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summary: can you do something with Jooheon where you show up at a party in matching/couples costumes (unintentionally, of course). You can decide if this is how they meet or if they knew each other before and this is how they get together

words: 1k+

category: fluff

a/n: i’ve never written for jooheon before so this was nice! this is for elf!the8 anon <3

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Jooheon stared at the leather jacket Wonho held up. “No. Absolutely not. I already have plans, anyway.”

Minhyuk looked up from his rather intricate belt buckle (a part of his cowboy costume) and sighed. “Handing out candy to trick-or-treaters does not count as plans. Just do what every other tenant is doing and leave a basket of candy outside your apartment door.”

Jooheon looked down at his mug of nearly-cold coffee. He could’ve been finished with it had he not started up an argument with the boys. “Parties just aren’t my thing…”

“Bull,” Wonho sang as he fixed his fake vampire fangs in the hall mirror. “You just don’t wanna go because you know Y/n will be there.”

“So?” Jooheon scoffed. “Why is that such a bad reason?”

“Spilling your pumpkin spiced latte all over her in the hall is not as bad as it sounds.”

Jooheon fell forward, letting his head bump against the counter. He could remember the day clearly, when he had finally gotten the courage to talk to you, his neighbor from across the hall. However, he was nervous, and when you had smiled he had tripped, spilling his coffee all over your torso. Not only were you soaked and in slight pain from the heat, you were also late for your lecture, as Minhyuk had told you later.

“In fact,” Minhyuk continued, “she found it a bit charming I think. Her cheeks got red when I brought you up during lunch the other day.”

“Her cheeks probably got red out of anger,” Jooheon expressed. He pushed his stool back, the metal scraping across his kitchen tiles as he bounded up to place his mug in the dishwasher. “What if I do something stupid again? What if I accidentally knock her out?”

“How would you accidentally knock her out?” Minhyuk chuckled at his friend’s bizarre worry.

“I would be dancing and I could just whip back and accidentally hit her square in the face.”

“As plausible as that is,” Wonho mused, “Y/n does not hold grudges, so even if you did accidentally knock her out, I think she’d gladly laugh about it the next day, over coffee.”

“Smooth,” Minhyuk said.

Jooheon stared at the leather jacket for a moment. “Fine. I’ll go, but I’m not greasing my hair.”

“Yes!” Wonho cheered in the process of putting in amber-colored contacts. “Now hurry up, Changkyun will be here soon to pick us up.”

Jooheon did as he was told, and dressed in a simple outfit of blue jeans, a t-shirt, and the leather jacket. He supposed he was going as a greaser, but he didn’t look like one at all. He just looked like Jooheon featuring a leather jacket. This was best, he supposed, since he wasn’t really aiming to stand out.

After setting out a bowl of candy with a take one! happy halloween! sign outside of his door, he was ready to go.

The car ride was nerve wracking for him. He wondering how far he would go to avoid you, and whether or not it would be enough. If it had been a house party, he was sure he could stay away. Instead, this was a party at an apartment complex down the road. Everyone was bound to run into each other before the night ended. Jooheon hoped there would be snacks. Maybe the host of the party would make those cool popcorn balls he used to eat as a kid. That would better his experience.

“We’re here!” Minhyuk announced, bumping his hat on the roof of the car as he jumped in excitement.

Jooheon took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. Behind that apartment door was a party he still wasn’t sure he wanted to go to. Unfortunately, Minhyuk gave him no choice on the matter, throwing his arm around Jooheon’s neck and dragging him towards the entrance.

The booming bass only got louder as the door opened and the four of them were invited inside. Jooheon broke off from them immediately, knowing he had a better chance of avoiding you if he hung out by himself.

He bobbed his head to the music, the loud beat calming him as he maneuvered his way towards the kitchen. He grabbed a grape soda out of the fridge and downed nearly half of it in one gulp.

“Slow down there, buddy.” Jooheon swallowed his drink and looked around to figure out who was talking to him. He caught your eye from across the kitchen, where you seemed to be pouring some kind of punch into a cup.

You were wearing a Pink Ladies jacket from Grease, with a black silk scarf tied around your neck. The coral shape of your lipstick stood out as you smiled at him. “Well, don’t you look handsome?”

Jooheon was so thankful he had already swallowed his soda, because your comment would’ve had him choking. “Wha—? Me? No, I-Uh, Minhyuk made me wear a leather jacket.”

Your laugh almost soothed him into a state of ease. With punch in one hand, you moved around the counter and walked over to him.

Jooheon found his eyes lowering to your leather pants and heels, and the way you walked so confidently up to him. You looked different from your usual jeans and hoodie combination. He also wondered why he lost all of his confidence whenever you were near him.

You placed your hand on his shoulder, and his breath hitched when you leaned in to rest your chin on the back of your hand. “I’m glad Minhyuk made you wear it then,” you spoke softly, “because you look very attractive right now.”

Jooheon managed to duck his head down, a disbelieving chuckle escaping his lips. “Did the boys put you up to this? Did they ask you to wear a greaser costume and flirt with me.”

You sipped your punch and looked up at him. “If they did, it was only because I’ve been trying to talk to you for ages and you’ve been too shy to notice.”

Jooheon opened his mouth to protest that he was not, in fact, shy, but the words wouldn’t come out. Instead, he spoke in surprise, “I thought you didn’t like me.”

“Why wouldn’t I like you?” you asked.

“Because of that one time where I spilt coffee all over your shirt…”

You giggled. Jooheon felt his heartbeat quicken and his resolve begin to break. “That shirt was old anyways. Besides, I smelt like pumpkin all day so it wasn’t the worst unfortunate accident. The worst accident would be you avoiding me for the rest of our lives.”

“Oh,” Jooheon said, “Well, we’re here now.”

“Right,” you brightened. Grabbing his hand and pulling him over to an empty couch, the two of you sat down. “We’re here to confess our attraction toward each other and hopefully do something about it.”

Jooheon wet his lower lip quickly and leaned in towards you, “I like you, Y/n.”

You smiled playfully and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him even closer to you as you teased against his lips, “Tell me about it, stud.”

Jooheon found himself chuckling as he kissed you. His hand reached for your hair while he pulled you even closer to him, closing any unnecessary gaps. He hummed against your lips, coaxing them open ever-so-slightly. His heartbeat drummed in his ears as you let out a hasty sigh of pleasure, your hold tightening around him. His hand drifted lower, down your torso before resting on your clothed thigh. He thought of kissing your skin, and the heat of the situation brought his mouth lower, towards your neck—

“Guys! There you are! Hyungwon and I are going to have a pie eating contest with the pumpkin pies Kihyun brought,” Minhyuk interrupted you both, seemingly not noticing your intimate moment.

You groaned in annoyance and rested your forehead against Jooheon’s chest. He squeezed your thigh gently and gave you a tender smile. “Let’s go watch it. I’m sure one of them is bound to throw up.”

You agreed. “Fine. As long as you come home with me tonight.”

»the end«

Sweet Creature

Click here if you’d like to listen to the song to help set the mood. x

It was one of those days.

Harry adored his job. He really did. His work was his first love, he always said. But there were certainly days where it all got to be a little too much.

He woke up at six in the morning to be greeted by a rainy and foggy sky outside. He spent a good ten minutes gazing at the great love of his life, her hair splayed in all different directions from having forgotten to tie it up in a ponytail like she usually did. Her lips were slightly parted, and her eyes were still puffy from the night before. He exhaled a sigh at the memory of it—it was the first time they’d really fought in a little while, but it’d been a doozy. Exhaustion took it’s toll on the both of them, but they were both too stubborn to admit it. It had been over something petty that he wasn’t even angry about anymore, even though at the moment in all seemed so important. And even though they tried to never go to bed angry, their tired eyes beat out the need to make up.

He exhaled a soft sigh as he watched his love, and he could see the tension built up in her features still from last night. He didn’t want to wake her just yet, because he knew that she would not love being woken up at six in the morning if she didn’t need to get up. The two of them rarely ever got a good night’s sleep anymore, and he didn’t want to take away her rest.

He got himself out of bed and walked over to the bathroom, going about his morning routine as quietly as possible as to not wake his girls. Within half an hour he was dressed up in a pair of black jeans and one of his button-ups. Usually he wouldn’t get so dolled up to go out this early, but he had a few morning radio shows he was making a live guest appearance on and impressions mattered to him. Having decided to get breakfast on the way to work, he quickly slipped out of the house without making a sound.

The rest of the day didn’t get any better.

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Another 100 Random RP Starters

- does include some swearing; feel free to edit when sending in an ask to fit character’s speech

  • “No. No, no, no. Don’t you dare try to pin the blame on me.”
  • “Did you even bother to think about the consequences?”
  • “Listen here you useless paperclip!”
  • “Meerkats are murderous little bastards.”
  • “For the record, I hate everything.”
  • “Do you even remember me?”
  • “Did you know the guy who wrote Sherlock Holmes may have killed a man?”
  • “I’m going to join NASA and fling myself into the sun.”
  • “I hope you know what you’re getting into.”
  • “Please don’t. Just… don’t.”

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Jealousy - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Can you do a Jeff imagine where he gets jealous and then turns into a hot make out sesh?”

(This kinda has a bad-boy Jeff feel to it i guess)

It had been a week since you’d spoken to Jeff. A week since you’d had one of the worst arguments yet. A week since you’d felt good. Jeff was your everything, and being in a bad place with him made you feel bad to your very core.
But tonight, was your friend Jess’ party, and you had to go, for her. You would just have to avoid Jeff as much as possible.

You were here, but you were anxious to go in. So you stood behind a tree in the front yard until you’d downed the cider you’d brought with you for some liquid courage. You’d worn your lucky red lipstick.

“Right.” You muttered to yourself, before starting towards the door.

The party was as you expected it, you did enjoy a good party every now and again, but the worry tonight was seeing Jeff. You’d had a huge fight because Your close friend Zach had said something unclear, that gave Jeff the impression that you had been cheating on him with Zach. Of course, you hadn’t. Zach hadn’t meant any harm, but the way rumours spread was insane. Everyone left right and centre believed it was true, and were convincing Jeff off it, too.

You saw Hannah and Clay by the drinks and decided to go join them.

“Hey guys!” You grinned.

“Oh hey Y/N…” Clay stuttered, “Here have a drink.” He said, handing you a red cup. “H- Hannah why don’t you show Y/N the bathroom.” He was tripping over his words.

“Uh, Clay, I know where the bathroom is.” You laughed, a perplexed look on your face. Hannah laughed and started to move toward you.

Then, Jeff came out from behind the two with three drinks, and you realised what Clay had been trying to do.

“Right.” You nodded. “Imma go outside.” You awkwardly pointed toward the door and dashed outside. You knew Jeff had seen you, but you just weren’t prepared to face him yet. It hurt that he hadn’t believed you.

You sat down on a vacant chair in a relatively empty part of the garden with your drink, annoyed at yourself.

“Hey, Y/N. You all alone?” Montgomery De La Cruz appeared out of no where and sat in the seat next to you.

“Uh, I guess.” You shrugged.

“Nice. You having fun?” He asked.

“Not really.”

He put his hand on your knee. “I’m really sorry to hear that, Y/N, maybe I can help make the night better for you.”

Before you could even muster up a response, a booming voice emerged from the shadows.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing man?” Jeff was not one who got angry often, but this was him at his angriest. He was probably a few drinks in, and had pent up anger from the previous week. “That’s my fucking girlfriend! Get your goddamn hands off her or I swear to god-” he was pulling Montgomery by his collar away from you and his jaw was clenched.

“Jeff stop! It’s fine.” You cut in, standing up so fast that your drink fell over.

“No it’s not fine! This pretentious douche bag thinks he can just hit on my girlfriend and I won’t notice?” He shoved him.

“Jeff!” You shouted again. “He meant no harm. It’s not exactly like you’ve been acting like my boyfriend for the past week, so I don’t know why you are now.” The salt in your voice stung. Jeff looked taken aback, but his fist remained clenched.

“Man I’m outta here, not worth it.” Monty’s voice cut through as neither of you had really been paying attention to him, and he slithered back into the house.

“You clearly don’t get it.” He snapped.

“I’m not having this fucking argument again.” You moved in toward him, throwing your hands above your head.

“Don’t bother then!” He scoffed, stepping inwards.

“I won’t!” You spat.




“Fucking fine.” He was so close now that you could feel his hot breath on your face.

He smiled menacingly and his jaw was tight. His eyes were boring into yours. Then in one swift movement he crashed his lips to yours and grabbed your waist roughly. You kissed him back fiercely and tugged at his hair. His tongue slipped into yours and you breathed heavily through your nose. His hands were hot on you and the kiss was deep and knee-buckling. He moved his mouth down to your neck, and pressed kisses all over, before coming back to your lips and increasing the hormone driven atmosphere that parties often had. You were shivering ever so slightly from the cold, which Jeff must have sensed.

“Bedroom. Now.” Jeff whispered roughly against you, pressing on your hips. You nodded and reluctantly broke away from him, to go back in the house and find somewhere unoccupied. You re entered the house and turned back to look at Jeff. He had your red lipstick smudged all around his mouth.

“Nice look, Atkins.” Clay Jensen remarked as he passed. Jeff shook his head, clearly uncaring, and followed you up the stairs.

Once you found an empty room you resumed eating each others faces. Jeff lifted you up under your butt and you wrapped your legs around him.

“I’m so sorry…” you breathed between kisses.

“Oh believe me, I’ve never been more sorry in my life…” Jeff chuckled against you. “I knew I should’ve believed you… but everyone was telling me not to… I’m sorry…”

“Shut… up…” you struggled. He brought you down onto the bed with him and lay you down, pulling a leg over him.

“Damn… didn’t… realise… week… long time…” he eventually managed to get out.

Idiot. You thought to yourself.

She’s Just Not That Into You » Part VI (A Harry Styles Miniseries)

Miss the previous parts? Part One » Part Two » Part Three » Part Four » Part Five

Check out the inspiration behind Harry’s home here! The amazing @graceak​ made a phenomenal playlist to go along with Harry’s story, and I could not recommend it more. You can find that here!

As always, this miniseries is dedicated to @stylesunchained​. I hope Part VI mends everything Part V managed to break, my love! And, once again, thank you all for your continued support. I am over the moon about the response this story has gotten, as I’m unworthy of all of your love. (That doesn’t mean I won’t take it, though!)

Let me know what you think! Happy reading.

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“But it’s like…” Harry stops and starts again. “I met with Carly, her replacement, and she’s nice enough. So nice. Lovely girl, really. But every time I talk with her about the plans, I jus…I can’t smile. I can’t get excited about it. ‘m not supposed t’ be talkin’ with Carly about them. She’s not the one who made ‘em. She’s not the one who…well, y’know.”

“If I’m being honest,” Gemma sighs on the other end of the phone, “I would’ve done the same thing, had I been put in that situation.”

“I know,” he mumbles. “I would’ve, too. And I wouldn’t’ve been as nice.”

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male idol groups as i come to know them

shinee: kings of kings, 5hinee???, once in a blue moon comebacks, always slays tho, taemin has killed people??, jonghyun cries, key/minho is loud, tofu leader onew, dibidibidissing themselves is a specialty, live vocals for days, visuals, rind dinG DONG DIGGY DINGY DING

shinhwa: you thought shinee were kings, actual gods, legends, eats cds for meals, fans are moms, doesn’t let members live/leave, grown men but also smol children, m style, don’t make them dance 2x speed dances, butt grabbing, kissing, they talk about farting a lot, grown men that i shouldn’t like but do, my mom thinks they’re good looking af

bts: any armys here xD, i thought rapmon was a pokemon, fans are kinda :/, lots of in fandom drama, despise exo/exo-ls, screaming, aloof, do they have other friends???, bulletproof boyscouts makes me cringe sometimes ngl, choreo will apparently kill you (lie), lightstick lowkey doubles as a weapon, FIYUHHHH OH AYE OH

got7: literally the easiest name ever jyp what u doin, actually has 7, united nations group, memes, wild af outside of korea, JACKSON, dab7, people talk a lot of shit on bambam :/, dancing kid yugyeom, they have a dog, a DOG, best leader jaebum, it’s jinyoung not junior, dancing kings with bts, gotbangtan saved my life, mark who?

exo: i’m not even gonna start, sm does whatever with them, members left, idk any names, only do and kai, fandom is kinda :/ too, despise armies/bts, CHOGIWA, wolf was a tragic era, no one talks about the history mv, call me (daddy) baby, good music, apparently invented everything????, exo next door was cringey and my life at the same time, kudae oolf naega oolf

seventeen: wait how many members???, boy with long hair (its not long anymore??), good at everything, self producing idols, short angery man writes songs, vernon is a meme, they’re all memes, american hyung josh, only chan is actually 17, they have a general leader????, sub units within a group???, justice for china line, have they ever failed at anything??, carrot is the fandom name???

infinite: hoya hoya hoooya, old man sunggyu, weekly idol’s children, i have never met an inspirit irl, or online, unique sound, quality music, looked a lil dusty in the early days but thats ok

vixx: kinky kpop group???, lightstick vibrates????, i love n, and leo, they got me chained up lmao i’m sorry, i have never met a starlight irl either, where yall at???

24k: who???, just kidding, people don’t know who they are tho, i’m in love with the leader, listen to oasis its a bop, sunbaes to so many of ur faves its unbelievable, give em a listen, go to russia/europe on the regular???, go through so many lineup changes what is their company doin smh, look em up hunnies

toppdogg: T O DOUBLE G, T O DOUBLE G, who???, just kidding, lots of bops, give oasis and arario a try, members keep leavin like no???, stay???, one member is literally named camel, have a good ass fandom name, topp klass, vvvv nice, i have never met one irl, hmu lol

monsta x: i can be your hERO, joohoney, slept on, no one can spell their name???, all in changed my life, wonho is lowkey kinky, no mercy really had no mercy, kings of circle choreos, wheres thEIR FIRST WIN???, shownu is a giant teddy bear, you thought you knew memes, inventor of the meme, stan talent pls ;-;

vromance: STAN TALENT DO IT LOOK THEM UP RIGHT NOW STAN THEM, grown men i love but shouldn’t, vocals slay me, eats cds, so much potential ;-;

**this is all just jokes but @ me if you want lol it’ll just be for a ridiculous reason

Deep Sea mermaids

Alrighty; its been quite a while since I’ve made a post, but here’s one anyways.

So, I have a bad habit of Astral Traveling when I’m in the middle of class; I don’t know how, but hey, it happens. Anywho, a few days ago I went “deep-sea fishing” I guess, and ended up in who knows where at the bottom of the ocean. There I met a cool boy; his name is “A”, and being the nosy little butt I am, I knew that I would likely never run into anybody as pretty as this boy again, so I jumped on the chance to ask him as much about his species as I could.

He was nice; really smooth and pleasant voice; you could fall asleep to this thing, it was like a lullaby when he spoke. Hit record and I’d be out.

Anyways, his species, a type of deep sea merfolk. I drew out some pictures as to what he looked at as more of a guide for you guys to see what I mean.

He had this kind of Opal-escent like skin; it reflected at the smallest amount of light; again, he was beautiful I swear. His ears were kind of like fins in a sense, apparently they doubled as sonar receptors; meaning he could pick up deep sea chatter. His eyes though were real cool. There are two kinds of eyes that he said that he had.

The first was one that he used when he went into shallower water or to the surface (I really don’t think he goes up there a lot tbh).  Like us, hes able to see in bright light; go figure. But here’s the cool part.

Now when he goes back down, in the dark, a sort of second eye lid covers his eyes. Apparently it acts as a protector for them if hes ever attacked, but it also allows him to see in the dark better than if he didn’t have that kind of skin on. It acted like an eye patch; you know, how a pirate would cover one eye so that if hes ever fighting, he could uncover the eye and see in the dark if he were to go from a sunny place to a dark place; kinda like that.

So I bet you’re asking whats up with his neck, so, he has skin obviously; but from below his jawline; to part of his upper chest he has some thin scales. They for a kind of upside down triangle, and from what he told me, it glows in the dark when hes looking for a mate. And beneath that, he had some large gills. Now there we would have our lungs obviously, but he has the large gill covers that are in threes. It reminded me of a shark, but apparently they’re different.

Now to his back. It has 6 fins; that generate electricity. They’re sort of rounded, but also have small spines where they connect to the back. They can also pick up vibrations in the water since they’re so sensitive, and they act as tiny propellers in a way.

His fins were white; sorry about the image its a bit big; but if you zoom in you can see my little notes. Ok, so from below the stomach and organs and such, I don’t know why you can only see his bones but that’s apparently how it works, you have this little transparent spot on his fin. It ends about halfway through, but it glows in the dark so that they can see on the sea floor. In a sense I guess its like how jellyfish down there generate their bio-luminescence or something. A’s fins were rounded, not split, so he was a strong swimmer, but kind of slow. They looked flat but pretty strong, but still a fish fin, not like a Ray or anything. His large fin was white too; so he was just this white fish boy who never saw light lol.

In the dark this is how it looked.

He was pretty cool; and seemed friendly enough. Again, the prettiest boy I’ve ever met, so if you ever decide to go down there, try to find one of them. Although, I don’t think all of them would be as friendly as he, so still be careful; some things down there will scare the living daylights out of you.

Interrogation (Jughead x Reader)

927 Words

You were sitting in your usual booth at Pop’s Diner, revising some maths equations while you waited for your routine chocolate milkshake to arrive. You usually did this, as you didn’t like studying at home. You preferred noisy surroundings, as it motivated you to keep focused. Whenever you were studying you never invited anyone to sit with you at the diner, not even Jughead, your best friend for four years; so you were surprised when he sat down across from you.

You looked up at him with a questioning look, Jughead usually only popped up randomly when he was interrogating people, “Hello,” you greeted him.

He didn’t reply, just watched as your long awaited milkshake was placed on the table by a nice waitress, and stole the cherry off the top.

“You’re lucky I don’t like cherries,” you said to him, knowing he already knew that, “Is there a reason to your sudden appearance during my study time?”

He finally spoke, “Something tells me you’ve been keeping information from me.”

You raised your eyebrow, while you took a sip from your milkshake.

He elaborated, less interrogative now, more caring, “You’ve been acting weird around me lately, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it.”

Although your heart skipped a beat in panic, you kept a straight face. You realised lately that you’ve actually grown feelings for the boy with the dark brown locks. You hadn’t realised but it has made you hyperaware of everything you did around him, careful not to be too flirtatious in case he picked up on it. You couldn’t bear the thought of ruining your friendship.

“Y/N?”  Jughead clicked his fingers in front of your face.

“Sorry, I just,” You tried to find an excuse, “I’ve been stressed about school, that’s all.”

He squinted at you in disbelief, “I know when you’re lying Y/N, why won’t you tell me what’s wrong? Have I done something?”

You took another sip of your milkshake, debating a reasonable answer, “It’s not that I won’t, it’s that I can’t. And no you haven’t done anything.”

“You know you can tell me anything, you’re my best friend,” Jughead told you.

You looked up at him and nodded, “I know, but not this.”

“Fine, I’ll leave it alone for now but I will get an answer, don’t you worry,” Jughead said and with that he got up and walked out of Pop’s, leaving you to your study and thoughts about the boy in the crown beanie.

You were lying in bed later that night, scrolling mindlessly through your phone, when you heard a knock at your window. You jumped when you saw a silhouette outside, but then looked a little closer to see the facial features of none other but Jughead. You put your phone down and walked over to the window to open it to let him in.

“Hey,” Jughead greeted you, climbing up the ladder he somehow found, into your bedroom.

You shook your head at his antics, a smile of amusement on your face, his weirdness will forever be surprising, “Hey.”

“Mind if I stay for a bit?” He asked.

“Sure,” you said, walking back over to your bed to lay down.

Jughead slipped off his shoes, walked over and laid down next to you. You both were just laying on your backs, staring up at the ceiling in a comfortable silence.

You spoke up, “Is there a reason you came to my house at 9pm at night?”

“You still haven’t told me what’s wrong,” He blatantly answered.

You sighed, “Right.”

He turned his head to look at you, “Please? Can you tell me what’s wrong? I feel like I’m not being a good friend by not knowing.”

You turned your head to him as well, staring into his eyes, those eyes you’ve grown to love, “I already told you, I can’t.”

He looked annoyed all of a sudden, “Whatever, don’t tell me then.”

You sat up, surprised by his annoyance, “Juggie, c’mon, I’m not keeping it from you to hurt you, I can’t tell you cause…” you sighed, “I-I just can’t, please don’t be mad.”

He sat up too, annoyance gone, replaced with a mischievous look, “Fine, I’m just gonna have to tickle it out of you.”

Your eyes widened in panic, you hated being tickled, you hated it, you were the most ticklish person ever, but before you could react, he’d already started on your sides.

“Jughead,” you laughed, “Please,” another laugh, “Stop!”

He didn’t oblige, you fell back, trying to get away but he stopped you by straddling your hips. He moved his hands up to your neck, tickling you feverishly and deviously, giving you no mercy.

“How,” laugh, “am I supposed,” laugh, “tell you,” laugh, “when you’re,” laugh, “doing this!” You choked out.

He stopped, hands placed softly on either side of your neck and somehow his face had gotten closer to yours.  He looked at you expectantly, waiting for the answer he so dearly wanted. Out of habit your eyes flickered to his lips, and when you looked back up there was a look of realisation on his face. Panic filled you, realising how obvious you had just been, but you thoughts were silenced when you felt a pair of lips on your own.

Jugheads lips.

Jughead was kissing you.

Your eyes fluttered shut, melting into the kiss. It was everything you had imagined and more. After a few moments, he pulled away. You opened your eyes to a smiling Jughead, and you smiled back.

Then he kissed you once more.

anonymous asked:

Hey Cor! Do you know why Ishida redrew some panels for the new volume? I understand if he just wanted to add extra content but he changed characters’ expression as well (Touka, Hajime, Urie).

They always retouch up and make minor details for the tankobon! The weekly versions are on a pretty tight schedule so Ishida obviously gets some time to redo some panels he wasn’t happy with and add in a few extra details to make it nice and shiny for the volume. Sometimes it’s when he’s given a character 6 fingers, sometimes its just purely for aesthetics. Besides the panel of sad Toukachan, this one is my fav

The Oggai look so cool and the close up of Toukas eye!

If anyone is interested, someone on reddit has done a side by side comparison of the changes between the YJ magazine version (aka the version we got scanlated) and the digital volume here [x]. I knew Ishida did retouches for the volume but I never knew the changes were this big until I saw them laid out like that side by side. I’m gonna go through my volumes and see what else might have been changed!


For anon…enjoy!

“So, I might be able to stop by,” your boyfriend stated over the phone.
“Really?” you asked in surprise, “Are you sure your boss won’t mind?”
You could hear his smile through the phone. “That’s actually why I’m in town.”
“You’re already in town?” you chittered.
“Yeah. Driving to work right now, actually.”
Tony, your coworker, drove over a speed bump. “Ow!”
“What? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, Spence. My idiot coworker decided to speed over a speed bump.”

You smacked Tony’s chest from the passenger seat. He smirked while raising a brow. You rolled your eyes. You realized how close you were to the crime scene.

“I have to go,” you told Spencer, “I’ll call later so we can meet up.”
“Of course,” he agreed before whispering, “I love you.”

You smiled softly before remembering your coworkers were in the same car.

“You too,” you stated shortly, “I’ll see you later.”

With that, you hung up. Feeling Tony and Ziva’s stares on you made you sigh.

“You seeing someone, Y/N?” Tony teased.
You clenched your jaw to hide the blush. “Shut up, DiNozzo.”
Ziva laughed. “He’s incapable.”
“I’m just curious about this ‘Spence’ you were talking to,” the man defended, “Nothing wrong with learning a little about each other’s personal lives.”

You and Ziva shared a devious glance. She leaned forward, arching a brow.

“Is that so, Tony?”
The man nodded. “Yeah. It’s like learning each others favorite colors.”
“So,” you began to drawl, “you wouldn’t mind sharing where you sprinted off to last night?”
“More like leapt,” Ziva chimed.
Tony swallowed, parking the car. “Oh look, we’re here.”

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If You insist// Brett Talbot

Relationship: Brett x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, LOTS OF SMUT, Daddy Kink, Oral (Male), Teasing, Swearing, Orgasm Denial, Biting, Spanking, and a Bunch More.

Prompts: “You’re so cute when you’re mad.” “Bite me!” “If you insist.”

Originally posted by bonniebird

Brett hasnt spoken to y/n in hours because h feels as if its his fault that you were attaked tonight. It was her first night seeing him completly wolf out and it was intoxicating, she wasn’t abdouly terrified because she knew what she has signed up for when getting involved with him and the oher suprnatural beings in Beacon Hills.

“Brett just fucking speak to me, im safe im fine. its been 3 fucking hours. you cant keep fucking ignoring me anmore i’ve fucking had it up to your long ass neck, now be a man and fucking speak to me.” Y/n yells out steam almost literally shooting out of her ears.

“You’re so fucking cute when you’re mad” Brett chuckles walking into your home simply unfazed by anything you had spoken to him.

They enter the house and Brett pulls his shirt off heading toward the couch and Y/n immediatly feeling the need to be touched and to touch Brett. He sits and places his hands by his thighs while sighing in releif that everyone is safe and so one is horribly injured.

She stood by the door, watching Brett take hi place on the couch practically not moving a muscle and the heat between her legs start to grow. She could still sense the darkness from him still linguring, which is why she probably make eyecontact, speak, or even touch her. She wasnt scared of the wolf inside of him, eah it was intimidating but not scary. There was no reason to be the slightst bit of scared, he disnt even grow fucking sideburns when he turned. He had taken endless care of her, saved her over and over again, and given her chance after chance even when she was afraid and didnt trust him. so why be scaared now?

Y/n knew if she hadn’t yelled at him for being overprotective and stormed out that today would have gone very differently.

She walked until he was standing next to a set of stairs, standing there she dared not to look away from him. he still didnt move. She journeyed into the living room standing dead ceter in his view of the TV than went to her knees so she was facing him eye to eye. He still didnt dare to move, instead he stared into her eyes as if she was looking through her like she wasn’t even there.

Biting down on her lip, she makes a dangerous move by reaching out and attempted to touch his torso.

Brett snatches her hand, holding it very tightly. “You definatly dont want to do that right now.” He warns almost inaudible.

She moves her other hand to try and grab ahold of his jeans but only to fail miserably.

“I am trying to be fucking nice to you right now, What the fuck is your problem?“He growls out placing her arms by her side ” Go. To. Bed.“

Looking up at him she noticed that his eyes where still glowing similar to what she had saw when the pack was fighting. But this glow felt more dangerous, more frightful which so happen to tun her on even more

You don’t scare me anymore.

Her eyes trailed down his bare chest. he had never let her touch him, expore his body, better yet even fuck him back! She knew it was because he couldn’t take it, too afraid that the darkness would come out and he’d rip her to pieces. She had just stopped trying to touch him all together knowing it would be pointless and being afraid herself to meet the darkness.

She shifted herself closer to him careful not to touch him.

“Please, Brett. Let me touch you.”

Brett gave her one last stern warning, “Touch me and there will be no running until i am completly done with you.”

Y/n licked her lip in anticipation, her hands reached out again, She had done it. She had touched him and there is no turning back.

He’s so fucking perfect it hurts.

Leaning down, her lpis lightly kissed over his skin. She gazed up at him through her long thick lashes, once he left a hickey on his chest she noticed tat he didnt move or even give the slight hint that of desire she decided to move lower. She kissed and lickd on his abs, moving her hand down t the botton of his jeans and slow began to unbutton them.

Brett kept his hands to his thighs, not moving his eyes off her as she slowly unipped his pants. once his hard cock sprung free she could finally see what he was feeling.

Lightly grabbing his dick, she almost expected him to move. When he didn’t a wave of wating to pleasure him shot through her like fire.

She began to stroke him up and down, her tongue licking the tip before she swirled it around the head of his dick. Taking it slowly in her mouth, she begn to soflty suck. That was when she could hear his low growl in response. She started to take more and moreof him, wanting to please him. The sounds he howled out only made her want to do more.

He still hadn’t moved. It took for her to pull complely out, blow cold air on his tip and shove himm completly back in for him to move.

Finally, Brett took his hands to her hair, causing her to smile, she began to bob her head up and down faster. As she began he pulled her hair tighter, tarting to fuck her mouth.

Y/n was stunned at first yet found it erotic as he moved in and out of her mouth. She relaxed her throat, letting him slip deeper, which only made him fuck her faster. As he let up for air, lightning hot through her body. Staring at him she began to lose control. That was the only start, And she burnedd in anticipation.

She eagerly took him back into her moth as he started to fuck it again. She felt his cock throbbing for release, and didn’t expect it when he pulled out of her mouth.

“Take off your clothes then get down on the floor on your hand and knees.” he told her harshly, yaking her hair before letting go.

Her reath was heavy as her chest fell up and down whilw he removed her cothes as quickly as she could. The heat and need between her legs was almost painful by the time she made it to the ground. Y/n faced away from him, doing as he asked by going to her hands and knees. Please, Hurry. She felt as if she was going to explode aiting for him to finally touch her.

She could feel him move behind her and when he went to his knees, it made it all the more torturouus.

Brett grabs her ass “ I have waited so fucking long to fuck you like this.” His hand ran up her back and pushed her head to the ground.

“Bite me.” She calls back with her ass sticking straight up.

“If you insist, DO no hold back your screams or moans anymore. i want to fucking hear you scream for me” he pressed his thick cock against her opening “ Do you understand?”

“Yes!” Y/n screamed out, without feeling any physical stiulation she felt as if she could orgasm right then and there.

“Good girl.” He cooed as his hand roughly slapped downn her ass.

“Fuck me. please!” She moaned, the words slip hou as he wiggles her hips hoping his dick would slip in.

His telling her ‘good girl’ drove her inane! He hadnt called her that in what feel like forever.

He gripped her hips, stilling her. “ If you ever run from me, risk your life, or do anything remotley stupid again, this strong feelng you have of me wantin to fuck you will be your punishment.”

Y/n screams out in pleasure as he slides his dick into her fast and har. “Do it again, and next time my dick will not slide into that tight, little pussy of yours. Do you understand?” Brett kept still and ddn’t move the slightst bit inside her.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I-I-I understand.” She practically crys out.

“Good girl.”

His message was loud and clear, and exteremly tortorus as it is. That he stops and leaves.

“What the fucking shit Brett.” She calls out

“You have been through alot today, goodnight.” He calls Shutting the lights off

Fucking hell he just likes to leave a girl high and dry.

Hold me tight (don’t hold me back)

Summary: when a door closes, another one opens, but what happens when the door isn’t fully closed?

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6.

You were sitting on the couch, back pressed against Taehyungs chest as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You couldn’t help but laugh whenever Taehyung made a stupid comment about the movie or tried to act the scene that was being played.
You were looking for the bag of candy to grab a piece when you saw Taehyung move it away. You pouted looking at him and he smiled, grabbing a piece of candy and placing it in front of your mouth. You shook your head and refused to eat it which ended with Taehyung tickling you. He was about to place the candy in your mouth when he moved his arm and spilled his drink on your shirt.
If it were in any other situation or any other person, you would have gotten mad but with Taehyung, you couldn’t help but laugh. You excused yourself and made your way to the bathroom in order to dry your shirt and try to save it. In your way out of the bathroom, you felt hands on your arm that pulled you inside a room. Before you could scream, something covered your face. You hissed at Jungkook. Did he really need to be so extra?
After a few minutes of looking at each other without saying anything, you opened your mouth to give him a piece of your mind but he interrupted you.

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@evakteket fall challenge 

(that I demanded like the brat I am and Kit delivered so awesomely)

1 – Coffee Shop AU    
3 – Cold Snap    
3 – Beanie Hats

Everything looked tinged in gold in this season. He never really knew when it started; was it a certain date? Just a random day? Did it happen gradually? Who knew, it always crept up on Even, one moment everything was green and the next the whole world seemed yellow and cozy and just so nice.

This feeling only grew when the little bell above the door went off and his favorite customer came in. Even couldn’t hide the smile spreading on his face as he spotted the by now familiar golden curls.

“Halla!” he greeted and leaned forward, both hands on the counter. He could never help the movement or, well, he didn’t really register it at first. Not until Elias – who thankfully was in the back and couldn’t see him drool all over the counter – had mentioned that he always swayed toward Isak.


Isak. That was his name. Even had only found that out through what he thought had been a genius stunt: He had taken his order and then said “Name?” with a pen ready at the to go cup in his hand.

The thing was, at Starbucks they always asked the customer’s name. The little coffeeshop Even worked at however? He hadn’t had asked once the past few weeks since Isak had been coming to get his daily coffee fix in the morning. This meant that the question didn’t come across as casual or inconspicuous as Even had hoped for.

“Uuh, Isak,” the boy had responded quietly. Isak then cleared his throat awkwardly, his brows furrowing even more. Even had grinned at him and nodded.

“Isak,” he’d repeated quietly as he wrote the name on the cup (and stopped himself before he drew a heart on it or something) and when he looked up again there had been a red tinge to the boy’s cheeks.

Now, there was a tinge to his cheeks too, and on the tips of his ears, but sadly it was more likely due to the sudden coldsnap that had taken Oslo by surprise than Even’s presence behind the counter. Isak shuddered a bit and lifted his arm, as if to reach for one of his seemingly frozen ears, but lowered it onto the counter instead.

“Hi.” He sounded a bit breathless, a sheepish smile spreading on his face. “Fucking cold.”  

“No hat?” Even asked with a scolding tsk, reaching for the already prepared (read: doodled on) to go cup and began with the usual order before Isak could say anything.

“No,” Isak sighed, “Jonas took mine when he left this morning.” A fond eyeroll followed that. Oh. Jonas. Even felt his smile falter a bit. He saw Isak’s dim a bit, too, after he looked at him. Even forced the brightest smile back on his lips.

“That’s not very gallant of Jonas.” The name tasted bitter. Or maybe he was just being dramatic. Of course, that cute golden boy had someone in his life already and wasn’t waiting for Even to swoop him off his feet, one doodled on coffee at a time.

Isak tilted his head to the side and shrugged. “No, he can be a dick.” He sounded fond as hell as he said it, though. It took all of Even not to pout at that.

He put the finishing touches to Isak’s order and then he slid the finished coffee over the counter towards him.

“Takk.” Isak smiled and looked curiously at the cup because, fuck. Even had begun to doodle random things on them a while ago. Mostly doodles of Isak with his books, or with a huge coffee, or with a red nose the week he fought a cold or sometimes just something that inspired Even in the moment (for example a squirrel that looked suspiciously like a certain boy with curls that escaped a beanie on his head, the huge scarf and a backpack beside it).

Today though, Even had decided to be bold, and had drawn Isak sitting on the ground, face buried in his scarf, hands clasped around his steaming mug of coffee and beside Isak there was a doodled guy - who, with his coif and denim jacket looking very much like himself - an arm draped around Isak’s shoulders.

Isak stared at it.

Was running away something he could play off next time Isak came around? Because it felt pretty tempting now.

He had to come up with something that would spare them both the awkwardness of Isak telling Even this was not ok, since he had a hat-stealing boyfriend to go home to. But all that played on repeat in his mind was fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Isak, eyes on the counter, inhaled deeply and then rushed “CanImaybegetyournumber?” out on an exhale.

Even - needing a second to decipher the mumbled words - stared at Isak, who bit the side of his lips and let his eyes look at everything but Even’s face.

“Uhm,” Isak started but Even’s brain finally kicked to a start again.

“My number?” he asked, sounding so perplex that it made Isak snap his eyes back up to him. He looked like a deer caught in headlights.

“Uhm, uh, yeah but I mean I- you don’t ha-“ Isak stammered out and then seemed to decide that flight was the better option because he suddenly loudly cleared his throat, lifted the hand that wasn’t holding the coffee and did a little awkward wave. “-anyway thank you for the coffee, bye.” And turned on his heels.

“Wha- wait, wait, wait! Isak!” Isak was already in the door when Even called after him. He hesitated for a second and then closed the door again. The bell ringing, again, as Isak turned around in slow motion.

“Jonas.” Even said, because his brain decided it was time for a break once again.

Isak’s eyes widened. “What?” He looked quite shocked to be honest. Then again, Even thought, if you ask for someone’s number and they answer with the name of your boyfriend that could startle a person. Oh, right, his turn to talk.

“Uhm, should you not just have, uhm, Jonas’ number?” It made no sense but he thought it would bring the point across without calling Isak out for cheating and also, hinting that this was a big no no for him.

Isak screwed his face up and it was hands down the most adorable thing Even had ever seen. His nose scrunched up and crinkled, his eyes were almost non-existent with the force he drew his face together with.

“Why would I have only Jonas’ number? Hva faen, Even?” The exasperated and overly dramatic way Isak said his name made butterflies flutter in Even’s stomach.

“He has your hat.” Even explained weakly. At first Isak shook his head in confusion, but then understanding dawned on his face. His mouth dropped open and after a second longer he snorted out a laugh.

“No! Oh my god, no. No no no no no. Jonas is just my best friend. He crashed because we were so high last night he was convinced he’d freeze to death if he left my flat.”

Oh. Ooh.

“Oh.” This was great news. Fantastic news. Even felt his face morph into a relieved smile.

“Yeah.” Isak answered on a chuckle, then he shuffled with his feet nervously. “Yeah, soo…” he began and bit the side of his lips again.

Even’s eyes lit up with the knowledge that he 1. already knew that this was a nervous gesture of Isak’s and 2. that that meant Isak was nervous. Nervous if Even would give him his number. Isak wanted his number. Isak wanted his number and was not taken.

“Yes!” It came out too loud in the small room and they both jumped a bit.

Even grabbed for another to go cup and began scrabbling his number on it. (Of course, he made a mistake and had to scratch through a digit. He hesitated for only a moment before he made the scratched out digit into a heart he had wanted to draw for forever.)

When he held the cup out, Isak came back to the counter and took it, grinning. He looked giddy. He looked adorable! He looked perfect.

“Do you write all your stuff on these?” Isak asked and Even raised his brows before he pursed his lips to the side to try to at least tame his answering grin.

“It was either that or write it on your arm, but I thought the cup would be the more classy choice.” Isak let out a laugh - ok hey there was Even’s new favorite sound alright – and rolled his eyes fondly, after which he looked up at Even through his lashes. There was a crooked smile that lifted one side of his mouth and Even felt his eyes dart down to those Cupid’s bow lips. When his eyes flicked back up, he saw Isak look at his own lips. Hands on the counter again, Even felt himself sway forward.

“Jesus, I swear it’s like you two have connecting magnets inside of you.” Elias’ voice cut through the charged moment. His best friend squeezed past him behind the counter, arms loaded with the newly arrived autumn to go cups.

“Uhm, yeah ok, uh, thanks.” A very red Isak mumbled now, holding his cup up and then added, “again,” with a small chuckle, before he was out the door for real this time.

“Did I interrupt something?” The innocent tone in Elias’ voice was betrayed by the huge smug grin on his face.

“Fuck you.” It lacked heat, though, since Even laughed while he said the words. Elias laughed too, dodging the towel Even threw at him and clapped Even on the back before he moved past him again for more cups. Even was already excited to start on new doodles for Isak on them.

Still grinning Even fished his phone out of his pocket. Damn it, he should’ve asked for Isak’s number back. It itched in his fingers to text him already.

His train of thought was interrupted by a ping from his phone.

unknown number:

Forget the butterflies, Even felt something stomp around in there. Isak fucking answered the heart Even had drawn on the cup. After he saved Isak’s number and before he had time to come up with what to respond with he saw the three dots appear. Shortly after that:

🍂 Isak 🍂
oh it’s isak btw
the heart was because of your heart you gave me
I meant the one you drew on the cup
not anything cheesy

Even laughed out loud and decided to end Isak’s rambled suffering. He fucking loved autumn. 

It’s Always Been You

Originally posted by marikit257

Pairing: Jimin + Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2k
Prompt: Person A likes Person B but doesn’t have the guts to tell them, so instead Person A asks Person B how to get a girl to like them and Person B tells him everything he needs to know.
A/N: This is my entry to @nightbts’ writing contest! I thought this would be fun plus, I admire her writing so much! I also want to improve my writing so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity!


Monday mornings meant time for school, sadly. You dragged  yourself out of bed and tiredly walked to the bathroom to wash up. Once you were done, you got dressed in casual attire — some jean shorts and a striped button up, along with your side bag of course. You headed outside and started walking towards your local bus stop.

“Hello, (Y/N)!” You heared from someone oddly familiar.

Turning your head, you saw one of Jimin’s friend, Taehyung. You’ve always liked him — he was very fun to be around. “Hey, Tae! You take the bus too? I thought you drive to school.”

“Yeah, but my parents are making me take the bus instead of my own car because I came home drunk the other night…” he said with a sad smile.

“Oh, Tae,” you said, chuckling.

“Whatever. So where’s Jimin?” He took out a bag a poky sticks and started chewing on them.

“He had to go school early to take the physics test he missed out on the other day. He offered me a ride but I was to lazy to get up, plus, I’d be bored just waiting for him alone,” you said, sticking out your hand to Taehyung, obviously showing that you’d like a pocky stick.

“You know…Jimin told me something that he hasn’t told you…” Taehyung smirked.

“What? That’s ridiculous, Jimin and I are best friends, he’d tell me anything.”

You and Jimin became best friends at the beginning of freshman year of college. You had gotten lost and he had been an excellent guider — showing you where all your classes were, introducing you to all his friends, which is how how you met Taehyung, and even offered to sit with you at lunch. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t have feelings for him. However you’d never tell him because you doubt he feels the same way and you wouldn’t want to jeopardize the beautiful friendship you both created.

“Ah I don’t think so…he told me something that I can’t tell you,” Taehyung teases.

“What? Idiot, you’re the one that brought it up so now I want to know!” You said quite loudly.

“Nope! I’ll never surrender!”

You suddenly thought  of something that’ll make the boy speak. You jumped up, grabbed the pocky stick box and shoved it in your bag. “Ha! Now tell me!”

“(Y/N)! Give that back! Those are my favourite! He whined.

“Not until you tell me what Jimin has told you and not me, his best friend!”

“You’re a pain in the ass, (Y/N). I’ll tell you but you have to promise not tell Jimin that I told you or else he’ll beat me up,” he takes a deep breath before continuing. “He likes this girl from our school and he’s planning on telling her but doesn’t know how,” he said, and you swear your heart stopped for a second.

“W-who is it?” You asked.

“I can’t tell! You’ll have to ask him that yourself! Can I please have my pocky sticks back?” 

Sighing, you took the box back out of your bag, but not before stealing a stick for yourself. Taehyung grabbed the box back and within seconds, you saw the bus coming and you both got on. The only thing on your mind was figuring out who the mystery girl was that Jimin liked.


Upon reaching school, Taehyung and you both turned your separate ways. You planned on finding Jimin to ask him who the mystery girl was. You just couldn’t believe he wouldn’t tell you. Reaching your locker, you opened it and got out your psychology textbook. “Hey, (Y/N).”

Closing your locker and looking to your  right, you saw a giddily Jimin which was weird because he’s usually quite grumpy in the morning.

“Hey, Jiminie!” You both walked side by side but not before the question in your head keeps begging you to ask him. “Jimin?”


“Uh, Taehyung told me you like someone from our school…”

Jimin’s face was something you never saw before. He looked angry. “Did he say who?”

“No…but why didn’t you tell me?!” You slapped his shoulder.

“Ow! This isn’t the time, okay? We have class right now,” He started to walk faster as you tried to catch up.

“Jimin, class doesn’t start until nine thirty!” You exclaimed. “Can’t you just give me a hint?! Is it Yejin?”

Little did you know that the mystery girl was you. Jimin’s started falling for you a couple months after you two became friends. On one night while you two were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie, you started laughing and smiling at a funny scene that popped up and Jimin knew from that very moment, that he wanted to see that smile for him and only him.

“No, it’s not. It’s someone more special and I don’t know what to do. I need to know how to tell her in a romantic way because she a sucker for romantic things…can you help me?” He asked.

It honestly kind of hurt you. A part of you didn’t want to help him because you were jealous but as his best friend, it was your duty to help him.

“When are you planning on telling her?”


Damn…already? “Oh.”

“Yeah, I just hope she likes me back,” he smiled while looking down. “I just don’t know how to tell her.”

“Okay fine, I’ll teach you everything you need to know. Just meet me near my locker at the end of the day.”

“Thanks, (Y/N), you’re the best” with that, he ruffled your hair and you both head to class.


“Why are we at a flower shop?” Jimin asked.

“I’m going to teach you everything you need to know. Since she likes romantic things, roses are perfect!” you said as you asked the old lady if she had any fresh red ones.

“Oh yes! They’re in the back, I’ll go get them, wait here,” she walks off to the back of her flower shop.

You turned back to see Jimin pacing around the shop. “Relax, she’ll love these!” You tell him.

“Do you like roses?…”

“I do! They’re beautiful! If I guy were to give me a bouquet of roses, I’d never stop smiling.”

“Here they are!” The old lady returned, holding the most beautiful roses you’ve ever saw in your entire life.

“Ahh, they’re beautiful! Thank you very much!” You said, cheerfully. 


Walking down the street, you peeked to your right and saw Jimin smelling the flowers and he honestly looked so beautiful. You kind of wished that he was doing that for you. 

Little did you know that he was.

“Now where are we going?” Jimin’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts.

“We’re going to the chocolate store! I think you should go to her house at night, with the bouquet of flowers and chocolate and tell her that you like her and be all romantic…but not too cheesy because you aren’t proposing to her.” You said.

You’ve never been a serious relationship but surprisingly, you knew a lot about love and that’s why many came to you for relationship advice.

“So, I should do all that?” Jimin asked. You slowly nodded.

“Oh! And also, dress casual because it’d be a little extra if you were to wear a suit and  tie,” You both reached the chocolate shop and walked in.

Jimin followed behind you like a puppy, causing you to giggle at the boy. You began looking for a nice chocolate box. “You like milk chocolate, right (Y/N)?”

“Yeah, why do you ask?”

“Um, let’s just get that then. I mean, if you like it, I’m pretty sure she’ll like it too! Plus, it’d be easier and quicker since it’s late and I still have to get ready to you know…”

You smiled at Jimin. You thought it was adorable that he was doing all that for a girl who obviously meant a lot to him. The fact that he wanted to use your special chocolate made you smile. “Okay, sure!”

You two pay the old man and start to head home. Before you both go your separate ways, Jimin speaks up. “(Y/N)?”


“Thank you for today. Without you, I’d be a complete mess. I just hope that when I go to her her apartment tonight, she’ll feel the same way…”

“Aw! Don’t worry, Jimin. She’s honestly one lucky girl. I’m glad you’re doing this for her. Trust me, if you do everything I told you, you’ll be good. Make sure to let me know what she says,” you say, sadly. It hurt you knowing that Jimin was confessing to some random girl you probably never heard of.

“I will! Take care, (Y/N)!” Jimin waved and turned the other way.


By the time you came back, it was nearly nine o’clock and you still had to shower and get ready for school the next day. Thank god your class was at twelve tomorrow. Hanging up your bag and coat, you walked to the bathroom and stripped all your clothes off from head to toe and headed in the shower. You thought about today how successful it was. Jimin had always helped you in the past — with tests, boyfriend problems, and even with helping you cook sometimes. The fact you you were able to help him today put smile on your face.

You didn’t know if you were happy or sad that Jimin liked someone else. You thought he had feelings for you because he called you beautiful all the time, you guys held hands, and even cuddled on some days when you were upset. 

Maybe faith had other plans.


About 15 minuets later, you got out of the shower and padded to your room to put on more comfier clothes. You pulled out a pair of pj shorts and a tank top and slipped those on. Once that was done, you start drying your wet hair with your towel. After that, you made your way to the kitchen and started making yourself some noodles.

You were so distracted with cooking and dancing to the music that was playing form your phone, you didn’t hear the loud knocking that was coming from your door. You wondered who it could be — you weren’t expecting anyone and it couldn’t be Jimin because he was out with the girl. Lowering the volume on your phone, you walked to the door and open it.

You were in complete shock and your eyes almost popped out of your eyes when you saw Jimin standing outside your door. He was dressed in casual attire but looks so handsome in your eyes. He was also holding the red roses and chocolate you guys bought today. What is going on?

“J-Jimin? What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at-“

“(Y/N). You’re the one I like,” he said with a wide grin while you were just standing there with your mouth wide open.

“W-what? I-I’m so confused, you like me?”

“Ever since I met you and the more we hung out, I just knew that I wanted to be more than friends,” he said.

You on the other hand were still in shock. “So, I was the girl all along? There’s no one else?

“No, it’s always been you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me a long time ago?” You asked.

“Because I didn’t know if you felt the same way. I didn’t have the guts so I asked you to help me on how to confess to a girl and so, here I am, just like the way you told me,” he said, as a blush crept upon his cheek. “So will you be my boyfriend?”

“You idiot, I’ve liked you this whole time. I think it’s cute that you went through all this just to tell me you like me. I should’ve known when you asked me if I like roses and the thing about the chocolate,” You smirked.

“You’re pretty clueless, (Y/N).”

“Hey!” You hit him on the shoulder ask you made a small pout.

“So is that a yes?” He teased as he leaned in closer to you.

“Yes of course, you can be my boyfriend,” you said happily, with a wide smile on your face.

Jimin handed you the roses and chocolate and within seconds, he crashed his lips onto yours. His lips were just like you imagined — plump and soft. Your lips both fitted perfectly together. He then pulled away, causing you to whine. “I’ve always wanted to do that,” he said.

“Me too.”

You both stared into each other’s eyes and you couldn’t believe that you had Jimin to be yours and only yours. He quickly pecked your lips, cheek, and finally your lip, and you get help but blush and smile like a fool. You suddenly forgot that your noodles were still cooking and that were probably burning.

“Shit! The noodles!” You said as you ran back to the kitchen.

Jimin chuckled to himself. He closed the door behind him and walked towards you. He stared at you while you were running around the kitchen and laughed out loud. He was finally happy knowing that the clumsy girl infront of him was all his, for forever and always.

This was cheesey and horrible because my writing sucks but I hope you all enjoyed! 

Bang Bang

Bang bang


The first time Will saw a gun, he knew that was what he would want to hold forever in his hands.

His father, just returning from war, couldn’t be prouder of his son.

“I wanna be like you! Fighting all the bad guys with my gun! Bang bang!” William said, happily, pretending to hold a gun on his little hands and making the movement of a shooting gun. His father laughed and nodded as his mother watched them from the kitchen, worry on her expression.

“That’s my boy… You will kill all the bad boys and make daddy very proud” he said and kissed Will’s head, the boy beaming and grinning with excitement.

“I will make you proud daddy! I will!”


Bang bang

“I don’t like war movies” Celine whined as she leaned against Damien. He shrugged.

“Yeah I know but William loves them for some reason” he said and Mark chuckled.

“He just likes guns, like every American I guess” he shrugged as well and hummed happily, laying on Celine’s lap. The three of them were in the back of the bed as they watched the movie, with William sitting in front of the three of them, eyes fixated in the movie. How accurate their movements were. What was their strategy.

He just loved it all so much.

“He seems… possessed” Mark mumbled and Damien frowned, slapping his friend’s head while Celine bit her bottom lip, worriedly.

“Not possessed but… I don’t like this excessive love” she mumbled and Damien rolled his eyes.

“You two worry too much. He just likes it. It’s not like he is going to the army any time soon. Don’t worry” he said and the two looked at the smartest of the group. “Probably just some extreme love for the movies, it’s alright”

It was alright.

He hoped.


Bang bang


“I am going to the army!”

Mark spit his drink. Celine’s burger fell from her hand. Damien stared at Will is shock.

“What?!” the politician choked out, making Will frown before he grinned widely.

“I was accepted as a cadet in the army! I am leaving in two months!” he said happily. “I don’t know where my first mission will be in but I am so excited! Can you im-”

“You can’t go!”

Celine flinched and Mark looked at Damien slowly. The man looked completely exasperated at his friend’s happiness, his eyes wide and cheeks red in anger.

William was just confused.

“What why?” he asked, frowning. “You were one to always say to follow our dreams. And I just did it! I am going to the army!”

“Being in the army isn’t a dream!” Damien yelled back, and Celine shook her head as Mark held his friend’s hand.

“Calm down there” he said but Damien pulled his hand away and stared at Mark, making him raise his hands and look away. “Alright…”

“Why aren’t you happy for me?” Will asked, his voice breaking a bit, and Damien looked at him, fuming in anger.

“Why?! Because I also wouldn’t be happy if you were jumping off a bridge! This is suicide at its best William!” he said, his voice high pitched and weird. William’s hurt eyes slowly shut down and he furrowed his eyebrows, narrowing his eyes.

“If I wanted to die I would shoot my head, you idiot. This is my dream. This is all I have ever wanted to do. And now I am so close, all I wanted was some support from my friends”

Damien looked at him and then let out a dry and hoarse laugh.

“Support from your friends? Well then you can call me your enemy because I am never going to support this” he said and stood up, grabbing his bag. “Have a nice day, a nice two months and a nice mission. I will visit you at your grave”

Damien walked away without looking back, clearly pissed, and Celine went right after him, calling his name as Will deflated and looked down. Then, Mark held his shoulder.

“Its okay buddy. He will come to terms with it. I think it’s pretty cool”

He smiled, a little


Bang bang


He had never thought that shooting a real human being would be so different from shooting a practice target.

He never thought the light of someone’s eyes could really disappear once they died.

But now he knew it was all true.

His first target was dying in front of him, hand on his chest, his eyes contorting and turning almost desperately.

If he wanted to say something, it died with him.

“Cadet! Take cover!”

He didn’t hear it very well, but he did as commanded.

He laid down behind their structures and closed his eyes, the man’s face returning to his brain as if he had just do it.

He had just done it.

He had just killed a man.

And the worst yet…

It felt amazing.

The power in his hands.

The desperate fear.

He felt like throwing up.

What was happening to him?


Perhaps Damien had been right.

He shouldn’t have come.

He shouldn’t have done this.

But now it was too late.

He opened his eyes again, determined, and grabbed his gun, moving away from their covers and laughing like a maniac as he shot all the enemies he saw in front of him on his way to the other cover.

One, two, three, four, five dead.

He had never felt so alive.


Bang bang

“It was an accident! I swear…”

His eyes widened as Y/N fell all the way down to the other floor. He looked back at the detective, desperate, his hand trembling as he saw the pool of blood next to him. He looked at his gun and threw it away, shaking, trembling, before rushing to the stairs.

And then he saw the cane.

He looked at the door and walked to it, taking the cane that once belonged to his dear friend, holding it tight against his chest as he slowly walked down the stairs.

He was alone.

Completely alone.

“Did I…” he mumbled, shakily, sitting on the bench next to Y/N’s body. “Did I kill them?”

Did he kill Mark?

Did he kill Damien?

Did he kill Celine?

Did he?

He killed the detective.

He killed Y/N.

He held the cane tighter as his eyes teared up, a desperate feeling in his chest.

It was all his fault, wasn’t it?

Even if he hadn’t killed them, he slept with Mark’s wife. He ruined their friendship. He destroyed everything…

It was all his fault.

All his fault.

He was the wrong one.

He was the one messed up.

He sobbed, holding the cane close to himself as he curled up.

His hat fell from his head and removed his jacket angrily, throwing it away with all his patches.

He didn’t deserve them. He had killed his friends.

And then…

Then, Y/N returned.

And he laughed.

Maybe he hadn’t killed anyone after all.


Bang bang

“Crazy psychopath sleeps with wife of an innocent man and kills the entire family, including baby, before setting the house on fire” Wilford read, humming and rolling his eyes. “They didn’t even mention my moustache. Amateurs.”

“Do you really think that is your biggest problem Will?” Dark asked, raising his eyebrow, and Wilford shrugged.

“I don’t see the big deal, to be honest. They will come back one way or another, it just lowered the family’s rate in earth for a bit of time”

He held his gun close to his face, looking at it not to miss any detail now that he was cleaning it.

It was just as beautiful as ever.

He smirked and held it the right away, looking towards the man trapped as the aiming target on the other side of the room.

Bang bang.

Wanna hear what Lili thinks about her scenes with Juggie in her room? Here’s a snippet of Lili Reinhart’s commentary about the adorable Betty & Jughead exchange! I made the video to visualize their commentary… ~ From the fun filled entertaining 2hour long official podcast with Lili, Madelaine & Bob Barth with RiverdalePCast yesterday ~ Full transcript & video below cut.

Bob: Back at the Cooper’s place and Betty is getting ready for the funeral…and who’s gotten a little suit on?
Bob: And he looks good!
Lili: She sees him with the suit on but still got the beanie though.
Mads: What’s his hair like under there though?
Lili: We’ll find out….
Bob: It’s gotta be dreadlocks…when’s the last time he shampooed? *laughs*
Lili: Ohh….the questions will be answered.
Yeah, she… I think obviously you can see there’s growing chemistry between the two…and it’s quite apparent especially in that scene. You know she gives a little…smile..like “Oh, you clean up nice. Ya know…kinda one of those things…Urm.. yeah.
Bob: And there’s something thats…..well Cole has always been a good looking kid. I didn’t know the Disney show. But I knew him as Ross’s son on Friends!
Lili: Yeah! Ben!
Bob: So I was like "OH THAT’S COLE!” And he’s got a GREAT smile and you never see Jughead do it!
Jug is just sort of  …and we can’t understand why…but he’s sort of a dour…he’s got a lot on his shoulders. So when he DOES crack a smile, your heart melts.
Lili/Mad: Yeah….
Bob: And it works for EVERYONE.
Lili: I think Betty…makes Jug happy…brings out the happiness in him.
Bob: That’s great.

Keep reading

Big Space Dog

My mum called me all the way from home in Scotland to ask me if I’d seen the new Star Wars trailer. She’s not even a fan and she disliked my “I’M A JEDI” phase I went through from the age of ten until…what am I talking about it never ended… but she knew I’d be excited by it so she figured out how to use the scary skype phone call function all by herself and asked me if I’d “seen your new Star Wars show yet honey? It looks really like something you’d like, and the big space dog is in it so that’s nice.”

I had no idea what she was talking about but I just said yes I’d seen it and it looked promising and I was super excited by it and then she hung up because it’s like almost midnight there but she really wanted to make sure I’d seen it just in case I had somehow died and missed it I suppose. It took me the longest time after she’d hung up to realize “the big space dog” in question was Chewbacca, and I’ve just been sitting here laughing my ass off ever since.

→ ❝THE ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM sentence starters❞

  • “Only cowards hunt animals. True game walks on two legs.”
  • “What is better — to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?”
  • “Eyes open. Walk with the shadows.” 
  • “I have done nothing to earn your distrust.” 
  • “Power is inert without action and choice.”
  • “I presume you’ve already seen some of what I’ve accomplished. There is so, so much more to be done.”
  • “Perhaps we should find a random stranger to murder. Practice does make perfect.” 
  • “Heard about you and your honeyed words.” 
  • “I fight because I must.” 
  • “Arrogance will serve you poorly.”
  • “You stink of death, my friend. I salute you.” 
  • “There is murder in the air. I can taste it.” 
  • “My favorite drinking buddy! Let’s get some mead.” 
  • “Do you need all your toes? I could really use a fresh toe for… never mind.” 
  • “Of course you can buy me a drink! You didn’t need to say a word, but I heard you loud and clear.”
  • “Prophecy tells what may be, not what should be.”
  • “You are in my power here.”
  • “Running a little light in the pockets, eh?” 
  • “My blade thirsts for your blood.”
  • “I once got set on fire by a sorcerer. Nasty business.”
  • “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Watch the magic!” 
  • “I trust that this is just the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”
  • “You will push the world harder than it pushes back.”
  • “I know your kind, always sneaking about.”
  • “Perhaps you aren’t as powerful as you think.” 
  • “Fight well, don’t be a lout, and you’ll be fine.”
  • “Nice place. I never knew you were so wealthy.”
  • “You would shut out the darkness?!” 
  • “Look at that. Am I drunk? I must be drunk.”
  • “You’re not a threat… merely an annoyance.” 
  • “Everything mortal fades away in time, but the spirit remains.”
  • “You’re losing a lot of blood. Maybe you should sit down for a moment.”
  • “Get out of here before I toss you out.” 
  • “Good luck with your… um, murders.”
♡ BTS Reaction: You looking cute in a schoolgirl outfit

Okay so I’ll be writing my very first BTS reaction! I’m still working on my fanfic but I just decided to write a quick reaction cause I was bored. :v The reactions are kinda long but I hope you like them! It’s more of a BTS imagine in school, some of them are students and some teachers.

♡ Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by taegidda

You start making your way down to Professor Seokjin’s class and notice that you’re the first one there. It was the first day of the school year and you haven’t seen Professor since last year. You hoped he could recognize you.

You felt like your body slowly began to look in shape, all the exercising and healthy eating was well worth it! You spot Seokjin sitting on his desk reading a book. The sudden squeak of the doors made him jump.

“Oh hello Y/N-” He stops and his tracks and takes a closer look at you, “Oh wow hello Y/N..” His voice went from happy to flirtatious. He steps towards you and his eyes are glued to your body, “Wow you’ve changed tremendously Y/N, that uniform looks great on you.” You giggle at his response, “Well thank you Professor Seokjin, I’ve missed you a lot.” 

You turn to find a desk and all you could hear was Seokjin whisper “wow” over and over again.

(y’all should read my school au fanfic with Seokjin btw..)

♡ Min Yoongi

Originally posted by piedparker

You were running late to class so you had no choice but to sprint your way down the halls hoping you’ll make it before the bell. You were a few inches close to the door and you suddenly trip and fall face flat on the floor.

“Oww!” You push yourself sitting up and turn to see Yoongi laying his back on the wall. You see that his foot was pointing upright, suggesting that he had tripped you. You look back at his face and all you could see was his smirking grin.

“Gosh Y/N watch where you’re going, jeez my foot hurts now.” His sarcastic tone made you want to punch him. He was a bit of a bully to you but everybody in the school knew that he low-key had a thing for you, so he tried his best not to submit to that and be chill about it.

His eyes wander to your butt, noticing your underwear that was revealed. He crotches down and tilts his head to get a better view. He glides his finger on the fabric of the skirt, “You look damn fine today Y/N, I never noticed how nice your ass looked under that skirt of yours.” He slaps one cheek hard enough to leave a bruise. You shiver at his touch, “Ugh what’s your problem Yoongi?”

He stands up and starts to walk away before cooing, “Y/N I honestly want you… meet me after class so we could arrange something.” He bites his pink lips, leaving you a flustered mess.

♡ Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by bangtan-tan

Hoseok was hanging out at your place, staying to sleepover for a week stating that he was bored. He realized that school was the next day but shrugged it off stating that he packed his uniform before coming to sleepover. You both went to different schools and you wished that you could see him in one of your classrooms.

You quietly wake up trying not to wake Hoseok up. You decided change into your outfit earlier on so you wouldn’t be in a hurry for school. I feel like making breakfast for Hobi! You quietly whip up some eggs and bacon, accompanied with orange juice. You hurried to place the plates on a tray adding a little muffin. You tiptoe to the bedroom he was staying at. His soft snores helped eliminate the sounds you were making as you tried not to spill anything.

“Hobi..” You whisper at his ear. “Hobi.. Good morning.” You lightly nudge him hoping that he’ll wake up. He starts to groan and cover his face with the blanket avoiding the sunlight. He turns towards you and bats his eyes open. “G-good morning Y/N” He yawns as he slowly sits up. He freezes, his eyes widen as he saw you with your uniform. “Whoa Y/N that’s what you wear?… I wouldn’t mind going to your school.” His gives you a suggestive smirk.

♡ Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by jitonic

The bell rings and you realize that you were late for English class. You saw Professor Namjoon through the windows already starting the class. Dammit, I’m late again! You push the classroom doors open and you accidentally bump into Namjoon causing him to fall back taking you with him. You heard his book fall flat on the ground while class erupts with laughter. 

Oh shit oh shit oh shit… You push yourself up blushing like crazy and see that Namjoon was still on the floor. Being the pervert that he was, his eyes examined your legs and under your skirt as you stood in front of him. “Professor!” You yelp covering your legs. 

He gets up and chuckles. “Well Y/N.. watch where you’re going next time.” He stuttered looking across the room as he tried to hide his red cheeks. He quickly whispered to you, “Y-you look nice today..”

♡ Park Jimin

Originally posted by koreanidolblog

You and your friends begin to chatter on about the latest gossip going around in school as you wait for class to start. You see that Jimin quickly made his way to his desk which was behind yours. He was literally the shyest person you’ve know. The way he walked was very adorable because he seems to try to avoid people’s gaze as he held onto his backpack. 

You had heard a rumor not long ago that he has a major crush on you and he tried his very best to be alone with you but every attempt failed. So you decided to play around with him and pretend to drop a pencil on the floor. “Oops! Let me pick it up.” One of your friends was about to reach it but you quickly stand up and lean down exposing your panties to Jimin’s face. 

He nearly choked on his water and began to cough as his face turned red like a tomato. “Jimin, are you alright?” You purr at his shy self. He looks at you trying not to make a fool of himself as he taps his chest to control his coughing, “Um.. Y-yeah Y/N.. I-I like your outfit t-today..” You laugh at his words, “Jimin every girl here wears this uniform.” You flutter your eyes at him. “Well yeah.. b-but you look p-prettier than the other g-girls..” He starts to lick his lips looking hungry as ever.

♡ Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by aestaetically

It was the first day of school and It was mandatory for you to wear a uniform and although you were quite self conscious wearing one, you had no choice. You start to look for you friend Taehyung whom you haven’t seen the whole summer. You make your way down the main halls crowded with students. Ugh I bet he’s messing around with the freshman… 

You catch Taehyung with his friends at the corner being a goof ball throwing balled up pieces of paper around purposely hitting the freshman. “Hey Tae!” You wave your arms up in the crowd. Taehyung lets a paper ball fall on the floor, his jaw dropped.

He seductively strolls over you, “Well what do we have here?” You cross your arms annoyingly staring at his eyes. “Tae what are you doing?” He circles around you never taking his eyes off. “Y/N.. you look hot!” Of course he would speak before he thinks. You roll your eyes and playfully hit his shoulder trying to hide your smile.

♡ Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by bangtan-life13

“Hey babe, let’s go get lunch together.” Jungkook held your hand as he lead you to the cafeteria. You quickly swiped a sandwich and milk before heading off with him outside to eat. Jungkook finds a bench to sit under a tree and wipes the bench off like a gentleman. 

You sit down and Jungkook immediately lays his head on your lap. “Kookie what are you doing?” He looks up smiling like a bunny, I just wanted to see you eat Y/N.” He laughs feeling the fabric of your shirt. You begin to eat for a while a bit uncomfortable with him staring at you.

Jungkook suddenly sits up and pulls you by the waist near his chest. “Kookie-” He pulls you into a warm rough kiss before letting you go. He tilted his head lust filled in his eyes, making you realize how horny he was, “You know, I never noticed how sexy you look wearing that uniform. Be a good girl and wear it for me tonight..”

WAHH! I tried looking for gifs that matched the reaction and I tried a different approach to the reactions so I hope you liked it! I’m probably going to start writing some reactions as well as finishing up my latest fanfic so stay tuned! I think that Seokjin and Namjoon would make great teachers so they’re the only ones here tbh.