i never hit you!

reminders for the young wlw out there
  • it’s okay to want to have sex with a girl
  • it’s also okay to be totally terrified at the thought of having sex with a girl- internalized homophobia affects all of us to a certain extent
  • it’s okay to want to make out with a girl for hours on end (seriously, it’s totally an okay thing to think about)
  • it’s okay to fantasize about girls, even in a sexual way. you are not dirty for doing this.
  • you can absolutely wear clothes that are stereotypically lesbian, such as flannels. in the same note, you can totally cut your hair short if you want. you aren’t perpetuating a stereotype, you’re embracing who you are
  • you can also completely stay away from any clothing that would signify you might be a wlw (especially if you’re in a situation where the suspicion that you’re a wlw could cause you harm)- it’s completely your choice, just don’t shame anybody that does decide to take on that style.
  • it’s okay to not immediately date a girl once you come out. take some time to figure out your feelings, it’s okay. you’ll find somebody that you want to date in your own time, or you can just decide you don’t want to ever date anybody. that’s also perfectly okay.
  • it’s okay to dream about a future with a wife
  • it’s okay to hold your girlfriend’s hand in public and be affectionate in public. it’s not gross or icky, it’s good and cute, i promise.
  • it’s okay to come out to everybody you speak to (there’s nothing wrong with you, and if people judge you, they’re the ones who are wrong), but it’s also valid to only come out to a small select group of people. both approaches are fine.
  • it’s okay to masturbate while thinking about girls. it’s okay, you’re not weird for doing this. it’s a common thing.
  • it’s okay to watch movies or tv shows with wlw, even the ones that are cliche and really cheesy. if they make you feel validated and happy, continue doing so.
  • being a wlw is not shameful
  • you are not broken
  • you aren’t somebody that needs to be “fixed”
  • your thoughts and feelings are valid
  • you are not alone
  • you are loved

A messy little comic where Otabek calls it out.

Part 6/Part 8

It only gets happier from here, I promise. Next part coming out next week 👍🏾

are you a dinosaur or dragon person? are you a planets or stars person? are you a shiny or matte person?

Concept: a game where you play as a tomb-raiding archaeologist, except you’re the descendant of the people who built it in the first place, and you spend the whole time complaining about it to your companion, the magically animated skull of the chief architect, your great-to-the-nth grandmother.

“Really? A deadfall trap in the bathroom? What is wrong with you people? No, first, explain to me how it is that you were able to construct a self-resetting puzzle the size of a city bus that still works after four thousand years, but you never hit upon the concept of, I don’t know, a lock and key? And is that a laser? You lived in a Stone Age culture - where the hell did you get a laser?”

sometimes youve just got to hide your favourite local vandal from your overprotective cousin,, and sometimes you fail 

I hope my absence hits you. I hope it hits you so hard that you can never get back up.

-I won’t be there to help you up anymore.


neil & the olympics

so we all know that kandreil make it to the olympics right? well i had a thought..

neil josten vs usain bolt

- ever since their team arrives at the olympics, neil’s phone has been blowing up with notifications. he’s gotten thousands of twitter messages, text messages from the foxes, even comments on instagram are going wild.

- before he knows it, there’s a hashtag #NeilvsBolt, and even the news have started reporting on it

- it’s ridiculous, honestly. but kevin and andrew find it hilarious (though andrew won’t admit it- and well, neither will kevin)

- he clicks on an article. the headline is “the fastest exy player against the fastest man in the world” and he has to admit that that’s some pretty great clickbait

- they win the olympics, of course, but it’s not over yet

- the team is out celebrating- some random bar in the city they’re staying in- and everyone (besides neil and andrew) are shitfaced. kevin’s off doing god knows what and the rest of the team are making a fool of themselves, but then again they just won gold in the olympics so who cares?

- neil is barely paying attention to whatever the bartender is talking about, too busy looking at andrew when andrew looks behind neil’s shoulder and tilts his head, signaling neil to turn around

- he does, of course, and he finds usain bolt right behind him, smile wide on his face (bolt won gold as well, though there was no doubt about it). he brings up the trends, all the news articles, and how both their fanbases were begging for it, so why not? they should have a race for fun

- neil doesn’t know what to say at first. he didn’t particularly care for what everyone had to say, and he didn’t care for racing. he loved running, but he never saw it as a sport or something to compete with. it was just his escape, his solution.

- so he turns to andrew, and andrew doesn’t look away. there’s a steady grip on his waist that doesn’t let go and golden brown eyes staring into icy blue. andrew raises one eyebrow, the only expression on a stone cold face, it’s a challenge, neil knows it. andrew finds it amusing and doesn’t think neil would do it, but he wants him to.

- neil turns back to usain and tells him yes

- they post the race on youtube and it goes viral, nicky’s called neil a hundred times leaving voicemail after voicemail asking why neil didn’t tell him before it happened, and how is he still alive after facing the fastest man, and holy shit everyone is talking about you and you’ve literally gained millions of followers (cue nicky complaining about the fact that neil still, and always will, have more followers than nicky)

- neil mostly ignores him. but he does text dan and matt back, they told him how proud they are of him and how he’s a total badass. and he also texts allison knowing she’d kill him if he didn’t. she wont stop going on about how he’s more famous than her right now and how they’re celebrating when neil gets back. neil just says thanks and that he’s sorry for taking all her followers away from her. she send him back a pic of her giving him the finger

- neil wont say it. he won’t. he doesn’t give a shit about the media attention or the followers. but his veins are still buzzing with adrenaline and he hasn’t come off the high yet. his skin is still tingling with the thrill of it.

- he walks into the bedroom where andrew is sitting by an open window so he can smoke. he doesn’t think he’ll be able to sleep tonight.

- andrew only looks at him and says “junkie”

- neil can’t bite back the smile that makes its way to his face. “you like it.”


I did quite a lot of Undertale AU chibis, so I split them between two posts. Here is the second post.

So yesterday I came home at 1 am and I had the sudden urge to practice Chibis :’D so I went to @pepper-mint‘s tumblr page and inhaled as much of her artstyle as possible to be able to draw cute drawings - and I’m surprised how well it worked out tbh. 

Dream belongs to @jokublog 

Ink belongs to @comyet / @myebi

PJ belongs to @7goodangel

Blue belongs to the undertale community

Error and Geno belong to @loverofpiggies

away from the sun

soulmate au 

pairing: taehyung | reader
genre: fluff and soft angst
word count: 20.409
warnings: none
author’s note: this story involved a whole lot of research involving many topics (read on if you want to find out hehe). I tried to represent them in the best way I could, but there are probably a few inaccuracies, so I apologize in advance for that. anyway, this is just another long plot with a bit of cheese on the side. please enjoy :) 

Once every five years, when the June solstice arrives and graces the sky with the midnight sun, a comet dashes by.

It is more than just a blinking light that moves at an unhinged speed. According to what you’ve heard, it looks like it stills in the middle of the vastness of space, and its tail flickers and shimmies in long tendrils of vibrant colors full of meaning — a subtle force that speaks to the humans who look up to the stars and set their eyes on the glowing meteorite, unique but just as intense for every single gaze. It speaks of soulmates and fate, of heavy truths and indelible bonds.

Each person sees a different pool of colors. You’ve heard more than a thousand stories, of people who saw the colors of the fireplace and others who were seized by the soothing hues of woodland during dawn. You’ve read about colors that go from the red blush of a beach beneath the sunset to the ivory traces of a wintry hill covered in thick snow. The colors do not give them the name of their soulmates, but once they find their other half, they will see those rich tones reflected in their lover’s eyes.

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my dear, you were born
    with charcoal on your fingers
    and paint stains on your bones
you were made to shine
    with summer in your eyes
    and daybreak in your blood

ah, but my dear
the world is not kind to starlit boys
the world does not know what to do
with sunshine and charcoal and martyrs
except to burn
                 and burn
                         and burn

and oh, how you burned

now, my dear,
your fingers are black with gunpower smoke
and your bones are stained with blood
your eyes, they are blue with ice and misery
and your blood, it pulses with bursting grenades

but at least the world got its legend,
didn’t it?

—  nothing burns brighter than a hero in flames ( j.p. )

Things to use as a bookmark:

  • Receipts
  • Clothes labels
  • Dollar bills (especially effective if you love outside the US because when are you going to spend that)
  • Post it notes
  • Scrap pieces of paper
  • Leaflets that got shoved in your face which you were too polite to refuse
  • Train tickets
  • Bus tickets
  • Just any old ticket will do really
  • Playing cards
  • Old birthday / Christmas cards
  • CLEAN tissues
  • Empty sweet packets
  • A bookmark which was actually designed to be a bookmark, if you are one of those rare people who actually knows where they are

Things not to use as a bookmark

  • Hair brushes
  • Your phone (you’ll need that)
  • The dog’s tail (dogs move)
  • A cat’s tail (see above)
  • Pens/pencils (unless it is extremely temporary)
  • Socks (this is weird)
  • Coasters (these are simply not good at this job)
  • Credit cards (YOU NEED THESE)
  • Homework due in the next day
  • Birthday / Christmas cards that need to be sent to someone else
  • Tickets that haven’t been used yet


  • Dog earing the page