i never know what my tag is


Okay so I am a biggg drarry shipper, dramione was you know my and most of the shipper’s notp. Everytime I see dramione I would get confused and be like: your wrong it’s drarry. But never full on pissed. Moving on….


I LOVE SPROUSEHART LIKE HOLY MOLEY!!! I love everything about it, and what the people within the community do. I saw this post saying: when coleneti shippers come hating. And I was so confused. I’m like..what? Who?? And so I look up that tag…it’s cole and KJ… now I heard probably once or twice of people mentioning this ship and trying to make it to be a couple. But to see this tag. I am..Ive never been more livid of a ship before. Just. It’s not even the fact that it’s a kJ and cole ship it’s the fact that within their post and nonsense they try to make Lilli and SH to be bad. Using it to show how Lilli uses the ship it to get followers…Saying how Cole does things with KJ that he would never do to Lilli. How what kJ and him have is deep and how Lilli and cole ask is all on the surface. I’ve just..im so mad at it. People can have their opinions and what not, but I just…we don’t disprove other ships (the SH community) we just point things out (I.e scarf, or jackets, or smiles they share) and etc. Like??? I don’t know I’m sorry guys but I don’t know how that ship even-how it’s still going.


。♡❜、 desire /dɪˈzʌɪə/ appetite or wishing   — O1/

                                          tell me you know what you’re doing.
                                                     i don’t. i never did.

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story time: presidential edition
  • so you know how everyone has a story
  • you know
  • like the story
  • like if you’re at a party and someone turns to you and says, tell the story
  • and you know exactly what they mean
  • the story
  • well 
  • i have a story
  • and not unlike most good stories, it involves three key components:
  • barack obama
  • pre-2008 reebok sneakers 
  • and the absolute earth-shattering horror you can only feel after making the worst mistake of your life

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Isn't it strange to think that some people will never know what it's like to be in fandoms?

They’ll never spend hours scrolling through tags on tumblr

They won’t pterodactyl screech when they see their otp

They won’t know how to handle ship discourse

They won’t stay up late into the night reading fanfics

They won’t get into heated debates over a problematic fav

I respect them, but it’s strange to think that my friends and family will never know the simple things about being a fangirl (fangirl being a gender-nutural term)