i never know what anything is

I had a history teacher who was always very light-hearted and happy-go-lucky. One day he sat down and told us that some girls were being mean to his daughter (a competitive gymnast) at the gym and asked for some advice. This guy (who was very sarcastic and witty) raised his hand, and the teacher said, “No not you. I don’t want any smart comments, and you just mouth off all the time.” The kid tried to defend himself, saying he wasn’t going to, but the teacher wouldn’t hear it and said “This is really important to me, and you’re trying to make it a joke. You know what? Just get out. Go to the office.” The kid gets up to leave and we’re all in shock because we had never seen this teacher mad before. This other student comes to his rescue, telling the teacher he didn’t even do anything wrong. The teacher says, “Yes he did, and you know what? You get out, too.” We were all in shock as the other person stormed out of the room because this was one of the students who always got along with the teacher really well and never got in trouble. So after the two have left, the teacher turns to us and says: “And that’s what the Indian Removal was like.” He opened the door and told them to come back in, and they were all laughing. I’m still in shock. I swear, they all deserve an Oscar.

i’m so freaking tired of the show glorifying L’s leadership and acting like L gave 2 shits about skaikru… she gave a shit about clarke, and clarke only. she freaking left them for dead in 215 and never dealt with those ramifications… she only stated that she was sorry about what it did to clarke and the show painted it like it was necessary. She put her people first, and we all know that’s one of the things she loved about clarke too… it made it easier. If anything, L learned about rising above tribalism from clarke, not the other way around… clarke created blood must not have blood and made L realize that life meant more… give our girl some credit, writers!

I call this one “I Found A Hyperion Coat And Look Cute In It”.

I haven’t even watched this episode and now I’m not going to. So that’s both this episode and the last episode that I don’t feel comfortable watching because Man-Hell just has to make Kara feel like shit. So give me all of the fanfiction, all the fan art, all of the fan videos. Give me anything that isn’t this horrible, toxic, abusive relationship. Kara deserves better and you know what, I deserve better because I did not start watching this show to have forced relationships thrown at me and to see a show that once about female empowerment turn into a let’s promote terrible actions only to excuse it with “on my planet…” blah blah, Kara is from another planet and you never hear her spewing this “well on Krypton” bullshit that Mon-El constantly brings up, we know you’re from Daxam quit name dropping you piece of trash. 

I’m not even a huge James fan but he has been absent for 2 episodes without explanation. Lena was missing from the end of “Medusa” until “Luthors” and we have no idea where the hell she was. Cat is rarely mentioned, Lucy who? 

The continuity sucks, the constant need to have Kara weakened in some way to fit another male ego is getting really old and by that I mean I hated it from the moment season 2 started with this utter terribleness.

Maggie gets next to no screen time and it is only ever with Alex, she does not get backstory and gets like 30 seconds of screentime. 

M’gann had a really strong and powerful story line and it showed a very accurate portrayal of how PTSD and trauma happens yet it was casted aside in the most rushed way because Mon-El just had to fall for Kara. He just had to insult her and disrespect her, he just had to be yet another “hero” fuck that, he left civilians, constantly disregards tips from someone who knows what she is doing. He insults her, makes her feel like shit, ignores her wishes and never apologises and we’re supposed to believe that behaviour is okay and desirable. 

Kara has been sidelined in her own show and I am sick of this shit. I am sick of getting my hopes up thinking this time might be different just to be faced with another disappointment. 

So well done CW, your poor episode ratings are your own fault for purposely ruining a show just to fit another straight, white, cis male into a previously feminist show. Power to the girls my ass.

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have there been any like counteracts against the allegations? like any proof or anything to back up his innocence??

There isn’t any proof of either his guilt or innocence.

Right after the allegations came out, “I’m Still Here” associate producer Nicole Acacio stated:

“I got to know both Amanda and Magdalena to some degree. I never saw anything out of the ordinary either on or off set, and certainly nothing like what they described in their suits.”

She went on to say:

“I was in Las Vegas at that shoot, and I never saw anything like that happen. Casey’s wife and his children were in town with him […] The real Casey isn’t the one who was described in these suits. Nothing I’ve ever witnessed would lead me to think he could ever do anything like that.”

And then, a different person (an editor on the movie) stated
“These lawsuits are contrary to everything that I personally know about Casey.”

There’s also an early statement from Casey’s lawyer at the time, Marty Singer, which stated:

“Their lawyer sent the media both lawsuits before he filed them with the court […] Both claims are total fiction.”

Since the allegations first came out, Casey has vehemently denied them. His representatives originally were planning to counter-sue. And when the case was first settled, The Hollywood Reporter reported the following:

“The disputes between Flemmy Productions, LLC and Casey Affleck with Amanda White and Magdalena Gorka in connection with the film ‘I’m Still Here’ have been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the parties and the lawsuits are being dismissed.”

Link 1: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/casey-affleck-settles-sex-harassment-27846 Link2: http://pagesix.com/2010/08/04/lady-producers-back-casey-affleck-in-sex-harass-suit/

So at the end of the day, there is no hard evidence of his innocence, just as there is no hard evidence of his guilt, which is back to my point that we should all just try to not pass judgement, let alone hate towards anyone.

Just had a thought. If Kara shut down what would have been a healthy relationship (I have my problems with how James never lets her be human but he was at least a decent guy) because she was still learning and didn’t want a distraction from becoming Supergirl and figuring all of that out, then why is she in a relationship with bland el now?

Even if she’s somehow magically ready for a relationship because she has being Supergirl all figured out (which we’ve seen her spiraling lately so I don’t know that I’d go that far), bland el does not have anything figured out. He is in the same position she supposedly was when she broke up with James, just with less human decency and respect. He’s figuring out who he is on Earth. He’s figuring out if/when/how to use his powers. He’s making easy mistakes that reveal just how inexperienced he is. He’s trying to learn how to be in a relationship from scratch without a solid foundation of “how to treat women”, by his own admission. He is, and I say this as someone who has gone through puberty twice, basically a teenager right now. He’s in a whole new world, with completely new rules and mores, and he’s trying to figure it out. Even if he could be a good guy (and his basic actions make me very hesitant to say he could be without a major change), he’s still learning.

And if Kara in that same position was not ready to be in a relationship, then neither is he. And Kara, as his mentor, should recognize that because she was just in the same place.

But that would take character consistency. And we know this season has none of that.

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I want to go into law and ultimately become a lawyer and so I watch a lot of law based television programs, but I'm wondering if the t.v. dramas are anything like real life court??

I have this headcanon that at some point TV producers tried to go to a real courtroom to film “real” cases and upon realizing that courtrooms are only exciting to the small number of people who know what the fuck is going on, decided that TV drama is better. 

Comparing real lawyering to TV lawyering is like comparing a real doctor to a TV doctor. Most of that shit would never happen and if it did, you’d be sued and probably lose your license. 

That’s not to say that court isn’t exciting. But nobody yells. Nobody screams. And you probably will not conduct a full trial on your own until you’re many years past your call date. 

That being said, a LOT of what a lawyer does is outside of the courtroom. A lot of the work we do is written advocacy and strategy. If you can’t imagine yourself sitting at your desk for most of the day, probably being a lawyer isn’t for you. Also go read this post because it will tell you if you should or shouldn’t go to law school (x)

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Hi there! Maybe this will sound strange but i just eard laito vs ayato cd and for what i understod ayato did knew about laito and cordelias "relashion" (i hate that b*itch!!!! sorry) but what about the other brothers? I do remember that in the anime they did know that the triplets killed her but we know nothing about THAT.

Admin Mawile: Σ(゚д゚;) Ummm, other than the triplets, I honestly can’t remember… SO, I’ll just make up some headcanons for you!

 Also, please watch the character hate. I’m letting it slide this time because there’s a request around it, but one of our rules is no blatant hate. 


-He honestly didn’t know what was happening. Beatrix tried to keep him away from anything not related to studying, and he mostly only had contact with Reiji. Half brothers were considered enemies, and he wasn’t allowed to play with them, so he was never close enough to find out the dark secrets. 


-He knew, and only because extended periods of boredom and isolation lead to lots of snooping. Beatrix tried to avoid interaction with Cordelia, much less her children, and Reiji only watched from the shadows and picked up stories from maids. To this day, how much he knew is kept hidden. 


-He never knew exactly what was going on, but always had the feeling that something wasn’t right about the triplets. As the youngest, he was frequently just too young to catch on to what his siblings were going through, and mostly stayed by himself anyway. 

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so i came out to my friends as ace a little while ago and they were all like "ok, that's cool" and i thought after that happened i'd be able to talk to them about my feelings but i'm still too scared that (even though they'd never say anything) talking about it will just highlight the fact that i'm different and ruin everything

hey, psst: being different is okay. you know why all those sport-teams on shows are all like “we’re different, and that makes us special”? that’s because, no matter how cliche it is, it’s true.

your friends should be supportive of you, no matter what. in fact, your coming out might inspire another to come out!! make sure you educate them as well!

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Hi! So I'm ignorant but wanting to understand-- could you explain why the US acts communist? I don't doubt the statement I was just wondering if you could explain?

what the fuck. the united states has not and will not ever act communist lmao. I don’t understand the question. I’ve never said the united states acted communist ever in my entire life. you’ll only ever hear me say that after saying “they will NEVER” because uh I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m sorry, rephrase your question. like not trying to be rude I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding I’m not mad at you or anything, I’ve just never ever said this in my entire life and i never will. 

I love being a wife and mother so much. It was never something I specifically wanted growing up. I barely even thought about it. But, here I am and I can’t imagine myself loving anything in this life more. It feels so natural pouring love into my husband and baby. It’s something that never feels forced or obligated. So much of what I’ve pursued in my life has been out of pressure or performance. But when I am with them, loving them, I feel an immense amount of peace with who I am and what I’m doing. Who knows what the future holds for me? Who knows if I will ever have an exciting career or finish formal education? All I know is that this is enough and it always has been, for me. Building this love, this family, this home. Giving of myself to these humans that I treasure more than life itself. The only two things I’ve never second guessed in my entire life were marrying Russ and becoming a mother. Though I may spend the rest of my life fickly chasing varying dreams, they (Russ + Jude) will always remain my constant pursuit. 

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I've never played a game that has relaunched before. What does it mean for TSW, and what will a relaunch do?

It really depends! I know the first thing that pops into the ‘younger’ player’s mindset (and here I do not mean age, just years spent in the genre) is FFXIV! This is a successful relaunch, but it’s actually also really, really drastic. You can breathe a sigh of relief (or not), because the TSW ‘relaunch’ probably isn’t going to be anything like FF. (Chill, FFXIV followers, your game is amazing I’m just showing it as a case of complete and total overhaul into essentially a new game).

It can mean things like an engine update, graphics overall, or some serious overhauls to a game’s core content.  It is also usually a marketing ploy. It’s ‘relaunching’, which can drum up new interest. New player will be more likely to swing by and old player are likely to return to see if old gripes were addressed.

It’s hard to say what’s in store for us, exactly. It’s still gonna be that game you love at heart, but it might function in a new way. There might be new systems in place (like those daily rewards). I will say it’s incredibly unlikely we will lose our characters or anything like that, though some of us ‘bigger’ bees might find some of our hard work negated or the path forward easier (mixed feelings there). 

Look, I love this game. it’s my online home. Every one who’s spoke to me for like five minutes knows I love this game. But it has technical and game-play issues that could absolutely use some fixing, and a relaunch might just be the key to that.

Anyway! The point for now is we don’t know details, so just take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. The sky isn’t falling, the doom prophets are currently talking completely out of their ass, but you might not like all or even most the changes in the end. I’ll try to scour updates for y’all if the streams and the forums aren’t your thing. Stay informed and think about how the changes might or might not affect you.

I mean, it can’t possibly be worse than SWG NGE was.

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I know this kind of sounds stupid but how did you know your orientation? Like, I always said I was straight but there was a chance I wouldn't be in the future because who really knows? I mean I've never had a real relationship so I don't know. But lately I've been thinking that this might be different and maybe I could possibly be bi or something.But I don't know if that's pressure from social media and society and what's around me that's making me question it and I don't know anything anymore.

Hey love – it’s not stupid at all! I’ve always had crushes on women, since I was like three, but because we live in such a repressive, oppressive, heteronormative society, I didn’t know they were crushes until after I had my first kiss (which is how I was sort of like ‘wait hold the phone I’m probs gay’). I guess my point is, we are trained, we are pressured, we are contorted, we are forced, to think that we’re straight, basically since (before) birth. So of course it’s hard to recognize when we’re not. But honey, media doesn’t make us gay or bi or what have you: media opens us up to new possibilities. It doesn’t pressure us in this context – it has the potential to liberate us, to show us that we can be queer, that we can be ourselves, in ways we weren’t allowed to consider before. I’m glad that you’ve been involved in media that is opening up this beautiful possibility for you! I’m proud of you for reaching out, and I’m sending you lots of love and support, whatever label you find fitting for yourself! <3 <3 <3

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I'm sorry but are you seriously saying it was sketchy that Tara was alive after Abel was taken?? Wtf! What would you have had her do? Die alongside half sack? Jesus there was nothing she could have done fucking half sack died she knew she would've been killed too I highly doubt it was thought out and planned, she was scared shitless which I'm sure you would be too in that position. She literally froze. Nobody would've ostracized her for being alive wtf. Give it a rest already lord

That’s exactly what I’m saying. No one is going to take my baby if I’m there. I’m not saying that her freezing up isn’t understandable, it is, but most mothers would have to be dead and cold for someone to take their child, especially when you know that it’s a rival taking them. Anyone would be scared, but you push through and try to do something. Anything.

One, they should’ve never left the front door wide open. That was their main fuck up. You don’t leave your door open period, especially when you’re the girlfriend of a member. Like ??? I know they were bringing in groceries, just close the door and lock it until you go back out. Use some common sense.

Lastly if you had read the question, you would’ve seen that it was asking me how things would’ve been viewed where I’m from. So how you, someone that I’ve never met, and is not a part of my family, and has not seen how things are done where I’m from, is going to tell me that she wouldn’t have been ostracized doesn’t even make sense😂 You think you know my background better than I do?You think you know my experiences better than I do? Quit reaching girl. She wouldn’t have been left with anyone’s baby after that. She would’ve been ostracized and that’s it. You can give all your opinions and thoughts on her behaviors, there’s no right or wrong answer to that, but don’t come here trying to tell me how things would’ve been done on my side. You’re wrong.

Seeking help| Someone from Sweden?

Normally I`d never post anything like this but honestly at this point I am desperate, depressed, tired and hoping for a miracle. I wrote to so many people, both people I know and strangers and nothing came out of it. I have lost hope but I still keep going by default, in fact I wake up and live by default. I am sorry that this sounds like your regular sob story but to me it is quite a nightmare.

You see I am in LDR with this guy from Uppsala and it`s what now… 8 months, nearing 9. They discovered that he has cancer for a second time and a couple of nights ago he would have almost died if his sister hadn`t found him and called an ambulance. I need to somehow be with him but truth is that I visited him in November and I was left broke. I have some savings but it`s not enough even for a month given their standard of living. I have no friends who can shelter me for a while until I find a job hopefully since I have a super basic Swedish (I tried to teach myself some). My boyfriend is younger, still studying and dependent so he can`t help me whatsoever.

I tried to research on possibilities of going on my own. Like an idiot I buy lottery tickets everyday and  the irony is that I win very often but very small sums of money. At this point my every day is a nightmare because  I want to be with him and I can`t. I don`t even know whether he`ll make it and  as dramatic as it sounds he is the love of my life. But we are alone in our efforts, completely alone.

People saying censorship of anything gay or LGBT related is to protect children are full of it. You know what I needed someone to protect me from as a child? Homophobia. I needed someone to protect me from the way same sex couples were never shown or talked about and people acted like lesbian was a dirty word. Who protected me from internalizing that? From being scared when I started liking girls. From feeling scared to kiss my first girlfriend in public because I had been raised in a world telling me it was taboo. Everything I had to understand love and relationships was tainted by it. And it started when I was a kid. The world was poisoning me against myself from before I was even old enough to figure out who I was. It took me years to get it out and I am sure there is still some in there. I was a kid and I needed someone to protect me from being poisoned against myself but no one cared about that.

Censorship of LGBT isn’t about protecting kids. It is about screwing them up so much that the straight kids grow up to hate the not straight kids and the not straight kids grow up to hate themselves. It is about controlling us not protecting us. No one protected me from that.

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1: Are you named after someone?

i dont think so? i do remember there used to be this news channel called nova and when i was born they talked about me but that doesnt count i think haha

2: When was the last time you cried?  

not to be emo or anything but i am always crying about shelter. did you know theres only two shows left? what the fuck

3: Do you like your handwriting?

its……absolutely terrible…..ive been trying to change it but it just doesnt work i simply cant write

4: What is your favorite lunch meat?

i never rlly eat lunch meat?? i guess ill have to go for salami

5: Do you have kids?

no, and i dont rlly want any. maybe someday through adoption, but i dont want to give birth to a fucking gremlin yikes (im sorry but being pregnant just totally grosses me out)

6: If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

haha that really depends on what kind of person i’d be? like idk if i could keep up with my own antics if i didnt understand what causes these antics, you know?

7: Do you use sarcasm?

never heard of it (yes)

8: Do you still have your tonsils?

hell yeah

9: Would you bungee jump? 

if i can sabotage the rope and die

10: What is your favorite kind of cereal?

the minions banana berry flavor nick ate in that vid (jk i dont eat cereal like at all)

11: Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?


12: Do you think you’re a strong person?

physically NO emotionally???? idk?? what is emotionally strong? does the fact that im dealing with mental illnesses make me weak or strong? we’ll never know

13: What is your favourite ice cream? Ever, ever?

just plain good ol milk chocolate, or maybe lemon?? but with lemon im really specific!! like theres this ice cream shop around the corner that has terrible lemon, but one time i went to one place that had the Best lemon flavor EVER. id do anything to taste that again

14: What is the first thing you notice about people?

that really depends on what their most noticable feature is haha. like when they got pretty eyes or a cool nose or nice hair thats what i notice first

15: What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself?

the fact that my hair and skin get really oily and greasy very quickly… its uglie and annoying. and maybe that im so small lol. overall im p positive about my body tbh

16: What color pants and shoes are you wearing now?

none shoes grey pants

17: What are you listening to right now?

snail’s house is the shit

18: If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

a darker shade of blueish green? like midnight green or something? thats not exactly what im looking for tho

19: Favorite smell?

yknow when it just rained after a long time without rain and you go outside

20: Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

my sister i think?

21: Favorite sport to watch?

i dont rlly watch sports like at all….. i do like…. swimming,,,,and ice skating….yeah those are anime references and i am sorry

22: Hair color?

my natural color is blonde but once that started fading into this uglie gross blonde i just dyed it orange, and its been like that for a couple years now. recently i dyed it pink, but you cant rlly see that anymore

23: Eye color?


24: Do you wear contacts?


25: Favorite food to eat?

anything pasta, nasi goreng (without the egg ew), or just plain ol fries

26: Scary movies or comedy?

that really depends on what movie it is but overall i prefer scary movies

27: Last movie you watched?

spirited away i think ;w; i cried a lot 

28: What color of shirt are you wearing?

dark gray, with a deathly hallows print lmao. once youre in the hp fandom you never get out

29: Summer or winter?

summer, but i do love winter when its actually snowing. when its just rain and grey skies i hate it

30: Hugs or kisses?

why not combine the two??

31: What book are you currently reading?

a couple days ago i started reading harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone again lmao

32: Who do you miss right now?


33: What is on your mouse pad?

dont have one lol

34: What is the last TV program you watched?

bates motel

35: What is the best sound?


36: Rolling stones or The Beatles

dont rlly listen to either tbh

37: What is the furthest you have ever traveled?

to turkey was the furthest i think?

38: Do you have a special talent?

i guess i can draw?? and im p good at writing even tho i never do it

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yea i feel u on the sibling thing, theyre definitely not canon siblings. but whats the deal w the person who brought up r*pe porn? thats never ok but idk the context so i wanna clarify

((Theyre just calling anything r*pe porn??? Idk man they just want something to bitch at. If anything its selfcest so like…. ppl even headcannon (like myself) that they arent even the same person at this point bc of the long separation Edit: @winged-obsessor is my friend and i know for a fact they would never write r*pe porn so theyre literally pulling this out of their ass))

Addickted Chapter 3

Dersha Fam! My Sister and I thank everyone who showed support for the first two chapter debuts for the series, we’re moving along pretty well, none of it would be possible without ya’ll so we thank you ten times over! @wicked-gamesofdersha  From hear on out, there will be two chapters a week, One Monday night and Wednesday night. Here’s chapter 3! Please share your thoughts with us! Like, comment, & re-blog! Enjoy! 

“You think I’m crazy.”

“What makes you think that?” Raquel asks.

“Because I know you do.”

“I never said anything of that sort.” Raquel tells Ahsha as she watches her pacing the floor. Up and down the carpet she went.

“Maybe you should have.”

“Not my place to tell you how to feel right now. We’re getting off track here a little bit Ahsha.” Raquel replies, trying to calm Ahsha down.

“You think I’m crazy, don’t you?” Ahsha repeats.

“It’s not about what I think, it’s about what you think of this. This isn’t about me. I’m not here to condemn you, that’s not my job. My job is to guide you but I can’t do that if you’re not going to be open. You’re asking me whether I think your crazy, is that what I should think about you or is that what you think about yourself?” Cornering her with the question. Ahsha stops pacing looking down then back up at Raquel.

“Yes, no, I don’t know anymore!” Ahsha says, breathing sharply, throwing her hands up in frustration.

“Okay, okay, come on, try to calm down, come sit.” Ahsha gives Raquel a mistrusting look, then finally sits down.

“Good. Now, let’s go back to the question at hand…do you think your crazy?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Do you feel that I believe you’re crazy? Because I can tell you right now, that I don’t think you’re crazy.” Raquel paused.

“No, but I feel you should”

“Why do you feel that way?”

“Because I should’ve said no. Should’ve resisted more to stop him.” She says, trying to convince herself of these words.

“And do you know why you didn’t stop it?”

“It was supposed to make me feel better.”

“Did it?”

“No.” She concluded. Raquel looks carefully noticing her sense of distress but says nothing. There was more Ahsha wanted to get off her chest.

“He’s my husband Raquel, that act should’ve made those feelings go away, take away that…that urge. I wanted it to. It did the complete opposite, intensified what I was already feeling.”

“What was that feeling?”

“Betrayal and…guilt.” Her voice now cracking. Tears started building up in the corner of her eye as she reached a successful breakthrough in this session. Raquel stands up and gets a box of Kleenex from her desk handing them to her.


“Your welcome.”

“I know you must think the worst of me. I’m a terrible person.” She says, wiping the tears off her face.

“No, I don’t actually, and you’re wrong about that. You’re not a bad person Ahsha.”

“Yeah, what would you call it then?” She sniffles and scoffs under her breath.

“Being human. Nobody’s perfect. Nobody’s supposed to be. We all have flaws; the key is learning to accept that they even exist. Once you do, then that is where the true healing can begin” Raquel exclaims.

“Wow, you really are as good as they say.”

“Well, glad you think so.”

“Anyone who’s equipped to dealing with me has excelled in life in my book!” She laughs nervously. Raquel forms a smile, folding her hands together leaning forward.

“I really want to make changes; I do.”

“You will. Why don’t we move back to the story? What happened next?”

“My daughter woke me up.”


“Mommy! Mommy wake up!” The six-year-old says trying so effortlessly to wake up her mom from an unresponsive state. She continues calling out her name until her eyes widen at the sound of her daughter’s voice.

“Come on mommy you got to get up.”

“I am up Jazzy. Wait why are you up here you’re supposed to be getting ready for school.”

“I am ready, Daddy told me to come up here to wake you up for the breakfast he cooked for you.” She presses.

“He did! Well let’s go see what he made then.” The mother cheers getting out of bed putting on her red robe. Following behind her daughter, they flee downstairs into the kitchen where Cameron and Derek were waiting on them.

“Good morning sleepyhead.”

“Morning mommy!”

“Aww my boys, oh look Jasmine, your brother and daddy made breakfast together.”

“Brother and daddy? Yeah right, this boy didn’t lift a finger in this kitchen.”

“Ahh maybe it’s time you start teaching him what you know.” The mother advises taking a piece of fruit off the table biting into it.

“No, it’s okay mama, I don’t need a lesson in cooking.”

“Why not?”

“Because he’ll never use it.” Jasmine interrupts popping a red grape in her mouth.

“Just because dad does it, doesn’t mean I have to, besides cooking is really a woman’s job.” The boy joked. Derek laughed a little then stopped noticing the glare his wife was giving him.

“Oh really? So is that what you’re teaching our son?”

“I did not tell him that, he probably got it from one of his friends.” Derek said throwing a grape at his son’s head.

“Ow! Dad!”

“Kids say the darnest things, babe. Hey you two! Go get your backpacks it’s time to go!”

“Oh! I forgot I was supposed to drive them today.” Ahsha remembered.

“Don’t sweat it babe, I got it, it’s on the way to work anyway. Just make sure you’re at Cam’s school for his soccer game soon as you get off.”

“Mama you have to come, it’s the second to last game of the season!”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world sweetie.” She tells Cameron, pressing a kiss on her son’s forehead.

“Alright you guys school time let’s go.”

“School timee!”

“Bye mommy!” Both children scream making their exit.

“We better go baby.” Derek said reaching across the counter to kiss wife.

“Thank you for my breakfast.”

“My pleasure Mrs. Roman, see you later.” Derek replies, reaching her lips, letting them linger before pulling away.

“Love you!”

“I love you more.”

“Our love’s forever.” Ahsha shouts out to him as he’s leaving.

“Always has been.” Derek turns back gazing at his beautiful wife.

“Always will be.” 


Later that day,Ahsha steps into her car and starts to head back home to grab one of her meal prepped dinners that she made this morning before work, when she sees a text flash on her phone. She keeps her car in park and starts to read the message.

Hey, I know it’s late but I finally made my decision and I want to fully commit to dancing at your studio. Mr. Canosa sends. Ahsha unlocks her phone and begins to type a quick response.

That’s great, Quinton. You’re going to be a wonderful addition to the team. She types and places her phone back into its dock on her dashboard.

She starts to head home, feeling a little nervous about having the talented, intriguing, and undoubtedly talented Quinton Canosa on the team.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine.” She tells herself and takes a deep breath as she turns to pull into her driveway, feeling exhausted even though her day is far from being over. She has to teach a three-hour dance class tonight, help Kyle with paperwork, and then come home and do her usual motherly duties.

Ahsha turns her car off and heads inside of her now empty house to grab one of her meal prepped dinners out of the fridge. Her phone buzzes with another text as she quickly places her dinner into a bag and turns to leave the house. She gets into her car and reads the text that was sent from Quinton.

It will be a pleasure working with you and the rest of the team, Ahsha.

Ahsha looks at the text message and takes a deep breath before driving back to work, mentally preparing herself to teach tonight. Time at work that day had been relatively busy for Ahsha but regardless of the rush, she couldn’t bring herself to focus. Her mind was everywhere else right now. Before going into work she stopped by Quinton’s place to finalize their contract together making him officially one of the choreographers in her company. Although he committed to dancing over text, she still needed documented proof.

Once business was settled, he proposed that they choreograph a routine and perform it together. Despite her reservations, she couldn’t deny talent when she saw it and he definitely had that. Staring at her MacBook pro, she contemplated accepting his offer. She glanced over at the DVD he gave her of past routines he’s done before. Crossing her legs under her desk, she tapped her nails on the wood. Rather than play the guessing game, she decided to find out herself. She grabbed the DVD and inserted it into her computer. Once loaded, she pressed play. Even though she couldn’t recognize the song, it didn’t take long for her to catch the style of dance he was demonstrating…Hip-hop. Right off the back she loved every minute of it.

Every look from start to finish was poised, smooth and slick. Damn he’s good. She thought silently to herself as she continued watching the screen. Without even meaning to she started to feel the music, playing with her hair biting her bottom lip. Dancing always excited her, but not like this. He looks good in that light. Before getting a chance to get caught up in the rapture, she heard a light knock on her office door. She closed up her laptop before responding.

“Ahsha, it’s Kyle let me in.”

“It’s open.”

“Hey?” Kyle said sarcastically.


“Where’ve you been I’ve been calling you non-stop.”

“Had a quick stop before coming back to work.” She says, trying to avoid the conversation.

“Where did you go?”

“Met up with Quinton to talk business.”

“When you say talk business, I hope that means you convinced him to sign with us.” Kyle wishes, sitting down in the other chair.

“Actually, I did!” Ahsha confirms leaning in her seat.

“What!” That’s amazing! How’d you do it?” The blonde asks, excitedly.

“I have my ways Kyle, didn’t take that much convincing.”

“I see! Whatever you did, I’m sure you did well.” Kyle smirks, complimenting her best-friend and business partner. Ahsha tried her best to take it all in until a wave of nausea came passing through her body.

“Thank you. So, what else you got for me?”

“Right! So you remember the young artist Darryl Brown that we talked about earlier this month?”

“The street artist from the Instagram video?”

“Yes that one! I talked to his agent and gave him an overview, told him we wanted to sign him on.” Handing Ahsha his profile received by his agent. She tried ignoring the nausea feeling but it came and left then came again.

“Did he bite?”

“Not just yet but I think if we can get a chance to talk to him, we can reel him in an- Ahsha what are you doing?” Kyle questioned her friend as she noticed her packing her things trying to leave, standing up.

“Uhm I uh, I’m not feeling so hot right now so I’m gonna go home.”

“Okay but what about Darryl, Ahsha this could really boost the clientele, we need to nail him before someone else does!”

“You’re right, you’re right, okay how long do we have?”

“He’s here visiting family for the next two weeks.”

“That’s good,” She says with a sigh of relief. “Just set up a meeting and email me the details later.” Ahsha instructs.

“Okay but if I land us this meeting, you owe me a promotion.” Kyle teases, pushing Ahsha’s shoulder over a bit intensifying the nausea she was already feeling in the pit of her stomach. Feeling woozy, Ahsha lightly tapped onto Kyle’s shoulder as her footsteps departed.  

“See you later, Ky.”

“Feel better, Ahsha.”


Ahsha Roman hopped into the shower, sitting on the floor, letting everything that happened today wash away from her body.  “How could I sit there and dream about him?” She asks herself, tears welling in her eyes. She looks down at her leg and takes another deep sigh before whatever emotions she had come pouring out of her in the form of one frustrated sigh. She rarely ever cried and she was not about to start doing that now.

The purple washcloth gets covered in sweet smelling body wash and the mother begins to wash her skin, scrubbing away the imaginary fingers that laced themselves around her delicate skin in her daydreams. The hot water nearly burns her mocha skin as she stands under it with her eyes closed, letting it run throughout her hair.

Twenty minutes pass and she gets out of the shower, feeling exhausted over mentally beating herself up. She heads into her bedroom and puts on an oversized tee shirt and a pair of shorts.

“You look so beautiful without makeup.” She hears a voice say. Before she realizes it, she feels Quinton’s hands roam her body. She closes her eyes as the man gently caresses her body and places kisses on her jawline.

“Mom!” She hears and quickly steps out of her fantasy. She quickly jumps into bed as if nothing happened and sees her son walking through the room.

“Hi baby.”

“You forgot! It was the second to last game and you forgot mom!” The little boy screams with tears welling up in her eyes. Ahsha gets up and runs over to her son.

“Mommy’s so sorry. I have a lot going on with work and I came home early because I didn’t feel good.” Ahsha replies, partially telling the truth. The mother gave herself such a terrible headache and made herself sick due to thinking about the fantasies that she had of Mr. Quinton Canosa. She just didn’t know why she had these thoughts.

Cameron takes his head off his mother’s chest and looks into Ahsha’s eyes. “What’s wrong mom?” He asks and starts to touch Ahsha’s forehead.

“Well you’re a little warm. I guess I shouldn’t be too mad at you.” He replies as she kisses his forehead.

“I’ll make it up to you, okay? How about we go to Applebee’s this weekend? Just you and I?”

Cameron looks around the room, thinking. “That can do. We have another game in two weeks, can you at least try to make it to this one?”

“Yes, I can.” Ahsha answers sincerely, now feeling upset about forgetting her son’s game. She never started missing the games until her job started picking up. When she started daydreaming about Quinton. The mention of his name is enough to make her gag but she swallows and takes a deep breath, keeping her nausea at bay.

“Okay. I’ll take your word on it. I’ll let you sleep now.”

“I love you Cam.” The mother ensures and rubs her son’s back as he starts to head for the door.

“I love you too, mom.”

Thank you for reading! Chapter 4 coming Wednesday!