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//rises from the dead// DID SOMEONE SAY NURSE PAUL AU

scrapped this together v late at night, v late, and i had a nosebleed this morning too //i wonder why!!!!!!// but here are my two cents on this magnificent idea and yall can… shoot me probably lmfao

@fabpaul @glimmerkeith lemme know what yall think, man, im so. well. i typed something up here we go

im never gonna write this myself btw bc i wont be able to do it justice, so the idea is up for grabs if anyone wants it B))

moved by the death of his mother to cancer, Paul decides to follow in her footsteps and take up medicine studies, and he ends up working at a small hospital facility in London. his first few months are okay, but he’s the only male nurse there and ??? both patients and coworkers alike always have to rub it in and he’s not doing so well i guess. the only people he can be comfortable around are George //he comes and delivers cards and flowers n shit to patients often; he also works across the street so they’re pretty close// and Ringo //a regular patient; he gets sick often but he’s always rlly nice and sweet//.

it doesn’t get better when one day, a rowdy patient named John comes in to have some finger blisters treated //too much guitar playing, probably// and bursts into laughter at the mere sight of Paul. and it certainly doesn’t help when John tries to hit on him before he leaves.

Paul hopes that’s the end of it but!! John!!! keeps!!! coming!!! back!!! and he’s literally never serious about it, going as far as to one day “complain” of a “swollen penis”, followed by a quaint request for Paul to “examine” it. //that’s our Johnny, eh?// he’s really quite a troublemaker, but he doesn’t leave Paul alone for shit and Paul hates it. he keeps trying to get one of the other nurses to deal with him., to no avail—but soon enough he starts finding that bastard kind of…. endearing. //WHAT!!!??!// 

he’s pretty funny after all, and makes what would otherwise be a pretty sad job kinda fun and something to look forward to. soon enough they’re hanging out outside of work, listening to the sweetest new records and having a blast and oh they’re crushin’ for each other now okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

then one day, John comes into the hospital and is joking and laughing as usual but he’s also looking kinda pained and aching, quickly revealing the cause to Paul as some swelling on his chest

which immediately makes Paul’s blood run cold


his mother also had those

before she died.

anyway. the only reason you bums are so bothered by what cupcakke said is because she’s a black woman. i don’t know where a lot of you get off adopting this holier than thou attitude when this fandom is riddled with filth lmfao. i’ve never seen anyone be harassed and bullied this much over a sexual comment they’ve made about any member of bts, but as soon as it’s a black woman that says something there’s hell to raise??? stop trying to hide behind the guise of “protecting” jungkook. sending someone death threats, racial slurs, etc. isn’t protecting him. it’s ugly, and you’re all frauds. 

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21 for asanoya?

#21 -  best friends sibling au

Asahi is hiding. 

He’s under no illusions about this. Some people say only cowards hide and they would be right and also looking for him at this very moment.

Asahi listens to Tanaka’s step-brother stomp his way past the bathroom door shouting “Asahi-san!” like Asahi is halfway down the street and in need of a warning before he gets tackled. Asahi backs towards the window wondering if he could successfully fit his big body through it and make it to the fence-line before Nishinoya realizes that he’s probably in the bathroom. He can text Tanaka once he’s safe. It’s a really good plan and Asahi is pretty sure it would never work in a million years.

He’s not hiding from Nishinoya because Nishinoya is loud, which he certainly is, or because he is cool, which he certainly is, or because he is attractive, which he certainly is. Asahi is hiding from Nishihoya because he may or may not have taken the last popsicle.

In his defense it had seemed like a good idea at the time. Tanaka had even told him it was okay, the traitor, and it probably would have been if Tanaka had thought to take the hit for him. The step-brothers would have squabbled and probably wrestled or something while Asahi would be worrying about his best friend or his best friend’s really attractive step-brother splitting their head open on the coffee table. Eventually one of them would have won and that would be that.

Instead, Tanaka had casually informed Nishinoya that Asahi had eaten the last one like it wasn’t the end of the world.

To be fair, Tanaka has no idea that Nishinoya is Asahi’s big shameful crush. (What kind of best friend develops an interest for their best friend’s sibling? Asahi, because he’s a terrible best friend.) If he had known he probably wouldn’t have done it. Tanaka can be thoughtless sometimes, usually when he’s amped up on caffeine, but he isn’t that cruel.

Now Asahi crowds himself against the wall and hopes desperately that Nishinoya won’t think to look in the bathroom. It’s a vain hope, he knows. Nishinoya isn’t stupid.

Someone knocks on the door and Asahi gives a muffled yelp when he should be staying quiet.

“Asahi-san?” Nishinoya calls through the door.

“Uh, I’m busy?” Asahi calls back, hoping that will save him.

It doesn’t.

“Ryuu says you ate my popsicle,” Nishinoya says, as if there isn’t the possibility that Asahi is currently pooping or something.


“I just wanted you to know that that’s totally fine,” Nishinoya continues as if Asahi hadn’t made any noise at all.

“Um?” Asahi repeats because he thinks he might have died.

“You can always eat my food,” Nishinoya says with finality, “just don’t tell Ryuu because I’ll never hear the end of it.”

“Um?” Asahi thinks he’s going to faint because he’s blushing so hard his face looks like a firetruck in the mirror. “Thanks?”

“Good!” Nishinoya shouts, as though he’s psyching himself up for something, and then with the sound of running feet he’s gone.

Asahi is hiding, at least until his face goes back to normal.

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okay literally every time i see johnny my heart like jumps nd i get so upset it's insane. you're such an amazing writer!! i honestly cannot believe that you've made me feel this way about a bloody sim?? that's something that i would never expect anyone to be able to do and you've somehow just made me feel things that i don't even feel about real people lmfao. you're amazing beth ily and your blog so so much you don't even know!!

i am so so so so so humbled by this message, oh my life. i’m so moved that you love my writing and my silly lil sims, and i can’t thank you enough for letting me know how you feel about what i do and being so wonderfully kind to me!!! i really do not deserve all the love but it is most welcomed, and i still can’t believe people feel this way about the content i create. YOU’RE amazing and so lovely and ily. thank you so much for being so supportive and loving my sims like i do!!!

Look I know I’m a bad author but let’s talk about good authors and most importantly about how I dragged the lovely @leblonde into the hell of a new ship and now she’s gonna fic it and…I’m gonna cry thank u all goodnight

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1) Name/nickname: Caroline | Cassie, Freaky…

2) Gender: Female| she/her

3) Star sign: I’m a Leo. Meow.

4) Height: 5’1/2 I THINK UHHHH

5) Hogwarts House: How should I know lmfao

6) Favourite animal: Cats!

7) Hours of sleep: 6-12, depends what I’ve got on the following day

8) Dogs or cats: BOTH!!! 

9) Number of blankets: No blankets. We use duvets, like men. 

10) Dream trip: I wanna go to the beach/seaside with a fair/carnival and quiet small town. Basically Skegness kekeke!

11) Dream Job: ughghghghg I can never decide but a VA job always seemed like a lot of fun. 

12) Time: 0:40 (Time writing this)

13) Birthday: 19th August 1994

14) Favourite Bands: Mixed…

15) Favourite Solo Artists: …Mixed…

16) Song Stuck In My Head: OH MAN I am seriously in love with Maroon 5′s What lovers do! Keep singing it aloud teehee!

17) Last Movie I Watched: I watched Bean on Sunday idc that film cracks me up even to this day. 

18) Last Show I Watched: Eastenders but it was crap. XD 

19) When Did I Create My Blog: 2013. Thursday 26th December 2013 to be exact. XD

20) What Do I Post/Reblog: Fandom junk, cute animals, “””funny””” postshehe

21) Last Thing I Googled: “When was my tumblr blog created” Hence how I know my blogs dob!

22) Other Blogs: On Tumblr? My Freaky Doodles Ask blog, my NSFW blog

23) Do I Get Asks: Do I?

24) Why I Choose My URL: It’s a pun!!! Freak-of-a, Freak-ofa, Freak-ova….get it?

25) Following: 61 but it’s always changing


27) Lucky Number: 6

28) Favourite Instrument: Not really fussed but I like violins when they’re played properly (When they aren’t then oh god kill me)

29) What Am I Wearing: Minnie mouse onsie, Super Mario knee socks, bunny top, leggings. (it’s cold, here!)

30) Favorite Food: Candy Floss, Fish n’ chips, my own dish also, chicken and pesto tart. 

31) Nationality: White, British 

32) Favorite Song: Of all time? Fly me to the moon/Moonriver, Paint the Sky with Stars by Enya AND AGADODODO PUSH PINEAPPLE SHAKE THE TREE IT MAKES PPL SO MAD TO SING THAT HEHE

33) Last Book Read: Me? Read?! You think to much of me!

34) Top Three Fictional Universes I’d Like To Join: This is a tough question because I think of all the bad things from that universe and think how awful it would be! Uhhhh All the ones I try and list have awful downfalls so I’ll skip this one. XD

OKKKK I TAG 4 PEOPLE!!!! (Don’t have to do, just if you wanna)

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No matter what you do, you will NEVER be a "real man" to me, and what you did to your body is SICK!!! I would NEVER cut-up my sweet little arms to create a non-functional, counterfeit "penis," and I would NEVER consider you for a boyfriend/husband (if liked guys) because you'll always be a sad counterfeit and not a genuine XY male.

lmfao i don’t even have to meet you or see your face to know your ignorance and ugly. Lets just remember I don’t even have “balls”, but have more balls than you. I can put my story and my face to my name, can you? No, cause your a coward and decided to write me on anon. So i hate to break it to you, but i don’t really care what you think cause you will never affect or change me. You won’t anger me. You won’t make me sad. You just look ignorant and stupid. Your ignorance in 2016 is just astounding, and guess what, pretty soon your way of thinking WILL be the minority. 


OKAY SO OOC ANDREIL THOGUHTS by ur petty asshole bloggier sur hemmicknicky + while being drunk

i have some unpop opinions abt ooc’ness in my ask THAT I WILL ANSWER EVENTUALLY while expanding but heres the most important sutff:

  • shut the fuck up w ur 342% please just… stop you know i know we all know thats not how it works if u wanna do it as crack or joking do ur thing BUT??? WQHEN UR WRITING IT IN AN ACTUAL HC THATS SUPOSED TO BE SERIOUS hod just … sht up its not like that stop trivializing it ITS SO IMPORTANT ITS SUCH ANIMPORTANT SHOW OF ANDREWS EMOTIONS AND HOW HE SLOWLY FALLS IN LOVE W NEIL jut shut the fuck u god ffuck
  • WHEN PEOPLE LIKE…  MAKE MOODBOARDS AND EDITS AND SHIT ABT ANDRIEL AND INCLUDE SOME FUCKED UP PIC ABT BRUISIES OR ~VIOLENT LOVE AND WHATEVER like o,…………… no i crying ASDREW ISNT ABUSIVE let alone w neil stop 1) trivializing+romanticizing abusive rships + acting like just bc andrew can pull out a knife on someone hes abusiv CUZ HES NOT ES??? HES NOT ABUSIVE IM IN TARS FUCK OFF IFYOU THINK SO STOP PORTRAYING THEIRRSHIP AS AN ABUSIVE ONE
  • the yes or no………… GOD MOST poeple just. never writ it lmfao. or they write it ONCE or twice in an enitre sex scene like sry but YOU CANNOT go from kissing to sucking dick without andrew asking for consent in the midle like YOU CANNOT you cant even write neil toiching andrews arm without him asking/making sure andrew knows what hes about to do and giving him the opportinuty to clearly say no
  • THE ‘I HATE YOU’ LINE……. GOD listen theres two interpretations of this one and theyr both wrong 1) he doesnt say it when for EVERYTHING like. neil smiles? no hes not gonna say it BECAUSE ITS ALWAYS ABT ANDREW REALIZING he cannot stop himself from falling for neil like, basically every time neil does/say something that andrew goes ‘im feeling something’ thanks to neil thats it thats the moment where he says it, etc 2) as an actual ~hate like,no, shut up, he doesnt hate him ik it might seem weird for the average person or u might take it as a joke but no LIOSTEN HE MEANs IT he just doesnt mean it in the bad way this makes no sense but i do it and its not in the bad way i love andrew and he loves neil
  • ‘I LOVE YOU’/MARRIAGE LISTEN……………… LISTEN ITS CANON THAT 1) the words i love you literally DO. NOT. MEAN. ANYTHING. to them and that 2) MARRIAGE ISNT A THINGGGGGGGGG FOR THEM god they arent the conventional couple (het or not) they dont have the socieally acceptable kind of rship PLEASE RECPECT THIS ITS SO IMPORTANT like its really so important for people who have rpoblems expressing affection and a lot of other stuff i have no right to talk about so please.. please respect this and try to understand it from their pserspective
  • icant think of anything else rn but yea thats the most important stuff okay

anyways, yes im an asshoe but this entire post is the fault of an anon ask +  being drunk im not held responsibelf for shit

something that's not really a poem at all

I have a thing about teeth. It was early August. We were high. We were sitting on your porch steps. Your parents were at an Italian restaurant, arguing about your father’s affair. I crushed seven ants with the toe of my Chinese slipper. You were playing with my hands, murmuring something under your breath. I wish I remember what you were saying. I think you started crying at some point, but I was focused on the ugly algae shaped clouds and the circles you were rubbing into my palms. You weren’t loud. I was wearing your summer camp t-shirt. The wood of the stairs splintered thin. “I’m sorry” “It’s not your fault” “That’s not the point.” “What is the point?” Everyone has their pool boys, their secretaries. I remember a dove, slick feathers tucked behind our ears, a shot dove falling from the algae clouds like a miracle. In that dream, you might’ve been crying. Secret: I still check your Facebook page too much. Secret: I still want you. Secret: I never wanted you. I won’t use any metaphors in this. The blossom of an exit wound. The way water can burn too. How a stump can maybe grow into a tree.