her anything she did not know before.”

Around ten o'clock that evening, with heavy rain pattering against the windows, Elizabeth turned her face to the wall and fell into a deep sleep from which she would never wake. With Dr Parry, who ‘sent his prayers before her soul’, and her old friends Lady Warwick and Lady Scrope by her side, she passed to eternal rest, 'mildly like a lamb, easily, like a ripe apple from a tree’, shortly before three o'clock in the morning of Thursday, 24 March, 'as the most resplendent sun setteth at last in a western cloud’. – Alison Weir, Life of Elizabeth I

Fairfield County Gothic

There is a new girl in your class. Her name is Sarah. She is blonde with long straight hair. There was another girl last year, also named Sarah, with long, straight blonde hair. They are friends, already, but you have never seen them together. You cannot tell which is which.

You swear he wasn’t wearing salmon pants a second ago.

There is a pack of housewives approaching you, fresh from a spin class. They all wear Lululemon and as they approach, they blend together and come fast, faster than you can run. They want to know where you are going to college.

It is 11pm and you drive through town. The shops are dark. The streets are empty. You are alone, so utterly alone. 

No one knows when the snows will come, but we are all powerless to stop it.

You swear your turn is coming up soon. You just can’t see it yet, because of all the leaves. You don’t remember what street this is. You don’t remember when you got on this road. All you know is you have been driving for a long, long time, and everything is so, so green. You cannot see houses. You cannot see streets. You cannot remember if you even had a life before you got on this winding expanse of green. But your turns is definitely coming soon. It has to be.

It is six months later and you realize you’re on the same road again. You did not recognize it, because the leaves are gone. You aren’t sure if they ever really existed, or if they will ever come back.

The weather has changed three times since you left the house only ten minutes ago. You do not acknowledge it. It is not your place.

The shops in town are all closing and no one knows why. They are being replaced with frozen yogurt shops.

Every day when you check your closet, you swear there’s more Vineyard Vines than when you go to bed. You don’t think you bought those Sperry’s, but you wear them every day.

get-to-know-you-better meme

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Relationship status: single and happy to remain so

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick

Last Song I Listened To: White Dress - Dia Frampton. Her new album is so good.

Last Movie I Watched: I actually can’t remember. I watch so much stuff that I lose track of everything and get things mixed up and I can never remember. The last tv show I watched was Fresh Meat tho. Which I remember because I made the mistake of rewatching the last ep on friday night and went to bed feeling very sad and nostalgic about my undergrad and how much I wasted it.

Top 3 Characters: This is really hard? Why only three?? There are so many I love. But okay, at the moment: Ahsoka, Obi-Wan and Sam Vimes.

Top Three Ships: Gawain/Ragnelle (with a side of Gawain/Lancelot because god knows I love misery), Christopher Chant/Millie, and Codywan. Literally only one of these ends happily, what is wrong with me.

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highlyforcesensitive  asked:

Some deetz on this maebryn person would be nice I keep seeing maebryn's tag and yet?? I know nothing (except the #aesthetic which is great btw)

GLADLY!!! (and thank you ****:) 

  • she’s a human rogue of the ~arcane trickster~ variety
  • she had a single father but was orphaned at a young age, so she learned how to sneak and pickpocket and stuff to survive
  • the first man she ever fatally wounded tried to attack her and steal her necklace, the one item she never sold/traded when she was hungry. It’s a gem that she found in the woods playing as a child that her father wrapped in wire for her and fashioned into a necklace. 
  • she’s afraid of clowns (something she had no reason to know she was freaked out by until she joined a party with Zaz, @sadgaywerewolf‘s boy, a literal clown) 
  • she has an unbelievable amount of knives on her at any time, and her charisma is ridiculously high, so I have reason to believe she may actually not be THE MOST stealthy person ever. she just flashes her knives and stares the person who caught her down until they get freaked out enough to let her go without saying anything
  • shes not very physically strong but she makes up for it with street savvy and a smart mouth
  • she grew up in a village at the base of a mountain–her father’s family had been in the region for generations before departing during his childhood. mae was just a baby when her mother left them, and he brought her there because it was the only place he knew well enough to feel like it was a return home. 
  • Her father always used to tell her she had more power at her fingertips than she could possibly imagine, but she never really understood it. She repeated it to herself when things were hard–when she was starving and alone–but she still feels like, no matter how much she learns, she can’t figure out what he saw in her besides the fact that she was his child.
  • she’s………very bi and very attracted to cro, the human fighter in the party (he’s @galacticjonah‘s boy!!!!) Unfortunately for her he is VERY awkward around women and also isn’t that great at speaking common and she doesn’t speak infernal but they’ll get there. She climbs up his body fairly regularly to use him as a vantage point. 
  • also just to be carried around
  • she’s chaotic neutralish, leaning towards good sometimes? she kinda feels bitter like…the world is an unkind place where no one ever bothers to help anyone, so why should she waste her time. But at the same time, secretly, she wants to be the kind of helpful and kind and selfless person that she wishes she encountered when she needed them most
  • she has a very brash, very inappropriate mouth sometimes but she’s like 5′2 and has a fairly high voice so it sounds real weird coming out of her and catches people off guard


this one goes out to a lil cupcake called mari whose 24th birthday is TODAY. happy birthday @percyyoulittlepumpkin! i love you a whole lot and hope you like this shitty thing i wrote for you!

summary to the best of my ability: in which annabeth learns to purge what she’s been fed her whole life. OR three times annabeth steps back, and once she didn’t.



Annabeth has spent her life stepping back.

Her earliest memory of this particular situation is at seven years old. The details aren’t exactly sharp and there’s always a few bits that don’t completely clear up, but she remembers being in the kitchen of her first home. It’s her dad’s day off and Annabeth is excited that her stepmother and twin brothers are away at a soccer game in the next town over. She has her father to herself, which doesn’t happen often when you take into consideration his demanding job and ever present, shiny-new family.

Well, she supposes they aren’t really that new. But newer than her, and her dad’s interest has been quite lackluster with the addition of the two stepsons and a pretty Asian woman named Deb.

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gif/graphic tag game: favorite dw female character + favorite outfit (tagged by cooltennant)
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       "Grandeur and gallantry never appeared with more lustre in France, than in the last years of Henry the Second’s reign. Never were finer women or more accomplished men seen in any Court, and Nature seemed to have taken pleasure in lavishing her greatest graces on the greatest persons. For the taste which Francis the First had for the Belles Lettres was not yet extinguished in France, and as his son was addicted to exercises, no kind of pleasure was wanting at Court. But what rendered this Court so splendid, was the presence of so many great Princes, and persons of the highest quality and merit.
       Yet appeared at this time a lady at Court, who drew the eyes of the whole world; and one may imagine she was a perfect beauty, to gain admiration in a place where there were so many fine women; she was of the same family with the Viscount of Chartres, and one of the greatest heiresses of France. The Viscount of Chartres, who went to meet her, was with reason surprised at the beauty of the young lady; her fine hair and lovely complexion gave her a lustre that was peculiar to herself; all her features were regular, and her whole person was full of grace.
       The Prince of Cleves became passionately in love with Mademoiselle de Chartres, and ardently wished to marry her, though he had a great number of rivals. The marriage was finally solemnised at the Louvre. The new Princess was a perfect beauty, and such she appeared in the eyes of the Duke de Nemours, and all this evening he could admire nothing but Madam de Cleves. He was himself a masterpiece of Nature; the beauty of his person, inimitable as it was, was his least perfection. It was as impossible to behold the Princess of Cleves without equal admiration. When they begun to dance, a soft murmur of praises ran through the whole company.“ - The Princess of Cleves, Madame de Lafayette (1678).