i never knew her name

I have never been to a clothing swap that wasn’t dedicated to trans folks
We used to organize them in high school so we could discretely get clothing we were more comfortable in
We would all show up with bags of clothes that still fit us, but didn’t fit us anymore
We would all leave feeling more like ourselves in our wardrobe

Our parents wouldn’t get us what we wanted so we helped each other
It was us vs the world
The question “what pronouns do you use” was accompanied with “who can I use those around”
My teachers never knew my real name
Stephanie hid her dresses in the same place she hid her weed
This was how we lived

I remember waking up with Whitney and joking about how we don’t need to get out of bed just yet because we both have trans bladders of steel
I remember meeting Jack’s parents
Having to call him by a different name
A name I know haunts him
I remember visiting friends in hospitals after failed suicide attempts
Their roommates chosen based on a gender that isn’t even theirs

I remember everyone who came before us
I remember Sylvia Rivera
I remember Marsha P. Johnson
I remember Lucy Hicks Anderson
I remember Christine Jorgensen
I remember Venus Xtravaganza
I remember Leelah Alcorn
I remember
I remember
I remember

These people can not be forgotten
These heroes will not be forgotten
I remember

—  Kay Kassirer (For TDOR)

hey everyone ^^ i’ve been doing a lot of requests lately and decided to take a break… making people happy is super cool but i’d like to do some stuff for myself too, so i thought that maybe i could post some “not pixel art” art too? :pp let me know if you’re actually interested please, it’d be a shame to post something that no one wants to see :/


A girl named Zippy,
I think it was she.

She lived a long life,
‘Till she was one hundred and three.

Her folks named her Zippy,
‘Cause of all her energy.

She lived in the fast lane,
To live up to her weird name.

I think it was Zippy,
I think it was she.

Who stuck flowers in her hair,
And ate grass like a hare.

She was a self-proclaimed hippie,
A hippie named Zippy.

The boys tried to date her,
But she always said “later”.

Zippy was fast, but not in that way,
She had no time for little kid games.

Zippy had a van painted up blue,
Then she added green and yellow hues.

Zippy drove around in a van like a rainbow,
Where she wished to go,
No one really did know.

We think she liked the wind,
And the radio shows.

All we can say,
Is she never drove slow.

I knew a girl named Zippy,
And her eyes were so trippy,
One blue and one brown.

Zippy was a hippie,
With a voice so loud.

She was a happy soul indeed,
‘Till her death at one hundred and three.

I think one of the purest friendships I’ve had was when I was studying in Vancouver- there was this girl who was in one of the other classes who was Japanese, and I met her during the first weeks of being there while orientation was happening and all the classes were kind of bumping around each other.

We smiled and talked a little and after a while she asked “Are you from UK?” To which I said yes, I was, which resulted in her giving me the biggest smile and throwing her arms out wide saying “Yay! We are island buddies!” And I was like damn this is clearly the greatest person in the world so I did the same thing while these people on the street were walking past probably being mightily confused at these two loony kids yelling “ISLAND BUDDIES!” at each other.

After that whenever we saw each other even at a distance we’d wave and yell “Island buddies!” at each other and it was so awesome I hope she’s doing well.

Can we talk about the need to emphasize Regina’s incredibly fucking sexy legs as she is walking out of Emma’s room? And the how? Casually, and into the jaws of her once sworn enemies.

Furthermore, the charming dance was great, but you can’t expect me to believe that a woman with that maximum level of grace and poise can’t pull off a 2 step. Shmeh. bad writing.

Seriously? This woman?


and she ain’t feelin on the females right?

I’m a grown ass woman. I gave a girl that apple turnover look once, followed by compliments on each others headwear, followed by 45 minutes of making out. I didn’t even know her for 45 seconds. We had sex in the bathroom of a club and I never knew her name. That’s a true story and! Its one of the best stories ever.. So, forgive me if I can see the gay in all of this. And if you can’t then you never met Ashley, or Amber, or Chrissy?

EXO when they overhear their crush saying they're hot

Sehun: “I see she has good taste. Time to make a move.”

Reality: *shy Sehun*

Kai: “Why don’t you come on over here, then?”

Tao: “I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought so.”

D.O.: “Really? Me? Hot?”


Chen: “She has good eyes.”

Baekhyun: “You’re hot, I’m hot… let’s be hot together.”

Lay: *happy dance*

Suho: “How about that.”

Kris: “I knew I was her style.”

Luhan: *never heard his name and “hot” in the same sentence before*

Xiumin: “Another one joins the xiuharem.”

Pony of the Day #39: G3 Daisy Paisley!

I have quite the embarrassing story about this pretty pony! I love all G3 ponies that have a gradient (I have the whole set of them in fact!), and I got Daisy Paisley in a big big trade! I love her color scheme even to this day but I couldn’t understand what her name came from for years and years! All of a sudden, a friend of mine came over and we ended up playing in the pony room a little, and she pointed Daisy Paisley out and said “I love her Paisley mark!”. Finally it all came together- I never knew her cutie mark’s name was a Paisley, and I looked up all these pretty designs shortly after. 

i just have a very stupid question….

luke and leia never knew about padmé???? or did they???

i mean padmé’s name was never revealed….but in theory leia knew her mother…in someway “she was very beauatiful, kind but sad”. well yes…obviously she never knew her but it’s like she feels her presence so why leia and not luke too??

srsly fuck u george lucas..this is just one of the biggest holes in sw!


tbh in my headcanon i want to believe that they knew about her just after rotj. so that’s what i think….

I just had a thought…

If Ward comes back (like I’ve seen in a bunch of different theories) and he and Skye do, in fact, end up together at the end of this season, then she better not make him call her ‘Daisy’. 

He never even knew that she changed her name, so I really want him to call her Skye, and she doesn’t even bother correcting him and then he’s the only one that calls her ‘Skye’, everyone else still calls her ‘Daisy’.

Like, I really need this to be the truth. If tthey have him call her ‘Daisy’ I’m gonna punch something.