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Cripple Punk Gothic
  • “You are too young to be disabled,” they say. You age. “You are too young to be disabled,” they say. You age. “You are too young to be disabled,” they say. You have changed. They have not.
  • You see a flight of stairs. Your friend insists there are only a few. You don’t see an end. You are tired. There are too many stairs. You don’t see an end.
  • The door has an accessible entrance sticker. It is not accessible. You tell them so. They insist it is. You try to explain. They point to the sticker wordlessly.
  • You tell people there is no cute for your disability. They whisper. Soon everyone is whispering. You do not know what they are saying but you hear the word ‘yoga’.
  • You need an ice pack. You get one. You immediately need another. This has been happening all day. Or was it all year? You try to remember and you cannot think of a time you did not need an ice pack.
  • You stand up from your wheelchair. People gasp. Your disability has magically disappeared. You sit back down. Your disability returns.
  • You never notice people using canes. You get a cane. Suddenly you notice them. They’re everywhere. The number of canes grows. You chalk it up to your imagination, but you wonder if it really is growing. Soon, everyone will use canes.
  • You do not see yourself in magazines. You do not see yourself in movies. You do not see yourself on tv. You do not see yourself in books. You start to fear that you do not exist.
  • A person asks you what your disability is. “I don’t know,” you whisper, “no one knows.” They stare at you confused. You have never known.
  • You sleep. You are more tired. You don’t sleep. You are more tired. You go out. You are more tired. You stay in. You are more tired. The moon waxes. You are more tired. The moon wanes. You are more tired. You think about whether these things are related. You are more tired.

[disclaimer: you don’t have to identify with all of these in order to reblog (in fact I don’t expect most people will) but please do identify with the cripple punk movement as a whole! or if you’re reblogging for a friend tag that you are and you’re able bodied. Also please tag for unreality and depersonalization if you can! Feel free to add on]

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How do you feel about people claiming that in marrying Bruce, Selina's character will be ruined? I of course see that argument as odd, seeing that she's said numerous times in the past that she wants to be happy, and with that, settling down and having a family. Do you truly think that would waver who Selina is?

You already know that I don’t. I wrote about my thoughts on Selina and family and marriage awhile ago and you can read about it here. Linking it seems like such a cop out but it’s pretty long. On that note I will say this: when people have brought up the idea that getting married would ruin her character I had no idea what they were talking about until I read this. Warning: do not read unless you can afford a spike in blood pressure.

Most notably this critic is says this:

She is a thief.  She is a thrill seeker.  For her, it’s all about the hunt.

And this little gem right here:

I see so many people on social media saying how romantic this is.  It makes me wonder.  Is this just a knee jerk reaction to seeing two long time lovers finally getting together?  Have people really even taken the time to analyze this relationship?  Or, are the ones shipping this the kind of people that value need over want?

Eye roll to the fullest. As a Batcat blogger I take that as a personal challenge. Yes, we have taken the time to analyze this relationship and we have almost 80 years of material to go on and I’ve come with the receipts. 

I suppose this is what most people are referring to when they say that Catwoman’s character would be “ruined” if she got married. Those who are saying that are grossly oversimplifying her character and missing an important part of Catwoman’s development as a character. It reduces Catwoman to just a thief and that does her such a huge disservice. It has been true across multiple versions and media that, Catwoman does not always want to be defined as a thief. That thrill of thievery that they’re referring to, and Selina has said this herself multiple times, wears off. Thieving and other criminal activity has gotten her thrown in prison, almost killed, and she’s had to fake her death a couple of times because of it (as recently as Future’s End). The criminal lifestyle has almost ruined her life and eventually it ends up making her feel empty and trapped. 

Going back to the Bronze Age after Selina spends some time in prison for her crimes as Catwoman once she’s paroled she wants to move on and distance herself from her past. (Batman #308)

Later on during a meeting with Bruce she tries to disguise herself because she worries that being seen in public with her will hurt his reputation and cause a scandal. (Batman #313) 

Skipping ahead to the Pre-Flashpoint era Catwoman’s second on-going series was all about her reforming and becoming the defender of Gotham’s east end. In the very first issue of her series we get a lot from Selina’s perspective on why she does it. To really understand you’ll have to read her first on-going series because a lot of stuff went down towards the end of it that makes Selina disenchanted by the criminal lifestyle. At the beginning of her second series she can’t even bring herself to put on the costume because it’s brought her so much suffering and she feels defined by what she considers to be past mistakes. (Catwoman [v3] #1)

I don’t think that Selina thinks that marriage is the end all be all, but I definitely don’t think that it’s something that she’d completely rule out either. In fact I think that Selina hasn’t seriously considered it because she just never thought that it was an option for her. It’s funny to me that so many people think that Selina is strictly anti-marriage when 1) she’s never said that before and there’s nothing in canon to indicate that she feels that way and 2) some versions of her have expressed a desire to have a family. 

I wrote about this in my previous post but from Catwoman’s second series while Selina steals an ancient dollhouse she talks about her childhood and mourns the loss of her family and the fact that she missed out on that stability growing up. I think that indicates that there is some kind desire to regain that. (Catwoman [v2] #39)

There it is–Everything I’ve always wanted. Everything I’ve never had…Preserved over millennia in perfect condition. Priceless miniature. Stable family.

Emphasis mine. I also can’t stress enough that Catwoman’s Earth-2 counterpart point blank said that she wanted a family and a new life badly enough that she came up with some ludicrous lie about having amnesia in order to obtain it, but she thought it was too late. Earth-2 Catwoman ends up marrying Batman and having a child. The Brave and the Bold #197 was all about Bruce and Selina’s desire to start a new life and finding happiness with each other. In the Bronze Age version Bruce and Selina both retire to raise their daughter together and in the latest version they raise her as a crime fighter. That proves that marriage doesn’t “trap” Selina by any means. She did however feel trapped being Catwoman.

Still not convinced? Okay. I know that The Dark Knight Rises isn’t everyone’s favorite version of Catwoman, but something Christopher Nolan got right… Selina Kyle is introduced as a thief but she’s working for Daggett with the promise that she’ll be compensated with a software that will allow her to erase her criminal record which she wants to use to start a new life. She tells Bruce:

I started out doing what I had to. Once you’ve done what you’ve had to they’ll never let you do what you want to…There’s no fresh start in today’s world. Any twelve year old with a cell phone can find out what you did. 

In Batman: The Telltale Series Selina has an excellent dialogue with Bruce about her criminal career where she lays it all out. She says:

You’re a good man, Bruce. But good men don’t lie with thieves.I know what I am. No noble intentions, just the thrill of breaking what they say can’t be broken. Knowing there’s no safe I can’t crack, no fortress I can’t infiltrate. Proving I can… I’ve stolen from corrupt jerks like Hill, but I’ve taken plenty from good people too. And for what? Some shiny new toys and a crappy apartment on the edge of town? The high is nice but it wears off. And you look around and see…nothing. So you get back out there. Try and chase that feeling down, but it never amounts to anything really.

What has remained true about Selina in the comic books and other media is that she begins her life as a thief, but eventually she wants out but she feels defined by it. She feels like she has no other choice but to keep going. People really look down on Catwoman because she’s a criminal. She gets really dismissed as just some thief. This is something that Selina internalizes and is insecure about. Selina doesn’t always think that she’s a good person and that she can’t be anything other than a thief and a criminal. The idea that all Catwoman wants to do is live a dangerous life of chaos and crime is exactly the type of label she very often tries to break away from. 

The argument that Selina shouldn’t get married because she’ll feel trapped is ironic considering that there’s a lot canonical evidence that she actually feels trapped by The Life™ and it just reeks of concern trolling. Somehow people think that risking imprisonment and death and being defined as a criminal is a more preferable outcome than marriage. 

Catwoman is a character that’s always reinventing herself and always looking for a second chance. I don’t think that that always means marriage and family, but I don’t see why it can’t especially since it’s never been done in the main continuity before. 

I’m not going to bother addressing an argument that Bruce and Selina have a one sided relationship, because it’s obvious nonsense and I’ve dedicated many a blog posts already refuting that. I suggest going through my tags if you really want to know, but I will say this because I think it’s crucial: in spite of everything that people say and think about Catwoman and what she often thinks of herself Batman never stops believing in her. 

Batman has been a constant presence in her life and more often than not it’s his unwavering belief that deep down she’s a good person that inspires her to see the good in herself and get the second chance she so desperately seeks. Whether it’s inspiring her to become the whip wielding defender for Gotham’s most disenfranchised, running off to France, or starting a family. Batman and Catwoman have found a lot of happiness in each other so I find the idea that marriage would “ruin” Catwoman’s character to be, quite frankly, absurd.

Batman and Catwoman have been together for 77 years. It’s just time.


When I created this blog about two years ago, I never would have dreamed I would hit about 100 followers. I’m amazed that there are about 800 people who like my posts! Sure, some are archives of old blogs, but whatever, I’m gonna make a post anyway! I am greatful to all of you! Both me and Red appreciate all of you! I probably can’t tag all of you, mostly rp blogs that I interact with, but just know that I love you all and hope you will continue to enjoy my Red!


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Psst.. #positivityforyourface

Psst. Hey kids. Go on anon and leave people positive comments through their ask box. Do this at least to 5 different people, whether you know them or not. You’ll brighten their day and bring good energy to yourself! Go do it kiddies, you never know who is having a bad time. *tag each ask as #positivityforyourface* ❤

(I can tell you right now I’m going to spam a shit ton of people) -Max

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I love your older fics as much as your new ones! Do you have a favourite out of the ones you've written so far?

Dear god, anon, let me first say that I am so, so sorry for sitting on this ask for as long as I have. I received it before having to go away for work, so I’ve got no excuses, only that it was such a sweet and indulgent ask I wasn’t too sure how to answer it without coming across as the most pretentious wanker in the world. I’m still away for work right now (its goddamn never ending), but it’s been too long so let’s get these asks done one at a time, starting with yours, sweet thing!

Firstly, thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to talk about my writing. Whoever you are, I want to give you a hug. Your friendly curiosity is a jewel that is much too rare for how wonderfully kind and generous in spirit it is. Much love to you. 💕 

Secondly, I’m going to put all of it under a cut because this got away from me. I’ve also tagged some people underneath, but you guys don’t have to read it. 

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“I Feel Pretty” Day

Okay darlings, this post is specifically geared towards doing what everyone should do for each other, which is love one another and make each other feel uplifted and beautiful.

Post a picture or a couple of yourself (if you desire to take part in this), and let us bless each other with words and compliments that make each other feel truly loved and good about ourselves. 

Everyone deserves to feel pretty, to feel beautiful, to feel good, and to feel proud of themselves in some way, shape, or form. If you want, post a little something about yourself with your pictures; talk about something you’re proud of so that we can all celebrate with you and join in your proud moment.

Or just simply post the pictures, no comments are necessary if you do not wish to write any ^_^ Either way, you will receive something that is intended to make your day better and happier.

No matter who you are, no matter what age you are, whether you are tagged in this or not, whether you follow me or not, reblog and post a picture of yourself, tag whom you desire, and let the positivity commence and spread!

Let me know if you would like on or off the tag list guys!

Here are my contributions with a little testimony:

I have gone through a huge season of weight loss (which I honestly never thought would happen) and changes in many other areas as well. While old habits die hard, I am still dealing with insecurities, and am currently going through a season of “friend transition” and rejection from certain people that I at one point really loved and was close to, I am still pushing through the pain and the heartache, and I am getting better and better at being an adult and am allowing myself to mature and to really grow from all of this. I have lost a total of 155 pounds, I am training myself harder to become a more independent and responsible woman, and I am working harder to really get my singing career back on track.

I am passionate about singing (specifically opera, Broadway musicals, jazz, Celtic, and symphonic rock), acting, and modeling. In these pictures below, I was playing around with my silver contacts for fun, and also getting some early ideas for this year’s Halloween costume. I felt very pretty and comfortable with my temporary new eyes, and wished in that moment that I could’ve been up in the cold, misty mountains, filming a scene as a “Lord of the Rings” styled Elf in a fantasy-themed movie. For those of you who don’t know, I am called the “Ice Queen” (sometimes “Loki’s Ice Queen”) because of my love for Loki, for the cooler weather, for snow, for the atmosphere of the enchanting mountains, and for my favorite seasons: autumn and winter. 

 There’s been a lot of waiting involved, a lot of pain accompanying the growth, lots of necessary changes, and a lot of wonderful things happening amidst it all. Now, I just have to keep on pursuing what I love, letting go of the old, and accepting the new.  Bring it on future, BRING. IT. ON!!!!

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jay345sal28  asked:

You were so tasteful in yout execution of a deaf skater (yuuri) so I was wondering if you have / are interested in writing a transgender yuuri?

I currently am writing a fic where Yuuri is GenderFluid, and I have written GenderFluid characters and a Trans character before, so I had considered it. Though I don’t just want to say Yuuri is Trans and then never give an example that proves it. 

Many people have commented on my fic Haute, thanking me for actually changing Pronouns for Yuuri on a constant basis and having them wear different styles and such. Many people will tag a character as something but never put anything in regards to that, in the fic itself. It makes it hard to tell if they were just doing it to get readers, or if they were genuine.

If I read a Trans character, I want to read about hormones and whether or not they can afford to transition fully or not. I want to know their thoughts about it. I don’t want to just see #Trans!Harry and then see nothing about Transgender-specific information in the fic.

Yuuri being Trans would have to play a part in the fic itself and I only have minimal ideas for that right now. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, just that it would be very slow to happen.

Looking for short fic

A few days ago I was listening to a podfic, and thinking “I can do a better recording than this”. Now, I don’t have much of a setup – I don’t have ANYTHING of a setup at the moment – but I’ll need to read stuff out loud for my experiments anyways.

So like, link me something you’ve written that you want me to do a reading of; either shorter things, or particular bits of longer stuff. No guarantee that I’m doing to do any particular one – for all I know, I might never end up doing any of this – but it’s worth a shot.

There’s some people who follow me who I think might be interested in this, but I’m lazy so I’m not going to tag you. I am however going to tag @biteinsane and @amaximinalist.

Edit for clarification: I’m looking for stuff, whether that be a whole fic or an excerpt, that’s less than 500 words, more like 100 to 300. 

i was tagged by @zxco thank u rach!!
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why is joonielesters so long
J- Just Right by Got7
O- Oi by Monsta X
O- Open the Door by Toppdogg
N- Never Ever by Got7
I- Interstellar by Jooheon, Hyungwon, I.M (feat.Yella Diamond)
E- Even If I Die, It’s You by V & Jin
L- Lean on Me by Seventeen
E- Everybody by SHINee
S- Shine Forever by Monsta X
T- Trauma by ARS
E- Every Minute by Astro
R- Rain by BTS
S- Spine Breaker by BTS
idk many kpop blogs but i tag @jungkookpcy @2jaekisses @royalkpop @youngjai @vonseal @binwooed @floofta-x @guksuu and anyone else who wants to do this!!! obviously you’re not obligated to do this, only if you want to!

For @tyskerunge, who sent the above tags for Neukreutz 

(I bet this isn’t what you imagined when you sent me the prompt but I hope you enjoy it anyway!)

Kevin doesn’t know whether he wants to punch Manuel or kiss him.  Probably both, because he kinda does look ridiculous standing on the picnic bench and waving his arms around.

“And never, ever, let anyone tell you can’t or shouldn’t do it! Don’t let the low expectations of other people limit your successes!” Manuel is saying. “You can do it, Kevin - I believe in you!”

Kevin stares at the goalkeeper like he’s grown another head. “You’re taking this a little bit too seriously.”

“If you mean taking my boyfriend duties seriously, then yes I am,” Manuel nods, jumping down from the bench. “You can do this. No matter what Marco says, there’s no way his chipmunk boyfriend can out-eat you.”

Kevin’s eyes widen and he hits Manuel on the shoulder. “Manu, oh my god. That chipmunk is our friend and he has a name; don’t be rude.”

“I still don’t think there’s any way in hell Mario can eat twelve cheeseburgers faster than you,” Manuel shrugs. “We gotta prove them wrong.”

“We?” Kevin asks with a lift of his eyebrows. “I thought it was just me versus Mario.”

“You know what I mean; we’re in this together, remember? A team. You and me against the world, babe - or in this case, against Marco and Mario.”

Kevin can’t help it, he melts just a little. Manuel could be so sweet sometimes. And his speeches weren’t bad either; maybe being captain also gave him better public speaking skills.

“I’ll try my best,” he promises.

Kevin wins, but only barely. He manages to swallow down the last cheeseburger as Mario reaches for his number twelve, and he raises both fists in the air as the rest of their friends let out a cheer.

“YEAH!” Manuel screams, wrapping his arms around Kevin’s waist and spinning.

“Manu stop!” Kevin gasps. “If I throw up, we’re gonna lose; put me down!”

“Sorry, sorry,” Manuel mumbles, gently letting go but leaning in for a congratulatory kiss. “I knew you could do it.”

“It’s not over yet,” Mats reminds them. “Remember, no throwing up or going to the toilet for at least two hours.”

“No problem!” Manuel says, “Kevin’s got this.”

Except with half an hour to go, Kevin is starting to feel his stomach reject all those cheeseburgers. “Manu,” he whispers desperately, “I think I’m going to throw up.”

Manuel gives him a concerned look, then moves so that he is sitting behind Kevin and pulls Kevin flush up against his back. “I’m here, just another thirty minutes. You can hold it, right?”

“I don’t know,” Kevin admits softly, “I really feel like throwing up right now.”

Manuel hums. “It’s okay. I don’t want you to get sick over this. If you need to throw up, just let me know and we’ll let the little chipmunk win.”

“Manu,” Kevin groans again. “What did I tell you about calling Mario a chipmunk?”

Manuel just chuckles.

Kevin doesn’t know how, but he manages to keep the cheeseburgers down, and goes home with the somewhat dubious reward of three one-kilo chocolate bars.

“I’m so proud of you,” Manuel murmurs into Kevin’s hair when they finally get to bed that night.

“You’re such a dick,” Kevin murmurs back. “Next time, you get to do the food challenge.”

“Next time, just ignore Mario and say no,” Manuel chuckles.

“Says the guy who cheered the loudest when I won.”

“Just being a supportive boyfriend, you know.”

“I hate you,” Kevin mutters, elbowing Manuel in the stomach. There are some days when being the little spoon is awesome.

But Manuel just tightens his arms. “I love you, too.”

Send me a tag prompt and I’ll write you a ficlet

I went away for the weekend (nephew got baptized) and when I get home and check my Tumblr, I see people have been reblogging my chapter update; some are people I’ve never talked to and didn’t know read it.

Whether you’re a silent reader or someone I talk to on a regular basis, please know how much it means to me. I check each reblog’s tags and am always overjoyed by the nice things people say. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy~! Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity~! 🌼

Oh, thank you for sending, nonie! I probably won’t be sending this around, simply because everyone I know probably already got one of these, but I’ll certainly list five things that make me happy!

  1. RPing! Kind of obvious, heh…
  2. My friends, whether irl or on the internet! (Including everyone here!) And my family, as well~
  3. The Let’s Players that I watch, such as StephenPlays, Lucahjin, and Therunawayguys!
  4. Owl City! I’ve always been a big fan of his music, whether old or new.
  5. Video games! I can’t really pick one since there’s so many that have made me happy, but I certainly wouldn’t be here without them, haha~

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Do you have a favorite song from John Lennon's Imagine album? How about Walls and Bridges? Thanks, love your blog!

I obviously feel strongly enough about Imagine the album that I use the back cover as my icon, but that’s not my favorite song on the album! I do love it, though. 

(In fact, in Spain, they used the back cover of the album as the sleeve for the “Imagine” single. I like that idea a lot.)

I think “Imagine” is one of the most important songs in the history of the world, though, for more reasons than I can go into here…but I’ll give you one. When the people of Brussels took to the street to remember their fallen loved ones, they burst into singing “Imagine.” There have been many, many examples of this over the years (too many examples, too many tragedies), but in these cases, no other song would possibly do.

But my personal favorite song on Imagine is “I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama.” It doesn’t say much lyrically: pretty simple stuff, like, “I don’t wanna be a lawyer, I don’t wanna lie,” a couple of dozen words in the song, total. Remember he also did that with “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” – great song, but maybe even fewer words in it, right? LOL 

Musically, “I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama” is a wonder: a mix of slinky, heavy, and funky, similar to grooves John came up with for “Come Together,” “Cold Turkey,” and “Power to the People,” the latter of which was recorded in the same 1971 sessions as this one.

Terrific combination of musicians here too, including fantastic slide guitar work from George Harrison, stunning piano by Nicky Hopkins, King Curtis on sax, two members of Badfinger on acoustic guitars, Klaus Voorman on bass, plus a member of The Moody Blues, and a fella who would soon be Yes’s drummer for the next 40+ years here on vibraphone. VIBRAPHONE! God help me, I love the vibes. 

(Wait, what are prog musicians doing on this song? Dunno. LOL But this kind of, “Hey, c’mon over here and play on my song” approach is VERY typical of 1971, maybe moreso than any other year.)

You can tell that “I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama” started as a jam in search of a song, but it eventually turns into a real corker. I really like this video for it, too. I have no idea who made it, but it’s got some great footage of John from across his career, including The Beatles, some nice early 70s street scenes, footage of Vietnam, Kent State, and more.

It also includes a couple of clips from 1971, of course. The first is 2:00-2:33, and features John and Yoko on New York Harbor, riding toward the World Trade Center, still under construction.

The second starts at 5:12, at a December 1971 protest rally in Ann Arbor, MI for marijuana rights activist John Sinclair, who’d been given a 10-year sentence for possessing 2 joints: the so-called “10 for 2” penalty that was still common across the US in 1971. Can you imagine that today?

The 1971 Sinclair Freedom Rally was John’s first gig as a solo headliner, one of only two shows he’d ever headline.

The response to John’s support for marijuana activism by the Nixon administration was abject terror. This specific act of 1971 pro-pot activism, added to John’s overall anti-war stance and the fear that he could easily rally America’s for all kinds of trouble, led directly to a 4-year campaign by the FBI to have John deported, starting in early 1972.

I mention this because right after the Sinclair Freedom Rally footage in this video, you’ll see President Nixon and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Their effort to deport John ultimately failed, but not for lack of time or money expended.

Did I mention that “I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama” is a great song? LOL Sorry for that detour into the video and 1971 politics, but yes, this is indeed my VERY FAVORITE song from Imagine.

I’m glad you also asked about 1974’s Walls & Bridges too! I’m not positive, but I may prefer it as an entire album to Imagine. In any case, it has my very favorite solo John track, from any album, “#9 Dream.”

Like “I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama,” this is another one that doesn’t say terribly much, but “#9 Dream” is more fully developed, with wonderful, ethereal vocals….

 …and has a chorus that goes “Ah böwakawa poussé, poussé.” WTF? LOL Who knows what that even means? 

This is another thing John did a lot of. “Goo goo g’joob” from “I Am the Walrus” is the best example. What? LOL 

“Jai guru deva om” isn’t entirely made up but sounds like it is (rough translation: “glory to the shining remover of darkness” says W-pedia), but another great example of complete gibberish is one of my favorite songs off Abbey Road: “Sun King” (mostly written by John), packed with nonsense language like “Questo abrigado tantamucho que canite carousel.” Come again? LOL

It’s very kicky to me that a guy known as a poet, even a prophet, wasn’t afraid to throw words completely out the window if that’s what best served the song.

Here’s a fantastic ad for this single, btw, via Beatle.net.

“#9 Dream” has an official video, released at the time and presented herewith. It too has footage from 1971, from the film called Imagine that Yoko released in 1972. The 1971 footage is sprinkled throughout – basically anything where John and Yoko are wearing hats. The longest bits start at 2:57, and another one at 4:10 through the end of the song, where they’re walking along the beach on Staten Island.

Mostly, the video is as fuzzy and vague as the song, with lots of long, slightly blurry, slow-motion shots, and extremely long dissolves that look almost like morphing.

Everything about this is awesome to me, including one of John’s lushest vocals, and by far his finest outing as a producer and arranger imo. It was one of John’s favorite songs, too. Not that I’d take his word for anything as important as my favorite songs LOL but I still think it’s kinda cool that we agree on this one.

Thanks so much for asking about this! I’d apologize for my ridiculously long 1000+ word reply, except that I assume that, by now, people expect ALL my replies to be at least 1000 words. LOL

I’ll add my usual reminder that I welcome non-anon Asks, and never answer them publicly without permission. Let me know who you are!

In the meantime, I’d love for folks to reblog with their own answers, whether in the post or the tags. And yes, I’ve read every single tag on a reblog of every one of my 11,500+ posts. I read all the tags I see on EVERYONE’s posts, tbh. It’s one of my favorite parts of tumblr.

So, I ask all of you, do you have a favorite track from Imagine? Any other favorite John Lennon solo tracks?

anonymous asked:

I know you don’t like Snily (and it’s okay) but what do you think about the massive anti-snily culture on Tumblr? I ship it but I do know it’s problematic and extremely flawed. I tend to like fucked up ships. I’m not even trying to pretend it’s all healthy and lovey-dovey. I’m just so tired of being treated as a simple, silly fangirl. I love marauders, I have nothing against Jily but I can't help feeling that I'm not welcome to the fandom.

I don’t know what you mean by “anti-Snily culture on Tumblr.” I don’t follow people who ship and post Snape/Lily (as a conscious choice) so I’m not knowledgeable about that part of the fandom on Tumblr or how they’re treated.

If people are sending you hate for shipping Snape and Lily, or posting hate in the ship’s tag(s), or openly insulting the shippers and even reducing to slurs and name-calling, then you’ve every right to get angry. That sort of ship-shaming is gross, and sometimes even borders on outright bullying the shippers. Tell them to go fuck themselves, block and report them. No one has any right to hate on others for their fictional ships, even though they may find it disturbing. Sending hate and bullying is never okay, especially given how we’ve many ways to avoid the ships we hate, like blacklisting the said ship or unfollowing the shippers. 

However, If what you mean by “anti-Snily culture on Tumblr” is people posting their (untagged) anti-Snape/Lily opinions on their own blog, or not following Snape/Lily shippers, or refusing to make and reblog Snape/Lily stuff and so on… then I’m sorry but I don’t think you’ve any right to complain about that. People are allowed to think a character or a ship is terrible, and openly refuse to contribute to that part of the fandom. We don’t have to gif, talk about, follow fans of every character and ship of our fandoms just so everyone feels welcome. That would be like me expecting Ron/Hermione shippers to make effort to make me “feel welcome” as a Harry/Hermione shipper, even though they may have issues with the ship. They have no obligation to cater to me. It’s just not going to happen.

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ɹəʌəɹoɟ ʍolloɟ uƃıʞɔnɟ s,ɐɥʇuɐɯɐs

So! I’ve never done a follow forever before, but in honor of 800 followers, i must. First, i’d like to thank each and every one of you! I want you to know that, whether you’re tagged here or not, no matter how long you’ve been following me, i appreciate each and ever one of you sooooo much. From the youtuber blogs to the porn blogs to the one direction blogs to the feminism blogs and everyone in between, you’re all amazing and wonderful, and i thank you for following me.

Now, to the fun part.

We’ll start with my top five blogs. These are people who i’ve been following since time began, who are always in my activity and who like my 4 a.m shitposts. The top five spots go to bonecrushingfeminist, thebestbish, rogueloki, maka-kuroneko, and emilovesyouxp. You guys are tha real mvps, thanks for sticking around through thick and thin.

As for the rest, i adore you all, and again, i truly appreciate you clicking that follow button.

Also, if you’re on the following list, i’d really appreciate if you would reblog this post and let ur followers know that im hella cool and worth following. (but you can also reblog it bc it promos you. whatever reason. (or don’t reblog it at all, that’s totally fine)) (:

here goes!


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This list is (very, very, loosely) alphabetical hahah. I plan on following each and every one of these blogs until i die and start a new blog in hell. Haha, just kidding, I’ll follow them even then.

Super sorry if you’re not on this list! I still love you lots. Blow up my activity and you’ll definitely be on my 1,000 follower follow forever.

Anyway, love you guys! (:


 Phoebe’s Follow Forever 2014!

It has been an INSANE year for me and even though that means I may not have been on tumblr as much, you guys have still managed to get me through those stressful times when I felt like pulling my hair out strand by strand. I want to let you know that seeing you all on my dashboard, whether it be in selfie form, !!! tags on the bottom of Gone Girl posts or updates on you finding that mineral, you never fail to brighten my mostly stressful days. So thank you. Ily all. 

*URLS that are bolded are people who I would kick the shit out of an infinite amount of men for.

*URLS in italic are people who I don’t really speak to (;__;) but who I love anyway and have stalked their blogs number of times. 


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Merry Christmas! 

fatcrybabie  asked:

whats your damage? it sucks going shopping general because nothing fits fat women but when youre with your thin friends it makes it worse because theyre trying shit on left right n centre and you already know youre not gonna buy anything cus you cant

listen im not fat but I’m NOT skinny and i know how it feels to shop with a size 0 model type. But over the last couple of months i met someone who doesn’t even notice the tag on the back of my jeans and I’ve never met someone like that before. I am confident in the way i look, no one should ever make you feel ashamed to try on clothes with them just because they can fit into stuff you can’t! Its not fair the stores only carry sizes 00-14 but its not your skinny friends’ fault. My point is you should be able to enjoy yourself shopping whether you’re with people who have a similar body type or not.