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Shit I think about when I'm high.

So when I moved to Canada, I started to smoke weed. I dont know why I did it. Maybe to look cool, brag to friends or just something fun to do on the weekends. The first few times I did it, I was just happy. I couldn’t control my laughter, things getting weird,… stereotypical high reaction. Overall it was like on laughing gas ( I never tried laughing gas, NOS or whatever but I assumed that’s what it was like.) But the more I did it, my thoughts got really deep. Here’s some of the things that go through my mind when I’m high.

1. Everyone is a narcissist. 

When I was high scrolling through facebook, everybody seems to be desperately calling for attention. The way we write comments with our big words, putting deep quotes on instagram photos, putting sad shit on our photo captions saying oh some how we relate to it, sharing politics acting like we know shit, sharing weird shit so people think we’re unique. It’s like we compete on social media who has the deepest thoughts. We are all so fake. We all want attention, you and me.

2. I secretly hate people because they’re smarter than me.

My buddy who I smoke weed alot with, I realized he has a quicker mind than I do and I kind of hate that. I do much better in class than him but I have to admit he thinks faster than me. I dont know, I hate him for that.

3. The more I think about myself, the more I hate myself.

Everybody has secrets. Secrets so deep it can’t be shared. The secrets you share with “best friends” , family or your psychologists are nothing compared to these. There are things so deep down inside of you that sometimes you dont even know them. I have my own and I’m not gonna share any here. When im sober, I overlook these things, thinking oh they’re nothing, thinking they’re just a stage in growing up. etc. When I’m high they pop up inside my head continuously and they disgust me. I cannot believe the human being that I am. I hate myself. At the end of the day, I think we live life lying to ourselves. We use positivity to cover up the truth. When we’re high, this positivity barrier is lost and we see the reality and it scares us.

4. It’s amazing and sad at the same time we switch personalities with people.

I talk to 2 different social groups. One is like the knowledgeable group, we speak english among each other cause it makes us feel smart. We joke about politics, history even philosophy acting all grown up and shit. We like to join school clubs because we like “getting involved". You get the picture. The other group is the total opposite. We swear, we smoke, we do all kinds of dumb shit. We like talking about music, about internet memes, about random shit,.. We hate school clubs cause we think it’s dumb,.. We were the anti-system type gang. The funny thing is I dont know where I belong. When I’m high, it amazes me that I hangout with such different social groups. wtf. Is there a fucking switch in my brain? 

5. People are fucking animals.

We humans think we’re all civilized and shit. Are we though cause here’s something I like to do. I like to smell my feet. Yup! After a longass day, I take off my socks and just take a good whiff of my feet. I also like the smell of my balls. I like sticking my hands in my pants and smelling them. Seems disgusting right. Seems like this dude is dirty as hell, probably lives like a pig. Well the other day, I looked up on the internet turns out a shit ton of people do the same. Bro we are savages, we are animals and to me this is amazing. Imagine going to school learning all this complex concepts. Getting a job, wearing a suit and tie,… Then at the end of the day, we like our own body odor like animals. It’s been scientifically proven too. Perfumes are a scam, they tell us to hate our body odor to buy their product. It blows my mind how we fool ourselves thinking we are above all species when in fact we are all the same.

6. People are souless as fuck

One time I was high, I went down to my dorm cafeteria to get some food ( you know, the munchies ). I remember looking at the people working there and they were all foreign, elderly people. I barely saw any caucasian cafeteria workers. These people probably weren’t born here, fled their home countries looking for better opportunites. They are probably getting paid minimum wage, working their ass off more than 9 to 5 including weekends to provide for their families. I bet they have to commute everyday to work cause rent is unaffordable in Toronto. I bet some of them should be retired by now but still can’t afford to cause they have families to feed. I bet they barely have time to enjoy a movie, a walk in the park,… What’s the Canadian dream? These people suffer so much just so I can enjoy a fucking meal. I felt so bad for them. I hope they have children who will one day turn into successful indivuals. We are souless beings who only care about ourselves. The world is fucked up. 

7. Money is fucking bullshit

Think about it, we express emotion when it comes to money. We feel happy when we have it. We feel lost when we lose it. But at the end of the day it’s just paper. How did something so raw and powerful like emotions are moved because of something simple and materialistic as money. Like it’s crazy, how much thought is going through for money. Think about the last time you gave money to a beggar. Bro he probably needed more than you, you just didn’t feel like giving him any. We are all slaves to the system. The more I think about it the more I question capitalism. Maybe Karl Marx was right. Maybe socialism and communism was the right thing for society. We should have never invented money. It created indivualism, made us care about only ourselves. I bet the cavemen would fucking die for each other. We kill family members to get insurance. Money is killing our race.

8. It’s amazing how quick our bodies react to irritations.

Sometimes we just feel the need to scratch our chin or bite our lip, or lick our lips, or run our lips through our teeth, or scratch your hand, or rotate your neck, or scratch your butt, or adjust your underwear,… It’s like we feel irritated about it and our body just reacts to fix it. All of it happens in like a split second. Human bodies are fucking cool man. 

9. Alcohol is lame as shit

Growing up in Vietnam, it was easy to get alcohol. We basically drank to every occasion. But to be honest with you, I never liked it. Maybe it’s just me, but I hated it and always lied that I like it. Alcohol is bitter as fuck. Taste like someone made vomit into a liquid. But I drank it anyways. I did it because I thought it made me look cool to drink alcohol. The more alcohol you consumed the more badass you are. It also made us feel grown up too cause there is always an association with alcohol and adults. Maybe adults drink it to prove that they’re adults. Maybe deep down they all hate the taste. 

10. My thought on Democracy and how it can bring great nations back into the stone age.

Ya’ll know Trump got elected right. I was high on Thursday like the day after the election and I had this thought. People who vote for Trump are racist ( not saying all) and the racist people tend to be the elderly people. Why? well because they were born and raised in a society where there was less diversity and segregation was a thing. Everyone from that generation was probably racist. Ok, now hold that thought. Developed countries have 2 things in common, democracy and old people. Why? 1. Democracy is believed to be the backbone of a civilized society.  2. There’s alot of old people because developed country have better medical systems allowing people to live longer. 

So when it comes to democracy, in a country like the US where there is an “old” population, older people tend to not have the same perspective as the younger more progressive thinkers and they’re the majority and so the outcome will usually have a negative result. This would lead to a country’s downfall and eventually that country will start from zero again. So isn’t it a loop. Developement will lead to better health care. Better health care would lead to older people. Older people will lead to bad choices. Bad choices will lead to a decline in developement. And then the cycle replays. 

I’m not blaming old people for voting for Trump’s election. Who knows, Trump might do a good job. Again this is something I thought about when I was high lol

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ok but can we talk about how niall said that he was originally gonna release this town on soundcloud like?? he is 1/4 of the biggest boyband in the world and he was gonna release his solo debut on SOUNDCLOUD. he doesn't care about money or fame and he never believed that he could make it but he's out there smashing it with his one song. after everything he's been through with 1D he's still so fucking humble and down to earth?? i hope he's successful in everything he does bc he 110% deserves it

OMG, i haven’t heard that interview yet, but i read the bit about soundcloud in the captions on a gifset and like?? on one hand that’s RIDICULOUS and on the other i can absolutely believe it. it’s so niall. i wonder what percentage of it was just wanting to put it out there and see what people thought bc he’s such an eager artist and how much was maybe he didn’t know how good he was or how interested record labels would be till he started shopping it around? like, just imagine being so good that capitol records just gobbles you up, flies ur flag from their building, and promos the hell out of you, and not even knowing it. also very niall. the way he’s managed to stay so insanely grounded and still have the most fun with all the privileges his celebrity permits him is so cool and, unexciting as golf is to me, v reassuring; he’s so solid, niall. i can’t wait to hear and see what he’s got coming up next, it can’t come soon enough if u ask me!!


It’s AMAZING. An incredible resource. Hell, it even tells me what fabric they used in most of the captions, which makes me GIDDY WITH GLEE.

I’ll make a post later about the really really cool things in here, but something happened when I first opened the book. This was the first thing I saw:



Nemesis Romulans had stirrup pants…? (top right)

Hold the phone

Even the Klingon ambassador’s dignity isn’t spared?!

and apparently you put them in pants that will never ride up.

Do you know what this means?


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Why do you post captions on pictures that literally have nothing to do with the picture, that makes people not want to reblog them especially if you remove the original caption. Also, you never tag anything. do u know how tumblr works, this isn't instagram

This is a fun message. 1- unfollow me. 2- Tumblr is my personal space, definitely not like Instagram. I remove all captions that aren’t my own because the purpose of tumblr is to reblog, not necessarily post original things (unlike Instagram) and I prefer a captionless aesthetic, unless they’re my thoughts. (Because it’s My blog..?) 3- in case 2 didn’t answer you, I put captions that have to do with what I’m feeling, 9 out of 10 times other people’s thoughts don’t represent mine. 4- I’m not here for re blogs and follows…? I’m here to express myself. (Side note, if you want to reblog something I reblogged, just get rid of the caption kind of like I did..?)5-please see 1


160729 #ExordiumDay4 .
This was yesterday but someone send me this with caption - “look at Baekhyun’s hand”.. And i did..
So - lets talk about Baekhyun’s hand sign shall we..?
Is it Monster sign? He is not even singing Monster atm..
Is it a Rock n Roll sign? Thats not a rock song..
Spiderman sign? WHY..!?!?! If you look closely you can see Baekhyun took a glance at Chanyeol after he put the flower crown on.. so Baekhyun know its Chanyeol.. if you see, Baekhyun looks hesitant with his hand.. the shape of the sign are not prominent - unlike what Chanyeol always did it.. And after he lower his hand, he put it up again but with different sign.. Hurmmm…
Is it their legendary I♡U sign..? Is it really for Chanyeol..??
We will never know.. Hehehe.. but Baek’s face after Chanyeol put it on tho.. he tried his best to look indifferent but it shows so clear that he is dumbfounded and nervous.. hahha.. .
©eskimo - edited part by me.. hehe.. .
[ @real__pcy ♥ @baekhyunee_exo ]

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can we stop making the samsteve “what makes you happy?” scene about bucky? he says “i don’t know”. this does not fucking translate to bucky. this is not a stucky/bucky scene and it will never be, this is a sam-centric and steve-centric scene so please respect that.

BTS Reaction To Discovering Their Girlfriend Has Anorexia

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Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Can I ask a reaction about BTS finding that they gf have anorexia? Thanks (and sorry for the bad english >u<)

*Warning: is about anorexia, may be triggering/highly negative/something so it’s below a cut* 

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You know you cast / a long shadow / on the ground


I distrust the SNK fandom so much. It’s the only fandom that has got me triggered (yes I know what it means) by ship names, people’s URLs or visiting its own wiki. I’ve felt unsafe because of my gender identity and my (admittedly terribly poor) mental health. The Jeankasa fandom is the only part of the SNK fandom I trust although I still deeply hesitate to tag this or put a caption.

But yeah, I love these two with my heart and soul so it’s time I contribute to this lil rowboat of a ship. *-*

I think I just wrote something significant

“The point which I’ve been trying to make the past few days is that you need to remember the original purpose of CC in the first place, that is, they were MEANT to give people access to content they wouldn’t be able to access if it was purely through aural means. Listen, most of you who are using the captions in general probably would never even use them if one day someone hadn’t decided to put jokes in them. People who can hear don’t usually put the subtitles on and now because it’s one big joke you are all using them. Think about that. You’re all putting on the captions for your amusement and that’s what’s rubbing me, and others who need them, the wrong way. If there weren’t jokes, I guarantee quite a few of you wouldn’t even bother touching the CC, but now because you know there’s funny stuff in it, you’re using them, and continue to put the jokes in them at our expense.“

I think more people in Jack and Markiplier’s fandom need to read and understand these points, which is why I posted the above in the comments on one of Mark’s videos. People aren’t getting it. And I will keep fighting for change.