i never know which account to link to or tag

It was...

Jenny @thecomicsnixlegacy all along!

Original post:

Hey, @bransrath & @anscathmarcach,

I’m currently carrying out a sinister plot, which happens to involve reviewing a bunch of old posts on the @theleagueofmilitantatheists blog, and I’ve made an interesting discovery.

You might remember some of these names from our past arguments in 2016;






(and who knows how many others…)

All these blogs are “deactivated” now, which sometimes means they were actually deleted by the owner or possibly renamed to something else.

But in a lot of those posts, I also tagged the person we were arguing with, and when you scroll the mouse cursor over the tag in the post it still tries to link to a blog called “Jenny” which just has some generic photographs on it and nothing about atheism or Christianity.

I’m not sure if this is some weird Tumblr error (apparently it was) which automatically links to this random blog whenever a tag for a previously “deactivated” blog is still connected, or if “Jenny” here was the atheist responsible for all these different blogs we got into arguments with.

Guess we will never know now, huh?


It turns out that at least the “Ask-Tovolar” blog was a sock puppet account of @thecomicsnixlegacy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the other blogs listed above were also sock puppets used by “Carlos Albuquerque” as well.