i never knew her name

  • Zack: Why do you have a Chinese last name?
  • Trini: Why don't you?
  • Zack: I do. It's Tang. My parents Americanized their names when they immigrated. Your turn.
  • Zack: (rolls his eyes) I mean, if you want. I respect your privacy blah blah blah.
  • Trini: Trinidad Mercedes Quiñones de Lupo y Kwan. Quiñones is my actual last name. Kwan is my mom's Vietnamese stepdad's last name. But because of Spanish naming conventions, it gets tacked on to mine last, and that's how it is on my school file now.
  • Trini: (grabs Kimberly who's passing through the hall; to Zack) You gonna ask this gringa why she's got a white name?
  • Kimberly: My last name's Hart because my dad's white. But I'm not a gringa. My mom's Indian.
  • Trini: In my defense, I've only seen her once. Thought she was Italian.
  • Kimberly: She wears a bindi.
  • Trini: So does Ariana Grande.
  • Zack: (grabs Billy) Hey, bro, we're asking everybody why they have the surnames they do.
  • Billy: (matter-of-factly) Slavery.
  • Zack: Awesome. (grabs Jason) Dude, we're having an awkward conversation about our last names. You white as you sound?
  • Jason: Yes. All my ancestors were Scotsmen who came to Angel Grove during the Gold Rush, and before that they were all probably Pilgrims or something.

She never knew her name.

I’ve derided the Gems’ use of serial numbers instead of individual names before, but a name’s a name, and Amethyst never knew hers.  I wonder if Rose, Pearl, or Garnet ever mentioned Homeworld’s naming conventions?  I wonder if they were sad that they didn’t know her name either, or if they were happy just calling her Amethyst?  I wonder if Amethyst ever cared, if she knew?  She probably would have.  Yet another broken piece of her identity, another thing to hate herself over–left behind, alone, forgotten…nameless.

Whether she knew or not…this must have been an incredible revelation for her.

My Dad Kidnapped Little Girls

I don’t ever remember my dad being normal. He was always a little strange. The man was secretive and closed off, and all his attempts at acting like a father rose the hairs on the back of my neck. It seemed forced. I don’t think I ever got used to that. There was no need, because he didn’t keep that up for long. By the time I was 5, I didn’t have a dad. What I had after that was a boss. Maybe an owner. Definitely not a dad.

He fully opened up as a person around that time. He brought a little girl into our home. She was small, but she was older than myself, too. Maybe 7 or 8. Her face was red and raw with tears. “Sam, this is your new little sister, Maria.” Before I could react, she spoke up between small sobs. “No, mister. I don’t know you. My name is Claire. Please take me home to my mommy, I promise that I won’t tell.” By the time she finished what she was saying, she was barely forming coherent sentences. That’s when I saw my Dad stop being my dad. With one fluid motion, he swung his arm, hitting her in the face and knocking her back on her ass.

I jumped up, too afraid and confused to do much of anything, but still frightened nonetheless. I was young, but I’d seen enough television to know that normal families didn’t do these things. “Sam, you sit your ass down or I’ll put you in the ground, you hear me?” Thus marked the loss of my father. Later, as I listened to the quiet cries of the girl, now locked in the room next to mine, he sat me down and explained that he wasn’t my father. He told me things a 5 year old should never hear. My life changed forever. I was a mistake.

The little girl was with us for a while. My dad left me at home while he went to the mall, buying all kinds of nice things for Maria. Claire. Whatever. He probably blew $500. The weeks afterward were strange, disgusting, and violent all at the same time. At the best, she would play along with his games and he would be happy. At the worst, I would have to listen to her screams as he did unspeakable things to her in the next room. After, when the screaming would stop, he would come to me and give me the same speech.

“This happens because you aren’t right, you understand? You should have been born a girl. We wouldn’t have to do this. She’s going to die someday because you’re trash.” He would walk to the door and finish with “Remember, Sam. No one out in that world will ever love you. If you try to leave, I’ll find you and I’ll kill you.”

Maria died about three months after my dad took her. This day wasn’t her first attempt at escape, but instead it was her last. Truly, I do not know if my father meant to kill her or not. He became consumed in his rage and I fought back tears as he continued to hit her and hit her, over and over again. Her little light went out as she choked on blood, gurgling sounds coming from her throat. She was buried in our back yard, right next to the playset that my father bought a year before. After that, he became nervous to the point where he packed me up and we started off on the road.

We lived like that for years. Sometimes, we’d live somewhere as long as a year, but that was the extent of it. On a good year, he’d take two or three girls without so much as a second look. People didn’t necessarily suspect him, though. He was a psycho, but the man was smart too. He would falsify documents and references, getting himself jobs as close to children as possible. I remember, one time, he was hired on to be an ice cream truck driver. He snatched up a little girl he called Gloria right in front of her house. He somehow managed to finish his route, too. She only lasted two months.

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anonymous asked:

How did you and chey meet?

Well we went to high school together. We weren’t close or anything but we knew of each other and always saw each other. I remember exactly where her locker was and I remember purposely walking down that hallway just to see her. I thought she was so fucking beautiful. She was just one of those girls in high school who was friends with absolutely everybody. There literally wasn’t one person who didn’t like her.
2 years later/ on my nieces birthday of 2017 I had planned to go to Disney (that’s in orlando) with my whole family, which was about 2 hours away. The day of , i wasn’t feeling good and almost didn’t go. Thank god I did.
On my way to Disney a couple friends from where I live texted me asking if I wanted to go out to a club in orlando. I told them yes since I’d already be there and just to pick me up on their way to the club. What’s weird though is that , if you know me you know I’m not the type to just make plans like that randomly. My family had to trust me as they left to go back home (again 2 hours away) and dropped me off at some mall where I was waiting by myself, not to mention for me it was in the middle of no where. I was seconds away from telling my friends never mind because I didn’t feel like having to deal with that situation in case something happened and they didn’t get me and I would’ve been stranded 2 hours away with no car. But something , AND I KID YOU NOT I PUT THIS ON MY LIFE, something was telling me “what if you’re suppose to meet somebody tonight, just go and have fun.” I don’t really like clubs for the most part but something was really making me feel like I needed to go.
The start of the night/ my friends pick me up and we get to the club; we’re all shit faced by that time we got there. Later on in the night I look to my left and see Cheyanne Taylor walk in. Red body suit, black shirt, laced up sandals. Not to forget, she lives where I live, but for some reason we both ended up at the same club at the same time in the middle of nowhere. I looked at her rolled my eyes , smiling , and looked away. The feeling I got when I saw her is something I wish I could put in words. I’ve always thought she was so fucking beautiful and loved the way she presented herself but never would I have guessed she would’ve said anything to me. She comes over, the night goes on, she kisses me and after that it was just set. The rest of the night it was all my attention on her, nobody else in the club. I swear to god I fell in love with her that night. I knew she was it. I’ve never gotten that feeling before, I just knewwwww it was something different. The night later ended.
The next morning/ i remember waking up SOOO upset because I just figured what happened with her last night was a one night thing (of course being single you go out meet people, get drunk, hook up, and that be the end of it) but the feeling I got when we kissed that night, was so different than anybody else I’ve just kissed being drunk. I remember telling all my friends the day after, “yep I’m going to marry her.” I literally would feel my heart stop when I saw her name on my phone but I never knew what to say and I didn’t want to mess up so I just didn’t answer and if I did it would be hours later. With that said, we hardly texted at all but the following weekend came. We met up Friday night, January 20th and since then we haven’t slept one day apart.
I’ve never felt this way about somebody.. the fact that we were both 2 hours away from where we live, the same night, the same spot in the same place… things happen for a reason. She’s my reason.

I wanted to draw some of my very old characters

From Kingdom Analia: She is very cool but I never knew how to name her or what colors to put her

(The second drawing didn’t fit very well… my damn fucking prospect.)

From Kingdom Fown: This is one of my favorites but it is very presumptuous hehe
His name is because he is the son of King The Great Gargwos.

Who Lives Under Briar Elementary and High School?

Briar Elementary and High is a small school of just under three hundred students, from first grade all the way to senior year. It’s spaced between two buildings and has been running since the early 1900’s, although it was just a high school academy back then.

And apparently there’s a monster in there now.

It’s just little things that leads people to believe there’s something supernatural lurking in the halls. The things that would go missing, only to turn up later caked in muddy finger prints. The food theft, mostly lunchboxes, but sometimes whole pizzas would just vanish into thin air. Hearing something crawling under the floor. And the hissing you can sometimes hear while in the girl’s bathroom in the highschool. If you go in there alone, sometimes you’ll make out whispers.

There’s three rumors about what it really is. I’ll go over each one.

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Maybe Someday [Jordan Fisher x Reader]

[write-a-thon tag]

Summary: Your new neighbor is a guitar player and his music became the soundtrack of your days.

Word Count: 1,713

Warnings: None, this is a fluffy fluff.

A/N: ONE DAY LATE BUT HERE I AM!!!! This is /VERY/ loosely based on “Maybe Someday” by Coleen Hoover, I got lost in my own thoughts and the plot kinda wrote itself, meaning I forgot to follow the book’s timelime. Hope it’s still good tho! There’s also room for either a Reverse POV of these or a part two, so please let me know if/which one you want! <3  PS: this was not proofread so i apologize lmao

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There’s no way to tell when you’re going to fall in love.

Some people bump into each other in the street and when they trade looks, the connection is immediately there. Other situations may involve a small coffee shop where you buy a cup and fall in love with a beverage. In your case, you fell in love with the sound of your neighbor’s acoustic guitar.

The first time you heard it was just a few days after you noticed someone moved to the apartment in front of your bedroom window: as you highlighted the important points of the latest article you had to read, you heard the strum of a guitar not too far away from you. You looked up, facing the familiar view through your window and getting a glance of your new neighbor: terracotta skin, curly hair, eyes closed as he got lost on the making of his own music, sitting on the latter of his firescape with a notebook by his side. You watched him play for a few minutes, right before he stopped and looked up, your eyes quickly going back to your papers.

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here’s rare footage of my late grandma audrey at a party she hosted in 1968 (she’s wearing a paper dress, which were VERY in vogue at the time), and that’s my square ad-man granddaddy behind the bar!! 

Thorns (Part 1)

Eric X Rose

Part 2, part 3, Part 4


Cheers and screams fill the air as another Erudite girl lets her blood drip into the water. My breathing hitches as I wipe my sweaty palms on my brown pants. As the girl takes her seat with her family, my name is called.

“Rose Kane.” Blood pounds in my ears as my shaky legs carry me to the hardest decision I will ever make.

The knife is cold and heavy in my hand. I stand in middle of all the bowls, not daring to look back at my friends and family, afraid I will change my mind if I see their smiling faces.

Pressing the sharp tip of the knife to the center of my palm, I press down. Slowly I drag the knife across my palm, not caring about the pain; its nothing in comparison to the anxiety and adrenalin pumping through my system. Taking the knife away I stare at my palm, watching the blood pool against my pale skin. I know I’m spending more time then normal to do this, but I can’t bring myself to choose.

Someone clears his or her throat, trying to tell me to hurry up. I don’t breathe, I don’t close my eyes; I just stand there and watch as my blood drips onto the sizzling coal.

The left side of the room that holds the Dauntless faction erupts. Its not often Amity transfer to them; they are complete opposite factions and hold values that differ vastly.

Walk over to my new family, I am afraid to turn around and see my old one. Taking a seat, I avoid looking across the room; instead I stare at my hand, rubbing the cut on my palm, wondering what initiation would be like.

Surprisingly a girl named Beatrice transfers from Abnegation, which is not as rare as someone transferring from Amity, but she might get more hate for it. Abnegation has been talked about a lot recently; mostly saying that they are unfit to be the government for everyone. There was even a rumor circulating for a while that the leader of abnegation used to beat his son, Tobias. 

I remember Tobias from school. I was younger than him, but I always had a giant crush on him. One day he bent down to grab something, and his shirt rode up, showing a large bruise on his lower back. I always believed the rumors were true since that day, but I never told anyone what I saw. As I got older and the rumors continued I always felt guilty for not helping him, for not telling anyone. I feel I could have saved him, but didn’t. I know he transferred to dauntless, I over heard my parents talk about, since they are leader of Amity, they know a lot about other factions as well. It’s not reason I decided Dauntless was right for me, but I hope I see him and get to apologize for not doing anything.

The ceremony was over, and we were all dismissed. The Dauntless born of course took off running to the trains, while us transfers try and keep up. Suddenly they all slow down, they don’t come to a complete stop, but they start launching themselves at a metal post. Climbing as they whoop and howl in laughter. Beatrice and I stand together at the bottom. I have climbed trees all my life on the farms; this was easy for me. What keeps me at the bottom is Beatrice’s face. She looks scared and unsure.

“Look, climbing isn’t that hard. Don’t think about the ground, focus on moving up.” She just nods clearly still unsure. “I’ll go first, just copy what I do step for step.” I don’t give her time to chicken out; I place my hand on the first run, and pulled my self up. Step after step I make it half way up. Glancing down I see Beatrice following just below me. “You’re doing great!” I shout down at her. She looks up at me, grinning. We make it the rest of the way up, and I lend her my hand, pulling her to the platform.

Just as Beatrice gets to her feet, the platform starts to rattle. The train is coming. The Dauntless born starting running as the train comes around the corner, faster than it looked when I would watch it at school. Beatrice looks at me for guidance. “I have never jumped on I a moving train before.” having to yell over the wind, I decided to follow what the Dauntless born are doing, and motion for Beatrice to follow me.

My feet pound the metal runway, adrenalin once again flows through my veins as wrap my fingers around the door handle. Throwing my body into the train, I land on my right side, sending a shooting pain down my arm. Looking at the door I realize Beatrice isn’t on the train yet. Scrambling to my feet, I see she is just a step or two away from being able to grab the handle. Grabbing the handle on the inside wall. I extend my left arm out for her to grab. Her hand wraps tightly around my forearm.

Using all my strength I pull Beatrice into the cart with me. Lying on my back, I grab my right shoulder. I have only felt this kind of pain once. When I was about five I fell out of an apple tree and dislocated my shoulder. Thankfully there was some adrenalin still in my system, otherwise I would be crying in front of all the other initiates.

“Thank you.” Beatrice sits up. Taking another breath I a sit up with her, and place my back on the train wall to stabilize myself. “I’m Beatrice.” She holds her hand out. I grasp it limply, mostly because I was in pain and could barley raise my arm.

“Hi, I’m Rose.” We both start laughing at the absurdity of the last ten minutes. I hold my shoulder as we sit and talk. A condor girl named Christina joins us as well. I think I just made my first friends.

  It’s not long before people start to move around. We hear someone shout about jumping, and the three of us go to see what the commotion is all about. Sure enough, a little further up people are launching themselves onto a roof. Some of them are graceful while they rolled, some are even so good they just land on their feet and walk it off. While Beatrice and Christina contemplate the fact that they will have to jump, I am trying to figure out the best way to land as to do the least amount of damage to my shoulder.

Christina and Beatrice grab each other hands, planning to jump together. Beatrice extends her hand to me, and I just shake my head. I don’t have time to explain that I couldn’t, I can’t move my arm. Beatrice looks a little hurt at my refusal.

Taking a few steps back I start running and leap over the large gap. My feet hit first. I tried to make it so I could stay on my feet and just run it off, but the impact caught me off guard and I summersaulted forward.

Lying on my back, I hear Christina and Beatrice land behind me, laughing. My breath was caught in my throat, and I brought my hand over my shoulder. The pain was white hot down my arm, I might even pass out its so bad.

Christina and Beatrice walk over to me, Crouching down they ask if I was all right. The wind was still nocked out of me, so I could not speak. Worried looks took over their faces, as they looked at each other, unsure what to do.

“Initiates, gather around.” I can’t see the person the voice belongs to, but it sounds strong and demands everyone to follow its instructions.

Everyone does what the voice says, murmuring a little, until falling silent under what I would assume is the gaze of a terrifying man.

“You two, what are you doing? Come over here now!” The voice barked; causing Beatrice and Christina to part, showing me to person the voice was coming from.

I try to sit up. I have a feeling the person attached to the voice would cause me more pain than my shoulder if I didn’t.

Struggling, the girls step aside as a tall, well built man walked over to us. Looking down at me, I make eye contact with his striking blue eyes. The blue looked almost unreal, but the look behind them brought me back to reality, as they looked ready to murder.

“Get up initiate.” He commands at me. Trying my hardest I make it to my knees, when his patience runs out. Grabbing me by my shoulder, I let out a scream I didn’t even know I had in me. He immediately releases me, leaving me on my knees.

Crouching down he inspects me shoulder, then without a word, snaps my shoulder back into place. My forehead hit the ground as I gasp in a breath, trying to breath through the pain.

“Stand up.” He commands at me again. This time I hold my shoulder and stand. Lifting my head I look him in the eyes once again, glad I haven’t cried yet.

He places his large hand on the middle of my back, and leads me to front of the pack. Standing next to a raised ledge. He begins to speak, while I stood by his side.

“Initiates, my name is Eric and I am a leader here at Dauntless. Behind me is the way in.” He gestures behind us to the giant black hole in a roof.

“Is there water at the bottom or something?” A tall Erudite boy speaks up.

“Maybe, maybe not.” Eric smirks, enjoying everyone’s discomfort. “Now, luckily for everyone there has already been a volunteer to jump first.” Everyone starts looking around at each other, wondering who is going to step up.

Eric turns towards me, a wicked glint in his eye. “Your up Amity.” He nods to the ledge. I don’t argue, I don’t speak, I just step up onto the ledge.

Looking down I don’t feel any fear, surprising even myself. Taking a step off I start falling. Despite the pain in my shoulder I start to smile. It feels so freeing to fall like this.

Landing on something that absorbs my impact, my smile is gone as my shoulder screams in protest. Staring at the sky above me, a noise makes me turn my head, seeing I’m on a giant net; suddenly it dips, and someone is pulling me off it.
Once my feet are on the ground I look up at the hands that pulled me off it.

“Name?” Tobias stares at me waiting for my answer. Shocked at seeing him, I don’t say anything. “Come on name? And choose wisely, you can’t change it after.” Looking at the ground I consider his question. I don’t want to be anyone new. I am still me, which will never change.  

“Rose.” I say strongly. Tobias’s head turns slightly, maybe he recognizes me.

“First jumper, Rose!” He shouts out, and cheers erupt around me, revealing people I never knew were there.

Beatrice comes down next. She changes her name to Tris, but  I am too busy staring at Tobias to care. Tris and Christina talk, while I am thinking of how I am going to talk to Tobias, when Eric jumps down, landing on the net. He rolls off himself, refusing help from Tobias, who barley offers any to begin with.

“Okay, new transfers go with four.” He points to Tobias. That must be his new name down here. I’ll have to remember that.

“Dauntless born your with Lauren.” Everyone starts to follow their leader when Eric wraps his hand around my right arm, holding me back. Four notices this and stops, turning to Eric with an annoyed look on his face.

“She is coming with me.” Eric says with no explanation as to why. Four looks like he is about to argue with him, and then decides against it.

Turning around everyone follows him once again, leaving me alone in the dark with the terrifying Dauntless leader.

three / apple martini

UNI AU co-written with @ineffably-styles

a story of late nights, unorthodox household plants, and a trip to Vegas that changes everything

Harry groaned. “Please don’t start a war with him,” he begged. “The last time someone started a war with Louis we all ended up spending the night at the police station. I still haven’t heard the end of that from my dad. He banned me from seeing Louis for two weeks afterwards. I was twenty. My dad grounded me when I was twenty because of Louis,” he frowned. “Maybe he had the right idea banning me from seeing him.”

chapter two / story page

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Online Friendships

I had occasion to need to know someone’s full name for some stuff going on online.

I’ve known this person for close on to 20 years, only interacting with her online.  


I have never been to a clothing swap that wasn’t dedicated to trans folks
We used to organize them in high school so we could discretely get clothing we were more comfortable in
We would all show up with bags of clothes that still fit us, but didn’t fit us anymore
We would all leave feeling more like ourselves in our wardrobe

Our parents wouldn’t get us what we wanted so we helped each other
It was us vs the world
The question “what pronouns do you use” was accompanied with “who can I use those around”
My teachers never knew my real name
Stephanie hid her dresses in the same place she hid her weed
This was how we lived

I remember waking up with Whitney and joking about how we don’t need to get out of bed just yet because we both have trans bladders of steel
I remember meeting Jack’s parents
Having to call him by a different name
A name I know haunts him
I remember visiting friends in hospitals after failed suicide attempts
Their roommates chosen based on a gender that isn’t even theirs

I remember everyone who came before us
I remember Sylvia Rivera
I remember Marsha P. Johnson
I remember Lucy Hicks Anderson
I remember Christine Jorgensen
I remember Venus Xtravaganza
I remember Leelah Alcorn
I remember
I remember
I remember

These people can not be forgotten
These heroes will not be forgotten
I remember

—  Kay Kassirer (For TDOR)
Second Choice Part 2! - A Carl Grimes Imagine

Hey guys! Thank you for liking and reblogging! It means a lot :) anyways here’s part 2! I hope y'all like it! Sorry about the wait! Let me know if you would like a part 3! Or send me a request and I’ll make it! :)

I still couldn’t believe what happened. Carl really chose that bitch over me. I never thought in a million years Carl and I would end, especially like that. All I kept thinking was all the times I have spent with Carl. We were together since the prison. We started dating just a bit before the prison got taken down. Tears were still rolling down from my eyes. It felt like I have been crying for hours. Why Enid? Why her? I’ve never liked her and I’ve told Carl that I wish he would stay away from her. I mean, I did when he told me to stop talking to Ron because he had a bad vibe from him; but when I asked, he said Enid was just a friend. God I felt so stupid. Of course he’d pick her over me. I’m just an average girl. Carl didn’t know any other teenage girl really besides me so I was his only option. I decided to sit on the ground and rest. I’ve been walking for a while and my legs hurt. It was then that I started hysterically crying. I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I felt so stupid crying over a boy. I haven’t cried this much since my family died. I wasn’t only losing my boyfriend, but also my best friend. I had no one. My thoughts were quickly interrupted by someone.

“Well look what we have here” a man said.

I looked up and saw two men who looked like they were in the late 20s to mid 30s.

“What is a beautiful girl like you doing here all by yourself” the other man said to me with a smirk.

I tensed up. My eyes were wide and full of fear.

“Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll take care of you” the first man told me with a smirk.

I was about to get up and run but the guys pushed me down.

“Make a sound and we will kill you”

Tears filled my eyes and I knew what was coming next.

Carl’s POV
A few of us got out of the car; I knew Y/N better than any of them. I figured she would’ve gone through the forrest instead of staying on the main road. I took off into the woods with Daryl and my dad right behind me.

“Slow down Carl!” My dad yelled

I couldn’t slow down. Y/N could be hurt. I kept calling out her name. I knew she would never forgive me. Y/N is my best friend, the love of my life. We would always talk about growing old together and getting married and having kids. Fuck I messed up so bad. I started crying which made it harder for me to see. I tripped over a branch and just lost it. Daryl and my dad caught up to me and my dad just hugged me.

“D-dad. I fucked up. I fucked up big time” I said as I balled my eyes out in front of him and Daryl.

“We will find her Carl. I promise. Y/N is strong. Hell, if anyone can survive on their own out here, it’s her.” My dad said.

I just looked at him. He was right. Y/N was so strong. When we lost each other after the prison, Y/N was alone for what seemed like a few months. I don’t know how she did it, but she did. She found her way back to me. It was crazy how we found each other. We always found each other. A smile grew across my face.

“We are going to find her, huh” I said to them. I looked up at my dad and then at Daryl. He looked like he was crying as well.

“Alright you bunch of sissies” he sniffed “ let’s go get our Y/N back. ”

I was surprised Daryl hadn’t killed me yet. I hurt Y/N and he protected her like his own. He was like her big brother. I remember him telling me how he’d skin me alive if I ever hurt her. My thoughts were interrupted when we heard screams. It sounded like Y/N.

I screamed as omne of them lowered himself to me and started touching me and kissing me all over.

“Get off of me!” I yelled trying to fight him off.

“I told you not to make a sound” the man said as he smacked me across the face.

He was a lot stronger than I was. I kneed him in the balls and pushed him off. I got up and tried to run but the other man grabbed me by my hair and pulled me back to the ground.

“Shut the fuck up you little bitch, you ain’t goin nowhere” He spat at me.

He tried removing my clothes and I screamed for help. He slapped me harder than the first guy did and my vision went blurry.

“Please don’t do this. ” I asked as he started to unbutton my pants.

The other guy came over to me and punched me in the face.

“You stupid slut.” He said punching me again.

He held my hands down so I couldn’t try and fight back. Then man on top of me suddenly fell right on top of me.

“What the fu-”

The guy holding my hands started to say until he fell back. I looked up and saw Carl pushing the guy off of me. He pulled me up and just held me. I started to cry in his arms. He sat me up and walked over to the guy other guy and started punching him left and right. Daryl came over to me and asked if I was hurt. I looked at the guy on the ground and saw he has an arrow sticking out of him; Daryl had shot the men with his crossbow. Rick went over to Carl who was still beating up the other man.

“Carl enough” Rick said pulling his son off of the guy.

The guy was shot in the chest while the other guy was shot in the head, killed instantly. Rick then went to the guy on the ground and pushed the arrow deeper into his chest. The guy screamed in pain. Rick took his knife out and stabbed him in the head. He walked over to me and hugged me.

“I’m glad you’re okay Y/N. Are you hurt anywhere? Did they” he paused “touch you?”

I shook my head. That’s when Carl came over to us. He fell to the ground and took me out of Daryl’s arms. He wrapped his arms around me and cried.

“I’m such an idiot. I should’ve never let you go. I love you and only you Y/N.”

I just sat there in his arms crying. Rick interrupted us.

“Guys, we gotta get out of here. The walkers are getting close. ”
We got back to Alexandria. The others left me and Carl alone because they knew we had to talk. We were in our room and I still haven’t said a word to him.

“Y/N” he said quietly. “I don’t expect you to forgive me, but I just want to apologize. I know a sorry won’t cut it but I really mean it. I should’ve never went out to the woods with Enid..”

Her name made me cringe.

“..I’m such a fuck up. I don’t deserve you. You’re the love of my life and I let her get in the way. I am truly sorry Y/N.”

I just stayed still looking at the ground. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I’m surprised I haven’t ran out of tears from crying so much.

“Y/N, babe. Please talk to me, say something to me, spit at me, hit me, do something to me” Carl went on.

“You’re not even worth it Carl.” Was the first thing I told him since that day with Enid. “Carl you hurt me so badly. You made me feel like shit.”

“Babe I’m really sorry. I-”

I cut him off.

“I wasn’t finished.” He stopped and looked down. “I felt like I just lost my best friend. When you told me to stay away from Ron I did, but you couldn’t stay away from Enid when I asked? Carl, I haven’t felt so betrayed before in my life. I can’t be your second choice.”

“Y/N I don’t want Enid or anyone else. I made a huge mistake. It was just nice to have things in common with someone else and I let that overpower my feelings for you. But when I watched you leave” he paused for a second trying not to lose it and start to cry. “I-I knew that I didn’t care about any of that. I only care about you. Who else is going to call me a dork because I obsess over comic books and video games? Who else is going to tell me how annoying I am when it’s my turn to get Judith and I make you go get her because I don’t want to stop reading? Y/N, you are my other half.”

He lifted my chin up so we could make eye contact. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes which were now red from crying.

“Your smile that brightens up my day, your eyes that show your compassion towards others, your heart which is filled with so much love. You give me hope for a better world. I don’t expect you to forgive me, Y/N but I just wanted to let you know that you are the one for me. No one else could replace you.”

I just sat there. He let out a sigh and looked down.

“Carl, I love you. I always will, but I don’t think I could forgive you.”

I saw his body tense and he dropped his head. He started to cry softly. I placed my hand on his shoulder.

“But I can try.”

He looked up at me and put his hand on my cheek.

“Y/N, I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Carl.”

We both leaned in and shared a passionate kiss.

hey everyone ^^ i’ve been doing a lot of requests lately and decided to take a break… making people happy is super cool but i’d like to do some stuff for myself too, so i thought that maybe i could post some “not pixel art” art too? :pp let me know if you’re actually interested please, it’d be a shame to post something that no one wants to see :/