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Cripple Punk Gothic
  • “You are too young to be disabled,” they say. You age. “You are too young to be disabled,” they say. You age. “You are too young to be disabled,” they say. You have changed. They have not.
  • You see a flight of stairs. Your friend insists there are only a few. You don’t see an end. You are tired. There are too many stairs. You don’t see an end.
  • The door has an accessible entrance sticker. It is not accessible. You tell them so. They insist it is. You try to explain. They point to the sticker wordlessly.
  • You tell people there is no cute for your disability. They whisper. Soon everyone is whispering. You do not know what they are saying but you hear the word ‘yoga’.
  • You need an ice pack. You get one. You immediately need another. This has been happening all day. Or was it all year? You try to remember and you cannot think of a time you did not need an ice pack.
  • You stand up from your wheelchair. People gasp. Your disability has magically disappeared. You sit back down. Your disability returns.
  • You never notice people using canes. You get a cane. Suddenly you notice them. They’re everywhere. The number of canes grows. You chalk it up to your imagination, but you wonder if it really is growing. Soon, everyone will use canes.
  • You do not see yourself in magazines. You do not see yourself in movies. You do not see yourself on tv. You do not see yourself in books. You start to fear that you do not exist.
  • A person asks you what your disability is. “I don’t know,” you whisper, “no one knows.” They stare at you confused. You have never known.
  • You sleep. You are more tired. You don’t sleep. You are more tired. You go out. You are more tired. You stay in. You are more tired. The moon waxes. You are more tired. The moon wanes. You are more tired. You think about whether these things are related. You are more tired.

[disclaimer: you don’t have to identify with all of these in order to reblog (in fact I don’t expect most people will) but please do identify with the cripple punk movement as a whole! or if you’re reblogging for a friend tag that you are and you’re able bodied. Also please tag for unreality and depersonalization if you can! Feel free to add on]

okay since yall can apparently not grasp this simple concept im gonna say this one more time

stop!!!!! reposting!!!!! edits!!!! u did not make!!!!!!! this includes gifs graphics edits typos fanart and like everything u did not create!!!!
i know most of yall seem to think there’s magic buttons on Photoshop and u press them and BOOM u have a beautiful graphic or gif but that’s not what happens!!! most of these edits yall take 8 seconds to steal and post take HOURS to make. editors spend so much of their time trying to get colourings to work/thinking of graphic ideas/choosing fonts colours textures scenes everything!!!! and when y'all steal someone’s edits and post them on your blog for followers and reblogs you’re taking away the notes/exposure from someone who actually worked hard to make the edit. and I’m not even talking about using gifs as reaction images etc bc most gifmakers (myself included) are fine w that (but that doesn’t mean u shouldn’t ask them if ur using their gifs) but some of yall demons literally copy entire gifsets to post on your blogs just for notes?? and YES, stealing gifs from a bunch of different places to make posts like “the way she smiles” with ten gifs y'all stole from god knows where , is also reposting!!!! stop doing that!!!!!
i also see sooo many people reblogging edits from people who obviously didn’t make them and just reposted and while there’s no way to know if an edit is reposted just by looking at it, PLEASE take a minute to read this:

  1. if you see any edit from a blog/url that you’ve never seen edits from before plEASE check their original post for signs it’s reposted (im not saying everytime it’s a new url means its reposted which is why im mentioning these following points)
  2. check the original posts’ tags and they’re usually a very clear indicator of whether the edit is reposted or not. original content creators pretty much always tag their posts as “tswiftedit/taylorswiftedit/tswiftgif/tsedit” and also with tags like “my edits/my gifs/mine” etc. a lot of content creators also tag their creations w “*(or a variation of some other tag with an asterisk)”. IF A POST IS JUST TAGGED WITH TAGS LIKE “taylurking/the names of every taylor song/album” and does not have any tags like “tswiftedit/my edits/the tags i mentioned before” THERE IS A 99.9% CHANCE THE EDIT IS REPOSTED!!!
  3. a lot of editors also watermark their edits w their urls so if along with points 1 and 2 if this happens as well u can pretty much be sure it’s reposted.
  4. follow your intuition?? i mean there’s no way yall dont realise a reposted edit when u see one esp when it has all (or even one) of the points I mentioned before.
also if u see a reposted edit on your dash and you can figure out who the original creator of the edit is, let them know!!! whether to request the person to remove their repost or to report them, im sure all content makers would be happy if u alerted them to a repost of an edit they worked hard on.
TL;DR if you want to continue to see pretty edits on your dashboards, sSTOP REPOSTING OTHER PEOPLES CONTENT YA COWARDS!!! also please try to be more aware about whether or not the content you’re reblogging is original or not!!! honestly so many people take content makers for granted and yall continue to pull this crap despite MULTIPLE warnings and I’ve seen soo many content makers who stopped posting altogether because of the reposts so if you want to continue to see edits from your favourite editors support your local content makers instead of reblogging from reposters!!! thank u!!!!

dearest jonsa fam,

i know a lot of jon3rys shippers have been trolling us lately, in the tags, our posts and in our personal inbox, and it’s frustrating and immature. sometimes it’s hard to just ignore and not engage. we’re humans, that’s understandable. i do strongly urge everyone to block, block, block, block. 

but please don’t stoop to their level. don’t tag any of your anti-jon3rys posts as their ship name. don’t comment on a jon3rys post that isn’t actually swerving onto our lane. don’t troll their inboxes.

do not send hate of any kind whatsoever.

i want to believe our side of the fandom is more mature, that we’re far too intelligent to be doing something as blindingly stupid as sending hate to other people over fictional characters. i know we’re salty but at the end of the day, it is just fictional characters. whether they’re canon or not, it will never justify being hateful towards another human being. 

besides, canon does not make a ship. if they’re not canon when this is all over, we will still be active. we will still write fanfics and create videos and gif sets and edits and fan art. we will still be more fun, more creative and more exciting than any other ship in the fandom because we have the greatest shippers. 

it’s been 9 years since avatar the last airbender ended and the zutara fandom is still going strong. let’s be like that. 

still though, jonsa is endgame. we know it, they know it, it’s written in the stars, guys. let’s just focus on that and ignore the haters. 

ly guys <3 

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about people claiming that in marrying Bruce, Selina's character will be ruined? I of course see that argument as odd, seeing that she's said numerous times in the past that she wants to be happy, and with that, settling down and having a family. Do you truly think that would waver who Selina is?

You already know that I don’t. I wrote about my thoughts on Selina and family and marriage awhile ago and you can read about it here. Linking it seems like such a cop out but it’s pretty long. On that note I will say this: when people have brought up the idea that getting married would ruin her character I had no idea what they were talking about until I read this. Warning: do not read unless you can afford a spike in blood pressure.

Most notably this critic is says this:

She is a thief.  She is a thrill seeker.  For her, it’s all about the hunt.

And this little gem right here:

I see so many people on social media saying how romantic this is.  It makes me wonder.  Is this just a knee jerk reaction to seeing two long time lovers finally getting together?  Have people really even taken the time to analyze this relationship?  Or, are the ones shipping this the kind of people that value need over want?

Eye roll to the fullest. As a Batcat blogger I take that as a personal challenge. Yes, we have taken the time to analyze this relationship and we have almost 80 years of material to go on and I’ve come with the receipts. 

I suppose this is what most people are referring to when they say that Catwoman’s character would be “ruined” if she got married. Those who are saying that are grossly oversimplifying her character and missing an important part of Catwoman’s development as a character. It reduces Catwoman to just a thief and that does her such a huge disservice. It has been true across multiple versions and media that, Catwoman does not always want to be defined as a thief. That thrill of thievery that they’re referring to, and Selina has said this herself multiple times, wears off. Thieving and other criminal activity has gotten her thrown in prison, almost killed, and she’s had to fake her death a couple of times because of it (as recently as Future’s End). The criminal lifestyle has almost ruined her life and eventually it ends up making her feel empty and trapped. 

Going back to the Bronze Age after Selina spends some time in prison for her crimes as Catwoman once she’s paroled she wants to move on and distance herself from her past. (Batman #308)

Later on during a meeting with Bruce she tries to disguise herself because she worries that being seen in public with her will hurt his reputation and cause a scandal. (Batman #313) 

Skipping ahead to the Pre-Flashpoint era Catwoman’s second on-going series was all about her reforming and becoming the defender of Gotham’s east end. In the very first issue of her series we get a lot from Selina’s perspective on why she does it. To really understand you’ll have to read her first on-going series because a lot of stuff went down towards the end of it that makes Selina disenchanted by the criminal lifestyle. At the beginning of her second series she can’t even bring herself to put on the costume because it’s brought her so much suffering and she feels defined by what she considers to be past mistakes. (Catwoman [v3] #1)

I don’t think that Selina thinks that marriage is the end all be all, but I definitely don’t think that it’s something that she’d completely rule out either. In fact I think that Selina hasn’t seriously considered it because she just never thought that it was an option for her. It’s funny to me that so many people think that Selina is strictly anti-marriage when 1) she’s never said that before and there’s nothing in canon to indicate that she feels that way and 2) some versions of her have expressed a desire to have a family. 

I wrote about this in my previous post but from Catwoman’s second series while Selina steals an ancient dollhouse she talks about her childhood and mourns the loss of her family and the fact that she missed out on that stability growing up. I think that indicates that there is some kind desire to regain that. (Catwoman [v2] #39)

There it is–Everything I’ve always wanted. Everything I’ve never had…Preserved over millennia in perfect condition. Priceless miniature. Stable family.

Emphasis mine. I also can’t stress enough that Catwoman’s Earth-2 counterpart point blank said that she wanted a family and a new life badly enough that she came up with some ludicrous lie about having amnesia in order to obtain it, but she thought it was too late. Earth-2 Catwoman ends up marrying Batman and having a child. The Brave and the Bold #197 was all about Bruce and Selina’s desire to start a new life and finding happiness with each other. In the Bronze Age version Bruce and Selina both retire to raise their daughter together and in the latest version they raise her as a crime fighter. That proves that marriage doesn’t “trap” Selina by any means. She did however feel trapped being Catwoman.

Still not convinced? Okay. I know that The Dark Knight Rises isn’t everyone’s favorite version of Catwoman, but something Christopher Nolan got right… Selina Kyle is introduced as a thief but she’s working for Daggett with the promise that she’ll be compensated with a software that will allow her to erase her criminal record which she wants to use to start a new life. She tells Bruce:

I started out doing what I had to. Once you’ve done what you’ve had to they’ll never let you do what you want to…There’s no fresh start in today’s world. Any twelve year old with a cell phone can find out what you did. 

In Batman: The Telltale Series Selina has an excellent dialogue with Bruce about her criminal career where she lays it all out. She says:

You’re a good man, Bruce. But good men don’t lie with thieves.I know what I am. No noble intentions, just the thrill of breaking what they say can’t be broken. Knowing there’s no safe I can’t crack, no fortress I can’t infiltrate. Proving I can… I’ve stolen from corrupt jerks like Hill, but I’ve taken plenty from good people too. And for what? Some shiny new toys and a crappy apartment on the edge of town? The high is nice but it wears off. And you look around and see…nothing. So you get back out there. Try and chase that feeling down, but it never amounts to anything really.

What has remained true about Selina in the comic books and other media is that she begins her life as a thief, but eventually she wants out but she feels defined by it. She feels like she has no other choice but to keep going. People really look down on Catwoman because she’s a criminal. She gets really dismissed as just some thief. This is something that Selina internalizes and is insecure about. Selina doesn’t always think that she’s a good person and that she can’t be anything other than a thief and a criminal. The idea that all Catwoman wants to do is live a dangerous life of chaos and crime is exactly the type of label she very often tries to break away from. 

The argument that Selina shouldn’t get married because she’ll feel trapped is ironic considering that there’s a lot canonical evidence that she actually feels trapped by The Life™ and it just reeks of concern trolling. Somehow people think that risking imprisonment and death and being defined as a criminal is a more preferable outcome than marriage. 

Catwoman is a character that’s always reinventing herself and always looking for a second chance. I don’t think that that always means marriage and family, but I don’t see why it can’t especially since it’s never been done in the main continuity before. 

I’m not going to bother addressing an argument that Bruce and Selina have a one sided relationship, because it’s obvious nonsense and I’ve dedicated many a blog posts already refuting that. I suggest going through my tags if you really want to know, but I will say this because I think it’s crucial: in spite of everything that people say and think about Catwoman and what she often thinks of herself Batman never stops believing in her. 

Batman has been a constant presence in her life and more often than not it’s his unwavering belief that deep down she’s a good person that inspires her to see the good in herself and get the second chance she so desperately seeks. Whether it’s inspiring her to become the whip wielding defender for Gotham’s most disenfranchised, running off to France, or starting a family. Batman and Catwoman have found a lot of happiness in each other so I find the idea that marriage would “ruin” Catwoman’s character to be, quite frankly, absurd.

Batman and Catwoman have been together for 77 years. It’s just time.

Dancing, ~ flo\||/ing ~ go\||/ns ~ and ~ handsome ~ suits, 

glitter, ~ laughter, ~ food ~ and romance…

It ~ is ~ once ~ again ~ time ~ for ~ our ~ favourite ~ tradition.

I ~ am ~ looking ~ for\||/ard ~ to ~ seeing ~ you ~ there.

Best ~ regards,

Your ~ host ~ Zamiir ~ Paradi.


This is the 6:th ball I’m hosting for Tumblr’s fantroll community, does that make you feel old or what?! Sure makes me realize how long I’ve spent here!

For those who are new: The past five years I’ve been hosting this event, The Ball of 12:th Perigee Eve, which is supposed to be a sort of Alternian Yule Ball.

Each year, the event has been quite a success, and been bringing the community, roleplayers and their characters together… 

Thus, it has become a bit of a tradition for me to host this for the Fantroll Community!

Please enjoy! <3

- @taimatrolls

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wanna one, the type to... // hyung line


  • act more like a mom than your actual mom
  • ‘did you pack your food? water bottle? lady needs? lip balm? deodorant—?’
  • ‘yes, jisung…yah, are you saying i stink???’
  • be really sweet and affectionate
  • be able to pick up on the slightest change in tone of voice and know instantly that something’s wrong
  • probably act like a hover mom lol
  • like you just know that you have to take on the dad role for when y’all have lil mini homo Sapiens
  • cries at everything
  • cries even more when you make fun of him
  • love stay-at-home dates doing ‘lil domestic things as opposed to going out
  • prolly gets y’all matching stuff
  • it’s fucking revolting but so precious at the same time
  • be a caring, sweet and extremely loving boyfriend <3


  • probs takes Uglie pictures of you all the time to ‘use for blackmail’ even tho he’d never actually do that
  • loves to go out on drives and just talk and jam to music
  • tries to re-enact his drama scenes with you
  • ‘and that was when i realized—’
  • ‘tf you doing lmao’
  • does little things for you, like get gifts when he sees things that remind him of you or ties your shoes etc etc
  • speaks in whatever fucking languages he knows to piss you off
  • screams all the time
  • his extra is too much sometimes
  • does everything to make you laugh and see that cute lil’ smile of yours ;)
  • really into matching stuff it’s kind of disgusting
  • but small things, like key rings or socks or some ish
  • buys you clothes with memes on them
  • a fun and entertaining, never-a-dull-moment boyfriend <3


  • takes care of you
  • is lowkey abt it tho
  • does the lil things for you, like folding your laundry or cleaning the house
  • probably really into sweet skinship
  • as in holding your hand or brushing your hair behind your ear or just caressing your cheek sweet things like that
  • really into couple things, but is lowkey about it, aka he’d probably get couple rings or something of the sorts
  • the type to get matching house slippers or aprons don’t fite me on this istg
  • be very thoughtful, gets things that you need or have mentioned wanting
  • doesn’t do it for the praise, just does it purely because he loves you
  • very into staying at home with His Favorite Person, isn’t big on going out but is willing to if it makes you happy
  • likes to do small domestic things like Jisung, but is honestly willing to do all of it since he probably wouldn’t mind
  • buys you clothes and/or accessories that he’d think you’d like/look pretty in
  • be a very kind, warm, caring wifey boyfriend


  • straight up acts like an idiot to make you happy and laugh
  • read: put on fairy wings and run around and laugh like a Fool™
  • compliments you outta nowhere to see your reaction
  • they’re genuine compliments but he says them so often that they start to sound empty lmao
  • but!!
  • that doesn’t make them any less sincere!
  • tries his absolute hardest to make you feel loved no matter what
  • this is just a Gut Feeling but i feel like he’d be the type to completely forget Important Dates
  • read: your birthday, anniversary, first child’s birthday etc etc etc
  • and it’s not because he doesn’t care!! he just,,,,doesn’t have dates on his mind,,,,,
  • prolly the type to start serenading you cheesy love songs in public to embarrass you but he loves it bc you’re in public and you can’t fucking slander him in front of other people can you
  • lol
  • dude thought wrong
  • anyway
  • he works hard in everything
  • but he works extra hard when he’s on stage!
  • you wanna know why?
  • because he wants to Lowkey Impress You without seeming like a self-centered bastard even though the dude knows he’s got it
  • would stop anything he’s doing if it makes you unhappy in any way, shape or form
  • would love you unconditionally and would look past any mistake you’ve done, big or small, problematic or petty
  • a sincere, hard working boyfriend <3


  • extremely sweet and cheesy oh My Goodness mentally preparing myself oh God
  • im kidding xD
  • he’s very smooth
  • uses pick-up lines he already has prepared in his head
  • (if you think he hasn’t thought about what Lines To Use already you’re mistaken xD)
  • but don’t get him wrong
  • he’s not a player
  • he’s genuinely a sweet man
  • he says those things to make you feel special and loved
  • very romantic
  • prepares dates carefully and thoughtfully to make you feel as loved and as cherished as possible
  • gets you gifts outta nowhere because he felt like it (a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, all that Jazz)
  • remembers the little things about you that not most people would
  • makes you smile and look at the ground
  • is the Expert at making you feel butterflies and all fuzzy and loved on the inside
  • is the Protector and would genuinely fight anyone who so much as looked at you improperly
  • extremely devoted and gives you his all
  • a romantic, dedicated boyfriend <3


  • this boy
  • where to start with this boy
  • xD i kid i kid
  • he’s always so
  • extra
  • that’s the word
  • not romantic or sweet or caring or even nice
  • just extra
  • but !
  • in saying that that doesn’t mean he’s not willing to be!
  • it’s just,,,, he may be a little inexperienced in the romance department
  • that being said though he’s honestly probably making it up along the way lmao
  • makes mental notes of what you like and dislike
  • ‘oh she likes this? i guess i’ll do this more often then’
  • ‘hm?’
  • ‘sandwich.’
  • ‘,,,,,,okay,,,,,,,whatever you say,,,,honey,,,,,,,’
  • probably roasts you
  • its out of love he swears
  • shamelessly asks you to call him handsome
  • ‘call me handsome’
  • ‘you’re handsome, jaehwan.’
  • is :D for the rest of the day lmao
  • laughs a lot
  • because he knows you just Love that Quality Content
  • a fun-loving boyfriend who’s honestly just full of surprises <3

so my blog has been converted to a wanna one blog but ??? i’ve never written anything for them—wHACK

so here’s this xD i actually wrote a svt version on my old blog Which Does Not Exist I Think do not try to find it lmao

maknae line coming soon~ <3

// disclaimer: i do not in any way know wanna one personally, this is based on my own perception as their fan and my view on them as people, i can’t guarantee whether or not they’d actually do this. that being said, this was made purely for entertainment please do not Slander me and thank you have a nice day <3

toptabi’s First Follow Forever!!!

I can’t quite believe it but I just realised I’ve passed 1000 followers!!! I never thought I’d even get 1/10 of that many followers! 

Its such an amazing group of people to be part of and I want to thank everyone who follows me for putting up with me and generally being amazing! Whether we’ve talked or not, whether we tag each other in stuff or i just see you in my activity I’m very grateful!!!

Originally posted by militarytabi

Special shout out to: @forvictorymyeverything, @missneverland, @screaming-bigbang !!! I love our conversations and its so great to get to know you guys! 

Also: @angnificent, @nemesyis, @helvonasche, @tabithings and @bae-jagiya - you were my first 5 followers and you’re all still here so thank you!!

And @appreciatedaesung - my 1000th follower! 

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When I created this blog about two years ago, I never would have dreamed I would hit about 100 followers. I’m amazed that there are about 800 people who like my posts! Sure, some are archives of old blogs, but whatever, I’m gonna make a post anyway! I am greatful to all of you! Both me and Red appreciate all of you! I probably can’t tag all of you, mostly rp blogs that I interact with, but just know that I love you all and hope you will continue to enjoy my Red!


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Psst.. #positivityforyourface

Psst. Hey kids. Go on anon and leave people positive comments through their ask box. Do this at least to 5 different people, whether you know them or not. You’ll brighten their day and bring good energy to yourself! Go do it kiddies, you never know who is having a bad time. *tag each ask as #positivityforyourface* ❤

(I can tell you right now I’m going to spam a shit ton of people) -Max

I want to open up a discussion.

Yesterday I uploaded Jonghyun’s official suicide letter. I never intended to keep the post up for longer than a day or two. I tagged a bunch of groups because I believe this is something that needs to be brought to everyone’s attention as I feel it goes deeper than Jonghyun and I saw how much his death was affecting people in numerous fandoms. I posted the note under a “keep reading” header giving anyone the option to continue if they wished and put a discretion warning in the title. I want to know, whether you are a Shawol or not, do you feel uncomfortable having the letter in your group’s tag? I’ve spoken to a couple of people who said it helped them, but I want open it up more. If it genuinely makes you feel uncomfortable having the letter associated with your group. Let me know.

llwow my ??? trashbag self actually hit 500 followers??? i’m shook, guys. 100% shook. so i decided to take this opportunity to give a quick shoutout to all the people i love, regardless of whether i talk to them or just gaze longingly from afar. :’)

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NERRRRDS ; such a blessing ??? to my dash ???? ilysm please know that. i rarely if ever talk to any of you (my fault; i’m always either busy or not in the mood to chat ;-;) but honestly can’t not follow you guys. whoops. you’re all perfect. stay awesome fam :|

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anonymous asked:

Maybe change your blog description. "If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them " when you are not,in fact happy to answer them and become rude as fuck about it AND add a damn link in your mobile bio for those of us on phones only.

Originally posted by theadmiress

On the contrary dear anon, I am more then happy to answer question that are relevant. I tag every single of my ask that actually have information that are important enough for you guys to search in my blog.

If you reply to the same question over and over because people are actually too lazy to do the proper research through the tag (which you can EASILY do through the phone mobile app) as will never be one to encourage this kind of behavior. I LIKE when people are interested but to continually repeat the same information over. And over. and OVER - is very tiring. 

All info in searchable. All of it. On the mobile app and on the regular. I have no page that is not also a searchable post. It is simply up to you on whether you want the information bad enough or not, I guess. I`d much rather let people know that the info IS available than simply filling my blog with repeated questions.

To conclude this ask. I will NOT change my blog description as it speak the truth for itself. I would be more then happy to answer questions that you have to offer to me.

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With Mod L saying God Forbid Keito Be Seeing This, how would each of the members react if they did find this blog and read it's contents? MUAHAHA


Stumbles across one of the fics accidentally while looking for ‘gymnastics’ in the search. He didn’t know what he was opening, but read it out of morbid curiosity. He didn’t feel very strongly about much in the story, but couldn’t shake the overwhelming thought, “Well, they really need to understand, I’m WAY more flexible than that.” After that he reads a few of the other members stories, and then anonymously sends the page multiple messages with things they need to correct in each of them.

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I'm so confused by tumblr. I see people tagging "q slur" left right and centre but the same people using words like "dyke" freely. I've never encountered the word queer used negatively for LGBT (until I got on tumblr and was told "no it's a slur") but where I grew up "dyke" was used against lesbians so ???!!!!! I really don't understand why one is acceptable and one isn't. Do you think it's an America-centric issue again, I don't know whether "dyke" is a slur there...

Well, the ‘q slur’ thing is definitely America-centric (verified by posts with more than 60k notes), but the whole ‘queer is a slur!!’ thing is 100% radical feminist/TERF initiated. I keep seeing American articles and books from the 1990s and 2000s with radical feminist and TERFs talking about how they dislike queer (linked in previous posts). I also have heard the counter-argument - that radical feminists dislike ‘queer’ because queer communities typically embrace the whole spectrum of non-binary and gender-non-conforming folks that don’t identify as their designated genders. Plus, bisexual women. I had a radical lesbian call me a ‘sperm receptacle’ to my face once. Radical lesbians typically accuse bisexual women of ‘lesbian tourism’ and ‘straight privilege’. Since ‘queer’ is a term that’s very readily used by bi/pan folks and gender diverse people, it makes sense TERFs would dislike it. 

This is all a process of research and discovery for me because in Australia, queer isn’t a slur at all! Discovering why in it is for a small section of the US took some digging. 

What’s happened to folks on Tumblr is that they’ve had the word levelled at them as a slur at some point, but they’ve also been exposed to that TERF ‘queer is a slur’ thing. And, on hearing that argument, are like, “Yeah! It was hurtful when people called me queer! It’s a slur! NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO USE IT!” without interrogating the source of the ‘queer is a slur’ thing or why queer seems to be the only slur that we’re not allowed to reclaim. 

Queer is the only slur we’re not allowed to reclaim because it’s inclusive. Exclusionist sections of the community (such as aphobes and TERFs) benefit from the ‘q slur’ rhetoric, so think of why you so easily accept ‘q slur’ when you’re not tagging things ‘d slur’ or ‘f slur’ or ‘g slur’. 

I refuse to play into that bullshit, and I refuse to stop identifying as queer. 

Warning: Involvement in drama.

It has just recently come to my attention that for about a month one of my friends, whom I’ve known for a few years, is being harassed by a blog that is focused solely on her simply for asking for a ship she doesn’t favor to be tagged.

Basically, it boils down to this: Rae is an RPer who has been forced out of a fandom that should by all means be welcoming and receptive to each others’ ideas. Bendy and the Ink Machine doesn’t have much in the way of characters, and the simplistic but intriguing concept behind it–bringing cartoons to life–brings much to the imagination. Unfortunately, this lack in actual characters in the game leads to a limited pool of shipping opportunities, and it can get frustrating for certain perspectives to be listened to.

Personally, I do not ship Alice Angel and Bendy as anything more than friendly and/or aggressive rivals. The creators have essentially made it clear that this is how it is in the game and people who think the same should be respected just as much as the ones who like them as a couple, even if they are the minority of the fandom. Rae doesn’t, either, and the fact that she is being harassed because of something so simple as having it tagged and then proceeding to be forced out of the fandom like that is sickening.

What’s even more sickening is that someone actually made a blog to catalogue Rae’s ‘wrongdoings’–accusing her of homophobia and fetishation of gay couples AND of racism and RPing with minors. Allow me to break it down like this:

First of all, the fact that she RPs smut between same-sex characters does not mean she has a fetish for it. She and I have RPed loads of times, and I was with her since the beginning of her blog and have developed and discussed many ships with her. I’ve read her RPs. They don’t just consist of sex, but also of fluff, and there are heavily in-depth relationships that serve as a sturdy foundation for this all to happen, and practically always comes first and foremost.

Secondly, the fact that she has gay characters does not make her a homophobe. She has a girlfriend, for crying out loud, I mean where have you been? The fact that she has gay characters and characters that are straight and characters that prefer both or neither? That’s diversity. You can’t accuse someone of being homophobic if they have a partner of the same gender themselves. That’s like yelling at a tea pot for calling itself a kettle.

Thirdly, there’s for some reason a stigma about her being 'racist’ when it comes to her characters. Racism personally makes me very uncomfortable, and I simply don’t see how having so many characters that are so diverse is racist. She doesn’t offend any cultures by playing as them–they are all given their own unique personalities that she developed from scratch. If she was racist, she would have made Anita a maid instead of the founder of Anita’s, she would have made Finnegan a hard-drinking man who swears like a sailor, she would have had Porter be a die-hard marine who would die for patriotism or something and she would have made Daphne a girl who is more concerned about getting a tan and being pretty than anything else. That is racist. That is what racism is. They are being racist themselves by posting pictures of Rae, like they’re saying, 'She’s white so of course she’s racist.’

Finally, about the issue with the whole 'RPing smut with minors.’ I don’t know as much as most people about what happened with that–however, what I do know is that the internet is a place where misinformation is spread widely. Tumblr is a platform where people can easily lie about their age. From what I’ve heard, it was never made clear whether or not they were of age until forcibly confronted, where they 'confessed’ to being underage. The question is this: Do any of us know for sure whether or not they are lying?

Rae is a good person. She’s not the kind of person who would go about forcing people to RP with her. The very thought that this entire dramafest was brought up because she wanted a popular ship to be tagged because she didn’t like it makes me feel disappointed in fandoms in general. I would tag the aggressor, but unfortunately I seem to be unable to. I hope that they see this–Rae is undeserving of this level of cyberbullying.

Misunderstandings and perceptions can misconstrue to something violent, and I don’t want that for my friend. I ask you to please stop–don’t believe everything you read or heard of. If nothing else, remove her pictures and stop posting them. Respect the privacy she still has in real life.

I don’t care if I’m attacked for this, myself. I know where I stand, and logic and loyalty dictates that I stand by Rae. If you have anything to say about it, aggressors, then you’re welcome to come into my inbox and submissions since I can’t come into yours.

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I really want to get to know you and be friendly, but at the same time you're literal goals and I'm too trash to ever speak up, but ily so much, and I died when you reblogged an aesthetic I did and tagged you in--

Listen my guy, I have several people who will vouch for me when I say I’m a massive, awkward dork (and I’ll never stop being amazed by people calling me goals, I’m so used to thinking of myself as just another average fan who wants to contribute what they can). No pressure but talk to me if you wanna, whether by anon or through dm! Also thank, love you too 💜

(And tbh i love when people tag me in things??? Thank you????)

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I love your older fics as much as your new ones! Do you have a favourite out of the ones you've written so far?

Dear god, anon, let me first say that I am so, so sorry for sitting on this ask for as long as I have. I received it before having to go away for work, so I’ve got no excuses, only that it was such a sweet and indulgent ask I wasn’t too sure how to answer it without coming across as the most pretentious wanker in the world. I’m still away for work right now (its goddamn never ending), but it’s been too long so let’s get these asks done one at a time, starting with yours, sweet thing!

Firstly, thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to talk about my writing. Whoever you are, I want to give you a hug. Your friendly curiosity is a jewel that is much too rare for how wonderfully kind and generous in spirit it is. Much love to you. 💕 

Secondly, I’m going to put all of it under a cut because this got away from me. I’ve also tagged some people underneath, but you guys don’t have to read it. 

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howdy. here’s a preview of something that smells of bromance!ambreigns with a little less ‘romance’ and a little more ‘bro’. enjoy!

Sometimes, a hand on the back of his neck is all it took to center Dean, but it couldn’t be just any hand; it had to be a hand with a certain weight to it, a hand that, even if it could punch his lights out like any other, only ever touched him with good intent, nothing tainted or toxic in each touch of fingers to skin. There had be a touch that said ‘I know you’re more afraid of me than I am of you, but I’m staying put’ and only one person in the world had that kind of touch.

Only one person could possibly bring Dean to any sort of normalcy, a minimal state of clarity and sanity, and that was Roman Reigns.

At first, that knowledge had been bothersome, because no one had ever had that sort of effect, that kind of control over him before. He’d had friends in the past, sure, and they’d been supports in their own way, but when he left the indies to join the main scene, he didn’t have any of 'em. No Callihan, no Drake, no Scotty. It was just him.

Developmental was where he’d first met Roman. He’d never forget looking at him - his stony face, tanned skin and that shoulder tattoo - and thinking I wanna know that guy, because his eyes told a story that not a lot of people knew, but that Dean could read. The story of ’You’re underestimating me and that’s where you’re wrong’ and it was something he could definitely dig.

And, from their first match - a tag-team match, which they won, because even back then their chemistry was easy and electric- until now, they had stayed close … whether that meant closing down bars or working out or sharing hotel rooms.

One of the first times Roman had rested his palm on the back of Dean’s neck, Seth was picking a fight.

To this day, he can’t remember what they’d been fighting about, but he definitely knew that somehow, Dean’s private life had come into play, and the skunk-haired weasel had decided to pick at old scars 'til they bled.

And perhaps it was the “Stop bitching” comment that made Dean surge forward, fists tight at his sides despite knowing that the words weren’t meant to be that harsh, that that was just the grating sound of Seth’s voice, but suddenly he was being held back, a hand wrapped around his bicep, pulling him back enough that Roman - the Big Dog, the Juggernaut - could stand between them, facing Dean and huffing words between them to bring him down.

A lot of people, stupidly, tried to reopen things that he had buried a long time ago, tried to bring out the physical representation of his past - Jon Moxley: The Street Dog, Mr. Young, Poor, Angry and Dangerous - and harness the spastic aggression he had when he was that person, but Roman was always quick to put an end to it, to bring him back.

Seth’s barking over Roman’s shoulder, something like “What, you gonna hit me?” but it was quickly forgotten when Roman turned to him, hand on Dean’s chest to keep him steady, and fixed him with a frown that made Seth scoff and storm out of the hotel, ordering Roman to “Take care of Ambrose” before he left. Probably to work out. Most assuredly to go bother somebody else, because his job here was done.

“You know he likes to talk,” Roman said, his voice a low boom, making Dean’s heartbeat sync up to the low register. Blue eyes dart to brown for a split second before he’s tearing himself away, neck twitching, swinging his fist around like he’s turning a crank, before he turns around and swings.

Roman catches his fist in his hand, fingers closing around it.

When Dean whirls his other fist into his side, Roman grunts, and Dean waits for the pain of a large fist crashing into him.

That’s how it always went.

He was always hit back.

So imagine his shock, then, when he had braced himself for a few solid slams of a large fist and what he got was … nothing.

“Feel better?”

That’s all he’d said. Feel better. Dean remembered being too surprised to offer a smartass comment, clipped tone or even a scowl. He oozed confusion.

So instead, he shook his hands out at his sides and looked down at them, because suddenly, punching Roman hadn’t felt as relieving as he’d thought. It always helped him before. Helped to kick Seth in the leg or to slam a pillow into his head or something. But hitting Roman, it just felt… wrong, almost.

When Dean looked back up, there was a concerned look in Roman’s eyes, and stubbornly, Dean looked off to the side, huffing and puffing because his temper took a lot out of him sometimes. Roman had just watched him patiently, before he walked over to Dean’s things and picked up his leather jacket, then grabbed his sweatshirt, then said, “C'mon. Let’s go grab a drink.”