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With Phil's tweet about him turning the light off, idk what thought is more amusing, dan asking him what the fuck he's doing with turning the light on and off or dan being in such a deep sleep the whole night he doesn't even notice phil doing that. I love both those ideas very much and I'm disappointed that we'll never know which one was the right idea but it's just fun to imagine honestly.

It’s so cute, isn’t it? Also completely confirms to me that they shared PJ’s nook/loft bed, because in his nook tour video (link) at 40 seconds in he shows that the surge protector is plugged in at the head of the bed in the perfect position to be jostled by a pillow.

and look if you don’t understand why it’s just vitally important for me to imagine them cuddling high up in a fairy light draped loft bed with a view of the sea then idk what to tell you 

As-salāmu ʿalaykum wa raḥmatullāhi wa barakātuh ikhwān wa akhawāt.

Forgive me, this is the last time you’ll hear from me. Before I leave, I want to give you a few words of advice-

take care of your souls, and look after each other ok? Be there for one another. Don’t let anyone feel like they’re alone. Be that shoulder for them. Let them know you’re there for them and do what you can to help them.

Fear Allāh wherever you may be and keep your duty to Him. Know, that death will catch up with you, so prepare for it. This dunyā is not worth even the wing of a mosquito, so don’t let yourself get attached to it or whatever is in it. Work for your ākhirah. Work for your place in Jannah. Work to make your eternal home- gardens beneath which rivers flow.

Sisters, by Allāh I’ll miss you, every single one of you. You’ll always be in my thoughts and you’ll never be strangers to my duʿāʾ just remember that. I’m out there, somewhere, and I’m thinking of you, always. I love you for His sake, and I hold onto the hope, that Allāh shades us on the Day there is no shade but His, because of this. ♡

If you need me for anything, you can contact @al-akhirattalab and she’ll tell me In ShāʾAllāh.

I learnt so much from all of you here, and I’m so grateful for that. JazākumAllāhu khayr, for every reminder, every piece of advice, every little benefit I could take. I’ll forever keep it with me.

I leave you in the care of Allāh, the One Who created you and me, the One to Whom you and I will return. fī amānillāh, wa assalāmu ʿalaykum wa raḥmatullāhi wa barakātuh.

Your sister in Islām, Umm Turāb al-Banghāliyyah.

128 Yew Tree Drive  - Chapter 2 on AO3

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them
Rating: Teen & Up
Tags: Modern AU / No Magic, ghost!Graves, 1950s!Graves, Falling in Love, Pining, Tearjerker, Living Together, Domestic, Implied/Reference Past Child Abuse / Sexual Assault, PTSD, Anxiety, Recovery, Credence Barebone Gets a Hug
Summary: Credence finally has a safe place to call his own and is beginning to pick up the pieces of his life. But when the house’s former inhabitant appears unexpectedly, it seems he might find more than just much-needed stability under its roof…

written for @gradencetrickortreat prompt fest

Here’s chapter two, or the one in which Credence and Mr Graves get to know each other, and which might include Credence being taught how to smoke :0 If you’re trying to quit, reading this chapter will not help - I’ve never written so much about smoking before, oh my god

Also, in my last post, I didn’t have much room to introduce myself to the gradence fandom - I’ve been a-lurking about for a while, and writing away all the time. This wasn’t supposed to be the first fic I posted, and it definitely won’t be the last :) Come say hi if you want!


Morning arrived as sunny as any spring day. Credence lay for a while in bed, watching the brightness peek out from the chinks between the curtains. He wondered what he’d find when he went downstairs.

There was a strange fluttering in his stomach. Anticipation, he thought. The good kind. It was nice that there should be something happening to him, something to think about, which had nothing to do with the New Salem Church.

He’d slept really very well, too. His dreams were always vivid, and last night had been no different. But in them Mr Graves had paced the corridor outside his bedroom door - expanded to vast and shadowy proportions in his dreams - and the pulsating mass of darkness - which always managed to seep in through the cracks around his door - had stayed away. Mr Graves would not let it pass, Credence had known. And as Mr Graves - being dead - did not need to sleep, then Credence could do so without fear. It had all made so much sense at the time, and in his dream he had taken it quite for granted.

He went down for breakfast only ten minutes later than usual. Mr Graves was sitting at the little kitchen table, directly opposite where Credence would usually be eating his toast and cereal.

On instinct, Credence startled back. He leant against the door, hand over his racing heart, while his body caught up with what his mind already knew.

“Do you take anything for your nerves?” Mr Graves asked, conversationally. He produced a cigarette and a book of matches from his waistcoat pocket. The strike of the match and the flaring cigarette end were crisply audible. “You seem to have trouble with them.”

Credence wrapped his arms around himself and wished he’d got dressed before coming down. Thin sweatpants and a raggedy old t-shirt were too conspicuous next to Mr Graves. Sunshine glinted off his tie-pin and Brylcreemed hair.

“No,” Credence said. “It’s only because I’m not used to seeing you - I’ll be fine soon.”

“You should try cigarettes.” Mr Graves took a long, deep drag with every sign of enjoyment. A few inches from his lips the smoke vanished, like it had ceased to exist. “My God, have I missed this,” he said.

“They give you cancer.” Credence frowned, and then wondered if it was bad manners to talk about life-threatening diseases in front of the already-dead.

Mr Graves huffed out a short laugh. “So they say.” He studied first the end of the cigarette, then Credence, still hovering by the door. “If you’re not going to take up smoking, at least get some breakfast,” he said, indicating the seat opposite. “Not eating isn’t going to help your nerves.”

When Credence didn’t move, he said, “Just carry on like you normally do. Don’t mind me. I want to talk to you while you eat.”

“You’ve been waiting for me?” Credence couldn’t keep the surprise out of his voice. “Why?”

Mr Graves leaned back in his chair. He had a fresh a cigarette in his hand; the old one had disappeared somewhere. “Hurry up and sit down,” he said, “and I’ll tell you.”

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I think the not overlapping Freddie and Bear really is one is real one isn't. Like that's why louis and Liam won't mention each other, because they want to avoid the inevitable follow up questions.

Yeah, that’s my theory and the one I keep expecting to see challenged. But it never has been, which… is weird. They’re usually very anxious to prove us wrong or at least provide plausible deniability.

Which really hasn’t happened up to now.

But who knows, as we keep saying, things can turn on a dime.

Alrighty story time!

Since alot of people have asked on my old main blog and a few people have mentioned it here and idk this might help some people? im gonna give you a bit of background about myself

When i was in middle school i was picked on


I didnt have ANY friends and i talked to myself in the mirror alot and when i was alone (which is probably why no one talked to me 😂)

I felt alone and like no one would ever love/like me

My parents argued alot and i was constantly belittled and physically harassed at school (not to mention my parents staked chores on me and never let me out of the house as well as yelled at me and hit me when i was younger). I was stabbed with pencils, pens and scissors, people stappled my back, and i got black eyes and bruises alot. I had weird ways of letting out anger and i didnt know at the time but i hurt myself alot too. I one time broke my leg trying to hurt myself with a tree.

I didnt get my first friend until freshman year of highschool. Then i was bullied even more and even bullied for being bi.

I tried to kill myself in the 8th grade when i fell i love with my best friend who didnt love me back. We stayed friends despite her knowing how i felt

Sophomore year i tried to overdose on pain medications and i was stoped by people id never even talk to today. I met my nugget and we hit it off great (we are still together ❤)

Junior year was the hardest, horrible grades horrible exams, horrible people. This year ive only lacked on motivation. Things are better and my art is always there as my outlet.

I hope that helps anyone going through the same thing and helps you feel less alone. You guys are great. I love you all ❤

-lovingly mod gard

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In England we have the scouts and the guides. Scouts is geared towards boys boys but girls are allowed to join. The last camp we went on there was only me and one other girl and thirty or so boys. Guides don't allow boys to join but I'm not quite sure on what they do because I only went for a couple of months. In the scouts , if you're caught being homophobic/transphobic, you'll be kicked out, which I found really amazing. But yeah, that's only in the south-east I don't know about anywhere else.

that’s amazing??? 

in canada (and australia, new zealand, and england, and probs other places) we have the brownie scouts. it’s a girl guides thing, idk about boy scouts or their LGBTQ+ policies because i never was one lol

I think it’s cool that they’re names ‘brownies’ after the fae though

OK SO as you lovelies know (and if you don’t you can check out my excited promo over here) I have a little AU marauders RP project coming soon. The main will be ready SO SHORTLY and I want to make one of those competitions so you all can reblog a promo? But i never know quite what to do with that so I’m reaching out to you to ask you what do you want to see? Early access to the main? Early access to the characters page? Maybe choosing one or two characters so I can post first? What would you prefer? Comment down here or send me a message, which ever you prefer babes! And thank you so much!

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I know only female virgos and I looove every single one of them. They’re intelligent, very tidy and have a tendency to keep everything clean and also to displace objects in their room very often. Half of those that I know are very hardworking and ambitious while the other half is very lazy. I’ve never got into an argument with virgo since they’re so rational and able to respect and understand other peoples perspectives and you can always find some compromise with them. I also kind of idolize 2 virgos that I know, which proves you how much I like them!

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The Robins didn't seem too happy that Bruce and Selina are engaged. I thought they somewhat liked her but called her a villian. Do they still think she's a mass murderer? Or do they just not like her?

Well, it is very difficult to determine exactly what they are all thinking. We only saw a few panels so we do not have very much to go on. I think the initial reaction they all have is one of shock which can be interpreted as a negative response. Personally, I believe it is too early to tell exactly how they feel until we see a few more issues. Obviously, I expect Damian to have the most conflicted opinions so that will be an interesting subplot to follow in the upcoming issues.

Now in regards to them believing Selina is a murderer, that is tough to answer. From my recollection, Bruce never told them that it was actually Holly Robinson who committed the murders. That being said, we also do not know if he told them she was innocent off screen. For all we know, Alfred might have told them (considering he is the one who broke the news of the engagement, that would not be surprising).

One the reasons for Bat and Cat’s trip is to find Holly (not the only reason, but an important one). If Bruce has not told any of the Bat family about Selina’s innocence, he could conceivably be waiting until he brings back Holly as the proof. As I mentioned above, we will have to wait and see how this all plays out as the story progresses. 

I think one of the hardest things about having two main Gods is that when they do something for you, you never really know WHO to thank.

one of them: -does something very sweet-
me: oh! Thank you….-takes a guess- Loki?
one of them who must be anubis: -EXTREME NEGATIVE REACTION IN MY GUT-
me: I MEAN ANUBIS. THANK YOU. sorry… gosh.

and vice versa.

I still have no idea who’s leaving me all these feathers (which is STILL happening im just not posting it as much. I started filling a jar with them.) I’m assuming Loki at this point because both of them are just being really vague about it. -shrugs- maybe its neither of them who knows?

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Opinion on Danvid?))) (i'm an another person)



i like it with the redemption arc daniel where he comes back as a twink full of regret but i also like the idea of daniel having an obsessive crush on david and david doesn’t realize it until it’s too late 

Out there
lives a version of me
I’ve never met.
She’s got shorter, kaleidoscope hair
and lips fuller than the moon.
She lives in the city
and says ‘No’ like a complete sentence.
And I don’t know which one of us
is right,
which version of me
is closer to the truth,
but we are two halves of a dreamer.
She has to be happier;
I hope she’s so much happier.
—  Schuyler Peck, Another Earth

Seokjin is secretly lacing fingers under the table, he is sweet dreams filled with unbroken wishes, he is starry nights that hold too many adventures to be told. He is small kisses under the pouring rain that are just a little too perfect. He’s nights laced with pillow talk that turn into pillow fights and it couldn’t be better than that.

Yoongi is caffeine dreams and unspoken poems, he is winter nights and windy trees, but that’s your favorite. He is lost romance and affection tracing against skin, he’s crystal snowflakes falling on eyelashes, waiting to be kissed away. He’s piano keys that aren’t just black and white, vibrant colors flowing through his veins as another masterpiece is made. He is love left unsaid and whispers that only he could hear.

Hoseok is deep rosy hues that sunsets wish to achieve, he’s rays of sunshine that end up shining brighter than anything in this world. He’s pure happiness that somehow ends up with lighting bolts tearing through the sky. He’s sun kissed flowers sitting next to cracked open windows during summer mornings, smiles and giggles filling up the room. He’s 10 am silent walks that end up turning into 2 pm naps because 10 am is just too early. Hoseok is pretty lights that do more than illuminate tiny rooms.

Namjoon is falling autumn leaves and cozy winter nights, who says you can’t have both? He’s tiny memories that can fill out a whole stadium, every moment pieced with a special gift. He’s flaws and shaky smiles, lip bites and nervous rambling, the perfect combination. He’s sweet kisses and muffled words laced with sheer beauty and eloquence. He’s words that somehow turn into silk, written so smoothly against the canvas that it’s impossible to get paper cuts. He’s paintings that are mixed with every color, but it still isn’t vibrant enough. He’s private thoughts that you wish you had the privilege of knowing, each one unlocking a new secret. Namjoon is comfort, he’s warmer than hot chocolate on a winter day, he’s sweet smiles and unbroken promises.

Jimin is bubbles and blue, he’s 3 am smiles and pretty thoughts. He’s spring days and drunken nights, he’s home and nostalgia, and you figured you need a bit of both. He’s a “look at the pretty stars” and “I swear I can see the milky way,” even though his smile caused enough brightness to not see anything. Jimin is soft touches and lavender candles, he’s fallen cherry blossoms that you can’t help but admire and fawn over. He’s sleepless conversations and bedroom eyes, he’s flecks of gold and paper hearts, and you don’t know which one is more beautiful.

Taehyung is hot summer hazes and rose tattoos, he is fulfilled goals and full cups of water. He is summer loves that never seem to be temporary, he’s hidden smiles and subtle signs that were only made for the two of you. He’s cold mornings wrapped in warm sheets and hot nights filled with cold kisses. He’s forehead kisses and sweet r&b riffs, he’s vintage photographs that really is worth a thousand words. Taehyung is cloud nine and love songs, he is boxy smiles and a heart of gold.

Jungkook is shy smiles and hidden gestures. He is cold coffee on a sticky summer night and light kisses that seem to feel more hotter than the weather. He is shaky hands and awkward laughs, bright eyes and curiosity laced all into one. He is playing video games until sunrise and sleeping until sunset, which is his favorite trait. He is loving too much and caring too little, he is 4 am adventures to the convenience store. He is blurry daydreaming and falling asleep in class. Jungkook is scrunched noses and head tilts, he’s beauty and too many pretty piercings.