i never know how to tag the art i edit


Lotor & Allura’s + Coran’s colors

Will I finally be kicked out of the fandom I wonder


To explain, this is a blog for Endeavor Appreciation Day, which will be held on 11 January 2018, Todoroki Shouto’s birthday!!! GASPX!!!!!! >:OOOOO

We would like to make this day a great day for everyone, so we would like to make this day also Endeavor “””APPRECIATION””” day! 

to explain: everyone please write something about how much you “””love””” and “””appreciate””” endeavor on this day as a big fuck you “WE LOVE YOU” to him!!!111!!! i’m sure he would A PP RE CIA TE IT hm hm hm

translation without sarcasm: this is a day for the bnha fandom to be reminded of how shitty a person endeavor is and to never forget it. January 11 was chosen bc it’s shouto’s birthday and well… i’m sure you guys know very well why! i guess this can also be his birthday present in a way lol

Please participate! Edits, fanfics, art, or just a simple fuck you post to Endeavor will suffice! All participatory fanfics will have to be tagged with the tag EndeavorAppreciationDay on ao3, or linked on a tumblr post that’s tagged under endeavorappreciation! Same thing with all other posts!

Have a good day and I hope you will participate! also fuck you endeavor 

this has been a psa and yes this is serious, this will happen

EDIT: Endeavor Appreciation Day will be moved to January 18, 1 week after Todoroki’s birthday, so as not to overshadow it!

I’m a serious artist I swear

[edit: changed hunk and shiro’s puns bc Shiro’s one was actually funny only in french lmao I imagined the new ones in like 0.05 second pls send help]

Don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk?

Making smart with their words again, well I’m bored..

Because I’m doing this for the thrill of it, killin’ it 

Never not chasing a million things I want 

And I am only as young as the minute is full of it 

Getting pumped up from the little bright things I bought~ 

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I saw a tag about Mozart playing billiards and I thought that was a fun idea to doodle (ノòwó )

I have never played billiards so honestly I’m not sure how I’m supposed to draw him xD

Edit: @sinfonia-antarctica was the one who wrote the tag, so thanks for the prompt and I hope I did it justice TwT


I don’t have time to draw anything for 4/13 but i wanted to post some stuff anyways, so I scavenged through my sketchbook! here are a couple things from the past couple months. to celebrate still being homestuck trash.

I saw so many posts lately about how shipping in Kuroshitsuji is abusive, or how Sebastian raped Beast, or that Kuro was supposed to be yaoi (seriously stop this), never-ending reminders that Grell is a woman (everyone knows, you don´t need to say it hundred times per month) some people even say that Nina is pedophile (????), how terrible that asthma scene with Ciel and Sebastian was and some people are so upset that I´m wondering why the hell do they even read this manga AND I´M SO TIRED OF SEEING THIS IN THE TAGS, IT´S THE SAME SHIT FOR YEARS, this fandom is so embarassing seriously


I think this is how Elux would act…

I didn’t even try to put any effort…;

edit: how is Elux even a god