i never know whether to tag people

@brenli tagged me a while ago! Just got around to it since I’ve been super busy :’) 

Rules: Tag nine people you wish to get to know…

Relationship status: LOL single forever probably 

Favorite color: Ahhh I never know whether it’s purple or blue

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick!! (I love EOS) 

Last song I listened to: American Idiot – Green Day 

Last movie I watched: Hidden Figures for the second time, SO GOOD!! 

Top 3 TV shows: Daredevil, Marco Polo, and honestly a tie between OITNB/Luke Cage/others 

Top 3 Characters: this is too hard I’m unable to choose between my faves!! But they include Matt Murdock/Jaime Lannister/Cersei Lannister/Raymond Holt/Arya Stark/etc 

Top 3 ships: (I have like 1000 ships but) Matt x getting his shit together, Danny x Mindy, Poussey x Soso

Books I am currently reading: Fresh Off the Boat (IT’S SO GOOD) 

Tag nine people: @tomriddlesclone, @claraandthesatellite, @siriusblackedout, @rainbow-boa, @graywolf6, @su-pokemon-trash, @mimis-in-wonderland, @thesbian6, @wanderprojects

I know I said this on my last tags but it’s too important to leave it like that

you know what I absolutely love about bellarke?

Their love for each other is not open to discussion

People don’t stop to think about how rare that is. I mean, everyone who watches the show -whether they ship it or not, whether they see it as a romantic thing or not, whether they like it or not, like the show or not - and even people who don’t watch the show but know a little about it…

everyone knows that bellamy and clarke love each other

and it’s not because the show started and shoved some cheesy love story down our throats, it’s not because the show started and they were best friends having the time of their lives together, it’s not because of any kind of “stablished” situation the show could come up with.

They were complete strangers, and now they love each other. And everyone knows it and we didn’t even get one love declaration. It’s completely groundbreaking and flabbergasting and, honestly, epic how these writers were able to develop two characters like this - without even trying to create anything romantic between them (or explicitly romantic). 

They wrote a love story from scratch, and one that doesn’t rely on kisses or cheesy declarations or sex to force everyone to agree that those two charcters share a deep connection and have found themselves in a place where they honestly love each other.

It’s a love story that doesn’t revolve around romance.

Doesn’t even freaking relies on it. If romance happens, then it happens and it’s great, and it’s part of it(and it’s the obvious and best result of it imho) - but it doesn’t freaking, it doesn’t affect the love story. It doesn’t change the truthness in it.

It’s a love story for the sake of a love story.

And that’s so completely new and refreshing it makes me wanna scream.


Nobody is going to think any less of you for participating in tag games or ask games if you weren’t tagged.  Nobody is going to be upset if you tag them.  Every time I get tagged, even if I don’t end up doing the tag, it makes happy.  It’s never annoying.  Every time I see a tag I like, I do the tag whether or not I’ve been tagged in it.  It’s OK! It’s a good way to get to know people, and to put yourself out there. 

am i the only one who thinks it’d be a neat idea if we collectively agreed to tag photobook pictures, gifs from dvds, etc. with “spoiler” for at least a month after it’s released so we know that most people can chose whether they want to watch the stuff first for themselves, or if they wanna look at gifs and scans on tumblr?

I for one, has never even watched my summer package DVD, because meh iv’e already seen 99% in gif form on tumblr because people don’t tag their stuff with spoiler so what’s the point.


please tag your stuff with spoiler if it’s a spoiler of any sort

I just want to say, thanks and kudos to everyone who goes to watch the filming and shares pictures or spoilers, or just cute little stories or happy moments, with the rest of us. Whether you spend a good portion of your hard-earned cash on it or just take the time out of your day to visit the set and then write about the experience, thank you. I’m never going to get to go, but experiencing it vicariously through you guys is the next best thing.

I love reading about fan encounters, little moments that happened on set, everything. I love reading about things that made people happy. It makes me happy. So yeah, thank you for sharing your joy, it always brightens my day.

I was tagged by @hightops-and-ysl to do this and I hate you this was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do

“Other than the fact that fan fiction is literally my favourite past time does this need another introduction? Answer these questions, whether writing them down, making a video or a voiceclip and tag some people! let’s do this!”

1.    What is the last fic you read that you liked?

baby we could be enough (and like I genuinely never read fics that I won’t like cause all the recs come from robs who knows what I’ll love)

2.    What is the first fic you remember reading?

I think it was either TIF or ITB

3.    What is your favourite fic trope?

 angst. give me angst. if it’s angsty I’ll love it. any trope with angst. did I mention angst?

4.    What are your three favourite chaptered fics?

fading, into the blue and yatb/in from the cold / jump before we fall / you came beating like a moths wings / red brick heart (i am horrible)

5.    What are your three favourite oneshots?

like a timebomb ticking (i love heidi’s work SO much)

have you coming back

like a bastard on the burning sea

6.    What fic would you love a prequel to? and a sequel?

quite selfishly, I’ll say in vogue. I’d love to want to write both for in vogue. 

7.    How about a fic that would make a really good movie?

again, in vogue, cause the outfits, the travel and the interior. also that au where they travel the whole europe and those two that are situated in hotels by the sea 

8.    What fic do you think is severely underappreciated?

in from the cold

pep talk turned into a pep rally 

who painted the moon black

one way or another

outwit, outplay,outlast

marking up the atmosphere

9.    What is the funniest sentence you have ever read in a fic?

(these will be IV quotes because I forget stuff and this I wrote so I can actually remember - sorry) (zayn in IV is my fav thing and I remember writing this and sending it to robs like 5 chapters in advance because it was so funny (I know it’s not really))

After Dolce & Gabbana have shown the winter collection, Zayn insisted on ordering all of the sweaters from it. He wears them for a whole week, coming to the office day after day dressed solely in one disgusting sweater after another, yelling things like ‘I’m the queen’ when wearing a sweater with a big gold crown on it or ‘I’m a painting in a painting’ the day after when he’s dressed in red velvet with a small painting print in the middle. 

and also

Liam is my fav. #HisDickIsBiggerThanYours

10.  How about the one sentence that broke your heart?

He can’t stop himself from whispering, sending daggers in Harry’s direction with his eyes: ‘You’re not getting the job, and you’re not getting me either.’

11.  Re: other pairings; which do you like and to get into it what should I read?

tomlinshaw / ziam / ot5 smut

12.  Is there a prompt you have?

quality, well researched, no random shit thrown into it fashion au. I know it probably won’t happen but I can dream

I am tagging so many people because I want you all to suffer.

@sloumate so I can laugh at you when you do this and yell at me that it’s too hard

@legohousedea you better do this I know you want to

@skylinethroughthewindow@tomlinsuntea @coziestlouis @fireproofau @heliolouis @cuethetommo buahaaha you’re welcome

@patrochilarry @pianolouis @infinitelymint I wanna know yours too <3

I debated whether to put this on my art blog or not, but since a lot of you know me from this blog, then I’ll put it here!

Valentine’s Day is a day for love, but not just for romance! I love a whole bunch of little gremlins on this site, and I’m so happy I could have met you all! Whether it’s my art, obsession with Pokemon, or Haikyuu!! let me meet you, it doesn’t matter; I appreciate all of you all the same!

Happy Valentine’s Day, me friends, I love you all! <3

Thank you to a-squad-of-squid, aimno, akhaashi, an-artistic-fish, animamage, aservantnamedketchup, baeijun, bearhack, bid00f, bruhlancey, cameraupt, cheriiu, cherribun, cherriim, chimcheese, crowswag, deaths-spawn, dorabs, dude-wheres-my-dragon, egotistico, elfsama, eracei, eyescapp, felesrubrum, flaskgarg, groundsels, harajuk-uu, kanekikendricklamar, kayveedee, kodiakprince, l-eblanc, labonbull, logan-draws, luckyryo, mellocat, milkcakes, mionchii, mutt-reblogs, naiianlee, noyiibat, permeabilidad, phlippapippapippa, playgoh, poket-k, poulersour, prince-o-sky, realsousuke, rebelsaraswati, reiji–san, romancastles, sawsbuck, seriously-hinata, shermanlad, shinxi, stonelow, sugarrette, t1dalwav3, the-dreamiiiest-weaver, the-scarmiglione, tlqstation, umiko-hitara, vespa-wizard, wharming-winter, and yanderekingdaisuke for all your support and love over the years! You guys are the best!

(If I forgot anyone it wasn’t on purpose; just tell me, okay?)


There is a reason for every single person that enters your romantic life.

No one is placed in your atmosphere by mistake

Whether or not they’ll stay there, that is the universal question

But if there happens to be a recurrence of exits from your space, you have to begin to look inside yourself for a while

What is it about you that makes it so easy for people to just walk right through your life?

Is your aura not strong enough to draw in those who orbit your world?

Your gravity not strong enough to keep people secure?

Personally, I still can’t decipher if its a problem with me…or just the type of people i draw in…

Maybe my aura is too strong and I force people to build mental spaceships that they feel they need to leave with such angst

Or is it just not strong enough to pull in the people that I wanted to stay

Yet, the worst part about these situations is when you have to watch the people you want to stay in your atmosphere, drift off into space.

Especially when you feel they’ll be much safer in your world..

hey cuties!! it’s almost 2015 so i figured why not do a follow forever. this is basically just a huge thanks to all of you, whether you’re one of my incredible rp partners who puts up with my shit or we’ve never spoken. i know 2014 was pretty rough for a lot of people, so if you’re reading this then congratulations on making it this far and here’s to a better 2015! also sorry about this shitty excuse for a graphic, i still haven’t figured out how to download photoshop onto a mac.

we're so young but we're on the road to ruin

breadadict-crumberbatch: are rl friends allowed on these things? probs not, but fuck the rules. and since you’re the only one of my close rl friends who uses tumblr, you get the top spot ‘cause you’re a special cupcake. anyway. i kinda can’t believe that in just a few months, i won’t get to see your cute face every day anymore. but it’s cool 'cause we’re gonna be best friends until the skeleton war wipes out all life on earth, 'kay? i hope your 2015 is full of sunshine and rainbows and happiness because i swear you deserve everything, please don’t forget that. always remember to treat yo self. i love yooouuuuu. 

abiroleplays: you reminded me today that it’s been nearly 2 years since we met, which is honestly ridiculous and i refuse to accept it. anyway you’re pretty much the biggest asshole i know which is awesome 'cause i’m a pretty big asshole too. and i know that i’m not the most reliable person ever so i don’t always show it, but i love you a lot ok? ok. stay adorable.

casey1x1: i’ve known you for a little more than half a year which is weird 'cause like, i feel like you’re that friend i’ve had forever. you’re honestly one of the greatest people i’ve met and i’m really so lucky that you’re in my life. and i hope 2015 is everything you could ever want because you absolutely deserve it.  

stanwrites: elle, i’ll admit that at first i felt kinda weird putting you in this section but honestly i’d feel way weirder if i didn’t. you’re such an incredible person and you deserve everything in the world, ok? and we should talk more, 'cause i love you a lot. 

we play dumb, we know exactly what we're doing

here’s to all my beautiful and talented rp partners, and the people i’m looking forward to plotting with!

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we cry tears of mascara in the bathroom

all the beauties i admire from afar and wish i could pluck up the courage to talk to more. *hides in a corner*

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honey, life is just a classroom

thank you for lighting up my dash!! you’re amazing and i hope your 2015 is filled with tons of good things!

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