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Joker Imagine - Haunted House

Your P.O.V.

I couldn’t believe that this was real. Joker was on my left side, driving his car. The fucking Joker. I was in his car with my hands and legs tied together, scared to death as I sat here. My entire body was trembling from fear, once as he was laughing. I stared at the man who I was terrified of. He wore a white jacket and it had blood splatters on it. I just kept crying, my sobs muffled by the cloth in my mouth.

 I had been outside, walking home from work as a purple Lamborghini stopped right in front of me.I had stopped walking. The door opened and I saw someone I wished I never would have. The Joker looked at me with a  gruesome grin on his face. He had told me that he had to be quick. A second later he yanked me into his car. I was so scared that I couldn’t defend myself properly. Next thing I knew, he was driving out of the city really fast.

‘‘I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself’‘ He spoke after a long silence that was only broken by his eerie laugh. He gazed at me although his eyes should have been on the road. ‘‘I’m the Joker. Who might you be, my dear hostage?’‘ He asked me. I was dead silent. On the other hand, I couldn’t answer either because my mouth was stuffed. 

‘‘Oops’‘ He chuckled and then took the cloth out and threw it out of the window. I still didn’t bug. He was a nightmare. I felt like a little spider that he could squish so easily. ‘‘Answer me!’‘ He yelled, making me flinch. I sobbed and felt hot tears rolling down my face. ‘‘I-I’m Y/N’‘ I whimpered, speaking for him for the first time. It made him smile again like his anger just faded.

‘‘That’s better. Do you know why I took you along?’‘ Joker asked me like this was funny. I shook my head no and he saw that. ‘‘Let me tell you. I was on a mission with my henchmen today. Then Batsy tagged along and we had to leave early. I figured he’d follow me so I needed a hostage, which is you, by the way’‘ He laughed again. I squinted my eyes and tried to stay as calm as possible.

‘‘If they try anything, I’d shoot you. So, they can’t’‘ He continued telling me his little story. I watched as he opened his mouth, but he saw something behind us. ‘‘Oh’‘ His red lips rounded. ‘‘You just came in handy, Y/N’‘ Joker let me know darkly. I looked at the little window and saw a black car racing towards us. It was the Batmobile! Jesus Christ.

‘‘Let’s confuse him’‘ Joker declared and hit the gas pedal. I was almost sure we’d crash with this crazy driving. I closed my eyes and hoped that Batman could save me. 

After a lot of rough swings, Joker started laughing. That’s when I dared to open my eyes. ‘’He lost us!’’ He yelled happily. I looked around and saw a lot of houses. Most of them looked really old and rotten. This wasn’t the heart of the city anymore. Joker slowed down and drove to a yellow house. He drove right into the garage and I noticed it was empty. This house was abandoned.

‘‘Let’s go play hide and seek’‘ Joker said and turned to look at me. Now that the car engine wasn’t roaring, I heard my own heartbeat clearly. Being at such a place with the Joker sounded like a horror movie.It wasn’t.

He got out of the car and walked over to my side. I bit my lips together because I was so scared. The door opened and he pulled me out of the car by the ropes around my hands. It was hard to stand with rope around my knees. ‘’Now that’s an issue’’ Joker mumbled, looking down at me. Luckily, he untied the rope around my legs. I was still afraid.

He started dragging me into the house. The first thing I noticed was the smell of mould and plants. It was dark, but I saw thanks to the windows. The house had very old furniture and books scattered across the floor. 

‘‘Okay. You’re gonna go to the basement and I’ll..walk around’‘ Joker broke the silence. Looking at him in the dark was still scary. His eyes almost shone now which was creepy.The light highlighted the edges of his green hair and his milky white skin.

‘‘Pl-please don’t’‘ I begged as I thought about being locked up in a basement. Joker didn’t answer me. He opened a door and I barely saw the stony stairs. That’s when I got a strange feeling. I felt eyes on me. It was a disgusting feeling. It’s almost like someone was in the basement. ‘‘You either walk down yourself or I’ll push you down. You pick’‘ Joker growled, making me anxious.

I glanced at the clown and saw that he was dead serious. I had to go. So I walked down against my own will. One step down and he shut the door. He even locked it! Everything was dark. It was so dark that I couldn’t tell if I shut my eyes or if they were open. Somehow I managed to get down the stairs.

It was cold.

Once I came down, I saw better because there were tiny windows high up. I coughed a couple times because of the dust. Then I saw how creepy this basement was. It was full of porcelain dolls. I screamed because I thought someone was there. It caused me to fall on my bum which hurt.

I’d die here.

What if Joker would leave?

No one knew where I was..

I was all alone in this silent basement.Reality sunk into my head and I was pretty sure this day would fuck my head up. Just as I sat there, accepting my crappy life, I heard music. A music box on a dusty table was playing by itself. My eyes widened and I held my breath as I stared at the box. I could almost hear a little child singing, ‘’..Ring around the rosy’’

At first, I was convinced it was a real person. Then I tried to assure myself it was only in my head. ‘’You’re not real, you’re not real’’ I repeated myself again and again. I was hugging my knees now, too scared to move. I was alone, right? No one else could be here.

‘‘Don’t ignore me!’‘ A little child’s scream echoed. I flinched and hid my face in my hands, now crying out loud. ‘‘You’re not real!’‘ I muttered, then sobbing loudly, nearly choking on my tears. This Joker thing must have really gotten into me. I was safe. It was just a basement..

‘‘Look at me’‘ Someone whispered. I felt someone’s breath on my arms and a shiver ran down my spine. I wouldn’t look. No. I had to keep breathing, stay calm-

My hands were ripped away from my face and I screamed. I tried to hit whatever was in my way. I kicked and screamed and tried to get up. I was still too scared to look. ‘’Leave me alone!’’ I shrieked at the top of my lungs. As I got up on my feet, I tried to run up the stairs. Panic took over me and I struggled to breathe. I punched the door in hopes Joker would come. The fear made my stomach feel rotten.

‘‘Help! Help me!’‘ I cried and kept banging my fists against the door until it hurt. I thought I’d get out, but then I felt an ice cold hand around my ankle, grabbing me harshly. That feeling broke my hope. My eyes widened and then I was pulled back down. I hit the stairs, chest first and then I hit my jaw. Something was fucking dragging me down the stairs!

I tried to hold onto the stairs with my hands, but it was useless. ‘’No! Help, help’’ I sobbed, scared half way to death.I was in pain but I was so terrified that I ignored it. Just then the door opened and I saw lights. Joker had heard me and he had found a torch as well.

He blinded me with the light and at the same time, the cold hand vanished. Joker walked down to me and saw me on the floor. I was crying. I wasn’t sure what to do but one thing was clear, I didn’t want to be alone. My body was trembling wildly and I felt blood trickling down my face. 

‘‘What the hell happened?’‘ Joker asked me roughly.He even kneeled down in front of me. Our eyes met and as crazy as it sounds, I felt safer. Then I leapt at him and hugged Joker. I didn’t care that it was the man who kidnapped me. I just needed it.

‘‘Y/N what on earth happened?’‘ Joker wanted to know. Luckily, he didn’t push me away. I wanted to answer him, but I was breathing strangely which made it impossible to speak. My chest rose quickly and my breath hitched in my throat. My ankle felt cold and I could see a red ring around it. Now that Joker came, the people or ghosts, whatever they were, they disappeared.

‘‘They w-were..going to..kill me’‘ I managed to croak out weakly. Joker seemed confused now. ‘‘We’re the only people in this house’‘ He pointed out. I shook my head no and swallowed my tears. God knows why but being in his lap was comforting. 

‘‘Ghosts’‘ I whispered and then felt a shiver running down my spine. I rested my head against his chest and stared deeper into the basement. Joker huffed, probably not believing me. On the other hand, he didn’t laugh either. We sat there in silence for a while. He didn’t seem to mind that I sat in his lap. My head had a million questions flying around. Were they ghosts? Or my imagination? Or something else? What were they?!

Just as I started to calm down a bit, something dark moved. My eyes widened in horror as I stared at the dark figure. Ghost-likely it stood up and leant against the wall. It looked like the silhouette of a child. Step by step, it walked closer to us.

‘‘Go away!’‘ I screamed which caught Joker’s attention. He tilted his head and saw the same girl. ‘‘We’ve got company’‘ He growled and stood up, bringing me to my feet at the same time. The rope around my hands had loosened by my attempts to hit the ghosts earlier.

My heart almost stopped now. I could see the figure so clearly. All this was too much for my head and it was a miracle I hadn’t died yet. Joker flashed the light towards the girl and she vanished. I stared, mouth and eyes open wide at the now empty spot in front of us. Joker kept his arm around me, which helped a little bit. If I was alone, I’d probably wet myself and weep to death.

‘’I-Is she gone?’‘ I stuttered, trying to get even closer next to the Joker. ‘‘I don’t know but we’re getting the fuck out of here’‘ He growled surely. Just as we were going to leave, something else happened. My chest was tight as I held my breath in agony.

It sounded like someone let out a deep breath behind us. Once again, I felt it on my neck. It was worse than getting punched. The feeling of someone’s breath on your neck was disgusting and it made me want to puke. Joker was tougher than me. He turned around to shine the light against whatever was behind us. I faced the dark again where the girl was. She was right in front of me, making me scream.

‘‘Let’s go!’‘ I cried and tugged Joker’s jacket with both my hands. ‘’‘Good idea’‘ He growled and held me. We walked backwards up the stairs and he kept the light directed in front of us. I counted our steps, trying to distract myself somehow from the terror.

We reached the top of the stairs and Joker kicked the door open. Once we got out of the basement, he shut the door and locked it as well. I thought we were safe. With my luck, my thoughts were wrong. The strong smell of smoke entered my lungs, making me cough immediately. My eyes watered as I looked through the grey clouds that seemed to get thicker. 

Joker was the first one to move. The house was on fire and he would not burn to death.Together we ran through the hot smoke towards the garage door. I heard the rattling of flames somewhere. The damn house was on fire!

I felt lightheaded once we reached his car. He jumped in and so did I, feeling safer with the Joker than in this house. He started the engine and then drove out of the garage quickly. I looked at the house that was getting orange by the roof. The thought of staying in there a minute longer made me sick in my stomach. We would have died..

Joker drove back to the highway and back towards Gotham City. Silence took over us, both shocked from what had just happened. I knew for sure that even he was a bit scared. As it came to me, I was utterly terrified. The fear had completely overwhelmed me and now I sat in a villain’s car, frozen from fear.

I could never be normal again.

After ten minutes of dead silence and driving, the silence was broken. I thought Joker was talking, but I was wrong once again.

‘‘ Ring around the rosy. Pocket full of posies. Ashes, ashes. We all fall d o w n’‘

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Might I ask for a reader insert with one of the bat-bros where the reader has Mast Cell Activation Syndrome? Some fluff please!

oh my god so I had to google this and omg bless you all who have this. I went for like a whole batfam thing here but mostly bruce, I hope that’a okay! lmk if it’s not, I will change it!!! 

title: airway

pairing: like bruce x reader, batmom!reader kinda

warnings: idk medical scariness? 

“Batman, twenty meters until the end of the dock. Joker’s submarine is leaving the canal now, you should make it with 20 seconds to spare,” you deduced, bringing up camera feed to watch the Batmobile. Observing, you watched it swerve a corner and dive into the water, morphing into a undersea vessel before taking off. “Nicely done, Batman.”

“Excellent navigation, (Y/H/N),” Bruce rasped back. You smiled, watching the screen for details you may have missed. You noticed Dick walk down the stairs of the Batcave and you waved at him, noticing his fancy suit and slicked hair.

“Date night, Dick?” you asked, taking a sip of your hot drink. Dick smiled coyly, turning his face to the side, wiping his palms on his pants. He always got shy about one girl so… “With Kori, I take it?”

“How do you always know?” he laughed, smoothing his hair down. He turned to you. “How do I look?”

“You look fine,” you waved your hand, pulling your knees up onto the computer chair, turning back to the screens. Dick’s hard soled shoes clicked as he walked over to you, fixing his tie as he placed a kiss on your cheek.

“Thanks for covering monitors for me, (Y/N),” he said, buttoning his coat. “I owe you.”

“No big deal,” you chirped, placing your mug down. “Bruce and I haven’t had a date night like this in a while. Kinda missed it, solving crime scenes.”

You winked over your shoulder at Dick, patting him on the back, catching a whiff of his cologne as he moved away. You watched him leave before turning back to the screens, typing in commands for the CCTVs so you could observe the rest of the harbor for activity.

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You’re Not Coming (Joker X Reader)

This is a request form the lovely @xhystericaljokersuckerx

“ Could you do one where the reader is pregnant and hormonal so when she wants to help him on a job he says no but of course, she gets upset and keeps bothering him until he yells at her and makes her cry? Sorry if it’s weird, thank you”


6 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days. That’s how far along you were. At first things were rocky with Mr. J. He didn’t know how to handle his girl being pregnant. He had so many mixed emotions about it and to be honest it scared you a little bit. After the second month he was all in. Always talking about names, and colors, and toys, and how much he’s going to spoil your little baby girl.

Everyone always told you how hard pregnancy was and everything that came with it, the morning sickness, the cravings, the sensitivity to certain smells, the weight gain, but the absolute worst were the mood swings. Everything was heightened, when you were happy you were absolutely elated, when you were sad it was as if the world had entirely collapsed on you, and when you were angry, well let’s just say J knew to stay away from you for a little bit.

J had become extremely protective of you and your belly, even more than before. So when you asked to tag along to a business meeting and he refused things got a little messy.

“J just let me come. I’ve been coming to these things for years, I know what to do and what to expect,’ you pleaded. You loved him to death but sometimes he could be so unreasonable.

“No way in hell Y/N. That little human in your belly there? That’s my child Y/N. You’re not coming and that’s final.” He should have known better than to defy you, especially in your current emotional state. You knew he was doing it out of concern and even maybe love. You knew he just wanted the best for you and your child but that shouldn’t stop you from going to meetings with him. Typically business could get pretty rough but this was just a brief meeting to make a deal. These things rarely ended badly.

“J I’m coming whether you like it or not. I can’t believe you think so little of me that you don’t think I can handle this. J I’m pregnant, not stupid.” Your voice was gradually rising as the anger in hurt in you rose. “I can do this. I’ve done it for years, I can do it now. I can’t believe you J. I’m so hurt that you don’t think I can do this.”

“Y/N that’s not the reason I’m not letting you come and you know it. I don’t want you or the kid getting hurt at least not on my watch. I’ll only be gone for an hour at most and then I’ll come home and we can take a nice hot bath and we’ll have a nice dinner and we can have a romantic night, just the two of us, well I guess three if you count our little nugget.” He showed me his wide, silver toothed grin.

“J I’m coming.” You were always a stubborn girl and being pregnant did not help the situation whatsoever.

“For fucks sake Y/N you’re not fucking coming. How much clearer do I have to be? You. Are. Not. Fucking. Coming.” His tone was harsh and the dangerous look in his eyes terrified you. You knew he would never hit you while you were pregnant with his child but he was so unpredictable and that’s what scared you the most. You backed  away slowly as he stalked towards you. “Do you understand me Y/N? Don’t be stupid just because you’re a stubborn little bitch who has a god damn meltdown every time she doesn’t get her way.” His voice was dripping with venom, his words stabbing you right in the heart. You stared at him open mouthed. You could feel the tears starting to form in your eyes, threatening to pour down your cheeks.

“You’re right… I’ll just stay here,” you said as the tears started to drip from your eyes. You turned away so he wouldn’t see your tears, afraid of proving to him that what he said was entirely true. “I’ll see you later. I think I’m just going to head to bed.” You were crushed. Maybe it was the hormones raging in your body or maybe it was just that what J said hurt. You walked faster than you normally would heading straight for the bedroom before he could see you cry.

“Y/N!” You heard him yell at you from his office. “Y/N come back, I didn’t mean what I said!” You laid down on the bed, covering yourself with all the blankets making yourself a cozy safe space. You felt the opposite side of the bed sink down. “I’m sorry princess. I just don’t want you to get hurt. I couldn’t stand losing you or our baby because of some reckless asshole. If I lost you I might have to go to Arkham myself because I’d go crazy without you.” His voice was calming and you knew that you had taken it too far with begging him to go with him. He let out a sigh of defeat. “Do you want to come?” He finally gave in. You nodded form beneath the covers earning a soft chuckle from the beautiful man before you.

“Thank you J,” you mumbled. “I love you.”

“I know princess, I know.”


“Hello J, my names Markus, nice to finally meet ya, I think this could work out very well for both of us,” the wannabe thug in front of J said with an aura of cockiness.”

“That’s Joker to you,” Frost said in a threatening tone.

“Oh I’m sorry Joker, I didn’t mean to offend you sir,” he babbled, unsure of how to recover from his mistake.

“Are ya sweet talkin’ me Markus?” J said with a sinister tone in his voice. Markus shook his head.

“Want me to go get you a drink baby?” You asked as you got up off his lap and rubbed his shoulders lightly. He let out a satisfied purr and nodded.

“So J, ya girl ain’t lookin’ so hot no more. Gotta get ya self a new one before the kid pops out hey?” The man spoke with a joking tone. J’s eyes darkened as he looked at the man. The man in front of J noticed his sudden change in mood and immediately felt a heavy weight on his chest. “Wait,, wait, wait, Joker I didn’t mean that. I was just playin’ around man. I didn’t mean it.” before the man could get another word in a bullet flew right through his skull.

“Baby what happened? I leave for two minutes and you already killed the guy! What happened?” You asked in disbelief.

“Don’t worry about it princess, he just wasn’t right for us.” He let out one of his infamous laughs as you took a seat on his lap.

Jerome Valeska - Captivated Crazy Pt 5

Part One - here

Part Two - here

Part Three - here

Part Four - here

(y/n) = Your name

(l/n) = Last name

(h/c) = Hair colour

(e/c) = Eye colour

Y/N collapsed onto her bed in the luxurious apartment she was currently hiding in with the rest of the Maniax, rubbing her tired eyes with the insides of her palms, th H/C began wishing she hadn’t downed crappy coffee an hour earlier. Now she lay in her room, quietly enjoying the after effects of killing seven people earlier in the day. Raking her fingers through his tangled hair, she fanned it around her face like a halo, keeping it out of her face and, slowly, her heavy lidded eyes fell shut to the tones of chainsaws on metal.

“Hey, hey, Y/N wake up.” The H/C groaned, turning away from the intrusive voice which had interrupted her slumber, the girl’s eyes lazily rolled open, glazed over with the remnants of a beautifully violent dream. Without turning to face him, Y/N knew who’s voice it was,

“What, Jerome? Couldn’t you tell that I was sleeping?” she grumbled, her voice muffled by her cotton pillow. The ginger wasn’t listening however, jumping on his knees and bouncing energetically over to where his friend was trying to sleep,

“But I’ve got good news!” he whined, lying next to Y/N, cuddling as close as possible without risking bodily harm to himself.

“What good news?” she caved in, turning to face the ginger, her eyes widening slightly and a faint blush adorning her face as she realised how close he was to her, if she just tilted her head slightly, her lips could just brush-

“I’m the boss, its official!” he exclaimed, almost defining Y/N with the shrieking laugh which followed, which was almost immediately followed by a low, sexy growl, “Now you have to do what I say, gorgeous.”

Y/N scoffed, rolling her eyes at the insinuation and propped her body up by her elbows, “You’re not the boss, you’re just bossy. There’s a difference.” Jerome’s face went blank, an evil smirk spreading across his face,

“Ask Galavan, it’s legit. I’m afraid you were too busy sleeping and missed the try-outs.” He rumbled, and Y/N once again found herself impressed by the theatrics of his voice. She shrugged, snuggling further into her blankets,

“You can be their boss, but no one bosses me around” she retorted, content to argue this issue until she got her own way. It was Jeromes turn to shrug,

“The only way you’re in power here is if you marry into it, doll face.” He joked, winking exaggeratedly in her direction. Y/Ns eyes narrowed and, suddenly, she was straddling Jerome’s waist, her fingertips triumphing in the sensation of his blood pulsating under his smooth, porcelain skin. She grinned wickedly, leaning her head to nuzzle the crook of his shoulder, she felt his red hair tickling her cheek and his breath coming out in rapid, minty spurts,

“You know J,” she whispered, revelling in the shivers that coursed through his body, “you should think twice before making widowhood my only path to power.” Jerome nodded slightly, his cheek brushing against her ear,

“Naughty girl,” he chuckled darkly, “but, I can see your point.” His strong arms wrapped around Y/Ns waist as he rolled over, surrounding her with his body, and quirking a cocky smile,

“Partners, doll face?” Y/N nodded, “Great! But beforehand, I’ll need to know your criminal history, whatcha say, huh?” the H/C beamed up at her ginger friend, highly inappropriate thoughts circling her mind as she focused on his grinning lips and heavy, solid body on top of her frame.

“W-what do you want to know, J? I already know your entire bloody life story.” She murmured, attempting a cocky smirk, Jerome smile grew so wide it could split his face in two, his weight shifted slightly as he rubbed his chin with his hand in mock concentration, an excuse for resting almost all of his weight on his friend. And God, was he beginning to hate the word ‘friend’.

“What did ya get arrested for, darlin’? Murder? Arson? What was your life like? What are your philosophies? I want to know everything about you.” he questioned, lowering his lips dangerously close to her neck, smiling in how sweet the revenge for her prior teasing felt. Y/N scoffed in amusement at his naivety,

“Nobody’s ever been arrested murder, J; just for getting caught.” The ginger cocked his eyebrow in intrigue,

“Who was it?” he asked, eyes wide in anticipation as the stunning beauty underneath him began her monologue, having never truly confessed her supposed sins to anyone before. She took a deep breath, her chest brushing tantalisingly against Jerome’s as she began to recount her story, and the gingers fascination and affection for her growing with every perfect word which left her flawless lips. It was as if she was speaking his mind and soul, it was as if she was his other half, his missing piece, his partner in crime.

“Murder, like talent, seems to run in my family. My father loved my mother a lot, and she loved him. And, as my dad always said, ‘if you have the woman you love, what more do you need? Well, besides an alibi for the time of her husband’s murder.’ I always thought he was joking, turns out it was true. My mother was his alibi, as it happens.

Anyway, none of that matters anymore, they both died in a car crash when I was thirteen, at least they went together, you know? I know it sounds crazy-probably because I am-but I’ve always believed there are only two truths, love, and murder. My parents had those both down to a tee.

I got sent to the nut house for murdering the school bitch gang, all seven of them. I loved it, the only thing I regret is that I didn’t get away with it; I should have made it quick and clean. Revenge clouded my senses though, I butchered them beyond recognition, but I took too long, I had no alibi, I had no one to turn to when I tried to hide the bodies. They begged and begged, they said I had no right to take their lives, but you know what I said, J? I said, ‘nobody owns life, but anyone who can pick up a baseball bat owns dea-’”

Suddenly, Y/Ns words were silenced when a pair of surprisingly soft, plush lips crashed onto her own, muffling her speech and desperately trying to convey the wave of emotions he wanted articulate towards the perfect woman who was kissing him back with the same brutality.

I was thinking of having some smut in the next chapter, if anyone could give me their opinions that’d be great :)

@ tothetardissterek - if you dont want to be tagged in this one just let be know :)

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She’s Got A Point [Damian Wayne x Aunt!Reader]

Anon requested: “Imagine the reader is talia’s younger sister and goes visit damian in Gotham, and she disagrees with bruce and the boys(except jason)methods of handling the villians”

A/N: After many aesthetics, I finally got responsible and worked on the requests. I’m a horrible human being. Also, this really suck I’m so sorry. I am such a bad person.

Pairing: None (Though a bit of Damian Wayne x Aunt!Reader and Jason Todd x Platonic!Reader)

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 639



Damian moved from building to building, keeping his eyes on the criminals. The Joker was at large again and Bruce had been relentless on hunting the mad clown down… to bring back to Arkam Asylum. Jason obviously disapproved of this, but with Dick and Tim on Bruce’s side, there wasn’t much the former Robin could do.

The current Boy Wonder stopped when he saw the Joker’s goons enter a warehouse. He didn’t understand the criminal’s obsession with warehouses, but it made his job much easier. He did think there should be a challenge now and then.

Stopping on top of the building beside the warehouse, he waited for his father’s signal. Upon getting it, the team followed their plan and attacked. 

The Joker and his men seemed to be expecting this, however. They were more than prepared for the attack, even with five vigilantes attacking them. They were merciless as they rained hell down on the vigilantes. Bullets flew by everywhere, but they all made sure to not kill anyone… well, everyone except Jason who tried, but weren’t as careful and ended up shooting several in the head.

Suddenly, Damian felt something pierce his stomach–a bullet. He cried and fell to the ground, groaning and writhing in pain. He saw a shadow loom over him, but before any more pain could be inflicted on him, the man who had a gun pointed at the teenager was shot dead.

And in a blink of an eye, everyone else was also shot dead with clean shots to the head. The Joker was the only one who survived, and only because Bruce ended up protecting him. 

Everyone was confused, for they didn’t know who was it that killed all of the Joker’s men. That was, until they heard your voice.

“You’re welcome, by the way.”

Everyone turned their heads towards you as you jumped down, revealing yourself to the boys. You had a smirk on your face as you played with the guns in your hands.

Damian gasped when he saw you. “[F/N]!”

Your smirked turned into a genuine smile. You knelt down beside him and helped him up, making a mental note to get rid of his blood in the crime scene.

“Hello Damian, I missed you.” You pinched his cheek affectionately and though the young boy didn’t like it, he didn’t retaliate. You were always getting away with doing things like that to him. 

“That was unnecessary.” Bruce said in a dangerously low voice. You raised an eyebrow at the bold statement.

“Excuse me, I didn’t realize protecting my nephew was unnecessary.” you growled, holding Damian closer. “I didn’t see you making any effort.”

“I was handling it.” Bruce said coldly while the others stared, wide-eyed at you. After all, they never knew Damian had an aunt. Bruce, however, knew you, and oh did he know you well. He never got along with you and you weren’t a huge fan of him either. 

“Sure didn’t seem like it.” you scoffed before your eyes landed on the clown himself. “You really keeping him alive after all the shit he did?”

“Killing is not–”

Seriously?” You cut him off, your voice clearly expressing how unimpressed you were. “Fuck justice. That asshole has killed more people than you had saved.”

Thank you!” Jason exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. You winked at him, showing him that he had your full support if he was to go and murder the Joker.

“Anyway,” you said, waving a dismissive hand at Bruce before he could say anything else, angering him even further, “we have to get Damian back before he bleeds to death, or else Talia would kill you and me both.”

Bruce glared at you, refusing to move until Dick cleared his throat and said, “you know Batman, she’s got a point.”

I Was Back At Arkham Asylum (part 3) - Jokers Daughter & Jerome

Joker x daughter!reader

Jerome x reader

Warnings: none

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parts: part 1 - part 2

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It’s been a week since I saw my dad, he apparently thought I was joking when I said be good so I can visit him again, well he wasn’t. Now he can’t even call me.

I have been however getting a lot of calls from Jerome. The first time I answered an Arkham number I naturally thought it would have been my dad but no it was Jerome. I was shocked but in a way, I felt happy. Jerome gave me this feeling I had only felt it when crushing on celebrity. So I guess I’m crushing on him but how many times he’s called me I kinda have the right to.

Mom always told me if I feel that feeling but intensified is called love, and when you feel this feeling then you have found your very own puddin.

I don’t know if Jerome is my puddin. But when we talk on the phone it’s like have been super close for years.

Since the time I saw my dad last I had been keepin low but when I found out I couldn’t see my dad because of him beating up guards got himself into solitary. So just to spite him I robbed small things and caused chaos at shops by the GCPD. They never caught me but I knew my dad would hear about it and he would be mad but he should know me better than that and he shouldn’t have gotten himself in trouble where I couldn’t visit him.

Joker’s p.o.v.


I had to spend a week in solitary. Which blowed and I am also pissed that my daughter has been causing chaos. I wanted her to stay low and not give them the chance to arrest her. But I overheard some guards talkin and not only was she causing chaos but she was doing it all by the GCPD. which made me growl every time I heard she did something and it was there. They wouldn’t let me call her at all and no visits. I know that’s what set her off. I was proud of her for what she was doing, but not where she was doing it.

Since I was in solitary I didn’t know if Jerome and my princess had had contact.

They told me today I get to make a call, jet out of solitary and I am allowed to mingle with the other prisoners. And let me tell you if I see that kid and he has plans for my princess that could get her hurt, he’s gonna wish that he never laid his psycho eyes on her.

As they escorted me out of my cell and down they hall and took the cuffs off of me and putting me into the basically giant cage. I looked around for the red-headed psycho. As I sat down at a table I noticed that many people recognized me and moved to the other side of the room. I sat at a table and I noticed the redhead sitting at a table on the way other side of the room he saw me and swung his legs other the bench and made his way towards me and sat down and swung his legs inward and sat in front of me.

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“Joker- or J- what do you want to be called?” he asked excitedly.

“It’s Joker to you Psych” I growled in return.

He crackled like a maniac “I get it short for psycho. That’s a good one Mr.Joker”

I glared and growled this time showing teeth at him. “Fine if we are gonna talk why don’t you tell me what you want with my daughter” I said aggressively.

“Your daughter and I have only met once, trust me I’ll see her soon. Plus I’ve been calling her all week.” he said smiling like he knew he shouldn’t have said the last part.

I reached across the table and grabbed him by those annoying black and white shirts. “Listen here Psych, if you told her to cause all that chaos right by the GCPD then so help me, I will rip out your throat” I growled in his ear.

“She chose doing all the chaos and where she caused it on her own. Me, myself, and I had no part in that, what’s so ever. Plus when I asked her why she was doing it so close she said to spite you.” Jerome said the first part all serious then he decided to use hand movements.

“Thank for confirming that” I said sarcastically.

“No problem” he said back smiling because he knew it was sarcasm.

“So Psych you ended up here after everything you caused” I asked deciding to get to know him a bit.

“For the most part yeah, that and cop’s don’t like me very much-” I cut him off.

“Got it- got it- got it” I said motioning with my hand to stop.

“So! How’d did they get you in here, hm?” he said generally curious.

“Me and my princess were pulling off a heist and I made sure she got out of there when the police came in and a very pissed of Bat, cops shot me with tranks and the Bat brought me here.” I told him gesturing around with my hands to the room.

“Well sucks that you got taken here, but I would have done the same thing for her” Jerome said.

“You just met my daughter and you would if it meant saving her you would come back to, here” I said more as a statement then a question to myself.

“Yes, I’ve have met her once in person I’ve been talking to her on the phone. Liberating.” he said.I had to smirk at that because she was.

After talking to Jerome for a while the kid started to grow on me and dare I say might start liken the kid.  I don’t like the idea of her being by herself but I can’t get out of here yet but…  maybe he can. Get y/n to break him out. Then she won’t be with just Frost she’ll have a friend. And if he likes her as much as it sounds like he does then she’ll be protected.

“Why don’t ya say we get my princess to come down here and make a plan you break you out?” I said to him, and winked.

“Are you serious?you just met me and a few minutes ago you were threatening me. Now you want her to get me out of here?” he said shocked.

“You clearly have some feelings towards my princess, and I might not like it that much but she needs a friend, especially now and I can’t be there but you can they are expecting me to break out any minute but you they won’t. Plus my daughter will probably want to break you out sometime so why not now.” I told him. 

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(pretend hes sitting down and in arkham asylum outfit and there arent people around him)

“I’m in! let’s call your daughter” he said agreeing with me. “I’m growing on you aren’t I”

“Kid, shut up before I change my mind” I wasn’t about to tell him he was right.

part 4

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At the Beginning - Anastasia AU with Jason Todd

Prologue | Journey to the Past | Once Upon A December | In the Dark of the Night | Trainwreck | If I Can Learn To Do It | The Nightmare | The Interview | The Ballet | The Reunion | The Reward | At the Beginning

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A/N: Final part! Except for the epilogue I have if any one would like to read it ^.^

Y/N peeked between the curtains at the party before her. She should feel like she was home. Newly found memories swirled in her head and mixed with the present, but they were not soothing.

“He’s not there.” A voice came from behind her.

Y/N sighed as she let the curtain fall. She thought of Jason’s goodbye on the stairs and her heart tightened. “Oh, I know he’s not there, he- Who’s not there, Grandmama?”

“A remarkable young man, who found a music box.” The Empress said as she stepped up beside Y/N and pulled back the curtain again.

“He’s probably too busy spending all his reward money.” Y/N said bitterly.

The Empress looked at her and smiled. “Look at them dance.” She said as she gestured to the crowds of people mingling and enjoying themselves. “You were born into this world of glittering jewels and fine titles, but I wonder if this is what you truly want.”

Y/N looked at her with wide eyes. “Of course. Of course it is. I found out who I am. I found you.”

Her grandmother pulled her into a tight embrace. “Yes, you did find me, and you will always have me, but is it enough?” She pulled back and looked into her granddaughter’s eyes. “My darling, he didn’t take the money.”

“He didn’t?” Y/N asked quietly.

“Knowing that you are alive, and seeing the woman you have become, brings me joy I never thought I would feel again.” The Empress said as she kissed Y/N’s forehead. “Whatever you choose, we will always have each other.” The older woman said as she stepped through the opening in the curtains, letting them close behind her.

Y/N stood, listening to the music and muffled chattering. She turned and reached out for the curtains, but pulled back. Her emotions were swirling inside her and she was so confused.

She heard Titus bark and turned in time to see him run out the doors. “Titus?” She called, following him out into the night. In the dim light, she saw him run into a hedge maze. She carefully walked down the stairs and followed his barks. She entered the maze and immediately felt uneasy, but she was determined to find her dog.

She went around twists and turns. At one point, she turned to find a gateway she had just walked through was now a solid wall of bush. She pushed down her panic and kept moving forward. The deeper into the maze she went, the stranger it was.

“Y/N.” She heard a voice whisper, but she saw no one around her. She began to run, picking up her skirt so that she wouldn’t trip over the hem. Titus joined her soon, the hair on his back standing up.

“Y/N.” The voice was louder, it’s tone was teasing, but it put her on edge. She could see the end of the maze now, but as she started for it, great vines lunged at her, pulling at her dress and hair. She pushed through and fell, panting and feeling the rough concrete underneath her palms. She pushed herself up to find that she was standing on a road next to a bridge, the hedge maze seemingly stretched across the city to lead her here.

“Y/N,” the same voice from before said in a smug tone. She looked up to see an inhumanly pale man with dark green hair standing there. He looked as though he had dressed up for this occasion, his purple suit was wrinkled free and his hair was slicked back, but that did nothing to distract from his decaying skin and horrific smile. “Nice to see you again. After all these years.” His eyes swept up and down, taking in her appearance. “You look good kid, wouldn’t have thought the scrawny little thing you were would turn out looking like this.” He laughed and Y/N’s eyes widened with recognition.

“The Joker!” She gasped in horror.

“That’s the ticket!” He chuckled. “I thought you were never going to get it and there is nothing worse than having to explain a joke.” He pulled the reliquary out of his pocket and spun it around a bit. “Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?”

Green smoke flooded out of the object and wrapped around her. Unseen hands pulled at her hair and dress. Her crown fell from her head, her necklace was torn from her neck, and the sounds of tearing flooded her ears as her dress was ruined. She backed up and tried to fan away the mist as Joker laughed. Finally it faded away and Y/N stood against the railing of the bridge.

She lifted her chin in the air and leveled a glare at him. “I’m not afraid of you.” She declared.

“I can fix that.” Joker said in a sinister sing song voice. “I hear that swimming in freezing cold water does wonders for the complexion. I mean, just look at what it did to me!” He pointed the reliquary at where she stood and the pavement beneath her feet began to crumble. She screamed as the floor tipped and she was left grasping at the edge of the bridge. A large section of the road had been broken off and was now dangling above the water.

“I’d start praying if I were you. It doesn’t look like anyone can save you now.” Joker said with glee.

“Wouldn’t count on that.” A voice said. Joker turned to find a fist heading straight for his head. He grunted and fell over.

Y/N looked up and gasped. “Jason!” She screamed as she slipped farther down the pavement. Jason got on his stomach and crawled down and gripped her hands. “If we live through this-”

“You can thank me later.” He smirked as he began to pull her back to safety.

“Well, enough of that.” Joker said as he pointed the reliquary at Jason. Jason flew back onto the bridge. He tumbled and was pulled up. He found himself face to face with a clone of Joker, who was holding a crowbar in his hands.

“Batter up!” The Joker clone chuckled as he reared back. Jason dodged just in time. He picked up a piece of broken rebar and held it up just as the Joker clone swung again. He deflected the crowbar and swung for the clone, but the rebar went through him like he was a ghost.

“Well, ain’t that about a bitch.” The Joker clone tsked. “You just have the worst luck, eh kid?”

While Jason fought the fake Joker, Y/N was busy being terrorized by the real one.

“Had enough yet, girlie?” He bellowed as Y/N dodged the falling debris and started to pull herself up.

She managed to get halfway onto the bridge when he pushed her off.She grabbed a ledge before she fell. Jason managed to break away from his fight.

“Y/N!” He yelled as he lunged for the edge. He saw something hit the water and tried to dive, but the Joker clone pulled him back.

“Tough luck about your girlfriend, but don’t worry: you’ll be joining her soon.” Jason grunted as the crowbar hit him in the stomach.

“Ah, the last of the Romanovs is finally dead. Now I can sit back and enjoy the show!” The Joker laughed as he watched Jason try and fight back.

“I wouldn’t say that!” A voice said. Y/N lunged at the Joker and tried to grab the reliquary in his hands, but it rolled away. They both got up to get it, but Joker got their first.

“Time for you to call it quits.” He said as he pointed the reliquary at her. Suddenly, a black mass appeared and launched itself at him. Joker howled in pain as a strong jaw with sharp teeth bit down on his arm. He let go of the reliquary and beat Titus off of him. He looked up to find Y/N with her foot poised over it.

“Now let’s be smart about this.” He said as he reached out for her.

The Joker clone landed one more hit on Jason before disappearing. Y/N watched in horror as the man she loved slumped to the ground. “This is for Jason.” She said as she pressed her foot down.

“This is for my family.” She stomped down with more force, but the reliquary still didn’t burst.

“I’ll tear you to shreds!” The Joker ground out as he gripped her ankle.

“And this? This is for you. Do svidaniya, you son of a bitch.” She brought her foot down once more and the reliquary burst. A vortex of green came swirling out and into the night sky. The force knocked both Y/N and the Joker back.

Y/N crawled over to where Jason was lying, covering him protectively as the force of the swirling green mass hit the Joker and tore him to shreds. The glowing mist cleared and the dusty remains of Joker blew away into the night.

The silence rang in Y/N’s ears as the adrenaline faded. She panted and looked around at the destruction, almost not believing that it was over. She looked down at Jason and nearly cried. His skin was bruised and his breathing was labored. Titus wandered over and nudged him, but Jason didn’t respond.

Y/N covered her eyes and pressed her forehead into her knees, trying to calm her panicked mind. She heard a groan next to her and turned to find Jason trying to sit up. She gasped and threw her arms around his neck. He winced and gently pushed her away.

“Sorry!” She said as she gently pushed the hair from his face.

“It’s fine.” He hissed as he held his side and got up on his knees.

“I thought you were going back to St. Peters-” She asked.

“I was.” He said.

“You didn’t take the..?” She whispered.

“I couldn’t.” Jason brushed some of the dirt off her face.

“Why?” Her eyes were filled with soft hope.

“Because I-” His words were cut off by Y/N’s hand in his hair pulling him closer. His lips ghosted over hers before a bark broke the moment. They turned to see Titus holding her crown. Jason smiled sadly and handed it to her, but Y/N didn’t put it on.

“Do you need some help?” He teased softly.

“No,” She said with a smile. “I need you.”

Jason laughed before getting to his feet and pulling her up as well. “Well, you have me. So what’s next?”

“Jason Todd, will you marry me?” Y/N said with a giggle.

Jason smirked. “You just can’t let me do anything now can you?”

“You run away with me.” Y/N laughed as she pulled him towards the mansion that her Grandmother called home. The party was still in full swing as Y/N and Jason slipped in. Y/N put her crown back in its box and grabbed a piece of paper. She quickly wrote a note and put it on the velvet pillow next to her tiara, where her grandmother found it later.

Kori and Roy looked on nervously as the Empress read what was on the paper.

“Who took her and how much do they want?” Roy asked nervously, sure that his friend had been kidnapped.

“Relax, Mr. Harper, there is no foul play involved here.” The older woman said as she sat down. She handed the paper to Kori.

“She and Jason have eloped!” She cried out.

“Jaybird sure knows how to bring about a happy ending.” Roy laughed.

“On the contrary, I believe that this is a perfect beginning.” The Empress said with a smiled

Bad Decisions: Part 7

Part 6

“Doll would you shut up before I find a way to make you shut up.” You feared almost every threat he’s made because there was no way of understanding what went on in his head. He pushed open a door before he tossed you. You let out a yelp before you landed on a bed.

You heard a door shut and then the click of a lock. Was that to lock someone out or lock you in? You heard another lock and then a chain click on the door. You pulled your knees into your chest afraid of what might happen next. He was an unpredictable man with a tendency towards evil.

He turned the lights on and you saw the room you were in. There was mirrors on every wall and different types sex toy and what not around. You looked up at J as he stood facing the door wondering why he brought you here.

“Mr. J?” You waited for his response not wanting to test him. He turned to look at you with a glint in his eyes you hadn’t seen before.

“Oh Doll I’m not gonna force you to have sex with me. You’ll be begging for it, the one and only thing I give people is choice. I’ll let you choose but if I don’t like your answer you may not like my choices.” He walked around the room running his hands against all of his toys. “I can tell doll that these toys of mine can be a whole lot of fun.” He started smiling as he walked around you.

“Mr J, ummm, sir, if it is okay with you I’d like to keep our relationship strictly on professional terms from now on. I believe it is highly frowned upon and I like to draw a line there.” He stopped and his hands started to rub your shoulders.

“I’ll honor your request Doll, but I don’t know if you’ve noticed I’m not the type to follow the rules.” His breath was right behind your ear causing some of your hair to shift. Your body wasn’t lying to you even if you restrained from showing any arousal.

“Why do you never call me by my name?” You turned your face to look at him as he crossed his arms over your chest.

“Well,” He paused for a moment as he looked straight into your eyes. “You never actually introduced yourself. That’s quite rude you know Doll you should introduce yourself to your employer.”

“I find it a safe assumption that you already know who I am after all you broke into my loft.”

“I was returning something to you,” he moved so he was sitting with you between his legs.

“Do you know how unsettling it is when you find out someone like you can just waltz into your bedroom?”

“Someone like me?” he put a hand on both sides if your face. “Hummm? How exactly would you describe someone like me?” Somehow at this point you had almost become more comfortable around him, learned some of his body language, the way his blue eyes conveyed emotions nobody knew he had. “Doll?” He tapped your face with his hand to break you out of your trance.  Something was different with him this time than all the other times you had been alone with him.


“I was asking you something.” You looked at his eyes at they took in the features of your face. The bright blue contrasted the green of his hair and his pale skin. You looked down towards your knees embarrassed of the thought of the criminal that were running through your head. “What distracted you? Huh?” His hand gently grasped your chin to tilt you face so he could see you.

“I was thinking,” You looked at his tattoos and thought what each one meant for him at the time he got them.

“What were you thinking about?” he tilted his head in curiosity towards you. Most people around him were never this calm near him, you were even shy which he haddn’t seen before, afraid yes but not shy.

“I was kinda thinking about um…”

“Spit it out already!”

“I was thinking about you okay!” You  pushed his hand away from your face and scooted to the other side of the bed. You could hear an animalistic growl come from him when you moved away.

“Oh Doll you can’t such things and move away from me. How about you flatter me and tell me specifically what you were thinking?” He stood up and went and leaned against the door. “Or I’ll leave you here until ya do.”

“Are you threatening me?” You dared to look up at him to see that he had that chaotic smile plastered on his face.

“Well if ya tell me then there’s no need to worry.”  You stood up and went over to one of the walls and looked into the mirror. You could see him looking at you from the reflection.

“I was thinking that even though you are a crazy lunatic who is know to go on crazy murdering sprees and have no guilt like a sociopath that I felt strangely comfortable with you.” You heard him start to laugh his classic laugh.

“Oh Doll that’s all you were thinking? Would you rather I make you uncomfortable?” He was right behind you pressing his back against you. “Huh how do you feel about this?”

His hands started to lightly ghost up your sides. You could feel his chest against your back through his unbuttoned shirt.

“Sir please.”

“Please what Y/N?” Your eyes widened at him saying your name.

“I am sure I have been clear about my desire,” you felt his medal teeth graze your ear.

“Your desire to what?” he was whispering in your ear.

“My desire to stay professional.” You felt like you had dropped a rock, you were drowning and had no idea what he was going to do on top of everything.

“Fine.” He let you go then stormed out of the building. You would have chased after him but your knees collapsed and you started crying.

Over your sobs you heard the sound of his car driving away.

Part 8

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You love me? Chapter 1 - All About Having Fun

Summary: Requested! A female version of the Joker who he falls in love with can be a chaotic duo but a fun one at that.

Thank you so much to @stimahagen for requesting this. Sorry for me taking so long to post the first part.

Words: 817

You love me? Masterlist


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Fae’s top 5 recent Batjokes fics you should be reading

Please note, this list is made up of my personal opinions based on the recent fics I have been the most excited to read. This is not a ‘best Batjokes fics of all time’ list, so if your favorite fic is not on this list, please don’t be upset. As I was making this list, all the fics that appear on it are on the first page of the Joker (DCU)/Bruce Wayne A03 tag either for having just been updated or only posted recently.

Half-Way Across by DracoMaleficium

Everybody should know of this fic because fan art and fan covers appear on the Batjokes tag frequently. For good reason. This fic is amazing, expanding upon an idea presented in The Killing Joke of Bruce taking it upon himself to rehabilitate the Joker. The build up of the relationship between Bruce and Joker is phenomenal and I’m also frequently impressed by the interactions between Bruce and his family- particularly a very touching moment between Bruce and Dick in one of the latest chapters. I think my personal favorite thing about Half-Way Across is the pacing. Nothing in this fic feels like it’s taking too long or is happening too fast. It just flows naturally, making it a very easy fic to pick up and put down while you wait for more. If you haven’t been reading it already, go for it.

Somewhere Between Love and Abuse by saremina 

I haven’t seen this fic talked about on the Batjokes tag at all, which is why I want to talk about it now. This fic is fantastic, it takes a concept that some Batjokes writers have done before-Bruce dating the Joker whilst trying to hide the fact that he is Batman- and then runs away with it. I enjoy how the fic shows us the progression of the relationship between Bruce and Joker as well as the struggles- particularly when broaching the subject of Batman and Harley. There are several genuinely happy moments between Bruce and Joker as well as times in the relationship where I just want somebody -probably Alfred- to smack them both for being chuckleheads. The fic updates frequently enough for my personal satisfaction, but never feels too rushed for an update- and in my opinion it is much better to wait for a quality update than to nag for fast updates. Every chapter has something worthwhile happen in it and always leaves me wanting more. Go check it out!

The Letter M by j-not-joker-not-jack-just-j

This is literally the newest fic on this list, having only been posted a day ago but it definitely caught my interest. Since it’s still a bit early to judge the fic’s pacing or the how well written the relationship is I am basing my opinion solely on the premise of the fic- which is a ghost love story. I love this idea so much- and the promise of both angst and fluff has me on the edge of my seat for more. I am so excited for the potential of this fic- I would like to give a personal shout out for everyone to support the author as much as you can by reading it.

The Horror of Our Love by Erebus_And_Nyx

Like the Letter M, this is still a really new fic so judging the quality of pacing and the dynamics of the relationship is near impossible to do at this point, but I have faith in it. The idea behind the fic is a simple one- what if Batman saved Jack Napier from falling into the chemicals and becoming the Joker? It’s a concept that has gone through the minds of every Batjokes writer before and even already has a few fics written about it- but one of the things I love about this idea is that there are so many things that can be done with it and I can’t wait to see what direction the author decides to go with it.

A New Game by melody1987

I admit, I actually first clicked on this one by mistake but I have no regrets about it. The author states right in the tags that they’re bad at summaries and tagging, which is why I have to stress that you shouldn’t judge this fic by either of those. This fic dives right to the plot and has very good characterization and writing. It’s tagged as a slow-burn fic so I’m counting on the build up of the Batjokes relationship to just as good as the characterization. I’ve been excited to see a new update every time so far, I highly recommend reading it.

Bad Decisions: Part 8

Part 7

After a long cry you stood up and started to walk out of the warehouse. When you found a way outside night had fallen so you made your way towards the city.

You had been walking for hours before someone in a nice car stopped in front of you.

“Are you alright miss?” A man climbed out of the back and came to your side.

“I’m fine, well relatively fine. I’m pretty sure I lost my job, my roommate is probably afraid I’m dead, and I’m stranded in the middle of Gotham City defenceless.” You felt like you were gonna start crying again but you managed to hold back the tears.

“Hey look I can give you a lift if that would help.” He stretched out his hand like a true gentleman. “That is if you trust me?”

“Well it’s better than being robbed I guess. I’m Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Bruce Wayne, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He helped you into the back of the car and like a true gentleman he did nothing more than dropped you off at your apartment. He gave you his card incase you ever wanted to talk or needed help. You had a feeling he knew more than he was letting on but you let it slide. “I hope you have a better day tomorrow Ms. Y/L/N.”

You ran up the stairs and started banging on the door loudly so your roommate could hear you.

The door was thrown open and she pulled you into a hug.

“What happened I haven’t heard from you all day then you never came back I was about to call the cops.” You tossed your heels off before going to your bedroom in a zombie like fashion.

“I can’t talk about it. It’s part of my new clients requests.” You let the dress drop from your shoulders before grabbing a warm robe and wrapping yourself in it.

“Y/N you look like a wreck. Whoever this client is you should not be coming home like this.”

“I’m gonna make some spaghetti do you want some?” You looked over at her because of you had to talk about today you knew you were gonna break.

“Y/N are you gonna tell me anything?” You turned and faced her.

“Trust me when I say that you are better off not knowing okay?” You went back to making yourself something to eat. Jennifer made an unsatisfied sound before going to the couch and started watching TV.

“Tonight the Joker was spotted driving recklessly through downtown with an unidentified female.” You dished up your food before walking into your room to avoid your roommates curious eyes. You set your bowl on your desk before heading to the bathroom.

Looking in the mirror you could see that you were a wreck. Make-up smeared from crying, hair was a tangled mess probably from driving the car.

You went and ate the food quickly before walking back into the bathroom to take a shower. You threw your robe on the floor before climbing in the shower.

Most of the time you just sat there looking at the wall trying to process everything that had happened in less than a week.

You washed and everything else within a few moments when you had stopped overthinking everything. You wrapped a towel around your wet hair and opened the bathroom walking into your bedroom naked.

“You know Doll there’s a drought right now?” You screamed before going back into the bathroom slamming the door shut.

There was banging on your bedroom door, “Y/N what’s wrong? The door is locked.” You heard the sound of the safety from a gun being pulled off.

Part 9

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All In The Same Boat

DC (Suicide Squad) One Shot

Characters: [FEMALE] Reader x Joker + Harley Quinn, Rick Flag, Floyd Lawton, George “Digger” Harkness & Chato Santana

Warnings: violence

Request: “Hey can I get a one shot of the joker taking a liking to the reader, a member of the squad, so he asks the squad about her but a few of them don’t say anything about you because they also have a thing for her? Tysm!” - anonymous

Word Count: 830

A/N: sorry it’s short !! and let’s pretend the squad is all cool with the Joker even though we all know they’d probably attack him

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Matching Costumes and a proposal? - Xavier Woods

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Matching costumes -Xavier Woods

Word Count: 428+

Warnings: none

You and Xavier were throwing a Halloween party tonight. You and Xavier were also matching. Xavier was the Joker as you were Harley Quinn. While Xavier got the house set up, you were currently getting in your costume.  “(Y|N)!” Xavier called from downstairs. After putting on your makeup, you headed downstairs. “What do you need?” You asked Xavier while he hung up decorations. Xavier turned around, looking at you. His eyes widen. This was the first time he saw you dressed as Harley Quinn. 

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Joke’s On You Pt. 2

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Featuring: Joker, Roy Harper

Summary: You get kidnapped by the Joker as an anniversary gift for Jason.

Warning: None

A/N: Here is part 2! And soon part 3…

Part 1   Part 3

Jason rushed out of Roy’s apartment as soon as the video ended. He hopped on his motorcycle and headed straight downtown. “She can’t be dead. She can’t be dead!” is all that went through Jason’s mind. Jason accelerated his motorcycle, running through many red lights and never stopped until he reached the warehouse. He pounded on the door until his knuckles bled. He switched his tactics to kicking when, finally, the door busted open. He ran into the warehouse to see a stage light shining over your dead, limp body. Jason ran over to your body and held you close, but something wasn’t right.

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Locked - JokerXReader

Summary: You and Jay get locked in a vault together.

Words: 1928


Reason after reason, my anger and annoyance kept building up. He was never home and if by some miracle he was he’d yell at me. I would yell back then he would just leave. Or he was drunk and I avoided that at all cost. Night after night, we’d fight. I didn’t get why Jay pushed me away from the business. It was how we met and it was what I wanted to do. I enjoyed robbing banks with him, he was always so happy. It felt like he was happiest when he was causing mischief. Or when he was having a meeting at the club and he would kill the man, his laugh was always louder. He enjoyed doing these things and I just wanted to do them with him. He was always happiest when he did and as his girl, why wouldn’t I want to enjoy that with him?

Once we got together, Jay stopped giving me jobs. He would always give me the easier ones at first, like following someone and reporting it to him. Or tracking someone down, and telling Frost. I got jobs which no longer involved me doing anything. They were unimportant. Every time I’d ask Jay about it, he’d just say “there’s nothing to do”. As if he didn’t have anything planned ever.

When I asked Frost why he just shrugged. Frost was my friend or the closest thing to one. He and I worked together before Jay and I became a thing. Since then, he had backed away. I understand, Jay didn’t like me talking to other men. Frost was afraid, who wouldn’t be? I just really needed someone to talk to. Frost was the only other person besides Jay I could talk to. But now, neither were an option.

Fortunately, I found out that there was a heist today. I was preparing for it as Jay walked into the room. He stood in the doorway watching me. I could feel his eyes follow my every move and if I didn’t think this would start an argument I’d probably tease him.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I rolled my eyes, he couldn’t see me since I was facing away but I’m sure he knew.

“Nice to see you too, Mister J.” I spat as I found the clothes I needed to wear. I started putting on the outfit he got me when we went on jobs. It had been too long since I put it on. “Close the door.” He slammed it closed which caused me to jump.

“Why are you putting that on? You aren’t going on a job.” I faced him, crossing my arms over my chest.

“I am. I’m going on the heist today.” I grabbed my pistol and tucked it in my thigh holster. He came closer to me, running his hand through his hair.

“You aren’t going. Take that off right now.” We stared at each other, scowls on our faces.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” Jay’s eyes widened in surprise but it was soon replaced by a dark look in his eyes. I took a step back. I never really back talked Jay, so I didn’t know what his reaction would be. I had it with him ignoring me. I was his girl but worked for him first. He should be able to share that part of his life with me.

“You don’t get to talk to me like that. Apologize to daddy, or I’ll have to punish you when I get back.” I scoffed.

“When we get back. And I’m not going to apologize. If you won’t let me go on this heist, I swear I will walk out that door and never come back.” I tapped my foot waiting for his response. “You know you’ll never see me again. I was taught well.”

He growled and had I not been angry with him I would have been weak in the knees with the noise and look he gave me. “You know better than to threaten me. Daddy will forgive ya if you beg.”

“You know better than to ignore me, but look what happened. I ain’t apologizing. Let’s go. We’re gonna be late.” I walked passed him only for him to grab my arm and pull me to him.

“You’re staying. Take that shit off.” I yanked my arm from him.

“No, I’m going.” I walked out the house waiting for him with Frost.

I really missed talking to him. He was outside and surprised to see I was going. We talked for a bit, not that there was much to talk about. “He’s just protecting you is all.” I rolled my eyes. As if Jay cared about people to protect them. I knew and understood Jay never would. I was okay with that.

“I don’t need protection. Hell, I took care of myself my whole life. It’s how I ended up working for him.” Frost shook his head.

“You should stay. He must want you to stay for a reason.” I just shook my head.

“No. He hasn’t talked to me normally in days. All we do if fight. I need to prove myself to him again. I need to show him, I’m not completely worthless. It’s boring not killing anyone and just staying there all day.” I gestured to the house. Frost chuckled which just made me confused.

“I don’t think staying in a house big enough for just about anything with a pool and jacuzzi is a bad thing.” I sighed.

“It is when the one person you want to share it with is always gone or pushing you away.” I looked towards Frost. “What did I do to make him do that? Do you think he found someone else?”

“I’m with him always. He didn’t find anyone else. Why would he replace you? Don’t doubt yourself.” I nodded and started thinking about Jay. Maybe he was just trying to protect me. Wasn’t fair, though. Jay came out and walked towards me.

“Get in the car.” I went to go in the front where Frost was going into but Jay stopped me. “Not in there. The back.”

I wanted to talk more to Frost since we hadn’t in a long time and it was nice. “Why can’t I just go with Frosty?”

“If you’re riding with someone, you’re riding with me. Get in before I change my mind.” I just nodded and walked to the back of the van. I didn’t want to push Jay more than I already had.

As we arrived at the bank, Jay got up and opened the doors. He faced me with a look of concern at first but went right back to anger. “Stay with me at all times.” I just nodded doing what he said. We rushed in and everything went well. Some of his men stayed in the front as Jay went to the vault. Frost had said there was a problem so we went in to see what was wrong. Jay was pissed since he truly believed none of his men could do anything right. I was too late to realizing the money had been cleared out and nothing was wrong. We heard Frost close the vault and turned around.

“Frost, what the fuck?” I started banging on the vault door.

“Boss, talk to her. I got everything out here covered. I’ll open this door when everything is set between the both of you.” I sighed.

“Frost, get me the fuck out of here. The cops are gonna be here any second and take us to Arkham if you don’t let us out of here!” I kicked the door and immediately regretted it.

“Get chatting then.” I shook my head.

“I may actually hate him now,” I mumbled and just decided to wait. I sat on the floor taking my boot off and massaging my foot. It really hurt now. Damn you, Frost. Two minutes went by of silence. Jay hadn’t said shit as he just stared at me. At least that was what I felt.

“Why did you insist on coming?” He harshly spoke.

“Why are you mad at me when it’s Frost who did this?” I stood up and started banging on the door again. “Let us out.” I was met by silence.

“Answer my question.” I looked towards Jay who was glowering at me. Why was he angry? I should be pissed, not him.

“Why was it a problem if I came?” I wanted to see if he had a reason or if he was just being an asshole to me.

“There was no need for you here.” I bit my lip nodding my head. There was my answer.

“Maybe there is no need for me anywhere near you.” I clicked my tongue. “I’ll leave by tonight. Sorry I ever bothered you.” I faced the door waiting for Frost to open it again.

“That’s not what I meant.” I looked over my shoulder. He was closer to me but still out of reach. I thought about what to say. He was confusing at times, he never said what he meant.

“What did you mean? Huh? What could you have meant? You don’t need me, Jay.”

Jay stood still, which was strange. Either he was pissed off beyond the point of ever getting back to him or he was calm. After a few more seconds of silence, he spoke up. “I don’t need you. I want you. This life isn’t meant for this.”

“This life isn’t meant for what exactly?” 

“For love. It isn’t safe. This life destroys anything and everything. That can’t happen to us or you.” I was puzzled. I knew love wasn’t meant for this which was why I never expected it.

“Jay, I never asked for you to love me. I know you can’t. I know love isn’t meant for this. It’s dangerous and a weakness. I know how you feel about those.” I stepped closer to him. “I want this life with you and expect nothing but fun and sometimes pain from it.” I held his hand softly, he wasn’t much for affection but sometimes I could get away with it. “I want you, Jay. I know what comes with it. You don’t have to protect me. I want to work, I want to go on heists, I want to have fun with you. Don’t push me away. It’s not fair to either of us.”

We slowly leaned into each other. I smiled into the kiss. I missed Jay. I missed kissing him. I missed being near him. I missed touching him. I missed everything about him. He moaned as we pulled away which caused me to blush but smile. I had him back. He caressed my cheeks as we kept our foreheads together smiling. “You’re so good to daddy, aren’t you?” I nodded biting my lip. We went back to kissing, which eventually led to me jumping on his waist. We didn’t even notice Frost open the vault door until he spoke.

“We gotta go. Cops are near.” I laughed pulling away from Jay and hoping down.

“Frost you should lock us up more often.” I winked at him as I left.

“I don’t think it’d be good for my eyes.” He joked.

“You’re lucky I won’t kill you, Frost.” Frost gulped and followed us out.

I giggled when Jay slapped my ass as he followed behind me. We ran to the car together and escaped. Everything was back to normal, we’d be having fun again. That’s all I wanted.

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Imagine: Monster

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Your P.O.V.

My reflection in the mirror showed me differently. I was at work place Arkham Asylum. My Y/H/C hair was in a low bun and I was wearing a white jacket on a black shirt. It also had my name tag on the left side saying ‘Dr. (Your/SurName’). It was my first day here ever since I moved from LA to Gotham. I was getting a lot of praise and then I was moved here to deal with more difficult patients. One of them known as the Joker that I would talk to now.

I sighed and grabbed my blue notebook and I made sure I had a pen in my pocket. I walked into the halls with two strong armed guards. I had to admit that this asylum was way different than what I was used to. The entry was bright and it looked like a hospital. But here things got darker. Everything was grey or blue like metal and the patients were all alone in white rooms. We stopped in front of Joker’s little room where we was all by himself. I saw green hair that contrasted against his pale skin. “You can go to the office Dr. We’re going to bring him to you” The guards promised me. “Thank you” I smiled and walked away with one glimpse of Joker’s blue eyes. His expression was quite empty as he saw me, but I brushed it off.

Just as I walked away, I heard the door opening. Being the little curious woman I was, I slowed down. The guards called Joker pathetic and I could that they used to force to get him. That was strange. We weren’t allowed to do that to our patients. We had to call them by their names so they wouldn’t get even more hurt and insane.

A minute later I found the room where I could talk to Joker. It was very isolated. There was a table with cuffs on it. Then two chairs opposite to each other. The chairs were black and quite boring. The rest of the room was the same metallic blue and grey with no windows. The door would be guarded heavily ,but I would be left alone with my patients. So I sat down and waited. As I did so,I put my notebook on the table and wrote down the date.

Suddenly the door opened and the same guard walked in with Joker. Seeing him this close was fascinating on it’s own way. I had heard so many things about him, the clown prince of crime. He again looked angry, like he could kill someone if he wanted to. But the white straitjacket kept him from doing that. The guard made Joker sit down and then walked out, leaving us alone.

Our eyes met and I was ready to start our session. “Hello Joker, I am Dr. Y/S/N. I’m your new-” I started with a professional voice, but he cut me off. “Oh shush doll face I have heard that speech so many times. You’re going to ask me how I feel, what I think about this place and then you’re going to dig into my life like a sneaky little rat” He laughed darkly, but at the end of his sentence he got angry looking again. I saw that he had metal teeth. Myths say that Batman knocked his teeth out when Robin apparently died. “If that’s how you feel like it’s going. Would you like to tell me how you’re feeling?” I raised my eyebrow and wrote down what he first said, of course shortly.

“Alright doll face. I feel like this is all a big misunderstanding. I don’t belong here” He started calmly which surprised me. I looked at his face so he knew I was listening to him. So I nodded to encourage him to go on. “I also feel an itch on my leg but I can’t do anything about it” He added and his red lips curved into a smile. It must suck, being restrained like that and then itch somewhere. But it was kinda his own fault. “Well I can free your arms from that jacket if that makes you feel more comfortable. We don’t want you to struggle here now do we” I sighed and stood up. Joker looked at me intensely with his icy blue eyes as I dared to walk over to him. His arms were stuck because the sleeves had been tied tightly. I untied the knots and then watched as he stretched out his arms. “Better?” I asked him and walked back to my seat.

“Yes. Thank you doll face” He said sweetly and then scratched his leg. I didn’t reply. “What brings you to Gotham? Never seen you around” Joker questioned me which was not supposed to happen. “I’m sorry Joker but this is your session. I’m here for my job. Now back to you” I spoke a little sternly and wrote down that he called me doll face. Every little detail was important. Suddenly he started breathing heavily so I could hear how raspy his voice was. “You’re not scared of me” He stated and tilted his head to his left a little bit. I crossed my legs and kept a poker face. “Why do you think you don’t belong here?” I asked him and tried to get back on track.

Suddenly he stood up and walked closer to me. I didn’t mind that he was walking as long as he wouldn’t hurt me or himself. “Everyone here is either dumb or really fucked up” He started and sat on the table. He glanced at my notes and then back at me. “I should be free Y/N” He said my name which let me know he had read my name from the corner of the notebook. Sneaky bastard.

“They call me names..Apparently I’m a monster” He admitted a little sadly. “Why would they say that?” I wanted to know and forgot to write down details. Joker was nearly hypnotizing. He was different. “I don’t know. Batman really hates me dollface. He pushed me in acid, knocked out my teeths, he keeps beating me up yet I am the monster here” He spoke very dramatically. I couldn’t help but to feel a little sorry for him. He had a point.

Joker looked at me again. “I just want to live a good life Y/N” He let me know with a small voice. Suddenly he got closer to me and looked deep into my eyes. “You want that too don’t you?” He breathed out and I felt his breath on my skin. He didn’t like the fact that I didn’t reply. “Do you see a monster in me?” He asked me seriously. I took a good look at him. He was in blue pants and a straitjacket. His hair wasn’t that messy, but he hadn’t put them anyway. I saw a man who was different. He wasn’t really crazy. Most of our patients would call me rude things, try to attack me and say things like they would kill me. I felt like Joker was misunderstood. The guards called him rude things and treated him poorly. Maybe he was right, that he just wanted a normal life?

If he was a random stranger on the streets, talking like that, I’d find him being a flirty and a little different, yet casual person. Not someone who belonged here. Perhaps I didn’t know the real Joker, the one from myths and tales. “Do you have a boyfriend?” Joker suddenly asked me. That was strange. “I don’t. Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked him a question that was quite important. Love changed people. “No” He replied shortly.

“Stand up please” Joker pleaded me. I was a little nervous because his arms were free, but I was positive he wouldn’t hurt me. So I stood up in front of him. Joker was taller than me so I had to look up so I could see his eyes clearly. Joker walked closer to me which caused me to take steps back. Suddenly my back was against the wall and Joker was right in front of me, AKA a person locked up apparently for killing and robbing. He was known as a psychopath.

“Help me out of here” He whispered quietly. My heart jumped to my throat. What the fuck should I do? If I’d say no, he could so anything. If I said yes and I wouldn’t really help him, he would be mad.“What do you m-mean?” I stuttered which was very bad. It made him smile widely. “You know it dollface” He purred and put his right hand on my hip. “This is unprofessional Mr J. We should sit back down” I tried to speak clearly. But he saw through me like glass.

Suddenly I felt his hand lowering until he touched my inner thigh. My breathing got a little quicker and I tried to walk away. Just as I tried to step away, he grabbed my wrist and pinned it to the wall. He got so close to me that our noses nearly touched. “Dollface..you could do a tiny miney favour for me” He said deeply. I gulped and looked into his eyes. His irises were big and it made his icy eyes look darker. Realization washed upon me and I realized that this Joker was good with minds and playing tricks.

“I need a gun” He whispered lowly so the guards could never hear it. My eyes widened at his words. Okay, he was nuts. But he was also hot which was wrong to think about. “If you would be a good girl and give me a gun, I will promise that I’ll never kill you” He tried to make a deal. “What if I don’t?’'I wanted to know, just to get to know him better. His smile faded and he looked mad. ’'Then you’ll die when I escape this hell” He hissed darkly. Something about this position and knowing how wrong this was turned me on. “Well Mr. J you’ll have to wait and see” I smirked and suddenly felt alright being so close to him. “I like you Y/N” He admitted and then smiled back at me. “That’s good since we’re going to have plenty of sessions Mr. J” I let him know. Then out of the blue he pressed his lips on mine.

First my eyes widened, but I shut them so I could feel the warmness from his lips.This was so wrong. Damn I would be fired if anyone would find out, but it felt fucking amazing. JOker pressed his body closer to mine and suddenly I felt a boner against my body. Our lips parted and he stepped back. “Let’s finish this session Doctor” He said with a cheeky grin and walked back to his chair. I bet my face was a shade of crimson red. I cleared my throat and got back to my seat.

“I can’t wait til our next session dollface. I feel like you’re going to bring me a surprise”

Joker x deaf!Reader   Part 5

Y/N winced when the guards brought J to the room, although she couldn’t have looked much better herself. His eye was swollen and he had a busted lip. Her cheek was only slightly swollen from where the guard hit her, but despite the pain she forced a smile.

“Hey, Mr.J.” He glared at her, which caused her heart to fall. Please don’t blame me for any of this. As soon as the guards left she leaned in.

“I got your letter.” He continued to glare at her.

“The one with the money? The note?” His face broke out into a grin.

“Tell me how you got here, Y/N.”


“Aw c’mon. Do you really think they would let a deaf doctor treat The Joker? Me? This is insulting. Whose pants did you have to get into to get to be my shrink?” He snarled. Her hands were sweating as she gritted her teeth. She forced herself to look away and ignored him as he kicked the table. When she gained enough courage to look back at him, she noticed his eyes were dilated.

“Mr.J did they give you something?”

He blinked a couple of times before a dopey grin lit up his face.

“Wha?” She sighed in relief, but her heart still stung from his words.

“This isn’t right. You’re my patient. They should notify me before giving you anything.” She muttered to herself before looking back at J.

“I’m going to need to take your blood.” J’s grin faltered a bit.

“My blood? Like the blood in my body?” Y/N snorted.

She knocked on the door and informed the guards on what she wanted to do.

“Can I have a cookie?” J asked her, but her back was turned as she was communicating with the guards.

“Doc? Can I have a cookie?” Y/N saw the guards glare at J and she turned around.

“Do you need something, Mr. J?” He smiled at her like a little kid.

“I want a cookie. Dark chocolate.” Y/N smiled and turned to the guards.

“And get him a cookie. Dark chocolate.” She shut the door as they headed off to get the equipment.

“Ok, Mr.J. I’m going to take the straitjacket off so we can take your blood.” She leaned over him and started to undo the straps. Before she could pull away, he placed a kiss on her lips. She jumped back in surprise, knocking her spine against the table.

“Mr.J, you-you can’t do that. It’s unprofessional.” J smiled at her and laughed.

“Doc, don’t you feel the same way? C’mon.” He finished taking the straitjacket off of him and stayed sitting.

“Is it cold in here?”  Y/N didn’t answer, she was still reeling from the kiss.

“You can’t do that.” J only rolled his eyes.

“Mr. J, I’m serious. If you touch me again, I won’t come and see you anymore.”  J glared at her.

“Doc, I assure you, if you-” The door opened, and Y/N nearly jumped out of her skin. The guards walked in with the equipment, giving Y/N a weird look.

“Can she do it?” Y/N let out a shaky breath and grabbed the needle. She felt J’s eyes on her the whole time. Lining up the needle with his vein, she gently pushed it in. She glanced up to check if she was hurting him, and her face turned bright red when J moaned.

“Oh, doc, a little harder.” J laughed as a guard told him to shut up. Her fingers brushed against his arm as she gently held it down. He purred at her touch.

“Alright, now I need to prick your finger.” He lifted his pointer finger and poked her nose. She smiled at his childish antics, but covered it with the back of her hand.

“Don’t hide that smile, doc.” She ignored him.

“Alright, all done. Where’s his cookie?” Before she could wrap a band-aid around his finger, he made direct eye contact as he sucked the blood off. Jesus Christ. She blinked and grabbed his hand, pulling his finger from his mouth. Biting her lip in concentration, she focused on wrapping the Batman band-aid around his finger perfectly. He smiled when he noticed the theme, and her heart fluttered as he praised her.

“Nice choice, doc.” She poked his hand with the cookie but before he could take it the guard intervened.

“Ma’am he needs to go back in the jacket.” Y/N gave her best glare at the guard.

“He’s fine. I can handle him.” J let out a low growl as he stared at her and bit into his cookie, but of course she didn’t hear it. Or at least he thought she didn’t until her head snapped towards him. His eyes widened as he realized she had her hand on his chest, as if protecting him from the guards. He snorted. As if.

“Did you just growl? Never mind, I think you two can leave now so I can continue my session.” They continued to argue.

“I’ll do it myself, now leave.” J glared at the guards as they grumbled about her as they left. She gave him a sad smile when she looked at him.

“During our next sessions, you won’t have to wear it. But I need to put it back on, in case they come back.” He leaned towards her, and Y/N thought he was going to kiss her again until she realized he was handing her the jacket. She pushed the disappointment back and put it back on.

“Oh you didn’t finish your-” She stopped talking as he opened his mouth.

“Wait, what? If you think I’m feeding you-”

“Pretty, pretty, pretty, please?”  She blinked and grabbed the cookie. Angry at how he was making her feel, she unintentionally shoved the cookie in his mouth, almost making him gag.

“Sorry.” She muttered, not sure if she meant it.

“Jeez, doc, you play rough.” He sputtered for a second before taking a seductive bite from the cookie. He made a show of making suggestive faces, rolling his eyes back in bliss and then licking the cookie before taking a bite.

“I’ve ate them before, they’re not that good.” She smiled at the way his shoulders shook when he chuckled.

“You should only eat food made for a queen.” He muttered, knowing she wouldn’t catch it. Her forehead creased in confusion.


“Nothing.” She was holding the last piece of the cookie and he made sure to lick her fingers as he took it from her. He noticed the sad look on her face and went to lick the crumbs off of her fingers. She giggled and shoved him away.

“Why so sad, doc?” He gauged her reaction, testing her to see how she reacted to his earlier accusations.

“Did you mean what you said earlier?” Bingo. She glanced at him nervously. He felt a strange pull in his chest and had to stop himself from reassuring her.

“That was just a test, and I’m very pleased to say, you passed.” You proved my suspicion, you’re as gullible as you look. Her eyebrows furrowed but she didn’t question it, something he liked.

“Well, doc? I don’t get a kiss back?” She blushed.

“I really shouldn’t, I mean you’re still-”

“How about you come by and see me tonight? You wanna help get me away from these people who want to hurt your Mr. J?” She shivered. Her Mr.J.

“Come here, doll. Come sit on my lap.” Her eyes widened and she glanced to the door.

“No one’s coming in, they know better. C’mere, doll. Listen to daddy.” Y/N was confused. Why was he suddenly acting like she was his puppet?

“Look Mr.J, we’re still-” She yelped as his hands pulled her to him. The straitjacket was off but she was sure she had it tight enough. When the guards didn’t come after hearing her scream, she started shaking. This man had power and he could have killed her at any time. Just how many people at Arkham worked for him? He forced her knees apart so that she was straddling him, and she felt incredibly awkward in her skirt. His hand cupped the back of her head and he wrapped his fingers in her hair.

“Shh, doll, shh. You’ll come see me, right?” He gave her his shark-like grin. She shakily nodded, her breath coming in little pants.

“Good. You know I live for these moments with you.” The only warning she had was him glancing at her lips before pulling her in for a hungry kiss. The grip in her hair tightened while the one on her lower back pressed her against him. It rested dangerously close to her skirt and she found herself kissing him back despite how bad she was shaking. He pulled away and leaned his forehead against hers. After he let her catch her breath, he pulled her away from him and smirked as her eyes went to his lips.

“Will you do that for me, my sweet doctor? Will you make sure no one will hurt your J?” She nodded and he knew he had her wrapped around his thumb.

“Yes.”  He patted her butt, indicating she get off of him. When the guards came to get him, they didn’t comment on her disheveled state, and she instantly noticed they were different guards with the same name tags. J winked and left, and as soon as she was alone she started to cry.


Y/N’s nerves were shot as she walked towards elevator. It was night and she, besides the security, were the only ones at Arkham. She felt goosebumps on her arms as she noticed some of the guards were different, but she hoped it was just the ones with the nighttime shift. She mentally went through her plan in her head.

Ok, you’re going to tell him no. You’re going to tell him you are switching patients, and if he ever tries to contact you, you will make sure he will be sent to prison. Don’t feel bad, he’s manipulative. He thinks he can bat his eyes and do that weird growly thing that he’s so good at and you’ll do anything he wants. Tell him that’s not how it works. Even punch him if it makes you feel better. Don’t fall for it. Don’t fall for it. Don’t fall for it.

Her hands shook as she swiped her key card through the slot. She saw his ghost white arms crossed over his chest. His shirt was off, showing his glorious tattoos. His door opened and he pushed himself from his position where he was leaning against the wall.  He smirked as she marched over, grabbed his face in her hands, and slammed her lips against his.

She was a goner ever since she walked in.

Shoot to Kill - Mad Princess Part Five

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Part one - Mad Princess
Part two - Dig and Sparky
Part Three - Ugly on the inside
Part Four – Crazy ones
Part Five – Shoot to Kill
Part Six
- Final Part - Heathens

Captain Boomerang/George ‘Digger’ Harkness x Reader
Adoptivefamily! Joker x Reader

Words: 5177

Spoilers for the film and excessive swearing.

The responses have been phenomenal , love you all <3

Sorry to everyone that wanted an emotional reunion with The Joker, I think he would be emotional but in his own messed up way so there’s not a lot of ‘I love you’ and all that when they see each other again.
I’ve tried to tie up some loose ends and I hope that this was worth the wait.

This isn’t the final part, it was going to be but I JUST HAVE SO MUCH MORE BEFORE I’M DONE WITH THESE ADORABLE FUCKERS.

“How long have you been able to See?” She demanded of both you and El Diablo.
“My whole life. “Diablo stated proudly and you nodded in agreement.

“It is our time Meta-Humans are a sign of change!” She argued to you both.
“Lady, you are evil!” Deadshot shouted at her but The Enchantress had already grown bored of you all and summoned for her brother, Incubus. You heard him before you saw him; his monstrous footsteps shook you all as he came around the pillar. You swore under your breath and beside you Digger squeaked, “What’s this?!”

With a sideways glance at Flag and Deadshot, who both nodded at you, you channelled as much energy as you could into your hands, the electric crackled and spun blue. As Incubus approached you threw the electric at him but it didn’t make it far. When it travelled towards him it branched out into stands of power and when it was equidistant between you and its target it turned and shot into The Enchantress’ machine.
When you charged your hands again, your power was pulled from your hand and into her machine again. You hissed at the sudden loss of energy within you and it took all of your strength to stand upright.
Both of your opponents gave you smug looks.

“Shit.” You growled, “That machine is zapping my powers every time I try to use them.”
“What does that mean?” Harley asked her voice quiet.
“Remember when The Joker hooked me up to that car battery so we could see if I could draw power from it and I did?” You reminded her, it has actually been a really funny experiment.

"Yeah so?” Harley asked.
You rolled your shoulders and rubbed the bandage on your hand, “I’m the car battery.”
“Shit.” She parroted you a moment ago.

Incubus attacked you and Digger first as the rest of the group scattered, Katana came to you aid and cut off his hand, it grew back and you scowled.

How the hell were you supposed to fight this fucker without using your powers?

You didn’t have to ponder on it for long as Diablo brought the big guns to the fight. He was almost drowning Incubus in fire when the later managed to knock him back. Diablo’s roar drew your attention as he came back into the fight only this time as a massive, flaming skeleton who taunted Incubus.
“You’re not gonna do that are you?” Digger squeaked beside you but you paid him no mind, you were too entranced by Diablo’s fighting skills. You’d never seen anyone this power and you doubted you’d ever be so close again. For a moment Diablo was pushing Incubus down.
“Get him mate!” Digger encouraged.

“Diablo drive him into the corner!” Flag commanded and, with a strength you knew that you’d never possess, he managed to until Incubus got the flip on him and pinned the now-human Diablo down by his neck.
You all shouted at him to get out of there, because Flag needed to blow the bomb.
“Get out of there!” You joined the shouts encouraging him to escape.
He shouted for you to do it, to hit the switch.

Flag did.

And Diablo and Incubus were gone.

You’d seen your fair share of death, hell you’d played part in a fair share of deaths under the will of The Joker but Diablo’s hit you like a sucker punch. You’d grown fond of the repentant man, you wanted him to have the chance that he craved to right the wrongs that he had done but maybe he had. You all peered down into the crater that had been created.
Behind you The Enchantress rose to her feet after having fell to her knees with an anguished cry at the loss of her brother.
“You’re next.” Deadshot stated boldly as your rag tag group made your way towards the woman.

She taunted you all about how she’d finished her machine and soon the world would be hers to rule. The Enchantress turned to her machine and with her magic made it pulse, it shot out strands out lightening almost exactly like yours and the power admitted knocked you all off of your feet and sent you hurdling backwards.

“We’ve gotta cut her heart out!” Flag commanded over the howl of the wind.
The Enchantress must have heard him because she turned back around to face you all, but she was different. Her dark hair hung like dirty tendrils, her eyes and clothes were dark and bare. She looked purely animalistic.
She crouched down and you could sense the primal powers within her.


She lunged first, you all fought back but she bated you always as though you weren’t some of the most skilled warriors on the Governments books. Inwardly you thanked The Joker’s investment in wanting you to be the best all-around weapon that you could be and that he’d paid for your lessons.
Without your powers you could now rely solely on your combat skills.

You swung for the witch and were happy when you made contact but if your blow bothered her than she didn’t show it as she pushed you in the chest with an open hand sending you flying back.  You were caught mid-air near the crater and looked down to give Killer Croc a thankful grin. He put you down with a smirk and you both re-joined the assault.
Just when you were sure that you were winning, she disappeared and your weapons were yanked from your hands by an unseen force.

The Enchantress was back in front of her machine facing you all down, “Of all who have faced me you have earned mercy. For the last time, join me or die.”

You looked up and down the row at each other, trying to gage their reaction. You could see Flag’s nervousness; he was surrounded by criminals who would probably sell him out with a moment’s notice. Digger’s expression was heavy with fear, as they all were, but he said nothing.
It was Harley who broke the silence, “I’m not much of a joiner but maybe we should.”

“Harls?” You asked confused, you couldn’t understand her motivation. You, for one, didn’t want to work under this Witch. Yes you were The Joker’s second in command but it had always been mutually beneficial, at first your services were offered in exchanged for a safe place to live until eventually you ran it as an almost family business together.

You had no desire to work as a slave.
“Hey she’s trying to take over the world.” Deadshot explained as though Harley didn’t already know.
“So? What’s the world ever done for us anyway? It hates us!” She argued and turned away from you all. Ignoring both your and Deadshots shouts for her to come back Harley approached The Enchantress and told her show she’d lost her Puddin’.

The Enchantress ordered her to bow and Harley began to you noticed the sword by her feet and everything clicked, god you hoped she knew what she was doing. When Harley snatched the sword and slashed across The Enchantress’ chest you could have sworn that you cheered. Everything happened fast after that, with her heart out they set to destroy the machine, Killer Croc threw the bomb and Deadshot shot it making it explode within the machine.
The powers in the machine crumbled and imploded and the atmosphere was still.

In your peripheral you noticed Flag rushing to hug Deadshot but you didn’t let your amusement distract you as your let your powers buzz through your hands and up your arms, relishing in having back your electric.
What did distract you slightly was a grizzly kiss pressed to your cheek, you gave Digger a smirk and watched as he pushed himself to the floor and started digging under the seats, no doubt looking for stuff he could pawn. As Harley rushed over you stopped your powers just before she jumped into your arms and let out a small squeal in your ear.

Digger pulled the green heart out from under the chair and regarded curiously, he could probably get a bit for it on the Black Market, but his musing were cut short when The Enchantress scuttled onto her hands and knees and begged for Katana to take her life.

But Flag stopped her.

With a groan he stepped up and passed Flag the heart and you gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek as a reward for not keeping it to sell when the evil creature was still alive.
“You bring June back.” Flag demanded as he held out the heart threateningly.
“She’s not coming back.” The Enchantress taunted and your heart sunk as Flag fell to his knees and crushed the heart in his hands.
Digger slipped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you to his chest so that you could hide your face. He knew you wouldn’t mind ruining your tough-girl image with a cuddle but you wouldn’t want anyone to see you crying.

He nudged you and pulled you from his chest when June stepped out from the mud, alive and well. You couldn’t help the grin that spread over your face, Digger and Harley wore the same expression.
You gave Digger a brief kiss and he stepped away from you to explore for anymore goodies that could have been dropped. Killer Croc gave you all a smirk, “If ya’ll don’t mind, I got me a sewer to crawl back into.”

Harley and Deadshot were debating who was driving the three of you back to Gotham when you heard the unmistakable click of heels.


You looked amongst the group, Harley and Deadshot were still arguing away, Flag and June were embracing and Digger was looking back under the seats where he was sure he’d spotted a watch. There was no time to grab Harley, she was too far away. Your heart sank as you realised that you had to leave what you had left of your family behind.

With one last, longing look, you turned and you ran.

No one noticed you’d gone until Digger was shouting at Waller, “Ten years off a triple life sentence? Darlin’ I’m walking outta here and we’re going to have some real fun.” He turned to smirk at you only to find you’d gone. His smirk fell and he felt sadness crept through his anger. He was happy that you’d escaped but he hadn’t got to say a proper goodbye.

“Where is she?” She snapped and pushed at the picture of your face on her phone only to find it still not working.
Harley whipped her head around looking for you and spun around to face the others with a wide grin when she realised that you’d gone.
Waller gestured for Flag to give her his communicator, which he did. She spoke into calmly, making sure to look at Digger and Harley as she spoke, “Y/N L/N has absconded. She’s to be treated as a Class A threat. Until we can reactivate the device in her neck use deadly force.” She made sure to look at Digger’s expression as she added, “Shoot to kill.”

It didn’t take you long to find an underhand doctor still in the city, criminals could always find other criminals, and you made quick work of convincing her to take out the device in your neck. It was hard not to be convinced when you had a master criminal threatening to shock you with their electric.

You didn’t let her put you under any anaesthetic, how could you trust a dodgy doctor not to kill you when you were under? It hurt like a bitch getting it out and you weren’t too big to admit the pain almost brought you to tears but it was easier than thinking about how Digger and Harley must have felt when they realised that you’d left them.

It hurt knowing how upset they’d be at your desertion but this was the only way that you could try to save them. Now you had the device out of your neck all you had to do was get back to Gotham without being caught and round up The Jokers men before they found someone else to work for, like that fucker Harvey Dent.
The Joker’s closest men would have gone up in flames with him but it should be easy to follow his movements through his last few days, well you hoped it would be.

All you needed to do was find out how your Dad had gotten the phone into the prison and you’d be able to build your plan around the same route.  You were lay on the makeshift bed, your neck and hand now properly bandaged watching the doctor busy herself, the device from your neck now on the table next to her. When the explosion came you were rehearsing your apology to Digger and Harley, it blew the doctor into pieces and across the room, her leg coming to knock you from your bed.

Well fuck.

No wonder Slipknot’s head had flown so far.

Waller took great pride in telling Digger and Harley that they’d reactivated your device and set it off. It took five days and a ridiculous amount of drugs to get Digger calm enough for the guard to come in and restrain him. Harley caved in on herself and the night guards often caught her weeping and whispering about her lil Pumpkin and Puddin’.

Strangely it was Zoe Lawton who was the first to spread rumours of you surviving your escape. She stood in her apartment rocking backwards and forwards talking to a nice solider who informed her that she had to wait for them to bring her dad in. He was being polite about it but she could hear the chains being undone.
It was an emotional reunion and after sometime they sat down to the table to work through some of her homework under the watchful eye of Flag. Deadshot could see her curious expression as she continued to give him sideways glances.
Steeling his nerve, Deadshot dreaded her questioning but knew that he needed to be honest with his baby girl, so finally he asked, “You got something that you want to ask me baby?”

"Did you really fight a Witch, Dad?” Zoe asked Deadshot looking up at him with wide expectant eyes.
Deadshot and Flagg both froze and studied her little face closely but it was Deadshot that finally asked, “How do you know about that?”
Zoe’s face flushed and she looked awkwardly between her Dad and his solider escort.
“Zoe it’s important that you tell us how you know, I promise you and your dad won’t be in any trouble.” Flag reassured her.

Zoe looked unsure to told them, “I met your friend, Y/N, she came to see me and she said you beat a witch and saved the world. I didn’t believe her but she showed me the gnarly scar on her hand. I can’t believe you saved the world Dad.”

Both men looked floored.

“Y/N? Y/N L/N?” Flag sounded panicked, “Zoe when was this?”
Zoe looked nervously at the text books on the desk, “Yesterday, she kicked out mum’s boyfriend and brought me those books for school. We had pancakes.”
“Wait your mum left you alone with that asshole?” Deadshot seethed as he rubbed his daughters back reassuringly and silently thanked you for coming over and spending time with Zoe. Thanks to you, his daughter knew that he was a hero; she knew that her father was capable of using his skills to help people.

“I’m going to need to inform Waller that Y/N is still alive.” Flag mused before looking at the reunion before him, “It can wait until after we’re done here.”
Deadshot thanked him and as Rick watched the father-daughter bonding, he couldn’t help but worry, you were alive and you’d be pissed and coming back for revenge.

Gotham was all in a quiver when you returned.

Everyone had heard you were dead, killed running from the Government.
They didn’t expect you to enter the club wrapped up in bandages and use your powers to blow the speakers and the lighting. The reaction of the club was instant, every man working under The Joker instantly flocked to your side, if you were back then they knew that betrayal was something that you wouldn’t tolerate.

But it was your turn to be surprised.

When you went back to your old home, the one you used to share with The Joker and Harley, you were prepared for the devastation that would come at you like waves. You anticipated coming in and collapsing to your knees in their bedroom, knowing that you’d never see your dad again.
That you could never ask him about your real parents and why he felt so desired to kill them.  
Never hear his laugh again.
He was gone and everything that he was blown away as chaotically as he lived his life.

You’d managed to get all the way to your bedroom before the tears won and marked their victory down your cheeks. There was no point in wiping them away; you had no one to be strong for now.

The door of your bedroom was ajar, that was the first thing you noticed. Secondly that your bedroom light must have been on because light was pouring into the otherwise dusky hallway.

Jesus, had that been left on the whole time you been in prison? The electric bill was going to be painful.
Somewhere in the back of your mind you knew you shouldn’t be laughing at such trivial things, that you should be focused on making plans but for once you let yourself wallow in cowardice so that you could hide from your grief.

You slipped your gun from your hip holster and kept it steady as you advanced to the door. After the mission with the Squad, impromptu surgery and staying incognito while making your way back to Gotham, making sure to visit Deadshot’s daughter on the way, you were way too tired to use your powers again after your display in the nightclub.
You jumped into the doorway quickly, gun raised ready to shoot to kill. Your breath hitched in your throat at the sight. Your dad was lay back on your bed, his head resting on the ridiculous amount of pillows Harley had insisted on you having as decoration. He was laid in just his jeans so you could see the bandages wrapped around his chest between his tattoos. You dropped your gun heavily to the floor and the noise made him raise his head slowly.

His hair had fallen around his face madly, he grin spread as he opened his arms slowly, “Princess.”

The tears came fast and before The Joker could brace himself you’d launched yourself at the bed and were hugging into his chest sobbing.
“Da- Dad, I thought you were dead.” You sobbed.
He shh’d you but it came out more like a twisted hiss, his hands came up to run through your hair and rub your back. You’d not cried like this in front of him in years but he seemed to be handling it well. He nudged you so that moved your head away so that he could look at you.

“Now now, that’s enough tears.” He gave you a sliver toothed grin and moved his tattooed hand and rested it over your face so that the grin inked there faced him, “You need to smile more.”

You choked out a laugh into his hand and wiped your tears and as you both lay there bandaged and bruised you told him everything. You told him about Digger, the Squad, your fall, your laugh and your escape. He listened enraptured and smoothed his hair back into its usual sleek style.
He gave you another grin, “Don’t worry Princess, Daddy’s got a plan.”

Getting the bombs out of Digger and Harley was the first stage of the plan and you were pleasantly surprised that The Joker’s man on the inside was the arsehole warden that had made your life a misery.

Pleasantly surprised because you got to torment the poor fucker.

To keep the rouse that The Joker was dead you kept him out of the ‘negotiations’, you took a few of his men and got them to pick up the idiot.
They dropped him off at your funhouse. It was a literal funhouse from back when Gotham was more thriving.

Living with The Joker had made you somewhat mad, well who could blame you?

You used the funhouse as a source of entertainment as well as getting information. Other criminals knew it wasn’t worth going near unless they wanted The Joker coming after them for touching his kid’s toys.

You watched the warden wonder around the abandoned building, he tried to use his phone to light up the various things along the wall. Suppressing your giggle you stepped behind an electronic clown and when the Warden reached the other side of it you pulsed your electric into it and it jumped to life, lights beamed in its cheek and red nose as it rocked and laughed loudly. The Warden screamed and tried to run further into the funhouse but you followed him, making electric characters spring to life to scare the crap out of him.

You stopped when he urinated himself, mostly because of the smell but also because it was going to be hard to interrogate when you were laughing so hard.
When you stepped around from behind one of the decorations The Warden went paler than The Joker. His face fell and stumbled back over himself trying to get away, his eyes were practically screaming every memory of him abusing you, the sedating to stop you using your powers, hooking you up the mains power.
“W-what do you want?” He stammered, his teeth were chatting like a novelty toy.
You crossed your arms and smirked, every inch the powerful criminal, “I want you to do exactly as I say.”

The Warden had strict instructions to get the Squad out of the cell and the bombs out of their neck with as minimal fuss as possible, which was basically fucking impossible.
Luckily, Killer Croc and Harley were smart, they saw The Warden’s blackened eye and the bruise that ran down his face and recognised it for what it was, an electric bruise. So they behaved and had the bomb taken out with minimal arguments, though quite a bit of pain, The Warden couldn’t get hold of pain relief without raising suspicion.

Deadshot saw the same signs in the man’s face and refused to have the device taken out. You respected his decision and knew it must have been hard. When you last saw him all he wanted to do was get back to his daughter but seeing him must have made something click. He could work with the Government and get visitation with her but if he escaped then he’d be on the run again and he’d never get to see her again.
Not to mention that the Government knew all about her.
So you understood his decision and got The Warden to deliver a message to him that you’d keep an eye out for his little girl like he was willing to do for Harley when they though that you’d died.

Getting the bomb out of Digger was a lot harder, he may have been intelligent and perceptive usually but with anger in his veins he couldn’t see the signs that the other had seen. They had to sedate him to get the bomb out of his neck.

When The Warden told you, you couldn’t help but panic. What if he was too angry to see you again?

With all of your joint planning close to fruition, you set about on completing the finishing touches. And that’s why The Joker was sat with his head back in the sink you dyed his hair for him. It had been some weeks since you’d been reunited and both of you were free from your bandages but you doubted you’d ever be free of the scars on your hand from your fall.

The Joker wanted to look his best for when he got his Queen back and you were happy to help him.

It was at times like these, these tender careful moments that reconnected you both as almost-father and daughter. You massaged the colour into his scalp and couldn’t stop the smile on your face as he hummed away to himself.

Times like this helped you turn off your mind.

You were worried about Digger hating you and The Joker knew it, he wasn’t bothered either way. Digger sounded like a fucking idiot but he didn’t like you being distracted or upset. So he tried to keep your mind sharp, keep you alert for breaking out Harley and, if it really came to it, this Captain whatever.
“Dad?” You asked quietly, he hummed for you to continue but you weren’t sure if you dare.

“Why did you kill my parents?” The question slipped from you lips and suffocated you both. The Joker sat up slowly so that you let his hair slip from his fingers. He turned so that he could face you, his head inclined to one side, “Princess-”

You cut him off, “I saw it in the file Waller had on me. I’m not angry; I just want to know the truth.”

He rolled his shoulders slightly and looked, if you dare say it, excited.
“How much do you remember about the night I found you?” He asked slowly.
You shrugged, “Nothing before you finding me in the Alley but I was only a kid.”
The Joker nodded slowly, “Yes. I met mummy and daddy dearest just before you turned nineteen. They didn’t know me but I knew them.” He mumbled in an almost sing song voice, “But they knew me in the end.”

He gave you a sick grin that failed to bother you after all these years, “It was messy.” He sniggered, “But they sang before they died and oooh how they sang. They were going to sell you. Stupid really, you’re such an asset.”

“Thank you.” You mumbled and walked around the basin so you could sit in front of him.

He continued, “You found out they were going to sell you and you ran away and I found you.”
“That’s all there was too it?” You asked, an eyebrow raised.
“Yes.” He gave a dramatic flair of his hands like he’d finished a joke.
“Then why did you kill them?” You asked quietly, you weren’t bothered, only curious.

The Joker leaned forward his eyes finding yours, “Well I always do when someone hurts my Princess.” Then he grinned, “Don’t you want who?”
“Who?” You asked.
“Who they were going to sell you too? Who was the buyer? Who? Who? Who?” He teased you.
“I’ll bite, who?” You asked.

The Joker sat back and grinned wickedly, “The Bat.”
Your stomach dropped and you felt bile rise in your throat, “Excuse me?”
The Joker threw his head back with a manic laugh, “You and Batsy! Together forever.”
“I feel sick.” You groaned and covered your mouth with your hand, “I’d be Miss. Bat.”

“Batsy Jr.” The Joker cackled, “When I found out, well… I had to punish them.”
You nodded and stood, “I completely understand.”
“Now Princess, make me beautiful!” The Joker laughed as he threw his arms out and leaned back into the sink so you could finish his hair.

“Ready Princess?” The Joker asked you in the carrier. You weren’t, you really fucking weren’t.

The fact that you were about to break in to one of the most heavily guarded prisons in the world?


Could you handle using your powers to disarm a ridiculous amount of guards?

Cool, it had been a while.

Having to breakout Killer Croc without him eating any of your men?


Seeing Digger’s look of hatred if he couldn’t forgive you for leaving him?

The idea made you want to be sick.

The Joker took Harley’s cell, he’d missed her and you had a sneaking suspicion that if you left him to go get Digger then one of them would end up dead. So you ran through the halls towards your old cell, you were quick and efficient and luckily most of the guards had rushed to Harley’s cell after the explosions.

When you reached Killer Crocs cell you shot of the lock to the door and used your powers to do the rest. He gave you an evil grin which you gave back. As soon as he was out your threw your arms about his shoulders to give him a big hug.
“We’ve got transport outta here but I need your help with Digger’s door!” You shouted to him over the alarms. He gave you a grin and the two of you were sprinted through the prison, following the map that The Warden had given you, with some persuasion of course.

There was only one guard at his door which you took care of quickly with your powers. You shot the lock and the hinges of the door. You could hear Digger shouting his lungs off over the alarm and the screaming of the metal. Killer Croc grabbed the door and ripped it free of its holding.

The dust swarmed the through the cell and Digger shut up. For once.

Digger stepped out of his cell through the dust in his vest top, his tattoos and ridiculously appealing arms on show. He looked you both up and down; he was a lot calmer than you’d dare to hope. Your heart stopped at the look he gave you.
“Sparky?” His voice was gravelled and deep from his angry rants and it just did things to you.
“Hey Dig, long time no see.” You gave him a confident smile but your heartbeat was screaming in your ears.

Well this was it.

Time to face the man that you’d loved and left.

Well this was supposed to be the last chapter but clearly Sparky ain’t finished with me yet.
As always any feedback is appreciated and I hope that you enjoyed it <3

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Homecoming - Chapter 1: Recurring Dreams

Summary: Reader is Joker’s and Harley’s child that was taken from them. Will she ever make it back?

Words: 1161 

Homecoming Masterlist


I woke up covered in sweat, taking erratically deep breaths to calm down. I had a dream, or maybe a nightmare. I’m not quite sure what to call it. It was the same one over and over again. I decided it was my imagination running wild. I accepted that my mind was quite wild and would dream up crazy scenes ever since I was a child. Things that would disturb others would only make me curious.

I looked at the clock on my nightstand and sighed. I had beaten my alarm clock by five minutes. I wasn’t resting well because of the dream but what could I have done? I hopped in the shower, letting the steaming hot water run over my body. This always felt amazing. There was the daily knock on my door from my mom. It was a warning to let me know I had to get ready quickly as breakfast had been made and it would be cold if I took too long. I only had a couple of months left of school, luckily.  I always looked forward to that. Senior year was almost over which always made me smile. 

I got out of the shower and dressed quickly. A simple loose long sleeve shirt, dark ripped jeans, and brown boots. It was cute and comfy. I smelled breakfast and ran down the stairs excited to get today over and done with but also excited for my mom’s delicious food.

“Morning, sweetheart.” I sat at the breakfast bar and smiled.

“Morning, mommy.” She placed a plate in front of me. French toast and bacon? Yes, please!

“How’d you sleep?” She sat next to me digging into her plate. 

It was only me and my mom at home. I had never met or even knew anything about my father but that never mattered to me. As far as I was concerned, she was the only family I had. She worked hard but her job was a secret that even I never knew. It was cool most of the time. She gave me everything I needed and most of the time what I asked for. The only down part was she had to leave me for weeks sometimes. It scared me because what job would require that? Though, I never asked questions. She was safe and as long as she was I was okay with that. She was always happy and that’s all that mattered.

“I had it again.” My voice was low. She was extremely concerned about me. She knew the dream was repetitive. I never told her what it was because I didn’t want her to worry. It seemed so real. It felt like a memory but I always shook it off. It couldn’t be a memory. Or maybe it could be? No, that’s too ridiculous. I didn’t recognize anyone in it. It was just an extremely vivid dream.

“I know you don’t want to talk to me about it but talk to someone.“ She placed her hand over mine to comfort me. "I can have a therapist come over or a doctor if you want.” I shook my head, smiling gratefully. She always supported me and never forced me to talk about things I didn’t want to. This dream being one of them.

“I’m fine. It’s just a silly little dream. It only freaks me out because it seems real. I’m sure it’s just the creative imagination I have, right?” Mom stared at me almost nervously but smiled when she noticed I was staring. She stood up bringing her dish to the sink and grabbing her purse.

“Right. You need gas money or anything?” I thought about why she would hesitate or avoid looking at me. Could she be hiding something from me? No way, she was probably thinking about her job. I brought my plate to the sink and stood in front of her.

“I don’t think so. I have the emergency card if anything. I should be fine.” I kissed her cheek. “Bye, mom!”

“Bye sweetheart. Drive safe, be careful.” I just chuckled.

“You know I always am. You do the same.” I grabbed my button up coat and left the house locking the door. I headed to my car and started off to school. Going today would be a waste, all I had on my mind was the dream. Why did it feel like a memory?

Harley’s POV

Looking at the date on my phone, I sighed. It was almost the anniversary of when our baby was taken away by assholes. Jay was sure to be distant for a while. It had been years since we had seen her. The memory was always on the back of my mind. She was so young. Would she even remember us if she saw us again? Or maybe she would hate us? Maybe we wouldn’t see her again. I shook my head. I couldn’t think that way. No matter how long it had been, I’d never give up hope on seeing her again. She was ours, she’d come back to us.

I rolled over to face Jay only to be met with a vacant bed. He must have been in his office. Probably working himself to death. It broke my heart to see Jay broken. In all my life with him, I never thought I would ever see Jay like this. He had always hidden his feelings until her. She brought his real smile out. Then when she was gone, she had taken it with her.

“Puddin’, you okay?” I stood in the doorway looking at Jay. He was drinking which wasn’t abnormal. But he was drinking his feelings away which was. It was something he always did since after her absence, but not something I would ever support. I would try to comfort him but there wasn’t much I could do when he would deny my help. Never stopped me from continuously trying.

“Its close to her birthday, Harls. It’s been fourteen fucking years since they took her. We’re gonna miss her eighteenth birthday.” He took another swig. I stepped closer to him. He pulled me to his lap and held me gently. These were the moments no one saw with Jay except me. He wasn’t all bad.

“We will see our princess again. We’re gonna find her.” I looked at the photo of our little girl. It was taken a week before they took her. Jay wiped a tear that ran down my cheek.

“I’m going to kill them when we do.” I smiled, that was my Jay.

“I wanna have some fun too, ya know. Maybe our princess would wanna join too.” Jay’s sinister grin grew on his face.

“Don’t worry. All three of us will have fun.” Jay looked back at the photo while he let out what others thought to be an unnerving laugh. I smiled at Jay knowing damn well we were going to find and bring our baby home.

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